Counsels to Writers and Editors


Chapter 13—Our Church Paper

Every Article to Reflect Light—I am instructed to say to those who edit our denominational papers that they are to print all the matter possible dealing with the affirmative side of Bible truth. They are to give the trumpet a certain sound. Let every article that is printed in the Review and Herald be of a character that will reflect light amid the moral darkness of this world. Every column is to be filled with the precious truth. CW 105.1

Let not our brethren make use of the precious space in our denominational paper, to record incidents connected with the life of President -----, or his daughter, or any other members of his family. Such items of news will enlighten no one in regard to what is the truth. CW 105.2

Some of the articles, even those treating upon Bible subjects, should be made shorter.—Manuscript 106, 1905. CW 105.3

Controversial Questions Not to Appear—I am instructed to say to you, Let there be no questions agitated at this time in the Review that will tend to unsettle minds. Let us seek for soul work. Let us as a people humble ourselves before the Lord, and seek Him for true conversion. There is a work to be done in our hearts and in our homes, that but few understand. There is need of much praying, not need of long prayers, but prayers of faith offered in humility of soul. CW 105.4

We have no time now to enter into unnecessary controversy, but we should earnestly consider the need of seeking the Lord for true conversion of heart and life. There should be determined efforts made to secure sanctification of soul and mind. There is a deep and earnest work to be done in every church and in every family. Fathers and mothers have a solemn work to do in bringing their children to understand the necessity of seeking the Lord for salvation from sin.—Letter 226, 1908. CW 106.1

Type of Articles Needed—I fear that our ministering brethren are not doing the work that the time demands. Special efforts are being made in the trial volume of the Review to present our faith in a condensed form before its readers. Every number of the paper going to so many people should correctly represent our faith. Articles are needed that will place before the readers a comprehensive view of our position. The different points of faith are to be clearly defined. CW 106.2

The publication of this trial volume is an important enterprise. The most should be made of the opportunity to awaken in the minds of the readers of the Review an interest in the truths we hold essential and sacred. Many numbers of the trial volume have been published. There are not many more to be issued. Soon the golden opportunity to present important truths at the right time will have passed. The most should be made of this opportunity. Articles right to the point should be published, clearly and correctly defining our position. Impressions, either favorable or unfavorable, are being made upon the readers. How anxious all should be who contribute to the Review to have every article interesting and right to the point.... CW 106.3

Too Many Common Articles—We see with pain some of the columns of the Review filled with common matter, that may be found in almost any religious paper. Brother ----- is doing all that he can, and he should not be so heavily taxed. God is cooperating with him. He needs the co-operation of his brethren. He has responsibilities to bear that they have not. CW 107.1

We need just now articles from the pens of our most experienced brethren,—the best articles that they can produce. If enough of these articles are sent in for publication, there will be less room for common articles, which do not give any instruction regarding our faith. Some of our ministering brethren are doing enough work for two, but they are not working directly to the point. Deep, studied articles, which require considerable time for preparation, will be too late for the present need. CW 107.2

Working as Christ Worked—We may do much in a short time if we will work as Christ worked. We may reflect with profit upon His manner of teaching. He sought to meet the minds of the common people. His style was plain, simple, comprehensive. He took His illustrations from the scenes with which His hearers were most familiar. By the things of nature He illustrated truths of eternal importance, thus connecting heaven and earth. CW 107.3

If we had firm faith in God, if we appropriated His promises to ourselves, mingling faith with our prayers and efforts, we would surely see the salvation of God. “All things are possible to him that believeth.” CW 108.1

In the work for this time, it is not money or talent or learning or eloquence that is needed so much as faith graced with humility. No opposition can prevail against truth presented in faith and humility, by workers who willingly bear toil and sacrifice and reproach for the Master's sake. We must be co-workers with Christ if we would see our efforts crowned with success. We must weep as He wept for those who will not weep for themselves, and plead as He pleaded for those who will not plead for themselves.—Manuscript 24, 1903. CW 108.2

Live, Spirited Articles—The Review is our church paper, and strength and vitality should be put into it. There is need of all the sharpened talent that the younger helpers can give. Impress upon the contributors the necessity of writing live, spirited articles.—Letter 54, 1902. CW 108.3

Articles on Marriage.—Your letter of June 1 has been read by me today. It was put into my hand this noon. I am pleased with the sentiments you express, and I know that every word is truth. Much more should appear in our publications on the subject of marriage. I think that your article is excellent for the Review. I will try to prepare some short articles for the Review on this subject, besides the one that I furnish each week. Although I have not published much on this point, I have done a great deal of personal labor along this line.—Letter 110, 1902. CW 108.4

To Defend the Right—The local editor of the Review and Herald will have occasion to speak with earnestness and firmness. He should stand in defense of the right, exerting all the influence his position grants him.—Testimonies for the Church 4:456 (1880). CW 109.1

Good Food for the Flock—At my door, I found the latest number of the Review and Herald, and I read this for a while. It is full of good food for the flock of God. The truth, plain, positive truth, is set forth just as it should be. The experiences that it relates of the workers in mission fields, are very interesting. CW 109.2

In these last days the one who was once an exalted angel in the heavenly courts is to take the philosophy of men under his training. The people of God are to guard carefully against the seductive influence of the deceiver. They are to hold firmly to the truths which called them out from the world, and led them to stand as God's denominated people. CW 109.3

It makes me very sad to think of how many will fall short of the Bible standard. If we knew that in just one year from now, the Lord would come in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory, what a feeling of solemnity would rest upon us! How earnestly we should strive to prepare for His coming, that, clothed in the wedding garment, we might go in unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.—Manuscript 12, 1904. CW 109.4