Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


The Preeminence of the Work of Saving Souls

The saving of human souls is an interest infinitely above any other line of work in our world. Whoever is brought under the influences of the truth, and through faith is made partaker of Christ's love, is by that very fact appointed of God to save others. He has a mission in the world. He is to be a colaborer with Christ, making known the truth as it is in Jesus; and when men in any line of God's work seek to bring the minds and talents of the Lord's human agents under their control, they have assumed a jurisdiction over their fellowmen that they cannot maintain without injustice and iniquity. The Lord has placed no man as judge, either of the pen or the voice of God's workmen. TM 293.1

There are men whose character and life testify to the fact that they are false prophets and deceivers. These we are not to hear or tolerate. But those whom God is using are under His control, and He has not appointed men with human, shortsighted judgment to criticize and condemn, to pass judgment and reject their work because every idea does not coincide with that which they suppose to be truth. TM 294.1