EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Prayer, Prayers (Part 2 of 4)

physician’s: for his patients 7T 73

for patient before critical operation MM 35

inspires confidence in patients MH 119; MM 35

patients blessed by MH 118-9; MM 35

physicians’, answers to 3T 184

pitying, many people around us need 3T 530

poor publican’s COL 151-2; MB 8

why God heard COL 159

praying mother’s, for her children AH 266

prevailing: defined GC 621-2

faith is essential element of PK 157; SC 96; 6T 63; 9T 179

in Israel’s history 4T 530

learn lesson of PP 203

priest’s, in holy place of sanctuary SR 155

private, place to pray for friends and relatives is in 2T 578

prosy and sermonizing, are uncalled for and out of place GW 179; 4T 315

re removal of pub. house from Battle Creek LS 390-1

re your duty DA 668; PP 441

reaching no higher than person offering it 2SM 313

rebellious Israel’s, granted PP 391

repentant sinner’s, Christ mingles His own merits with SD 22

requiring repentance and restoration before God will hear it 3T 519-20

revealing little knowledge of spiritual things SD 72

rich man’s, to Abraham in parable COL 264

SS teachers’, with pupils CSW 125

seemingly unanswered, are among men’s greatest blessings MH 474; SC 96

self-murderer’s, that God did not hear CG 452

self-sufficient, of Pharisee DA 495

sent up from honest heart will be answered 1T 121

short, that all should utter ML 205

short and weighted, for the suffering CH 503

simple, Christ will hear child’s AH 299

indited by Spirit 6T 467

sinner’s, made acceptable by Christ’s righteousness PP 367

sister’s, in home 3T 80

softening hearts of hearers 4T 315

solicited for the afflicted is right MH 256

solicited often for persons suffering from illness or adversity MH 212

soul-stirring, need of GW 177

spasmodic, man loses his hold on God by GW 255

special, offered for souls at North Fitzroy, N.S.W. 1SM 147-9

special, victims of spiritualism need 1T 343-4

spiritless: are mere form CT 243

are without vital power CT 243

fail to bless or edify CT 243

might better not be uttered CT 243

students’, re their course of study FE 347-8

sympathizing, patients in health institutions need 1T 561

tame and lifeless, need to be changed GW 144

teachers’, should not be dry and lifeless CT 372

will be fervent if heart glows with God’s love FE 117

tedious, like giving God a lecture GW 175-6

positively injurious 4T 261

tedious and formal, Sabbath observance does not consist in listening to 2T 583

tempted soul’s Te 104

that become formal routine SC 101

that Christ cannot offer to God 6T 408

that Christ constantly works to answer COL 81

that Christ is always ready to hear and answer AA 532

that finds lodgment at God’s throne 5BC 1078

that God accepts and hears CH 367

that God cannot answer 2T 147, 156

that God delights to answer COL 147

that God desires to hear MB 87

that God did not hear CG 452

that God does not accept 2T 176

that God does not answer COL 143; MM 16

that God does not hear CH 576; 3T 518

that God has never required 1T 556

that God hears 2BC 1026

that God may help you to speak right word at right time MYP 227

that God puts into your mouth AA 478

that God sometimes answers against His counsel PP 605-6

that God will answer in His own time if you cling to His arm by faith 6T 153

that God will blot out your shameful record of neglected duties 3T 408

that God will not be slow to hear 4T 534

that God will not turn away ML 21

that God will pardon our apathy and self-indulgence 3T 408

that God wishes to answer through us LS 212

that God witnesses and hears MH 150

that grieve Spirit 3T 73-4

that interests and refreshes all who love devotion 2T 582

that is (are): abominable to God 5BC 1098; CS 78; DA 280; EW 274; 3T 52; 4T 534-5

acceptable to God DA 189; ML 46

cheap fruit ChS 96

displeasing to God 3T 72

more and more acceptable to God SD 109

not edifying in family or public worship CT 241

not joy to God 9T 279

not registered in heaven as faithless CH 375

of no account in heaven 2T 581

offensive to God 1T 153

pertinent at this time ChS 155

presumption SC 96; PP 441

sounding brass and tinkling cymbal 2T 581

that man should offer re his own conscience 2T 144

that miss. workers should offer 5T 460

that Omnipotence cannot resist TM 19

that sanitarium patients never forget MM 27

that should ascend constantly to God 6T 121

that should be offered in faith continually GC 530

that should be offered when ready to lose patience and self-control AH 214

that should be offered when Satan whispers MYP 112

that should be on colporteur’s lips CM 41-2

that weary angels EW 115; 2T 581-2

that you must answer as far as possible 3T 378

that you must do all you can to answer 3T 378

toilers’, in busy walks of life PK 631

too long and too loud, exhausts strength 2T 116

too tame and spiritless 7T 12

travelers’, when threatened with great danger PK 631

true: defined CG 518; ML 18

engages energies of soul and affects life 4T 535

explanation of 4BC 1149-50

takes hold on Omnipotence and gives victory 4T 616

true Christian’s, will be simple and fervent SD 85

two kinds of, defined and described ML 19

unanswered, cherishing sin in heart results in SC 95

unceasing: conquest of self requires MH 487

danger of growing careless by neglect of SC 95

is unbroken union of soul with God SC 98

victory over self cannot be accomplished without 5T 345

united: God answered early church’s AA 68

great importance attached to 3T 429

that ascend to God TM 485

united and persevering, church should be engaged in 1SM 126

unspoken, that Christ hears MH 93

unwearied, need of, for Spirit’s assistance CH 506

vain and unmeaning, too many EW 115

vocal, result of neglect of 2T 281

weakest human being’s, heard by God amid anthems of celestial choirs COL 174

wearying persons who listen to them 2T 581-2

wearying throat and lungs is not necessary in 1T 645

weeping and careworn mothers’, God hearkens to FE 161

whole church’s, men in high places need CS 148

should ascend together with faith SR 247

widows’, answer WM 216

persons indifferent to WM 218

without real soul hunger and living faith avails little 5T 227

wonderful, that God has put into our lips COL 148

8. Long

avoid 2T 672

causing extreme weariness and exhaustion 2T 577

Christ did not enforce, upon His disciples GW 175

do not benefit 2T 672

do not offer, in family worship CG 521

do not weary children with DA 516-7

faithless and, God dishonored by 1T 168

mechanical and: offered by the most superficial 4T 70-1

weary angels 4T 71

weary the listeners 4T 71

not needed 7BC 939; CW 106

Pharisees were diligent in DA 603

prosy and, are out of place anywhere 4T 70

several, are out of place in church services 2T 577

spiritless and faithless and, are burden to God 9T 279

tedious and, God does not hear 4T 315

not enforced upon people by Christ 2T 580

tedious and backslidden, why many people offer 2T 582

tire people who hear GW 176

tiresome and, should be left for closet 4T 71

wearisome effects of GW 179

9. Need (necessity) of Ed 258; 1SM 134; 2SM 268

because of decaying zeal and languishing spirituality 4T 535-6

before doing miss. work WM 162

before writing miss. letters ChS 29, 131; WM 162

Christ urged upon men FE 177

Christ urges MM 93

daily temptations make MYP 248; 4T 459

difficulties should make men feel 3T 494

for: backsliders 2T 218-9

baptism of Spirit AA 50; 8T 22; TM 170

Christ to preside in church business meetings GW 448

Christ’s healing power for the sick CT 467

Christlikeness of character MH 470

clear spiritual discernment offered by gospel workers CW 173

converted tongue WM 94

courage and strength to meet every difficulty 4T 147

daily watchcare of angels ML 31

divine help and guidance PP 143

divine revelation of hidden sin Ev 274-5

fitness for God’s work MH 470

freedom from self-abuse CG 452; 2T 350-1

greater power in work of ministry AA 67

help and strength to resist temptation 3T 364

impartation of Spirit ML 36; 9T 216

men in positions of responsibility in God’s work CG 548

more laborers in God’s vineyard TM 412

outpouring of Spirit FE 198-9; SR 246-7

pardon for years of unconsecration CM 47

person on bed of suffering GW 214-5

persons needing special help Ev 284

persons you visit, should be humble, earnest, and heartfelt 6T 75

power to do God’s work 6T 111

preservation of liberty of conscience 5T 714

salvation of children CG 558

salvation of neighbors 8T 245

self-control CG 240; 4T 243

Spirit to be more abundantly bestowed upon God’s people GW 288-9

Spirit to come into your heart CSW 67

Spirit’s guidance in Bible study FE 433

strength of will, encouragement to MH 144-5

the discouraged and hopeless Te 243

wisdom and help in child training CG 189

woman afflicted with despondency 4T 302

workers chosen to go to other lands CSW 135

young men in military service 2SM 335

God’s people should feel, as did Nehemiah 3BC 1138

in congregation 5T 190

in contemplating marriage PP 175

in dealing with stubborn child CG 212

in labor for salvation of souls 4T 528-9

to keep undefiled simplicity and purity of SDA faith 2BC 1031

when children do wrong CG 253-4, 525

when correcting children CG 245

when disciplining children CG 245-6, 276; CT 117-8

when you fall into temptation MYP 97

why men have 2T 202

why Satan would have men think there is no 1T 296

you will feel, if you feel your danger 3T 572

10. Neglect of 5T 485-6

blessing lost by DA 83

busy activity in mechanical part of God’s work must not lead to 4T 535

by Joseph and Mary DA 83

carelessness results from 2T 505-6

Christ’s presence may be lost by DA 83

declension in religious interests as result of 2T 505-6

do not let cares and perplexities lead to 1T 151

education that leads to CT 412; FE 350

enticement to temptation as result of SC 94

first, makes the second easier MYP 96

watch 4T 124

for bustle and show 4T 535

gospel worker’s, result of 7T 243

gospel workers warned against 7T 243

in search for earthly treasure 2T 654

in too many homes PP 143

Israel led into sin by PP 459

leads men to rely on their own strength 2SM 352

leads to: grievous sin AA 316

sin and crime 2T 479

man loses his hold on God by GW 255

marked in book in heaven 3T 364

ministers’, seen in carelessness and slothfulness 2T 505-6

reading that leads to FE 92-3

results of CH 424; SC 94-5; SD 89

Satan can overcome persons given to GC 519

Satan would have men be guilty of MYP 59; 1T 296; 5T 578

slothfulness results from 2T 505-6

temptations often appear irresistible because of GC 600

warning against 3T 44

11. Of faith

angels bear men’s, to Christ CT 110

blessings that come in answer to AA 564

can move arm that moves world AH 264; ML 21

Christ is still willing to listen to GC 525

defined and described MB 86-7; ML 19

divine science in Ed 257

earnest, Christ listens to 1T 346

example of PK 155-7

fervent, move arm that moves world ML 21

God hears PP 203

great strength of Christian is in 1T 296

never lost 1T 231

offer, by bedside of the sick MM 57, 227

with proper treatment of sick MM 248

offered in humility of soul, need of CW 106

power comes in answer to GW 255

prevails against Satan 1T 296

Satan’s assaults may be successfully resisted by 1SM 88

Satan’s strongest efforts may be baffled by 5T 294

Spirit sent in answer to AA 51; DA 669-70

support gospel workers with EW 106

unite, with personal effort ML 99

when power will come in answer to 4T 402

12. Posture in GW 178; PK 48; 2SM 311-6; 2T 617

bowing down to God is proper attitude in 2SM 312

Christ bowed in DA 421

Christ knelt in GW 178; PK 48

Christ prostrated Himself in, in Gethsemane DA 687, 690

Christ’s disciples knelt in GW 178; PK 48

Daniel knelt in GW 178; PK 48

Ezra knelt in GW 178; PK 48, 620

God must be sought in, on your knees 2BC 1004

Israel bowed in, with faces to ground PK 40

Jacob bowed in PP 196

keeping eyes open in, fanciful theory re GW 313

kneeling in GW 178-9; PK 48; 2SM 311-6

in private worship 3BC 1130-1; GW 178; PK 48; 2SM 312

in public worship 3BC 1130-1; GW 178; PK 48; 2SM 312; 5T 493

is act of homage to be rendered to God alone 2SM 312

not always necessary or possible 3BC 1136, 1157; CH 362, 423, 564; MH 510; SC 98-9; 2SM 316; 4T 542

privilege of GW 178; PK 48

recommended 3BC 1130-1

lift your eyes toward heavenly sanctuary while offering CT 241

lift your head from chair while offering AH 435; CG 522; 6T 381

ministers advised to bow in, when entering pulpit 2T 613

ministers’ duty re 2T 617

Paul knelt in AA 396; GW 178; PK 48

Peter knelt in AA 132

should be perfectly natural 2T 617

Solomon knelt in, at dedication of temple PK 40, 47-8; SR 194

standing in 3BC 1130-1; 2SM 311-6

your knees should bow in, three times a day 6T 298

13. Private

be as explicit as you please in 2T 578

build fortification of, and faith about your children 2T 398

is essential 7T 239

mother’s, in governing children CG 245-6

parent’s, that does not benefit children CG 499

place to tell your private difficulties, trials, and temptations is in 2T 578

pray as long as you desire in 2T 578

should not be made public MB 84

some people do not take their troubles to God in 2T 578

14. Public 3BC 1130-1; Ev 146; GW 175-9; PK 48

“Amen” to, general response of CT 241

people should unite in saying 6T 383

Christ did not discountenance GW 175; MB 84

Christ offered, at times MB 84

dedicatory, in ordaining ministers DA 296; SR 303

do not offer, to be heard of men SL 8

to tell God all you know 2T 578

do not pray in, for friends and relatives 2T 578

do not speak in such low tone in, that interpreter is needed 6T 383

do not utter, so hurriedly that your words are jumbled 6T 383

few minutes is long enough for 2T 617

formal, is out of place in church services 5T 609

half or even quarter hour in length is too long for 2T 617

has its place Ed 258; GW 254

in church services 1T 145-6; 2T 577-8

strange fire should not be mingled with 1BC 1111

is essential 7T 239

is not enough SC 98; 2T 189

length of 2T 117, 581

lift up your head in, and utter words in tones that can be heard 6T 381, 383

long: do not atone for neglect during week GW 176

do not offer Ev 146

ministers have made great failure by 2T 617

occasion when it may be fitting to offer GW 175

Pharisees offered DA 614

prayer meeting is made tedious and wearisome by 2T 577

social meetings do not need EW 115

that Spirit indites GW 175

wearies people 2T 617

why some people offer GW 176

long and dry, should be avoided in church services 5T 618

long and loud, ministers should not exhaust their strength in 1T 645, 647

minister should be brief and come to point in GW 179

minister’s long and inappropriate, before sermon 5T 201

ordinary, few minutes is long enough for GW 175

one or two minutes is long enough for 2T 581

persons should not because of defective utterance cease from offering CT 245

place to tell your private difficulties, trials, and temptations is not 2T 578

short: in homes for old soldiers WM 339

ministers should offer 2T 118

need of 2T 578, 581

that softens hearts GW 179

short and fervent, need of Ev 150

short and to point, need of GW 175

social meetings need EW 115

simple language should be used in GW 177

Solomon knelt in SR 194

speak in, slowly and distinctly 6T 383

so all present can hear you 6T 383

speaking in tone so low you cannot be heard in, is not evidence of humility 6T 383

spiritless, sometimes offered CT 243

substance of 2T 581

that do more harm than good 2T 582

that ministers should not offer 5T 201

that refreshes and strengthens instead of exhausting 2T 617

that will not weary hearers 2T 617

two minutes is long enough for ordinary 2T 581

use of voice in CT 241-3

utter, in clear and distinct tones CT 241; 6T 382-3

15. Secret GW 254-8; 1T 163

amusement disqualifying one for, is dangerous CT 337

be much in EW 73

blessings of SC 98; 2T 190

brings open reward MYP 247

children who have no interest in SD 132

continual, need of 5T 102

do not forget, because of business SD 57

do not neglect SC 98; 2SG 264; 1T 163; 2T 48

earnest, strength acquired in 5T 113

strengthens Christian to withstand allurements of society 5T 113

essential in miss. work ChS 98

frequently perverted by loud vocal prayer 2T 190

God’s grace is obtained by 2SG 257

gospel workers in cities should spend time in GW 365

gospel workers need to offer 6T 52

great need of 3T 115

how to offer 2T 190

inclination to, indulgence of corrupt passions destroys CG 446

lay heart’s secrets open before God in ML 16

life of soul is SC 98

love for, cherish 2T 513

minister should offer, before entering pulpit 4T 315

more time in, would be profitable MM 102

mothers should be much in AH 265

much, strong faith requires 4T 236

neglect of: amusements are dangerous which lead to 3T 223

beware of MYP 96

by devotees of fashion 4T 631

by many people 2T 126

many long prayers in public are result of GW 176

ministers warned against 4T 380

peril of 5T 426

result of living in 2T 514

results of EW 72; 2T 582; 5T 102, 120

warning against 2BC 1012

neglected too often 2SG 291

nothing gives such clear views of self as 5T 163

only prayer-hearing God should hear SC 98; 2T 189-90

personal effort for others should be preceded by COL 149

perversion of 2T 190

place for, have MB 84

where no eye but God’s sees MB 84

place(s) of: Christ sees us in DA 141; SC 91; TM 110

most hidden desires and longings may be poured out in MB 84-5

privilege of, while engaged in daily labor GW 258

productive of great good when properly carried out 2T 190

promises for persons who seek God in MB 84-5

public prayer is not 2T 190

reaches God’s throne COL 174

rises above: din of street GW 258

noise of machinery GW 258

soul of religion is 2SG 264; 1T 163

soul should be drawn out in low and humble tones in 2T 190

specially needed among ministers 1T 434

spend much time in CT 258

students in special need of giving themselves to 3T 224

sustains soul life Ed 258; GW 254-5

that is appropriate to closet CT 241

very important 2T 189

youth should engage in, at dawn and twilight Ed 259

16. Silent

appropriate in crowds of street or in midst of business engagement 2SM 316

breathed while walking by the way COL 174

burdened heart’s, God accepts 2BC 1014

cannot be lost through business activities COL 174

earnest work should accompany MH 512; 4T 459

fervent and, rises like incense to God’s throne 4T 616

inaudible to any human ear cannot die away in silence COL 174; GW 258

let every breath be MH 511

may ascend constantly for strength and guidance CH 362

may be breathed while engaged in daily labor 2SM 316

mind should seek help continually in 4T 459

mind’s desires should continually ascend in MYP 248

mother’s, for her children AH 273

while under trial AH 242

no time or place inappropriate for SC 99

offer: for persons who revile you SD 144

in faith 2SM 242

to know how to do God’s will AH 214

when ministers enter pulpit 5T 492

plead in, for divine guidance SC 99

privilege of: in crowds of street SC 99

in midst of business engagement SC 99

while alone, walking, or at work MH 510-1

while engaged in daily labor CH 423; GW 254, 258; 4T 616

put your will on side of God’s will by SD 36

soul may be often uplifted in, in midst of labor 4T 542-3

that may be offered at all times and in all places AH 214

that rise like incense before God GW 254; SC 99

that rises above noise of: machinery GW 258

streets COL 174; GW 258

you can offer, while your hands are employed CH 424

17. Sincere PP 452

ascends as incense before God 6BC 1059

earnest and, angels record GC 622

one gospel worker may have gift of 9T 144

God answers DA 356; 1T 120-1

God hears 3T 416

God is not unobservant of SC 100

God is ready and willing to hear SC 94

heard in heaven when offered in faith 6T 433

humble and, convictions need to be reinforced daily by 6T 401

importunate and, God’s ears are open to 3BC 1141

is heard in heaven DA 667

men are brought into connection with God’s mind through SC 97

mind may be kept pure by SC 99

need of 5T 201

not one, is lost COL 174; 7T 274

soul is brought into connection with mind of the Infinite by 3T 323

Spirit indites DA 189; ML 46

teachers must lift up their hearts in FE 268

will be answered GW 258

18. Time (hour) for

business should not deprive men of COL 51

children should be taught to respect and reverence CT 110; 1T 397; 5T 424

Christian can and will find CH 423

difficult because work is always urgent 4T 539

do not neglect, because of guests MYP 342

encouragement to take 7T 250-3

farmers who have little 2T 663

fragrant incense burned at sanctuary at GW 20; PP 353-4

God’s blessing on youth who enjoy SD 136

gospel workers must take DA 362; Ed 260-1

institutional workers should take 7T 201

is not wasted 7T 194

is sacred because God is there GW 178; PK 48

men in high positions often fail to take TM 283

men in positions of responsibility must take LS 245-6

many people have no, in their efforts to follow fashion Ed 246

med. students need 8T 163-4

ministers must take Ev 98

ministers should have, and meditation SR 261

no soul can prosper without taking CH 422

persons who cannot afford 2T 196

physician must take CH 367-8; MM 41, 294

physicians should not attempt to work without taking MM 216

pub. house workers must be allowed 8T 93

readers of fascinating stories forget 1T 504

regular hours should be set as 5T 181

sabbatical year provided more, for Israelites PP 532

sanitarium workers should not attempt to work without taking MM 216

set apart MH 509

take ChS 249; GC 622; 1T 159, 167; 3T 336

young ministers should guard jealously GW 100

youth urged to take 4T 117

See also Family prayer; Family worship

19. Miscellaneous 9T 278-80

accomplishes nothing while heart is estranged from God 2T 146

accustom yourself to lift your thoughts often to God in SL 93

activity without, is of no avail ChS 263

adapt, to opening mind of children DA 69

adapt your, to occasion and company present 4T 565

advancement in divine life requires 2T 283

after, watch thereunto 2T 321

agonize in, before God GC 621

to be overcomers 5BC 1082

when facing temptation and trial EW 46; 2SG 290

aids in: bringing up children Te 157-8

maintaining discipline in SS CSW 173

alarming audacity in 2T 581

all can aid foreign miss. work by 6T 29

all night spent by many in, during advent movement GC 369

all who would be efficient workers must give much time to GW 76

almost obsolete 1T 566

almsgiving and, are closely linked together 6BC 1059

angels bear your, to God 4BC 1184

angels hover round the faithful given to EW 270

angels listen to, of God’s people GW 171

angels make record of your AA 561; 4BC 1184; CH 412

angels of God listen to your GC 630; 6T 367

angels place benevolent acts beside SD 264; 3T 405

angels teach men how to lift up their voice in ML 238

angels wait to minister to the sick in response to MM 195

answer to, for humility 3T 109

appropriate anywhere and at any time SC 99

are recorded in books of heaven 4BC 1184

arm yourself with GW 264-5

as fruit of love and gratitude to God 6BC 1059

as resource at Christian’s command PK 631

as sharp sickles in harvest field Ev 86; ML 220; 2SM 156; 2T 642; 5T 162

as spiritual sacrifices 7BC 925

ascend to heavenly sanctuary 6BC 1078; EW 32; 4aSG 9; 1SM 344

as incense 6BC 1078; 1SM 344; 7T 216

ascends to God: as sweet (fragrant) incense PP 144; 4aSG 9; 2SM 347, 440; 7T 216

fragrant with Christ’s merits 7BC 970; TM 92-3

on wings of faith SD 85

ask in: for humility, wisdom, courage, and increase of faith MH 513

for things that God has promised Ed 258

that you may give COL 142

asking in, must be according to God’s will Ed 258

assurance that God will hear MYP 123; SC 93

attitude that you should take after COL 145

avails nothing: unless men resolutely lay hold of work they should do 2T 34

when sin is cherished in heart 4T 332

avails nothing without: living faith DA 347; GW 260; ML 13; 5T 228

soul hunger DA 347; GW 260

be diligent in CSW 73

be instant in CH 243

in work of heart-keeping 3BC 1157

be men and women of MH 510

be more fervent in 6T 266

be much in TM 503

beginning and ending of, mention of Christ’s name at SC 100-1

being instant in, meaning of 3BC 1136

believe that God hears reasons presented with 2T 148

believe that your, are heard when you pray LS 298

believers should unite their, at throne of grace FE 210

better than rules and regulations Ev 117-8

better that God does not always answer our, in just the manner and when we wish 2T 148

Bible should be studied with DA 459; 1SM 20

Bible should never be studied without GC 599; SC 91

bitter cup is sweetened by EW 47; 2SG 290

blessing and, Christ as medium of 8T 177-9

blessings of SD 311

brace your, with firm and eager purpose 3BC 1137; ChS 177

brief, Nehemiah’s PK 631-3

brings men into harmony with God MYP 248

call to, see in every difficulty a DA 667; PK 31

can never take place of: duty COL 143

faithful improvement of time 4T 459

Spirit’s work in heart SD 290

cares and perplexities should be taken to Christ in CG 487

carry all your troubles to God in SC 119

cease not, for a moment 3T 473

child training requires CG 506

children should be taught that God hears their CG 172

children should be taught to offer, with clear and distinct voice CG 522

children should offer, for grace to resist temptation AH 299

Christ as medium of, between God and man 8T 178

Christ hears every WM 80

Christ is brought to your side by COL 250

Christ is ready to hear your SD 32

Christ loves to listen to His people’s SD 121

Christ presents to God His people’s: as their Mediator in heavenly sanctuary CT 241

with incense EW 32

with incense of His perfection DA 667

with incense of His righteousness MYP 96

with His merit and spotless righteousness CT 241

Christ secures acceptance of men’s, by His work as Mediator 8T 179

Christ’s disciples gave themselves to, while waiting for outpouring of Spirit AA 35-6

Christ’s disciples joined their weakness to His strength by AA 57

Christ’s disciples much impressed by His COL 140

Christ’s intercession added to your SD 274

Christ’s lessons on, carefully consider COL 142

Christ’s mediatorial work as related to EW 54-5

Christ’s merit must be mingled with our ChS 263

Christ’s merits as incense ascending with His people’s 6BC 1078; SD 22; 8T 178

Christ’s name gives efficiency to 8T 178

Christ’s response to, for sinners COL 206

Christian physicians need to watch unto MM 151

Christian walk cannot be maintained without 2T 313

church members should be taught how to offer WM 93

church members should sustain minister by their GW 196; 9T 134

church schools should open with, every morning CT 151

church should meet together for, for salvation of some special soul 7T 21

church should offer, for increased devotion and liberality 9T 55

church should unite in, for its erring members DA 441

claim in, that is presumption SC 96

clear King’s highway by GW 308; 8T 297

closet is proper place to offer, for subjects at distance 1T 146

closet of, take Christ with you when you leave 4T 521

clothed with new interest for apostles 6BC 1054

colporteurs should offer, while visiting people CM 41; MYP 208

colporteurs’ need of 6T 319

come in faith that God hears and answers SD 71