Sons and Daughters of God


His Simplicity Gave Him Favor, May 5

Christ the Perfect Pattern for Youth

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. Luke 2:52. SD 132.1

It was the simplicity of the life of Christ, and His freedom from pride and vanity, that gave Him favor with God and man. He did not seek to attract attention for distinction.13The Youth's Instructor, September 1, 1873. SD 132.2

The life of Christ was passed in simplicity and purity.... His wisdom was great, but it was child-like, and increased with His years. His childhood possessed peculiar gentleness, and marked loveliness. His character was full of beauty, and unsullied perfection.14The Youth's Instructor, April 1, 1872. SD 132.3

In the life of Christ we see the only safe pattern for all children and youth. When children are disposed to rebel against parental authority, they are condemned by the life of their Redeemer, who was Himself once a child, and obedient to His parents. In what marked contrast is the character of children now. The majority of children live for their own pleasure, for the purpose of display. Some try to make brilliant speeches, that they may attract notice. Some seem to think that their worth will be estimated by their appearance. They are very precise in their dress, and devote much time and means for display, that they may attract attention, while they do not find time for, and have an interest in, secret prayer. They neglect the inward adorning, the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which, the apostle tells us, is of great price in the sight of God.... SD 132.4

Wealth and dress are so common that, while they may excite envy, they cannot command true respect and admiration. A cultivated mind, adorned with the grace of meekness and humility, a pure and upright heart, will be reflected in the countenance, and command love and respect.15The Youth's Instructor, September 1, 1873. SD 132.5

If the youth would become strong in mind, pure in morals, firm in spiritual power, let them follow the example of Jesus in His simplicity, in His submission to parental restraint.16The Youth's Instructor, July 14, 1892. SD 132.6