EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Belden, Stephen - Bigotry

Belden, Stephen

Belden, Stephen LS 141; 2SG 152


Belgium, Luther’s (Martin) teachings spread to GC 139; SR 343


Belial, Christ and, no concord between 1T 279, 289, 408, 411-2; 3T 248; 4T 187, 346; 5T 52, 691

Belief, beliefs

Belief, beliefs, about Christ is not enough 5T 49

in a lie: by persistently reiterating it PP 404

does not save from sin’s penalty PP 55

how Paul was affected by 1SM 214-5

not what condemns sinner PP 55

laid aside when convenient is not Christianity 4T 190

many, that mind has no right to entertain 1SM 214

not leading to obedience is presumption MB 146

not to be put on and off like a garment 4T 190

spurious, that will not bear tests of this world 4T 190

that is distinct from faith SC 63

See also Faith


act according to, that Christ answers prayer 2MCP 467:0

ask with, and you will receive TDG 22:3

blind, God does not sanction OHC 310:5

capacity for, increases with childlike trust OHC 126:4

Christ could have induced, by surrounding Himself with angels RC 237:3

conviction and looking to Jesus for strength follow LHU 273:2

danger of, without evidence; reason from cause to effect 2MCP 536:0

determination for, by grace HP 275:5

differences in, persecution because of TDG 371:2

educate yourself for UL 37:5

encouragement for UL 328:6

faith is not, without conformity to the law FW 52:2

false claim of TDG 9:3

feeling is not a basis for TMK 230:4

God wants, instead of doubt TDG 9:6

heart, by drawing nigh to God through much prayer FW 17:1

highest kind of, not in conflict with humility TDG 321:3

honesty in, considered safe FW 33:0

in submission; realize more than expected TDG 310:4

influenced by own words TMK 136:2

intellectual, not sufficient for salvation 3SM 195:0

length of time held does not determine truth FW 77:1

many have, but are unwilling to obey TDG 64:2

meaning of full, in Christ FW 70:2

neighbor must see an example of HP 309:4

obedience and: simple conditions for eternal life 3SM 151:0


inadequate; faith needed that purifies 3SM 153:4

preaching that need is FW 89:2

responsibility considered by many to be Mar 236:4

sometimes preached but works measured in judgment 3SM 147:3

true but not always taken in full sense TDG 299:4

practicing, indication of being in the faith OHC 336:2

prayer of FLB 9:3

privilege of TDG 9:7

rejected by preaching confused ideas of salvation FW 18:1

responsibility for, when clouds hide the light OHC 318:4

right, results in right doing UL 176:8

sanctification said to require only Mar 232:2

SDAs will be attacked on every point of Mar 217:6

simple, in what God says, Noah was an example of RC 322:4

speculative, believe with whole heart instead of LHU 148:5

spirits, of disbelief and, in world 3SM 37:3

substantiated by the Spirit of God, to be held as sacred UL 254:4

trained for OHC 119:2

truth engaging the heart to change character is more than 3SM 192:0

understanding not to limit; this would be unreasonable 2MCP 569:1

Word of God may not be judged by our FW 66:3

working out salvation and submitting in addition to TMK 115:5

See also Faith


Believe, ask and, and receive EW 115

more fully SC 64

pray and, and rejoice 7T 274

we do not half 7T 214

See also Doctrine

“Believe, only believe,”

“Believe, only believe,” erroneous cry of 1SM 347, 373

Believer, Believers

Believer, Believers, all, members of one body AA 95-6

one in Christ 5T 231

ancient, saved under same covenant as men are now 7BC 932

childless, disposition of means by 1T 200

each: Christ’s sufficiency to be manifest by TM 209

individual experience to be obtained by TM 478

link in golden chain 1SM 132

part of Christ’s body 7BC 985-6

to work for individual sinner 6T 116

established in truth, not to require much pastoral care EW 104

few in number, organized by Paul AA 186

inexperienced, message to EW 118-21

injury to, wounds Christ ML 11

partial and formal, loss of eternal life by 6T 405

poor See also Poor believer

sanctifying influence of Bible truth on 4T 545

scattered and isolated, do not forget LS 259

small company of, precious to God 6T 363

teach new, how to prepare wholesome food CD 443

to support God’s work GW 222

true, careless and dishonest work not done by 4T 309

Christ first and last and best in everything to ML 11

vine’s branches represent 5T 231

weakest, in Christ’s strength can repulse Satan MYP 51

See also Church member


accusing words not to come from other VSS 152:0

angel appointed to every, who realizes dependence HP 101:5

apparently strong, fall; some wonder whom to trust 3SM 411:4

assembled, are in audience chamber of heaven OHC 168:4

atonement brings gratitude and change to FLB 105:3

calling of HP 81:3

caution to be exercised by all; trying scenes ahead TDG 250:2


has all power to give to TDG 290:2

is the center of; He radiates their characters 3SM 199:0

must be reproduced in life of TMK 235:5

strengthens, as they trust Him TMK 78:4

claiming to be, while doing wrong OHC 123:2

difference of, from unbelievers,

in fruit (character) RC 355:4

to be kept sharp 3SM 211:2

experienced, tempted to swerve and finally ruined OHC 347:4

few, encouragement for OHC 167:4

genuine, sanctified by truth in lives LHU 123:7

glory of God on, by beholding Jesus TMK 61:2

God will not forsake UL 262:2

gratitude expressed by, in meetings OHC 168:4

humility of, in seeing Jesus RC 76:5

learning by, to be efficient agents for the Master PM 273:1

life of, hid with God in death Mar 301:4

lights representing, seen by Ellen White 3SM 34:4

lowliest, not cast off OHC 167:5

material in God’s hands HP 28:4

meeting with,

is worth sacrifice TMK 154:5

loving truth enough to make effort for TMK 154:3

messengers of the Lord UL 266:5

new, discouragements coming to, (Ellen White letter) TDG 245

one church with unfallen ones in heaven OHC 167:2

organized for combined influence 3SM 15:2

perfection of, requires complete unity RC 200:5

practical, fault of not being TDG 18:2

praise instead of selfish murmuring from true TMK 273:2

praying in humility should encircle world RC 121:4; HP 93:3

precious to Jesus TMK 61:4


accepting ideas of trusted men as Jews did TDG 314:4

Christ not taken by, as personal Saviour TDG 18:2

many, do not know God Mar 76:2

protected by the Lord’s Spirit UL 64:7

purification of hearts of UL 16:5

quickened by Holy Spirit will treasure Scriptures UL 103:4

ranks of, not diminished when some apostatize 3SM 422:3

shining of; city that cannot be hid 3SM 17:1

sowing discord among, allies with Satan Mar 63:3

spotless before God regardless of past sins RC 75:5

stones being prepared for God’s temple OHC 167:4

strength of heaven at command of HP 176:5

sustained by Holy Spirit AG 195:5

testimonies of, God hears, while angels record them TMK 154:5

theme of, power and love of Christ RY 100:1

union with, is principle not sentimentalism HP 110:2

unity and love needed among 3SM 352:1

will-worship is delusion which will tempt all FW 51:1

witness for God and Jesus when assembled OHC 168:4

work for sinners by all UL 379:7

working only with, is not enough PM 285:2

See also Christians; Church members; God, people of; Saints


Believing, brings peace 2T 319-20

faith is, that God knows best what is for our good Ed 253

See also Faith

Bell, Bells

Bell, Bells, Christ’s priestly garment adorned with EW 36, 55, 251, 280-1; LS 116

high priest’s robe adorned with DA 208; LS 116; PP 351; 4aSG 10; SR 156

Bellows Falls, Vt.

Bellows Falls, Vt. 1T 661


Belshazzar, besieged by Cyrus PK 523, 531

king of Babylon 1BC 1107; 4BC 1170-1; 5BC 1109; COL 259; DA 539; MM 151; MYP 229; PK 522-33; 2SM 126, 135; 4T 14; 5T 244-5; Te 49; TM 434

Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson PK 522, 529; TM 436

shared kingly authority in youth PK 522


actions today seen by One who recorded profanity of 1MCP 316:1

feast of,

angels at, stand by careless ones today Mar 39:3

hand at, recorded deeds of one counseled TSB 154:2

Watcher not known by; God’s protection removed TSB 139:3

Benches, school

Benches, school See School bench

Benedict, Brother and Sister

Benedict, Brother and Sister WM 325


Benefactor, Satan appears as GC 589


Beneficence 9T 253-6

Christ’s, rejoice in privilege of manifesting AA 344-5

constant manifestation of, gospel’s glory is 7T 146

duty of, carried to extremes 4T 550

exhortation to 5T 271

not a natural trait Ev 344

selfishness is overcome by 4T 619

small and large streams of, to be kept flowing 7T 170, 296

small streams of, to be kept flowing into God’s treasury WM 268

soul ennobled and purified by 4T 619

spirit of, strengthened in giver’s heart SC 79

springs of, what freezes up CS 25

system of: enjoined on Jews 4T 474

God’s purpose in 4T 473; 9T 255

just what man needs 3T 405

that injures the needy 4T 550

true, means more than mere gifts MH 195

work of: enjoined on all church members 6T 265

none exempted from Ev 344

twice blessed MB 82; 3T 382; 9T 253

See also Benevolence; Liberality; Offerings


Benefits, God’s, forget not SC 103


1. Systematic, plan of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Systematic, plan of 2SG 230-8; 1T 190-1, 220-2; 3T 408-13

adoption of, opposition to 2SG 233; 1T 192

Appendix note on 1T 714

bears equally upon all of God’s people 4T 469

carry out, weekly the 3T 548; 9T 55

cheerfully adopt 3T 411-2

church(s) negligent in keeping up 3T 409

church’s prosperity depends in great degree on 3T 405

constant practice of, starves covetousness 3T 548

do not make, systematic compulsion 3T 396

does not press heavily upon any one person 3T 398

dragging 2T 120

entered into, according to Bible plan TM 27

established in apostolic times 1T 190

evils corrected by 1T 545

failure to carry out result of 3T 411

families helped by adoption of 3T 412

fear of some believers re 2SG 233; 1T 192

God arranged 1T 545; 4T 475

for man’s benefit 3T 399

to prevent covetousness 3T 547

to sustain His cause 3T 548

to tear treasures from the covetous 3T 548

God’s providence in 1T 545; 3T 546

hearts tested by 1T 221

in apostolic church 2SG 230

individual duty re, result of shunning 1T 546

instituted in Israel AA 337

lessons taught by AA 337

love for souls increased by 3T 405

man greatly blessed by 3T 405

ministers and God’s cause liberally sustained by 1T 376; 3T 256

ministers should encourage people to keep up 2T 628

ministers’ duty to support 1T 316

need of 2SG 231

neglect of, treasury impoverished by 3T 409

not designed to enrich God 3T 405

pleases God 2SG 230; 1T 190

proportionate to income, God requires of each 3T 405

prosperity promised to all faithful in 3T 395

results of, if all would fully carry out 3T 389-90

when cheerfully and willingly carried out 3T 395

rich blessed by 3T 412

safeguards family against temptations 3T 412

simplicity of, does not detract from its merit 3T 409

subject of, ministers frequently neglect Ev 256, 343

works like magic when carried out 1T 376

universal adoption of, results of 3T 409

2. Miscellaneous

act(s) of: assimilation to Christ’s image by 3T 383

first disciples’ response in 3T 392

not to be theme of conversation MB 80-1

noble when done in unpretending manner SL 9

prompted by wrong motives GW 275

pure motive sanctifies SL 9

to be done as to Christ 3T 512-3

active, vital principle of Christianity 5T 381

among the wealthy, too rare 1T 480

benefits of, wins souls to Christ 4T 59

cheerful, exercise of 4T 57

Christ manifested, without weakness CT 262; Ev 636

Christ’s cross appeals to man’s 4T 80

Christ’s lessons on WM 291

cultivate 4T 56

cultivation of: blessed results of 4T 56

God bestows on man best means for 3T 382

part of God’s plan for man 3T 382

daily fruit of persons truly connected with God SL 11

daughters of, Christian women are to be 2T 27

disinterested, Christ’s life was characterized by EW 269; 4T 218

rare today 3T 516

we must exemplify 2T 77, 650

duty of poor to exercise WM 203-6

economy and self-denial furnishes means for 7T 297

enlarged and strengthened by exercise 3T 548

exercise of, blessings from 3T 548

principle in soul winning 3T 548-9

should be voluntary 3T 413

gospel light encourages 3T 405

gospel work requires AA 515

habits of, train youth to Ed 239

health safeguarded by MH 281

ideas of, must be worked out 6T 302

impulse should not regulate WM 332

Jewish system of 4T 77

lacking in church 3T 383

life of Christ’s soul was DA 191; 3T 217

living, dying charity (legacy) is poor substitute for 4T 481; 5T 155

ministers should encourage and cultivate 2T 518

ministers’, should be natural 2T 548

mistaken ideas of CS 166

noble spirit of, regulations designed to cultivate PP 534

of Christ’s life, should shine in ours 2SM 23

of Christ’s teaching, teachers need to appreciate 6T 160

placed beside faith, love, etc. 3T 393

plan of active, Scriptures call for 3T 391-2

plan of salvation begins and ends in 3T 548

practical demonstrations of 4T 60

practice of, Christ our example in 4T 59, 470

good Samaritan’s example in 4T 57-8

self-denial essential to CS 288-9; MH 206

reflect God’s, in praise and deeds of mercy CS 111

results of, how God would have men to receive 3T 382

rightly directed, draws on man’s mental and moral energies SD 264; 3T 401

sign of God’s gospel work is to be 7T 146; WM 281

so-called, that is weakness PP 522

soul should expand with EW 269

spirit of, needed in little things AH 423

persons of limited means most often manifest CS 177-8

springs from principle of grateful love SD 264; 3T 396

streams of, must be kept flowing WM 268-71

system in, God designed 3T 393

to be like flowing stream 3T 548

true 4T 55-67

work of, nobody exempt from GW 370

twice blessed CS 346

works of, should expand with exercise 3T 530


childhood is the time to teach OHC 263:4

circulation of streams of, is God’s plan AG 285:4

considered in the judgment TMK 334:2

cultivating, reason for offerings RC 268:7


and holiness in life of Christ 1MCP 182:3

Christ’s life spent in TMK 37:2

increases with exercise HP 232:2

example of, given by heavenly Father OHC 192:5

originates from Infinite Wisdom OHC 170:3; RC 300:2

rich who follow Christ receive hearts of UL 113:3

streams of,

swelled by gifts CET 204:0

to be continually circulating TMK 164:4

strengthened by giving, drawing us closer to Christ HP 303:4

systematic, strengthened church under organization CET 197:2

thought and conversation on Christ instead of FW 87:3

See also Charity; Giving


Benevolent, Christianity makes men 7BC 905

Benevolent acts

Benevolent acts, angels place, beside prayer SD 264; 3T 405

Benevolent men

Benevolent men, cheerfulness lights faces of 2T 534

Benevolent work

Benevolent work, Christ did WM 29

converts should be helped by 6T 85

Ben-Ezra, Rabbi

Ben-Ezra, Rabbi See Lacunza, Manuel

Bengel, Johann Albrecht

Bengel, Johann Albrecht GC 363-4


Benhadad, king of Syria PK 113, 244, 255


Benjamin, Jacob’s son PP 206, 227-30; 3SG 156-60, 163-5

Benjamin, tribe of

Benjamin, tribe of PP 608, 610-2, 656, 703


Benoni PP 206

See also Benjamin

Benson, Brother

Benson, Brother 2SG 168

Bequests of property

Bequests of property, to children and grandchildren 4T 478

to God 4T 479-80

See also Will; Legacy


Berea AA 230-3; 2T 696

Berean, Bereans

Berean, Bereans, searched Scriptures AA 231; 2SM 394; 2T 343, 695-6


search Scriptures daily like; TDG 319:6

Bereaved person, Bereaved persons

Bereaved person, Bereaved persons, Christ’s sympathy for DA 318-9; WM 176

comfort for LS 252-4; MB 10; 2SM 257-74

Scriptures abound in 2SM 260

communicating with devils through spiritualism AA 290

duty of MH 233

duty to CS 163

Israel taught to care for COL 220

kindness to, opens their hearts MYP 217

who have strongest claim upon our sympathy MH 202


Bereavement, Christ comforts our sorrow in PK 240

Christian hope’s value in LS 252-4

do not give way to excitable feelings in 5T 313

dwell not upon 5T 313

giving one’s self up to sorrow in, unchristian LS 257

heathen mourning in 2SM 270

hopeless grief over, needless DA 387

how, should affect us LS 254

husband in, comfort for 2SM 262-3

life of, may be brightened MB 12

noisy demonstration of grief in 5T 313

not a special dispensation of God’s providence CH 62; FE 60

patience and cheerfulness needed under AA 465

sympathizing Friend in, men have COL 173; GW 263; MH 249

time of, cause for rejoicing in 2SM 272

useless grief in, do not give up to LS 253

EGW in LS 252-4; 2SM 257, 267-9

widow in, comfort for 2SM 264-6


blessing to come from TDG 34:5

Christ spoke words of hope and sympathy for LHU 90:2

comfort to one in HP 272

Ellen White in,

saw no merit in her life before the throne 3SM 148:1

sustained by Christian’s hope TDG 302

understood; Christ is helper RY 156:1

following Christ in TMK 280:4

life of, brightened by Jesus’ presence RC 349:8

moaning over, HP 36:2

causes neglect of present duties TDG 233:3

promises of God are suited for ones in TMK 213:4

sympathy of Ellen White in TDG 34:2

will of God accepted in HP 272:3

Bern, Switz.

Bern, Switz. GC 172-3, 184


Bernice, sister of Herod Agrippa II AA 433-8

Berquin, Louis de

Berquin, Louis de GC 215-9

Berrien Springs, Mich.

Berrien Springs, Mich. CT 253-5

Berry, Berries

Berry, Berries, fresh, eat freely of 7T 134

See also Blackberry; Blueberry; Gooseberry; Strawberry

Besetment, Besetments

Besetment, Besetments, resist SD 368

victory over EW 71; 2SG 257; 1T 158, 340

Besetting sin

Besetting sin See Sin

Besor brook

Besor brook PP 693

Besotted persons

Besotted persons, world full of CD 165


Best, Christ endorses work of persons who do their Ev 329

do your, and God will accept your efforts MYP 96

each person should do his COL 330; CT 237-47; MM 201; TM 165-6, 320

and leave consequences with God 1SM 87; TM 184

at all times and under all circumstances MYP 27

in everything he undertakes SD 283

gospel worker is to do his WM 120

happiest people are those who make God first and last and, in everything FE 83-4; ML 161

when we do our, Christ becomes our righteousness 1SM 368

youth required by God to do their MYP 18, 164


choosing; God shows us the conflict FW 92:2


acceptance of imperfect service when 3SM 195:4

ask God to help in TDG 374:5

asking for God’s help, rather than worrying OHC 64:3

blessing may be requested when PM 121:1

boasting wrong even when TDG 132:5

church members, taking up duty lying nearest LHU 299:2

each day HP 227:3

God stands behind those who are, to impresses hearts TDG 26:3

habit of OHC 282:2

help from God when HP 278:6

leave results with God after 2MCP 735:3

money has caused some to neglect talents TDG 85:2

unselfishly, accepted by God TDG 71:5

work when, is endorsed by Christ PM 89:3

Best things

Best things of life, not bought or sold MH 198; 7T 27


Bethabara DA 132


Bethany AA 32; DA 524, 529, 537, 557, 581, 830; GC 350-1; SD 92


Beth-car PP 591


1. Literal

2. Figurative

1. Literal DA 291; Ed 52; FE 97; GC 617; PK 99-105, 114, 224-5, 235-6, 284-5, 401-2; PP 128, 132, 183-8, 193, 205-6, 525; 3T 393; 5T 44
2. Figurative

home as AH 19, 255; CT 114; GW 206

sailboat as EW 23-4

sanitarium as 6T 252

sickroom as MH 226

Bethel, Vt.

Bethel, Vt. 2SG 147

Bethelite, Hiel the

Bethelite, Hiel the PK 230

Bethesda, pool of

Bethesda, pool of DA 201-4, 231, 284, 450, 456-7; MH 81-5; SC 50-1


Beth-horon DA 406; PK 71; PP 508, 510


babes of, slaughtered by Herod the Great 5BC 1077; DA 65; GC 667

bears had lairs in hills of PP 644

Christ born in 7BC 903, 915; COL 83; CT 141; DA 32, 759; Ed 107; EW 110; FE 401; GC 339-40; PP 637; 1SM 250; Te 284

in stable DA 44; Ev 421; 5T 269

in town’s eastern extremity DA 44; GC 313

Christ’s birth in, foretold in prophecy PK 697

shown to Moses PP 475

city of royal line of Joseph and Mary DA 44

David’s city 2BC 1018; DA 44; FE 96; PK 697; PP 592, 637, 641, 654-5

Jews believed Christ would be born at DA 457

narrow street of, Joseph and Mary traveled DA 44; GC 313

shepherd’s of, Christ’s birth announced to DA 47-8, 231, 464; GC 46, 314-5; MH 477; 2SM 164

story of, exhaustless theme DA 48

lesson from GC 315

meaning of Ed 101

water from well of, brought to David PP 736-7; 4aSG 91

wise men of East, visited DA 63; CS 176


angels at, brought joy to shepherds RC 373:5

children of, Satan inspired Herod to kill Con 27:2


Beth-peor PP 461, 487, 684

See also Baal-peor


Bethsaida DA 292, 361, 380-1, 405, 407, 411; MH 56; 1SM 142-3


Beth-shan PP 682


Beth-shemesh, ark of covenant at PP 588-9; 4aSG 110; SR 190-1; 8T 283-4

Levite city PP 588


Bethuel, Abraham’s nephew PP 173


Betrayal, of Paul AA 322

of sacred trusts MH 495

See also Treachery; Treason


human, God calls souls tired of TDG 23:5

Better course

Better course, angels by our side to prompt us to COL 341-2

“Better Land,”

“Better Land,” Hyde’s (W. H.) poem 2SG 55-6; 1T 70-1

“Better Than Gold,”

“Better Than Gold,” poem by Abraham F. Ryan, quoted MH 362

Betterton, Thomas

Betterton, Thomas, actor CT 255


Betting, results of: poverty of nation increased FE 312

violence filling world DA 633

youth demoralized FE 313; LS 351-2

Satan’s invention CS 134

See also Gambling; Horse races

Betting club, Betting clubs

Betting club, Betting clubs FE 327


Beulah, land of, Israel as DA 103

Beverage, Beverages

Beverage, Beverages See Beer; Cider; Coffee; Cordial; Drink; Intoxicating drink; Milk; Rum; Tea; Water; Whisky; Wine

Bewitching power

Bewitching power, fanaticism’s 2SM 45

that destroys wisdom PK 645

Beza, Theodore

Beza, Theodore, quoted GC 216


Bezaleel, builder of earthly sanctuary 1BC 1108; CT 59-60; PK 62; 2SM 174

descendants of 2BC 1027; PK 62-3; 2SM 174

of tribe of Judah 1BC 1108; CT 59; PK 62

Bezek, plain of

Bezek, plain of PP 612


Bias, in earliest years, child’s character and destiny affected by CG 198


Bible See Scripture


poem quoted about OHC 31:2

purchase of expensive, leaving no money for other books PM 333:2


burden to give, ask God for HP 323:3

by one who had left wife TSB 212:2

medical missionary work opens way for CME 26:2

Word of God unfolds before those presenting TDG 229:3

Generally indexed as Word of God

Bible class, Bible classes

Bible class, Bible classes, at camp meetings Ev 473

following evangelistic meeting Ev 152

in schools, how to conduct 8T 157

miss. work to be done by 6T 433

permit people in, to ask questions Ev 152

women who are intelligent can teach Ev 474

Bible Echo

Bible Echo CW 28, 64-5; FE 212

Bible instructor

Bible instructor See Bible worker

Bible kindergarten

Bible kindergarten, at camp meetings Ev 582-4

Bible reader

Bible reader See Bible worker

Bible reading

Bible reading See Bible study; Bible worker

Bible Readings

good from, but never to replace Great Controversy (vol. 4) PM 355:2

sale of, unjustly hindered Great Controversy PM 207:2

Bible religion

Bible religion, practiced, makes person faithful, kind, and thoughtful 6T 171

Bible rule, Bible rules

Bible rule, Bible rules, guide in daily life 6T 132

Bible society, Bible societies

Bible society, Bible societies, organized in 1804 and 1816 GC 287

See also American Bible Society; British and Foreign Bible Society

Bible study, Bible studies

Bible study, Bible studies GW 192-3

1. Art of presenting

2. Presentation of

3. Work of conducting

4. Miscellaneous

1. Art of presenting CG 511; 6T 58-61

church members need training in MH 149

gospel workers need training in FE 113

Negro men need training in 9T 207

people need instruction in, at camp meetings 9T 82-3

thorough training needed in Ev 108

train more gospel workers in GW 76; Ev 477

youth need training in Ev 24

2. Presentation of

do not stop, on account of visitors CG 511

draw people out by questions in Ev 154

earnest prayer needed with Ev 457-8

earnestness and fervency needed in ChS 144

efforts to provoke controversial discussion during 6T 69

let people ask questions in Ev 441; 6T 68

make every point plain as mileposts in Ev 439

needs to be: clear and expressive CM 71; CT 217; Ev 665

plain, serious, and solemn 6T 58-9

presented with voice which charms hearers 6T 380

simple and spirited Ev 481

people need a plain “Thus saith the Lord” in 6T 69

simplicity needed in ML 238; MM 140; 6T 58

topics studied in 6T 58-61

3. Work of conducting

begin to work for God by Ev 445

both men and women can do GW 192

city evangelism calls for Ev 108

city mission work requires FE 121

gospel workers doing, develop into mighty men of God GW 192

Haskell (S.N. and Mrs.) engaged in Ev 470

inexperienced girls not to be entrusted with CT 500; Ev 475; FE 113

many people will be called to 9T 172

med. miss. work opens way for MM 239

miss. visits open way for Ev 470

persons adapted to, need instruction Ev 107; FE 107-8

preparation needed for FE 121

rich experience gained in 9T 141

sale of books and periodicals opens way for Ev 470

Signs of the Times an aid in CW 112

skill needed in 6T 59

success promised to persons devoted to GW 192

truth given to thousands by GW 192

women may be successful in Ev 469; WM 160

women specially adapted for MM 140

young girls need training before doing CT 500

4. Miscellaneous

at Gen. Conf. session, valuable instruction afforded by LS 279

baptismal candidates need 6T 95

better than sickly sermon Ev 181

church members should conduct GW 197

from house to house 9T 127

in neighborhood 9T 35

colporteurs should give CM 102-3; 5T 403; 6T 324

do miss. work by conducting 6T 433

every, should point people to Saviour 6T 54

follow-up work by giving, after camp meeting Ev 109-10

from house to house, needed in SS work CSW 83

many souls will be reached by ML 238

God works on minds as, are given in home Ev 489

gospel workers need to give, to families in cities 7T 38

important sermons should be followed by 6T 68

ministers need to conduct Ev 439-42; 4T 69; 5T 255; TM 316

with families Ev 435

with new converts Ev 284, 470

ministers need to do more educating by means of GW 193

need of more Ev 439

at camp meetings 6T 87

often better than Sabbath sermon Ev 348; 6T 361

people need, in homes CT 540; GW 192-3; 9T 141

to explain Scriptures Ev 151

periodicals should contain CW 20

plan of holding, heaven-born idea GW 192; CSW 83; MYP 220

opens way for youth in Christian service CSW 83; MYP 220

publishing house workers need 7T 195

See also Bible worker

Bible study group, Bible study groups

Bible study group, Bible study groups, Christ taught disciples in 6T 87-8

small, needed at camp meeting 6T 87

Bible teacher

Bible teacher See Teacher

Bible times

Bible times, location and time of events of, is practical knowledge CT 518

understanding of customs of, is practical knowledge CT 518

Bible work

Bible work See Bible study; Bible worker

Bible worker, Bible workers

Bible worker, Bible workers Ev 493-5; 6T 58

at camp meetings Ev 82

Boston, Mass., needs Ev 393

consecrated, large cities need AA 158-9

unwarned cities need MM 249

efficiency of, Spirit is Ev 457-8

essential qualifications Ev 457-8, 477-81; 6T 58-9

evangelism in large cities calls for GW 364; 9T 111

experienced, city missions need 9T 111

youth to be sent out with MYP 208

fund needed for paying Ev 477

God calls for Ev 109; MM 249; MYP 208

in minister’s absence, may instruct congregation Ev 473

instruction needed by FE 107-8

many, cities need Ev 393

need to: be prepared to administer simple remedies MM 253

meet people where they are 6T 58

read with soft and musical cadence 6T 380

teach people how to study God’s word GW 364

work from house to house CT 471

Negroes should be trained as Ev 469; 9T 207

overwork to be avoided by Ev 494

rest periods needed by Ev 494

sale of Christ’s Object Lessons promoted by 6T 468

schools should provide best training for Ev 475

schools should train: many people as FE 121

students as CT 431, 546; Ev 474

women as Ev 475

train men and women as CM 31

train more Ev 477

train people as Ev 470

at Loma Linda, Calif. MM 58

in city evangelism GW 364

in city missions GW 364; 9T 137

to give Bible studies in families GW 76

training school needed for, in city evangelism 9T 111

unites with minister and doctor in gospel ministry CME 44:1

vision of Bible studies being given by Ev 457-8; 9T 35

wisely directed, should help to train others GW 364-5

women needed as 6T 74; 9T 120-1

women should be paid for labor as Ev 493-4

work as efficiently as ministers Ev 473

young men and women needed as CM 28; 8T 229-30

youth needed as Ev 109; FE 489

youth should be trained as CT 494-5; Ev 24

See also Bible study

Biblical institutes

Biblical institutes See Institute

Bickering, Bickerings

Bickering, Bickerings, Christian will not engage in 2T 163

unhappy, lay down 4T 240

Bicycle, Bicycles

Bicycle, Bicycles, money spent for, accountability for TM 398

Bicycle craze

Bicycle craze, at Battle Creek 8T 51-2

offense to God CT 367; 8T 66

Bicycle race, Bicycle races

Bicycle race, Bicycle races, God displeased by 8T 52; TM 83-4

Bidding, Biddings

Bidding, Biddings, God’s, are His enablings COL 333


Bier, son of widow of Nain borne on DA 318

See also Coffin

Bigot, Bigots

Bigot, Bigots, be reformers and not Ev 90, 143

Bigoted person, Bigoted persons

Bigoted person, Bigoted persons, danger of becoming 5T 605

Daniel regarded as, by some professed Christians CH 69

extremists cause Sabbathkeepers to be designated as MM 269

Bigoted religionist, Bigoted religionists

Bigoted religionist, Bigoted religionists, crimes committed by DA 309

God’s people will be persecuted by 9T 229

Bigoted spirit

Bigoted spirit, beware of indulging 2SM 127

overcome 3T 421

prejudice incited by 3T 421


Bigotry, and unbelief, leprosy and palsy not so terrible as DA 271

apostles had to contend with AA 596

Christ’s temperance never led to CT 262; Ev 636

father’s ignorant, children sacrificed to 2T 379

greatest, found in Jerusalem AA 197

guard against 4T 63

Jews’, spread of light hindered by DA 33

toward other peoples PP 370

Jewish leaders’, toward Christ TM 259

lay aside 4T 415

men’s judgment blinded by 3T 73

men’s minds controlled by 3T 73

opposition will arise from 3T 406

Pharaoh’s, toward Israel and God PP 333

school of national, priest and Levite trained in DA 500

self-righteous, Christ gave no example for GW 334

shun all appearance of 4T 569

teach children to be free from CSW 84

turns souls from truth 2T 388

unreasoning, Jews’ minds narrowed by DA 242


Christ never had TDG 132:2

compassion instead of, for backsliders TMK 128:4

followers of Christ not to indulge in HP 310:4

life of Christ gives no excuse for; He was not exclusive TDG 249

terrible deeds in, by professedly very good people TDG 319:6