Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


The General Conference of 1883

The fall camp meetings were followed by the twenty-second annual session of the General Conference, during which Mrs. White gave many “morning talks” to the ministers, published first in the Review, and later in the 1893 edition of “Gospel Workers.” Concerning the Conference, Mrs. White reported: LS 279.1

“The meetings at Battle Creek were fraught with deeper interest than similar meetings ever held among our people. Many prayers had ascended to heaven in behalf of this session of the General Conference; and we can testify that Jesus came up to the feast, and was an honored guest at this important gathering. The Bible readings afforded valuable instruction to ministers, licentiates, and people. The morning meetings, designed especially for the benefit of ministers and other workers in the cause of God, were intensely interesting. Faith and love were awakened in many hearts. Spiritual and eternal things became a reality, and not a mere sentiment; a glorious substance, and not a fitful shadow. This precious meeting is in the past, but its results are to be seen in the future. We shall never know the good accomplished during the twenty days of its continuance until we meet around the great white throne.” The Review and Herald, January 15, 1884. LS 279.2