EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Battle and a march - Belden, Sarah B. (Harmon)

Battle and a march

Battle and a march

constant, Christian life is MB 141; MH 453; 3T 253; 8T 313

daily, perfection of character is SD 198

every day is 6T 377

Battle Creek, Mich.

Battle Creek, Mich. 2SM 162, 200

advantages sadly neglected at 5T 721

as Jerusalem of world, do not think of FE 365

base of miss. activity in other places 8T 147

believers in:

appeal to 8T 76-80

departing from God TM 86

deplorable spiritual condition of 5T 186; 8T 203

message to LS 320

scattering of, predicted 8T 86

should be people of faith and prayer FE 52

urged to move out 2SM 361-4; 4T 650; 5T 187; 8T 54, 76-7, 150, 216, 229; TM 126

who would be far better off elsewhere 1T 677

believers warned not to colonize in FE 490, 495; 2T 113-6, 635; 4T 508; 5T 182-7; 6T 138, 211-2; 8T 77, 82, 85-6, 216; TM 86-7, 199, 208

bicycle craze in 8T 51-2

blind leading the blind at TM 81

building planned in, not needed; investing in wrong (1901) PM 145:1

buildings in,

not to be enlarged 8T 133

that were monuments of unbelief 5T 188

burden for, EGW carried heavy PM 172:5

burden for the unconverted at, in the past Mar 38:2

camp meeting at, in 1878 4T 295, 301

central organization at, med. institutions should not be controlled by 8T 232

children in, liquor saloons secretly visited by 4T 651

Christ comes to investigate; it is like Jerusalem PM 167:5

church in, like the children of Israel 3SM 70:1

colonizing in, making it like a Jerusalem PM 144:3

colony of buildings at, not God’s design UL 108:4

conference at,

in 1856 LS 159; 2SG 203; 1T 100

in 1858 LS 163

connection with people in, drew from the truth RY 78:1

consolidation of publishing in,

called for by enemy PM 151:2

like Rome PM 144:1

control of publishing houses from, never to be again PM 137

council held at, on Nov. 3, 1890 LS 319

denominational building program in 8T 146

becoming a modern Jerusalem 8T 150; TM 254

excessive 6T 137-8; TM 289

for display TM 319

too much money spent in FE 336

vision re 5T 188

denominational interests in:

need of dividing and moving 8T 60, 69, 71, 146; TM 254-5

too much centering of CH 510; FE 490; 7T 53; 8T 59-60, 69, 133-44, 146; TM 212, 373

too much money invested in FE 336; 8T 48, 59, 69

vision re 3T 468

denominational leaders in:

dictatorial spirit of 8T 145

kind of men needed as 2T 636-7

reproof for 8T 217

warning to TM 89-90

wrong sentiments and principles adopted by TM 359

denominational responsibilities center in,

should have been distributed to many places CH 510; 8T 149

too many FE 224; 5T 555; 8T 133; TM 254, 319-21

denominational work at 3T 85-98

gospel workers not to be bound by contract to 8T 233

moved to Washington, D.C. LS 396; 8T 10

need of men who could take and bear responsibilities in 3T 57

needed to be scattered to different places LS 388-9

state of, in 1882 5T 45-62

wise management lacking in 5T 723

disasters to institutions in, to be understood PM 176:3

erroneous ideas received and taught in TM 86-7

families spiritually strengthened by moving to 2T 116

fanaticism at 2SM 64; TM 86

few men in,

too much dependence placed in TM 326

too much responsibility given to TM 320-1

fiery sword over 8T 99

fires in, stubbornness after; God may repeat PM 174:3

gatherings for sport in TM 85

Gen. Conf. offices moved out of LS 388-98

Gen. Conf. sessions at See General Conference sessions

God’s cause at 4T 511-8

God’s displeasure with institutions in, may be shown more PM 173:2

gospel work’s heart at 1T 596

gospel workers in:

disregard of counsels by 8T 70

many, unqualified to fill their positions 5T 558

need of faithful 5T 721

needed to be scattered to many places LS 388-9; 8T 69

idlers loitering for years in TM 207

influences of, seductive, injured certain pastor RY 78:3

institutions in 5T 555-67

defective; consolidation wrong PM 152:1

hard work in establishing 7T 54

International Tract Society should move out of 8T 76

investigation meetings at 5T 57

Jerusalem’s example not to be followed at 8T 67-8, 133

Michigan Tract Society should move out of 8T 76

ministers settled in, too many 5T 185

Ministers’ Bible Institute in 2SM 65

miss. field pre-eminently 5T 721

moving from,

after fire at publishing house CL 29:2

blame for difficulties after CL 27:2

carefulness in CL 26:3, 28:3

important but not to be done rashly CL 25

not to be center of God’s work TM 375

parents warned to keep children away from 3T 197; 5T 186; 8T 226-8

planning largely for, not wise 8T 135

power exercised in, that God had not given TM 347

pub. house established at 4T 591

burned 8T 97-103

God’s purpose for 8T 90

not to be rebuilt in; not in city PM 176:2

should never be rebuilt LS 389

pub. work moved away from LS 389-91

pub. work moved from Rochester, N.Y., to LS 157; 2SG 197; 1T 97; 8T 237

sanitarium in,

build no large 8T 227

plans for building a large 4T 271

Satan’s snares multiplied in TM 85

scattering of SDA from, predicted 8T 86

unless people respond PM 176:4

school in, important 1MCP 190:2

showing in, while world unwarned; treading same ground PM 190:3

social gatherings for pleasure in TM 85

spiritualism given heavy blow at 1T 428

spirituality need not be lost at 4T 650

standards lax in 3SM 246

state fair in, health-reform work at CD 442; WM 284, 286

surmisings re 1T 526-8

sword seen by EGW hung out over PM 171

temperance work at, in 1877 LS 220-1; 4T 275

two denominational institutions burned in FE 490-1; 9T 266

warnings to,

by fire, if not heeded bodies taken too PM 171:2

people elsewhere to hear PM 176:4

why two churches were not needed in 8T 72

unfavorable place for training of Christian workers FE 490

why spirituality of many decreased after moving to 2T 114

work not to be centered in one place like PM 157:1

work of preparation for the Holy Spirit needed at TDG 10:3

workers (older) in publishing work in, respect for PM 79:3

youth in peril at FE 491; 4T 649-53

See also Institutions; Review and Herald publishing house; White, Ellen G.; White, Jas.; Work, center of

Battle Creek church

Battle Creek church 3T 197-201; 4T 508-11; 8T 48-80

Amadon (G. W.) as elder of 1T 612

backslidden in 1882 5T 45, 48

coldness and inaction in 5T 725

conditions and privileges of 1T 178-9

corruption teeming in 2T 361

criticism in 1T 526

failure of, to live up to light of health reform 3T 171

favor of world not renounced by 5T 190

investigation in, God displeased by 3T 105

jealousy and faultfinding in 3T 311-12

joined to idols 5T 190

leaders of, warned TM 461

like Capernaum 3T 200

management of, mistakes in 3T 186

members of:

appeal to, re college students FE 51-2

failed in duty to More (Hannah) 1T 669-70

needed to be doers of God’s word TM 125

privileges and responsibilities of 3T 170-1

urged to walk in light of truth 3T 170

urged to work in miss. fields 8T 54

not free from idolatry 5T 190

officers of, failed in duty to More (Hannah) 1T 669

poor and sick supported by 4T 509

Smith (U.) as elder of 1T 612

special object of Satan’s attack 1T 628

spiritual condition of, in 1867 1T 596

teaching in, re inspiration of Bible 1SM 23

temporal prosperity sought by 5T 190

Testimonies reproved evils in 4T 517-8

time of trial in 3T 311-12

unbelief in 3T 200

vision re 1T 178-9

warned against deception 1T 628

wicked crusade in, against JW and EGW 3T 312

work done in, in 1870 3T 104

Battle Creek College

Battle Creek College 4T 418-29; 5T 21-36, 555-6

aims and objectives in founding FE 64, 285; LS 220; 4T 274; 5T 11-4, 21-8, 60-1

teachers did not understand 5T 61

amusement question in FE 220, 225; 1SM 136

association of students in CT 101

boxing gloves used at 1SM 132

building program of,

too much money invested in 6T 137-8, 210

warning re FE 224

community’s pernicious influence upon 3T 197

course pursued by, which God did not approve FE 354

courses of study at,

need of speedy and thorough FE 339

too long 5T 22

courting not allowed at 5T 109

deficiencies of 5T 60

denominational school in one respect 4T 431

disciplinary problems in 4T 430

educational program of, God not pleased with FE 362

either a blessing or a curse 3T 362

football playing at 1SM 131

400 students enrolled at 4T 428

God devised and established 4T 431

God’s frown upon 5T 27

God’s standard of intellectual and moral culture for 4T 425

graduation exercises of, in 1877 4T 271, 274

in position not approved of God 5T 27

location of,

need of changing 5T 186; TM 86

objections to Battle Creek as 3T 197; TM 86

match games at 1SM 131

ministerial institutes at 6T 138

ministers’ school at 6T 137-8

moral tone of, to be higher than that of other colleges 4T 427

need of moving, away from Battle Creek TM 86

not to pattern after any school in existence FE 221

original purpose of, danger of turning from 5T 21

outpouring of Spirit at, in 1893 1SM 129-30

playing of games at 1SM 132

Spirit’s work hindered by 1SM 136

revival at, effects of 1SM 139

rewards offered at 1SM 132

rules of:

not too strict 4T 431

re association of young men and women FE 62

strict 5T 109

school homes at, too much money spent in furnishing 6T 210

Spirit’s presence at, failure to recognize CT 363

Spirit’s working in CT 369; 1SM 136; 8T 61

standard of education in, not to be lowered FE 373

students advised in 1903 not to attend FE 489-91; 8T 218, 226-7

students of:

appeal in behalf of FE 50-6

benefits derived from Bible study by FE 390

interest of EGW in 4T 272-3

message to FE 220-30, 285-90

perils of 4T 649-53

too much study required of FE 353-4

teachers of 5T 28-36

message to FE 220-30

must be on guard constantly FE 334

teachings in,

re inspiration of Bible 1SM 23

that God did not approve 1SM 23

too large 6T 211-2

too many buildings 6T 212

tuition too low at 6T 210-2

visions re 3T 468; 4T 321

EGW’s labors at LS 219-20; 5T 642

JW’s labors at LS 219-20

workers of 5T 84-94

false idea re duty of CT 369

youth attending 3T 362

different mental organizations among 3T 362

Battle Creek Reform Club

Battle Creek Reform Club LS 220-1

Battle Creek Sanitarium

Battle Creek Sanitarium 1T 553-64, 633-43; 3T 165-85

1. Finance

2. Personnel

3. Miscellaneous

1. Finance

appeal for funds for 1T 639-40

in beginning 1T 636

class who should not have invested in 1T 639

debts incurred by 3T 174

JW’s efforts to pay 3T 175

labors and sacrifices made to liquidate 3T 176

eight paying patients at, in 1869 3T 174

enlarged and free from debt 3T 175

financial aid given to, in its early days 8T 138

financial help to be given to sister institutions by 8T 138

growing, SDA asked to furnish funds for 1T 559

low state of, in 1869 3T 174

money pledged for 1T 689

money raised for 1T 572

sale of stock in 1T 633-4; 3T 173

erroneous ideas re 1T 635-6

2. Personnel

head of, letters to 1T 564-7

helpers employed in 3T 182

God’s guidance needed by 3T 166

remuneration of 3T 177-8

youth as 8T 217

man who pursued wrong course at 3T 503

managers of 2T 411-2; 3T 176-7; 8T 133-44

first, plunged institution into debt and discouragement 3T 176

other med. institutions not to be subject to 8T 232

med. superintendent of 8T 123-5

encouragement for 8T 180-91

nurses of,

lured away by better wages CH 282

time contracts made with CH 282-3

personal fidelity and individual responsibility needed in 4T 186

physicians of 3T 182; 4T 94-104

apostasy of CH 282

God’s guidance needed by 3T 166

lectures of, church members benefited by 3T 171

loyalty of, in crisis 3T 175-6

not quacks or infidels 4T 545

not to do work helpers could do 3T 177

not to serve in bathroom or in movement room 3T 177

sick man saved from death 2T 386

teachers in, to be on guard constantly FE 334

workers of:

engaged in great work 4T 225

fixing of wages of 2SM 194

motives that should inspire 1T 640

time contracts made with CH 282-3

3. Miscellaneous

allowed property of, to run down and be destroyed 2T 411

amusements at 1T 634; 2T 137-40

churches influenced by 2T 137

as managed in 1867, EGW regarded as curse 1T 634

broad miss. field 4T 225; 8T 155

built up under pressure of difficulties CH 282

called Western Health Reform Institute at first (1867-1877) 1T 553-64, 633-43; 2T 137-40, 518; 3T 166-85; 4T 223

care and treatment needed by the sick poor at 3T 173

care of poor SDA at, financing of 1T 641-2

caution needed in starting 1T 558-9

chapel needed at 8T 155-6

charity work by 4T 510

church failed to correct evils at 2T 138-9

destruction of,

Christ defended people’s lives in 8T 102

God permitted fire to cause FE 490-1; 8T 101-2, 218, 227; 9T 266

efforts to correct errors at, God’s blessing brought by 3T 173

established at Battle Creek 1T 554, 643; 3T 165

by God’s providence 4T 545

on firm religious principles 3T 166

establishment of need of 1T 489-95; 6T 223-4; TM 27

fear that God would turn His face from 1T 566-7

God was proprietor of 3T 166

land owned by 1T 640

plants should be cultivated on 1T 562

large building planned for 4T 271-2

management of 3T 15-7

bad, reproved 2T 411

mistakes in 1T 634-5

perplexities and difficulties increased in 3T 17

methods of treating the sick at 1T 561

missionary trained in, EGW’s secretary in Australia 1SM 34

moral and religious influence at,

high standard of 3T 185

need of elevating 2T 137-8; 4T 221

not place to come for healing by prayer 1T 561

object in establishing 1T 552, 643; 3T 165; 8T 155-6, 181

danger of losing sight of 3T 169

not to get money 3T 165-6, 169

to direct sin-sick souls to Christ 3T 170

to work from religious standpoint 3T 184

only SDA med. institution for a long time MM 326

other health institutions jealous of 3T 184

outing of patients and faculty of, at Goguac Lake 4T 272

patients at, who needed sympathy 3T 178

people from all parts of country came to 5T 721

prayer meetings at 3T 166

prospered greatly in God’s providence 8T 137

prosperity of,

hindrances to 4T 101

successful efforts for 3T 174-5


duty of SDA to FE 491

location of, should have been miles from city 8T 134

should have been divided into several plants FE 491

too large 8T 205

widespread growth of, God did not approve 8T 149

youth warned not to seek education in 8T 218, 227

reform dress most appropriate at 4T 638

reform short dress at 1T 465

revival at, afterinfluence of 1SM 139

SDA patients at, most free to complain 3T 180

SDA seeking treatment at 1T 643

spirit of compromise in, to secure patronage 1T 634

success promised to 3T 185

theories and practices of other med. institutions not to be imitated by 3T 166

to be small in beginning 1T 558

truth brought to notice of thousands by TM 254

warnings disregarded by 1T 633

woman counseled to go to, for treatment 3T 68

work and influence of, needed elsewhere FE 491

See also Battle Creek, Mich.; White, Ellen G.

Battle Creek Tabernacle

Battle Creek Tabernacle 5T 643; 8T 104-6; TM 200



earth is to be, for final contest ML 308

leave not, till victory is won ML 105; MYP 104; 2SG 265; 1T 164

life as 5T 337; TM 421

of last great conflict PK 606; 5T 451

successful action on, discipline and order essential to 1T 649

world as 4BC 1163; Ed 295; ML 308; SD 242; SR 331


Battleground, Satan’s, children imperiled when placed on 5T 507

Battlement of heaven, Battlements of heaven

Battlement of heaven, Battlements of heaven, not reached without climbing ML 19

Battle song

Battle song

of Jehoshaphat’s army PK 202

See also War song

Bauble, Baubles

Bauble, Baubles, earthly, glitter 1SM 400

Baxter, Richard

Baxter, Richard GC 252-3, 303-4, 609; 1T 673-4

Bay tree

Bay tree, green, hypocrite like 7BC 939; TM 412

Bazaar, Bazaars

Bazaar, Bazaars

churches raise money by COL 54; CS 204; 9T 91

See also Lottery, church; Fair, church


Beach, Christ gathered people on DA 291

Beacon, Beacons

Beacon, Beacons


along path of life AH 59; Ed 150

personal experience as 5T 624

Beacon light, Beacon lights

Beacon light, Beacon lights

illustrations of 2SM 128; 4T 13

Israel as PK 71

sanitariums as MM 25


Beam, in eye MB 125-8

Bean, Beans

Bean, Beans

boiled or baked,

wholesome 2T 603

broth from 2T 603

dried, some cannot digest CH 154; MH 320

sent everywhere MH 299

use of, do not forbid CD 494

EGW could not eat CD 491, 494

EGW’s family used CD 491

Bear, Bears

Bear, Bears DA 479; PK 235-6; PP 644


Beard, Christ’s DA 734; 2T 202

Beardslee, J. W.

Beardslee, J. W. FE 487


Bearings See Directions


Beast See Animal

Beast, prophetic, Beasts, prophetic

Beast, prophetic, Beasts, prophetic

1. Lamblike (of Rev. 13)

2. Leopardlike (of Rev. 13)

3. Miscellaneous

1. Lamblike (of Rev. 13) 7BC 972; GC 439-50; SR 381-2

dragon voice of GC 441-2

in profession pure, gentle, and harmless GC 442

persecuting power represented by TM 117

Protestant America represented by GC 445

Sunday observance will be made test by 1T 223

USA represented by GC 440-1, 445, 578-9; SR 381-2

worship of papacy will be enforced by GC 445

2. Leopardlike (of Rev. 13) 7BC 972; GC 438-50; SR 381-2

conflict between God’s requirements and those of 1T 223

image of beast is image to GC 443

John’s vision of persons victorious over 5T 752-3

papacy represented by GC 439, 443, 445, 578; SR 381-2

penalty for bowing to 1T 223

spirit of intolerance and persecution manifested by GC 442

whole nation has followed EW 65

worship of: decree enforcing 5T 525

enforcement of Sunday observance as GC 448-9; TM 133

highest earthly authority will enforce 5T 213

judgments against GC 594

to be enforced on pain of persecution and death 5T 213, 752

JW and EGW’s early position re 1T 79

worshipers of, efforts to tear down Sabbath observance distinguishes GC 446

violating God’s law distinguishes GC 445-6

3. Miscellaneous

from bottomless pit, warred against Scriptures GC 269, 273

kingdoms symbolized by 4BC 1171; COL 77; GC 439-40

lifelike representations of, use of Ev 205

life-size images of, use of Ev 577

papier-mâché illustrations of, use of Ev 204

See also Image of beast; Image to beast; Mark of beast; United States of America


image to,

destiny of God’s people decided by test of Mar 164:2

formed before probation closes Mar 164:2

given life by Satan 3SM 393:1

Protestant world is; oppressive power 3SM 385:2

wonder-working power makes; false sanctification 3SM 353:1

lamblike, actions of Mar 191:2

mark of,

apostate church to Mar 204:3

appearance of strength with, but no fruit Mar 204:4

avoiding work on Sunday is not receiving SW 70:1

danger in presenting, in the South SW 67:2

institutions and individuals all confronted with 3SM 396:0

not yet received LDE 224

Sunday acceptance means reception of Mar 164:4

telling colored people that Sunday worship now is SW 75:1

warning people against, and his image Mar 107:3

worship of,

called out of Babylon to prevent Mar 189:3

in observing the false sabbath 3SM 424:1

See also Papacy

Beast and his image

Beast and his image, church in conflict with EW 34, 254; 5T 752

See also Beast, prophetic; Image of beast; Image to beast

Beatitude, Beatitudes

Beatitude, Beatitudes, advancing line of Christian experience in MB 13

Christ’s greeting to humanity Ed 79-80; MB pref. vii; 7T 269

comment on DA 299-306; Ed 79-80; MB 6-44

first DA 299-300; MB 6-9; 2T 631

second DA 300-1; MB 9-13; 2T 631

third DA 301-2; MB 13-18; 2T 361

fourth DA 302; MB 18-21

fifth DA 302; MB 21-4

sixth DA 302; MB 24-7

seventh DA 302-5; MB 27-8

eighth DA 305-6; MB 29-31

ninth DA 305-6; MB 31-5

See also Sermon on Mount

Beatitudes, Mt. of

Beatitudes, Mt. of, as symbol FE 407; CT 439

Mt. Gerizim no longer known as MB 1

Sermon on Mount given upon MB pref. viii; 7T 270

unnamed mountain beside Lake of Gennesaret MB 1

See also Blessing, Mt. of


Beautiful, enjoyment of, avoid extravagance in TM 179

God a lover of AH 27; CT 54, 185; Ed 41; FE 159; MH 370, 412; MYP 364; SC 85; 3T 376-7; Te 212

love of, planted in hearts by God MYP 365

lovers of, Christ appealed to 2T 580

proofs that God is pleased with 2T 258

See also Beauty

Beautiful surroundings

Beautiful surroundings, sick people benefited by MM 233

Beautiful things

Beautiful things, of creation, God’s love represented by SD 75


Beautify, do something every day to, your life MH 491


Beauty, alone, not true charm of womanliness CG 140

facial, vain is estimation based on PP 638

first and highest, beauty of character is AA 523; Ed 249

God filled heavens and earth with CT 185

God finds pleasure in Ed 198

God is author of all MH 292

God is lover of ML 175; 3T 376

love of, God has provided for our Ed 41

of dress, that heaven values MH 289

of life, Christ does not warn against natural MH 289; ML 123

of nature, experiences linked with DA 291

outward, soul not recommended to God by PP 638

personal, not real without Christ 2T 174

physical, symmetry a chief element in MH 292

plain, in building a church observe 2T 257

Satan uses charms of, to secure violation of seventh commandment PP 458

that attracts and does not mislead CG 424

to love and desire, is right Ed 249

true, God’s estimate of 3T 376

how to approach God’s standard of Ed 198; MH 292

See also Beautiful


Adam and Eve saw, in every object UL 198:2

angels who rebelled were lifted up by their TDG 128:3

Christ did not have such physical, as to be different TMK 26:2

Christ watches our delight in UL 98:3

divine, reward for those whose minds are heaven bent OHC 80:2; TDG 350:4

earth purified will have more Mar 355:3

God is source of, in nature FLB 24:4

God loves,

and charms senses drawing beholders to Him TDG 331:4

and gives it to express His love and character UL 327; HP 115:3

nature given for our pleasure TDG 241:3

king’s robes cannot compare with, of the lilies HP 115:2

natural, Creator of, also formed man TDG 273:3

nature tells us that God loves TMK 148:2

personal, forgetting that it comes from God TDG 128:2

plants in Eden regaled senses with TMK 13:4

reason and imagination impressed with, by Christ’s power HP 16:5

Sabbath instituted as world dressed in garb of OHC 343:2

sunset in Scandinavia FLB 248:2

Bed, Beds

Bed, Beds, damp, danger of sleeping in CH 57; MH 275; 4aSG 142; 2SM 462

child’s, need of cleanliness in CG 109

Christ did not waste morning hours in FE 402

idling away hours in, by young women WM 146-7

inactive one with difficulty in getting out of TDG 129:5

regularity in going to and rising from, youth should practice ML 143

rising late from, bad habit SD 171

in morning SD 114

sick person’s, needs ventilating 2SM 460

staying in, neglecting responsibility TSB 156:2

time unnecessarily wasted in COL 343; 3T 152; 4T 411-2; 5T 181; WM 147

youth should not remain in, late in morning CG 112


Beda GC 216


Bedchamber See Bedroom


Bedclothes See Bedding


Bedding, dampness gathered by 4aSG 142; 2SM 462

sick person’s, needs ventilation 2SM 460

ventilation and sunlight needed by CG 125; CH 57-8; 4aSG 143-4; 2SM 460, 462-3

Bedford, Eng.

Bedford, Eng. GC 252

Bedford, Mich.

Bedford, Mich. LS 149; 2SG 182-3


Bedmaking, boys should learn Ed 216

Bedroom, Bedrooms

Bedroom, Bedrooms, angels should preside in AH 124

angels visit, unseen CH 412

blinds and curtains of 4aSG 142, 144

health-destroying CH 57; 2SM 462

heating of MH 275

need of warm and dry, in cold or wet weather MH 275

ventilation and sunlight needed in CH 57; MH 275; 4aSG 142-4; 2SM 462-3

See also Air; Bed; Bedding; Sleeping room; Ventilation


Bedstead, iron, illustration of 5T 355


Bedtime, eating just before, harmful MH 303; 4aSG 130

Bee, Bees

Bee, Bees, hives of, dream re WM 112

no idler allowed in 1T 455

wild PP 472

See also Drone

Beecher, Chas.

Beecher, Chas., quoted GC 388-9, 444-5

Beef tea

Beef tea 4T 289


Beelzebub, prince of devils COL 171; DA 111, 355, 730; PP 405

See also Baalzebub


Beer, abstain wholly from CG 401; Te 186-7

appetite for stronger drinks fostered by MH 332, 446; Te 270

children not to be given CD 235

college students drinking 4T 435-6

discard Te 242

God’s entrusted capital spent for CS 134

health injured by CS 134

manufacture of, hops not to be raised for MH 334; 2SM 338; 5T 356, 358-9

how boys learn to drink FE 63

inherited appetite for unnatural stimulants should shun MH 331

intoxication really produced by MH 332

millions of dollars spent for Te 30

never drink CD 420-1; CH 120; Te 101

physical and mental degeneracy caused by CH 49; Te 174

spend not a penny for FE 319

stimulant MH 332-3

use of, liquor habit established by MH 332

warning against 5T 510

what to do when offered Te 200

why youth should refuse Te 189

See also Hops


blushing because of refusing TMK 314:3

Beer garden

Beer garden, money spent in GW 386; 4T 496; Te 204


Beersheba PK 160; PP 147, 173, 232, 604, 697; 3SG 168; 3T 368


Beg, God does not mean that any of His people should, for bread 5T 151

Beggar, Beggars

Beggar, Beggars 6T 277-8

be faithful though a MM 132

crippled, healed by Peter and John AA 57-9; SR 248-50

Israel was to have no PP 531

wealthy children as AH 398


Beginning, God knows end from AA 198; CH 375; GC 393; MH 230; 3SG 113; SR 87

if we could see end from, how we would choose to be led DA 224; MH 479; PK 578

small, large interests may grow from 6T 100

See also End


small, God will bless, as a reward for faithfulness OHC 43:4


Behavior, education in, Scriptures are best book for ML 339

gentlemanly, learned in God’s work SD 84

in house of God 5T 491-500

propriety needed in Ev 672

uncourteous, Christ denied by DA 357; 3T 332

See also Conduct; Deportment


apostles’, represented Christ in prison experience RC 343:5

avoid cheap, remembering the value of the soul LYL 26:5

best quality to be shown in HP 326:5


in human eyes, but God reads the heart TDG 16:3

spirit and character of Christ shown by TDG 157:5

blundering, respect even those with 3SM 240:2

carefulness in,

guard affections LYL 77:1

recommended to Edson TDG 70:2

while drawing strength from Christ TMK 132:4

changed if we could dwell on rich service of angels FW 23:1

character ideas not to be cheapened by OHC 290:4

chastity in, remembering that God knows TMK 140:2

Christ spoke truths about UL 86:2


should awaken desire for Fountain of life RC 368:5

(true) shown by RC 305:3

conciliatory, lack of UL 120:4

consequence of, greater at home than in the church OHC 241:4

consistency to be aimed for in TMK 290:2

conversion to the truth shown by HP 67:5


higher life to be interpreted by TDG 73:3

influence of, revealing God RC 283:6

influenced by preceding day’s OHC 244:2

shows whose servants we are OHC 15:6

Daniel’s purpose of, to honor Hebrews and glorify God RC 141:4

difference seen in, by time spent on inward adorning TMK 312:3

discipline needed in, by one careless with affections LYL 76:4

erratic, like vine on ground catching rubbish 2MCP 592:2

extravagant, peace of Christ is without FW 88:0

fierceness in looks and, with a set determination TDG 291:3


before flood degenerated to debasing sin TSB 147:1

workers with, to leave SDA institutions PM 66:0

godly, tells others you are looking for heaven TMK 165:3


in any circumstance OHC 317:4

not knowing the time of Christ’s coming RC 258:4

of Daniel and friends obtained favor for them HP 261:4

grace received as it is revealed in TMK 276:5

habitual holy deeds in, in triumph of grace TMK 200:5

Holy Spirit thought to be moving in strange; avoid it 3SM 373:3

irreligious, destroys confidence in God and bars sinners OHC 305:4

lightness and immodesty not in, when Christ is in heart PM 65:4

molded by heart religion until whole being conformed 2MCP 802:1


in home and church TDG 289:3

placing most favorable interpretation on others’ OHC 240:2

popularity of, not an excuse for it FW 33:3

praise or censure not to affect OHC 240:2

proper, See Decorum; Manners

prudence in, to be an instrument in God’s hands TDG 230:3

pure, as was Christ’s HP 154:6

refined by mercy in the grace of brotherly kindness OHC 72:3

reform habits of, that do not represent Christ TMK 151:4

religion revealed by 1MCP 27:1

results of, reaped TSB 180:4

Scriptures reveal correct OHC 36:4


Christian nobility HP 223:4

soul’s inner life HP 22:8

whether Christ reigns within OHC 336:4

sincerity, respect and benevolence in OHC 7:5

understanding needed by those whose, causes their misery TDG 183:4


excused, because of physical infirmities TDG 177:4

never imitate OHC 185:4

winning, through religion of Christ RC 305:5

Word of God,

in the life determines AG 248:5

is a perfect rule of OHC 36:4

See also Actions; Practices; Propriety; Steps; Ways; Work


Behind, we are years, in gospel work 5T 715

See also Delay


Beholding, corrupt passions aroused by 2T 410

men become changed by COL 355; FE 422; GC 478, 555; PP 459; 4T 616; 5T 744

men become like Christ by SC 72

See also Seeing


change by; we expect too little 2MCP 600:3

Behrens, J. H.

Behrens, J. H. 2SM 202




defiled by impurity 1MCP 227:5

ennobled to reflect Christ TMK 311:4

God is to control; He knows end from beginning TDG 355:2

regarded as capital to be improved for God TMK 87:3

laws of, See Health, laws of

overtaxing parts of 2MCP 407:1

Beings, heavenly

Beings, heavenly

active constantly; Jesus also gave example 1MCP 115:1

themes of Jesus engage deepest thoughts of OHC 111:5

See also Angels; Heaven; Universe


Bela See Zoar

Belden, Albert

Belden, Albert LS 108, 116, 123; 2SG 93, 113

conference in home of 2SG 93; 1T 85

buggy of, Present Truth hauled in LS 126

Belden, John

Belden, John LS 109

Belden, Sarah B. (Harmon)

Belden, Sarah B. (Harmon) LS 17, 137, 139, 141, 143; 2SG 65, 75, 138, 143, 152, 161-2; 1T 9; WM 324

several years older than EGW LS 47, 98; 2SG 65; 1T 38