Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Qualifications Essential for the Work of God

In His word the Lord enumerates the gifts and graces that are indispensable for all who connect with His work. He does not teach us to ignore learning or despise education; for when controlled by the love and fear of God, intellectual culture is a blessing; yet this is not presented as the most important qualification for the service of God. Jesus passed by the wise men of His time, the men of education and position, because they were so proud and self-sufficient in their boasted superiority that they could not sympathize with suffering humanity and become colaborers with the Man of Nazareth. In their bigotry they scorned to be taught by Christ. The Lord Jesus would have men connected with His work who appreciate that work as sacred; then they can cooperate with God. They will be unobstructed channels through which His grace can flow. The attributes of the character of Christ can be imparted to those only who distrust themselves. The highest scientific education cannot in itself develop a Christlike character. The fruits of true wisdom come from Christ alone. TM 259.1

Every worker should test his own qualifications by the word of God. Have the men who are handling sacred things a clear understanding, a right perception, of things of eternal interest? Will they consent to yield to the working of the Holy Spirit? or do they permit themselves to be controlled by their own hereditary and cultivated tendencies? It becomes all to examine themselves whether they be in the faith. TM 259.2