EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)



Faber, Johann - Fairy tale, Fairy tales

Faber, Johann

Faber, Johann GC 205

bigotry of, against Reformers GC 198

Fable, Fables

Fable, Fables, abound DA 101

all kinds of, will be brought in to seduce Ev 361

bewitching and pleasing, senses captivated by GC 558

books presenting, students must not study FE 184

dish of, cooked up by Satan 5BC 1147

people are being fed Ev 358

Gentile nations were dealing in, when Christ was born DA 43

leading to self-exaltation, Satan presents DA 242

listening to, no time to waste in EW 125

mass of mankind prefer 1T 300

masses turning from truth to 2T 105

men were weary of, when Christ was born DA 32

not worth a straw, warning against Ev 213

of priests or ministers, not needed to save student from error FE 391

people listening to, will have opportunity to hear sure word of prophecy 2T 632

pleasing: gratifying carnal heart GC 539

ministers must not preach GW 147

presented in place of pure Bible truth 3T 426

provided by Satan to suit appetites of all 4T 74

Satan floods world with 3T 327; 5T 676; 8T 290

Satan leads souls astray by AA 232

that are gods of this world PK 177

time needed for proclaiming gospel spent on AA 580

pleasing sentiments that turn minds from truth to MM 87

popular, that there is no literal devil 1T 342

popular ministers who preach GC 607

prepared for God’s people 2T 105

Satan originated, to deceive 1T 342

Scripture chapters more valuable for study than CT 455

some church members will present 1SM 174

spiritual, taking many people captive MM 101

spiritualist teachers’, peril of listening to 1T 297

world teems with 4T 415


dishes of, presented; error chosen FW 46:0

left to, without the Bible 2MCP 742:2

turned from Word of God to 1MCP 196:0

See also Doctrines, false


See Cloth

Face, Faces

Face, Faces, Aaron’s, described PP 425

aglow with happiness and holy joy LS 215

apostles’, peace of Christ shone from AA 46

Barabbas’, coarse features of DA 735; 1SM 348

beautiful, pure and Christlike character will transfigure CSW 113

beauty of mind revealed in ML 123

benevolent and sympathetic person’s, shines with luster of true goodness 4T 64

benevolent person’s, lighted up with cheerfulness 2T 534

bloated and besotted, intoxicating liquor produces Te 32

blood has immense circulation in, because it must be exposed 2T 531

Cain’s, revealed his wrath 1BC 1086

carnal thoughts stamped on 2T 92

cheerful: all may possess Ed 240

Christian will bear CG 147

God calls for 6T 277; WM 71

husband should come to family with 1T 695

let there be CG 219, 239

needy persons need your COL 418

cheerful and sunny, wear always a SD 149

children carrying their life’s history on CSW 113

children’s, disgusting sores on CD 240

scrofulous swellings on 2SM 471

Christ abiding in heart shines out in COL 102

Christ studied, in His audience DA 255

Christ watched, of His hearers DA 255; Ed 231; Ev 158

Christ watched changing, of His hearers GW 48-9

Christ’s: beauty of DA 254

described DA 137-8

effects of 40-day fast upon DA 145

glorious at second advent EW 286; GC 641; PP 340-1

no marks of criminal on DA 724

outshines glory of sun GC 667; SR 424

pensive SC 12

Christ’s joy and peace reflected by 3BC 1148

Christ’s peace in heart will shine forth in MH 512

Christianity does not banish smile from man’s FE 83-4

clouded 2T 535

coffee drinker’s, glow of health not seen on 2T 65

continual frown worn on AH 430; ML 153; 1T 565

conversion changes man’s COL 102

correct position of, in family prayer AH 435

Creator formed, to endure exposure 2T 531

cultivated mind reflected in SD 132

despondent, wearing expression of joy MH 267

devils’, before their fall reflected God’s image SR 24

discontent expressed by ML 153

effects of selfishness upon 2T 534

Enoch’s: bore impress of heaven GW 52; PP 87

calm serenity of, under trial and affliction 2T 92

lighted up with light from Christ 2T 122

radiant with holy light SR 59

radiant with hope and peace 2T 92

evil character hangs out its sign in CSW 113

evil characteristics manifest in CSW 113

expressing: image of the divine 3BC 1164

interest and pleasure gave Christ great satisfaction DA 255

moral elevation of mind 2T 534

expression of: be careful in your 4BC 1154

Christ changes men’s 1SM 337

Christ seen in CS 27-8

exerts influence for good or evil AH 34; COL 339-40; ML 53

falsehood may be told by PP 309

God notes your 1BC 1086

will show sympathy for the lost 6T 268

expressive, that testifies for God DA 612

fair, of Daniel and companions ML 147; MYP 241

features of, Christian characteristics seen in CSW 113

youth whose life history is carried in CSW 113

feelings cherished make impress on CG 563

final remnant’s, will shine as did Moses’ face EW 286; GC 640

God’s redeemed will see Him face to SR 432

God’s servants’, lighted up while giving final warning GC 612

godly people’s, peace of heaven expressed by DA 312

healed man’s, joy and hope written in every lineament of DA 271

heaven-born peace expressed on SR 317

honesty reflected in 5T 402

impatient spirit revealed by 2T 425

integrity of character reflected in, colporteur needs 5T 402

Jacob’s, lighted up with joy and peace PP 198

John’s, shone with Christlike radiance AA 545

joy of Christ within should be expressed by 5BC 1144

kindness and gentleness leave impress on 5T 402

let not your sadness of heart be revealed by FE 68

let sunshine from grateful and loving heart light up your CG 148; FE 68

light of Christ in heart shines forth from SD 289

lighted up by: clear conscience 2T 535

true goodness 2T 535

love illuminates GW 123; MH 490; 4T 559

lustful desires stamped on 2T 92

Luther’s (Martin), light of heaven illuminated SR 348

mark of depravity written on MYP 66-7

marks of disease and depravity on 2T 535

martyr’s, expression of peace upon GC 220

man’s, formed to endure exposure 2T 531

men’s, stamp of demons impressed upon DA 36; MH 142

will gather paleness in time of trouble Ev 241

minister’s, Spirit seen in LS 55

mirror of life within 3BC 1156

mirror of soul 3T 523

moral defects seen in 2T 534

Moses’: great intellect revealed by PP 425

reflected God’s glory EW 286; GC 640; PP 329-30, 340; SR 168

shone with terrifying brightness GW 143

mother’s, children read 2T 58

should be full of sunshine AH 436

Nebuchadnezzar’s, as demon’s face 4BC 1169

Nero’s, described AA 493-4; 7BC 921

new, trifling minds attracted by AH 57

of people who walk and work with God express peace of heaven DA 312

of persons who talk with Him, God’s peace reflected in WM 103

of the redeemed, will shine with glory EW 54

once despondent, expression of cheerfulness on 7T 86

opponents’, unbelieving smile on TM 248

other people read your 3T 523

Paul’s, heaven-born peace expressed on AA 510

searched in vain for evidence of guilt AA 494

peace and glory of Christ’s presence within causes, to speak His love CSW 98

peace and rest in God should be expressed by 6T 184

peace dwelling in soul is seen on ML 58

peace in Christ expressed in CG 146-9

peace in heart shines forth in 6T 47

peace of soul expressed by WM 103

persons communing with God will have His life reflected in CSW 98

Peter’s, illuminated by the Spirit SR 251

plainly showing the disagreeable AH 300

pleasant, educate yourself to carry AH 432

love reflected by 3T 422

pretty: attracts people 1T 12

much thought of 2SG 11

superficial character seen beneath 2T 180

prisoners’, keen eyes of judges accustomed to read AA 494

purity of soul revealed in ML 123

reflecting: joy of heaven ML 46

light of heaven DA 173

no purity of holiness 2T 534

Satan’s image 2T 534

rest in Christ is expressed in CG 146

sad, lack of Christ makes 5BC 1144

sadness of, avoid 6T 365

sallow, opium produces 2SM 449

poisonous drugs cause 4aSG 137

Samaritan woman’s new expression on DA 191

Satan’s: after his fall EW 152-3

before his fall EW 145; SR 13

flesh hangs loosely about EW 152-3

six sins that manifest themselves in CSW 113

smiling, father should come home with AH 216

solemn and reproving expression habitually worn on CG 147

Solomon’s, dissipation left its impress upon ML 167

sour, God does not want His people to have Ev 488

spirit cherished leaves impression upon 4T 348

Spirit’s graces leave their impress on ML 153

Stephen read his fate in, of his enemies SR 264

Stephen’s, reflected God’s glory ML 67; PP 329

shone with holy radiance SR 263-4

Solomon’s, dark with despair 2BC 1030

sunny and smiling, Christianity does not cloud SC 121

sunshine of God’s love is to be reflected from 3BC 1148

sunshine of heaven filling heart is revealed in COL 384

sunshiny, ever keep AH 196

tea drinker’s, glow of health not seen on 2T 65

truth inwrought in soul manifests itself in 5T 401

truth’s effects upon 5T 401

unhappiness stamped on 3T 382

unkind and selfish person’s, sentiments of heart reflected by 4T 64

EGW remembered, previously seen in vision 2T 541, 678

your expression of, may witness against you MYP 202

youth study other people’s 4T 621

youth whose characters are imprinted on CSW 113

Zechariah’s, reflected light of angel 5BC 1114

See also Frown; Smile


Christ shines in, of those that love Him UL 28:5

discontent mirrored on, of one living for self HP 325:4

expression of,

changed by grace revealing peace 3SM 239:4

mirror of the life within OHC 175:3

glory of God in,

glows by viewing the eternal OHC 339:2

with living experience knowing truth FW 78:1

joy of the Lord to be reflected by OHC 279:5

light of heaven revealed in RC 164:6

long, not required OHC 148:2

love and gentleness to be expressed in HP 204:3

reveal loving-kindness of God in the soul AG 325:2


God’s requirements seen as burdensome in HP 326:2

need for the peace of Christ shown by RC 254:4

See also Appearance; Complexion; Frowns

Facility, Facilities

Facility, Facilities, ample, Christ has provided His people TM 18

greatest victories in God’s cause not gained by 4T 443

educational See Educational facility

furnished by God for every good work TM 424

God’s people have superior, for teaching truth TM 58

how God blesses best use of your 6T 467

make most of God-given, to get truth to people 4T 402

use every, provided for resisting Satan Ev 498

that God has furnished 9T 123

See also Instrumentalities

Fact, Facts

Fact, Facts, acquaintance with, has little value unless put to practical use 4T 546; 8T 316

arranged and stated so as to constitute falsehoods 4T 335; 5T 58

distorted against the faithful OHC 359:4

duty of some people is indicated sufficiently clear by 3T 73

faithful narration of, justice requires that Bible present 4T 11

that Satan cannot deny SC 63

Faction, Factions

Faction, Factions, decision of first church council opposed by AA 196

Facts of Faith: Laws of Health

Facts of Faith: Laws of Health, booklet by EGW, printed in Spiritual Gifts, vol. 4, section “a,” pp. 1-156

Faculty, Faculties

Faculty, Faculties, active in evil work when not usefully employed 5T 181

balance needs to be carefully preserved among Te 59

Christ is to work through man’s MB 94

conversion arouses, to action in new lines COL 98-9

crippled and dwarfed, strengthened and invigorated by decided reforms 4T 582

depreciate when not usefully employed 5T 181

derived from God 8T 63

determine to make noblest use of 4T 541

dormant, skillful hand needs to arouse DA 250

each: has its distinctive office Te 59

is workman building for eternity 4T 606

must be kept in most healthy condition 8T 64

should be cultivated to highest degree of perfection SD 154

each individual must make wise use of his 4T 449

effect of idleness upon 5T 181

entrusted, must be enlarged Te 65

exercise your, diligently 5T 129

given by God to man: to cultivate and develop 4T 606

to render acceptable service to Him 5T 542

God claims working of all your 5T 115

God works with men to increase and strengthen their 5T 459

improperly exercised, need to be strengthened and developed 4T 376

improve every Te 143

indulgence of appetite benumbs CH 68

intellectual See Intellectual faculty

man is not endowed with new, at conversion COL 98-9

many sell their: for alcohol or tobacco Te 59

for good dinner Te 59

for pleasure of taste Te 59

mental See Mental faculty

mutual dependence of, upon each other Te 59

need to be equally developed 5T 522

neglect to improve, is sin 4T 454

not given to man merely for amusement 4T 434

not one of, can be valued in dollars and cents Te 59

not self-created 8T 63

palsied, receive new light from service to God COL 354

perceptive See Perceptive faculty

sanctified by conversion COL 98-9

Satan degrades man’s, and brings them into captivity MYP 54

Satan impairs man’s MYP 236

self-gratification benumbs CH 111; SL 28

sin has benumbed man’s 5T 746

some, given more especially for use in temporal matters 4T 115

spiritual, need to be charged with divine power direct from God MB 44

weaken and die when not exercised in winning souls 9T 106

study of truth invigorates 4T 545

weakened when left to lie dormant 3T 32-3

youth having common, results of rightly training MYP 31

See also Ability, Mental power

Failing, Failings

Failing, Failings, other people’s: Christians cannot afford to live on husks of MH 492

do not criticize SD 331

how to deal with 2T 52

man’s natural tendency to see 3T 444-5

persons who feed on 4T 194

your special, it is your work to know 7BC 957

See also Defect; Fault; Mistake; Weakness

Failure, Failures

Failure, Failures, apparent: Christ was constantly confronted with DA 678; 6T 307

Christian attitude toward LS 245

determination to prove every, a success GW 269

do not be discouraged by GW 189; MH 200

God trains some people by bringing to them 4BC 1160; GW 269; SD 97

may be God’s way of bringing true advancement GW 142

used by God to train His workers PK 595

when success will be discerned in Ed 270

blaming circumstances for TM 169

Christ met life’s perils at risk of DA 49

Christ notes your, with tenderest pity 5T 420

Christ was to redeem Adam’s DA 117

co-operate with One who knows no COL 363

discover cause of your, and be guarded on that point 1T 308

do not be quick to condemn people for their MH 196

dwelling on your own, result of SC 116

fear of, inefficiency caused by MH 500; GW 292; MYP 193

God never makes a 8T 185

in gospel work: never speak or think of GW 19; 6T 467

self-sufficiency causes TM 169

trusting too much in self causes TM 167

in life’s duties, as result of ignorance 2T 98

influence of words and actions in 4T 562

learn from past experience how to avoid 7T 239

man’s, due to lack of faith PP 657

never think of, once COL 363

no possibility of, if you have faith in God AA 533

of God’s people, Satan makes the most of 2T 106

other people’s: pointed to by some persons to divert attention from their own 5T 59

young workers should learn from MM 153

parents’ See Parent

past, with God’s help man may rise above MH 516

prevention of, worth far more than can be estimated MM 153

privilege of turning, into victories 3T 495

record of, you cannot blot out your 6T 149

risk of, deferring obedience till there remains no PP 290

Satan taunts angels with our 2T 106

tell God about your MYP 97

temporary, should make men lean more heavily on Christ ML 19

utter, made in planning brilliant future MH 479

what to do re your MYP 97

wisdom learned by 6T 192; TM 244

with Christ there can be no such thing as DA 490

work that often proves to be MH 477

See also Defeat; Error; Mistake


burdens added to future and strength decreased TMK 225:4

Christ honored before those watching for OHC 127:4

claiming promise and meeting foe in Jesus’ name prevents 2MCP 473:2

confess, to Jesus as we see them TDG 89:4

contentment without evidence of nearness to God brings TDG 95:2

cooperation with those who think differently needed to prevent 3SM 25:0

danger of, by neglecting little things HP 226:4

death or, results from going unbidden on enemy’s ground TDG 259:4

expectation of, would bring temptation not to try LYL 72:1

God trains some by bringing apparent HP 229:5

hold to Christ through, resolving more firmness RC 293:4

inclination followers see, where there is triumph RC 358:4

intellectual, selfish interest leads to 1MCP 271:2

irritation in little things causes TMK 139:3

life without Christ TMK 85:2

manner in which thoughts are disciplined influences RC 163:6

prepare the way for greater defeat OHC 244:2

prosperity becomes, without God’s blessing TDG 367:2

reason for, in spiritual progress OHC 336:4

remember own,

in fear to avoid repeating mistakes 2MCP 728:2

when dealing with others; failings 2MCP 632:5

retrieving loss suggested to one in spiritual LYL 71:1

seen when eyes fixed on purity and perfection of Christ TDG 16:3

self-dependent worker sees, as virtues RC 358:3


how to avoid OHC 69:3

truth known but not practiced causes HP 162:2

supposed, helps know self and trust God more firmly HP 28:5


to success UL 116:4

to victories rather than being discouraged UL 345:5

unknown to one who trusts in God HP 259:5

unnecessary because Christ helps fight the battle OHC 88:4

words and actions reveal best way for Satan to bring 2MCP 494:2

Faint feeling, Faint feelings

Faint feeling, Faint feelings, EGW’s, removed temporarily by eating of flesh food 4aSG 153

EGW ceased to have, after adopting health reform 4aSG 154

EGW seldom suffered, in 1864 4aSG 153-4

Fainthearted person, Fainthearted persons

Fainthearted person, Fainthearted persons, Christ’s recipe for 6T 266

lesson for SL 40

pray when you are MH 513

Spirit’s influence encourages PP 657

Fainting spell, Fainting spells

Fainting spell, Fainting spells, EGW had no more, after adoption of health reform 2T 372

EGW suffered: after her childhood accident LS 19; 2SG 8, 11-2; 1T 10, 13

before adopting health reform 9T 158

frequently 4aSG 153

in 1868 2T 10

when she subsisted on flesh foods CH 531

with heart trouble and heavy burdens 2SG 184; 1T 247


Faintness, as aftereffect of overeating MH 307

changing from three to two meals a day may cause CD 175

eating at improper hours causes CD 174

eating too much causes CD 175; MH 307; 4aSG 129; 2SM 415-6; 2T 363

eating too often causes CD 175; CH 118; 4aSG 129; 2SM 415-6

fasting causes PP 681

flesh food causes CD 175; 4aSG 129; 2SM 415

interpreted as demand for more food MH 307

just before mealtime 2T 363

leading to desire for food, explained MH 304

leading to overeating 2SM 414

no argument in favor of frequent eating CD 175

overworked digestive organs cause CD 174; CH 118; 2SM 414

overworked stomach causes CD 175; 4aSG 129; 2SM 414

stomach, removed by eating 4aSG 153

EGW suffered from 4aSG 153

stomach exhaustion causes 4aSG 129; 2SM 415

that should not be remedied by eating MH 303

weariness causes PP 681

See also Dizziness; Goneness

Fair, Fairs

1. Church

2. Miscellaneous

1. Church

abomination to God CS 204-5

banish thoughts of God GC 463-4

bring contempt for God and Christian name CS 204-5

Christianity misrepresented by CS 204-5

demoralizing influence of, on old and young CS 201

invented to secure means without sacrificing CS 201

is church corruption that must be shunned CS 201-2

offerings obtained by, displease God CS 201-2, 204-5

prompted by spurious devotion to God CS 204-5

raising money by 9T 91

disgusts many people CS 204-5; 4T 392

encourages feasting, gluttony, and dissipation CS 201; WM 289

evil results of COL 54; CS 201-2, 204-5; 4T 392

God does not sanction CS 201-2, 204

when there would be no reason for AA 338

thousands of people ruined by CS 202

youth led into temptation by CS 201

2. Miscellaneous

health reform promoted at, in Battle Creek CD 442-3, 472-4; WM 284-5

opportunities for evangelism at, in St. Louis, Mo. Ev 35-6; WM 288

Fairground, Fairgrounds

Fairground, Fairgrounds, association of boys and girls on 2T 482

Fairhaven, Mass.

Fairhaven, Mass. Ev 393; EW 23; LS 98-9, 276

Fair Havens, Crete

Fair Havens, Crete AA 440-1

Fairplains, Mich.

Fairplains, Mich. 1T 592, 666

Fair-weather Christian, Fair-weather Christians

Fair-weather Christian, Fair-weather Christians, not wanted in God’s work 2SM 382

Fairy tale, Fairy tales

Fairy tale, Fairy tales, give no place to, in education of children and youth CT 187; MH 446; 8T 308-9