EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Faith (Part 1 of 3)


1. Defined as

2. Genuine (real or true)

3. In Christ

4. Kinds of

5. Kinds of (undesirable)

6. Lack of

7. Living

8. Miscellaneous


1. Defined as

arm for laying hold on divine power GW 259

clasping Christ’s hand in every emergency GW 262

element of: Christian character CG 173

prevailing prayer SC 96

grace acquired by experience of years 5T 213

hand that: appropriates Christ’s merits and remedies for sin DA 175

grasps salvation 6BC 1073

lays hold on Christ DA 175

reaches upward to grasp God’s never-failing promises SL 47

takes hold of God’s offer of grace and mercy PP 431

takes hold of infinite help MYP 102

touches infinity 6T 467

key of knowledge Ed 24; DA 139

living power that: overrides all obstacles 2BC 995; SD 202; 4T 163

presses through every barrier 2BC 995; SD 202; 4T 163

means and not the end 6BC 1073

means of laying hold on Christ’s merits 6BC 1073

soul’s life blood 6T 472

taking God simply at His word 1T 620

true riches 4T 88

trusting God Ed 253; GW 259

2. Genuine (real or true)

always works by love 6BC 1111

appropriates Christ’s righteousness 1SM 363

as leaven that transforms character MB 53

based on Bible promises GC 472; GW 260

buoyancy in COL 147; SD 191

cannot exist without corresponding works 7BC 936

church members lack 2T 442, 657

claim God’s promises by TM 517

confides in Christ CSW 107

courage born of, God’s people need 6T 475

creates desire to save souls at home 6T 427-8

destroys selfishness and pretense DA 409

does genuine work in believer 7BC 936

essence of, people need to be taught of CM 49

founded in Bible provisions DA 126; GC 472

in Christ makes man sober-minded CT 223

in Christ’s merits, is not fancy CG 69

in truth and not feeling 2SM 157

is gift of God 2SM 375

is life DA 347; GW 261

is not presumption LS 218

lays hold of God’s promise before it is felt and realized EW 72; 2SG 291

leads to conformity to God’s law 6BC 1073

leads to obedience GC 472

love follows 5T 219

makes Christian secure against presumption DA 126; GW 260

manifested by: good works 1SM 397

obedience to God’s requirements PP 73, 153-4

purity and holiness of character MYP 200

manifested when soul lays hold on Christ as only hope of salvation 1SM 391

not allied to presumption in any sense GW 260

persons possessing, will not lack influence CS 152

purifies soul SD 71; 1T 705

rare in last days 3SG 94

receives Christ as personal Saviour MH 62

relies wholly on Christ PP 73

rests on God’s promises EW 72

SDA must have 1SM 93

simplicity of, learn 1SM 224

lost when man becomes self-important 4T 164

persons who look above MYP 111

steadfastness of principle in COL 147

sustained by works is rare CS 152; 2T 663

test of, abiding in Christ is SC 61

test reveals strength of GC 354

thanks God for true knowledge of how to treat the sick 2SM 289

trusting and persevering, is rare 5T 651

trusts wholly in Christ for salvation 6BC 1073

ventures much LS 218

will not fail under test and trial 2SM 375

works by love SD 71; 2SM 20; 1T 705

3. In Christ

alone, can heal sting of sin PP 430-2

character is given strength and solidity by CT 223

Christians are to live by DA 389

deficiencies of character may be supplied through Ed 257

essential to salvation DA 347; 1SM 373

is not merely “Believe, believe” 6BC 1073

made perfect by works 5T 644

man can obey God’s law only by AA 425

man is enabled by, to keep God’s law SC 60-1

men become Abraham’s seed by PP 476

pardon for sin is obtained only by PP 524

Philip’s trembling, at first DA 140

profession of, that will not save COL 312

saving, gift of eternal life is promised on condition of FE 187

is not what many people represent it to be MB 146

sinner can be cleansed from guilt only by AA 425

sinner cannot be saved without GC 129

strength to obey God’s law can be obtained only by PP 524

there is everything in Christ to inspire men with 5T 200

true test of SC 61

4. Kinds of

about Christ, is not enough DA 347

Abraham’s: accounted to him for righteousness PP 370

appeared undimmed in Jacob PP 208

not always perfect PP 147

was faith with works 7BC 936

acknowledging sin with contrite heart, is life of church TM 93

acquired by experience of years MH 454; 8T 314

appropriating, Moses was full of confidence in God because he had 5T 651-2

believer’s, truth that is foundation of DA 412-3

believing, unbelieving fear is swept away before TM 226

beneficial, accepts Christ as personal Saviour DA 347

bringing blessings of heaven to souls ML 8

calm, pray for sick in 2T 147

calming, that uplifts soul 3BC 1163

childlike, cherish 5T 75

Christian’s need of SC 110; 5T 703

come to God with trusting 3BC 1147

rest brought to soul by 4T 377

sinner must come to Christ with Ev 185

Christian, never harmonizes with worldly principles 5T 235

Christlike, cherish 5T 75

church’s, truth which is foundation of DA 413

clinging, taproot must be sent down into 2SM 166

compared to: gold tried in fire 7BC 965; DA 280; 2T 36; 4T 559

mustard seed DA 431

palm tree sending roots down to living springs of God’s grace 4T 567

palm tree’s rootlets 3BC 1151

pure gold building material PK 409-10

consecrated gospel worker’s, must stand every test AA 242

consistent, rare among rich men CS 152; 2T 663

constant and living, Christian life must be one of SL 90

David’s, long trials wearied PP 672

denying Christian character 6T 441

earnest and determined, SDA need GW 27

educated, SDA need 9T 271

Elijah’s, endured trial in prayer for rain EW 73

enabling man to: endure trials 5T 651

receive God’s gifts is a gift Ed 253

enduring, Christ’s followers need AA 23

dying away 1T 144

enduring tests, God’s people need 5T 652

Enoch’s, waxed stronger with lapse of centuries GW 52

faithful remnant’s, will grow strong 5T 524

father’s, boy’s healing that depended on DA 428

firm, why some people do not have 5T 215

firm as granite rock, God will have people with 4T 594

firmer, God’s people need 6T 51

for time of trouble, must be exercised now 3SG 136

for trial, prayer strengthens DA 355

gospel See Gospel faith

graced with humility, needed most in God’s work 1SM 118

grasping God’s promises, SDA need 5BC 1091

greater, God’s people need 6T 266, 466

Habakkuk’s, strengthened during deep trial PK 386

humble, cherish 5T 75

in Bible as revelation from God, is being undermined PP 166

in Christ’s deity, Satan would adulterate and destroy 1T 297

in Christ’s name, marks His followers as Christians 8T 15

in Christ’s power: enables man to work His works 9T 279

imparts light to guide 5T 42

imparts strength 5T 42

transforms life 9T 279

in Christ’s word, crippled person healed by MH 84

in eternal realities, that is weak MM 190

in God 1T 120-1

essential to health CS 115; ML 149

fear of death that overcomes PK 174

gospel workers need ChS 233

have 6T 465, 478

is His people’s greatest need 7T 211

is reality and not theory COL 262

many people do not have MH 145

no man is righteous any longer than he has TM 367

people need 5T 568

well-ordered home witnesses to benefits of PP 579

in God’s care, Christ rested in DA 336

rest in DA 336

in God’s love, Christ rested in DA 336

lightens burdens of anxiety and care PP 600

in God’s overruling providence, lightens burdens of anxiety and care PP 600

in God’s word: Christian’s defense against Satan’s power 1T 302

God gives power to people who act by SC 50-1

rich current sent to people who have simple TM 91

in leaders of God’s people, warning against persons who would unsettle 5T 273-4

in second advent, dying out in churches 5T 153

in sure word of prophecy, decreasing fast 5T 192

increased, church members need LS 474

God’s people need Ev 98

inspired of God, strength and nobility of character imparted by MH 465; ML 262; 8T 322

intelligent: God’s people need 1SM 256

mind must be educated and trained to have SD 27

people need GW 162

invincible, show by words and works an 7T 212

Israel’s, tested at Red Sea PP 290

tested when supply of water ceased FE 509

Jacob’s persevering PK 158

manifested in wrestling with Christ COL 175

Jehoshaphat’s, rewarded with victory PK 203

laying hold of God’s arm, needed ML 57

laying hold on God’s promises, cultivate PK 387

needed in world today PK 157

leading to: entire dependence on God AA 56; DA 431

unreserved consecration to God’s work DA 431

lifting repenting soul to share adoption of sons of God Ed 151; PP 754

light of Christian, is to shine bright in darkness ML 8

living and active, cherish 5T 231

God’s people need 5T 215

looking unto Christ strengthens 5T 744

made perfect by: obedience 1SM 366

works CS 263; 2SM 464; SR 289; 1T 250, 620

martyrs’, SDA need 5T 187

mightier conqueror than death MH 62

Moses’: did not fail under most trying circumstances FE 345-6

was a reality Ed 63; 5T 652

was ever-abiding and unflinching FE 345-6

was not guesswork Ed 63

Moses’ implicit, made him what he was CT 408

Moses’ simple, enabled him to press through difficulties FE 344

most heroic, despondency may shake PK 174

much more, God’s people need LS 421

Naaman’s, God honored PK 249

naked, explained EW 72

Noah’s, perfected and made evident by his works PP 95

tested while he was in ark PP 98

nominal, value of 1SM 389-90

of ancient worthies, subdued kingdoms PP 513

of His people: God will test 4T 254

is too small LS 210

must endure pressure brought upon it 8T 11

needs resurrection 8T 45

should be strong, active, and enduring 3SG 251; SR 129

time of crisis will test PP 202

will be tried to uttermost 2SM 50

will not fail in time of trouble GC 619-20

of His servants, how God tests PK 164

time of persecution will try GC 608

of SDA, does not correspond to light of truth bestowed 5T 534

of widow of Zarephath, no greater test could have been required of PK 130

was rewarded PK 131

other people’s disobedience tends to corrupt 4T 146

patient and persevering, withstands persecution and tribulation AA 264

perfect: how to come into full noontide of AA 308

minister’s experience should include GW 260

purifies soul 5T 534

works by love 5T 534

persevering, needed to meet trials and temptations of final crisis 6T 404

persistent and prevailing, is necessary 2T 635

personal: act and practice Ev 354

essential to real connection with Christ 1SM 335; 5T 228-9

importance of 5T 228-9

practical: God’s people need 5T 275

in Christ, example of working of DA 195

people need not only theoretical faith but also 3T 528

religion consists in 4T 337

prolific of good works, is needed 7BC 936; 4T 145

prompting true obedience to God’s commandments MYP 410; SD 45

pure: compared to gold 3T 254

manifest principles of, by well-ordered life and godly conversation 5T 642

works by love and purifies soul FE 341

pure and unadulterated, gospel message calls for MM 328

purifying heart, God imparts SL 83

purifying soul Ev 167; FE 341; SC 63; SD 71; 1SM 366; 1T 705; 5T 534

from defilement GW 287

God requires 5T 437-8

God’s people need TM 149

heart is renewed by SC 63

what will develop CT 249

ready to do Christ’s will under hardship or sacrifice CT 183

renouncing self-trust, lays hold on infinite power COL 159

required by God, is not mere assent to doctrines 5T 437-8

ripened into abiding trust in God PK 264

Roman centurion’s, in Christ’s power DA 315-7

sanctifying, blind credulity is not 2SM 56

saving: belief that is not 7BC 936

defined 1SM 391

is not mere intellectual assent to truth DA 347; GW 260; 1SM 391

is transaction by which men join in covenant relation with God DA 347; GW 261; MH 62

works by love 1SM 391-2

seeking God for help and wisdom, not disappointed GW 418

SDA need, proportionate to their knowledge of truth of Rev. 18:1-6 8T 118

Shunammite’s, rewarded by restoration of dead son to life PK 239

simple: few ministers know what is 5T 159

healing and pardon brought to paralytic of Capernaum by DA 268

taking God at His word should be encouraged GW 161

unites believer to God TM 147-8

value of, cannot be overestimated 4BC 1137; SD 71

simple in its operation 6BC 1074

simplicity of: learned in suffering and privation 3T 318

man loses 4T 164

walk out on God’s promise in CS 90

sincere and uncorrupted, as gold and frankincense and myrrh to Christ CT 60

sound, must take place of unbelief 6T 437

stayed on God in time of trial, no power can move persons possessing PK 576

steady and increasing, people who will have SC 80; 5T 607

strong: believers placed in circumstances where they will exercise 3T 67

God’s work calls for 2SM 407-8

much secret prayer is essential to 4T 236

needed in prayer EW 73

SDA work calls for LS 439; 9T 9-10

worker for God needs GW 262

sustaining God’s people in deep trial PK 386

Syrophoenician woman’s, Christ tested DA 400-1

taking God at His word in, is very rare LS 277-8

pleases Him 5T 322

that Christians may have in God, not understood as it should be 3T 574-5

that does not provoke men to good works, Satan is not disturbed by EW 227

that does not work, is dead 2SG 232; 1T 192

that takes it for granted that SDA have truth LS 277

that will endure: perils of last days SD 332

time of trouble GC 621

that will not be denied, God’s people must have ML 8

toward Christ, sinner should be taught 4T 395

unbounded, God’s matchless love claims your 4T 145-6

understanding what Bible teaches re, is needed Ev 596

unfaltering, season of distress before God’s people calls for PK 512

uniting man to Christ, stirs soul to activity 2SM 20

unquestioning, King Saul’s failure to learn lesson of PP 627

unto salvation, is not casual faith 1SM 137, 391

unwavering: believe with, that God hears your prayers TM 487

gospel work needs Ev 19

lean on God’s promises with 2T 497

seek God for grace and power now with 5T 717

unwavering and humble, needed in God’s power and willingness to save PK 260

unyielding, cling to God’s promises with GC 621

results of believing with ML 8

victorious, shines brighter after it has been tested SD 92

vital, receives and assimilates truth 5T 576

waiting for deliverance in God’s appointed time and way PK 387

working by love Ev 167; FE 341; SC 63; SD 71; SL 83; 1SM 366; 1T 705; 5T 534

Christian can do nothing without TM 188

God requires 5T 437-8

God imparts SL 83

God’s people need TM 149, 185, 336

heart is renewed by SC 63

is key of knowledge DA 139

is not dead faith 1SM 391

mind is enlightened by 7T 229

purifies heart 7T 229

reveal TM 283

to God and man WM 297

what will develop CT 249

working in God’s servants of old, may work in His people today Ed 256; PK 175

5. Kinds of (undesirable)

casual, does not suffice for spiritual life 1SM 137

faith unto salvation is not 1SM 137, 391

cheap, unsupported by works 2SM 381

confounded with: blessing that comes through faith EW 72; 2SG 291

fancy 1SM 180; 2SM 14

dead 1T 192, 704; 2T 645; 3T 393

man cannot glorify God with 2SG 217

people who possess 2T 236

sick person’s, in God’s power to heal infirmities MM 262

decreasing to terrible degree 3T 256

enfeebled by lack of exercise 4T 100

faint and feeble, in SDA churches is inexcusable 6T 418

feeble and wavering, cause of 6T 266

halfhearted, God’s people must not have 5T 534

imperfect, in SDA churches TM 149

in lie, no sanctifying influence in 2SM 56

little, in world 4T 402

men of weak and wavering, are not to carry God’s work forward in crisis 5T 187

manifesting unloving spirit, is mere farce MB 58

nominal: healing never brought to soul by DA 347; GW 260

Israel had, in Eli’s time PP 584

many people have 1SM 389; 5T 651

people who do not have TM 94

only, popular doctrine of GC 472

Satan’s, no virtue in 2T 657

self-dependent, brings no victories 1SM 353

sickly and enfeebled, evidence of COL 147

worry reveals 7T 212

spurious, abounds Ev 364

staggering at God’s promises 1SM 156

superficial, produces superficial experience 2SM 392

supposed, that is fanatical presumption 1T 357

without active labor for others, grows dim DA 825

without love, is worthless AA 318; 5T 168

without works: does not justify soul 1SM 397

ensnaring doctrine of GC 472

is dead 1T 192; 2T 657; 3T 249; 4T 250; TM 443

is not true faith 7BC 936

6. Lack of

alarming, among God’s people 1SM 83

among God’s people 2T 442, 657; 3T 253

among SDA 4T 162; 5T 167

coming of God’s kingdom is hindered by 6T 438

David was chastened by God because of his PP 692

every failure on Christian’s part is due to PP 657

God is dishonored by 6T 63

many people stay away from Christ because they feel DA 429

persons who lament their MYP 111

result(s) of: carelessness 3T 475

distressing fears 2T 140

God’s people not more spiritually minded 2T 36

love of self 3T 475

perplexity 2T 140

religious failures 4BC 1175

surmisings of evil 2T 140

when foundation stone of second temple was laid PK 565

worldliness 3T 475

sick people’s neglect that shows MM 262

souls who feel, should throw themselves upon Christ’s mercy DA 429

under difficulties, significance of 7T 211

wounds Christ EW 73

7. Living MYP 111-6

active, works by love and purifies soul 1SM 366

always bears upward to God 1T 144

always manifested by works 1T 620

carries man through fiery furnace of affliction and trial 4T 212

Christian is made invincible only by CT 183

conquer enemy by 5T 200

constant, Christian life must be one of MYP 112

cultivate TM 281

essential to: Christian’s safety 4T 575

success in prayer and preaching ML 13

God’s grace comes to soul through channel of EW 72

grasp God’s promises unflinchingly by 4T 444

impression can be made on skeptical world only by GW 274

like threads of gold running through daily experience 6T 171; COL 360

man can lay hold on Christ’s merits by 1SM 364

men abide in Christ by TM 388-9

men are united to Christ by 6T 443

meaning of MH 62

means increase of vigor DA 347

must be sustained by works 2T 657

penetrates dark clouds MYP 103

pierce darkness and scatter clouds by EW 72

prompts men to energetic action 3BC 1137; ChS 177

results of GW 261

SDA greatly need 5T 228

SDA need earnest, in God’s word ML 57

strong, is agency in man’s salvation FE 189

trusting God in darkness and trial, cultivate ML 93

will save God’s people in fearful scenes ahead 1T 192

works by love CS 51; 1SM 366

8. Miscellaneous GW 259-63

abiding in, defined FE 341-2

Abraham’s great act of, lessons from 4T 145

Abraham’s remarkable example of PP 126; 4T 19

acceptance and SC 49-55

acceptance of Christ by, obedience is essential to DA 181

according to Job’s, so it was to him Ed 156

act, to have increase of faith 5BC 1121-2

under all circumstances 7BC 928

act out your EW 111

acts of, perseverance needed in TM 511

activity and, assurance and satisfaction imparted by PK 164

advance in MM 335

affections must be controlled by 1SM 366

allies itself with faith 5T 705

alone. does not make men true disciples of Christ 5T 168

does not save people SC 60; SR 289

is as rope of sand SR 289

not sufficient for spiritual advancement ML 96

ample provision made by God to establish, for all men 4T 583-4

anchor to soul 5T 742

angel host could not help men without, on their part CT 183

answers brought to prayer by SR 371

as ear that hears 6BC 1073

as eye that sees 6BC 1073

as feet that run 6BC 1073

be strong in CG 43

belief that is not SC 63

belief that is wholly distinct from SC 63

believers who have not works will not be saved by 2T 657

believes all things 4T 27

bring, into your experience PK 175

built on Christ for 6,000 years DA 413

Caleb’s example of PP 512

can lay hold on Christ’s merits 1SM 366-7

center, in Him who is source of mercy and power AA 28

channel of, God’s grace comes to men through DA 175; EW 72; 2SG 291

cherish ML 10; PK 387

under all circumstances 7BC 928

Christ dwells in man’s heart by SC 62; DA 297

Christ exalted, in contrast with doubt 4T 233

Christ was victor by DA 756

Christian life should be one of GC 477; SL 90

Christians in Nero’s household were example of 5T 183

Christians must work by LS 298

Christian’s credentials of, are love, joy, peace ML 14

privilege of carrying ML 14

Christian’s shield against Satan’s power MYP 61

church members strengthen their, by imparting light 6T 435

churches destitute of TM 149

claims God’s promises and obeys Him DA 126

cleave (pierce) Satan’s shadow with GW 265-6; SD 124; 2SM 157; 6T 368; TM 387

climb up by 1T 165

comes by God’s word DA 429

confession of, opportunities given by pain for 1SM 117-8

conflict should give stability to 4T 556

conflict strengthens 3T 555

conflict with doubts increases MYP 121; SD 191; 4T 117

conflict with fear strengthens 4T 117

conflict with obstacles increases MYP 121

connecting man closely with heaven PK 157

connects man with: heaven DA 429; MH 65

power of heaven 1SM 335

constant exercise of, believers become lights in world by 4T 124

contemplation of heavenly themes strengthens SC 89

counselors should be men of 2BC 993

courage and 7T 210-4

God calls for men who will work with ML 310

gospel workers must move forward with AA 230

courageously urges God’s people to advance PP 290; 4T 27

cultivate PK 387; 5T 339-40; TM 156

dead formalism and, difference between AA 190

demand of, obstacles disappear before DA 431; PK 595

denial of: co-operation with God in healing is not MH 232

judicious use of rational remedies is not 2SM 346

treatment of the sick is not 2SM 286

use of hygienic measures for the sick is not CH 376

use of natural remedies is not 2SM 289

use of remedies with prayer for the sick is not CH 381

working in harmony with natural laws is not CH 382

departure from gospel’s simplicity and purity weakens 1T 550

disappointment can be endured by MH 488

discouragement paralyzes 2T 604

disease tends to destroy 1T 185

do not base, on feeling 7BC 928

do not measure your, by your feelings MYP 122

do not place yourself where it will be difficult to live out your 5T 183

do not trust in, but in God’s promises MYP 111; SL 89

does not: come in a moment 5T 213

make human effort unessential 1SM 375-6

move according to impulse and emotion of the hour FE 433

rest upon demonstration 1SM 28; 5T 69

rest upon perfect knowledge 3T 258

wait for entire knowledge before it acts GW 260

doubt demanding perfect knowledge will never yield to GC 527; 1SM 28; 5T 69

each step of, soul is brought closer to Christ by GC 476

earns nothing for man 6BC 1080; DA 175

educate yourself to talk CS 225

Elijah manifested, in prayer for rain EW 73; PK 155-8

Elijah stood severest trial of, while under inspiration of God PK 161

Elijah ventured something on his 3T 287

Elijah’s letting go of, fruit of Ed 150-1

enables man to: do righteous works DA 98

look beyond the present GW 259

see the hereafter GW 259-60

enabling power brought by SC 50-1

enduring trial resolutely gives firmness to 4T 76

enemy’s power must be pressed back by DA 504

Enoch walked with God by 1BC 1087

erroneous concepts of LS 80; 1SM 389-90

erroneous speculations tending to confuse 2SM 14-5

essence of, is to do right thing at right time 6T 24

essential ML 96

in order to keep God’s law GC 436

to bring God’s designs to pass 9T 271

to conversion MYP 72

to perfection of righteous character 4T 294

to prevailing prayer PK 157; 1T 120; 6T 63; 9T 179

to receiving baptism GC 238-9

essential and powerful working element of Christian character SD 71

every petition enters God’s heart when petitioner comes to Him in DA 200

evidence given for, God requires men to accept 5T 303

needing careful investigation 3T 255

evidence of, obedience gives PP 279

evidence on which to base, God gives sufficient GC 527; 3SG 94; SC 105; 5T 303

persons wishing to believe will find plenty of 4T 584

evidence to strengthen, search for 2T 104

exercise of: God requires GC 527; 5T 303

God’s work for His people demands TM 508

high state of excitement is not needed for 1SM 83-4

increases spiritual strength PK 595

nothing more quickly inspires than PK 351

exercise your 5T 629

daily SD 287

in gospel work for others 3T 537

in progress of God’s work 6T 466-7

in study of Scriptures MYP 261