Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


An Example of Self-Sacrifice

“I was glad of the privilege of attending the Vermont camp meeting, which was held in Montpelier, August 30 to September 4.... My mind was carried back thirty years, to the time when, in company with my sister, I visited Fairhaven, Mass., to bear my message to the little company in that place. Elder Bates was then living there, and expressed his conviction that it was his duty to visit Vermont, and preach the truth in that State. But he added: ‘I have no means, and cannot tell where the money is coming from to take me there. I think I will walk out by faith, start on foot, and go as far as God will give me strength.’ My sister said to me: ‘I think the Lord will help me to open the way for Elder Bates to go to Vermont. Sister F. is looking for a girl to do her housework, and ... I will earn the money necessary.’ She carried out her purpose, and, requesting her pay in advance, placed the money in Elder Bates's hand. He started the next morning, and my sister remained to work for a dollar and a quarter a week. Quite a number were brought into the truth in Vermont, and Elder Bates returned with great joy because the Lord had indeed blessed his labors.... LS 276.1