EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)



Vacancy, Vacancies - Victory, Victories

Vacancy, Vacancies

Vacancy, Vacancies, in God’s work, diligent workers will be called to fill MYP 226-7

made in heaven by fall of Satan and his angels will be filled by the redeemed 7BC 949; 5T 473

Vacation, Vacations

Vacation, Vacations, Christ’s Object Lessons sold by teachers and students during FE 523

how medical students should spend MM 83-4

in Colorado mountains UL 226

students urged to do colporteur work during CM 31

See also Rest

Vacaville, Calif.

Vacaville, Calif. 4T 284


Vaccination, for smallpox, EGW and co-workers took 2SM 303 (footnote)

Vacillating person, Vacillating persons

Vacillating person, Vacillating persons, lesson for SL 40; 2T 408-9


Vacillation, state of, do not remain in 2T 101


Vacuum, Christ supplies, by Spirit as heart’s door opens TMK 165:3

created when man is fully emptied of self GW 287

love of world quickly fills, when love of God is expelled CS 136

Spirit’s graces must fill COL 420; GW 287

Vagary, Vagaries

Vagary, Vagaries, Münzer’s (Thomas) inspiration proceeded from, of his imagination GC 193

people who present their, as teachings of Bible GC 521

See also Fancy


Vail See Veil


Vainglory, connected with fall of the unfortunate 2T 456

rock of, souls wrecked upon 5T 174

Vain person, Vain persons

Vain person, Vain persons, converted, become serious and unobtrusive SC 58


Vale, expression of God’s love in, to man SC 87

expression of God’s thoughts in Ed 120

Valley, Valleys

Valley, Valleys, beauty of, points the mind to God OHC 250:2

Christ is with us in, if we trust HP 52:6

clothed with living green, persons who see no beauty in MH 251; SD 116; 3T 335

fruitful, impress of Deity seen upon PP 599

hills and, in hand of living God PK 116

of decision, many people in Ev 238

on earth before Flood PP 81


Value/Worth, man’s, in God’s eyes 2SM 193

in world’s eyes 2SM 193

soul’s See Soul

students gain rich experience of more, than gold or silver CT 554

that God places upon men Te 287

that men should place upon themselves MH 498


choose what God esteems as OHC 149:5

Christ corrects, which Satan has transposed OHC 285:4

Christlike spirit measures HP 237:5

God polishes stones to make them of TMK 150:2

human, See humans, value of

humans given, through Christ’s merits TMK 134:2


angels estimate, and ascertain your needs TDG 101:2

contrite heart (not wealth) determines SW 10:1

develop, by stabilizing character TDG 243:4

seeks no place by thinking evil HP 178:5

weighed by God; record is kept of deeds TDG 243:3

weighed in the balances; wash your robe 3SM 155:3

only thing of, is entry into the city of God TDG 271:5

poor sense of, noble work not done by many with RC 201:9

priceless, salvation by Jesus’ blood is of TDG 176:4

trials prove that the Lord sees, in us TMK 277:3

true, only that which increases the soul value HP 173:2

See also Cost; Standards

Van Horn, I. D. and Mrs.

Van Horn, I. D. and Mrs. LS 231; 3T 18; 4T 290


Vanity, approaching crisis leaves no time for OHC 355:2

balanced through obedience TMK 196:4

children not to be indulged in, but taught obedience TMK 40:2

Christ is grieved by DA 649

Christian life will not have UL 36:5

comes from unrenewed heart OHC 336:4

expected of worldling but not of Christian TMK 307:5

expelled daily from those who receive truth TDG 48:2

eye to be turned from beholding TMK 267:3

gaudy apparel betrays 4T 643

God looks with sorrow upon ones speaking 1MCP 39:1

heart filled with 1T 500

hope for lips that have spoken HP 177:4

how soul is lifted up to 5T 74

in children: flattery and indulgence foster 4T 200

indolence causes 4T 98

petting and praising develops CG 178

increasing among SDA 5T 160

inherent, indulgence steadily increases 4T 645

integrity should be so firm it will not be moved by 3T 47

knowledge is, compared with science of true holiness TDG 169:6

men’s thoughts of, angel weighs 1T 124

manifest everywhere CG 433

mind emptied of, supplied with the Holy Spirit OHC 115:4

must be overcome 5BC 1144

one of strongest principles of man’s depraved nature 2T 494

one of strongest traits of man’s depraved nature 1T 503

personal, special hindrance to many people 2T 291

poisonous plant placed in heart by Satan AH 196; ML 179

pride and love of, Christ would save men from 3T 379

Satan constantly appeals to, with success 1T 503; 2T 494

seeds of, easily sown in human heart CG 178

sowing to TMK 92:3

speak no words of ML 111

temptations to, why children yield to 4T 98

truth professed by many youth who have TMK 325:3

wasting time on TMK 309:3

Vantage ground

we have been placed on UL 292:4


Vapor, this life is, which passes away 4T 490


Variance, among believers, put away 5T 490

among church members dishonors God 5T 620

among gospel workers should not exist 5T 535

among physicians offends God MM 48-9

among SDA, do not open door to CW 79-80; Ev 342

believers persisting in remaining at, what to do re 5T 241

between parents AH 312-4

between SDA periodicals should not exist CW 78

God’s people in danger of TM 158

heart filled with, cannot enter fellowship with Christ DA 650

in church, there should be no TM 29

persons truly connected with Christ cannot be at, with one another 5T 28

remedy for MYP 73

spirit of, manifested by believers 1SM 411

result of cherishing 1SM 412

that Christ came to bring 5T 83

See also Contention; Controversy; Differences; Misunderstandings; Strife


Variety, adds to tree’s perfection 1SM 21


Vashti, queen of Persia 3BC 1139

Vassar, Mich.

Vassar, Mich. LS 185; 2T 13


Vaudois, witnessed for God Ed 254; GC 68 See also Albigenses; Waldenses

Vaudois church, Vaudois churches

Vaudois church, Vaudois churches, condition and teachings of GC 68-9 See also Albigenses; Waldenses

Vaughan, R.

Vaughan, R. GC 86-7

Vegetable kingdom

Vegetable kingdom, poisonous preparations in, warning re 4aSG 140

Vegetable life

Vegetable life, antediluvian, fossil remains of Ed 129

earth teemed with, when created PP 44

man did not evolve from PP 45

Vegetable matter

Vegetable matter, decaying, allowed to remain on home premises is dangerous 4aSG 141; 2SM 461


1. Classes of

2. Cultivation of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

coarse, fail to supply proper nutriment Ed 204

decayed: air poisoned by MH 276

ferment in stomach CD 309

people die from eating CD 309

fresh, be acquainted with special value of CD 312, 321

good, san. patients need plenty of CD 409

simple, God would have us live on CD 81

well-prepared, patients in med. institutions require CD 322-3

2. Cultivation of

beneficial exercise ML 136

importance of CD 323

obtain land for MM 296

parents advised to secure land for CD 400

sanitarium land needed for 2SM 291

SDA families should raise their 2SM 358, 360

successful, method and tact needed in FE 322

EGW taught neighbors re WM 328

3. Miscellaneous

abundance of, needed at camp meetings 6T 112

avoid eating fruit with, at same meal CD 395; MH 299-300

best quality of, eat only CD 309

combine, with fruits and grains in making healthful foods 7T 124

do not prepare, only with water CD 212

eat, instead of flesh foods CD 400; MH 316; 2SM 360

eat largely of 2T 63

eaten with fruits: blood made impure by CD 113

brain confused by CD 395

feeble stomach distressed by CD 395

digestion impaired by CD 113

mental effort hindered by CD 395

stomach acidity caused by CD 113

eating of, encourage CD 315, 394

laws of man’s being not violated by 3T 50

educate yourself to use CD 322

food combinations including, that disturb stomach CD 112

food elements man needs are found in CD 92, 310, 313, 363, 395; MM 267

food for visitors 2SM 414

God intends to bring men back to live on MM 277

good and rightly prepared are better than soft mushes or porridge CD 108, 319, 322

grains and, teach people how to make healthful food combinations from MM 267

hearty men need plenty of CD 322, 407

in mixtures contributing to stomach’s ruin CD 411

in proper combination with fruits, grains, nuts Ed 204-5

in simple food preparations CD 270

large crop of, at Australian school during drought 1SM 102-3

make, palatable with a little milk or cream or equivalent CD 205, 358; MM 288; 9T 162

needed as part of: abstemious diet MM 227

appetizing diet CD 443

diet of workers of health institutions CD 381

healthful diet MM 227; CH 115; 2T 62

wholesome diet CD 443

your diet CD 380; MM 229

nicely prepared, beneficial CD 309

nutritive properties in, needed for good blood CD 322; MH 316; MM 277

part of diet chosen for man by God MH 296; Te 160

part of diet of animals CD 396

person having feeble digestive organs cannot eat solely of CD 395

prepare: in healthful manner CD 319

in most natural state 2T 486; 3T 50

in most simple manner 3T 50

without grease 2T 67, 486

without spices 2T 67, 486

san. workers should be served CD 297

secondhand, flesh food as CD 396; MH 313

some sick people not able to use, without suffering consequences CD 323

sound and unaffected by disease or decay, eat only CD 309

study art of preparing, in simple manner MM 281

use of, by san. patients CD 286

variety of locally grown, diet should include MH 299

waste, should not remain near house MH 276

EGW cooked, with milk or cream CD 357

EGW served ample supply of, on her table CD 489; 2T 487

Vegetable world

Vegetable world, air and sunshine important to MH 387

Christ called attention to growth of AA 284

See also Plant


Vegetarian, WCTU leader who was Te 262-3

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet See Diet

Vegetarian restaurant

Vegetarian restaurant See Restaurant

Vegetarian society

Vegetarian society, in Australia CD 462


Vegetation, all: given for man’s benefit SD 241

has felt effects of curse 4aSG 122

has lesson for man 8T 326

before Flood PP 90-1, 108, 112; 3SG 61-3, 77, 79, 87, 89

furnished abundant supply of food PP 92

watered by mist or dew PP 96-7; 3SG 68-9; SR 66

carpeting earth with, tells of God’s care MH 411

dependent on sunlight SD 281

flourishes by God’s power PP 115

God employs agencies to make, to grow 3BC 1155; COL 64; 1SM 294; 2SM 297

God’s blessing in sunshine and rain causes, to flourish CSW 140

God’s power causes, to flourish AA 75; 6BC 1062; CT 186; MH 416; MM 230; MYP 189; PK 707; 5T 150; 8T 260

God’s word causes, to flourish MB 75

rain causes, to flourish CS 17; CSW 140; PP 143; SD 17; 9T 50

state of, just before drought foretold by Elijah PK 121

on earth at creation PP 44, 47, 49; 3SG 33-5; SR 20-2

sun’s genial beams cause, to flourish 5T 312

sun’s genial rays nourish DA 206

sunshine causes, to flourish CSW 140; PP 143; 9T 50

youth to be taught that God causes, to flourish FE 414

Veil, Veils

1. Of earthly sanctuary (temple)

2. Of heavenly sanctuary (temple)

3. Miscellaneous

1. Of earthly sanctuary (temple)

first (outer) Ed 36; EW 251; GC 412, 420-1; PP 347, 349

separated holy place from outer court GC 420; SR 154

second (inner) 5BC 1109; EW 252-3; GC 414, 418-9; MH 437; PP 347-9, 353-5; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154-5, 226; 8T 284

death penalty for unbidden person presuming to lift MH 438; 8T 284

did not reach to top of building PP 353; 4aSG 8; SR 154

made of most costly material 5BC 1109

not to be lifted by any hand save one MH 437; 8T 284

renewed yearly 1BC 1107; SR 226

rent as a new way opened UL 100:2

rent by bloodless hand that wrote on Belshazzar’s palace wall 1BC 1107; 5BC 1109

rent in twain when Christ died 1BC 1107; 5BC 1108-9; 7BC 932; DA 165, 757; EW 177, 209, 253, 259-60; SR 226; 2T 211

suspended from gold-plated pillars PP 347

was of great length and breadth 5BC 1109

2. Of heavenly sanctuary (temple)

anchor cast within, by those who know present truth TMK 129:3

first (outer) EW 251; GC 420-1

second (inner) EW 32, 42, 55, 72, 251-2, 274; GC 415; LS 100; PP 356

prayers must be sent within, by faith EW 72; 2SG 291; 4aSG 9; SR 155

3. Miscellaneous

covering God’s glory when He comes to impart rich blessings 5T 215

many would act differently were God to draw aside the HP 93:6

Moses’ glorified face covered with PP 330; 1SM 231-2, 237

no obscuring, between man and the Creator in Eden PP 50

obscurity covering Jewish system as 1SM 231

of sympathy with world’s customs and practices, on many faces 6T 146

over eyes of Christian world re God’s law 1SM 239

over Jews’ minds, what would remove 1SM 239

preventing Jews from seeing truth of gospel AA 44

redeemed will behold: Christ in glory with no dimming, between 7BC 925

God’s face with no dimming, between GC 677; ML 365

separating visible from invisible world, if men could lift 5T 467

women formerly covered their faces with 2SG 228; 1T 189


Vein,Veins, blood in, flesh food contaminates CD 384

contract when limbs are exposed to cold MH 382; 2T 532

good circulation of blood needed in MH 293

how lack of physical exercise affects 2T 529, 533

large, limbs have 2T 531

life-giving current flows through MH 38-9

placed under law 8T 264

See also Artery

Vendor, Vendors

Vendor, Vendors, of patent rights, warnings re 1T 664


Vengeance, day of God’s, near GC 48; 5T 212

garments of, when Christ shall put on 5T 690

God takes no delight in PP 139, 628

Jews filled their cup of, by themselves GC 33-5

leave, for God to take 2BC 1022; Ed 257

what Christ said about MB 70

See also Retaliation; Revenge


1. Good (proper)

2. Poor (improper)

1. Good (proper)

attention should be given to, in study of hygiene Ed 200

baby’s sleeping room needs 2SM 465

bed and bedding of sickroom need, from time to time CH 57; 2SM 460

bedrooms need 4aSG 143

church buildings need Ev 380; MH 274

fever cases require LS 185; 2SM 457-8

houses expensively furnished are often deficient in CH 57

how to derive benefit from Ed 200

importance of 1T 702-3

in wintertime, invalids’ attitude toward 2T 525

lack of, at night causes disease 2T 528

make provision for, in constructing buildings MH 274

need of, explained MH 274

of heated rooms, good health requires 1T 588

of houses 4aSG 142

God requires CH 82

of sickroom, duty of nurses and attendants re CH 56

rooms of house need CG 125; MH 274

day and night SD 171

schoolrooms need CT 298-9; Ed 200, 207; FE 59; MH 274; 2SM 436; 3T 135

sickroom needs CH 55-9, 61; LS 185; MH 220; 2SM 305, 456

sleeping rooms need 4aSG 142; 2T 527-8

day and night MH 274-5

treatment of a cold requires 2T 530

worth more than costly adornments in home AH 152

2. Poor (improper)

brain ill-affected by MH 274

disease induced by MH 274; 2T 528

Hannah More suffered difficulty in breathing as result of 1T 672

ill effects of MH 274; 2T 525, 533

in schoolrooms, children’s health affected by 3T 143

liver complaints caused by 4aSG 143

lung diseases caused by 4aSG 143

on trains 2T 527-8

sensitiveness to cold is caused by MH 274

sleeping with, ill effects of 4aSG 143

sore throat caused by 4aSG 143

working closely confined with, ill effects of 2T 67

See also Air


Venture, something for God’s cause 2SG 282; LS 245; 2T 26; 3T 316

to save souls LS 213


Venturing, gospel workers must run risks by LS 245

in gospel work, too great fear of LS 217-8

JW’s experience in, trusting in God LS 174

Venturing something

Venturing something, virtue in 2T 26


Venus, worship of AA 243-4


Veracity, strictest, cultivate 4T 438 See also Truthfulness


Verge, of eternal world, men are on 7T 103

of kingdom, many are on AA 109; Te 258

soul trembling on, of precipice Ed 150; MB 94

Vergennes, Mich.

Vergennes, Mich. Ev 449; LS 149-50; 2SG 182-3

Vergennes, Vt.

Vergennes, Vt. 2SG 157


Vermicelli, canned tomatoes and, cooked together CD 491

Vermicelli-tomato soup

Vermicelli-tomato soup used by EGW CD 323-4

Vermont, U.S.A.

Vermont, U.S.A. LS 131, 133, 145, 181, 227-8, 276; 2SG 127, 147, 157, 167; 1SM 203; 2SM 26-7; 1T 448-9, 639; 2T 631-77; 3T 48, 116, 118, 124; 4T 186, 282-3


Verse, sacred, important truths embodied by Moses in PP 467-8

Vessel, Vessels

Vessel, Vessels, becoming fit, applying the merits of Christ’s blood FW 86:0

destruction of, shown to Ellen White 3SM 418:3

emptied of every defilement are ready for Christ’s use RC 114:6

empty, meet for Christ’s use 7BC 918

fit for God’s use, how to become MH 471-2

leaky, Spirit of God leaves like water from, away from God 1MCP 102:1

small, not expected to hold contents of the large one MYP 96

smaller, responsibility for capacity different for TMK 329:4

vessel to, comfort for person emptied from 2SM 248

See also Ship


Vest, dark, with light pants not appropriate for pulpit 2T 610

light, with dark pants not appropriate for pulpit 2T 610

Vestal, Vestals

Vestal, Vestals, heathen, Israelites allured by beauty of PP 454

Vesuvius, Mt.

Vesuvius, Mt., eruption of, Drusilla and son destroyed by 6BC 1066

Veteran, Veterans

Veteran, Veterans, See War veteran

Vexatious troubles

Vexatious troubles, do not become wrought up over 8T 132


Vicar, Christ’s, pope claims to be GC 570-1

See also Vicegerent

Vice, Vices

Vice, Vices, abounds on every hand 2T 401

absolute, unchecked inclinations of children strengthen into 4T 201

allurements to, on every hand 2T 409

almost every type of, practiced as result of drinking wine and cider Te 92-3, 277

among students, diligence that will expel LS 220

arrayed in fashion’s garb intrudes among children 4T 643

associations of, many people close their life record among Te 18

Athenians with all their culture were sunken in AA 239-40

avarice and covetousness are, that God abominates MM 184

ceaseless vigilance needed in warfare against PK 488

children brought up amid, in slums of great cities MH 190

children controlled by religious principles are fortified against 2T 287

children led into, by evil associations ChS 217

children should be kept from CG 33

children steeped in, as result of neglect of home training FE 286

confessions of, prudence needed in making 5T 645-6

consecrated as part of religion when Christ was born DA 37

constant warfare needed against Te 189

controlling modern men and women 2T 535

corrupting CG 439-68

corrupting literature that fosters 2T 410

debasing, Satan uses every means to popularize PP 459; 3T 471

thousands of children are slaves to CD 238; 3T 568

debasing and groveling, regenerating influence that lifts man above CT 51

debasing habits of, do not affect all minds the same 2T 392

degrading, men barter away God-given faculties for Te 228

Satan seeks to popularize AH 406

dens of, liquor seller’s work fills MH 338; Te 24

depths of, to which the human will surrendered to Satan will go MYP 67

destroying, of present day CD 226

downright, frivolous companions lead many people into SD 165

drama used by Satan to glorify PP 459

every form of, is rapidly increasing Te 23

expulsion of, from midst of college students 4T 273

fearful, use of tobacco as Te 60-1

feebleness of mind and body caused by MH 227

first steps in, young men should lift warning voice against MYP 25

follows in train (wake) of idleness CT 275; PP 156

friend’s, never bear with AH 48

glittering, among wealthy and titled Romans AA 461

glorified while truth trampled underfoot TSB 63:1

gross, heathen Corinthians noted for AA 243-4

persons separating themselves from God are led to 3T 475

haunts of, children who will look with horror on CH 100

home influences should keep children from seeking FE 155

heathen led by civilized people into MH 339

hotbeds of, cities are becoming MH 363

many public schools are FE 99

how much, could be prevented in colleges 5T 89

how Roman Church has profited by, of her adherents SR 333-4

idle and spendthrift habits lead to CH 112; Te 186

idleness leads to TDG 133:3

infatuation of, is widespread GC 586

infatuation with, warnings and appeals unheard because of Mar 108:2

intense loathing for, how to have MM 144

is costly indulgence 3BC 1165-6

learned at school by many youth 3T 155

leaves its marks on children 2T 406

liquor traffic fosters MH 345

lovers of virtue are nearly discouraged by boldness, strength, and prevalence of 2T 346

many youth educated in 3T 148-9

many youth rush into CG 441

never bear with friend’s OHC 257:3

never has lifted its deformed head with such boldness as now 2T 346

no form of, more baleful than human passions without Spirit’s control FE 278; MH 485

not to be mixed with virtue UL 23:2

one, evil of indulging Ed 150; MB 94

result of becoming slave of DA 716

only remedy for, Christ’s grace and power is MH 179

parents should teach children how to shun 2T 362

path of, what to do when associates urge you into MYP 409

people have become infatuated with 9T 11

persons seeking to rescue others from, are especially exposed to temptation MH 510

photographs or pictures that encourage 2T 410

places of, made attractive by exhibitions and music Te 282

practiced without restraint in Dark Ages SR 334

press gives publicity to details of GC 586

prevalence of, among leaders of Roman Church in Dark Ages GC 56; SR 334

in modern cities Ed 33

reproved by Christ UL 220:4

restraint on, grows more and more feeble MM 97

secret See Secret vice; Self-abuse; Solitary vice

seek virtue and forsake AA 467

self-indulgent, of worshipers of mammon CS 139

slavery addicts to SW 43:0

snares and temptations to, are many MM 143

solitary See Secret vice; Self-abuse; Solitary vice

speech of Christian should not taste of revelry and TMK 141:4

strongest bulwark of, is professed Christian in whom one sin is fostered Ed 150; MB 94

two, liquor drinking and tobacco using usually go together as Te 72

unnatural, practiced by heathen PP 337-8


Vicegerent, God’s, Adam before his fall was DA 129

David as PP 702

Israel’s king as PP 603

King Saul as PP 621, 629

Peter was not AA 194-5

pope’s claim to be GC 50-1, 53; SR 328, 344

Roman Church professes to act as GC 591

pope as Satan’s, exalted Sunday in place of Sabbath 4BC 1172; GC 53; PK 184; SR 329

Satan’s plan to exalt himself through his PK 184

See also Vicar

Vicious children

Vicious children, corrupt society in which they mingle 2T 362, 402

Vicious habit, Vicious habits

Vicious habit, Vicious habits, children who are in little danger of forming CT 122

easier to prevent, than to cure CG 460

health-destroying, warning against CG 444-5

inclination to indulge, weariness from work lessens 2T 349

mind and soul depraved by COL 345

sinfulness of, many people ignorant of CG 450

youth who are in least danger of AH 285; MYP 22; Te 210

Vicious passions

Vicious passions, minister who served 2T 468

Vicious practices

Vicious practices, children’s only sure safety against CG 467

Vicious society

Vicious society, avoid AH 471

train children to shun 3T 144; Te 185

Vicksburg, Miss.

Vicksburg, Miss. 7T 231

Victor, Victors

Victor, Victors, at last, only through Christ’s merits can you be 3T 338

Christ was, by faith DA 756

how God’s people can be, in meeting dragon’s wrath 3T 571

life is race man must run in order to be TM 421

men cannot be, without good works 4T 89

See also Conqueror; Overcomer

Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia Te 262


Victorious, more, daily union with Christ makes man TM 441

trusting God enables man to overcome temptation and be EW 46

Victorious life

Victorious life TM 516-20

how to live 2T 228; TM 441

provided in God’s grace and strength CT 478

Victory, Victories

Victory, Victories, all heaven triumphed when Christ’s death brought DA 758

all may run in Christian race and be sure of 4T 34

apparent impossibilities make, all the greater PK 202

assured through faith and obedience 7BC 966

assured when self is surrendered to God 1BC 1095

can be won by secret prayer CT 258; GW 365

cannot be gained without persevering and untiring effort TM 511

Christ does not do all overcoming for man in gaining 4T 33

Christ gave, to Jacob MB 144

Christ made it possible for men to have 3T 457

Christ’s, is pledge that you may have victory 3T 457

man has been given advantage of 3T 480

Christ’s trophies of, specially resurrected saints taken to heaven as DA 829

the redeemed welcomed to heaven as 9T 285

Christian can turn defeat into 7T 278

Christian has, over his besetments and passions 1T 158

Christian’s life should be one of GC 477

church can gain, by presenting united front TM 505

complete: Christ will not be satisfied until He has DA 827

God’s assurance that man may obtain AA 531

religion of Christ in heart is essential to 4T 610

co-operation with Christ means 1SM 381

costs: constant watchfulness 4T 39

persevering prayer 4T 39

strong effort 4T 39

crown of, Christians must share conflicts if they wear 1SM 28-9

daily, God’s people should gain SD 294

true higher education means to gain CT 388

divine power is provided for 7BC 908

do not lay off armor or leave battlefield till, is won MYP 104; 1T 164

each soul has, to gain 1SM 118, 315

emblems of, bestowed on the redeemed at second advent GC 645

laurel crown and palm branch as AA 310; 7BC 970; 5T 384

every new: is gem in crown of life 6BC 1088

is seed sown to eternal life 5T 120

prepares way for another victory EW 46; MYP 96; 4T 345; 5T 120

smooths way for higher and nobler triumphs 5T 120

failures turned into, by humbly accepting reproof from God PP 633

faith is essential to CT 182-3

faith that does not bring 1SM 353

few, Christians must not stop to rejoice over a Ev 426

final: every victory over temptation is step to MB 140

fallen Adam and Eve could look forward to PP 66

not for persons shunning peril and danger 3T 327

of the faithful at second advent PP 468

fresh, should be gained every day 4BC 1154

gain, at every step 5T 18

every day 4T 429

gained by: Christ’s all-powerful name 4T 33

Christ’s grace 5T 231

courage, faith, and watchfulness 5T 231

faith amid clouds of darkness is more complete 6T 157

God’s assisting grace 4T 349

human power working with aid of divine power 4T 32-3; Te 111

joint operation of God and man AA 482

laying right hold on God through Christ 6T 111

looking to Christ for strength and grace SL 93

putting on full armor of God and fighting manfully 6T 41

simple obedience to highest General 6T 140

unceasing endeavor MH 453

union with Christ by faith DA 123

gained on cross by Christ for men DA 490; MH 94

gained only by: constant watchfulness and continual help from God ML 35

God’s grace combined with earnest human efforts CT 544

resolute and unwavering purpose ML 35

gained only in name of mighty Conqueror 4T 259

gained over: human depravity through Christ 4T 349

passions by religion of Christ in heart 4T 610

glorious, God’s power combined with human effort has wrought out for man MYP 106

gospel workers who will turn apparent defeat into PK 263

God alone can give, over evil desires and habits MB 142

God can bring, out of seeming discomfiture and defeat AA 481

God does not give, while His people remain inactive 4T 531

God is near to give you TM 516

God promises, over opponents 3BC 1138

God’s plan to bring, out of apparent defeat PK 475

God’s power combined with human effort has wrought out, for man MYP 106

great: gained by earnest prayer and living faith 1T 397

in reserve for God’s people 5T 582

you have heaven to lose if you do not gain 5T 267

great and decisive, God has used women to gain WM 158

greatest: are gained in audience chamber with God PP 203; 4T 443

are not result of labored argument GW 259

that church is to gain PP 203

help children gain AH 197

history as commonly studied concerns man’s, in battle MH 442

how Paul celebrated, over enemies of Christ in work for Corinthians AA 326

how to gain, over every besetment SD 370

over temptation MH 85

human power aided by divine power wins 4T 32-3

if enemy’s forces now gain, it is because of church’s neglect of its God-given work 9T 32

if you are not gaining, sin is gaining victory over you COL 51

importance of man’s will in obtaining MH 176

important, failures that men can turn into 3T 494

in Christian life, lessons from ancient athletic games re AA 309-15

in union there is 5T 488

individuals earnestly praying for, seen in vision 1T 178

is not child’s play in Christian warfare 3T 43

it pays to obtain one, after another over self CT 368; FE 87

Jacob gained, by conquering faith MB 62

Jacob’s, three steps in PP 197

joy of, lost by persons who decline struggle MH 487; 5T 345

joy of God’s people over, in shaking time EW 271

keynote of, 2 Pet. 2:1-8 strikes AA 529-31

King Saul’s first, kindled pride in his heart PP 633

laurels of, shirkers never wear 3T 272

let soldiers of Christ move forward to 7T 14

life of, over appetite and lust is possible MH 176

life’s, every act casts weight into scale determining MH 129

lost frequently through delay 3T 498

man must abide in Christ and Christ in him in order to gain 5T 47

man must battle for, over defects of character TM 328

man must be co-worker with Christ in gaining 4T 33

men may obtain, as Christ did Te 286

may be: achieved that our small faith has not grasped Ev 347

achieved through divine grace MH 159

mighty, gained by Paul for Christianity in stronghold of superstition AA 289

ministers obtain, only by inward purity TM 188

most signal, have been on turn of minutes 3T 497

must be: obtained by man as Christ did 4T 33

obtained daily 1T 167; 4T 66-7

nature’s emblem of, palm boughs as DA 570

new, gained by experience in working for Christ 3T 436

seek every day to obtain EW 105

no: so precious as that gained over self 4T 544

will stand in day of God except that won by truth 3T 425

without practicing temperance in all things 4T 35

no one can obtain, without persevering and untiring effort TM 511

no one can share “refreshing” unless he has, over every besetment EW 71

no victory more precious than, over self MH 485

not gained for God’s cause by: ceremonies or display 6T 140

erecting massive buildings MM 158

not won by human power in Christian life MB 141-2

not won without: humbling of self at every step in Christian life MB 142

much earnest prayer in Christian life MB 142

obedience to God assures 4T 27

obtain, for today 3T 333

obtained by co-operating with God Te 114

obtained over temptation: by daily prayer to God MYP 80

by unceasing endeavor 3T 253; 8T 313

obtained through trials and suffering EW 189

one: all money on earth cannot buy 4T 84

good works cannot buy 4T 89

makes next one easier to gain 4T 345

only hope of, continual resistance to Satan’s attacks is MYP 50; 3T 480

onward to 1T 663

over enemy’s forces can be gained only by God’s power PK 74

over self, four essentials to 5T 231

over stubborn will is positively essential 7T 49

over your besetting sins, you must obtain EW 105

patience as well as courage has its AA 465

Paul gained, for Christianity in heart of paganism AA 241

in Nero’s judgment hall AA 498

Paul’s shout of, in Rom. 8:35-39 SL 96

person failing to obtain, carries others down by his influence 4T 577

persons daily gaining, grow wise and strong in Christ ML 277

pledge of man’s, Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary is MYP 96

power of God combined with human effort assures, for us MYP 106

precious: assured to the true and upright 9T 163

caviling and ridicule and misrepresentation do not gain TM 466

gained by helping others MM 208

gained by practice of close discipline of self 2T 637

may be gained over temptation and wrong SL 11

move forward believing that God will give His truth 3T 574

overbearing and dictatorial word must be left unspoken in order to gain 4T 345

promised by Christ to His faithful workers 7T 243

promised to God’s people ML 320; SD 213; 3T 573

reserved by God for the temperate 1T 618

will be gained by the faithful MB 11

press perseveringly on to gain, with God’s help 6T 22

Prince Immanuel’s army gaining, seen in vision 8T 41-2

promised to persons who fight manfully God’s battles 5T 97

put forth utmost exertion to gain AA 311

redeemed who had gotten, seen by John in vision AA 589

revengeful speech does not make man feel he has gained 7T 243

Satan gains, by presenting flattering worldly prospects 4T 577

where he should meet repulse and defeat 4T 577

secret of, working with Christ is 9T 152

seemingly impossible, achieved by divine grace MH 159

achieved by faith TM 187

series of uninterrupted, Christ’s trusting followers can have DA 679; GW 39; 6T 307

shout of, by the redeemed when the righteous are resurrected EW 273, 287; GC 644

over beast and his image EW 34, 286; GC 636

signal, Satan is especially busy after God’s people have won 2BC 1004

songs of, sung by the redeemed before God’s throne AA 602; MH 506-7

soon battle will have been fought and, won PK 732

trials should be used as God’s means to gain, over self 5T 344-5

true humility is essential to 7BC 959

trusting God and obeying His will are essential to, in spiritual warfare PP 554

turn your defeat into, if you make mistake COL 332; FE 249; 7T 244

turning failures into, privilege of 3T 495

two valuable, that student may gain 4T 414

victory after, may be gained over objectionable traits of character 6T 262-3

persevere in God’s work till you gain 7T 282

victory to, failure of God’s people to advance from 9T 139

warfare soon will be over and, won 5T 309

why evil gains, over man CS 25

why Jacob’s almost superhuman effort did not gain PP 197

will attend third angel’s message TM 410

willing and obedient persons will gain COL 404

won by looking away from self to Christ 6T 67

working with Christ is your 7T 39

your course should be upward and onward to 2T 122

youth can turn defeat into SD 73

See also Conquest; Triumph


ability is valueless without moving on to 2MCP 577:4

aged sister promised, in coming forth after death TDG 313:3

amid daily annoyances, prayer needed for HP 90:7

appearance or praise are not the measure of TDG 199:5

assured in Christ despite clouds and storms HP 127:5

assured to one who repents and accepts Christ’s gift 3SM 356:2

bring us nearer to heaven UL 32:2

by Christ’s example of using Scripture TDG 259:5

by ourselves through Christ’s grace OHC 87:4

celebrated in heaven by hosannas and palm branches HP 371:4

certainty of,

through dependence on perfection of Christ AG 195:5

when looking to Christ for strength RC 295:3


alone can give, in these days of peril OHC 60:5; TMK 236:2

calls us toward, promising to be our defense FW 93:1

chosen as leader brings HP 17

endured hunger to gain, for humanity HP 194:4

gained, by submission and faith in God HP 256:4

gives, HP 19:4

self is not the source 2MCP 807:4

to ones brought to Him 3SM 431:3

has led the way to FW 49:4; NL 37:2

has promised 3SM 136:0

made every provision for HP 260:5

obtained, for us 1MCP 185:1

offers; His life described as our example TDG 279:3

to be dwelled on for; love for world loses power LHU 280:6

wants to give crown and TDG 60:3

will not be satisfied till it is complete AG 27:5


merits and imparted power provide HP 252:4

merits to be seen as only hope of TMK 304:3

name and power in gaining AG 223:7; OHC 265:3

over appetite, few appreciate HP 194:2


coming to God just as you are HP 270:2

in Christ TMK 112:4

conquering little irritations prepares for greater HP 231:2

contrite soul with sense of unworthiness given UL 367:4

cooperation with agencies of Heaven brings TDG 247:5

correction accepted by erring brings them TMK 186:3

cost of, may be life; reward is in first resurrection Con 79:0

crown made desirable to Paul by LHU 343:2


grace for LHU 176:2

if heart is cultivated in connection with God TDG 12:6

kingdom inherited by those gaining HP 369:5

should be actuating purpose RC 318:5

defeat becomes, when reproof acknowledged and errors corrected TMK 239:5

depressed one may gain from Sun of Righteousness 2MCP 492:1

determination to gain HP 280:4; UL 154:4

diligence, study and toil needed to obtain 1MCP 99:1


all in our power to resist evil will bring TDG 374:2

the work of Christ FW 28:0

doubting possibility of LHU 333:2

each soul provided grace for OHC 76:3

earth is site of the final contest and TDG 308:3


and integrity bring, in name of Christ Con 78:4

of every spiritual nerve and muscle required for OHC 91:5

encouragement for, in Christian race TMK 315:4

ensures an easier victory tomorrow OHC 244:2

example of,

by Christ Con 36:1

by Daniel over lust of the flesh CC 248:2


and obedience assure TMK 256:5

brings greatest OHC 126:5

guarantees TDG 204:3

in God behind the promise brings UL 133:6

in promises of Christ brings OHC 131:2

faithful ones gain OHC 316:2


if not weary in well-doing RC 368:6

steps in battle toward TMK 253:2

following Christ in seeking, over sin TMK 280:4

found in meeting trials with courage and patience OHC 317:4

gained daily UL 68:3

given those who walk with Christ UL 131:4


alone could be credited for, over Sisera’s army RC 329:6

directs path to, if way is committed to Him OHC 316:5

must go before you for TDG 258:3

wants children to gain, every day; do not offend 2MCP 518:5

grace for,

combined with effort AG 258:4

in spite of small faith and character defects HP 62:4

grasping promises by faith brings TDG 334:2

help for, despite weakness RC 356:3

Holy Spirit,

brings power to those wrestling for RC 132:3

promised to those wrestling for 3SM 137:1

human strength cannot gain; divine strength, needed 2MCP 454:2

impossible except in Christ OHC 25:2

Jacob obtained; God has made a way for full salvation FW 75:3

light from Christ gives; be cheerful and hopeful in Him TDG 305:6


as self gives way to impulse HP 50:3

by declining the struggle HP 231:3

by reaction to unwise speech HP 176:4

irreverence in meetings 3SM 257:2

to Satan unless we follow our Leader closely UL 200:7

when worker is not on guard TDG 54:3


by unceasing endeavor HP 26:3, 159:2

in Christ or be overcome by temptations TDG 52:4

meeting Satan as Jesus did HP 256:3

mind kept ascending to God for UL 127:3

motives must be above world for AG 271:2

never gained in own strength TMK 57:4

obedience required for, not ceremonies or display HP 259:5


as it was Christ’s RC 308:6

only by faith in what Christ has won for us RC 108:6


depression recognizing the light of Christ TDG 305:5

opposition to truth in the heart OHC 87:2

persecution of Paul brought RC 358:5

petition God until you receive HP 88:2

possibility of,

as for Christ (John 14:30) TMK 279:3

through same Source Christ used 3SM 130:1

with heart on God’s side RC 112:6

work out salvation with God’s power TSB 51:2

power for,

from God AG 319:3

from Holy Spirit, not manufactured HP 63:5

from truth and love in the cross 3SM 319:1

praise and singing for, over darkness 3SM 332:1; VSS 409:4

prayer (fervent) in Christ’s name required for TMK 269:2

precious; battles with power of darkness LHU 98:5

proclaiming, possible by following the Lamb of God TMK 166:3

provision made for UL 255:4

purpose, watchfulness and God’s help in gaining HP 90:7


believing every word of God OHC 210:3

hatred for sin and love for purity TSB 135:3

patiently submitting to God’s proving OHC 326:2

righteous to receive palm of, when wickedness fills earth 3SM 429:2

Sabbath observance brings 3SM 319:1

safe while striving for, as an overcomer UL 367:5

saints wave palm branches in final 3SM 430:3

salvation which pardons also gives TMK 124:3


and evil forces struggle for, but truth will win 3SM 393:3

must be conquered for one to have HP 260:2

service to God with whole heart brings TMK 41:5

singing of, around the throne TDG 333:2

soldiers of Christ look to their Captain for HP 252:4

song of,

in heaven, learned here FW 78:4

when Christ and His trophies enter heaven HP 332:5

statement of, over death when Christ died on the cross FW 74

strength and, for one who trusts Christ OHC 87:5

strive and fight nobly for TDG 178:3

striving for,

lawfully by seeking God diligently 1MCP 102:1

over self; claiming God’s grace LHU 367:5


is a condition for; surrender in Christ’s name HP 98:5

purifies character for some for FW 86:3

required in, because Jesus suffered OHC 265:4

talking of Christ instead of self for LHU 249:2

temptation resisted is, in subduing self TMK 91:4

tempted soul will gain, following Christ’s example OHC 307:4

trusting in Christ,

for, advancing step by step TDG 320:2

to fight battles for 2MCP 810:0

truth will bear away,

marked by events of Providence TDG 195:6

work with Spirit of Christ PM 307:0


for UL 127:3

of both God and humans necessary for TDG 344:4

See also Overcoming; Satan, victory over