Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Meetings of Special Interest

My visit to Oregon was one of special interest. I here met, after a separation of four years, my dear friends Brother and Sister Van Horn, whom we claim as our children. I was somewhat surprised, and very much pleased, to find the cause of God in so prosperous a condition in Oregon. LS 231.1

Tuesday evening, June 18, I met a goodly number of the Sabbath keepers in this State. I gave my testimony for Jesus, and expressed my gratitude for the sweet privilege that is ours of trusting in His love, and of claiming His power to unite with our efforts to save sinners from perdition. If we would see the work of God prosper, we must have Christ dwelling in us; in short, we must work the works of Christ. Wherever we look, the whitening harvest appears; but the laborers are so few. I felt my heart filled with the peace of God, and drawn out in love for His dear people with whom I was worshiping for the first time. LS 231.2

On Sunday, June 23, I spoke in the Methodist church of Salem, on the subject of temperance. On the next Tuesday evening, I again spoke in this church. Many invitations were tendered me to speak on temperance in various cities and towns of Oregon, but the state of my health forbade my complying with these requests. LS 231.3

We entered upon the camp meeting with feelings of deepest interest. The Lord gave me strength and grace as I stood before the people. As I looked upon the intelligent audience, my heart was broken before God. This was the first camp meeting held by our people in the State. I tried to present before the people the gratitude we should feel for the tender compassion and great love of God. His goodness and glory impressed my mind in a remarkable manner. LS 231.4

I had felt very anxious about my husband, on account of his poor health. While speaking, there came vividly before my mind's eye a meeting in the church at Battle Creek, my husband being in the midst, with the mellow light of the Lord resting upon and surrounding him. His face bore the marks of health, and he was apparently very happy. LS 232.1

I was overwhelmed with a sense of God's unparalleled mercies, and of the work He was doing, not only in Oregon, and in California and Michigan, where our important institutions are located, but also in foreign countries. I can never represent to others the picture that vividly impressed my mind on that occasion. For a moment the extent of the work came before me, and I lost sight of my surroundings. The occasion and the people I was addressing passed from my mind. The light, the precious light from heaven, was shining in great brilliancy upon those institutions which are engaged in the solemn and elevated work of reflecting the rays of light that heaven has let shine upon them. LS 232.2

All through this camp meeting the Lord seemed very near me. When it closed, I was exceedingly weary, but free in the Lord. It was a season of profitable labor, and strengthened the church to go on in their warfare for the truth. LS 232.3

On the Sunday following the camp meeting, I spoke in the afternoon in the public square, upon the simplicity of gospel religion. LS 232.4