EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

View, Views - Voice, Voices

View, Views

View, Views, fixed, guard continually against 3T 540

no man should advocate his own, irrespective of judgment of church 3T 450-1

one man’s, disputed questions are not to be settled by PP 516

opposed to faith of SDA body, results of holding 3T 441

SDA differences of, how to handle CW 76-7

shortsighted, do not take TM 210

See also Difference; Doctrine; Opinion

Vigil, Vigils

Vigil, Vigils, Luther’s (Martin) efforts to subdue his evil nature by GC 123

midnight, of Roman Catholics GC 72


Vigilance, ceaseless, warfare between vice and virtue requires PK 488

Christians should never cease their 8T 27

college that relaxes, to secure patronage 5T 14

constant: God’s work calls for 2SM 407-8

present time calls for Ev 232; GW 148

SDA work calls for exercise of LS 439; 9T 10

double, required of Christ’s followers today 5T 460-1

tribulation should lead to 2T 205

eternal: is price of safety CT 258

manifest, re children AH 202

parents must have, over children CG 474

God’s people should not relax their 3T 570

individual, is price of safety 6T 148

knowing no relaxation, God requires PK 571

ministers are never to relax their GW 15

now is time to work for God with 9T 63

sanitarium workers should never relax their CH 411

severe trial develops AA 468

sleepless, is price of safety TM 365

spiritual: essential to salvation 5T 540

is price of individual safety 6BC 1094

peril of relaxing, for one moment 1SM 182

untiring, God desires His church to manifest ML 335

watchmen on walls of Zion are never to relax their AA 361

See also Watchfulness


Vigilant, be, against Satan’s devices 3T 572

Vigilant person

Vigilant person, be, lest masterly snare take you unawares 8T 99

Vigilant working

Vigilant working, combine waiting and watching with 5T 276


Vigor, blessing of, obedience to laws of health brings 4T 35

declines as years advance MH 275

indulgence of appetite impairs SL 23

mental See Mental vigor

moral, things that give 3T 491

of life, all men must preserve FE 340

physical: alarming decline of MH 125

depends much on physical strength and activity Ed 195

how people lose their 1T 478

how to preserve 3T 487

teacher’s success depends largely on Ed 277

temperate habits and proper exercise ensure MH 238

See Energy

Vile affections

Vile affections, persons whom God will leave to Ev 681

Vile epithets

Vile epithets, husband who uses AH 348

Vile habits

Vile habits, men of, women should never marry 2SM 422

persons of, only hope for CG 464

Vile images

Vile images, defiled imagination’s, corrupt morals 2T 410

Vile indulgence

Vile indulgence, secret vice as 2T 470


Vileness, how to rid yourself of 2T 323

human heart’s, not understood MM 143

marriage relation covers, of every description 2T 252

of character, that brings reproach on God’s cause 5T 145

of others, Christians should turn away from 5T 96

Vile passion

Vile passion, indolence in children tends to CG 462-3

Vile person, Vile persons

Vile person, Vile persons, deliverance for, in Christ DA 258; MH 93

not beyond the power of God’s grace COL 96

not seen in world to come SC 126

person who chooses companionship of, will assuredly become vile 4T 587

Vile practices

Vile practices, youth adopt, while spirit is tender 2T 351, 482

Vilest debauchery

Vilest debauchery, in popes’ palaces GC 60; SR 334

Vilest license

Vilest license, teaching of demon gods fostered, in ancient times Ev 608; PP 688

Vilest sinner

Vilest sinner, God’s love reaches out to embrace 1SM 313

Vile thought

Vile thought, truth in heart restrains ML 207; 5T 601

Vile utterance

Vile utterance, truth in heart restrains ML 207; 5T 601

Village, Villages

Village, Villages, bound more by idolatry than are pagans of East 4T 156

Christ did not neglect, in evangelistic work Ev 52

Christ left whole, without moan of sickness in any house DA 241

God’s people to flee from, during time of trouble LS 102

everywhere: should hear warning message TM 231-2

waiting to hear warning message 3T 236

gospel work must be done in Ev 46-7

hundreds of men should carry light through 4T 389

in USA that have never heard the warning message CT 507; LS 204

missionaries needed in 4T 156

missionaries needed to raise standard of truth in Ev 52; 2T 115

new, what will lead church to enter SD 33

part of God’s vineyard LS 208

persons in every, who would embrace truth 2T 113

unentered, miss. families urged to settle in ChS 180

unwarned, SDA families should move out of cities into Ev 52

warning messages should be given in CW 23

where you live, Christ sends letter in you to SC 115

where warning message has not been heard need to be entered 3T 202


Villainy, Nathan Fuller’s, warning to others 2T 449


Vim, causing people to turn from truth Ev 282

Vindictive feeling

Vindictive feeling, one, may lead to murder 4T 578

Vindictive spirit

Vindictive spirit, do not manifest TM 355

Vine, Vines

Vine, Vines, Adam and Eve trained GC 648; PP 47

and branches, parable of See Parable

as symbol 5T 230

branch constantly draws sap from DA 676

branch separated from, cannot live DA 676

branches of, Christians compared to SL 80

should bear clusters of fruit 5T 540

Christ in, children may learn to see Ed 120

church planted as 5T 240

climbed stately trees before Flood PP 90; 3SG 62

clinging, wife who was like 2T 305

clinging to stately pillar, John clung to Christ as SL 53

clinging to trees, vision re LS 175-6, 201; 1T 583-4; 2T 608

dead branch severed from, Jewish nation as DA 739

flourishing, viewed in moonlight DA 674

fruitful branches of, teach precious lessons of trust and faith 4T 579

God gives life to 1BC 1081; MM 8

God is blighting, because of man’s wickedness 5T 361

gold and silver, at temple entrance DA 575

grafting of scion into DA 675; 5T 591

in Garden of Eden PP 47; 3SG 89; SR 21-2

in New Jerusalem GC 648

Israel as, brought out of Egypt GC 19-20; PK 19-22

planted in Palestine DA 675; PK 22

Jews regarded, as most noble of plants DA 675; 5T 230

as type of all that was powerful, excellent, and fruitful DA 675; 5T 230

Jewish nation prized 5T 230

lesson from MB 128

life that circulates throughout SD 76

little children compared to CG 35

living, Christians must draw nourishment daily from 5T 117

med. institutions should cultivate CD 312

pruning of, lessons from 4T 354-5

replanted by Christ on other side of wall DA 675; PK 22

root of, sends nourishment through branch to outermost twig DA 676

Satan would convert fruit of, into poison Te 12

Sodom as home of PP 156

tangled, field left uncultivated produces ML 83

tendrils of, entwining about roots and rubbish 6BC 1102

trailing on ground, illustration of 6BC 1102

union of church with Christ represented by DA 830

untrained, illustration of CG 35

windows should not be shaded by MH 275

with clinging tendrils entwined about trellis DA 674

See also Grapevine


abiding in, to bear fruit RC 355:3

branch(es) of,

abide in it, nourished by same sap as is in the vine RC 355:2

appearance of, may be good but Christ prunes it TMK 133:2

are part of it, not tied on; thus oneness with Christ UL 182:4


as root sustains every TDG 327:2

is highest cedar, of Ezekiel 17 LHU 257:6

nourished by it;

and bear fruit; (living vine) FW 65:2

complete union needed FW 66:5

pruning of, to increase fruit bearing OHC 144:3

unity like, with the vine 3SM 352:1

Christ used the figure of, to help us remember His lessons UL 182:2

draw strength from OHC 216:6

fruit of, is unity and fellowship HP 72:5


equality as branches of TMK 100:5

union with, lacking because of neglect TMK 164:3

minds differ but all to be grafted into 1MCP 54:0

power for bearing fruit is in RC 355:4

profession without godliness of one not abiding in TMK 113:2

publishing houses to be branches of: separate but same vine PM 154:3

sap of, like power of Spirit from Christ in the life TDG 252:3

trailing on ground represents many Christians HP 169:2


relation of branches to SW 52

truth in actions shows we are branches of OHC 144:3

united to, entire being must be FW 66:5

untrained, those who act without thinking resemble OHC 112:5

useful, trained to grasp that which will be of benefit TDG 66:4

useless, with untrained tendrils catching rubbish 2MCP 592:2

Vine and branches

Christ helps sinner sustain relationship of TMK 109:4

connection between, may be deceptive HP 108:2

connection between, illustrates union with Christ HP 56:3

lessons of, as a mirror UL 182:3


Vinegar, desire for, how to overcome CD 485

offered to Christ on cross DA 755

salads prepared with, objectionable CD 345

Vinegar habit

Vinegar habit, indulgence in, warning against CD 485

EGW overcame CD 485

Vineyard, Vineyards

1. God’s

2. Literal

3. Miscellaneous

1. God’s

barren portions of, cry of CS 48

blessing withdrawn from, because of man’s wickedness CG 80

Christ represented world as FE 512

Christ wants no idlers in 4T 518

church as 5BC 1097; COL 282, 296-7

cultivate carefully the little piece of, entrusted to you MYP 143

every man has: lot and place assigned him in 1SM 113

work to do in 4T 454

every part of, must be worked 6T 24

good work can be done by all in ML 118

hills of Palestine as site of PK 21

includes whole world 6T 24

Isaiah’s parable re COL 284-91; PK 17-22

Israel as COL 214, 284-6; DA 596; GC 20; PK 15-22

keeper of, church is PK 22

tower in, temple as COL 288; PK 18

whole earth as 1BC 1112; COL 301; 6T 24; 7T 34; 8T 182-3

workers in: God accepts service of 6T 304

God requires all to be ChS 9

relationship between 5T 418

2. Literal

are health-giving and life-giving surroundings MH 264

as part of elixir of life 7T 76-7

dressed by Israel in spring PP 531

flourished at Capernaum DA 252

men depend on God for blessing upon TM 308

many people will be taken from, to give last warning message 7T 270-1

Naboth’s, Ahab unlawfully took PK 204-6

Palestine’s most beautiful, near Hebron PP 133, 697

sanitariums should be surrounded by MM 233; 7T 85

vale of Sorek was celebrated for its PP 565

3. Miscellaneous

entrusted to wicked husbandmen, parable of See Parable

laborers in, parable of See Parable

parables referring to, study FE 512

your soul as, cultivate faithfully COL 282


cultivation of God’s, requires work from every believer PM 83:2

entering, and working for souls TDG 163:4

God owns, and all the work is His; preserve physical strength 2MCP 736:3

idlers in, to learn efficiency PM 273:1

parable of two sons sent to, for those knowing truth UL 112:2

work in, natural result for those alive to Christ TDG 244:6


Violence, acts of, antediluvian 1BC 1090; PP 91-2

people will be led to Ev 236

victims of appetite led by Satan to commit Te 277

antediluvian, reached to heaven Te 227

banning of intoxicating drinks reduces Te 26

child training does not require CG 205

Christ blends man’s will to God’s will without using ML 340

deeds of, liquor drinking causes Te 277

during Manasseh’s wicked reign PK 381

earth is filled with 3T 247; 6T 15; 9T 43-4

of man against man 3BC 1153

every description of, filling world 3T 471

filling the land TM 457

heartsickening record of, every day brings 9T 89

in family discipline is improper 2T 366

in the land Te 251

increasing in world 9T 270

Jews used, in opposing gospel AA 178

present day is great time of 1SM 98

reigns in cities PK 275-6

Satan constantly seeks to incite men to DA 341

Satan’s futile efforts to destroy church by GC 41

seldom equaled in sacred history, as result of Jezebel’s influence PK 204, 279

sickening record of, every day brings MH 142

sins that fast fill world with DA 633

spiritual, seek kingdom of heaven with SD 30

turning from path of obedience brings PK 185

weapon used in all ages to silence heretics DA 715

why, is seen overspreading earth DA 341

world’s, sign of second advent SD 354

See also Crime


against righteousness held back HP 96:3

appetite and passions cause, now near end of time 3SM 292:1

Christ moved in world of, as the sun above clouds TDG 263:4

exceeding that before destruction of old world UL 365:3

in cities displeases God HP 345:4

result of sin seen in TMK 67:4


drives his victims to FLB 312:3

uses, when deception fails OHC 362:2

See also Crime

Violent spirit

Violent spirit, John had to overcome DA 295


Violet, divine love that restores is seen in Ed 101

Viper, Vipers

Viper, Vipers, as symbol of persons bitterly opposed to truth 5BC 1077

cherishing and petting FE 53

deadly, Paul bitten by AA 445-6; ML 334

do not take, to your bosom and expect God to keep it from biting you TM 455

generation of, class who are compared to 5BC 1077; 5T 226

why John the Baptist spoke of DA 106

See also Serpent


“Vipers,” meaning of word, in Matt. 3:7 5BC 1077; DA 106; 5T 226

Virgin, Virgins

Virgin, Virgins, foolish, class represented by COL 411

God’s people called, because they profess pure faith COL 406

ten, parable of See Parable



example of, not safe to follow TMK 350:2

faith not cultivated is as experience of 2MCP 535:0

some do not realize they are UL 251:3

world-loving Christians represented by TMK 215:2

represented either by the wise or the foolish Mar 54:4


awake for Armageddon as 3SM 426:1

character and attitude show daily whether we are RC 303:3

to trim their lamps UL 251:6

Virginia, U.S.A.

Virginia, U.S.A. LS 238; 4T 302

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary See Mary, Virgin

Virtue, Virtues

Virtue, Virtues, active, must be cultivated MH 497; 5T 404

brings its own reward in time 3SG 145; SR 103

Christian, must develop constantly TM 506

continual progress in, God’s purpose for His people MH 503

corrosion of 3T 519

draw, from God CG 58

female, temptation that tends to uproot 2T 560

intelligence should be controlled by 2T 407

Joseph suffered for his 3SG 144-5

Joseph’s, tested severely but triumphant 5T 43

lack of, curse of present corrupt age 4T 96

lover of fermented wine does not cherish 5T 357

lover of hard cider does not cherish 5T 357

lovers of, nearly discouraged by boldness, strength, and prevalence of vice 2T 346

many youth lack 5T 123

modesty guards 2T 458

one round in ladder of Christian progress AA 530

passive, must be cultivated MH 497; 5T 404

path of, angels record every departure from 2T 292

pure and unsullied, no person can rise to honorable eminence without FE 87

rare 2T 458

resisting temptation strengthens SD 191

second round in ladder of advancement ML 96

seek, and forsake vice AA 467

seven sterner, list of MH 391; 2T 701

some people think it, to be unrestrained 4T 243

tested by suffering 1SM 117

which they lack, many people applauded for GW 275

wonderful treasures of 9T 186

See also Goodness


Christ taught, in both Old and New Testaments RC 112:4


develop daily HP 227:3

result from obedience UL 129:2

students from our schools to have 1MCP 189:1

Christ’s life characterized by 3SM 134:1

cultivate heavenly, purifying soul from defilement TDG 29:5

danger in congratulating ourselves on quality of TMK 242:3

development of,

provided for 2MCP 658:1

through opposition and reproach OHC 359:6

duty of intelligent souls to practice TDG 34:4

effort required to attain PM 133:0

failure and infirmity regarded as, by self-centered soul OHC 315:4

human, not needed in Christ’s intercession TMK 73:4

humanity gains, only through Christ TMK 21:5

invigorated by exercise UL 370:5

Joseph responded when tempted to turn from RC 307:5

mature amid clouds of darkness TDG 47:5

progress in, adding graces through Christ 1MCP 94:3

rewarded by its reproduction in others HP 196:6

seek; have a submissive spirit TDG 243:2

strengthened by resistance to temptation OHC 361:4

students to learn; pure thoughts and clean minds 1MCP 11:2

thoughts of youth to be sanctified by 1MCP 366:0


Vision, Balaam’s spiritual, beclouded PP 444

Christian’s, can grow clearer 6T 462

clouded, people who look at things with 2T 258

experience in spiritual things widens CT 426

lovesick sentimentalism blinds 3T 45

moral, how to have clear 3T 47

of future, God’s people may have AA 601

of things unseen, keep before you MH 508

power of, person abiding in darkness will lose MB 92

spiritual, effects of sin upon man’s FE 188

importance of keeping clear your CS 136

lack of, makes men stumble like blind 5T 296


physical, talent of, use, for that which benefits OHC 276:6

servant of God has purpose in; eyes sanctified; (seeing) OHC 334:3


blinded to unsafe paths UL 95:2

defective, endangers publishing work PM 54:1

dimmed by impurity RC 308:3

discernment of heavenly things only by HP 366:3

faith is not TDG 156:4

heavenly, needed UL 95:4

learn to discern eternal things by OHC 339:3

narrow, prevents seeing God’s love in discipline OHC 317:6

not dimmed by worldly policy or aims TDG 159:5

strengthening, as errors abound TMK 188:5

to understand God’s work by applying talents TMK 328:2

Vision, Visions

1. False (spurious)

2. From God

3. Miscellaneous

1. False (spurious)

Anna Garmire’s 2SM 64-5, 72-9, 89

Anna Phillips’s 2SM 85-95

called wonderful light of God 2SM 78

childish figures and illustrations in 2SM 89

descend to minute and trifling matters 2SM 89

false dreams and, spirit of Satan inspires 1T 569; 5T 658

fulfillment of some things predicted in 2SM 76

inspired by Satan’s spirit 1T 569; 5T 658

met early in history of SDA 2SM 86

persons fallen in, EGW rebuked 2SM 77

play of imagination in 2SM 89-90

rule by which, may be detected 7BC 952

Satan mingles truth and error in 2SM 77-8

Satan uses, to bring in heresies 2SM 74

to disgust people 2SM 77

skeptics produced by 2SM 78

some SDA influenced by 1T 328; 5T 668

that were Satan’s work 2SM 77

there will be 2SM 49, 98

EGW exposed 2SM 75

will have some truth 7BC 952; 2SM 98

2. From God

Ananias was given, in Damascus AA 121; EW 200-1

Balaam was given PP 439-51

Daniel was given FE 411; GC 325-9, 345; PK 494, 547-8, 553-4; SL 35-6, 48-52

direct, self-deceived persons who accept no reproofs or correctings unless they come through 5T 690

dreams classed with, in His word 1T 569; 5T 658

Ezekiel was given PK 176, 448-9, 535-6; 5T 751-4

genuine, demand clear evidence for Ev 610; 2SM 72

given in last days: for comfort of God’s people EW 78

not given as new rule of faith EW 78

purpose of EW 78

to correct persons erring from Bible truth EW 78

God communicates with His messengers by 5T 685

Isaiah was given, in temple PK 307-10; 5T 749-51, 753

Jacob was given, of ladder reaching from heaven to earth AA 512; PK 49; PP 183-4

John was given, on Isle of Patmos AA 581-3, 590-2; EW 230-1; SL 74-5; 5T 752-3

on Sabbath AA 581-2

less frequent when not appreciated by church 5T 674

night: Balaam was given PP 439

Daniel was given FE 411; PK 494; SL 36

given to Paul at Troas AA 211

Nebuchadnezzar was given SL 34, 36

Solomon was given PK 45, 75

not given by God to meet every emergency arising 5T 685

of future glory, revealed in last days 8T 43

should be dear to church AA 601; 8T 43

of Zechariah 4, applies with peculiar force to God’s people in last days 5T 472

open, in Eli’s time there was no PP 581

panoramic, given to Moses on Mt. Nebo PP 471

panoramic view presented to EGW in GW 435

Paul could not tell all that he saw in AA 469

Paul was given: at Corinth AA 250

at Troas AA 211

in fortress at Jerusalem AA 413

near gate of Damascus AA 114-8; EW 200

of heaven’s beauty and glory AA 159

on ship during storm AA 443

while praying in temple at Jerusalem AA 130

Paul was given many AA 469

Peter was given, on housetop at Joppa AA 135

promised to His people living in last days EW 78

prophetic, Enoch was given PP 85

Solomon was given, after dedicating temple PK 45, 75

Spirit gives GC 5

truth revealed through 1SM 25

when to accept 2SM 72

EGW was given See White, Ellen G.

Zechariah was given PK 580-94

3. Miscellaneous

acceptance of, “nothing objectionable” is unsound basis for 2SM 93-5

belittling God’s law, have no faith in 2SM 98

Garmire daughters claimed to have 2SM 64

how Satan leads people to doubt all 2SM 77

how Satan will cause people to regard all, as fanaticism 2SM 78

leading away from original truth, have no faith in 2SM 98

of fiends and monsters, drunkards have seen Te 205

of kingdoms of world, Satan gave to Christ DA 129

persons claiming to have 2SM 76, 96

caution re 2SM 21-2

letters from 2SM 21-2

what to do re Ev 610

will arise Ev 610; 2SM 72, 98

persons who accept everything coming in form of 7BC 952

purported, by fanatics 2SM 34

test so-called, before accepting them 2SM 90

unbelief re, in minds of many EW 76

why some early SDA were skeptical re 5T 668

woman in Germany claimed to have 2SM 97

See also Dream


consciousness in some, 3SM 35:5

danger from enemy when receptive to; false messages 3SM 404:4

earthly things lost sight of in 3SM 35:3

Ellen White,

appealed in, for people to seek things above TDG 15:4

longed to realize experiences shown in TDG 198:4

shown Bible truth in, while studying after 1844 TDG 317:3

shown rebellious boyfriend in LYL 54:1

experiences of Ellen White in, and of those around her 3SM 34

given when people in captivity cried unto the Lord UL 161:4

infatuation of relationship shown Ellen White in LYL 66

prayer of Ellen White for strength to write after UL 241:2

scenes of future and past in 3SM 35:4

special, not received for every case 3SM 53

spurious, mix false with true and disgust people FLB 296:6

vain, people covenanting to serve God not to turn to TDG 40:5

Visionary character

Visionary character, Noah was denounced as 4T 308

“Vision of Sir Launfal,”

poem by James Russell Lowell, quoted MB 73

Visit, Visits

Visit, Visits, do home miss. work by making, with neighbors 9T 38

missionary: make Ev 113

many people who have not been warned may be reached by MM 313

open way for Bible studies Ev 470

neighborly, youth should help mother to find time for AH 486

training in making, given by Elder and Mrs. S. N. Haskell Ev 470

See also Visiting


Visitation, time for God’s, has about come 5T 209

time of, men know not their 5T 72; 6T 426

See also Visiting

Visitation of judgments

See Judgment


Visiting, church members’ duty re, with friends and neighbors 6T 276

with the poor, sick, and suffering 6T 276

fashionable, made occasion of gluttony 2SM 414

house-to-house, Christ’s ministry included GW 188

in 1843-44 2SM 402

neglected work of 5T 185

work of WM 87-96

important part of evangelistic work Ev 656

in gospel work, effectiveness of WM 97-104

in welfare work WM 59-65

ministers who dread task of GW 338

ministers’ neglect of, with people in their homes GW 338; 4T 317, 536-7

ministers’ work includes, with people in their homes Ev 431-9; GW 187-8; 3T 558-9; 4T 317

miss. work done by, with neighbors 9T 38

much, detrimental to camp meeting 2T 597

object of, not to indulge appetite 2SM 414

part of home miss. work 9T 41

pastors should do more, with families Ev 347

persons assigned to do Ev 471

publishing house is no place for 3T 191

social See Social visiting

thousands of believers seen, with families 9T 126

unnecessary, time wasted in 4T 450

unprofitable, life too short for 3T 146

not necessary 7BC 972

with the sick 2SM 458; 9T 36; WM 103-4

as miss. work 6T 276

that is mistaken kindness 2SM 458

warning against too much MH 222

with the suffering 6T 276; 9T 36

women cautioned re 5T 131

See also Visit


Ellen White did, on Sabbath afternoon 3SM 264:2

individual, of great value TMK 330:4

James’ counsel about, spoken to all Christians TDG 370:2

See also Friends

Visitor, Visitors

Visitor, Visitors, admiration of, dressing babies for 2SM 466

admiration or envy of, do not toil for display to excite AH 450

be to: considerate, courteous, and pleasant AH 450

what you are to your family every day AH 450

Bible study should not be stopped on account of CG 511

care of sleeping rooms for 2SM 462

children should be taught to be quiet and respectful before AH 267; CG 97

children should not be put on exhibition before CG 38

display in entertaining, do not make 6T 343

do not try to give, impression that you can sustain style of living beyond your means AH 449

efforts to make others happy to be seen by RC 183:2

entertain, courteously 4aSG 133

entertainment of CH 156; MYP 342; 4aSG 133, 142; 2T 487; 6T 343

by mothers AH 449-50; 2SM 433

by EGW 2T 487

excessive preparation for 6T 343

expensive, is unwise MH 322

greater simplicity needed in MH 322

in home 2SM 462

make no parade in 6T 347

families lose blessings by failure to entertain 6T 344

father should speak to family with same tone of voice as he does to AH 216

food (meals) for AH 449; CD 88-9, 332; CG 386-7; 2SM 414; 2T 485

fashionable, that is injurious 2SM 413

good and bad 2SM 414

should be wholesome and nutritious CD 88

unexpected 6T 343

EGW’s practice re 2T 487

gospel Ev 470

students should be trained as CT 546

gospel worker’s duty re 6T 344

invite, to take part in home Bible study CSW 43

irreligious MYP 432

make, feel at home AH 450

mothers’ duty re AH 261-2, 266-7, 459-60; 2SM 433

parents should not permit, to rob them of time needed for child training 3T 146

parents’ duty to, not secondary to duty to children AH 450; CT 129

persons very ill should not have MH 222

sensible, what will secure regard of Ed 200

should see you striving to conform to Christ’s will AH 450

sick persons often wearied by MH 222; 2SM 458

sleeping rooms of, should be well ventilated 2SM 462

superficial politeness toward, need of less AH 422

train people to serve as, in families Ev 470

treat, kindly AH 450

unexpected, entertainment of 6T 343

what, should see in SDA home AH 450

See also Guest; Hospitality


See Fanaticism; Fantasies; Hypnotism

Vital energy (force)

Vital energy (force), Adam had 20 times as much, as modern man 3T 138-9

doubt saps 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

drugs tend to destroy 2SM 281

eating at any or all times wears away CG 388

eating too much saps CD 131; Te 162

excessive grief saps 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

expenditure of, God holds man accountable for 2T 472

giving loose reins to lustful passions squanders 2T 472

God has endowed man with certain amount of MH 234

hurtful food and drinks tax 2SM 414

imparted to mind through brain Te 74

loss of, hurtful food and drinks cause 2SM 414

needed at future time, overwork expends CH 99; FE 153-4

new, God’s work will receive 1SM 201

normal condition of, healthy mind depends on CD 426; FE 144; 3T 569

of brain and body, solitary vice saps 4T 97

perplexity saps 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

preserve carefully your FE 144; 4aSG 131; 2SM 416

rapid exhaustion of, nervous system ill-affected by MH 235

reckless exhaustion of, warning against CH 99

sexual excess saps 2T 472

sinful indulgence saps 3T 138-9

tobacco lessens Te 64

which comes from connection with heaven GW 35

Vital fluid

Vital fluid, blood as 2T 525

Vital force

See Vital energy


Vitality, air gives 2T 533

children robbed of, before birth CD 221; 2T 94, 381-2

cold food draws, from system to warm 2T 603

eating too much exhausts 2T 357, 363, 365, 412-3, 427-8

food of wrong quality exhausts 2T 365, 412-3

growth testifies to 9T 184

increases under Spirit’s influence MM 12

ministers’, lengthy sermonizing exhausts 2T 117

necessary to health 2T 529

needless expenditure of, is sin CD 118; 2T 354

religion should be full of Ev 557

sexual excess exhausts 2T 477

to endure cold, why some people have little 2T 526

walking increases 2T 529

women’s, too much indoor confinement enfeebles 1T 562

See Energy; Strength


Vitalized, system is, by brain’s electrical force Ed 197; 3T 157

Vitalizing power

Vitalizing power, Christ dwells in hearts as 7T 189

Christ’s love diffuses, through man’s whole being MH 115

human body’s, is in blood 7T 189

Vital organ, Vital organs

Vital organ, Vital organs, blood congested in, when circulation is hindered by MH 271-2

children’s, foods that wear out CD 232-3

Christ’s love heals MH 115

eating too much taxes 2T 363

extremities remote from 2T 531

fiery stimulants burn up Te 233

impure air weakens 4aSG 138

invigorating air strengthens, to resist disease 2SM 305

tight lacing and girdles compress Te 291-2

Vital power, Vital powers

Vital power, Vital powers, disturbing circulation of electric currents in nervous system lessens 2T 347

do not attribute, to matter PP 114; 8T 259

eating too much exhausts MH 240

eating too much taxes 2T 364

self-abuse destroys 2T 347

See also Life-giving power; Vivifying power

Vital property, Vital properties

Vital property, Vital properties, seed’s, God gives COL 83


Vivacity, artificial, tea imparts 2T 64

Vivifying power

Vivifying power, Spirit makes God’s word a 8T 55

Vocal music

Vocal music See Singing; Song

Vocal organs

Vocal organs, fretted by speaking from throat 2T 616

give your, careful attention Ev 667

careful training Ev 667

impaired by speaking from throat CT 297

improper use of, enfeebles them Ev 667

irritated by speaking from throat 2T 616

long and violent exercise of, throat and lungs irritated by 2T 672

long praying injures 2T 617

loud hallooing wears out 2T 615

ministers injure themselves by careless use of 4T 604-5

ministers’, improper manner of speaking destroys 2T 615

preacher’s, long sermons injure Ev 667

preservation of, ministers should give attention to 2T 616

one overexertion or strain of, may cost speaker his life 2T 672

open-air meetings tax Ev 412

proper use of, health is benefited by CT 247

man’s usefulness and influence increased by CT 247

right use of, strengthens them Ev 667

train, so as to preserve their health Ev 667

upper portion of, public speaker should not let labor come upon 3T 311

voice can be cultivated so lengthy speaking will not injure 1T 649

voice’s modulations lost by straining Ev 668

why praying injures, more than talking 2T 617

youth should be taught to speak without wearing 4T 406

See also Public speaker; Speaker; Speech; Voice


Vocations, common, people called from, for the loud cry Mar 218:4

lawful, Christ should be represented in all WM 111

master at, how to become 5T 528

peculiar, every one has his CT 513

practical godliness to be woven into RC 205:7

work to glorify God in your SD 275

See also Calling; Trade

Voice, Voices

1. Culture (cultivation or training) of

2. Tone(s) of

3. Miscellaneous


1. Culture (cultivation or training) of COL 335-9; CT 216-7, 238-47; Ed 198-9; 1T 645-7; 2T 615-7, 672; 3T 311; 4T 404-6, 605-6; 6T 380-3

best school for, is in home life ML 114

Bible workers need 6T 380

by means of, speaker need seldom become hoarse 4T 404

can be done so that lengthy speaking will not injure vocal organs 1T 649

colporteurs need 6T 380

David was given opportunity for 2BC 1018

evangelists need 6T 380

for singing 9T 144

give attention to 6T 382

give more attention to 6T 380

gospel workers need Ev 665-70

greater interest needed in Ev 504

has important place in physical culture Ed 199

has much to do with students’ health CT 297

important feature in education PP 594

instruction in, needed in home AH 435; 6T 381

lessons in, children should be given AH 435

ministers and teachers should give special attention to CT 239

ministers need 6T 380

neglected greatly COL 335

persons who have neglected, duty of Ev 666

right (proper): Christians need CT 246-7

has to do with all lines of Christian work COL 336

helps to prolong life CT 247

should have its rightful place in SDA schools CT 218

students preparing for gospel work need Ev 666

students should be instructed in CT 297; Ev 668-9; 4T 406

teach, in reading class CT 216

teachers should instruct youth in Ev 668-9; 4T 406

teaching CT 216-8

tends to expand and strengthen lungs Ed 199

you cannot communicate readily and clearly without Ev 666

youth should give attention to 6T 383

See also Elocution; Eloquence; Language; Oratory; Speech; Vocal organs

2. Tone(s) of

almost inaudible, reports should not be read in CT 246

angel’s sweet, demon can speak of heavenly things with TM 333

as means of educating children Te 290

audible, God could have proclaimed truth from heaven in 4T 473

be careful re your 4BC 1154

betray no irritation by CG 261

calm, mother under trial should speak with AH 242

clear, needed in singing 9T 144

clear and audible, give your testimony in 4T 133

clear and distinct: Bible workers should speak in CM 71

colporteurs should speak in CM 71

evangelist should speak in CM 71

ministers should speak in CM 71; CT 239; Ev 204

prayer should be offered in CT 241

students should be trained to read in CT 246

teach children to pray with CG 522

clear and strong, EGW miraculously given restoration of LS 72; 2SG 38

clear and thrilling, Stephen’s AA 99

complaining, that gives place to cheerfulness and content MH 267; 7T 86

defective, man’s usefulness and influence is affected by CT 238

distinct: ministers should speak slowly and in Ev 202; CT 239

needed in singing 9T 144

speak of divine things with CT 241

distinct and plain, cultivate ML 114

do much to affect hearts of hearers 2T 615

fuller and clearer, right use of abdominal muscles produces CT 216

gentle, all may possess Ed 240

gospel worker should not imitate another person’s CSW 106

happiness of home circle is affected by 7T 50

harsh, never speak in CG 282

harsh and angry, parents should not give reproof in FE 68

harsh and dictatorial, do not speak in AH 435

harsh and loud, that is not pleasant AH 432

hesitant, reports should not be read in CT 246

intonation of: may be vital with falsehood MB 68; 5T 59

may be used by Satan as arrow to wound and poison 2BC 1020

people were impressed by Christ’s CH 498-9

let no tinge of scorn be manifest in COL 250

let your, express God’s love 6BC 1086

express interest in and sympathy for souls in peril TM 150

loud: great injury done to speaker by speaking in Ev 667

is not evidence of presence of God’s power 1T 645

it is not necessary to speak in Ev 667

love subdues GW 123; MH 490; 4T 559

love that should be heard in 2T 417

low and gentle, mother gains much by keeping her 7T 48

low and indistinct, God is dishonored by public speaker speaking in CT 246

melody needed in 2T 617

melody of, read so as to preserve CT 247

that is precious CT 245

mellow with His tender love when Jesus is in our words 3T 32

ministers should guard their TM 150

modulate your, by thoughtful consideration and tender, respectful love 3T 534

modulation(s) of: lost by straining organs of speech Ev 668

ministers should learn 2T 615

pathetic, in public speaking 2T 615

monotonous, Jewish teachers spoke in FE 242

monotonous and spiritless, scribes and Pharisees preached in CT 240

muffled, reports should not be read in CT 246

music of, teachers and ministers should preserve CT 239-40

musical, used by Satan in tempting Eve SR 32

musically tuned, seductive power of satanic agents in using Ev 609

nasal, should be corrected at once CT 239

natural, should be preserved in public speaking 2T 672

of love, speak in Ev 576

older minister’s, young ministers should not copy Ev 684

parents’ AH 242, 315

are lesson for good or ill to children CG 219

children copy CG 215

pathos and melody of, lost by speaking in unnatural key Ev 56

preserve Ev 667-8

pathos of, should make impression on hearts CT 254; 7T 268

person who receives truth in love of it manifests it in his DA 142

persuasive, cultivate AH 435

physician’s, make their impressions MM 149

pleasant: accustom yourself to speaking in COL 336

father should speak in AH 216

helps to make home happy AH 422

put Christlike tenderness and love into your Ev 174

put pathos and melody into, when preaching Ev 183

raised to unnatural pitch does not make proper impression Ev 670

raising, to high pitch and hallooing and screaming out truth destroys solemn impressions made 2T 615

to unnatural key destroys much force of truth Ev 56

represent Christ in ML 172

rid your, of all harshness WM 94

right, needed in public speaking 2T 615

savoring of self-sufficiency, avoid 2T 52

sharp, is unbecoming to teacher CT 171

should possess irresistible power to move hearts and control minds 3T 32

soft, cultivate AH 435; ML 114

solemnity needed in, in public speaking 2T 615

soothing, let your light shine forth in CG 240

subdued gentleness marks converted soul’s 4T 626

sympathy should be manifest in WM 297

too low, public speakers should guard against speaking in 4T 131

unnatural, ministers warned against preaching in 2T 617

volume of, speakers need 4T 131

teacher who lacked sufficient 4T 131

woman whose every, implied “I am superior” 3T 534-5

youth influenced by other people’s 4T 621

3. Miscellaneous

as gift to be used in winning souls 9T 38

bring into, all sweetness and melody possible AH 432

tenderness and sympathy 1SM 87

common sense in use of, ministers need to exercise 4T 605

consecrate your, to God CT 245

control of, every person should learn 6T 381

student should learn, whatever his calling is to be CT 217

converted, pray for WM 94

correct habits in, children are to be encouraged to form FE 267

correct use of, acquire habit of CT 217

essential to successful gospel work 6T 380

cultivate your: by personal effort WM 94

for edification of church CT 245

to be blessing CT 240

to promote its musical quality Ev 668

to sing so that all can understand you 9T 144

cultivated, study earnestly to have FE 256

do not allow Satan to use your 3BC 1161

do not let, fall after each word in speaking CT 246

do not let feelings raise your, in preaching Ev 668

do not permit your feelings to become excited and control your 2T 672

do not raise your: to harshness AH 436

to high key (or pitch) in preaching Ev 184, 659, 668; 2T 615, 617

to high key when correcting children CG 246

earnestness in, minister should show Ev 298

exercise of, in speaking is healthful MM 265

forced, ministers warned against preaching in 2T 617

from unexpected quarters will urge God’s people forward in His work 7T 14

full control of, ministers should speak with 1T 645

God desires that every, be sanctified TM 492

govern your, in preaching Ev 183

grace of Christ should control your COL 102

hallooing out truth with, ill effects of 2T 615

human: angels rejoice that they may speak through, to reveal God’s love DA 297

angels speak through WM 109

may reach God’s ear DA 113

pathos and music in Ev 504

improper use of, many people have died as result of CT 297

injury done to, in open-air evangelistic meetings Ev 412

inspired by God are crying, “This is the way, walk ye in it” ML 88

is: entrusted talent AH 434; ML 114

gift from God 3BC 1159; Ev 667; 4T 605; 9T 38

keep your, pleasant and sympathetic MM 212

up so that each sentence will be full and complete CT 246

let your, express sympathy and tenderness WM 94

loud, angel seen crying with EW 37-8

love subdues man’s 4T 559

may be power for: evil 3BC 1159

good 3BC 1159; Ev 667

ministers can do much to improve their 1T 649

ministers who raise their, to high pitch and talk loud and fast 1T 645

to unnatural key Ev 56

misuse of: by ministers 1T 645-7; 2T 615-7; 3T 311; 4T 404-6

health injured by 2T 672

lungs and vocal organs destroyed by 2T 615

useful men use up their vital force by 2T 615

violent exercise of, throat and lungs irritated by 2T 672

of certainty, ministers should preach with Ev 187

of conscience should be obeyed without parleying 5T 69 See also Conscience

of duty, God requires man to obey 1SM 28; 5T 69

is voice of God CH 562; TM 402

of many waters, Creator’s voice heard in AA 572

of stern rebuke will be heard in populous cities PK 187

one man’s: is not voice and judgment of Gen. Conf. 3T 493

should never be allowed to become controlling power MM 165

should not be that of the whole in God’s work TM 216

parents should keep control of their, in disciplining children CG 254

perfection of, urge on every student to seek Ev 668

person defective in, need not remain so FE 214

persuasive power is given to, by Christ’s peace in heart MH 512; 6T 47

physician’s MM 149

power of, is not what makes lasting impression 1T 645

powerful faculty for good if not perverted 4T 605

preacher should not shout with, as through trumpet Ev 184

present truth in such manner with, that it will carry weight with hearers CW 22

right use of: greatly neglected COL 335

in prayer CT 241-3, 245

in public meetings CT 246

in social meeting CT 245

san. workers should cultivate MM 212

sounding like many musical instruments 1T 181

speaking from God, earnest attention is needed to distinguish 1SM 28

still and small, lesson taught to Elijah by PK 168-9

Spirit’s voice as PK 169

succeeding whirlwind and tempest 2SM 316

strained to unnatural pitch in open-air meetings Ev 412

talent of, is blessing when consecrated to God Ev 498

train your, to be most effective for good COL 335

ugly features of your, take out AH 436

untrained, trying to sing Ev 507

use made of, will be scrutinized in judgment GC 487

use of: education needed in 4T 605

study and conscientiously follow few simple rules in 4T 605

what to do if you are defective in FE 214

use your: in reaching foreigners among us Ev 571

in winning souls for Christ CT 529; MM 332; 9T 38

to help and encourage others AH 434

we use: to convince and persuade COL 335

to offer prayer and praise God COL 335

to tell others of Christ’s love COL 335

when conversational, is best in preaching GW 167

See also Vocal organs


blessing of, to praise Christ, not the devil in complaint RC 285:2

change; do not repine; express gratitude 1MCP 68:2

Christ never pitched, to unnatural key TMK 207:3

Christ’s, and His emphasis and gestures imitated TDG 283:3

control of,

by grace 3SM 239:3

important for ministers VSS 259:1

converted, souls won with PM 296:1

cultivate, to make good impression; scattering anticipated PM 93:0

culture of,

education of youth should include VSS 262:3

impressed on Ellen White; Christ taught her VSS 261:3

interest needed in; opportunities to cheer VSS 414:1

words too crowded and indistinct VSS 260:3

damage to health by straining, and talking too loud VSS 396

death from improper use of VSS 262

educate, to communicate a knowledge of the Scriptures RC 243:7

efforts in use of, for effectiveness VSS 190

exalt Jesus and magnify His Word with TMK 345:3

God may use us as His UL 76:5

God to be honored with VSS 14:2

health improved by training of RY 42

injury of, by long, loud speaking VSS 201:3

inspired, cry, This is the way HP 103:2

irritability in, never show HP 204:3

light reflected in darkness by praise of HP 96:5

listening to, that says, This is the way TMK 251:2


peace of Christ not shown by FW 88:0

See also Screaming

low, change needed by older worker in RY 42:4

many, claiming Christ; truth known by the Scriptures FW 55:3

melody in, when speaking slowly and with full breaths VSS 261:3


Christ had VSS 71

quality of, in speaking VSS 184:2

old age not reason to neglect training of RY 42:4

organs of,

injured by unnatural use VSS 292:0

responsibility to care for VSS 261


at his trial was as a shout of victory CC 355:6

sweet and clear by grace CC 352:4

pitch of,

high and rapid speech VSS 291:3

high, Christ did not use VSS 92:4

unnatural VSS 297:4

praise for God with, to be learned TDG 238:2

projection of, VSS 262:2

benefits the whole being VSS 200:2

recognizing, that speaks to us HP 145:4

refinement needed in; speech loud, long and high pitched VSS 266:1

rest prevents overworking of VSS 263:1

sacredness of; best instrument; heaven-inspired 3SM 335:1; VSS 425:1

self-control in using VSS 292:0

speak to young children with blessedness in RC 249:6


avoided; use abdominal muscles VSS 200:3

Christ never had VSS 71:1

talent given to tell the story of Christ’s life TMK 328:2

tone of,

bearing fruit in HP 220:4

improving VSS 45:1

in speaking to wife LYL 15:2

training of, for best use VSS 176:2

use of, eternal consequences of TDG 22:7

See also Preaching; Sermons; Speech