EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Griggs, E. S. - Gymnastic exercise, Gymnastic exercises

Griggs, E. S.

Griggs, E. S. 2T 14

Grimsby, Eng.

Grimsby, Eng. Ev 417; MM 133


Groan, God hears every ML 292

Groaning, Groanings

Groaning, Groanings, prayer with, by fanatics LS 82; 2SG 47


Grocery, corner, keeping boys away from MH 294

people who carry popular, when traveling CD 486-7

Groggery, Groggeries

Groggery, Groggeries, manual training would keep many boys from the Ed 218

opposition to, in Battle Creek in 1877 LS 221; 4T 275

See also Public house; Saloon


Groove, gospel workers should not get into Ev 106

Gross flesh

Gross flesh, reduced by spare diet 2T 61


Grossness, flesh food tends to, of body 2T 63



1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

dangerous and forbidding, beacons of warning set up to keep men away from AH 59

enchanted, God’s people on EW 60, 120; 4T 600

forbidden: feet will stumble and fall that venture upon 5T 197

never venture upon FE 500; 2T 409

unsafe to set foot on 5T 593

God’s children brought over same, again and again ML 92; 5T 623; 9T 182

good See Parable

Satan ready to destroy all who venture on his GC 530

Satan’s: Christian venturing on, not assured of protection against him MB 118

danger of placing yourself on DA 256

departure from path of obedience is to venture on DA 126

Satan’s enchanted, keep off 5T 310

no longer sleep on 9T 123

stony See Parable

unsafe for ministers to set foot on GW 125

2. Literal

clearing, one may be in active service of God while PK 219

dry, children should be permitted to play on CG 107

fallow, cultivation of COL 88

new, cultivation of COL 88

See also Earth; Land; Soil


holy, sensed as Holy Spirit impresses us with Christ’s words UL 144:4

holy, treading on, by trying to picture heaven TDG 103:4


Christ’s victory placed us on TDG 318:3

God lifts to, after fall and repentance TDG 259:6

promises grasped by faith help us stand on TMK 278:4

Group, Groups

Group, Groups, men are not saved in GC 490; SD 355

See Companies

Grove, Groves

Grove, Groves, Adam and Eve worshiped in, after Fall DA 290

Christ retired to, for prayer SD 136

Christ taught people in DA 290; ML 294; 2T 579-80

idols of, destroyed by command of Josiah CC 200:2

meetings in, in Napa Valley, Calif. Ev 405

most retired place for individual worship 5T 491

parents with children in, on Sabbath 2T 584

pine, JW and EGW prayed together in LS 256

pioneer SDA worshiped in, before they were able to build churches TM 26

seasons of relaxation and recreation in 2T 589

worship of idols in 2BC 1039; PK 57, 114-6, 124, 144, 249, 396-7; PP 128; 3SG 292; 2T 310; 3T 263; 6T 250

before Flood PP 91, 99; 3SG 63, 70; SR 67

See also Tree

Groveland, Mass.

Groveland, Mass. LS 225-6; 4T 278, 281



1. Literal

2. Spiritual


1. Literal

as with life so with SC 67

illustrated by growth of plant from seed Ed 104-6

intellectual See Intellectual growth

no life without COL 65; Ed 105-6

of plants See Plants

of seed See Seed

testifies to vitality 9T 184

varied processes of, lessons taught in Ed 104

wherever there is life, there is 6T 448

See also Advancement; Development; Improvement; Progress

2. Spiritual CT 485-91; SC 67-75; 5T 263-7

attained through co-operation with divine agencies Ed 106

Christian: experience that has blighting effect upon SD 147

stinted 5T 265

true, tends upward GW 283

Christian activity essential to SC 80-1

Christian should continually experience 4T 556

comes by exercise 3T 279

demands careful attention to laws of nature Te 11-2

depends on: eating God’s word 7T 195

giving light of truth to others ML 103

Spirit 6BC 1109

dwarfed when sunlight of God’s love is shut out 4T 145

God’s people exhorted to seek 5T 266-7

healthy religious experience demands Te 11-2

hindrance to SC 71

how to secure SC 68

illustration of CT 140

in: Christ SC 67-75

grace See Grace

world to come Ed 307; GC 677; SR 432

is: continuous work 4T 367, 556

not to cease till probation closes 4T 367

lack of, closes door to light 1SM 403-4

life of monotony is not most conducive to 4BC 1160

love of world hinders 2T 187

meditation essential to 2T 187

must be daily CH 594

neglect that is perilous to ML 217; 3T 540

no, in life centered in self COL 67

one defined plan for, impartation is 7BC 947

prayer essential to 2T 187

pride hinders 2T 187

privilege of daily, into likeness of Christ SD 72

reception of Spirit essential to Ed 106

religious, withholding means needed in God’s work makes men dwarfs in 3T 399

secret of AA 284-5; 7BC 947

should not cease during lifetime 4T 547

Spirit’s work in TM 506

spiritual health where there is 5T 265

true, how to experience FE 474

trying to help others fosters 9T 42

why many believers are crippled and dwarfed in 2T 634

why many believers experience no SD 89

See also Perfection; Sanctification


character, managers need, for difficulties and opportunities PM 65:1


lost by attention to common ideas 1MCP 196:1

need not cease OHC 106:6

power of, lost by attention on trivia 1MCP 353:1

plant, sun, rain, etc. given for, but human effort needed TDG 276:3


advancement or decline in, HP 184:2

faster near the end 3SM 407:4

as well as physical HP 183:4

ask question, Am I experiencing? TMK 163:2

attaining full stature in TMK 164:5

babe in Christ first, then child HP 183:5


is to perish OHC 75:2

no halfway house for HP 336:4

conflict in, until master of self LHU 376:2

constancy in TDG 60:2

constantly patterning after Christ 3SM 204:4

converted ones experience, in the knowledge of Christ TMK 62:2

criticism blocks “eating” for 2MCP 635:2

crucifying selfish practices causes TMK 118:5

danger in not climbing ladder of OHC 74:3

depends on making God known UL 81:4

dwarfed by lack of faith FLB 115:7

easier for some than for others TDG 67:3

eating, drinking and dressing relate to 2MCP 388:1

evidence of, indirect as in plants AG 324:3

exercise needed for UL 174:5

genuine Christian experience daily brings HP 184:2

God desires, for us OHC 217:5

honors God UL 324:5

hours of probation not to pass without OHC 44:3

imparting to others is divine plan for TMK 164:4

importance of; perfection is not reached at once 3SM 193:1

improvement of every opportunity required for AG 285:5

in sanctification OHC 214:5

increased by activity OHC 260:2

individual work under God’s supervision 2MCP 429:2

lack of, by one rejecting advice of Ellen White TSB 63:3

lacking by separation from Christ OHC 216:3

life of monotony not conducive to HP 330:2

lives should show steady HP 332:3

living Bible truth promotes UL 370:5


dwarfed in, by legal religion VSS 318:1

with legal religion have dwarfed 3SM 189:2

need not cease OHC 106:6

need of spiritual food and atmosphere for UL 174:3

neglected by absorption in business OHC 221:2

neglecting opportunities hinders TMK 164:3

of the young TMK 161:2

of those who receive truth by faith TDG 219:2

opportunity for, neglected OHC 218:3

or retrograding TMK 117:4

passions and thoughts under God’s control for TMK 146:4

powers must all be used for OHC 19:3

prayer is the foundation of RC 207:5

process of UL 204:2

proportional to,

appreciation of God’s Word TMK 193:2

dependence on Holy Spirit TMK 57:4

reached only by sincere prayer TMK 351:4


bread of life and water of salvation TDG 252:4

daily surrender TMK 55:4

heart and hands to the work OHC 218:4

restricted by marriage with unbeliever LYL 84:2

salvation of loved ones requires our UL 147:3

secret of, is recycling blessings AG 285:4

selfishness of marriage partner endangers LYL 22:2

separation from world essential to HP 167:3

sharing (impartation) is required for AG 285:4

shown by fruit bearing TMK 164:2

stopped after learning rudiments HP 184:2

thinking soberly, looking to Jesus; (higher grade) TDG 205:7


Heaven’s strength AG 304:5

Word of God and meditation AG 303:2


complete in Christ OHC 117:3

receiving finishing touch of immortality LHU 376:3

upward movement in, through truth OHC 68:5

Word of God,

brings LHU 111:8

essential for; treasure in heaven LHU 128:3

See also Attainments, spiritual; Character; Christ, image of; Christlikeness; Grace, growth in; Health, spiritual; Spirituality

Grudge, Grudges

Grudge, Grudges, envy’s memory as row of hooks on which to hang 5T 55


Grudgingly, better not to give at all than to give 6BC 1105; CS 199


Gruel, hot graham, with milk 2T 603

See also Mush; Porridge


Grumble, Satan works to make you SD 298

Grumbler, Grumblers

Grumbler, Grumblers, chronic church: described Ev 371

can do more harm than two ministers can undo Ev 371

how to deal with Ev 371


Grumbling, let all, cease in home AH 441

spirit of, manifest no FE 51

See also Complaining; Fretting; Murmuring; Whining; Worrying

Grynaeus, Simon

Grynaeus, Simon GC 205


Guarantee, that not one of God’s straying sheep is overlooked COL 188


Guard, be constantly on 4BC 1143; 6BC 1119; CT 488; FE 52; MH 452; 5T 394, 520; 8T 42

church is sleeping on, in education of youth CT 165

do not be off, for a moment 2SM 141-2, 383

stationed about God’s people GC 517

Guard, on

Guard, on

against the foe, constantly OHC 362:2

child of God to be, never standing still TDG 322:4

to be true to principle; temptations will come TMK 128:5

Guardian, Guardians

Guardian, Guardians, angels watch how, treat children AH 315

asleep re children under their care 2T 482-3

be faithful, of your body MM 230

children’s, child training by 5T 45

children’s duty to their 2T 308, 310-2

church’s, ministers are GW 15

duty of: in selection of training schools for children 8T 225-6

re child’s health 4T 97

re children’s bad habits 4T 97

re free mingling of children of both sexes 2T 482-3

to orphans entrusted to them 2T 327-34

to study health reform 2T 360

God is, as well as sovereign of His people PP 325

great responsibility of, in bringing up children 2T 359

injudicious, pet and praise children CG 178

ministers are, of people entrusted to their care AA 360-1; GW 14-5

must maintain purity of heart and life CG 27, 113

must not overlook and excuse sin in children CG 276

responsibility of, for children entrusted to their care 3T 131

should require obedience of children CG 179-80

should train and discipline themselves CG 27

youth should not be coaxed and indulged by PK 236

youth’s, lesson from Eli’s experience for 4T 516

See Parents


Guardianship, of children, do not become weary in CG 248

trust to, of God 2SM 396

Guess, Guesses

Guess, Guesses, persons who accept, as truth 4BC 1157


Guesswork, do not risk eternal interests upon 3BC 1132

faith was not, to Moses Ed 63

has proved itself to be guesswork in search for God 6BC 1079

human, everything not comprehended in truth is FE 406

scientific teaching contradicting God’s word is mere MH 462

See also Conjecture; Speculation; Theory

Guest, Guests

Guest, Guests, entertainment of CD 488-9; CH 156; MH 322-3, 354, 370

irreligious 2BC 1001

seating of, at feast in Christ’s time DA 613

unexpected, entertainment of MH 322-3

EGW served no flesh food to CD 488-9

whom it will be no great burden to receive MH 354

See also Visitor


Christ sat as honored, at publicans’ table HP 181:3

obligation to God not to be overlooked while pleasing RC 183:3

preparation for, confess Christ by simplicity in OHC 192:3


Guestchamber, care of MH 275

Guest room

Guest room See Guestchamber



1. Divine

2. Miscellaneous


1. Divine

Abraham’s reliance on, in going to Canaan MH 478-9; 4T 524

angels aid persons who seek TM 108

angels near persons who seek COL 59; DA 141

assurance of: for solving perplexing problems MB 101

to God’s people serving Him unitedly TM 488

when life is beset with danger and duty seems hard to perform PP 290

Christ gives, to position best suited for your talent 5T 87

Christ knows how to give, through every path of danger SD 160

Christ promises: in house-to-house work WM 98

to final victory MB 140

to youth 5T 87

conference officials’ need of TM 319-27

Daniel and companions always turned to God for PK 493

direct, gospel worker should not look to man for AA 401

Paul looked to God for AA 200, 402

do not ply oar unless you are under 6T 241

do not toss up coin in seeking 6BC 1054

Eliezer prayed for PP 172-3

failure to seek, results of 2BC 1005

feelings are not sure evidence of 1T 413

given to individuals TM 488

go to God’s word for GW 310; 8T 301

God gives, to individuals TM 488

God has three ways of revealing His will for our 5T 512

God’s method of, into right place in His service MH 473

God’s overruling, in His work during loud cry TM 300

God’s people are under MM 169

God’s promise to give 5T 247

in time of need TM 211

God’s word given to be, as rule of life 2T 396

gospel workers must look to God for 5T 463; TM 491

gospel workers must not rely on one man’s brain for TM 298-9

gospel workers’ need of TM 297-300

great principles laid down in God’s word are sufficient for 3T 523

how God leads His children by DA 224-5; MH 479

human inventions should not be trusted for 6BC 1054

impressions are not sure evidence of 1T 413

Israel lost sight of PP 396

leads to only true source of saving grace and real happiness CT 53

light for, faith in Christ’s power imparts 5T 42

look to God for EW 105; 5T 463

look up to God when in need of PP 657

man of prayer and faith yields his soul to 5T 199

man who will not have, in Bible study 3T 440-1

methods of seeking, questionable 2SM 327

mistaken ideas re AA 279; 2SM 327

Moses was granted PP 398

needed through strait places in life 5T 264

never turn from God’s, to trust in man 7BC 907

not given to a few separate individuals here and there TM 488

parents should pray for CG 557; 7T 44

person to whom, is promised AA 283

persons anxiously desiring, God reveals His will to 3T 467

persons who would seek 3T 73

personal, God seeks to impress men with need of MH 242; 7T 176

gospel workers should constantly look to God for TM 491

pledge of 5T 427

pray for MM 99; SD 283

as first work every morning SC 70

at morning worship 7T 43

prayer for PK 631; SC 99; 2SM 316; 4T 616; 5T 430

re what course to pursue DA 668

Scriptures should be searched with GC 523

present your case before Christ and entreat His 2T 152

promise of: in making of health foods 7T 133

in gospel work Ev 463

re what course to pursue DA 668

to Christian seekers after wisdom AA 283-4

promise to persons who: seek SC 91

lean on God for MB 100

promised to persons who: commit their ways to God MH 479

follow Christ’s example 1T 408

give themselves fully to God AA 283-4

humble their hearts before God TM 478

surrender to God MH 248

walk humbly with God MM 158

proofs of, in EGW’s early work LS 92

questions that sometimes arise re MH 470-2

reliance on God for, re plans for future MH 470, 478-9

resolution to obey God’s will is essential to 5T 511

reward of persons who lean on God for 4T 328

rules of: given by God MH 391; SD 78; 2SM 217

God has given to parents and children CG 65

God’s word gives 5T 548

in choice of occupation Ed 279

must be strictly obeyed CG 65-6

Scriptures contain AH 184-5

Samuel prayed for PP 611

seek: daily MM 245

daily in work for souls 6T 81

in humility DA 141

in prayer 2SM 325-6

when contemplating marriage PP 175

seek God for, individually 2SM 97; TM 505

seek Source of wisdom for PK 28

seeking for, in deciding business questions 2SM 327

out of perplexities in business transactions 3T 458

sign of, do not look for miracles as 2SM 54

signs as evidence of, selection of 2SM 327

silent petitions may constantly ascend to God for CH 362

sought in Lord’s Prayer MB 117

special promise of DA 668

Spirit’s: blessings that may be enjoyed under GW 285-6

colporteurs should seek GW 96

consent to MYP 30

Daniel and companions relied on PK 486

experience that gospel workers may have under Ev 434-5

given till close of gospel work DA 527

God’s people need 2SM 407

gospel workers should work under TM 492

in time of crisis TM 213

live under ChS 169

mother should feel need of CG 69

needed in Bible study CT 357; SC 110

needed in order to distinguish between truth and error 7BC 907

overruling 9T 96

place yourself unreservedly under ML 236; 1SM 338

pray for TM 485

seek, by constant prayer 5T 243

SDA denomination needs continually 2SM 47

students should seek CT 411; FE 347-8

unity must be preserved under Ev 105

students should pray for FE 302, 348

submit to, gratefully PP 712-3

supposedly, that is only human impulse AA 279

teach people to seek God individually for 2SM 97

things which serve as means of 3T 333

trials and obstacles met by persons under MH 470-1

trust implicitly in ML 32

trust to, in plans for future MH 479

uncertain tests should not be trusted for 6BC 1054

you cannot lose your way if you will follow 1SM 115

youth seeking, Timothy’s example of 7BC 915

youth should follow, daily MYP 15

youth who yielded themselves to Ed 57

youth’s need of MYP 443-51

2. Miscellaneous

God’s people can depend on no finite being for DA 414

great responsibility of persons who assume, of human soul Ed 280

of human authority, people will not come to saving knowledge of truth by DA 141

persons with whom you associate need your PK 348

rules that ensure safe, in choice of occupation Ed 267

use of chance methods in seeking 2SM 325-8

your own, you cannot with safety follow 6BC 1088


Captain of our salvation will not leave us without TDG 361:6

difficulties clear away as we follow God’s TMK 249:3


given so none need to be lost OHC 206:2

needed in common habits of life OHC 268:2


gives, in every perplexity and temptation HP 16:4

to be humbly sought for 2MCP 764:4

heaven communicates HP 103:2

lean on God for AG 230:2

miracles are unsafe for 3SM 408:4


from God OHC 44:3

humbly, you may rest your case with God TDG 184:5

trust divine, rather than finite judgment HP 103:2

trust God for, when you cannot tell which way to turn UL 266:2

Word of God to be source of UL 35:4

words given by God for, to be treasured TMK 252:4

yield to heavenly TMK 268:3

Guide, Guides

Guide, Guides, Christ’s promise to be His people’s, in every time of need COL 173; GW 263; MH 248-9

Christian is to be, to others ChS 12

constant, pray for Spirit to be your SD 125

continual, Spirit has been appointed as man’s SC 91

correct experience should be, in lifework 4T 519

customs of society are not safe, in selection of food MH 295

dangerous, human pride and wisdom as PP 606

do not look to men as, in place of Scriptures GC 595

false, Galatian believers urged to leave AA 386

men listen eagerly to doctrines of AA 387

follow God’s word closely as 3T 120

God is very near to be His people’s SD 27

God’s law given as, of life Ed 16; GC 639

God’s word should be AH 380; FE 70; GW 394; 3T 378

in all things CH 423

of life TM 452

impressions as, danger of trusting 2SM 93

inborn and heaven-sent, voice of duty as CH 562

inclination as, persons who rely on AA 504

infallible, Bible is FE 394; ML 25; 3T 458

Christ’s promise to be 3T 458

God’s word is FE 100-1

light of world as, man can walk in darkest path with 1SM 29

make knowledge a, of life MH 126

man must not make man his 2BC 993

men who are not safe CW 114

needed through life’s strait places ML 25

no safety in taking men as TM 386

perfect, Bible is MYP 444; 6T 355

recognize God as, from first to last CT 410

safe: appetite generally is not Ed 204; MH 295; Te 159-60

feelings are not 1T 161, 413; 2T 92

given by God for your feet amid all perils PP 687

impressions are not AA 279; 1T 413; TM 502

principles God has given are only, in education Ed 277

when past experience is not MM 99

Scriptures are given to be man’s CSW 23; GC 521; TM 193

Scriptures as, to Daniel and companions PK 428

Spirit as, in time of perplexities ML 290

sufficient, when past experience cannot be MH 509; 3T 542

sure, divine law that is man’s only PK 83

God’s word is CH 290; FE 94

take Christ’s example as, in all circumstances 1SM 86

unerring, students should be taught to look to God as FE 513

unreliable, human knowledge is PP 114

youth’s, God’s promise to be 2T 287


choosing opinions, prejudice, passion and feelings as TDG 188:3


is a safe OHC 25:3

was, to children of Israel TDG 254:3

duty, voice of is HP 226:2

hand of, “that never lets go” FLB 249:2

human, spiritual experience lost with HP 190:4

needed for traveling the road to heaven OHC 16:2

safety with Christ as, despite danger and discouragement TMK 253:3


Guideboard, false, professed Christian who is MM 145


Guidebook, Bible is Christian’s FE 384

Christ is Christian’s FE 385

men have, describing people who are on God’s side FE 298

Scriptures are, to inhabitants of fallen world 1SM 16

to show way to heaven 1SM 15

Guidepost, Guideposts

Guidepost, Guideposts, false, warning to persons who have been TM 97

pointing in wrong direction, men who are CW 117

See also Signboard; Signpost

Guiding principles

Guiding principles, for youth MYP 407-10


Guile, Christ condemned all TM 267

God abhors 7BC 940

God hates all TM 274

includes impurity in all its forms 5T 177

let no, be found in your lips CG 150

not found in lips of true Christian MM 143

Paul did not use, to win converts AA 256

tact is, that Paul used in gospel work Ev 125-6, 140-1, 227


Guileless, do not expect children to be altogether CG 150


Guillotine, in French Revolution GC 282-4


Guilt, acknowledgment of, is first condition of acceptance by God 5T 636

burden of: Christ has borne man’s DA 329, 753, 755; MH 71

Christ removes repentant sinner’s 1T 160

cry of souls under 6T 52-3

how penitent publican got rid of SC 30-1

how to get rid of SC 19-20

persons oppressed by, need help COL 197

Christ bore, of man’s transgression GC 540

of world’s sins SD 48; 1SM 302

Christ made full atonement for man’s 4T 124

Christ made satisfaction for, of whole world 1SM 392

Christ took upon Himself, of the disobedient SC 32

Christ took upon His own soul, of man’s sins COL 169

comparative, of various sins was made by priests DA 616

conscience burdened with, what to do re MH 250

degrees of, in God’s estimation SC 30

each soul will declare his own, in judgment day 4T 385

fallen humanity’s, Christ must bear DA 685

fear in PP 330

greater the sinner’s, the more he needs Christ MH 89

if men had to bear their own, it would crush them MB 116

ignorance that does not remove DA 744-5

knowledge of, withheld from Adam and Eve 1SM 214

load of man’s, placed upon Christ as Sin Bearer TM 392

man’s, rested on Christ as Sin Bearer AA 47

men’s, for evils that they might have checked DA 441

no man or body of men has power to free soul from DA 806

of Israel’s leaders was not like that of ordinary sinner COL 292

of Simon of Bethany, Christ did not expose to others DA 567

other person’s, how men become partakers of PP 361, 401, 578

past, Christ sees man’s TM 518

personal, what others have done or may do does not lessen your 2T 396

proportionate to light rejected or neglected PP 379; 5T 495

sense of, nigh and afar off are souls weighed down with PK 232

sin after enlightenment increases CH 81

sinful man’s, Christ took upon His sinless soul CM 76-7

sinner can be cleansed from, only by faith in Christ AA 425

sinner’s: Christ bore weight and curse of 4T 387

Christ takes upon Himself 7BC 935

God’s law cannot remove 1SM 213

God’s law reveals 1SM 365

sorrow and, crush life forces MH 115

tends to break down health MH 241

your own degree of, not estimated by comparison with that of others MB 128


absence of light affects judgment of TMK 217:3

Achan acknowledged, hoping to avert consequences TDG 134:3

carrying, wrong because Jesus died for us TMK 224:4



and justifies us before God RC 55:5

of every sin FLB 101:3

when we confess sin TMK 77:3


for our indulged appetite HP 194:5

for the world UL 191:3

without becoming a sinner 3SM 133:3

did not become a sinner in bearing TMK 67:5

might have moved far away because of our RC 17:5

removed, from paralytic’s soul, but rich fool died TDG 106:4

sees and pardons, of past; doubting dishonors Him TMK 241:4

was innocent of, enabling exchange to redeem us 3SM 141:1

cities rapidly developing HP 345:2

confession of, by some although majority remain sinners FW 32:1

conscience carrying, without confessing TDG 134:4

cure for UL 150

David experienced, and other effects of his sin TSB 174:3

depths of, sinner lifted from TMK 235:2

disease of mind of paralytic was, which Christ healed TDG 106:4

disobedience today brings greater; we have Adam’s experience RC 56:2

faith cannot remove RC 78:4

feeling of, must be laid at the cross TDG 63:5; TMK 241:4

fountain washing away, sinner pointed to TDG 188:6

informing sinner of, discourages; point to Christ 2MCP 453:1

knowledge of, God did not want, for our first parents 2MCP 562:1

law not depreciated by Christ’s taking our 3SM 176:2

lay, at the cross 2MCP 451:2

less for thief on the cross than for the Jewish leaders TDG 236:4

light available determines TDG 124:4

mediation began with beginning of 3SM 194:2

past, left behind climbing higher OHC 71:4

penalty of, Christ died to save from RC 21:6

proportional to knowledge HP 153:3

selfishness causes 1MCP 272:0

sense of,

cries of agony from FLB 122:3

drives penitent to God UL 115:3

made Christ’s sufferings severe AG 164:4

sinner not convicted of, unless he knows what makes sin FW 31:2

thoughts from Satan need not contaminate soul with TMK 140:2

transferred to Substitute through faith TDG 236:3

unbelief cherished brings darkness and 3SM 149:5

washed away in blood of Christ LHU 40:3

See also Remorse


Guiltiness, feeling of, must be laid at foot of cross TM 518

poisons springs of life TM 518

sense of, Satan presses upon men COL 167


Guilty, person who is, of wrong is first to suspect wrong MB 126

Guilty soul, Guilty souls

Guilty soul, Guilty souls, know what sins to confess in order to be clean before God 1T 156

pardoned through Christ TMK 96:2

place of, Christ took 1SM 374

punishment of, Christ bore 1SM 322; TMK 66:2

suffering of the Innocent for, calls forth gratitude TDG 368:2

See also Sinners; Wicked


Gulf, great, between the worldly and the faithful Ev 620; 2SM 127

of disobedience COL 269-70

Protestants to stretch hand across, to grasp hand of Roman power 5T 451

to grasp hand of spiritualism GC 588

separating man from God, by His death Christ has spanned 7BC 941; SC 20

sin has caused 7BC 941; SC 20


Gum, chewing CD 329

Gum, Gums

Gum, Gums, calomel inflames 2SM 447

Gurney, H. S.

Gurney, H. S. LS 108, 110-1; 2SG 93, 97, 104

Guthrie, Thomas

Guthrie, Thomas, quoted GC 384

Gymnasium, school

Gymnasium, school, exercise in, cannot take place of exercise in open air Ed 210

Gymnastic exercise, Gymnastic exercises

Gymnastic exercise, Gymnastic exercises, in schools: advantages and disadvantages of Ed 210; 5T 523

fill useful place Ed 210

manual training needed in place of Ed 217; 5T 523

persons combining useful labor with study do not need FE 73