EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)



Habakkuk - Handclasp


Habakkuk, prophet PK 383-9

Jeremiah cited PK 445; 4T 170

prophecy of, church’s faith expressed by DA 122

prophesied in time of King Josiah PK 385-9

Habit, Habits

1. Of life

2. Right (correct, good)

3. Wrong (bad, evil)

4. Miscellaneous

1. Of life

all should observe strict rules in CG 112; Ev 652

correct, God’s word abounds in principles for forming 4T 323; 5T 663-4

definite instruction given re, by God to Israel MH 114

loose, results of 1SM 45

make greater progress in reforming 1T 618

move understandingly in changing your 2T 63

must be brought into: conformity with divine standard in every particular 5T 542

conformity with natural law SL 29

harmony with God’s requirements 1SM 382

proper, health may be earned by 4T 408

religious practices and, intimate relation exists between 5T 178

right, patients in med. institution should be taught 1T 561

should be correct MH 227-8

why timely warning and instruction re, are given 4T 634

2. Right (correct, good)

aids to forming CW 134

care-taking 5T 396

cause of disease removed by 2SM 283

certificate of, Daniel and companions possessed CD 28; PK 485

children should be helped to form CG 407; MH 334

children should be trained to AH 414; CG 136, 206; 5T 319

from babyhood 4T 313

Christianity leads men to form SD 12

conducive to health 5T 506

parents should see that children form 4T 502

earnest work is required to form AH 469

form 4T 459

formation of, makes obedience to God easier AH 437

requires earnest work SD 333

God helps men to cultivate MYP 202

God would have every man form MM 200

health may improve with 4T 366

importance of forming, Israelites were taught MH 280

in dress, observe MYP 350

youth to be encouraged to form 6T 170

in order to form, seek company of persons of sound moral and religious influence 4T 655

in religious life, essential to development of Christian character SL 93

industrious, must be gained by cultivation 5T 321

lives of people who form 4T 452

minister should teach people Ev 439

new, God’s grace works in men to form COL 354

people who would represent Christ must form FE 469

of close application, not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of doing right, cultivate 2T 264

of economy, cultivate 6T 452

not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of economy of time, persons who have not acquired 4T 411

of faithfulness and truth, train yourself in 3T 22

of industry, cultivate 6T 452

persons who have not acquired 4T 411

youth should be trained in 6T 452

of integrity, by small things characters are formed to 3T 22

Christian who will be marked for his 4T 285

of integrity in greater responsibilities, how to acquire 4T 561

of living to do good, benefit of cultivating CT 147

reward in cultivation of FE 419

of patience, not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of prayerfully considering for themselves, class who do not have 2T 129-30

of righteousness and truth, less time and labor to corrupt your ways than to engraft upon character 4T 578

of self-control, discipline yourself to 4T 365

not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of self-denial, parents should teach children 1T 219

of self-government, need of acquiring 4T 235

of sobriety, cultivate 6T 452

not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of sound and sensible conversation, not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of speaking well of others, cultivate MH 492

of talking with Christ when alone, cultivate MH 510-1

of true courtesy, not gained without diligent and close watching over self 4T 452

of usefulness in minor duties, cultivate 4T 380

parents should direct children in forming AH 184

parents should plan to train children to CG 200

parents should teach children to form PP 561-2

persevering efforts needed in cultivating AA 532

physical, preserve ML 254

promote mental superiority CD 29

pure and virtuous, cultivate in children CH 113

problems of training children to have 3T 567-8

simple, Hebrews secured physical health by PP 545

soul’s, of conversing with God 7BC 937

strictly temperate, needed in eating and drinking 4T 214

temperate, reward to be reaped from MYP 242 See also Temperate habit

train people to 2SM 280

useful, cultivate in children FE 160

virtuous, should be formed in childhood AH 15

virtuous and: formed in youth generally mark course of life 4T 574

formed in youth influence afterlife CG 199

formed in youth result in blessing CH 113

wholesome and useful work promotes formation of CG 340-1

youth is best time to establish CG 199; CH 113; CT 294; ML 134; MYP 234

3. Wrong (bad, evil)

acquired in early life, results of CH 112-3

agree best with natural heart CG 202, 302; 2SM 437

angels ready to help men to overcome MYP 27

antagonistic to Bible principles, people have many Ev 264

artificial, deprive men of many blessings and much enjoyment MH 367

deprive men of many privileges and much enjoyment FE 155

be willing to separate from MH 224

best talents warped and enfeebled by CG 199; CH 112; 4T 574

binding men with bands of steel MYP 212

bondage of, men are not to be held in TM 421

by cherishing, people cannot reason correctly CT 300

cannot be taken to heaven 4T 655

careless, must be overcome 6T 169-70

careless and slack, influence of 2SM 476

chains of, may become too strong to be broken 5T 358

chains of sinful, Christ’s power breaks AA 476

power of God’s word to break Ed 172

children form, when not rightly trained CG 200

children indulged from babyhood acquire 4T 368

children who carry, throughout life CG 200

Christ’s grace enables men to break bondage of MH 115

consider power of, in dealing with sinners MH 168

contrary to laws of nature, war against soul Te 61

correction of, must begin with heart COL 97

requires diligence and perseverance AH 469; SD 333

corrupt and sinful, must be overcome by vigorous warfare 6BC 1111; 2SM 20

dangerous, that leads to unpardonable sin DA 323

youth should war against ML 315

defiling: intellect debased by FE 227

must be put away 4T 258

people need freedom from MH 130

thoroughly converted person will abandon Ev 264

degrading human beings, practiced in many homes CD 399; MM 280

demoralizing, help for people inclined to slide into MYP 125

disease caused by CD 121; CH 504; 2SM 441; 1T 488

disgusting to heavenly universe, practiced in many homes CD 399; MM 280

disorderly, must be overcome 6T 169-70

disorderly and filthy, Ten Commandments cannot live in heart of person of SD 173

dissolute, body is corrupted by 2SM 422

soul is corrupted by 3T 564

do not try to reform others by attacking their MH 156

effects of, upon physical condition of mankind CH 19-20

energy and perseverance needed to conquer 4T 655

established: hand-to-hand struggle with 4T 376

moral principle exceedingly weak when it conflicts with 2T 347

struggles of newly converted souls with 5T 603-4

extravagant, cut away from your life all AH 375

falling back into, warning against AA 307

faulty, help people wrestling with 5T 610-11

few people deliberately form 4T 654

formed early, King Saul a sad example of PP 622

formed in youth, almost certain to determine a person’s future CT 295

difficult to overcome Te 179

seldom essentially changed CG 199-200; 3T 143; 4T 499

formed through mental bias 4T 361-2

foundation for feebleness is laid by MYP 235

frequent repetition of wrong acts form 4T 654

fussy and lingering: may be overcome Ev 481; SD 114

time is lost by COL 344

God alone can give us victory over MB 142

God calls upon youth to renounce MYP 369

grossest, cherished under plea of experience 3T 71

happiness destroyed by 4T 654

harmful, sift away MYP 226

health is harmed by 5T 506

health-destroying: evil associates teach children 5T 545

God requires men to change their CD 20

what to present in contrast to 3T 62

hearts hardened by 3T 111

help those enslaved by 6T 110

holding soul in bondage must be given up SD 99

hurtful, most powerful when formed in early life CG 199

renounce, by will strengthened and controlled by Spirit 5T 675

idle and spendthrift, lead to vice and corruption CH 112

impure See Impure habit

indolent, household labor is not one-fiftieth as harmful to children as 4T 97-8

indulged through life, hard to unlearn FE 143

infirmities are largely a result of CD 44; Te 147

injuring health, react on mind CT 298

injurious: God holds men guilty who have MYP 235

physical, mental and moral health enfeebled by 3T 71

truly converted person will abandon 9T 113

lax and indolent and negligent, if allowed to strengthen 4T 452

lead to, eternal destruction 2T 162

physical ruin 2T 162

leading to sin, must be abandoned AA 312; DA 439

left to strengthen till they become second nature PP 578-9

like iron band, holds many in subjection 5T 397

long-established, effort and perseverance and earnestness needed to obtain victory over 2T 80

which have become as second nature 2T 80

lowering standard of physical health, enfeeble mental and moral strength 3T 51

lustful, many people are ignorant of sinfulness of CG 450

make earnest effort for persons in bondage to MH 171

man cannot of himself conquer MB 142

man may renounce, at every step ML 104

man’s hold on life is lessened by 2T 70-1

many people’s, are little above those of heathen MYP 237

marks left by, seen all through life 1T 403

mastery over, must be obtained MM 275

mental and physical sensibilities lessened by 1T 470

moral sense beclouded by 6T 374

more easily formed than good ones CG 202

most persistent effort required to effect change of firmly established 4T 654

multitudes enslaved by 1SM 219

must be: disciplined and oft crucified TM 313

overcome AH 342-3; MM 200

weeded out of the Christian life COL 50

neglectful, how people form CG 202

must be overcome 6T 169-70

never compromise with 1SM 380

not all the temperance pledges in world will break power of MH 179

not in accordance with truth, make SDA sinners against great light 5T 495

not overcome, will shut men out of heaven 4T 655

not overcome by single effort 4T 612

of dishonesty in business, how men form 5T 396

of exaggeration, how people form 1T 157

of extravagance, cut away your 6T 452

of indulgence clamor for victory 4T 573

of prevarication, how people form 5T 396

of self-abuse 5T 91 See also Self-abuse

of sinful indulgence, noble faculties paralyzed by 3T 165

of talking out disagreeable things that are in heart 4T 243

of thinking 4T 361-2

of turning hours of night to day by artificial light, break up SD 114

of turning precious hours of day into night, break up SD 114

of unfaithfulness, results of indulging 4T 452

of wrongdoing, continual indulgence in sin accustoms people to 4T 312

offer most vigorous resistance when opposed 4T 655

often result of bad training Ev 668-9

old: be ever on guard against AA 477

must be shaken off 4T 485

watch against, lest they assert themselves 6T 410

one, danger of indulging 2BC 1004; PP 452; 5T 398

not firmly resisted will bind you with chains of steel MH 510

result of forming SD 154

people bring disease on themselves because of MM 15-6; 2T 524

people sometimes give up, because they are ashamed of them SC 27

people try to correct others by attacking Ev 272; MH 156

people who have, cannot serve God acceptably 4aSG 146

pernicious, cut off FE 319

person whose body is temple of Spirit will not be enslaved by GC 475

persons struggling for mastery over 2T 162

persons working for victims of MH 62

perverse, how people become confirmed in 4T 572

perverted, disposition to follow worldly customs brings men into bondage to CD 17

parents bequeath to children 3T 140

power of, SDA warned against CW 125

multitudes lack courage and resolution to break away from MH 351

pre-established, must be overcome in order to make advancement FE 118

preparing person for premature decay 2T 324

recklessness in, health and life affected by CD 121

warning against SD 172

recklessness in physical, tends to recklessness in morals MH 135

reform, that is not in harmony with physical and moral laws 3T 69

renounce every, that is not in harmony with God’s will FE 517

renounce your ML 104

results of CT 190; 3T 51; 4T 452

Satan assails men through COL 281

self-control is lost by MH 450

selfish, path in which man cannot carry along his 4T 503

shackles of, God alone can give freedom from Te 108

sinful, are sometimes idols 4T 32

corrupt soul, body, and spirit FE 320

how to overcome 4T 32-3

moral courage needed to break 4T 32

never be slow in breaking up 4T 654

must be renounced SD 349

power that can break chains of ML 26

will strengthened and controlled by Spirit must renounce 4T 32

world is filled with moral leprosy by AH 329

sinful and hurtful, what to do to break 4T 553

sins of, must be positively and firmly put away 7BC 941

slack, truth should elevate men above 2SG 288

slack and disorderly, God will not sanction 2T 66

slow and dilatory, make much work out of very little Ev 481

spendthrift, results of AH 374-5

students who will be less tempted to Ed 221

stereotyped, men of God have not been men of PP 248

strive for mastery AA 477

strong, gird men about as with iron bands 2T 164

man who had 2T 162-4

students ill affected by COL 108

suffering caused by CH 504

terrible force for evil MH 352

that are most difficult to unlearn 3T 567

that become warring lusts Te 141

that would make God’s people like people of Sodom CD 17

tyrannizing, break away from CH 22

uncultivated, poor should overcome 1T 274

undermining one’s constitution 2T 324

unhealthful, of every order must be overcome SD 171

unhealthful condition produced in body by CD 52

untrustworthy, children must not be allowed to develop CG 150

vicious, are increasing 3T 562

theater attendance strengthens and confirms 4T 653

youth counseled on how to battle with ML 315

youth in least danger of AH 285

See also Vicious habit

victims of, much time and labor spent for reforming MH 351

must make effort for themselves MH 174

victory over, how to win 4T 439

vile, combating CG 464-8

watch unto prayer to overcome 4T 259

what is required to break 4T 552-3

which become shackles 2BC 1024

which does not promote health, degrades higher and nobler faculties CH 67; SL 25

why men find it difficult to unlearn 3T 499

will conquer you if they are not conquered 4T 654

youth is time to correct CT 294

youth rendered less susceptible to Bible instruction by CT 126

4. Miscellaneous

actions repeated make CG 164, 199-200; COL 356; FE 194; MYP 148, 163

bring: into conformity to God’s will MYP 41

into harmony with Bible instructions ML 97

into subjection to God’s will CD 383

into submission to God’s word COL 60

under control of mind controlled by God SD 171

under strictest discipline AA 311

can be power for good MH 352

carefully regulate your CH 69; ML 254; SL 29

change in, true conversion is evidenced by SC 57

character is developed from 6T 174

character is formed by COL 356; MYP 148

children’s: parents should give attention to CG 201

parents should carefully guard CT 120

parents should closely watch CG 114

that are most difficult to overcome SD 113

that cling to them in afterlife SD 113

Christian is constantly improving in GW 283

Christian’s, should not be those of men of world TM 441

worldly associations ill affect 5T 93

closely examine your GW 105

constantly improve in GW 283; ML 102

cultivated, do not be enslaved by MH 175

do not be careless and slack in MYP 350

educate, in harmony with laws of life and health CD 28; SD 172

established in early years, afterlife is affected by MYP 134

decide whether one will be victorious or vanquished in battle of life DA 101

fate of persons who persist in carrying, to extremes Te 141

first formed, not easily forgotten 1T 396

force of, Christian can overcome 3T 47

formed during infancy, are most important of child’s life MH 380

formed in childhood: do more than any natural endowment to make one intellectually great or dwarfed 4T 574

importance of MH 380, 402

determine one’s future CT 294; MYP 233

formed in this life, affect one’s eternal interests 3T 489

formed unconsciously 4T 654

gird people as with iron bands 3T 71

God has ordained that giving should become 3T 548

guard your CH 559; FE 194

with earnestness TM 158

habitual train of thought forms 3T 236

health See Health

help to decide man’s destiny CT 220

idleness soon becomes 5T 181

impress of, left upon character 4T 351

importance of, in training youth 5T 415

influence of, in making men giants or dwarfs in intellect CG 199

intimate relation between religious feelings and 5T 178

laxness of, many youth acquire 4T 411

lessening healthful action of one organ of mind or body, do not form Te 142

make character FE 194

when often repeated SD 113

men are creatures of 6T 162

men differ widely in MH 483

men must answer to God for their 6T 369; Te 215

men will be individually for time and eternity what their, make them 4T 452

modified only by severe training in afterlife CG 200

must conform to laws which God has established CD 56

of draping everything about you in mourning 5T 309

of eating, ministers are not particular enough in 4T 416

of everyone, impossible to make unvarying rule to regulate MH 319-20

of lifetime cannot be changed in a moment CD 285; MM 285

of routine, Christ’s grace can change FE 373

of thought, persons for whom it is difficult to change SL 91-2

of years, not easily broken 5T 506

of youth grow and strengthen with growth 3T 143

once formed: hard to overcome CD 225

more firmly impressed upon character CG 200

seldom changed CG 200

person defective in, should heed counsel Ev 635

persons of sedentary, need physical exercise 3T 157

physical: Christ began work of redemption by reforming 3T 486

correct, elevate moral standard by preserving SL 29

have much to do with one’s success CD 52

mental and moral powers weakened by wrong 3T 51

standard of virtue is elevated or degraded by CH 67

power (force) of CG 199-203

can be overcome 3T 47

illustrated 3T 548

in making men giants or dwarfs in intellect CG 199

relation of, to formation of character 3T 499

relation of physical, to spiritual health CH 64-70

revealed in religious life CG 201

rut of, minister in 3T 460

SDA should be uplifting in CG 509

simplicity in, importance of 2BC 1006; DA 367; MH 47; SD 86

sometimes mistaken for experience 3T 68

subject your, to self-control 8T 239

temperate in, youth should learn to be MH 366

value of simple, to children Te 184

web of, you daily weave for yourself SD 212

youth’s, should be kept free from taint of corruption MYP 423

tinctured by character of company they keep CT 221

youth’s future decided in nine cases out of 10 by 4T 426


abilities misused claiming VSS 202:1

actions and words repeated become TMK 209:4

acts make, and habits constitute character HP 66:5

answer to God for HP 191:5


cause bad tempers 2MCP 386:2

children led to fight against, by seeing truth in parents RC 186:6

Christian is not to retain; (evil) TMK 237:2

circulation unbalanced by, and perception perverted 2MCP 381:4

continuing in, shows lack of surrender OHC 212:4

corrupt self and associates HP 197:3

degraded by, while coming into the house of God Con 61:3

easier to form than good ones, and harder to break HP 195:4; Mar 229:4; 2MCP 599:2

given up,

in becoming like Christ TMK 300:4

in character formation AG 232:4

imitated by others and thus perpetuated TMK 157:4

indulgence of, destroys consecration to God OHC 270:2

land of bondage to TMK 294:5

make temptation difficult even after repentance OHC 81:3

strength to resist,needed; unable to say, no HP 199:2

surrendered for Christ to live within HP 49:3

time required to educate away from 3SM 285:0

battle with evil, until overcome TMK 237:4

broken by strong will in the strength of Jesus LYL 72:2

change in,

by watching Christ as the Pattern OHC 99:3

recommended in Ellen White letter TDG 45:3

to harmonize with the Word of truth TMK 115:5

character formed by, in early years LHU 339:7

Christ seen in, by those in a new life LHU 123:4

condemned by the Word of God, let Jesus cleanse from OHC 37:4

conflict in overcoming, but one may be master of self LHU 376:2

control of,

abstain from fleshly lusts 3SM 291:3

by God HP 164:3; 1MCP 69:2

devoting your intelligence to God’s work OHC 19:6

to be given to God RC 308:4

to preserve vigor and give service to Christ RC 144:6

correcting bad, wrong place to begin reform AG 223:5; HP 21:3


of contemplating Christ TMK 247:4

of doing best OHC 282:2

right, in work of sanctification HP 129:4

demoralizing, words of courage strengthen those with TMK 161:3

depraved, of antediluvians prevailed over conviction CC 35:5

diversity of, in God’s servants, to blend into a whole PM 103:1

education includes training of 3SM 228:1

evil, See Habits, bad

evil tendency became, with Judas 2MCP 598:3

examine own, to see whether they are against Redeemer TMK 318:3

excusing, on grounds of weakness TMK 247:2

form, that honor Christ and attract others to Him TMK 151:4


power is equally as strong in, as in evil OHC 244:2

See also Habits, bad; Virtues

health destroying,

character of righteous in contrast to TMK 317:3

indulgence of, prevents consecration 2MCP 380:3

make appreciating truth impossible OHC 266:3

idolized, yield, to receive truth from the Holy Spirit OHC 152:2

imperfect, detract from the good ministers might do VSS 202:1

innocent (apparently) must be overcome if harmful TMK 237:4

intemperate, effects of 1MCP 317:2

laws of God should regulate RC 138:4

life battles decided by, learned when young RC 292:6

mind should control, and itself be controlled by God OHC 268:4

natural, excusing TMK 247:5

neglect in childhood forms; wrong acts prepare for others 2MCP 599:1


danger in permitting TDG 52:4

defense of TMK 190:4

indulged, after claiming truth LHU 123:3

overcome through Christ at conversion TMK 247:3

power of, known by truly converted TMK 62:2

watch against, and force them back TMK 351:3

orderly, need for developing TDG 173:2

overcoming, in long loud speaking VSS 201:3

patience and temperance lost by, which physically weaken OHC 69:3

physical, right, promote mental superiority OHC 269:4

physical, spiritual life is closely related to 3SM 290:3

polluted thoughts become; soul scarred in marriage counseling 1MCP 227:4

power of, realized by few OHC 244:2

power to wrestle against, robbed by fictitious stories TMK 318:2

probation granted to form, for higher life TMK 117:4

purity of, to be shown CC 248:6

reading (pure) to form good 1MCP 107:2; PM 377:1

reform in, needed to fit a people for second coming 3SM 292:1

regularity in UL 146:6

repetition forms, and habit forms character TMK 157:3

right, must be formed and wrong ones overcome RC 164:2

secret, witnessed by God and angels 1MCP 317:1

separation from world in, is hard FW 41:1

sinful, See Habits, bad

strength in, whether good or evil TSB 181:0

temperate, overcoming requires TMK 315:2

thoughts harbored become HP 197:3

truth brings reformation of OHC 34:3

unbreakable, iron net compared to build for eternity 2MCP 596:2

unholy, conquer in name and power of Jesus AG 223:7; HP 148:4

unnatural, See Pornography; Masturbation

vile, stop, or lose health and salvation; effort needed 1MCP 233:3

watch for old HP 279:4

Word of God protects from being ensnared by HP 170:4

world is our school for forming, for higher life TDG 96:2

See also Actions; Behavior; Life; Lifestyle; Practices


Hagar, Abraham’s secondary wife PP 145-55; 3SG 100-5; SR 76-80

Ishmael’s wives chosen by PP 174

Hagenbach, K. R.

Hagenbach, K. R., quoted GC 128


Haggai, prophet GC 23-4; PK 573-81, 597


Haggling, over pet ideas, cease your 1SM 343


1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

blasting, tongue utters words like 5T 176

desolating, censure compared to 2T 57

men who are to brethren as 4T 612

minister whose influence was like 3T 109

words like AH 439

words should not be like 3BC 1159

words not like 3BC 1159

2. Literal

Egypt’s plague of PP 269-70; 3SG 213-4, 244; SR 117

crops destroyed by PP 271

destroying angel caused PP 269

forests broken down by PP 271

many people killed by PP 271

Moses unhurt in PP 270

unusual in Egypt in Moses’ time PP 269

fulfills God’s word PP 509

obeys God’s voice SR 117

reserved against time of trouble and war PP 509


falls on the wicked during the plagues Mar 284:7

Satan exercises his power in HP 342:3

Hailstone, Hailstones

Hailstone, Hailstones, denunciations like, do not pelt people with Ev 572

great, during seventh plague GC 637

terrific, Satan exercises destroying power in GC 590


Hailstorm, fierce, Amorites routed by PP 508-9

Hair, Hairs

Hair, Hairs, color of, admittance into City of God does not depend on 7BC 920

disordered, ministers should not enter pulpit with 2T 613

gray: fifth commandment of Decalogue is binding on person who has 2BC 1025

men with, should walk circumspectly Ev 685

not secure against snare of lovesick sentimentalism 5T 600-1

old soldiers who have grown, in Christ’s service 2SM 406

respect gospel workers who have grown, in God’s service 2SM 223-7

respect persons with 4T 340

that God honors 7BC 982

theory that the redeemed will not have GW 313; 1SM 173

youth should honor men of 2SM 314

hoary, rise up and call blessed men of 2SM 224

show respect to Ed 244

ministers should keep their, combed and in order 2T 613

of your head, God numbers CD 159; DA 313; LS 230; SC 100; 2SG 244; 1T 173, 550; 4T 289

God’s blessings exceed the number of SD 116

powers of darkness not permitted to hurt one, of Christians TMK 253:5

preparation of, time spent by youth before mirror in 1T 162

Samson’s long, had no virtue in itself PP 566

symbolized his condition as Nazarite PP 562

token of loyalty to God PP 566

uncombed, do not come to church services with CG 428

improper on Sabbath CG 428


Hairsplitting, ministers warned against 2T 547


Half, you cannot be, the Lord’s and half world’s SC 44

Half-and-half service

Half-and-half service, places man on enemy’s side MB 94

Half-and-half work

Half-and-half work, constant denying of Christ by ChS 41

Half Christian

Half Christian, to be, and half worldly makes man one hundredth part Christian and all the rest worldly 2T 264

Half-converted person, Half-converted persons

Half-converted person, Half-converted persons, is like tree with boughs hanging toward truth 4T 155

many, on question of eating flesh foods will go out from God’s people CH 575

one hundred, Christ-loving and devoted church member does more good than 5T 114

See also Lukewarm

Halfhearted Christian, Halfhearted Christians

Halfhearted Christian, Halfhearted Christians, worse than infidels 7BC 963


Halfheartedly, not safe to be, on God’s side TM 148


Halfheartedness, effects of, on religious experience COL 50

provokes assaults of Satan 5T 264

Halfhearted person, Halfhearted persons

Halfhearted person, Halfhearted persons, no place in God’s work for 5T 582

persecution drives, from church GC 602

Halfhearted work

Halfhearted work, God will not accept 2T 46

separates soul from Christ TM 148

Halfway Christian, Halfway Christians

Halfway Christian, Halfway Christians, discouraging circumstances have depressing influence on ML 334

Halfway work

Halfway work, do not do, in seeking God’s kingdom CD 484-5


Halitosis See Breath

Hall, Halls

Hall, Halls, best, few people in cities will attend evangelistic meetings in 6T 31

fitted with music, youth allured to sin by CH 441

for evangelism in cities, are expensive 6T 31

tact needed in trying to secure Ev 75

good, needed for evangelism in England GW 462

hold meetings in, in gospel work for Negroes 9T 207

large, should be secured for city evangelism Ev 75

ministers who should not pay large sums for, to hold meetings GW 459

most popular, should be rented sometimes at great expense for evangelism Ev 75

objection to, for evangelistic efforts Ev 39

obscure, not suitable for evangelistic meetings Ev 421-2

rent, for carrying truth into unentered places ChS 181

for evangelistic work Ev 75

securing of, in large cities Ev 388

small, not suitable for evangelistic meetings Ev 421-2

results of evangelistic effort in Ev 126

suitable, needed for evangelistic efforts Ev 126

memory’s See Memory

of justice See Hall of justice

Hall, D. P.

Hall, D. P. 1T 116-7

Hall, Lucinda

Hall, Lucinda 2T 539; 3T 124

Hall of justice, Halls of justice

Hall of justice, Halls of justice, many a lad of today will stand in, as did Daniel Ed 262

See also Court of justice (law)

Hallelujah, hallelujahs

Hallelujah, hallelujahs, Hebrew, when Gentile hosannas will mingle with DA 830

Haller, Berthold

Haller, Berthold GC 182-4


Hallooing, loud, unbecoming to ministers 2T 615


Halo, of glory: before his fall Adam was clothed with 1SM 270

hovered over ark of covenant SR 179; 4T 160

surrounded ark of covenant PP 488

of light, about heads of the redeemed EW 18

seen around fourth commandment of Decalogue EW 33; LS 96; 2SG 83; 1T 76

redeemed will wear, as crown of glory 2SM 260


Halting, there must be no, in Christ’s service 4T 187


Ham, eating of CD 239-40

See Swine’s flesh


Ham, Noah’s son, and his descendants PP 117-8


Haman, Agagite, Persian government official PK 600-2; 5T 450

experience of, lesson from 4T 223


Hamath, on north, Solomon’s kingdom extended to PK 70

Hamilton, Patrick

Hamilton, Patrick GC 250


Hammer, carpenter’s skill in using, comes from God COL 349

girls should learn to use Ed 216-7

used in crucifying Christ EW 176

words as, breaking flinty heart 5T 254


Hammering, at people, ministers should avoid Ev 281


Hanani, prophet PK 113


Hananiah, false prophet PK 444-6; 4T 170

Hananiah (Shadrach)

Hananiah (Shadrach), Daniel’s companion See Daniel and companions

Hand, Hands

1. Laying on of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Laying on of

by Ananias in restoring Paul’s sight AA 122

by priest in offering animal sacrifice AA 162

Christ blessed children by DA 512

Christ healed the sick by CH 526; COL 418; MM 238

form significant to Jew AA 162

in benediction PP 234

in healing the sick CH 34; 4T 225

in prayer for divine healing 3T 433

Jewish father blessed children by AA 162

Moses solemnly set Joshua apart as leader of Israel by PP 463

no virtue imparted to ministers by mere AA 162

ordination of church elders by 4T 406-7

ordination of deacons by AA 89; SR 260

ordination of ministers by AA 110; ChS 161-2; EW 101; SR 303-4; 4aSG 127; 4T 406

ordination of Paul and Barnabas by AA 161

rabbis blessed Jewish children by DA 511; MH 40

rite of, abused greatly after apostolic times AA 162

true med. miss. work includes CH 540; Ev 546

2. Miscellaneous

active, do not find time to heed every temptation suggested by enemy 1T 395

affected by paralysis LS 168-9

bearing marks of crucifixion, put your treasure in AA 345

bearing nailprints of crucifixion, place your property in CS 49

bloodless, tore veil from temple SR 226

wrote on wall of Belshazzar’s palace 4BC 1170; PK 524; SR 226

blows with, children are not to be controlled under all circumstances by 2T 259

body which treats indifferently the right, can do nothing MM 238

body without, is useless WM 123

bruised, charcoal in treatment of 2SM 294-6

busy, fervent prayer accompanying 1T 592

ceremony of washing, that does not clean Te 28

children should be taught how to use CG 350

children’s active, must be employed from earliest years CT 146; FE 417

children’s, disgusting sores on CD 240

should be trained to helpfulness Ed 215

Christ will hold your MB 119

Christ’s, God’s people graven on palms of PK 589

cut off, if necessary to save body from death AA 313

delicate paleness of, young women who preserve 3T 151

earnest work must be done by every pair of WM 311

feeble, should not be deterred from doing something for Christ TM 496

God’s, people who are graven upon palms of PK 571

God’s helping: children should be trained as CT 130

Christians are to be, in saving souls 9T 150

church school teachers as CT 151

grasp of your, God calls for 6T 277

grasping for higher wages, may become God’s helping hand 1SM 85

habitually cold, cause of 2T 532

helping, body can do nothing without MM 238

honor must also be given to MM 238

human agencies are to angels as 6T 456

med. miss. work is gospel ministry’s MM 240

med. miss. work is to be gospel minister’s MM 252-3

human, angels work by ML 305; 6T 456; WM 109

are agencies of heavenly instrumentalities ML 305

idle: mischief to occupy, Satan finds CT 275, 316

ready for Satan to control 1T 395

reap small harvest 2T 330

Jacob raised his, in blessing Pharaoh PP 233

joined to body, gospel ministry and genuine med. miss. work are to be united as MM 250

health reform is as closely connected with third angel’s message as 3T 62

left, some do nothing worthy of notice of 2SG 234

liberal, God will refill CS 50

motion of, falsehood may be told by PP 309

nailed to cross for man, trust everything to 4T 462

opium’s effects upon 2SM 449

Paul’s toil-hardened AA 352

placed under law 8T 264

reach God with one, and needy persons with other 2T 34-5

right: med. work as See Medical missionary work

opens door through which body may find entrance MM 238; WM 122-3

should be sacrificed if it offends 5T 222

surrender of will to God is represented as cutting off MB 61

rough and unskilled, can be used in Christ’s service Ed 270

swollen about joints, symptom of rheumatic fever LS 74; 2SG 42

that will never let go, Christ’s promise to hold you by MH 182

unsteady, under strong drink’s stimulus 3T 242

warm, need to clasp Ed 133

weak, cannot cling to Mighty One in day of adversity 4T 76

will power can make, move deftly COL 344; Ev 481

withered, Christ healed DA 286

without body, useless MM 238

your, open wider to give as you cooperate with Christ CS 50

you are responsible for use of 7T 168

youth’s, should be taught to be useful DA 72

should be trained in doing good AH 510

youth’s active, must have employment SD 140


Christ will hold, firmly UL 42:3

helping, we may be God’s UL 76:5

idle, Satan is ready to control RC 180:7

light around, Ellen White saw, reaching to save woman counseled 2MCP 808:2

move deftly by exercising will power OHC 228:3

nailed to cross is powerful to save TDG 176:5

parents are God’s, preparing for heavenly home 3SM 210:1

Paul worked with CC 353:2

place, in Christ’s and let Him guide TMK 241:4

taken by Jesus UL 276:5

toil-worn, did not detract from Paul’s appeals CC 342:3

upholding worlds strengthens His weakest child OHC 28:3

withdrawing, from Christ’s hand 2MCP 811:1

work with, educate all for, then brain not overtaxed 1MCP 120:2

working as the, to work out God’s purposes HP 102:5


Hand-bath See Bath

Handbill, Handbills

Handbill, Handbills, flaming, minds corrupted by 3T 472

youth educated in crime by 3T 471

See also Advertising


Handclasp, God calls for your COL 418

soul that needs COL 388

See also Handshake


needed by many youth UL 117:4