Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Why Christ was Hated

I presented the matter before the hearers that Jesus the Lord of life and glory was crucified to please the malice of the Jews because the principles He presented did not coincide with their own ideas and ambitious aims. He condemned all guile, all underhanded work of policy for supremacy, and every unholy practice. Pilate and Herod became friends in crucifying Christ. They pleased the Jews in making effective their enmity against One whom Pilate proclaimed innocent. I presented to them Judas, who betrayed his Lord for money value; Peter, who denied Him in His humiliation in the judgment hall. A few hours before, he had with great firmness assured his Master he would go with Him to prison and to death; and notwithstanding Jesus’ declaration that he would, ere the cock crew, deny Him thrice, he was so self-confident that he took not the words of Christ as verity and truth. How little he knew himself! How soon circumstances tested his allegiance to his Master! He denied Jesus in the very hour he should have watched with Him in fervent prayer. When in the judgment hall he was accused of being one of this Man's disciples, he denied; and the third time he was accused, he emphasized his denial with cursing and swearing. TM 267.1