EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Goodness - Gospel work


Goodness, alone, true greatness comes from 2BC 1039; 2T 305; 4T 541

child’s true, brings its own reward CG 145

desires for, are not enough 2T 265

display of, God asks for no CT 251

God prizes, more than greatness of work accomplished 2T 511

God would have His people mention His COL 298

how, becomes natural instinct COL 355

how to know God’s, for yourself 5T 221

more valuable than power Ed 225

pattern of, Christ is man’s CT 262

persons who are last to parade their own COL 160

property of pure love 4T 138

real, manifest in good works 7BC 905

result of divine power transforming human nature ML 54

superior, God does not approve self-satisfied endeavor to display MH 36

true: countenance lighted up by 2T 535

seek, rather than greatness 5T 242

why world is destitute of AH 201-2

truly righteous man is unconscious of his SL 13

words and deeds of, preserved through eternal ages SD 270


acts and words of, preserved through eternity HP 232:5

boasting of, NL 57:1

own, not in those seeking character perfection FW 52:0

Daniel’s, turned to corruption before the angel 3SM 354:1

genuine, brought to others by Bible religion TMK 100:2

God is the only true source of HP 368:3

greatness CC 197:4

hatred of, results from hating God’s law RC 321:2

holy ones do not boast of FLB 140:2

human, change after conversion not brought by AG 319:4

looking to Jesus helps believer have TDG 88:3


cleansing and salvation not possible by FW 70:2

not paraded before God in confession TDG 316:3

seen in everything God has imparted TMK 365:5

victories measured by qualities such as TDG 199:5

words and deeds of, seen in eternity HP 232:5


Goods, Christ commits His, to His servants COL 326

you handle, that are not your own Ed 139

See also Possession; Property


dealing wisely with the Lord’s; He makes inventory TDG 85:3

Good Health

Good Health AH 415; CW 127-8; 7T 64

Good Samaritan

lessons from UL 215

Good thing, Good things

Good thing, Good things, man cannot do, of himself DA 98

many apparently, need to be considered with much prayer Ev 590

Good time

Good time, religious exercises mean little more than, to many 2SM 21

Good will

Good will, regulations for fostering PP 534

toward all men, learn meaning of 3BC 1164


practice showing, toward all TDG 83:5

Good works

See Works, good

Goodwin, Elias

Goodwin, Elias 2SG 135

Gooseberry, Gooseberries

Gooseberry, Gooseberries, cultivation and use of, recommended MH 299

Gopher wood

Gopher wood, cypress PP 95; 3SG 66; SR 64 See also Cypress tree

Gordon, Wm.

Gordon, Wm., quoted GC 307


majesty of God seen in OHC 253:3

Gorham, Me.

Gorham, Me. LS 98, 143; 2SG 83, 117, 161-2; 1T 80

EGW born at, Nov. 26, 1827 LS 17; 1T 9

Henry Nichols White born on August 26, 1847, at 1T 82


Goshen, best part of Egypt PP 232-3; 3SG 169

exempt from plagues PP 266-7, 269, 279

Israel assembled in, to depart from Egypt PP 281

Jacob and family settled in PP 233; 3SG 169

Moses and Aaron met with Hebrew elders in PP 257

Moses was reared in Ed 62; FE 96; PP 592


Gospel, accepted by many people as way of escape from suffering COL 47

achieves greatest success among humbler classes AA 461

actual proclamation of, is to be performed by Christ’s servants on earth GC 312

adapted for spiritual food to satisfy man’s spiritual appetite SD 70

advanced in spite of persecution by Jews AA 176

all nations shall hear DA 828

alone, can cure evils that curse society COL 254

can free from condemnation of sin GC 468

angels open way for us by preparing hearts to receive 6T 438

apostles carried weight of responsibility for proclaiming, in regions beyond 7T 15

apostles preached, by co-operation of Spirit AA 593

apostles recorded, for all future ages GC 9

apostles were not to preach, to world until after receiving impartation of Spirit DA 805

apostles were slow to understand that, was for all nations DA 351

apostles were to do med. miss. work in proclaiming CH 530-1

apostles were to proclaim, through repentance and Christ’s power DA 805

army of SDA youth as gospel workers could soon proclaim Ed 271

becomes personality in souls who believe FE 200

betrayal of, when God’s servants depend on men not guided by Spirit DA 354

blessing of, all men may have COL 117

blessings of, are to be communicated through personal ministry CH 391; MH 148

blessings offered through, great supper in parable represents COL 222

borne to world by toil, sacrifice, peril, and losses of worldly goods 5T 86-7

can never be in harmony with spirit of world DA 509

can prove its own divinity to humble and contrite mind 1SM 245

cannot be rightly presented without God’s law COL 128

cannot excuse sin DA 811

carry, forward by aggressive warfare DA 678

to uttermost parts of earth DA 827

Christ came to preach COL 254

Christ commissioned His disciples to preach, to all nations FE 201

Christ ordained that succession of men should proclaim Ev 544

Christ planned for Israel’s leaders to carry, to world DA 231

Christ preferred to take, to the poor than to occupy highest place among Jewish teachers MH 20-1

Christ typified in rites and ceremonies of Jewish law is same One revealed in PP 373

Christ would have suffered and died if but one soul would have accepted MH 135

Christ’s ambassadors are to preach, to perishing souls CH 499

church must realize its obligation to carry, of present truth to every creature 6T 296

church’s mission is to carry, to world SC 81

claims of, men who would not imperil their worldly prospects by giving attention to COL 224

closing message of, must be carried to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people 7T 51

closing work of, enlist help of common people in Ed 269-70

contains God’s expressed will 6T 241

counterfeit of, Jews defrauded world by DA 36

countries hitherto closed to, are opening their doors GW 27

cure for maladies that originated in sin is MH 115

danger of separating from last message of, its leading and most urgent features 6T 290

depends on its believers for its aggressive power ChS 21; WM 36

devils are in assemblies where, is preached COL 44

do not hide, with ornamental roses SD 266

do not praise, but praise Christ 7BC 907

do not present, as lifeless theory DA 826; MH 99

do not worship, but worship Lord of gospel 7BC 907

does for darkened mind what science and literature cannot do FE 199-200

does not encourage formal politeness current with world GW 123

doors closed to, cannot remain forever closed AA 179

each effort to expound, should be improvement on previous ones 4T 270

education is failure unless student’s heart accepts CT 12-3; FE 536

embodied, God’s law is COL 128

encourages politeness that springs from real kindness of heart GW 123

enemy has united men to counterwork, by perverting its principles 6T 242

erroneous teaching that men should be forced to receive COL 235

ethics of, acknowledge no standard but perfection of divine character MH 451; 7T 276

everlasting: proclaims God’s law 2SM 106

proclamation of judgment in Rev. 14:6, 7 is called COL 227-8

should be proclaimed by human agencies 2SM 115

was declared in Eden 2SM 106

every believer should give, to others AA 109

excellency and power of, how to reveal 5T 531

express gratitude for, by seeking to do good to others 9T 31

faith of, souls in highways and byways to be brought to FE 529

few people accepted, as result of Paul’s discourse before court of Areopagus MH 214

first given to Adam and Eve 7BC 932; 1SM 230

by Christ 1BC 1084

in sentencing of Satan PP 65-6

first principles of, truth and righteousness are 2SM 212

framework of, diligently gather up jewels of truth and place them in GW 289

gentle and courteous spirit of, believers who misrepresent MB 125

gifts of, are not to be enjoyed in secret DA 347; MH 100

not to be secured by stealth DA 347; MH 100

give, in its purity 9T 96

given in precept in Leviticus 6T 392

given to: harmonize sinful race CD 206

Israel first by Christ and apostles AA 28; DA 351

world at infinite cost FE 188

gives: meaning to Jewish economy of types and shadows Ev 231

significance to ceremonial law PP 368

giving money to spread, stimulation giver receives from MB 90

glory of, is that it is founded on principle of restoring divine image in fallen man 7T 146; 9T 254

God does not plan to proclaim, by angels AA 330

God has provided that messengers of, shall go to all countries, tongues, and peoples 6T 100

God sends invitation of, to people everywhere GW 34

God’s law cannot be rightly presented without COL 128

God’s law not abrogated by Ev 598

God’s people have been commissioned to preach, to every creature FE 199

God’s purpose in giving, to world in this generation Ed 262

gradual unfolding of God’s purposes in, from beginning PP 373

great threefold message of, warning must be proclaimed in places where has not dawned GW 27

health reform in all its phases is included in CD 75; MM 159

heart that receives, longs to proclaim it COL 125

high character of, many people in higher walks of life will respond to truth because it bears stamp of 7T 112

high standard is set before us by 5T 88

higher claims of, hold all temporal claims and interest in subjection to FE 82

how, can be called message of peace GC 46-7

how God’s people can speedily carry, to all world MB 43

how Paul presented, before court of Areopagus AA 236-9; MH 214

how temporal and spiritual blessings of, may be felt by all around us 6T 189

how to preach, in its fullness COL 127

in hearts and hands of Christ’s followers is power for imparting to men heaven’s choicest gift 6T 237-8

influence of, brings hearts into harmony 8T 77

invitation of, must be given to all world COL 228

must not be narrowed down and presented to only a select few MH 102

is: aggressive and diffusive ChS 12

Christ unfolded 7BC 907

fragrant blossom and fruit which God’s law bears COL 128

God’s law unfolded COL 128

humanized in Christ’s teachings CT 436

message of peace GC 46-7

not great leading power in SDA institutions which put anything above third angel’s message 6T 241

of no value to men unless they submit to God 6T 241

power of God unto salvation to them that believe 7T 12

revelation of God’s love to men FE 186

revelation of light and hope from eternal world to man 4T 446

sanctifying influence in world 8T 77

spiritual food 1SM 245

to advance from victory to victory 9T 219

treasure hidden in field of parable COL 104

Isaiah was shown, carried to ends of earth PK 374

Israel could have carried, rapidly to all parts of world COL 232

Israel was to give, to world COL 290; PK 19

it has cost much to bring, to world TM 339

Jewish nation sealed its rejection of, in A.D. 34 DA 233; GC 328; PK 699

key unlocking mysteries of Jewish rites and symbols is COL 133

law and, go hand in hand GW 162

must be presented together GW 161

law of God cannot be rightly presented without COL 128

light of, shone brightly in Antioch of Syria AA 165

live out, in all its bearings 6T 189

Luther (Martin) showed that most valuable treasure of church was GC 130

made known to Abraham 3T 369

make every effort to give light of, to world 8T 160

makes no compromise with evil DA 811

med. miss. work should be carried on as part of 6T 292

men and means greatly needed to preach, to every creature TM 43

men are brought near to Christ by spreading MH 103

many Jews will accept Christ when, is presented in its fullness AA 380-1

many people must be reached by, in their homes CH 388

many people today have erroneous idea re how to proclaim 7T 101

marrow and fatness in, there is 1SM 158

means everything essential to humanity’s happiness and well-being FE 186

med. miss. work as, of healing and blessing and strengthening CH 533

med. miss. work cannot be separated from CH 534

med. miss. work is: in illustration 6T 241

in practice CH 532

practically carried out CH 532

millions upon millions have not heard Ed 263-3

ministers abuse, by cheap religion TM 339

ministers alone cannot preach, to all the world CT 468

ministers should take, to worldly moneyed men 9T 115

miss. nurses can find opportunities for presenting, in homes of people CH 388

Moses was shown preaching of, to world PP 476

must be: lived and practiced in daily life 9T 218

preached throughout world DA 563

preached to the lost COL 58

proclaimed from door to door 8T 16

proclaimed to neighbors CH 33

taken to farthest part of habitable globe AA 29

must be preached and practiced in ministry of the word and in med. miss. work MH 144

must be preached (proclaimed) to: all nations Ev 456

all nations, tongues, and people SD 44

the poor CD 353; CS 162

must be proclaimed in all countries GW 25

must be proclaimed to all world 8T 16

before end comes MB 108-9

in this generation DA 633-4

never employs force in bringing men to Christ COL 235

never puts on aspect of greater loveliness than when brought to most needy and destitute regions 7T 226

NT contains, in its unfolding power 6T 392

not without sign of its divine origin DA 407

object of, is to unite Christians in universal brotherhood SD 50

of Christ’s grace must be given to church in clear and distinct lines TM 92

of kingdom is message for which world is perishing 9T 67

of present truth will be placed in way of people who know it not 9T 122

OT contains, in types and shadows 6T 392

only antidote for earth’s sin and misery is CT 468; MH 141

opponents of, follow Christ’s example in meeting COL 40

opportunity for proclaiming, Christ neglected no MH 27

opposition of Jews to, in Pisidia AA 176

our work is to reveal to men, of their salvation MH 148

patriarchs from Adam to Moses understood PP 366

Paul avoided elaborate arguments and discussion of theories in presenting, after he left Athens MH 214

penetrated to eagles of Rome GC 41

people accepted, as apostles proclaimed completeness of Christ AA 594

people in highways and byways of earth are to hear 9T 33

persecution at Jerusalem spread, beyond limits of Palestine AA 155

persecution helped furtherance of, in Paul’s time AA 363

persons giving their lives to self-serving need 6T 257

perversion of, by false teachers in Galatia AA 384-5

pioneer work of, med. miss. work is MH 144

possesses same power today as in Christ’s time DA 823

power of, cherishing one sinful desire will neutralize SC 34

practical piety of church demonstrates 7T 16

practical working of, ministry needs med. miss. work to demonstrate 6T 289

preached by: Christ was message of spiritual life and physical restoration MH 111

God to Abraham through type and promise PP 154

preached to all world in apostolic times AA 48, 578-80; COL 120; MH 141; 8T 19, 21

before destruction of Jerusalem DA 633

in one generation AA 593; Ed 96; 8T 26

in short time 8T 15

preaching of: after outpouring of Spirit Ed 95-6

by apostles shook world AA 593

casting of net represents COL 122

God’s provision to sustain COL 144

made deepest impression in Jerusalem in apostolic times DA 821

means much more than many realize CH 540; Ev 536

relation of first angel’s message to GC 355-6

why God committed, to erring men instead of angels DA 297

world is field for GW 27

preaching of Christ’s second coming and its nearness is essential part of message of COL 227-8

present, as living force to change life DA 826; MH 99

presentation of, keep your own opinions out of CD 209

presented in: OT types and shadows 6T 392

symbol in ancient ritual PK 489

principles of: Paul faithfully taught Galatians AA 383

regard for religion as treasure to be jealously enjoyed solely by possessor reveals spirit contrary to PP 134

undermine whole system of slavery AA 459-60

privileges of, professed Christians congregate where they can enjoy COL 303

proclaim, to all world CM 17-8; Ed 264

proclamation of: discussion of unimportant points of doctrine consumes time that should be spent in AA 580

God has made, dependent on labors and voluntary gifts of His people 9T 246

God’s plan for CM 152-3

should be world-wide in extent AA 90

profession of Christianity is of no avail unless professor is sanctified by COL 50-1

Protestant Reformers felt God had called them to give, to world 6T 403

pure doctrines of, never degrade receiver 7T 67

never make receiver coarse, rough, or uncourteous 7T 67

pure principles of, diligently cultivate TM 505

purity of, God’s people are departing from 5T 18

purpose of giving, is noblest appeal to any human being Ed 262

puts on aspect of greatest loveliness when brought to most needy and destitute regions WM 169

receiver’s judgment is refined, ennobled, elevated, and sanctified by 7T 67

reception of, not made dependent on human reasoning 1SM 245

reflects light upon Jewish age Ev 231

regions in need of, men and women needed to move into 9T 33

relationship of God’s law to, Wesley (John) quoted re GC 263-4

requirements of, by faith and prayer all may meet 5T 177

include every soul that has heard glad tidings 5T 87

make plain COL 40

responsibility of giving, to world is placed on Christ’s followers AA 338

responsibility of God’s people to preach, to every creature TM 43

revealed as reality and not as result of imagination or enthusiasm 6T 264

revealed in Christlike lives, world needs saving power of MH 133

revenue of, that which has been set apart by Scriptures as belonging to God constitutes 9T 246-7

right hand of, SDA sanitariums are CH 212; 9T 167

sacred influence of, will appear in our lives when we individually walk and talk with God 6T 253

saving power of: every Christian should demonstrate COL 301

through personal contact men are to be reached by MB 36

world needs nothing so much as MH 133

saving truths of, great work must be accomplished in setting before men 6T 11

work of third angel’s message is to present 6T 11

seed of, soil of heart must be broken up to receive DA 104

self-sacrifice must be maintained in order that, may go to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples 7T 215

sheds light on Jewish economy PP 368

should be lived and practiced in daily life 9T 218

simplicity of: divine principles must be presented in GW 27

God’s people in great danger of departure from 5T 461

never rise above 9T 142

solace offered by, to persons disappointed in marriage MB 65

souls enslaved by Satan are to find liberty through MB 60-1

sowers of seed have work to do in preparing hearts to receive COL 57

steadfastness of Bohemians to, through time of persecution GC 119

strongest argument in favor of, loving and lovable Christian is MH 470

success of, depends on simplicity of message and its adaptation to hungry souls COL 231

does not depend on learned speeches, eloquent testimonies, or deep arguments COL 231

system of Jewish economy was, in figure FE 238

taught in sanctuary service 1SM 233

teach, in simple object lessons MH 198-9

theory of, minister in desk announces 7T 16

thousands should be proclaiming, in heathen lands SC 81

threefold message of Rev. 14:6-12 is part of GC 311-2

too often presented in so indifferent a manner as to make little impression MH 143

transforming power of, must be diffused throughout world by union of church members with Christ 6T 240

treasures of, placed by Christ in hands of His followers AA 338

triumph of, paganism foresaw results of GC 39

true interpretation of Ev 514

truth of: by unselfish interest give practical demonstration of CH 499

every Christian should demonstrate COL 301

ruins if it does not save 5T 134

truths of, all are to be types of saving power of COL 296-7

false teachers in Galatia mingled Jewish traditions with AA 383

our souls must be warmed and invigorated by 4T 556

very essence of, is restoration DA 824-5; CT 467

we must be saved by, that we present for saving souls of others MH 469

whole, is comprised in learning of Christ TM 456

present truth embraces 6T 291

whole life of receiver is influenced by 7T 67

whole system of types and symbols was prophecy of AA 14

whole world is in need of COL 303; 8T 119

whole world is opening to Ed 262

whole world would quickly be sown by seed of, if all who profess Christ bore fruit to His glory CT 324

why, is called sword GC 47

why men rebel against GC 47

will never reach multitudes unless it is carried to them COL 229

wonderful simplifier of life’s problems MH 363

word of truth is, we are to preach 6T 19

work accomplished by proclamation of, God alone can estimate 6T 28

work of, John the Baptist’s message was part of DA 135

work of making known, Christian is dedicated to 9T 20-1

work of preaching: has been entrusted to men GC 312

not committed to angels GC 312

why God gave to men SC 79

work of presenting saving truths of, is means ordained by God to stem tide of moral corruption 6T 11

world is perishing for want of COL 228

world reviles, because of inconsistent lives of false professors COL 122

would speedily be proclaimed in all countries if every church member were living missionary 9T 32


adorn, by a loving faith that purifies soul TDG 169:5

all believers of, in prayer of John 17:20 TDG 120:3

all on earth to hear HP 340:2; OHC 171:2

all places to receive TDG 107:6

argument for,

kind Christian is the most powerful 3SM 238:4

kind, courteous Christian HP 181:4

associated with light and life UL 319:4

belief in,

claimed by some who deny Christ’s soon coming RC 258:2

does not save OHC 52:4

blessing of, not received by stealth TMK 214:2

call of, shared as you sense its undeserved privilege TDG 223:5

carried to the world HP 333:4


of Christ shown in; He descended from throne LHU 40:4

of those claiming to believe, important TDG 352:4

children are most susceptible to teachings of FLB 270:4


crucified for sin is the center of UL 85:6

gives help in, to renew and save TDG 104:6

unfolded highest truth of TDG 106:5

was FLB 88:6; TMK 97:3

closing work of, common people to help in Mar 122:2

commended in working by love TDG 297:6

commission of, HP 317

all possible to be done to fulfill TDG 242:4

and authority from God HP 214:3

entrusted to one treasuring divine lessons TDG 252:2

given, UL 100:4

to all connected with Christ HP 173:3

is to be acted upon TDG 330:2

life of ease does not fulfill PM 47:2

to dispute Satan’s authority AG 162:3

to teach the world, those included in HP 339:2

trust given as executors of Christ’s will RY 100

working for souls in obedience to TDG 227:4

confidence in, destroyed by interpretations (pantheism) TDG 76:4

conflict coming between, of whole Bible and human tradition 3SM 385:5

daily experience to have OHC 110:3

defined as Christ in various ways AG 49:6

design of, equaled only by its purpose RC 76:2

difficulty in spread of, removed TDG 195:4

diffusive and aggressive; responsibility for souls TDG 211:4

disciples bore, rapidly to all the earth Mar 38:4

economy to be practiced in giving UL 319:3

education a failure without acceptance of 1MCP 196:1

ethics of, perfection of God’s mind and will OHC 108:2; RC 35:2

faith in, must complement law OHC 141:4

fault not in, but in people TDG 18:2

feet to be shod with preparation of TMK 328:2

giving, in purity,

in the time of the loud cry Mar 218:4

stream is to deepen and widen PM 386:4

glory and fullness of, in life controlled by truth TDG 357:7

good news of grace: no condemnation and ability to obey 2MCP 563:2

grace experienced results in working to diffuse LHU 230:5

grasping revelations of, takes more than human intelligence TDG 278:5

heals maladies sin has produced UL 131:4

health, begin in earnest to give, to people OHC 267:3

heavenly feast UL 304:2


given by, assured in the word of eternal life TDG 223:3

in doing commandments is, sounding down through time TDG 28:6

ignorance of, leads to following Christ at distance TDG 18:2

influence of, in all of life RC 164:3

interest in, from relief of physical needs CME 29

invention of own, and own law to substitute for God’s law 1MCP 324:0

invitation of, church to proclaim HP 328:2

Jewish economy is compacted prophecy of RC 112:4

Jews given, first SW 22:2

joy in; brightness in accepting God’s promises CME 26:4

keynote of, is “consider one another”; world’s is self OHC 166:4

last-day message of, threatened by sophistries 3SM 72:1


and, See also Law and gospel

breakers not promised God’s favor by FW 96:2

needed to give, efficiency and power OHC 141:4

not broken freely because of FW 96:1

not weakened in, but men enabled to keep it FW 52:1

light from,

as rays of the sun to extend to every soul HP 340:2

yet to shine forth TDG 314:2

love and respect for brethren result from principles of TMK 184:6

lowering of Old Testament standard in, claimed by Satan FW 90:2

marriage restored by AG 115:3

medical missionary work in ministry of CME 42:4

meditating on, creates desire to reach its standard HP 161:5

meeting the claims of UL 50:4

message of,

colporteurs to sell books with PM 124:2

preaching to the poor connected with HP 173:4

same today; kingdom of heaven at hand TDG 185:2

ministry of,

health-care students to be bound up with 1MCP 343:2

remarriage provided S. N. Haskell a helper for RY 114:2; TSB 33:2

mystery of, God’s character to be shown by AG 129:3

obedience to, example to others in HP 31:3

object of, salvation of the lost CME 43:4

Old Testament patriarchs understood TMK 197:3

old, to be preached; sorrow for sin and repentance TDG 370:4

open book in Christ’s love UL 295:6


spoke of, while working at his trade CC 342:2

was shown UL 309:2


to hear HP 234:5

when Christ came TDG 31:4

power of,

consoles those being purified by affliction OHC 317:6

experienced personally seeing charms of Jesus FW 107:1

for obedience FW 52:1

made known in lives of obedient believers TMK 345:3

realized by personal experience RC 76:2

same now as when Paul wrote of it UL 309:2

shown daily in lives of fallen humans HP 148:3

through humanity LHU 230:5

to impress hearts UL 16:6

practicing, in medical missionary work brings success CME 7:3

preparation with the armor of SW 76:2

pride of human understanding abased by TMK 135:4

principles of,

lived to reflect God’s glory LHU 266:3

lost UL 70:3

protected from misunderstanding by Paul’s tent making TDG 214:5


all can unite in UL 277:4

Christ provides for, in all places UL 188:4

clarity in VSS 234:0

dependent on our gifts and abilities HP 303:2

in comprehensiveness UL 277:4

in its simplicity UL 50:2

is high priority VSS 335:1

motivated by woe of sin TMK 54:5

people will be called and prepared for TDG 195:4

poor because preachers inexperienced RY 35:2

requires more than sermonizing and ministers OHC 298:2

Saviour always near to help with PM 310:1

study simplicity in UL 277:2

to all does not mean all will be converted AG 353:3

to Jacob through the mystical ladder OHC 66:4

to the Jewish nation UL 309:3

to those in highways and hedges RC 202:3

today as disciples did TMK 344:4

while working as tent makers TDG 203:3

work for world done only by RC 287:3

promise of,

bruising of Satan’s head was first Con 19:0

grasp; souls are valuable TDG 271:2


contest between popery and 3SM 386:1

prepare way of the Lord for, guided by the Spirit TDG 195:4

race and caste to have no influence in dissemination of HP 319:3

reality of, made evident in godly lives RC 347:5

regeneration of heart by, if it is received OHC 104:5

requirement of, ministry to others; light to shine PM 284:5

resources for advancement of, as God’s love is shown CME 22:3

salt with savor represents; powerful for saving souls TDG 25:6

salvation through mercies of God AG 138:4

same as covenant made with Abraham AG 129:5

sanctification by, sends feet through strait gate UL 234:5

satisfaction with, without human reasoning TDG 127:2

simplicity of,

operate schools and sanitariums in 1MCP 11:2

truth proclaimed powerfully in PM 309:0

singing evangelists may minister to those who seldom hear RC 255:2

sin’s power (not the law) broken by Mar 326:6

steadfastness in, strengthened by obedience TMK 318:3

study needs to continue for presentation of VSS 324:0

sustained by One who bade disciples proclaim it TDG 24:2

themes of, inspiring, presented; about Christ 3SM 186

theory of, from the pulpit; practical piety shows value TDG 81:2

time taken from proclaiming, to correct false doctrines UL 365:4

truth(s) of,

as explained in God’s Word to be accepted UL 144:2

connected into string of heavenly jewels 3SM 198:4; TDG 224:2

entrusted to us UL 159:3

for changing character TDG 81:3

invigorates daily RY 73:1

keep before the mind UL 85:6

seen by Christians’ love for one another TDG 332:5

truth principles are in, expressed in a pure life TDG 352:3

understanding is not all that is addressed by OHC 105:2

unfolded in the Old Testament TMK 38:3


and love is glory of LHU 292:5

by, into one brotherhood OHC 171:2

unprepared for, by despising blessings of Jewish age TDG 246:3

vast design of, and precious purpose FW 107:1


of God and the voice of duty TDG 287:3

used in proclaiming VSS 23:2

wealth given to invest in opening RC 269:2

word of God for life and salvation TDG 297:6

work of,

abundance of, for those who know the truth PM 310:1

Christ’s earnestness in HP 317:3

extend UL 76:3

fishermen unschooled in worldly ways chosen for TMK 189:3

for cities and also in the byways UL 60:3

grace and physical exercise needed for OHC 221:4

perform with none of Satan’s science UL 97:2

workers for, tested, but to remember God’s strength RC 352:4

working for body and soul is interpretation of CME 7:3

See also Christ, gospel of; Christ, knowledge of; Christ, love of; God,

kingdom of; Message; Redemption; Salvation, plan of; Truth

Gospel, Gospels

Gospel, Gospels, four: all blend in one harmonious whole CT 432

each of, is supplement to others Ed 123

why, are needed 1SM 21

why we need different 2MCP 424:1

why, were written on Christ’s life CT 432

tell of Christ as fulfilling type and prophecy GC 267

Gospel commission

Gospel commission AA 25-34; DA 818-28; 8T 14-8

all Christians should fulfill SC 81

angels might envy, which God has given to His people MM 131

binding on all God’s people 4T 472

calls for self-sacrificing workers GW 464

church is given privilege of fulfilling 6T 295

directed apostles to take message to all world LS 336

enjoins both teaching and healing in gospel work MH 139

explained 8T 204

extend Christ’s kingdom as rapidly as possible in accordance with 9T 219

failure of God’s people to fulfill 8T 35

fulfilled in NT times AA 593

given by Christ to His disciples at close of His earthly ministry AA 27; ChS 23; CT 466; DA 818; 8T 14; TM 198

given to: all who believe on Christ’s name AA 110-1; ChS 9

apostles in upper chamber DA 818

disciples is given to God’s people today Ev 15; GW 29; 8T 15

God’s people today 9T 20-1, 219

giving of, by Christ to apostles AA 25-34; DA 818-28; 9T 255

gospel message is outlined in DA 826

great honor conferred upon men by FE 121

great missionary charter of Christ’s kingdom is AA 28; 8T 14

impartation of Spirit is essential to fulfill DA 805

impels men to carry good news to people in darkness GW 464

includes: all believers to end of time CT 466; DA 822

healing of the sick CH 33-4

is broad and extended command FE 121

is to preach gospel throughout world 4T 474

many people from humbler walks of life help to carry out AA 105-6

marching orders given in GW 115

med. miss. work outlined in, is needed 8T 204

needs no reform Ev 525; WM 56

neglect to fulfill, by ministers trying to carry too many financial burdens 7T 255

plead God’s forgiveness for 9T 25

no laws ordained by ecclesiastical authority are included in DA 826

no reference in, to caste or country DA 820

not to be fulfilled by ordained minister alone AA 110

obey Ev 481

obligation of God’s people to carry out Ed 264

physical healing is bound up with CH 497; MH 141; MM 320

promise as far-reaching as DA 823

promise forfeited by ignoring 9T 56

reaches: all who believe in Christ’s word 4T 401

down to this age ChS 23

refusal of God’s people to carry out (fulfill) COL 303; 8T 119

renewal of, to disciples at last meeting by Sea of Galilee DA 810-1

responsibility of fulfilling, rests upon all CH 316

way in which Christ’s followers should carry out WM 117

whole world will soon be warned when church members do their part in fulfilling AA 111

Gospel faith

Gospel faith, adapted to all peoples, nations, and classes of men DA 820

proclaim, having in it nothing of caste or country DA 820

Gospel feast

Gospel feast, call to, is first to be given in highways 6T 76

last call to, give to men 6T 412

thousands of places have not heard 6T 412

Gospel field

Gospel field, world is COL 36-7; 4T 381 See also World


Gospel-hardened, people become, when SDA work is confined to few centers 9T 236

Gospel Herald

Gospel Herald, quoted 9T 225

Gospel in Ezekiel

Gospel in Ezekiel, by Thomas Guthrie, quoted GC 384

Gospel invitation

Gospel invitation, extended to every human being DA 328-9

illustrated in parable of great supper COL 219-37

Israel was to give, to world 8T 25

makes no distinction of: age, rank, nationality, or religious privilege DA 403

nationality, rank, or creed MH 25

must be given to all world COL 228

must not be narrowed down and presented only to select few MH 102

should be given to all classes of people WM 257

should not be presented only to select group DA 194

Gospel light

Gospel light, shone in Jewish age PP 366-70

Gospel meeting, Gospel meetings

Gospel meeting, Gospel meetings, importance of inviting people to attend ChS 130 See also Evangelistic meeting

Gospel message

Gospel message, announces today that second advent is at hand COL 226-7

given by patriarchs from Adam to Abraham COL 126

heart often thrilled by COL 216

heart receiving, longs to proclaim it COL 125

how, could speedily be proclaimed to all world 9T 32

individual duty of Christian to proclaim COL 125

Israel was first to receive, from Christ and apostles DA 821

must be: carried to ends of earth COL 418

given to all MH 102

heralded in new fields 3T 61

proclaimed throughout whole world GW 29

must go to all nations, tongues, and peoples DA 821; 4T 79; 8T 40

outlined in gospel commission DA 826

proclaimed by apostles, announced Christ’s first advent to world COL 226

will soon be proclaimed to all nations PK 313

wonderful work of last, must be carried on now as never before 9T 61

Gospel net

Gospel net, art of using, many teachers need to learn CT 253

parable of COL 122-3 See also Net

Gospel of kingdom

Gospel of kingdom, must be proclaimed to all world before second advent MB 108-9

Gospel plan

Gospel plan, ministers should work on, of ministering CH 533

Gospel promise

Gospel promise, given first to man in Eden Ed 27; PP 370

before their expulsion from Eden PP 65-6

renewed to Abraham PP 370

Gospel religion

Gospel religion, is Christ in human life COL 384

Gospel seed

Gospel seed See Seed

Gospel sermon

Gospel sermon, first, preached in Eden DA 663

Gospel truth

Gospel truth, ruins if it does not save 5T 134

Gospel wagon, Gospel wagons

Gospel wagon, Gospel wagons, disappointing results of Ev 583

Gospel work

Gospel work FE 529-32

1. Branches (lines, parts) of

2. Completion (closing or finishing) of

3. Method(s) of doing

4. Needs or ought to

5. Needs or ought to be

6. Ought not to be

7. Support of

8. Miscellaneous

1. Branches (lines, parts) of

all, are carried on Christ’s heart 7T 298

should demonstrate influence of cross 6T 235

different, God’s purpose for LS 218

should move harmoniously like well-regulated machinery 1SM 113

each: calls for exercise of highest ability CSW 31

centers in Christ 5T 284

Christ was bound up in 6T 242

God has special care for 4T 564

is closely united with every other line 7T 41

make strong 2SM 382

must be under God’s supervision 8T 166

one man’s judgment and ability cannot comprehend 4T 609

same principles should control 2BC 1029

should have recognition 8T 170

health institutions should be established as, in every part of world 6T 113

important, that ministers often neglect Ev 343

no one: should be independent of rest 5T 284

should be made specialty to neglect of others CH 446; CM 136

should be separated from another 6T 327

no one particular, should become all absorbing WM 256

one, one man may be better able than another to do work required in 4T 608

should not be thought more important than other branches 8T 233

should not have exclusive attention to neglect of all others 3T 35

some, caution against overdoing Ev 80

special, youth should be trained for FE 231

various, decided improvement needed in TM 181

2. Completion (closing or finishing) of EW 277-9; GC 603-12; TM 300, 506-12

by union of human and divine effort 2SM 15

God will be seen taking reins in His own hands in TM 300

God will not accomplish, without human agencies ChS 9

God will work in manner in, very much out of common order of things TM 300

means by which SDA could soon see Ed 271

outpouring of Spirit will attend GC 9 See also Holy Spirit; Loud cry; Rain

separation between the good and the evil immediately follows COL 123

simple means used by God in, gospel workers will be surprised by TM 300

spirit of sacrifice should widen and deepen for 3T 396

triumphant CM 154-5

3. Method(s) of doing GW 118-9; 9T 109-24

Christ will teach His servants 9T 170

Christ’s, gospel workers should follow FE 520; GW 468; 9T 171

is best Ev 441-2

defective 4T 260; GW 381-3

different: devise Ev 291

need of TM 251

needed in foreign fields GW 468

God’s, follow 9T 141

leave room for, to be improved Ev 105

new 7T 25

need of WM 96

new and untried, God would have His people try Ev 125

old, put new life into WM 96

one, Christ did not follow merely Ev 123

sift worldly policies from Ev 634

unusual, need of Ev 122-3

various, should be followed CT 531

when cautious, will be cast off Ev 700

wise, much as been lost for want of Ev 68

4. Needs or ought to

bear stamp of miss. work 2BC 1029

encircle globe 7T 51

extend: from city to city, country to country, nation to nation SD 273; 9T 228

to all parts of world LS 336-7

to islands of sea 7T 172

go forward with order, forethought, and earnest prayer Ev 94

move in harmony with God’s plan of organization 1SM 112

produce as well as consume MM 308

widen and broaden until it encircles world 7T 15

5. Needs or ought to be

above shadow of suspicion Ev 68

accomplished by: personal labor to a great degree COL 229

whole church 8T 47

balanced work WM 256-60

carried forward in: humility 9T 142

simplicity of truth 9T 142

carried forward with: increase of means God has entrusted to man 3T 395

such thoroughness that it will endure 5T 567

completed by co-operation of the human and the divine ChS 263

conducted: according to Bible rule TM 393

with fidelity and dispatch 3BC 1129

with regularity and propriety 3BC 1129

conducted on: high plane Ev 68

strictly religious principles 9T 150

continued in simple self-denial and faith 6T 441

done: according to well-matured plans Ev 649

as nearly perfect as possible GW 460; 5T 553

done in: intelligent manner 4T 212

prayer and love LS 211

done with: accuracy 6T 418

faith and exactness PP 376; 4T 212

faith and unwearied patience LS 211

system Ev 649

enlarged and not circumscribed 5T 555

one grand harmonious whole in Christ MM 316

practical Ev 260

rising, broadening, and enlarging power LS 385

supported by means Christ has given to His followers 9T 52

varied to meet people where they are 2T 673

6. Ought not to be

bound up in confederacy with unbelievers FE 484

conducted: after worldly order of things 7T 209

negligently or slothfully 4T 358

done in: bungling and slipshod manner GW 369; 4T 358

disjointed way 6T 235

random, haphazard, desultory manner 8T 196

performed merely once a week at place of worship 5T 459

restricted by custom or nationality DA 403

united with politics FE 484

7. Support of

all believers should help in EW 95

duty and pleasure of contributing to AA 338-9

enlightened people will give freely to AA 358

freely giving for, need of 9T 49-60

funds for, do not resort to fairs, lotteries, or parties of pleasure, etc., to secure AA 338; CS 201-3; PP 529; WM 289-92

God provides for CS 36

greater provision needed for, as it widens than was called for anciently PP 529

Macedonian believers gladly gave to AA 343

means for, God will furnish DA 370

promised to men who move forward in faith DA 371

money for, forbidden methods of raising AA 338; CS 201-3; PP 529; WM 289-92

raised by sale of houses and lands AA 70-1

Nicodemus used his wealth for AA 105

our stewardship re 9T 246-51

Paul’s instruction re AA 335-45

tithes and offerings should be used for 9T 51-9

See also Offering; Tithe

8. Miscellaneous

accomplishment of, God makes Himself responsible for COL 363

advancement of: appearance of wealth or position not essential to 7T 143

economy needed in 7T 92

every entrusted ability should be used for 6T 440

expensive architecture or furnishings are not essential to 7T 143

greatest obstacle to 1SM 122

laying too many plans for 5T 567

means for, given by God in answer to prayer 1SM 87-8

means will come for 1T 689

Nicodemus used his wealth for AA 105

aggressive, must be done in cities Ev 59

all, should be connected with great whole ML 276

all believers can do something in 3T 388-9

all who receive life of Christ are ordained to engage in DA 822

all-important work for this time is 5T 456

ample room in, for all gifts God has given 1SM 114-5

angels are employed in directing GC 312

angels have been assigned part in EW 152

angels have charge of, on earth 2SG 282

angels’ ministry in 6BC 1060; 2SG 269; 6T 456

anything connected with, should display very best taste 2T 257

appointed them to do, God works with men’s efforts when they do 5T 573

arbitrary authority in, let no one exercise TM 168

as far-reaching as eternity 5T 456

as long as men obey Christ’s word they cannot fail in DA 822

at home and abroad 8T 30-7

barrier builders retard 1SM 88

be discriminating, apt, and accomplished in 4T 358

began in simple self-denial and faith 6T 441

beginning must be made in, before there can be any progress LS 298

beseech God for help in Ev 442

best ways of reaching people in, invent Ev 443

better to work and keep at work than to do nothing in LS 213

blundering in, let there be no FE 301

build up, in every possible place LS 424

burden of responsibility of, not left to finite beings to carry PK 176

business affairs in, some men are chosen to direct 3BC 1129

business connected with, kind of men needed to handle TM 348

calls for: different plans of labor CT 531

men of high moral powers 3T 23

perseverance, courage, faith 2T 635

self-denial, sacrifice, and benevolence 2T 635

calls mental qualities into action 6T 340

can be done only by Spirit’s aid TM 313

cannot be: accomplished without Spirit DA 805; GW 289

done by proxy 9T 41

done haphazardly with hope of success 4T 67

cannot fail when God’s people obey Christ’s word AA 29

carry forward, in simplicity of gospel 7T 38

center of, Battle Creek should not be TM 375

God is to be TM 375

certain amount of education and training is essential to 4T 601

children will do, which older workers cannot do 6T 203

Christ began, in humility 7T 101

Christ made no division in 6T 242

church should not rely on worldly rank and splendor in doing 7T 101

church will have to do in terrible crisis, she fails to do in time of peace and prosperity 5T 463

close of EW 279-85; GC 635-6

angel will announce in heaven GC 613

closing, vast field is to be occupied during Ed 269

would have been completed if God’s people had done their duty since 1844 8T 116

commence, without noise or trumpeting Ev 445

commenced and carried forward by SDA at great sacrifice LS 244

compared to: fishing with net COL 122

wheel within wheel DA 823

complicated machinery in, engrosses too much time of ministers 4T 602

concern for, must be tempered with entire trust in God ChS 243

conducted in different lines is but one great whole having one great center 6T 235

conducted in new places 1SM 87-8

experienced laborers should be given charge of Ev 67

consideration should be given to, all over world GW 454

constant manifestation of benevolence is needed in 7T 146; 9T 254

co-operation of men in, God has ordained need of 3T 391

covetousness hinders 4T 483

danger of: after gaining signal victory over Satan PP 555

concentrating upon one branch of, to neglect of other parts 4T 597-8

neglecting some important parts of, through overattention to others 5T 567

taking too narrow views of 2T 669

trying to make everything too systematic in 4T 602

danger of relying too largely on what man with his talents and ability can do in DA 370

deep humiliation should accompany 5T 134

development of, should be proportionate, symmetrical, and well-balanced 6T 290

dictator in, no man should become 3BC 1131

different instrumentalities used by God in 6T 240

allow nothing to separate 6T 240

difficulties met by, God has means for removing 8T 10

must not be allowed to discourage us LS 306

diligent and thorough, prayers should be seconded by Ev 652

directed by Spirit in every age GC 343

dishonesty in, let there be no CS 143

distribution of, need of DA 361-2

divided into different branches, God’s purpose for LS 218

divine and human agencies must cooperate in CT 22; DA 296

divine grace alone can complete TM 508

division of, need of GW 196-200

do not center, in any one place 7T 172

do not cheapen, by rigid economy Ev 68

do not expect all to be peace and joy in 5T 134

do not feel that, depends principally on minister 6T 427

do not leave, to ravel out Ev 110

do not miss mark in Ev 120

do not neglect, because of home affairs Ev 655

do not try to reveal everything in Ev 120

do not wait for some costly apparatus to be provided for Ev 86

do not wait in, for souls to come to us COL 229

does not lessen in least degree as end approaches ML 243; WM 219

done by each worker, how God judges Ev 328-9

done by individuals, how God determines worth of 5T 279

done with earnestness, energy, and dispatch when heart is in it 4T 451

each man is to perform, given him by God to do GC 343

each person should seek direction from God in 6T 334

earnest efforts needed in 9T 43-8

education and training for, danger of making too great a matter of 4T 601

education for, essentials in CT 409-10

education is essential for CT 538

efficiency in, look to Spirit for FE 526

secret of 2BC 1016-7

efforts in, must be more concentrated GW 458

that will not be wholly lost SC 83

emergencies in, funds should be kept for Ev 89-90

entire devotion to, God will accept nothing less than 3T 191

erroneous ideas re Ev 649

essential qualification for AA 515

essentials in GW 140-5

established in new territory, what to do when better facilities are needed in 1SM 87-8

every phase of, means sacrifice and self-denial CSW 120-1

everyone has part to act in CG 134; 1SM 126

everyone is called upon to engage in SC 82

everything possible will be done to obstruct 6T 22

example to be followed in, Christ has given 9T 143

expand, as quickly as possible FE 201

extend, till it circles globe 7T 51

to earth’s remotest bounds DA 821

extravagant outlay of means will not accomplish 9T 110

failure in: never think of COL 363

one of chief secrets of COL 52

faithful efforts in, promise of success in PK 171

faithful performance of duty in, will not go unrewarded 5T 395

fasting should accompany 5T 134

fatal mistake re DA 822

fear of venturing out and running risks in LS 213

fear that expenditure of means will not bring returns in LS 213

feeble working in, let there be no Ev 647

first duty in, is to bring our hearts into harmony with God 5T 87

fitness of men for, how to decide on 1T 208-9

following rules of exact decision is not necessary in 1SM 85

for this time 8T 195-200

men’s ideas too limited re LS 208

importance of 3T 468-71

will be extensive 1T 196

force and power for, Spirit supplies GW 120

founded in sacrifice 2SM 211

gifts of one man alone are not sufficient for Ev 104

give dignity and character to Ev 68, 562

given to God’s people to do, He is able to accomplish by them 2T 148

God distributes, to men willing to serve Him 3BC 1129

God does nothing in, without co-operation of human agencies 8T 54

without man’s co-operation ML 304

God expects His people to put all their energies into MH 498

God has never changed His devised plan for carrying forward TM 306

God has no place in, for the indolent and self-indulgent PP 549

God has prepared and built up His LS 195

God honors no work so much as He does 6T 19

God is soon to cut short 8T 49

God knew that man could not be happy without acting his part in 9T 253

God not dependent on any man to do His 5T 508

God of all wisdom should be brought into all 5T 529

God will do, if we furnish Him instruments 9T 107

God will employ agencies in, whose origin man will be unable to discern 1SM 118

God will put new vital force into 1SM 201

God will take care of His Ev 116

God’s eye is upon all TM 463

God’s part of, man cannot do ChS 260; 7T 298

God’s people are too delicate in doing Ev 586

God’s people must not cease their labors until, encircles world 6T 23-4

God’s people will come up to 1T 689

God’s plan for spreading, through centuries FE 360

God’s plan of GW 409; 2SM 18

depends on His people’s efforts and offerings PP 528

no man can fully understand, for his own time GC 343

God’s purpose in enlisting men as His co-workers in 9T 253

goes steadily forward even when God’s workmen fall at their post GC 41

gone out of fashion, revival of WM 80

great expense in, do not incur Ev 443

great impetus given to, by persecution against church in Jerusalem AA 105-6

great variety of, for different minds and varied capabilities Ev 444

greatest, can be done by simple means Ev 93

greatness of task of, will appall us 2SM 407-8

guile used by Paul in Ev 125-6, 140-1

haphazard work will not do in WM 105

hardest and most unpromising field in, must not be passed by DA 822

has just begun when God’s word has been preached in pulpit COL 229

head of: God is at 2SM 390

if matters need adjusting at, God will attend to that 2SM 390

if things do not move right at, God will correct them 1T 204

heart of, picked men needed at 2T 460-1

helpers must be enlisted for, from common people Ed 269-70

high and holy motive needed in 4T 601

highest and holiest work committed to man is AA 338-9

highest and noblest calling men ever had or ever can have is to engage in 5T 411

highest and noblest work ever entrusted to mortal men is 5T 371

hindered because the human fails to cooperate with the divine 6T 438

house-to-house work is most important in GW 468

how Christ can use many thousands of common people in Ed 269-71

how God measures, done for Him 9T 74

how God will bring, to triumphant finish CM 154-5

how men make, tenfold harder Ev 117; TM 191

how Satan seeks to divert God’s servants from doing PK 171

how to quickly finish 8T 22

how to see, accomplish 100 times more than is accomplished now 6T 24

human agencies are to be employed in 5T 383

human judgment and wisdom too often guide and control 5T 11

if we sow in tears in, we shall reap in joy 5T 134

imperfect, with their powers all undisciplined men can do only 5T 552

improved ways and means of reaching people by, study ChS 110

in all time is the same Ed 50

includes much more than sermonizing WM 57

investing means in large buildings does not give character to 7T 92

investment of means in, should not be done blindly Ev 85

is: closing up 1T 175

fast closing up ChS 80

not men’s work but God’s 5T 626

of God DA 370

one in all its wide extent 2BC 1029

progressive work Ev 105

under Christ’s control 2SM 228

work of co-operation between man and God ChS 260

labors of, must not be confined to USA 3T 406

lay no larger plans for, than we have help and means to carry out successfully 5T 567

leaders alone are not to do 8T 47

left in unfinished state, results of 5T 254

less ostentation and show in, the better AA 28

lessons of self-control, sanctified dignity, and gentlemanly manners learned in SD 84

liberality as well as labor needed for WM 29

life and health must be guarded in Ev 80

little success in, why God’s people meet with Ev 333

love instead of force should be used in COL 235

love of ease retards 3T 407

lying nearest, do faithfully DA 822

making men partakers with Him in, God’s love shown by ML 304

making one human voice a controlling power in, mistake of Ev 97

making rapid advancement, when we shall see CS 45

man cannot stop 3T 573

man’s neglect of, angels marvel at DA 825

men are not asked to do, in own strength 8T 19

men encompassed with infirmities and liable to err are used by God in 6T 455

men engaged in, are not given power of ruling fellow men 3BC 1149

men must work in different ways in Ev 291

men should not put their mold upon CW 34

men who are restless, talkative, and dictatorial are not needed in LS 275

maintaining true standard of religious principles gives character to 7T 92

management of, must not be trusted to inexperienced hands Ev 98

manner in which Christ’s disciples were to do DA 350

may start in weakness and progress slowly at first LS 298

means for accomplishment of, God will provide DA 371

means for promoting, God has entrusted His people with PP 529

med. miss. work as pioneer work of MH 144

meekness is of great value in 9T 218-9

method of diffusion of, is comprehensive in plain and distinct lines 6T 235

is simple in its principles 6T 235

ministers should train church members to do GW 196

mistakes will be made in, from lack of experience LS 246

money in God’s treasury should be used in building up, all over world GW 455

money is needed to carry forward, all over world 9T 52

more boldness and decision needed in Ev 297

more decided, must be done prior to second advent 6T 23-4

more prayer needed in Ev 559

more push and less timidity needed in Ev 297

most brilliant men are not ones who produce greatest and most lasting results in 6T 443

most talented persons are not ones who produce greatest and most lasting results in 6T 443

most thorough training process needed for Ev 476

motive underlying, determines its worth 5T 279

moves steadily on 1T 420

much, remains to be done 5T 573

much is lost in, by unfinished efforts Ev 325

must be accompanied by deep humiliation, fasting, and prayer 5T 134

needing to be done must be done quickly 5T 573

needs men willing to venture anything and everything in, to save souls LS 213

needs of, should be presented to wealthy men of world Ev 88

neglect of, results in feebleness and decay DA 825

never ceases WM 309

never take action to narrow and circumscribe, unless Spirit moves you TM 299-300

new plans for, need of WM 96

no extravagance or display should attend 7T 38

no new method instituted by God for reaching men by 5T 298

no one but God can decide who shall engage in 1T 208

no one engaged in, can foresee to what he may be called FE 257

no one man should be controlling power in 7T 259

no place in, for the slothful 5T 582

no thought or word or act in, should savor of selfishness or indifference 5T 720

no work in world is so great, sacred, and glorious as 6T 19

not committed to one man’s judgment and option 3BC 1129

not faithfully bound off, results of 5T 254

not left in hands of any one person on earth 2SG 282

not stopped by martyrdom of gospel workers GC 41

novices cannot do, acceptably 4T 426

numbers and extent of, should not be compared with work in beginning 6T 420

of preaching is not committed to angels GC 312

one man’s ideas and plans should not control LS 302

opposition to, at Philippi AA 213

order and discipline needed in Ev 318

order and system in, God would have 2SG 231

order in EW 97-104

other lines of work must be done besides COL 359

ought not to drag along as wearisome task Ev 646

outside pale of Judaism, parable of great supper points to COL 226

outward display is not needed in Ev 126

outward show will not accomplish 9T 110

oversight of, angels are commissioned to have 1T 204

part assigned to His people in, God will not do 2T 166

part is connected with part in perfect order and relation in 6T 235

Paul’s method of, among Gentiles AA 208-9, 237-42

perform: at all times and in all places 5T 459

by everyone aside from his worldly employment 5T 459

person incapable of doing, God has not made any COL 365

person speaking lightly of, should not be connected with it 4T 209

persons engaged in, in last days MYP 26

persons who are called to enter 4T 523

persons who feel called to, should be proved by labor in new fields 3T 203

personal MYP 203

often more successful in winning souls than sermonizing GW 193

personal effort needed in DA 141; LS 211; MH 143

for salvation of men 5T 459

personal responsibilities must be borne in DA 370

place of cross in, must be shown 6T 240

plans and labors in, do not become stereotyped in 4T 600

plans for: giving counsel and suggestions to men re, is right 6T 334

not best to publicize Ev 125

should be broadened 5T 11

sift worldly policies from Ev 634

plans to undermine, Satan is diligently laying 4T 210

poorly and cheaply done, displeases God Ev 646

power for, promised by God 8T 19-23

power of man cannot hasten 7T 298

practical instruction in, need of TM 309-18

practical results of communion with God is most needed in 6T 47

pray for 6T 433

prayer should accompany 5T 134

preaching is not most important part of GW 468

precise rules cannot be laid down for conducting Ev 326

precise way of doing, do not prescribe Ev 473

premature moves in, warning against 3T 110

preparation for, Satan delighted to have students absorbed in years of FE 358

use every opportunity to secure MH 498

preparation of students for, unnecessarily large amount of time and money should not be expended in FE 353

present-day 9T 97-108

principle that “the end justifies the means” must not prevail in 5T 562

propriety and sound sense are needed in Ev 586

prosecution of, Christ has made full provision for AA 29; 8T 16

protect, from reckless and disorderly spirit of fanaticism 1T 413

Protestant Reformers ready to sacrifice their possessions, liberty, and lives to advance 6T 403

provision made by God for carrying forward CS 65

push and unwavering faith needed in Ev 19

qualifications they lack for, God will not supernaturally endow men with 5T 459

qualifying one’s self for, importance of 5T 552

requires: effort, self-denial, and self-sacrifice 6T 283

individual responsibility, individual effort, and personal sacrifice MH 147

responsibility of, finite beings are not left to carry burden of MB 121

responsibilities in, should not be borne by one man 6BC 1056

retrograding instead of advancing 6T 420

right-thinking and intelligent men in, God needs 4T 67

rivalry or self-seeking in, let there be no DA 439

same principles should control all 2BC 1029

Satan’s efforts to counterwork 6T 242

science of, watching unto prayer is 7T 272

scolding or fretting in, let there be no TM 168

see that no one’s rights are invaded in 5T 562

self-exaltation finds no place in 6BC 1080

selfish schemes in, God forbids 7T 91

self-supporting, Paul sometimes did AA 347

set in operation means whereby God shall bring about certain results in ChS 228

SDA are not doing one twentieth part of what they should do in LS 211; 4T 426; 5T 11; TM 195

SDA must extend, to all parts of world 7T 172

to islands of sea 7T 172

should not operate at random 6T 235

simplicity in, departure from 5T 11

simplicity is of great value in 9T 218-9

simplicity needed in AA 28

simplicity of, warning against getting above 5T 566-7

simplicity will accomplish much in MYP 26

skill and understanding in, God will guide His people and give them 7T 61

skill, tact, and wisdom needed in 2SM 176

sluggish and tardy action in, let there be no Ev 647

sole object of, is not merely to increase one’s reward in heaven 2T 115

some SDA will always want to control TM 300

something more than preaching is required by 8T 82

soon will be more difficult than God’s people imagine Ev 218; 6T 22

souls must be sought out in, where they are COL 229

sowing and reaping in GW 409-10

speed with which, will be completed 5T 754

speedy preparation needed for FE 334-67

Spirit’s presence is needed in TM 310

startling advertising is detrimental to Ev 130-1, 387-8

success in: conditions of ChS 258

cultivation of mind and manners is essential to GW 77

depends on adaptation of message to hungry souls COL 231

depends on simplicity of message COL 231

do not resort to worldly plans for Ev 148

does not depend on learned speeches, eloquent testimonies, or deep arguments COL 231

energy is essential to Ev 18-9

found in harmonious working of God’s people ChS 75

illustrated by dream GW 136-9

not in art of display 9T 142

one soul holding fast to truth unto end is evidence of Ev 328

only God’s wisdom can give MH 163

prayer is essential to GW 381

requires determined and persevering energy 4T 74

requires fixed purpose 4T 74

secret of 2BC 1016-7; DA 273; Ev 170

success of: Christ has responsibility for AA 29; DA 822; 8T 16

combination of varied gifts is necessary to Ev 103

dependent on Spirit’s power AA 17

depends on love to God and man TM 188

God would not have us conjecture re COL 363

not due to strength of argument alone GW 381

to Christ belongs responsibility for DA 822

wisest planning needed for Ev 19

success once in 100 efforts to save souls in, is noble deed for Christ 4T 132

successful: depends more on true simplicity of earnest faith than on numbers or talent DA 370

depends much on persistent and well-directed labor GW 382

depends not so much on numbers or talent as on pureness of purpose DA 370

depends on heavenly power ChS 260

essential qualification for DA 815

secret of DA 370

system and order in, God requires PP 376

systematic effort in, all should join in FE 206

tameness and monotony in, repel many Ev 170

task of, why God has given to man CS 20

teaching and healing should never be separated in MH 141; 8T 165

that bears divine credentials TM 184

there is, for every mind and hand ChS 12

thoroughness in GW 367-71

importance of 4T 261

is essential GW 381

time for, is short 1BC 1096

many people feel they have no 5T 11

time should not be uselessly employed in Ev 120

too much, put forth in a few favored localities MM 303

triumphs of, extending 7T 29-33

triumphant march of, to its finish LS 415

two agencies employed in CT 22

two brothers engaged in, illustration of Ev 73

unbelief has kept God’s people from doing, given them to do LS 213

undertaking so large amount of, that nothing is done perfectly is bad plan 5T 567

unity and zeal needed in, by God’s people everywhere FE 208

unity in, let there be 8T 166

unprecedented opportunities for closing, SDA have Ev 702-3

unpromising field of, do not shun MM 321

unselfish motive needed in 4T 601

use every agency that offers help to 6T 440

value of, depends on spirit rather than length of time in which it is done 9T 74

does not consist in loud noise DA 331; Ev 631

walk out by faith in, when lacking money 1SM 88

was to be extended to earth’s remotest bounds in apostolic times DA 821

when, will move forward with solidity and redoubled strength 7T 149

when binding rules will be cast off Ev 700

why God has chosen men to carry forward DA 297; 4T 473

wicked men and devils cannot hinder GC 529; 1SM 124

widening, requires greater financial support than in ancient times PP 529

will advance onward and still onward till whole earth is warned 9T 96

will be: finished under latter rain GC 613

proclaimed in clear and unmistakable language 9T 96

will go to all world, and then end will come 9T 96

will grow: stronger and more efficient as time advances LS 438; 9T 9

to very close of time 2SM 114

will not cease although workmen die ChS 260

will not close with less of God’s power than marked its beginning GC 611-2

wise builder in, who will be honored in God’s kingdom as AA 599

wise generalship needed in 1T 647-8

wise planning needed in ChS 228; Ev 94-5

words well prepared and studied often have little influence in COL 232

work in, for all to do 4T 118

worldly standard is not that of people connected with 5T 562

you cannot do, of yourself TM 310

young men urged to enter MYP 25

your duty re, cannot be shifted to another 5T 464

zeal and earnestness needed in 6BC 1088-9