Christian Service


Important Questions

Eternity stretches before us. The curtain is about to be lifted. What are we thinking of, that we cling to our selfish love of ease, while all around us souls are perishing? ChS 80.1

Have our hearts become utterly callous? ChS 80.2

Can we not see and understand that we have a work to do in behalf of others? ChS 80.3

My brethren and sisters, are you among those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not? ChS 80.4

Is it in vain that God has given you a knowledge of His will? ChS 80.5

Is it in vain that He has sent you warning after warning of the nearness of the end? ChS 80.6

Do you believe the declarations of His word concerning what is coming upon the world? ChS 80.7

Do you believe that God's judgments are hanging over the inhabitants of the earth? ChS 80.8

How, then, can you sit at ease, careless and indifferent?—Testimonies for the Church 9:26, 27. ChS 80.9