EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Catholicism - Chain, Chains


Catholicism See Papacy; Roman Catholicism

Catnip herb

Catnip herb, tea of, quiets nerves 2SM 297


Cattle, becoming greatly diseased CD 359

better care given to, than to owner’s children 2T 94

considered more important than obedience to God’s invitation 3T 384

curse of God upon CD 411, 414

death of, from famine in Australia 1SM 102

diseases in: butter and milk made more and more objectionable by CD 350

flesh food made dangerous by CD 411

milk will have to be discarded because of CD 330, 356

dishonest buying and selling of, in court of second temple DA 155; MM 122

Egypt’s, destroyed by plague PP 267, 269, 280; 3SG 213-4; SR 117-8

men depend on God for His blessing upon TM 308

on thousand hills, are God’s 1T 536

persons who love, more than Saviour CS 123

possession of, no safety soon in CD 414

proprietor of all, God is 4T 77

suffering of, during drought in Elijah’s time PK 124

during seven last plagues GC 628

See also Bull; Bullock; Cow; Ox

Cattle market

Cattle market, noisy, second temple seemed like DA 155

Cattle trader, Cattle traders

Cattle trader, Cattle traders, Christ drove, from temple court DA 158


Caldron, John was cast into, of boiling oil AA 570


Cause, asking your sympathy and cooperation, should have approval of your reason and conscience 8T 164


worthy, gifts to, do not elevate man in God’s sight OHC 118:2

See also God, work of


Cause, Christ traces from, in dealing with men Ed 294

to effect MH 44

effect follows MH 180; 2SM 411; 8T 28

with unerring certainty with God’s laws in nature COL 84; Ed 108

failure to trace effect to GC 285

first great, Creator as PP 509

physician should be able to trace effect back to MM 225

produces effect Ev 266; 5T 442

sickness does not come without AH 22

Cause and effect

Cause and effect, outworking of, French Revolution was result of GC 230

relation between, carefully mark 4T 548

Christ ever showed CT 398

physician should see more clearly MM 49; 7T 74

what men can do re Ev 653

See also Cause to effect


Christ revealed by unselfish study of TMK 164:5

reasoning considering 2MCP 436:0

selfishness prevents understanding of TDG 78:5

Cause of God

Cause of God, administrators of, must work for its advancement as a whole GW 455

advancement of: depends on freewill offerings 4T 464

does not depend on any man 1T 380

every soul should take active part in 6T 427

hearts and purses that are always open to calls for means for 4T 478

how to save means for CS 301-2

means are necessary for 2T 660

our works do not correspond with our faith for 4T 592

persons sincerely devoted will be blessed and used in MH 473

Satan assaults people who seek PK 658

should be more rapid than before Ev 18

we have greater advantages in every way for 4T 592

all believers should seek to do their utmost to advance 1T 115

all kinds of skilled workmen needed in 6T 291

as whole, sanctified judgment needed to consider 6T 291

believers reproach, who advantage themselves to disadvantage of others 3T 127

believers who love world more than they do 1T 115

calls for: all-round men GW 94

cultivated men who are Bible students 5T 581

children should be instructed to help support CSW 140-1

defective work in, lack of harmony between branches results in 5T 726

defrauded for gratification of pride 5T 189

demands: every penny not needed for our actual wants CSW 67

highest powers of man’s being MYP 22

depends largely on men of ability in its various departments SR 260

deprived of means by unwise course of unfaithful stewards 1T 691

despisers of reproof bring reproach to 3T 359

disorderly believers are reproach to 1T 413

disorderly work in, results of 5T 274

divine provision is made for us to advance 3T 391

do not neglect, in efforts to help poor 4T 550-1

does not need help of His enemies 1T 282

does not need preachers so much as workers 3T 557

each branch of, must be harmoniously united with every other 5T 726

each department of, is related to all parts of gospel field 2BC 1029

earnest men greatly needed in 3T 423

efficient men needed in CT 538; GW 92

efforts made to interest children in, not enough 4T 69

embraces every needy and suffering saint 4BC 1151

every movement in, caution and decision should characterize 4T 454

everything connected with, is sacred 2SM 160

extremists bring, into disrepute 1T 212

fanatical movements bring reproach to 1T 229

general features of, no change to be made in 8T 160

general interests of, JW was raised up to advance LS 195

giving continually to, does not tend to poverty AA 345

giving to, rule laid down for 5T 735

greatest victories for, are not result of labored argument GW 259

hearts of kings and rulers moved in favor of ChS 168

help of old hands is needed in 7T 286-7

hindered and dishonored by messengers having no message EW 50

holds ground only by continual sacrifice and great exertion 1SM 28; 5T 71

home that brings disgrace to PP 579

how greatest victories are gained in and for GW 259; 4T 443

how youth can save for, illustration of CS 292-3

important matters concerning, one man’s mind should not decide 2SM 91

interests of, God holds men to strict accountability in guarding 4T 513

investment of means in 1T 226

is: ever demanding CS 299

His cause ML 10

one cause 2SM 382

one the world over 5T 284

kind of leaders needed in 3T 497

leading men standing in way have hindered 5T 728

liberally sustain, by voluntary gifts PP 529

love for, your works show your 1T 115

love of His people for, God is testing 2T 688

making of wills to 4T 482-3

man who invested little in 1T 691

man who labored to save himself from care, trouble, or expense for 1T 691

man’s ability must be sanctified in order for, to be strengthened by them MM 153

men and means needed in 3T 57

men in comparative poverty do most to sustain SD 275; 3T 403

men of strong temperament who imperil CS 276

men who officiate in, great light has been poured about 4T 87

many heads and hands needed to plan and labor for LS 246

mismanagement of, shakes confidence in its leaders LS 321

mistake or neglect of duty affects, at large 3T 22

mistakes will be made in, because of lack of experience LS 246

much means could be saved for, by acts of self-denial 9T 157

must meet indolence, inconsistency, lukewarmness, and treachery of avowed friends and helpers PK 644

must not be: reproached for sake of gaining a few dollars or cents MM 171

trammeled with debt CS 263

necessities of, our first business is to meet 3T 398

needs of: God is able to supply abundantly PK 243

ministers should keep, before churches AA 341

will increase continually as close of time draws near 5T 156

needs self-sacrificing and godly men small in own estimation 1T 443

never leave, to suffer because of your friends or relatives 3T 500

no act connected with, should savor in smallest degree of penuriousness or oppression 5T 565

no need of rehearsing how much has been given to CS 289

not dependent on man CS 20; 3T 390

not forsaken by Him 1T 643

Paul’s concern for, when arrested at Jerusalem AA 412

persons who make, cloak to hide deformity of injustice 2BC 1017

plan given for raising sums sufficient to make, self-sustaining 3T 388

present need of, is not so much for more men as for greater skill and consecration 5T 554

progress of, evil cherished in hearts of believers most retards 8T 242

hindered by selfishness in giving CS 289-90

onward, greater faith needed in PK 243

prosperity of: depends much on ministers in field 1T 442

lack of faithfulness and integrity is serious hindrance to 4T 564

our first consideration should be WM 279

public wrongs threatening, publicly reprove 2T 15

put intellect, tact, and energy into 5T 270

receive from world that which God moves on them to do for TM 202

responsibility of, one person should not bear 3T 14

should be equally shared with much reflection and earnest prayer 3T 14

sanctified judgment needed to consider relation of each part of, to every other part 6T 291

saved from disaster by: letters written by EGW at midnight 5T 671

self-caring ministers in danger of bringing reproach upon 3T 241-2

self-sent men who bring reproach upon EW 97

service in, first great lesson men need in order to qualify for 4T 208

young man despising restraint is disqualified for 4T 208

should be always free from slightest injustice 5T 565

should hold first place in our plans and affections CS 220

should lie very near to our hearts MYP 306

somebody must run risks in 3T 316

someone must venture for LS 194; 3T 316

souls lost to, because of lack of skill and wisdom on part of gospel workers GW 119

special dangers threatening, shown to EGW 5T 685

spirit of liberality should be cherished in sustaining AA 337

Spirit will move upon hearts to sustain AA 358

success of, does not depend on having many ministers 1T 442-3

suffers much harm by professed believers who move unadvisedly 1T 212

support of, is left to honor of men CS 287

transfers of property in order to avoid sustaining 1T 528-31

trifling men not needed to represent Ev 643

upbuilding of, persons who have made wills should be continually working for 4T 483

venture something for 1T 691

we must be willing to sacrifice our life for 3T 468

EGW’s devotion to 1T 581

why God’s people are kept habitually giving to 3T 382-3

will triumph finally 1SM 28; 5T 71

work of, things that must be held secondary to 2BC 1003

workers in 5T 721-9

would suffer great loss without women workers Ev 493

wounded by lightness, joking, and trifling 1T 133

See also Church; Gospel work; Work of God

Cause of truth

Cause of truth, advance of, Satan will try in every way to hinder 2SM 404

harm done to, by premature moves can never be fully repaired 3T 115

invest in, so you may feel you are part of it CS 304

triumph of, when we should see 4T 475

Cause to effect

Cause to effect, children should be taught to reason from CT 126; FE 160; MH 386; 2T 536; 7T 65

extremist who did not reason from, in health reform 2T 378

God bids men to reason from CT 300

gospel workers should study from CH 566

husband who failed to reason from 2T 417

lustful passion will not reason from 2T 473

men who can reason from, need of 5T 555

many people do not reason from MM 296

ministers should reason from MM 307

mother who did not reason from CT 117

mothers should study from 2SM 469

parents do not study, re children 2SM 427

parents who cannot reason from 2T 365-6

physicians should reason from MM 307

physicians who do not reason from Te 42

reason from Te 103, 196

in dealing with san. patients MM 285

in matter of diet CD 113

reasoning wisely from, need of MM 153; 2T 420

refusing to reason from, result of CT 190

Rehoboam failed to reason from PK 90

study from, re diet MH 323

teacher should study critically from FE 266

youth should study from CG 336

See also Cause

Caution, Cautions

Caution, Cautions, cultivate 3T 66

in statements we make TM 228

excessive, great danger attends 2BC 1004

in evangelism Ev 414-5

exercise 3T 482

given by fellow workers, be willing to accept TM 500

God-fearing, jealous interpretation put upon TM 250

God-given, heed 1T 518

gospel work requires Ev 298; 3T 110

at times 3T 498

in all utterances 2SM 59

in every movement 4T 454

in Southern States of USA 7T 234

in time of persecution 9T 236

up to a certain point 3T 498

reverses teach 7T 278

savoring of unbelief AH 394

uncalled-for and distrustful, need of less 9T 259

worldly, confounded with God’s power 2SM 19

See also Delay; Discretion; Hesitancy; Prudence


Cautious, be, re what you receive 2SM 88

Cave, Caves

Cave, Caves, ark of covenant hidden in, in Jeremiah’s time PK 453; 4aSG 115; SR 195

Christ will gather some of His people from COL 179; GC 650

David and family in, of Adullam PP 657-8

David and his men hid in, in wilderness of Engedi PP 661

deep, rent in earth by seventh plague GC 644

Elijah found refuge in, at Horeb PK 166

Israelites hid in, in time of judges PP 546

Lot lived in PP 167

of sea, God’s treasures revealed by MH 412

redeemed ones will be gathered from COL 179; GC 650

wicked flee to, at second advent 2T 42

witch in, at Endor PP 681, 683

See also Cavern; Machpelah

Cavern, Caverns

Cavern, Caverns, mountain, voices crying from 5T 451

vast, will mark spot where mountains once stood GC 657

Caviling, Cavilings

Caviling, Cavilings, about words, how to handle Ev 155

all who desire to engage in, will find occasion 1SM 72

encourage not 6T 69

not work given us to do 2SM 381

of ungodly associates, defend truth against FE 88-9

over Christ’s words, ever-increased cause found for DA 588

over forms and technicalities DA 396

peril of giving one’s self to GC 527

soul debased by LS 325; TM 466

soul left devoid of dew of grace by LS 325; TM 466

Cedar, Cedars

Cedar, Cedars, Assyria compared to PK 363-6

emblem of royalty PP 450

from arctic regions to tropic zone PP 450

fragrance of, life-giving properties in MH 264; 7T 77

high, faithful children of God compared to PK 599

lofty, Daniel unbending as FE 79; ML 75; SL 20-1

grow in spirituality as MM 127

lesson from SL 20-1

stands alone DA 674

who stand unmoved like, amid storms of abuse 4T 348

mighty, when Christ stood like DA 689

noted for firmness of roots 3BC 1151

of Lebanon, distinguished for strength, firmness, and undecaying vigor PP 450

God would make us as upright and fragrant as 7T 252

God’s handiwork declared by 5BC 1143

honored by all people of East PP 450

mountains clothed with PP 472

old, gnarled 2BC 1031

Hiram sent, from Tyre to David PP 703

souls who become as 3BC 1151

symbol of righteous life PP 450

proportions of, hyssop not expected to assume Ed 267; Ev 99

stately, in Balaam’s prophecy re Israel PP 450

See Trees, cedar


Celibacy, Christ did not enforce, upon any class of men AH 121

See Single


Cellar, person who cannot see in ML 195

Censer, Censers

Censer, Censers, burning, waved while incense was offered DA 576

Christ gathers our prayers, praise, and confession of sin into 1SM 344

Christ offers His spotless merits and our prayers in 7BC 931; COL 156

Christ offers our confessions and prayers in EW 252, 256

golden, containing incense of Christ’s righteousness TMK 77:2

in heavenly sanctuary 6BC 1078; EW 32, 251-2, 256, 279; LS 100

of Christ’s merits 6BC 1078; 1SM 344

of heaven’s fragrant atmosphere of love Ev 349

of truth, Christ’s teachings present GW 309

contains what convicts and converts souls Ev 601

souls converted by what is in; truth in simplicity and power PM 308:4

use no common fire upon your ML 217

See also Christ, censer of; Incense

Censor, Censors

Censor, Censors, harsh and unforgiving spirit of, grieves God TM 186


Censorious, never become 5T 613


Censoriousness, evil of MB 125

Censorious spirit

Censorious spirit, church members warned against MB 127

evils of 9T 125

he who indulges, guilty of greater sin than accuser MB 125

put away, in every church 5T 609

sin productive of greatest evils in church 5T 609

souls turned from truth by 3T 460

will hedge up your way 3T 421

See also Censure; Criticism; Faultfinding; Flaws, picking


Censure, avenues of soul closed by 3T 94

be dead to 1T 503

beware lest you discourage souls by 7T 265

children not helped by FE 270

children not to be corrected by CG 458

Christ never dejected by DA 330; 3T 217

Christ never induced by, to consent to wrong DA 72; ML 74

Christian love is slow to manifest DA 462

church members warned against 4T 488

churches need education more than 4T 269

close your ears to 5T 609

commendation needed in place of 4T 129

continual, bewilders instead of reforming CSW 125; CT 195; Ed 291

children hardened by 1T 398

victim’s life blighted and darkened by 4T 65

cutting, neither impresses people nor gains sympathy 4T 348

disposition to, displeasing to God PP 420

shun 2T 134

easy to give 4T 256

encouragement and confidence to be spoken instead of 7T 185

evil effects of 3T 92

follower of Christ cannot use 2SM 20

forbear use of 4T 62

frequent, discouragement and hopelessness created in child by Ed 291

giving vent to, lasting scar on soul by 4T 139

momentary relief given to burdened heart 4T 139

gospel workers must stand unmoved by 3T 25

guard against, in correcting evil Ed 291

hasty temper not remedied by 7T 266

hearts hardened (sealed) by, against conviction MB 129; PP 519-20

human, stand unmoved by 3T 23

in child training, parents cautioned against 1T 401

keep your, for yourself 9T 276

kindness accomplishes more than MH 196; 9T 224

leaping like black balls to lips 1T 696

like desolating hail 1T 704

on tender plant 1T 696; 2T 57

love has greater power than 3T 94

many driven from Christ by MB 129

may be too severe 4T 66

meekness in another is not helped by 3T 185

ministers should labor faithfully irrespective of 5T 263

ministers warned against 2T 708-9

mother warned against use of, in child training 2T 57

needless, make no one’s experience more bitter by MH 166

never let, escape your lips 1T 699, 704; 2T 85, 321

no, in heaven 1T 706

no one ever reclaimed from wrong by MB 129; PP 519

of dull pupil, caution against Ed 292

of fellow workers, our duty re CH 297-8

of God’s work and His messengers, warning against 4BC 1141

parents to be careful of 2T 405

parents to be sparing of CT 155

parents warned re 1T 386

parental, how children are affected by CG 280

people driven further from right path by PP 519-20

phase of selfishness 4T 610

publishing work to press forward steadily and unmoved by 4T 600

relief not brought by, to brethren in perplexity and distress 6T 455

severe, children making trifling mistakes not to be given CG 279

severest, father who deserved 2T 379

shun, in case of misunderstanding PP 519

sinner’s repentance not to be met with COL 210

soul that lives for God unmoved by, will abide forever 4T 328

speak no words of CG 551; 6T 460

to drunkard MH 172

speak not one word of, in meeting opposition 9T 242

spirit of, school managers cautioned against CT 316

warning against 4T 66

spotting garments, defiling character 1T 696

subject not others to 9T 243

teachers to be sparing of CT 155

temptation to indulge in 1T 705

unhallowed, tongue to be bridled against 4T 235

unhappiness caused by 4T 256

unjust, what to do under 2BC 1004

unnecessary, ministers not to burden brethren with 3T 188

use of, warning against 2T 320

waste of time when people are in trouble 6T 463

what a Christian’s reaction should be to 4T 328

what leads church members to give WM 79

what to remember when inclined to give Ev 633

when not to feel like giving CW 37-8

who become inefficient by trying to shield themselves from 3T 495

who should cast first stone of 4T 238

words of, Christian is pained by 5T 96

make it a rule never to speak 4T 243

Spirit does not inspire TM 248

true Christian cannot use 6BC 1111

See Reproof; Church, discipline of

Censuring remarks

Censuring remarks, refrain from 6T 293

Census of Israel

Census of Israel, David took PP 747

priests and magistrates formerly took PP 747


Cent, seems like a trifle, but 100 make a dollar CS 290-1


Center, children not to think they are the CG 132; CT 123

Christ as, all to be attracted to 1SM 259

doctrines form complete whole with 2SM 87

for faith of universe to fasten upon TM 124

of everything 1SM 158

of our message 1SM 383-8

unite all in FE 479

great, cross of Calvary is 4BC 1173

heaven-ordained, Adam’s sin caused man to break away from CT 33

of attraction, God is to be GW 396

professed Christians making themselves a, instead of Christ CM 49

true doctrine makes Christ the 6T 54

Center, Centers

1. Of population

2. Seventh-day Adventist


1. Of population

congested, warn people in MM 310

great, warn inhabitants of MM 300

we have done comparatively little in MM 301

important, terrible struggle taking place in AA 219

large, get people out of 6T 212

message is to be sounded with mighty power in MM 331

2. Seventh-day Adventist

cities need MM 241; 8T 71

educational See Educational center

few, gospel work has been confined to Ev 60-1

med. miss. work not to be confined to MM 326

people gospel-hardened where gospel work is confined to 9T 236

few large, many small centers needed instead of MM 300

great, should be free from debt CS 259

grown too large, divide and subdivide MM 322

in cities, humble and inexpensive places to be secured for MM 305-6

large, God commands to break up MM 158

in few places while important cities are unworked 9T 25

make no 8T 204

large cities need MM 300

missionary See Missionary center

new, continually establish 7T 144-5

in new fields 6T 450

small, establish many MM 300

of influence: establish new Ev 60; MM 322; 9T 118

needed where nothing has been done 8T 150

publishing houses to be 7T 144-5


SDA, some workers in, should go elsewhere with truth PM 308:2

self as, at end of time 3SM 418:1

workers depend on one, like parts in a machine HP 287:3

Centerport, N. Y.

Centerport, N. Y. LS 113, 136-9; 2SG 100, 136, 140-1

Central interest

Central interest, great, Christ and Him crucified is TM 331


1. Seventh-day Adventist

2. Miscellaneous


1. Seventh-day Adventist

of church members, into large churches 2T 115

into large community TM 199

miss. spirit destroyed by 8T 119

of denominational interests in one place CH 510; Ev 535; FE 224; MM 300; 2T 669; 6T 450; 7T 172; 8T 59, 69-70, 133, 135, 146, 204-5, 215-6; TM 254

gospel work neglected elsewhere as result of 8T 216

in Battle Creek, Mich. FE 224; 7T 53; 8T 59, 69-70, 76, 82, 133-44, 146; TM 212, 254, 373

in Oakland, Calif. 7T 53

savors of selfishness 8T 135

spirit behind TM 291-2

unsound reasoning re 8T 59-60

wrong education given by 8T 135

of denominational responsibilities in Battle Creek, Mich. TM 319

of immense denominational advantages in one place TM 254-6

of institutions in one locality 7T 53; 8T 204

of med. work 7T 99-103

of power, leaders warned against 8T 216-7

spirit of, Review and Herald publishing house first started 8T 217

2. Miscellaneous

at Babel, lessons from 8T 213-8

human instead of divine is exalted by 7T 172

of wealth and power, danger of Ed 228

wisdom of man tends to MH 147

See also Colonization; Consolidation


influence of, did not please God PM 143:6

Central point

Central point, of Christianity, crucified Messiah is CT 23-4


Centurion, Christ labored to save WM 257

servant of, Christ healed AA 19; DA 315-8, 402; MH 63-6; 4T 233

Century, Centuries

Century, Centuries, have their mission SD 338


Cereal See Grain

Cereal coffee

Cereal coffee See Coffee, cereal

Ceremonial, Ceremonials

Ceremonial, Ceremonials, imposing, pride and love of display demands COL 298; PK 565

impressive, Roman Catholic GC 566

Ceremonial compliments

Ceremonial compliments, God does not desire our MB 87

Ceremonial defilement

Ceremonial defilement, contact with death involved 4T 120

Christ disregarded DA 318

Jews rigorously feared and shunned DA 302; MB 24

Jewish association with Gentiles involved AA 138

man-made laws regarding SR 287

Jewish attitude toward COL 376

Jewish elders in continual dread of DA 150

purification from, ancient 4T 120

water of separation used for 4T 121-3

washings and purifications required for, endless round of DA 395-6

Ceremonial distinction

Ceremonial distinction, of circumcision or uncircumcision, abolished SR 290

no longer to be observed AA 141


Ceremonialism, Israel’s true devotion lost in MB 2

rut of, Jewish leaders became fixed in AA 15; DA 278-9

scrupulous, Pharisees sought distinction by DA 261; MH 32

Ceremonial law

Ceremonial law See Law

Ceremonial obedience

Ceremonial obedience, worthless MB 46

Ceremonial oblation, Ceremonial oblations

Ceremonial oblation, Ceremonial oblations, cessation of, Christ’s death required DA 233; GC 328

Ceremonial offerings

Ceremonial offerings, Cain felt no need of 3SG 48; SR 53

Cain murmured re 3SG 47-8; SR 52-3

first, Adam presented PP 68; SR 50-1

worthlessness of mere DA 608

See also Sacrificial offering

Ceremonial purification

Ceremonial purification, observance of, Jews strenuously enforced DA 395-6

symbolic ceremony of 4T 122

from sin 4T 121-3

Ceremonial purity

Ceremonial purity, entering Christ’s kingdom is not conditioned on MB 24

Jewish regulations re, extremely burdensome MB 24

Ceremonial religion

Ceremonial religion, Jewish worship consisted of, in Christ’s time FE 398

Ceremonial rites

Ceremonial rites, pointing to Christ, Satan sought to misinterpret PK 685

Ceremonial sacrifice, Ceremonial sacrifices

Ceremonial sacrifice, Ceremonial sacrifices, Adam and sons began to offer PK 685

depend not on, for salvation 7BC 932

Moses given definite instruction re 3SG 301

symbol of communion between earth and heaven PK 685

type of coming Redeemer PK 685

valueless without Christ 2SM 149

Ceremonial service, Ceremonial services

Ceremonial service, Ceremonial services, abolished at Christ’s death 6BC 1061

danger of, taking place of genuine heart work CT 540

Ceremonial sprinkling

Ceremonial sprinkling See Sprinkling

Ceremonial system

Ceremonial system, antitype of, Christ as AA 451-2

cessation of, Christ’s death required GC 328; SR 149

Christ’s sacrifice and priesthood prefigured by PP 365

symbols pointing to Christ made up PP 365

Ceremonial uncleanness

Ceremonial uncleanness, sacrifice of red heifer for cleansing from 4T 120-2

Ceremonial washings

Ceremonial washings, Christ and disciples observed no DA 395-6

were lessons in parables 4BC 1176

Ceremonial worship

Ceremonial worship, heathen traditions confounded with, by Israel 3SG 304

real power wanting in 5T 258


Ceremony, need of less dependence upon 5T 461

Ceremony, Ceremonies

Ceremony, Ceremonies, become multitudinous and extravagant as vital principles of God’s kingdom are lost Ev 511; PK 565

cannot take place of righteousness 5BC 1086

Christ was anciently approached through forms in FE 399

Christless, God will not accept round of FE 461

church, are powerless to atone for sin GC 220

committed to Israel: gained new meaning in gospel light AA 190

represented Christ 6T 249

to keep God in remembrance LS 200; 2T 607; 5T 666

could not atone for sin PK 414

dedication of Aaron and his sons to priesthood with PP 359

devised by men to find justification and peace with God DA 477

exact round of, danger in preserving 2T 673

exaltation of, above vital power of godliness GW 149

external, constituted Pharisaical righteousness DA 309

external forms and, religion must not be confined to DA 189

fashionable religion consisting of, is not acceptable to God COL 298

form(s) and: Christ does not require Ev 511

do not constitute God’s kingdom Ev 511

Jews exalted COL 34

Jews lost sight of object of COL 34

obedience that is but MB 46

Paul formerly trusted in AA 228

SDA need less dependence upon mere 5T 461

strength of church is not in Ev 512

true worship is not in FE 399

God’s purpose in giving, to Israel LS 200

gorgeous, that were abomination to God 4BC 1174

heart and flesh would fail in round of 3T 188

heartless round of unmeaning, in Christ’s time CSW 109

heathen See Heathen ceremony

humiliating, ordinance of humility is DA 650

idolatrous See Idolatrous ceremony

impressive, of Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9; PP 412

of water flowing from desert rock DA 448-9; PP 412

in SS should not eclipse real object of work CSW 151

Israel’s leaders laid heavy burdens upon men by means of COL 292

jealousy for, increased as real piety declined DA 242

Jews cannot see that their, are meaningless now 1SM 239

Jews clung to useless, when truth awaited their acceptance DA 242

Jews lost spiritual life from DA 29

Jews spent their lives in round of, to make themselves pure COL 376

Jewish: became multitudinous and extravagant COL 297-8

Christ was antitype of AA 424

Christ’s followers should not observe 5BC 1139

concern of Pharisees for AA 78

meaningless without Christ 6BC 1096

not to be observed after Christ’s death 5BC 1139-40

Paul was instructed by Spirit re AA 200

Pharisees perceived that apostles’ teaching was to undermine AA 78

question raised re, by converted Pharisees SR 305

some people in early church clung to AA 553

was to find its fulfillment in Christ FE 399

Jewish church’s, Christ instituted 1SM 386-7

Jewish forms and, Paul’s teaching re AA 451-2

Judaism’s, Christ was virtually renounced for obsolete AA 385

tendency of Jewish Christians to cling to AA 197

Judaizing teachers exalted, above gospel 1SM 236

long and tedious, Christ did not enforce upon people 2T 580

man-made, Jews made worship of God an endless round of Ed 75

soul is not defiled by neglect of external DA 397

matters of, Jewish teachers gave their attention to DA 69

men are not made subjects of Christ’s kingdom by MYP 189

men sought to propitiate Deity by means of, in Christ’s time Ed 76

meaningless forms and, leading Christians at Jerusalem desired to preserve AA 400

mere round of, God condemns PP 354

multitude of: does not show that God is working for His people 4BC 1179

priests and scribes measured their holiness by DA 29

would not have been required if Israel had obeyed God’s commandments 2T 607; 5T 667

numerous, Jewish people not properly instructed as to import of DA 157

object of, Jews lost sight of COL 34

observance of, as seen by God 4BC 1150

Jews clung to dead forms in DA 29

of Day of Atonement impressed Israelites with God’s holiness and abhorrence of sin GC 419

of enrolling first-born son DA 52

of hypocritical Pharisees were meaningless rites DA 310

of Jewish economy pointed to Christ COL 34

of Jewish law: Christ was typified in PP 373

were prophetic 6BC 1095

were typical of mysteries in plan of redemption 6BC 1095

of Jewish priests and rulers made them unfit to be light of world DA 820

of Mosaic dispensation, not binding after Christ’s death AA 189

of Passover Feast were types of Christ’s work DA 77

of religion are not evidence of life Ev 117

of Roman Catholic worship has seductive and bewitching power GC 567

of sanctuary, prefigured Christ in types and shadows 6BC 1115-6

true meaning of, Paul threw light on AA 228

outward: early church became more and more strict re AA 548; 8T 241

Jews observed, with exactness DA 237

Jewish religion consisted in, rather than inward piety DA 608

of humility that God regards as mockery 4BC 1149

Pharisees were exact in DA 603

without Spirit’s transforming power benefits no one 5T 226

painful, offering of first sacrifice was PP 68

papacy’s outward, as evidence of inward corruption GC 566

mocks longings of sin-sick soul GC 566-7

Paul relied on, before conversion 1SM 346

performance of round of, by which men expected God’s favor AA 386

prayers of congregation offered with round of 5BC 1093

prefiguring Christ, ceased at His death 6BC 1115-6; GC 328; SR 149

regarding precise, as more essential than Spirit’s work Ev 289

religion of Pharisees emphasized 5BC 1086

religion was endless round of, in Christ’s time FE 438

religious: priests and elders of Israel spent their lives in COL 278

round of, in self-righteous spirit is deception DA 280

zeal in, that God will not accept PP 634

required in God’s service are not meaningless rites DA 310

rigid, priests required observance of DA 205

rites and: could not atone for sin PK 414

Israel sought salvation by religious observance of PK 709

religion does not consist in AA 451

round of: Jews sought to make themselves pure by DA 498

religion that was made up of AA 386

simplicity of presenting truth has been lost in Ev 293

that is offensive to God DA 286

rut of, Jewish priests, scribes, and rulers became fixed in AA 15; DA 278-9

scrupulous attention to, priests tried to maintain reputation for sanctity by DA 30

sticklers for, to leave Christ was to fall among DA 393

strictest adherence to, cannot save men FE 177

symbolic system of, worked to vindicate God’s law 1SM 114

symbolizing transfer of sin from penitent to sanctuary GC 418-20; PP 354-5

temple, Jews were very rigorous in performance of DA 155

true religion does not consist in FE 398

truths covered up with, in Christ’s time 5T 710

types and, Christ as antitype fulfilled COL 35

Christ brought system of, to end DA 652

typical, were to cease at Christ’s death SR 306

useless, Jews rejected antitype and clung to COL 35

victories are not gained by 6T 140

wearisome, Christ did not enforce upon His disciples GW 175

See also Rite


considered more important than God’s Spirit CC 292:3

devotional, light to the world not given by stately TMK 162:2

early Christians became more strict in UL 358:4

gospel of Christ not, concealing an evil work OHC 109:3

Jewish teachers with, an offense to God TMK 114:3

prayer that is only, not needed by God HP 87:3

victory gained by obedience not HP 259:5


Certainty, class who rest on nothing with 1SM 18


assured since Christ has already passed over the way TDG 54:4

belief in Christ and receiving grace is a work of LHU 252:3


Certificate, of good habits, Daniel and companions had CD 28; PK 485


Cesspool, stomach made a CH 576


Cestius, Jerusalem besieged by GC 30-1


Chaff, all not born again by Spirit are 5T 227

among us, makes us weak 1T 288

among wheat, who are 5T 227

example of separation of wheat from DA 392

given to fire, who are like DA 107

heresies separate, from wheat 5T 707

like a cloud, wind in time of test bears away 5T 81

many will be as valueless as 4T 51

of man’s utterance, truth must be separated from PK 700

sifting of, from wheat is terrible ordeal 7BC 911


and wheat, discernment for; science of Satan and truth OHC 109:3

blown away by demands to renounce God’s law Mar 204:3

leading minds can only conjecture, not oneness with Christ TDG 231:2

Satan does not sift TMK 286:3; UL 222:3


Chaffy, heart will not be, when Christ abides in it MM 144


Chafing, overwork causes MYP 135

Chain, Chains

1. Golden

2. Miscellaneous

1. Golden

bad taste shown in exhibiting 3T 367

believer as link in, connecting soul to Christ 1SM 132

Christ’s humanity as, binding men to Him 7BC 904; 1SM 244

Christ’s love as, binds us together 6T 421

Christ’s matchless love as, binds us to God’s throne DA 679; GW 39

God’s mercy as, lowered to lowest depths of human wretchedness to lift up debased soul MH 161

God’s people are to be bound to Christ and man by COL 384-5; 6T 238

let down from heaven to earth, grasp 2T 593

to draw men from pit of sin binds us to God’s throne 9T 256

love as, binds believing hearts to God and one another 3T 187

Mammon’s, binds many people to Satan SC 44; 5T 83

men may link themselves to higher world by, by right use of talents COL 360

mercy and compassion of divine love (power) as, passed around imperiled souls COL 202; CT 198; FE 274

of grace and truth, link yourself to God’s throne by 2SM 318

of immutable promises, life bound up with life of God by MB 24

of obedience, every link of which is a promise 6T 350

of truth, youth may be bound to God’s throne by MYP 27

present truth as 3T 448

spending money for 4T 511

2. Miscellaneous

appetite as, may become too strong to be broken 5T 358

binding his victims, Satan seeks to strengthen 4T 552

family See Family chain

habit as, may become too strong to be broken 5T 358

is no stronger than its weakest link MYP 91

let down for us, in Christ’s sacrifice we see length of SC 36

let down from God’s throne is long enough to reach men lowest in sin 7T 229; WM 92

let down to save world, consider yourself a link in DA 417

link in, little opportunities compared to RC 236:5

living, binds believers to Christ’s heart TM 19

longest, is composed of separate links MYP 144

love of money as, binding men to Satan SC 44

many of God’s people will spend time of trouble in GC 626

memory’s, how link after link is strengthened in Ev 274

mortification of flesh by galling, why many people resort to GC 568

new, when propensities to sin forge Ev 192

of darkness: ease-loving believers whom Satan binds in 3T 207

little is known of trials of souls bound in 4T 133-4

work for escape of souls from 6T 462

of dependence, men are bound to God’s throne through Christ by 6T 339

Satan uses, to draw men together 6T 242

of events, link that binds souls in Satan’s snare 5T 93

of gospel truth, golden links of truth form FE 385

of human events, imparted impulse is link in long COL 340

words and actions considered small and unimportant are as links in long 3T 542

of love, binds earth to heaven 1SM 337-8

of sin, Christ’s promise to free sinner from MH 85

of sympathy, most lowly and weak believers are bound to Christ by TM 19

of ten links, illustration of 2BC 1014

of truth, given to God’s people is clear and connected 3T 447

perfect, themes that are golden links in CT 427

one defective (faulty) link makes, worthless MYP 144; 8T 158

one flaw makes, worthless 4T 606

Paul bound by, during journey from Caesarea to Rome AA 439-40, 446, 448

Peter bound by two, in prison of Herod Agrippa I AA 146

steel, evil habits compared to MH 510