EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Burdick, Mrs. L. S. - Business transaction, Business transactions

Burdick, Mrs. L. S.

Burdick, Mrs. L. S. 1SM 74


Bureau for children’s clothes, how to make CG 111

Burg, F. M.

Burg, F. M. 2SM 202

Burgess, Julia A.

Burgess, Julia A., See Corliss, Julia A.

Burial ground

Burial ground, earth as, after Flood PP 108

Burial place

Burial place, of the righteous, guardian angels mark Ed 305

Sarah’s purchase of ML 192; PP 169

Burial train

Burial train, no, in world to come ML 349

See also Funeral train


Burning, of Christians in amphitheaters GC 40

Burning bush

Burning bush, See Bush

Burnt offering, Burnt offerings

Burnt offering, Burnt offerings, Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac as SR 81-2; 4T 144-5

altar of See Altar

Cain and Abel required to present PP 71-2; 3SG 47

David’s consumed by fire from heaven 3BC 1127

faith in Christ shown by 3SG 73; SR 69

God’s purpose in instituting SR 52

morning and evening, at sanctuary PP 352-4

Noah offered, after Flood PP 106; 3SG 73; SR 69

offered at removal of ark to Jerusalem PP 708

on brazen altar PP 347-8

righteous deeds more acceptable to God than DA 608

Samuel offered lamb as PP 590

turtle dove or young pigeon as DA 50

type of Christ PP 71-2; 3SG 47

unacceptable except when offered in right spirit 4T 84

Bush, burning

Bush, burning, afflicted persons represented by MH 212

Christ appeared to Moses in 1BC 1103; DA 23

Christ as Deity incarnate was symbolized by DA 23

God’s words to Moses at UL 364:3

lesson from MH 212

Moses and MH 436; PP 251, 350, 471; 4aSG 61; 8T 284

not a dream or vision 1BC 1099

See also Shrub

Bushnell, Mich.

Bushnell, Mich. 1T 596-7

Bush path

Bush path, entangled, we do not follow Christ in ML 162


1. In gospel work

2. Of life

3. Miscellaneous


1. In gospel work

clear and sharp attention needed in Ev 94

conduct, in businesslike way 7T 256

departments of, honesty needed in all 5T 559

kind of men needed to handle TM 348

management of, mistaken ideas re 7T 179

ministers should not handle details of, in city evangelism 7T 252-3

order and accuracy needed in GW 460

oversight of, is not work of ministry 7T 246-9, 252

precision and exactness needed in 7T 175; TM 181

qualities essential in doing 5T 276

2. Of life

all-important, to seek God is 2T 179

chief, to do God’s work is 5T 460

work of saving souls is MYP 227

first: to deny self and serve God is 2SM 222

to have life hidden with God is MM 144

to meet necessities of God’s cause is our 3T 398

to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness is 2T 225, 399

great, religion must be made MYP 115; SL 93

to be God’s true servants is 5T 70; 8T 131

losses and gains in, are important 5T 411

neglect and carelessness in, warning against 4T 309

prayer and effort should be CH 367; 4T 538

to do all good we can is LS 207

to give right impression to others is our CH 244; ML 342

3. Miscellaneous

acceptance of gospel invitation is hindered by COL 224

acquisition of wealth in, methods of CS 141-6

advantaging oneself in, at disadvantage of others 2T 625

aged persons’ duty re their 2BC 1025; 1T 199

angels in every assembly held for COL 176

as you go about your, God measures you 7BC 972

be courteous, kind, forbearing, and meek in 5T 335

be kind, noble, and generous in 2T 157

be missionary among those with whom you do SC 81

blind man’s disadvantages in 3T 514

branches of, God beholds all CS 142

God is acquainted with all AA 134; SR 284

branches of legitimate, Bible affords essential preparation for all Ed 135

bring Christ into your MYP 70

brother will not take advantage of brother in 5T 350

bustle of, spirituality can be dried up by 5T 423

career of, man who was not straightforward in 2T 42

carry your religion with you in 5T 411

child’s character building is more important than any CG 169

Christian(s) can engage in, without committing sin COL 51

Christian experience in, maintain your 5T 409

Christian’s, should be always in settled state 3T 117

Christianity and, are not two separate things CT 277

church services should not be neglected to attend to 2T 654

conduct, on square and righteous principles 3BC 1158

without one tinge of guile 3BC 1158

conduct in, should be blameless 2T 48

control of certain lines of, a few men will combine to get 2SM 142

corrupting in influence, undertake no 6BC 1087

covetousness in, sin of 3T 545

daily, glorify God in your 4T 133

God’s law should be law of 1SM 90

day of God will find men absorbed in GC 38

departments of, leading maxim in 5T 562

loftiest Christian principles should be exemplified in ML 310

details of, fairness needed in CG 154

faithfulness required in CG 359

diligence in 5T 178-82

believers in second advent should manifest 4T 309

may not always be prospered CT 278; 4T 410

ministers should manifest 2T 550

some people poor because of lack of 2SG 120

youth should cheerfully maintain 2SM 330

diligent in, man who was not 5T 179

dishonest scheming in, rebuked 4T 331

dishonesty in, warning against 4T 309-12

do not let, interfere with training of children CG 38, 319

lead to neglect of duty to God 2T 278

duty in, have conscientious regard for 3T 24

education for, study of agriculture does not hinder LS 354

education that is essential for FE 323

eighth commandment of Decalogue applies to PP 309

Enoch sought to please God in ML 98

erroneous idea that God’s people should give up all 7BC 909

everybody’s, work of saving the homeless and orphans is AH 169

expensive, Satan’s service is 2T 286

sin is MM 217

extensive, persons desiring to move away to carry on 5T 153

father’s duty on returning home from AH 220

fidelity in, glorify God by SC 82

financial standing in, know your 4T 482

five traits that are better capital in, than any amount of money Ed 137

fraud and dishonesty in, is recorded in books of heaven 5T 350

give up your, if it causes you to lose love for Christ MYP 70

if you cannot advance in divine life while engaged in it 2T 233-4

God calls men and women to leave, to become missionaries AA 370

God is concerned with all your ML 292; 5T 742

God’s, requires haste Ev 415

God’s help in, be humble enough to feel need of 5T 427

heart too engrossed in, becomes less impressible 7BC 967

hindering outworking of God’s righteousness in character, do not engage in MB 99

honesty and integrity essential in CS 142-6

incompetent persons should not be entrusted with 7T 247

iniquity in, displeases God TM 372

integrity in AH 391-4

Satan lures men from 4T 37

sharper who sells his 4T 617

interests of, must not crowd into place of spiritual interests MM 207

Israel laid aside, on Day of Atonement PP 355

keep your, straight and not left at loose ends 2T 676

left entangled at sudden death 4T 482

let associations in, be formed with earnest prayer MH 513

likeness of Christ’s character should be manifest in FE 397

looseness in, caution against CM 95-6

is building on sliding sand 3BC 1158

loss is infinitely better in, than dishonorable gain 8T 93

love of riches in, roots true godliness out of heart 3T 547

made grave of religion by some people 6T 196

make your, credit to truth you profess 2T 244

men who drive their, instead of its driving them 4T 453

ministers should not engage in, aside from gospel work 1T 470; 5T 530

which diverts them from God’s work AA 365-6

mistaken idea that person engaged in, can do nothing to save souls 2T 233-4

most profitable, Christ’s service as 5T 259

much caution needed in AH 72

neglect of spiritual duties for, peril in 2T 233-4

neglectful and careless re, believer in second advent should not be 4T 309

never divorce religion from 4T 190

of serving God, educate your mind to 3T 385

of serving self, warning re taking stock in 2T 56

order and regularity essential in 4T 412

order and system needed in 4T 411

overdevotion to, godliness is endangered by 5T 560

overreaching in, written against you in records above 3T 545

people engrossed in, SDA restaurants are to bring truth before MM 306

person cheating himself in, what to do re 4T 350

persons qualified to conduct, may be ignorant re child care Ed 275

persons who make, primary and forget God 2T 233-4

persons with whom you do, live useful and unselfish life among 2T 132

plans for, inexperienced hands should not execute 5T 276

poor people unwilling to follow advice in 1T 224

practical knowledge of, students should be taught FE 468; 3T 142

pride and selfishness in, as signs of times 9T 12-4

principles and methods of Ed 135-45

principles of, set forth in book of Proverbs Ed 135

prosperity in, danger in CS 147-53

pub. houses should train workers in 7T 147

rectitude in, result of departure from 4T 487

religion and 5T 422-9

are not two separate things COL 349-50

religion is divorced from, by most of Christian world 4T 337

religion is needed in ML 261; 2T 233; 5T 411; 6T 424

religion’s relation to 2T 506

religious duty and prudence should be mixed in AH 381

religious interests should not be sunk in 5T 409

religious privileges sinfully neglected as result of 2T 574, 599

right, one in which you may engage fairly and squarely is 4T 351

rule of, few persons make Christ’s teachings the MH 142

ruling power in, shrewdness must not become 4T 540

Satan’s counsel to persons who would prosper in 4T 494

scheming spirit in, spirituality endangered by 4T 350-1

secular: prosperity in, as result of God’s blessing 4T 477

Sabbath observance in DA 285; Ev 242-3, 245; MM 215; PP 296, 307-8; 1T 532; 2T 583

six days given to work at MM 215

service for God should not be secondary to 2T 267

set example in, for youth 7T 187

slothful in, true Christian is not MYP 72

slothfulness in 1T 325; 2T 255

accompanied by spiritual sloth in religious life 2T 498

speculative, sanitariums not established as CH 249

strain of, patience and spirituality needed to bear DA 73

strictest integrity in, indispensable to formation of righteous character 4T 309-10

success in: essentials to COL 111; MYP 259; 5T 276

possible without sacrificing principle FE 83

temptations attending 2T 279

true, depends on recognition of God’s ownership Ed 136

true, secret of Ed 135

taking advantage of others in, sin of 4T 37

talents buried in, God’s service needs CS 125

temporal, be discriminating, apt, and accomplished in 4T 358

Christian is not debarred from engaging in FE 82-3

church members should do miss. work in connection with 8T 77

discretion and wisdom needed in 1T 212

tact and industry are essential to success in 5T 276

Ten Commandments apply to 2T 42-3

time and talents of persons needed in gospel work are absorbed by CM 38

time needed in, for prayer and Bible study COL 51; 2T 654

true success in, impossible when sacrificing principle FE 83

truthful and honest in, colporteur should be 6T 338

unlawful gains in, are condemned 4T 494

use of talents in, accountability for CS 143

whatever your, reveal gospel to others PK 222

when, is snare 1SM 90

where, of everyone is business of all 3T 55-6

why many people consider it uphill, to serve God 2T 189

witnesses see all we do and say in SD 37

woman who made, secondary to God and truth 2T 280-1

world is absorbed in rounds of PP 104; 5T 100

worldly: accountability to God for CT 545

compensation is given according to work done in COL 397

danger of becoming too engrossed in 2T 574, 599; 5T 280, 459; 9T 62

laborer expects to be paid only what he earns in COL 397

minds of people are occupied by 9T 43

not carried on in heaven 5T 276

professed Christians leave their, in confusion 1T 199

value of education in 5T 276

world-loving person may become as familiar with God’s word as with 5T 273

wrong in, God never compromises with Ed 144

young man starting out in, duty of Ed 137

your, as part of God’s great plan Ed 138

See also Church business


adjust wrongs done in TDG 343:2

advantage (unfair) taken in, See Over-reaching

affections centered upon, become idols TMK 165:2

attitude of Christians in HP 311:2

being in, just what we want others to think we are TDG 337:2

blessing of, may advance the work UL 72:5

cannot be taken to other world TDG 218:2

cares of, committed to God in prayer TDG 22:4

character perfection may be hindered in AG 271:5

Christ glorified in manner of doing HP 224:3

Christ not close because of spell of FW 92:1

Christian life to be more than time activities of OHC 241:3

Christian principles of HP 243

commands of God followed in TMK 219:5

connections in, sanctified by the grace of Christ AG 271:4

control of lines of, by a few; trade unions mark opposers CL 10:3

day of the Lord a snare to those engrossed in CC 37:7

deception in, See Fraud

defective principles in, woven into religious life TDG 161:5

diligence in, commendable but not if neglecting God and people OHC 241:3

divine aid in, when we do our part TDG 42:5

each to manage own, controlling money for contributions PM 232:4

engagements of, Christ’s yoke to be worn in HP 201:4

entanglements in, permitted to stir to action PM 302:3; UL 72:5

enterprises of, See Projects

examine, with God; dealing treacherously with Him TDG 349:3

fairness in,

considered important by our Saviour 2MCP 437:2

small deviations from, are serious RC 272:3

falsehoods may gain advancement in HP 179:4

finished Friday; wait to begin new business TMK 147:2

God is concerned about every detail of OHC 225:4

godliness in, worth more than sermons OHC 225:5

God’s place not to be taken by UL 142:5; OHC 340:2

heaven involved in, of the Christian HP 185:3

heaven’s principles in, shown superior by grace HP 316:4

honesty in,

honest measure TDG 337:2

in institutions PM 230:1

ignorance about new, wanting to move from city CL 26:2

image desired for, to be lived 2MCP 438:0

integrity in, although criticized 2MCP 438:1

loss in, met by casting cares on God TMK 232:4

maintain clear conscience in TMK 290:5

management of, learned under God; character important PM 127:2

managers in Review office to avoid selfishness in PM 111:1

meetings for, See Meetings, business

move slowly and honestly in, or stop OHC 225:4

neglecting devotion to God because of OHC 221:2

one thing at a time in, accomplishing much OHC 224:5

partnership in, unwise for those with faulty character UL 137:3

perplexity in, not to cause discouragement TDG 42:5

person, See Businessman

place of, See Market

pressure of, not to separate you from God TDG 104:5

principles of,

as important as religious obligation to pray OHC 226:2

different for the world TDG 337:3

publishing house not to be regarded as common place of PM 43:4

quality work in, requires right connection with God RC 271:5

relations in, youth to examine, relative to God’s plans FLB 323:5

religion for, to be the same as it is for church HP 190:2

resting place amid rush of, cherishing promises TDG 232:3

Sabbath claims not to be viewed to accommodate 3SM 423:2

serving the Lord is to be our chief TDG 349:2

sharp dealing in, hurts missionary work PM 280:0


not to be diverted from God by OHC 226:2

to be less engaged in matters of UL 333:4

speculation in, Bible study protects from interest in RC 208:5

straightforwardness in,

for all commandment keepers RC 273:2

not sinning for worldly gain 2MCP 436:4

success in, rely on Christ and do your part for TMK 232:4

sure Guide for whatever is our OHC 56:6

tact in, taught in childhood OHC 263:4

talents for, to be given to the service of God TDG 218:2

temporal (affairs), eternal interests swallowed up by RC 206:5

time for acquaintance with Christ lost by concerns of 1MCP 128:1

training in, for those working for God RC 271:3

transactions of,

accepted by world but condemned by God TDG 343:4

Christ turned away in FLB 312:3

Christ’s spirit in HP 311:2

communing with God during HP 84:3

controlled by genuine religion RC 205:7

defects explained to buyer in HP 243:2

God’s presence to be in HP 332:4

governed by golden rule TDG 343:6

honesty in all UL 145:5

just, required of people with responsibility TDG 40:2

light in, by those claiming truth RC 206:6

part of religion for true follower TDG 281:2

principle built into; people needed RC 271:3

principles of heaven to be revealed HP 154:4

pure as were Christ’s HP 154:6

pure, considerate and just UL 119:2

realizing that God sees 2MCP 438:0; RC 272:4; TDG 337:2

relationships are more important than TDG 276:6

safeguard in UL 21:2

sharp, God is not glorified by LDE 134:1

spiritual obligations in as important as in prayer TSB 70:3

truth in,

a religious obligation OHC 226:2

consulted OHC 32:3


done in the Lord’s name PM 150:2

recorded Mar 340:6

unselfishness in; time is near end PM 210:5

witness by unselfishness in TDG 201:4

tricks in, faith must elevate above OHC 225:4

unfairness in, not needed to sustain God’s work PM 129:2

unimportant, eternal interests neglected for TMK 321:3

unjust dealings in, God cannot bless those who have TDG 343:5

wealth motive in, See Commercialism

Word of God wisest guide even in HP 135:2


Christ’s name need not be mentioned in; but to friends OHC 55:3

confuses and Satan enters TDG 339:4

not to replace religious experience UL 225

worldly connections in,

are necessary 2MCP 437:5, 438:0; RC 272:4; TDG 337:2;

require alertness and prayer HP 311:2

worldly schemes/ways of,

ensnare souls TMK 301:3

workers to be taught freedom from PM 60:1

See also Affairs; Busy; Projects

Business ability

Business ability, dispatch and thoroughness essential to 3T 499

men of, minor matters of gospel work should be entrusted to 7T 247

school managers need 6T 215

Business accounts

Business accounts, unseen auditors scrutinize Ed 144

Business affair, Business affairs

Business affair, Business affairs, arrange, so nothing comes between you and children CG 474-5

in God’s work, men chosen to direct 3BC 1129

management of, pray for wisdom in SC 122

seek brethren’s counsel re 1T 200-1

mind constantly strained on, health injured as result of FE 154

mistaken zeal in CS 137

Business (affair) another’s

Business (affair) another’s, what you eat and drink is 2T 362

Business associate, Business associates

Business associate, Business associates, one’s influence over, should sanctify 2T 155-6

Business capability, Business capabilities

Business capability, Business capabilities, men of large, truth will be accepted by Ev 87

Business capital

Business capital, that is better than money Ed 137

Business care, Business cares

Business care, Business cares, child training should not be neglected because of AH 183

drowning of religious life in 5T 426

hearts thrown open to, while shut to Christ 3T 384

leave behind your, and come before God once a year 2T 574, 599

when coming to camp meeting 2T 601

when you leave your business 1T 695

mind should not be diverted from religious duty by 5T 421

Business career

Business career, man who was not straightforward in 2T 42

Business center, Business centers

Business center, Business centers, school should not be located in FE 421

Business circle, Business circles

Business circle, Business circles, few in, make Christ’s teachings rule of life MH 142

Business competition

Business competition 4T 494

real independence enjoyed by few in Ed 219

sharp Ed 137

underselling a brother in 4T 494

Business deal

Business deal See Business transaction

Business education

Business education, practical, students need 6T 217-8

Business engagement

Business engagement, prayer in SC 99

Business entanglement, Business entanglements

Business entanglement, Business entanglements, ministers cautioned re Ev 632

that tarnish character Ev 632

Business enterprises

Business enterprises, conduct, as Christ would conduct them DA 556

decisions made in, by tossing up coin 2SM 325-8

God’s service not to be made secondary to SD 57

investment in, getting rich quick by 1T 226

large personal, ministers should not engage in AA 365

when, become an idol 2BC 1011-2

with unbelievers, SDA should not enter into CS 38; 9T 19

Business eye

Business eye, watching for bargain 4T 351

Business failure, Business failures

Business failure, Business failures, caused by: inability to keep accounts CT 218

lack of economy 2T 432

lax habits 4T 411

unfixedness of purpose 4T 411

Business firm, Business firms

Business firm, Business firms, establish no large, in cities 2SM 357

Business hour, Business hours

Business hour, Business hours, faithfully employ 4T 451

Business integrity

Business integrity, God’s ownership at foundation of Ed 137

warning re 4T 37

Business interest, Business interests

Business interest, Business interests, Christ’s paramount claims upon 4T 317

establish no large, in cities 2SM 357

Business investment, Business investments

Business investment, Business investments, consult brethren of experience before making 1T 455

Business leader, Business leaders

Business leader, Business leaders, Bible maxims for Ed 135-6

Business life

Business life, be light bearers to world in 7T 143

Christ should be represented in DA 556

durability, nicety, and order needed in 2T 83

dishonesty in, tarnishes soul 4T 351

education is essential preparation for CT 538

father should not neglect children because of CT 127

honesty an essential principle of Ed 139

lack of faithfulness in, reproach to SDA faith 2T 83

practical, youth generally neglect 3T 153

religion not to be divorced from SD 267

self-control needed in SD 285

speculations in, should be honest and just 3T 249

successful, students need education for CT 218

Business line, Business line

Business line, Business line, Israelite youth educated in FE 417

laborers in, caution for 7T 248

men experienced in, institutions need 7T 253

men of promise in, train and develop 7T 248

men trained in, gospel work needs to be managed by Ev 22-3; LS 422

ministers should not be kept in 7T 250

more grace needed to work for God in ordinary, than as acknowledged missionary CT 279

poor persons may learn some CS 165

Businessman, Businessmen

Businessman, Businessmen 1SM 90; 1T 478; 4T 46-9

able, lack of foresight and promptness in 3T 116-7

absorbed in pursuit of gain when probation closes GC 491; SD 355

American, working for Christ GW 466; 6T 29

as stewards of God 3T 117

Bible study is source of strength and safety to 5T 280, 426

bound by superior obligations HP 201:4

business matters of God’s work should be handled by 7T 255

Christian, does not scheme CG 153

takes no advantage of neighbor CG 153; ML 330

consecrated, conferences need 7T 247

SDA institutions need 7T 247

courtesy is studied by 4T 68

Daniel as example of COL 350-1; PK 546; 7T 248

devotional spirit of, need of maintaining 5T 409

duties and responsibilities of 4T 468-9, 482

for advancement of gospel 4T 469

to God’s cause 5T 276

estate of, settlement of 4T 482

everything done by, religion needed in ChS 27

father who is, duty of AH 220-1

fidelity of, glorifies his Master TMK 324:4

financial matters of city evangelism should be handled by Ev 92; 7T 253

gospel must be given to CS 139; 6T 78

home life of 1T 695

honest, things that characterize dealings of ML 330

how Satan ensnares 5T 426

in contact with world, has trials, perplexity, and anxious care 5T 409

in God’s work, need not be novices 7T 248

in large cities, message must be given to Ev 388

in New York City, message must be given to Ev 388

industries should be established by SDA, to provide work for God’s people 7T 128

influential, who does not glorify God 5T 425

intelligent, simple truth desired by 9T 135-6

kind of, that are needed COL 350

leading, gospel must be taken to COL 230

management of, conf. work needs to be under TM 321-2

maxims for Ed 135

may be instructed of God at every step COL 350; PK 546; 7T 248

missionary in China supported by GW 466; 6T 29-30

money-loving, loses sight of eternal world COL 101

needs more grace than does missionary CT 279

not necessarily a scheming policy man COL 350; PK 546; 7T 248

opportunities of SDA, to sustain God’s cause 1T 250

ought to: conduct business on right principles WM 111

glorify God and Christ in business ChS 27; SC 82

keep offering of praise and thanksgiving on altar of sacrifice 5T 426

learn to prepare simple and healthful foods CH 155

peril of 5T 427

perplexed, duty of SC 122

religion to be carried into everything by HP 224:3

religious duties of 5T 425

religious experience of, Christ has made special provision for 5T 410

responsibilities of, ministers should not carry 7T 246

Sabbath observance by Ev 242-3, 245; MM 215; PP 296; 1T 532

school managers should be 6T 216

secret prayer needed by 5T 426

SDA books should be taken to CM 39

SDA schools should train students as FE 489

sharp policy not necessary for; consider Daniel RC 271:2

successful: are economical, persevering, and energetic 4T 452

Christ should be represented by WM 111

must have regular hours for rising, prayer, meals, and retiring 4T 412

talents of: accountability to God for use of CS 143

God’s claims upon 4T 469

thorough study and training needed to perfect COL 350

temperance is essential to 6T 256

unbending integrity needed in CG 153

untrue to highest responsibilities, expectation of Ed 108-9

warned against serving mammon 5T 280

wealthy, disposition of property by 3T 117

worldly, do not reveal methods of manufacturing health foods to 7T 129

policy of, SDA institutions should not follow 5T 561

worldly interests of, eternal things should not be subordinate to 5T 280

Business management

Business management 3BC 1158-9

essential qualifications of, in God’s work 5T 276

judicious, men can be God’s faithful stewards by 1T 200

lack of, some people poor from 2SG 120

loose and dilatory in, do not be 4T 573

many people not qualified for AH 93

poor people should seek good counsel on WM 201-2

slack and loose, improper 1T 199

See also College management; Institutional management; Publishing house management; Sanitarium management; School management

Business manager, Business managers

Business manager, Business managers, be faithful and judicious as 1T 200

essential qualifications of MM 169

men of tact and ability needed as 7T 247-8

See also College manager; Institution; Manager; Publishing house manager; Sanitarium manager; School manager

Business matter, Business matters

Business matter, Business matters, aged person’s, should be kept in good order 4aSG 96

at camp meetings, reduce to minimum 6T 44

church’s, businessmen should handle 7T 255

do not discuss, on Sabbath Ev 245; PP 307

husband and wife should counsel together re FE 154; 2T 677

management of, character molded by CG 216

ministers’ duty re Ev 91-2; 7T 246-9, 252-3, 255

poor people should seek counsel of experienced brethren re 1T 224-5

practical, students need lessons in Ed 221

professed believers who suffer Satan to control 1T 199-200

success in, some people too indolent to make 3T 551

transact, in harmony with God’s law 5T 428

Business meeting, Business meetings

Business meeting, Business meetings, disposition to say witty things in, improper Ev 642

ordained ministers at, question re 7T 254-5

See also Church business meeting

Business method, Business methods

Business method, Business methods Ed 135-45

right, men of promise should be trained in 7T 248

Satan promises wealth to followers of his CS 144

Business office

Business office, religion to be brought into CT 279; CG 358-9

Business operation, Business operations

Business operation, Business operations, government leaders struggle in vain to put, on secure basis MH 183; 9T 13

Business partnership

Business partnership, father taking son into MYP 47; SD 324

with unbelievers, dissolve your Ev 245

SDA should avoid Ev 245

Business perplexity, Business perplexities

Business perplexity, Business perplexities, God’s counsel simplifies 8T 141

guidance out of 3T 458

gospel workers should not be entangled in CM 23

home life should not be marred by AH 214; CH 100; FE 154; 1T 695

persons burdened with, God pities CS 225

what to do when burdened with SC 122

Business place, Business places

Business place, Business places, angel records all acts in 1T 480

common, things that may not be sin in 5T 492

Satan’s traps set in MH 338; Te 24

teachings of God’s word should be taken to your AH 214

Business practice, Business practices

Business practice, Business practices, evil, church’s purity corrupted by 4T 494

conference and institutional, that God condemns TM 372-3

Business principle, Business principles

Business principle, Business principles Ed 135-45

book of Proverbs contains Ed 135-6

defective, result of following 2SM 181

do not regard, as worldlings do 2T 42

principles of truth needed as COL 350; 2T 78

right: cherish 5T 427

men of promise should be trained in 7T 248

to sell a thing for no more than it is worth is 1T 537

sound, needed 2SM 156

Business question, Business questions

Business question, Business questions, common, ministers should not decide 7T 255

making decisions in, by chance methods 2SM 327

Business relation, Business relations

Business relation, Business relations, be a Christian in 5T 424

Christ’s meekness should be shown in 5T 335

Christ’s spirit should rule in 5T 335

Christian influence needed in CG 549

be courteous, forbearing, and kind in 5T 335

God’s requirements misinterpreted because of 1SM 311

opportunities for miss. work through FE 213

people in cities become entangled in Ev 27; 8T 31

stand up for Christ in 5T 341

Business room

Business room, church not to be used as CG 542-3

Business scheme

Business scheme, embracing only this life, is unsound and incomplete Ed 145

Business speculation, Business speculations

Business speculation, Business speculations 1T 225-6, 305; 4T 617

dangerous schemes of CS 237

compared to lottery CS 238

desire to get rich quickly by CS 234; 1T 226

do not engage in CS 38; 9T 19

for making money quickly, influence of person indulging in CS 234

for sudden and exorbitant gains CS 231-2

if God had blessed, it would have ruined many 4T 617

in land near school property CS 240-1

in patent rights 1T 455

investment in, people robbed by 4T 596

minister loses influence and power by 2T 622

ministers should not engage in AA 365-6

ministers should not urge people to invest in GW 341

poor people should restrain inclination to 3T 400

sharp, trials and difficulties attend 4T 617

soul will not be engrossed in, at second advent 2T 41

souls destroyed as result of 4T 616-7

worldly CS 243

Business tact

Business tact, management of publishing work calls for 5T 550

marriage of persons deficient in 2SM 420-1; AH 165

men lacking, often have large families AH 165; 2SM 421

men of, usually have fewer children AH 165; 2SM 421

ministers need 1T 441-2

persons trying to find work need 5T 178

Business transaction, Business transactions

Business transaction, Business transactions 4T 350-4

1. Correct practices in

2. Improper practices in

3. Miscellaneous

1. Correct practices in

Abraham honorable in SD 321

Abraham’s courtesy in ML 192; SD 321

allow light to shine in 3BC 1158

be circumspect in 2T 78

be pure, clean, and noble in CH 303

Bible religion needed in DA 307

character should not be tarnished by 2T 49

Christ should be brought into MYP 70

Christian manner of conducting ML 330

Christian will be in, what he wants his brethren to think he is ML 330

Christian will not take advantage of Christian in 5T 350

Christian’s, what should characterize our CG 153

Christianity’s claims in, recognize and obey 4T 494

correct speaking needed in CT 247

Daniel’s, without flaw PK 546

deal just as you would be dealt by in 1T 416

difference to be made in, for the poor, widows, and orphans 3BC 1159

divine wisdom needed in 5T 560

equity required in CS 145-6

fair and honest, best and noblest work done by MM 127

fair dealing in, nothing lost by 3BC 1158

faithfulness in, required 2T 78

fear of God needed in 1T 416

God’s law should not be trampled on in TM 87

God’s will is to be our will in 1SM 90

godliness needed in ML 243

golden rule should be followed in MH 187; ML 235; 1T 416; 2T 43; 4T 359

honesty required in CG 154; CS 146; 7T 142

honor God in CT 58

intelligence and purity should mark CS 143

keep, fragrant with God’s presence 9T 21

let not, rob you of humaneness ML 242

persevering energy and close application in, lack of 2T 498

pure in God’s sight, needed 7T 142-3

regard, as part of religion CS 143-4

regulate, according to God’s word 2T 161

religion needed in 4T 494

shrewdness needed in 4T 540

stand on side of righteousness in 7T 130

such as God can approve, needed 8T 143

thoroughness, order, and taste needed in 2T 83

uprightness in, is important 3BC 1158; 4T 350-9

secures God’s favor SD 111

witness for Christ in DA 556

2. Improper practices in

advantage taken of blind man in, is robbery 3T 514

advantage taken of others in, angels grieved by 2T 239

forbidden 1T 228; 2T 43; 3T 246; 7T 163

God’s cause reproached by 3T 127

bantering in, disgraceful 2T 239

charge no exorbitant prices for work done or goods sold in 7T 163

close penny, angels disgusted by 2T 239

God blasphemed by 2T 239

closeness in 2T 152-6

disgusts 2T 240

God displeased by 2T 153-4

influence injured by 2T 152

spiritual advancement injured by 2T 152

truth is reproached by 2T 154, 159

unbecoming to Christian 2T 654

crowding one another in, spirit of 4T 540

deception in, money gotten by 3T 112

never resort to CG 154

temptation to resort to CG 154

deviation from fairness in, condemned CG 154; ML 330

dickering in, that displeases God 2T 238

dishonest, God not a party to MM 123

dishonest practices in, abstain from 7T 163

dishonesty in 3T 249

God displeased by 2T 154

must be overcome 2T 74-5

need of restitution in case of 5T 643

reprove FE 482-3

written in God’s book 3T 550-1

duplicity in, do not resort to 3BC 1158

erroneous, Satan plans to hinder God’s work by CS 233

exaggerations in, God condemns Ed 236; 4T 494

false, stamp not your record in heaven with 2T 72

falsehood in, do not resort to AA 76; CG 154

God condemns AA 76; 4T 312

money gotten by 3T 112

fraud in, abomination to God 1T 539

God will not bless MM 170

grievous sin 3BC 1160

money gotten by 3T 112

resort not to 3BC 1158

fraudulent, men add to wealth by TM 457

fraudulent acts in, recorded in heaven 9T 13

looseness in MYP 349; 2SM 476

minister who was like a worldling in 2T 154

misrepresentations in, God condemns Ed 236

oppression and injustice in, avoid TM 185-6

overreaching in CG 154; 1T 479-80; 2T 71, 654; 3T 545

abomination to God CS 227; 1T 539; 7T 179

allow no shadow of 7T 163

angels grieved by 2T 239

brethren discouraged by CS 240

cease 1T 415

change needed in person given to 2T 239

detracts from reward in heaven 4T 355-6

fault that must be overcome 2T 74

God condemns 1T 537; 4T 350, 487; 5T 338-9

God displeased by CS 240; 2T 86, 154

money obtained by, God does not want 4T 353

never resort to 2T 71

so-called liberal men given to 1T 479-80

Spirit grieved by 4T 491

truth is reproached by 2T 159

youth lured to sin by Ed 227

penurious, truth is reproached by 2T 239

penurious spirit in, makes one despised 2T 86

petty sharpness in, unworthy of Christian 4T 540

petty tricks in, condemned 4T 494

selfish, God does not accept means secured from CS 145

selfish and unjust, God will turn aside advantage gained by MM 135

selfishness in, allow no shadow of 7T 163

sharp, by institutional managers is offensive to God 7T 174

that God does not accept CS 145

lack of fear of God seen in 3BC 1158

sharp bargains in, evil influence of 3T 249

rich fool’s 3T 402

sharp practice in, shun 3BC 1158

sharpers in 7T 163-4

Christians cannot be 2SM 20

sharpness in, God’s stewards should not resort to MM 172

Greeks on seacoast trained in AA 349

unbecoming to Christian 2T 654

small deal in, Christian name disgraced by 3T 550

that cannot endure test of judgment 3T 246

unchristian practices in 5T 277

underhand, prevalent 8T 249

unjust, duty of person injuring another by DA 556

God abhors CS 227; 2T 153

recorded in books of heaven LS 413; 9T 13

wealth acquired by 2T 682

unscrupulous Ed 137

unselfishness and uncovetousness in, need of more 1SM 113

with unbelievers, do not haggle over small sum in Ev 90

3. Miscellaneous

account of every, kept in heaven 9T 13

blind person’s, our duty re WM 239

careful and upright in, duty of man who was 2T 255

character development affected by ML 267

conference, businessmen should handle 7T 247

details of, unseen auditors scrutinize Ed 144

fair or unfair, what makes 4T 311, 337

God and angels witness our 5T 628

God beholds all CS 232

God’s children tested in 4T 311

honest or dishonest, what makes 4T 337

improper in place of worship 5T 496

individual character revealed in MM 154

little or big, do not draw back from agreements in CG 154

marriage of persons deficient in tact in 2SM 420-1

meetings for, improper at camp meeting 6T 44

must be met in judgment WM 218-9

need of, there will ever be 5T 459

participants in TM 185-6

perplexities of, counsel of God simplifies 8T 141

persons venturing nothing advance little in 4T 77

power for good in, a little condescension has MM 172

publishing house, superiority of heaven’s principles should be shown in 7T 142

recorded in books of heaven LS 413

that God will see and reward MM 172

Watcher sees all WM 218-9

with widows and orphans, warnings re WM 219

worldling’s standpoint re 2T 43