Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1


Chapter 82—Patent Rights

Many of our brethren involve themselves by engaging in new enterprises which look flattering; but in a short time they find themselves disappointed and their means gone, which should have been used to support their families and advance the cause of present truth. Then come remorse, regret, and self-reproach; and some conscientious ones cast away their confidence, and lose their spiritual enjoyment, and in consequence of mental distress their health also suffers. 1T 455.1

Those who believe the truth should practice economy, live upon plain, wholesome food, always making it a rule to live within their means. Brethren should never engage in new enterprises without consulting those of experience who are good managers in temporal and spiritual matters. By doing this they would save themselves much perplexity. 1T 455.2

Brethren would better be contented with a small income, and handle that little prudently, rather than run risks to better their condition, and suffer continual losses thereby. Some Sabbathkeepers who have engaged in the sale of patent rights, have traveled among their brethren to save expense, and have induced them to invest their means in patent rights. Such will not be clear before God until they have made up the loss which these brethren have sustained. 1T 455.3