EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Business union, Business unions - Byword

Business union, Business unions

Business union, Business unions, unhappy, souls ruined by FE 500

Business vocation, Business vocations

Business vocation, Business vocations, men will be called from, to give gospel message LS 415; PK 223; 9T 96

Business world

Business world, absolute truth that is recognized in Ed 137

not outside of limits of God’s government 4T 494

practices in, that God condemns Ed 236

warning is not earnestly given to CW 14

Bustle and show

Bustle and show, meditation and prayer neglected for 4T 535

Bustle and stir

Bustle and stir, religious, Calvary forgotten in 5T 133

Bustle of life

Bustle of life, hold fast to integrity amid noise and 1SM 90


Busy, with daily work, talk with Christ while 2SM 316


abilities not to be used in idle bustle TDG 33:2

children should be kept, and made to feel appreciated TMK 149:5

eternal things neglected by keeping too OHC 280:2

minor matters keep us, while indifferent to most important OHC 44:4

neglect of kiss and prayer for children by keeping too RC 169:4

people who are, need most to keep God before them TDG 232:3

Satan plans to keep humans, until probation is closed TMK 354:2

See also Activity; Confusion

Busy action

Busy action, character development requires 5T 113

Busy activity

Busy activity, lack of love cannot be supplied by MB 126

salvation not insured by 2SM 20

watch lest prayer be neglected in 4T 535; 5T 560

Busybody, Busybodies

Busybody, Busybodies, too many 2T 245-6

Busy care, Busy cares

Busy care, Busy cares, life’s, lessons to recall amid SC 85

Busy nothing, Busy nothings

Busy nothing, Busy nothings, time consumed by ML 73; 8T 194

Busy people

Busy people, cheerful, are most happy and healthy CG 342

Busy plan, Busy plans

Busy plan, Busy plans, that allow no time for Christ 6T 393


Butcher, business of, not conducive to spiritual growth 2T 60

Butcher shop

Butcher shop CD 407, 413

Butler, E. P.

Butler, E. P. LS 133-5; 1SM 53

Butler, G. I.

Butler, G. I. 2SM 376; 4T 609; Te 202

aged worker 2SM 225-6, 229-30

glorified as leader instead of God RY 73:0

letter from (during 1888 meetings), confirmed by others 3SM 165:1

remarriage of RY 115f, 119f; TSB 35f

strength of, preserving, as old man RY 123f


Butter, animal appetite strengthened by 2T 486

animal passions excited by 2T 362

blood-making organs cannot convert, into good blood CH 114

brain nerves benumbed by 2T 486

bread and, do not eat between meals CG 388

girl who ate CD 240

cattle diseases make, more objectionable CD 350

digestion obstructed by free use of CD 350

discarding of: best course is MH 302

mistake made in 9T 162

poor people should not be urged into CD 206, 353, 358; MM 288-9; 2SG 143-4; 9T 163

principle is basis of 2T 367

warning against extreme views re CD 352; 3T 19-20; 9T 162

disease from 9T 162

disunion over, let there be no MM 269

do not class, with flesh foods 7T 135

do not serve CD 350

free use of, warning against 2T 485

healthful cookery possible without 1T 681

hot soda biscuits and, not recommended CD 319

husband unconvinced should be served, till convinced CD 352

intellect enfeebled by CH 114

nerves excited by CH 114

no safety in using, God will reveal when there will be CD 206, 353, 359, 367

soon there will be 7T 135

not best for health CD 352

not proper food for children 2T 362; 3T 136

on cold bread CD 350; MH 302

question of using, settled for EGW CD 351, 357

will work out its problem CD 206, 353, 367

positive testimony against, borne by JW and EGW in their work in presenting the health message 3T 21

potatoes fried in, objectionable CD 323, 354

purest, use only CD 351, 357, 490

stimulates 2T 486

stomach injured by CH 114; 2T 486

substitute for, health-food business should provide CD 350

olives as MH 298; 7T 134

taste perverted by 2T 486

teach people how to prepare food without 7T 135

unnecessary where fruit and sterilized cream abound MM 269

See also Grease; Lard; Oil; Olive oil


Ellen White did not eat, but her workers could eat some 3SM 294:3

test not to be made of eating, but evils to be shown 3SM 287:1

Butterfly, Butterflies

Butterfly, Butterflies, of fashionable pleasure, mothers who are CD 227

with no substance or aim in life 2T 593

youth living aimless lives as 1T 394; 2T 236

Buxton, Me.

Buxton, Me. LS 22; 2SG 12; 1T 16

Buyer, Buyers

Buyer, Buyers, Bible lessons for FE 542

taking advantage of ignorance of, is fraud 4T 494


Buying, for institutions, wisdom needed in CS 267

Buying and selling

Buying and selling 4T 350-4

be just and square in CS 240

do not combine, with miss. work 4T 350-4

for gain, colporteur not to be CM 97

integrity needed in CS 240

problem of, will be serious AH 141


eye of God to be sensed in; honest weights 2MCP 438:0

Judas lacked Christlikeness in 2MCP 598:3

labor unions restrict, for poorer classes CL 11:5

people of God prevented from 3SM 428:0

problem of, soon; get out of cities CL 10:0

wicked will prevent, and ridicule our poverty Mar 209:3

See also Business, transactions of

Buy or sell

Buy or sell, God’s people forbidden to, in final conflict DA 121-2

Byington, John

Byington, John 1T 612

Byron, Lord

Byron, Lord 4T 519-20


God acknowledged, only as one who abused talent RC 157:4


Byword, girl whose name became 2T 562

Israel became PP 466

unprincipled believer is 2T 443