Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Important Counsels

It was during the 1909 General Conference that Mrs. White read a manuscript calling for loyalty to the principles of health reform; [This manuscript was afterward published in Testimonies for the Church 9:153-166.] and she also spoke to the delegates on the same subject. [See The General Conference Bulletin, May 30, 1909.] Another manuscript read was “A plea for Medical Missionary Evangelists;” and still another “The Loma Linda College of Evangelists.” [For these, see Testimonies for the Church 9:167-178.] LS 422.1

Following the Conference session, Mrs. White met twice with the members of the General Conference Committee, before going on to Philadelphia and other cities of the East, and thence to camp meetings and institutions in the Central States and the Middle West, en route to her California home. LS 422.2

In her interviews with the General Conference Committee, Mrs. White read manuscripts dealing with some of the problems that were perplexing the brethren. The call to do a much larger work in the cities at home and abroad, than had hitherto been attempted, could be responded to only as men and means could be found to use in the carrying forward of such work. In order that a broad and far-reaching campaign might be inaugurated quickly and effectively, Mrs. White suggested the advisability of releasing for evangelistic service some of the workers bearing heavy burdens in institutional centers. She said: LS 422.3

“For the conduct of affairs at the various centers of our work, we must endeavor, as far as possible, to find consecrated men who have been trained in business lines. We must guard against tying up at these centers of influence men who could do a more important work on the public platform, in presenting before unbelievers the truths of God's word.... LS 422.4

“To us, as God's servants, has been entrusted the third angel's message, the binding-off message, that is to prepare a people for the coming of our King. Time is short. The Lord desires that everything connected with His cause shall be brought into order. He desires that the solemn message of warning and of invitation shall be proclaimed as widely as His messengers can carry it. The means that shall come into the treasury, is to be used wisely in supporting the workers. Nothing that would hinder the advance of the message, is to be allowed to come into our planning.... LS 423.1

“For years the pioneers of our work struggled against poverty and manifold hardships, in order to place the cause of present truth on vantage ground. With meager facilities, they labored untiringly; and the Lord blessed their humble efforts. The message went with power in the East, and extended westward, until centers of influence had been established in many places. The laborers of today may not have to endure all the hardships of those early days. The changed conditions, however, should not lead to any slackening of effort. Now, when the Lord bids us proclaim the message once more with power in the East, when He bids us enter the cities of the East, and of the South, and of the West, and of the North, shall we not respond as one man and do His bidding? Shall we not plan to send our messengers all through these fields, and support them liberally? ... LS 423.2

“What are our conferences for, if not for the carrying forward of this very work? At such a time as this, every hand is to be employed. The Lord is coming. The end is near; yea, it hasteth greatly! In a little while from this we shall be unable to work with the freedom that we now enjoy. Terrible scenes are before us, and what we do, we must do quickly. We must now build up the work in every place possible. And for the accomplishment of this work we greatly need in the field the help that can be given by our ministers of experience who are able to hold the attention of large congregations.... LS 423.3

“Before leaving home I promised the Lord that if He would spare my life, and enable me to come to this Conference, I would deliver the message He had repeatedly given me in behalf of the cities, in which thousands upon thousands are perishing without a knowledge of the truth. As I have borne this message to the people, the blessing of God has rested on me richly. And now, my brethren, I appeal to you in the name of the Lord to do your best, and to plan for the advancement of the work in God's appointed way.... LS 424.1

“As we do this work, we shall find that means will flow into our treasuries, and we shall have means with which to carry on a still broader and more far-reaching work. Shall we not advance in faith, just as if we had thousands of dollars? We do not have half faith enough. Let us do our part in warning these cities. The warning message must come to the people who are ready to perish, unwarned, unsaved. How can we delay? As we advance, the means will come. But we must advance by faith, trusting in the Lord God of Israel.” [From a manuscript, portions of which have been published in Testimonies for the Church 9:98, 99.] LS 424.2