The Abiding Gift of Prophecy


Advantages of Our Location

When the United States entered the World War, our stand as noncombatants brought us into conflict with the military authorities. We faced great perplexities, and it became necessary to appeal to the civil arm of the Government. We found that our presence at the national capital was of inestimable value to our work. Men in high office gave attention to our position, made favorable decisions, and did all they could to protect and relieve us. We cannot imagine what our lot would have been if we had not had ready access to these men of great authority. AGP 351.2

In later years we have been sending missionaries to foreign lands in increasing number. Our national capital in the United States affords us marked advantage in the matter of passports and of ready access to embassies and consulates representing all lands, when problems connected with their countries arise. The National Congress sits in Washington, where our representatives may appear before committees, and even before the President, with memorials or appeals on legislative matters that affect our work. Our correspondence goes out from a national capital well AGP 351.3

known in all parts of the world. All such advantages assure us continually of the wisdom of having our headquarters in Washington, D. C. AGP 352.1

As already stated, we were in such a desperate condition financially when we moved to Washington that we had to borrow money even to pay our moving expenses. AGP 352.2

We started our printing work in the dining room and kitchen of a dwelling house. There we set the type for the Review and Herald and the Youth’s Instructor, made up the forms, and took them in a hand cart to a printing house for printing and folding. We had no office building for the General Conference staff, no school, and no sanitarium. AGP 352.3

What a truly wonderful work has been wrought in this new location! For the first time in our history a building was provided for the offices of the General Conference Committee and the staff of helpers, located in Takoma Park. Since we came to Washington, the staff of ten has increased to more than one hundred in these offices alone. AGP 352.4