The Abiding Gift of Prophecy


Continued Evidence of Divine Leading

A remarkable and unlooked-for effect attended this transfer of our headquarters. For nearly fifty years, Battle Creek had been the center to which all eyes had turned, to which a great volume of correspondence had poured in from all parts of the world, and to which the streams of money for the general work had flowed from thousands of sources. AGP 350.3

It was but natural to anticipate more or less dissatisfaction throughout the field, and considerable confusion in correspondence and delay in turning the streams of monetary support to the new location. But none of this followed. Scarcely a complaint came to us. From all parts of the world the change was hailed with deep satisfaction. It seemed as if a mighty hand turned the great tide of correspondence and money to Washington. Very few letters and scarcely any money intended for the General Conference or the Review and Herald were delayed by going to Battle Creek. To our surprise and joy, everything soon moved along as if we had been in Washington all the years of our history. AGP 350.4

Thirty-two years have passed since the headquarters of our world-wide work were moved back to the East. What has been AGP 350.5

our experience? We have had constant evidence that it was assuredly the providence of God that led us to Washington, D. C. Very soon after we settled in the national capital there appeared in the Washington Post a report of a Sunday bill that had been introduced into the House of Representatives the day before. We got busy immediately, and sent out messages to our people all over the States. In a short time protests began to pour in from all parts of the country. The bill was defeated. Nearly every year since that time some Sunday bill has been introduced, but so far not one has ever gotten through Congress. We have been able to get acquainted with many of our Congressmen and Senators. We have had a number of them at our sanitarium. They have formed personal acquaintance with us, and have come to understand our position regarding the relation of church and state. Therefore, many of them are with us in our opposition to the Sunday laws. AGP 351.1