Counsels On Diet and Foods -- Study Guide


Lesson 13—Teaching Health Principles

A. Reading and Study Assignment: Counsels on Diet and Foods, pp. 441-477 CD-SG 32.1

B. Study Questions CD-SG 32.2

(Complete the quotations by filling in the missing word or words. Answer the questions by writing your answers in the appropriate blanks. The numbers in parentheses at the end of each question indicate the pages where the answers are found in the text.) CD-SG 32.3

1. “Education in __________ principles was never more needed than _____________.” (P.441) CD-SG 32.4

2. To elevate the moral standards in any country we must begin by doing what? _______________________________________ ___________________ (P.441) CD-SG 32.5

3. “The ____________ is to be bound up with the principles of ______________________________.” (P.442) CD-SG 32.6

4. What two places are suggested as places to demonstrate healthful cooking?
a. ______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________ (P.443)
CD-SG 32.7

5. We must strive continually to educate the people, not only by our words, but _________________________________. (P.443) CD-SG 32.8

6. “In this institution people were to be taught how to ______________, ______________, and ______________, — how to _________________________ by proper habits of living.” (P.444) CD-SG 32.9

7. “Our __________________________ are to be the means of enlightening those who come to them for ________________ ____________.” (P.444) CD-SG 32.10

8. “The ________________ in the school are to be taught to be strict _____________________________________.” (P.450) CD-SG 32.11

9. When the ministers “obey the laws of life, practicing right principles and living healthfully” they will be able to lead _________________________________________________________________ _________________________. (P.452) CD-SG 32.12

10. ” No man should be set apart as a teacher of the people while his own teaching or example __________________________ the testimony God has given His servants to bear in regard to ______________, for this will bring ___________.” (P.453, P.454) CD-SG 32.13

11. What should the members of poor households be taught?
a. _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________
d. _______________________________________________ (P.456)
CD-SG 32.14

12. “He who is thoroughly ______________ will abandon every injurious ______________ and ________________.” (P.457) CD-SG 32.15

13. What is the great object and purpose of health reform?
_________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ __ (P.457)
CD-SG 32.16

14. “The requirements of God must be brought home to the ___________________. Men and women must be awakened to the duty of _____________________________, the need of _______________, freedom from every ________________ ____________ and defiling _____________.” (P.458) CD-SG 32.17

15. “As you seek to draw others within the circle of His love, let the ________________________, the _____________________ ______________________, the _______________________ _____________________________bear witness to the power of His grace.” (P.459) CD-SG 33.1

16. Why should we not attack the wrong habits of others? __________________________________________ (P.459) CD-SG 33.2

17. In what way does God desire to use Adventist health books and journals? __________________________________________ _________________________________________________ __________________________________________ (P.461) CD-SG 33.3

18. “There is a time to ________________, and a time to keep _________________.” (P.463) CD-SG 33.4

19. What is the danger in presenting “our strongest position” in health reform to people who are just beginning to learn what it is? _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (P.469) CD-SG 33.5

20. “Wherever the truth is presented, the people are to be taught how to prepare __________________ in a __________________, yet ___________ way.” (P.474) CD-SG 33.6

21. Where should classes of instruction be held in proper cooking? __________________________________________ (P.474) CD-SG 33.7

22. “To the _____________ and _______________ of the whole family nothing is more vital than __________ and ______ ________________ on the part of the cook.” (P.476) CD-SG 33.8

C. Thought and Discussion Questions CD-SG 33.9

1. How can our sanitariums best instruct patients on health reform?

CD-SG 33.10

2. Can a Christian worker live unto himself?

CD-SG 33.11

3. Can the Lord bless a church with large increases in membership when it is not living up to right principles?

CD-SG 33.12

4. What does it mean to “meet people where they are”?

CD-SG 33.13

5. What are some of the opportunities and also dangers of health food restaurants?

CD-SG 33.14