Counsels On Diet and Foods -- Study Guide


Lesson 12—Beverages

A. Reading and Study Assignment: Counsels on Diet and Foods, pp.419-437 CD-SG 30.1

B. Study Questions CD-SG 30.2

(Complete the quotations by filling in the missing word or words Answer the questions by writing your answers in the appropriate blanks. The numbers in parentheses at the end of each question indicate the pages where the answers are found in the text.) CD-SG 30.3

1. “In health and in sickness, ___________is one of Heaven’s choicest blessings.” (P.419) CD-SG 30.4

2. Cold liquids, especially ice water and lemonade, “drunk with ___________, will arrest _________________ until the system has imparted sufficient _____________ to the ___________ _________ to enable it to take up its ______________ again.” (P.420) CD-SG 30.5

3. “Food should not be _____________ down; no ____________ is needed with meals.” (P.420) CD-SG 30.6

4. “The more ______________ there is taken into the stomach with the meals, the more difficult it is for the food to digest; for the __________ must first be absorbed.” (P.420) CD-SG 30.7

5. “If anything is needed to quench thirst, pure ____________, drunk some little time ______________ or _____________ the meal, is all that nature requires. . . . Water is the best ___________ possible to cleanse the tissues.” (P.420) CD-SG 30.8

6. “Those who resort to ____________ and ___________ for stimulation to labor, will feel the evil effects of this course CD-SG 30.9

in _______________________ and lack of ________________ ____________.” (P.422) CD-SG 30.10

7. How does the system suffer through the use of stimulants?
a. _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________
d. _______________________________________________ (P.422)
CD-SG 30.11

8. “All partake freely of the favorite _______________, and as the stimulating influence is felt, their __________________ are loosened, and they begin the wicked work of ___________ against ____________.” (P.423) CD-SG 30.12

9. What do tired nerves need in place of stimulation and over work? _________________________________________.” (P.424) CD-SG 30.13

10. What is the immediate reaction from the use of tea and coffee? _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________. Then “when their immediate influence has gone,” what is the secondary reaction? _________________________________________________ ____________ (P.425) CD-SG 30.14

11. “__________ and __________drinking is a __________, an injurious indulgence, which, like other ___________, injures the soul.” (P.425) CD-SG 30.15

12. What should every true Christian control? _____________ _____________ (P.427) CD-SG 30.16

13. The greatest danger following the indulgence of perverted appetite is that through such indulgence _________________ _________________________________________________ (P.429) CD-SG 31.1

14. What is Satan’s suggestion in regard to the message of health reform? ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ (P.431) CD-SG 31.2

15. In the light of the law of God, can Christians conscientiously engage in the raising of hops or in the manufacture of wine or cider for the market? _____________ (P.432, P.433) CD-SG 31.3

16. ” ___________ and ___________ may be canned when fresh, and kept sweet a long time; and if used in an unfermented state, they will not dethrone reason. (P.433) CD-SG 31.4

17. Mrs. White calls moderate drinking a school. What kind of education is here received? __________________________ __________________________________________ (P.433) CD-SG 31.5

18. ” We must ________________ from any practice which will _______________ the ____________________or encourage ________________.” (P.435) CD-SG 31.6

19. To whose day is our day likened? ________________ (P.435) CD-SG 31.7

20. ” The pure juice of the _____________, free from fermentation, is a wholesome drink.” (P.436) CD-SG 31.8

21. For what should we thank the Lord? __________________ _____________________________ (P.437) CD-SG 31.9

C. Thought and Discussion Questions CD-SG 31.10

1. What are some of the ways water can be beneficial to the sick?

CD-SG 31.11

2. What are the results of drinking tea and coffee?

CD-SG 31.12

3. How do stimulants affect spiritual perception?

CD-SG 31.13

4. What are the results of whipping tired and flagging nerves?

CD-SG 31.14