Counsels On Diet and Foods -- Study Guide


Lesson 3—The Proper Dietary

A. Reading and Study Assignment: Counsels on Diet and Foods, pp. 81-113 CD-SG 12.1

B. Study Questions CD-SG 12.2

(Complete the quotations by filling in the missing word or words. Answer the questions by writing your answers in the appropriate blanks. The numbers in parentheses at the end of each question indicate the pages where the answers are found in the text.) CD-SG 12.3

1. ” ____________, _____________, ____________, and ______ _______________ constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator.” (P.81) CD-SG 12.4

2. When proper foods are prepared in a simple and natural manner what do they impart to us?
a. _____________________________________
b. _____________________________________
c. _______________________________ (P.81)
CD-SG 12.5

3. So far as our diet is concerned what does God intend to do?_____________________________________________ (P.81, P.82) CD-SG 12.6

4. ” You should use the most _____________________ prepared in the most __________________ manner, that the fine nerves of the _________________ be not weakened, ______________ ______________, or paralyzed.” (P.83) CD-SG 12.7

5. What is it that breaks down the organs of body and mind? _________________ (P.84) CD-SG 12.8

6. What four things will do much to keep sickness from camp meetings?
a. _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________
d. _______________________________________________ (P.85)
CD-SG 12.9

7. Two paragraphs on page 88 are devoted to a discussion of time wasted in long hours required to prepare dainty and often unwholesome dishes. How could this time be more profitably spent?
a. ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
b. ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ (P.88)
CD-SG 12.10

8. “A diet lacking in the _________________________________ of nutrition brings _____________________ upon the cause of health reform.” (P.92) CD-SG 12.11

9. ” Fruits, grains, and vegetables, prepared in a _____________ way, free from ______________ and ___________ of all kinds, make, with ____________ or ___________, the most healthful diet.” (P.92) CD-SG 12.12

10. What three aspects of life should be taken into account in the choice of diet?
a. _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. _________________________________________ (P.94)
CD-SG 12.13

11. “Respect paid to the proper treatment of the ______________ will be rewarded in _________________________________ and _______________________________________” (P.101) CD-SG 12.14

12. What results does overeating bring upon the stomach?
a. ____________________________________
b. ____________________________________
c. ______________________________ (P.101)
CD-SG 13.1

13. “Overeating, even of the simplest food, ________________ the sensitive nerves of the brain, and _____________ its vitality.” (P.102) CD-SG 13.2

14. What activities hinder the digestive processes if they are engaged in immediately after eating?
a. _______________________________
b. ________________________ (P.103)
CD-SG 13.3

15. What excites the appetite, renders digestion of food more perfect, and induces sound and sweet sleep? ____________________ ___________ (P.104) CD-SG 13.4

16. “Taken in a ______________________, your food would not give healthful vigor or tone to the system.” (P.105) CD-SG 13.5

17. When is the stomach best able to care for a substantial meal? __________________________________________ (P.105) CD-SG 13.6

18. Food should not be eaten very _________ or very _________. (P.106) CD-SG 13.7

19. “Food should be eaten slowly, and should be thoroughly masticated” so ” that the __________________ may be properly mixed with the ______________, and the digestive _________ be called into action.” (P.107) CD-SG 13.8

20. What are the results when many varieties are introduced into the stomach?
a. ____________________
b. ____________________ (P.110)
CD-SG 13.9

21. ” ______________ mixed and _____________________ foods are injurious to the health of human beings.” (P.113) CD-SG 13.10

22. “Food should be prepared with ____________________, yet with a _____________ which will invite the appetite.” (P.110) CD-SG 13.11

C. Thought and Discussion Questions CD-SG 13.12

1. What foods should one serve to guests?

CD-SG 13.13

2. What should we do about foods that don’t agree with us?

CD-SG 13.14

3. Should the nature of a man’s work affect his eating habits?

CD-SG 13.15

4. What combination of foods should be avoided?

CD-SG 13.16