Counsels On Diet and Foods -- Study Guide


Lesson 4—Improper Eating A Cause of Disease

A. Reading and Study Assignment: Counsels on Diet and Foods, pp. 117-142 CD-SG 14.1

B. Study Questions CD-SG 14.2

(Complete the quotations by filling in the missing word or words. Answer the questions by writing your answers in the appropriate blanks. The numbers in parentheses at the end of each question indicate the pages where the answers are found in the text.) CD-SG 14.3

1. Man has for over six thousand years withstood an ever increasing weight of disease and crime. Of what is this proof? _________________________________________________________________ __________________________ (P.117) CD-SG 14.4

2. The present feeble condition of the race is not the work of _________________ but of __________. (P.118) CD-SG 14.5

3. When men take any course that needlessly expends their vitality or beclouds their intellect, what are they doing? ______________________________________(P.118) CD-SG 14.6

4. “It is ______________ for a man to present his ____________ a _______________________, holy, acceptable to God, while continuing to ____________________ that are depriving him of ___________, ___________, and _____________________ vigor.” (P.119) CD-SG 14.7

5. “__________________ bequeath to their offspring their own __________________, and loathsome ___________________ corrupt the blood and enervate the brain.” (P.119) CD-SG 14.8

6. Disease results from violating what laws?
a. _________________
b. _________________ (P.120)
CD-SG 14.9

7. When Israel followed God’s laws and their conditions, the Bible states that “________________________________________ _________________________________________.” (P.121) CD-SG 14.10

8. What are the main causes of the breakdown of the mental powers?
a. ________________________________________________
b. ________________________________________________
c. ________________________________________________
d. ____________________________________ (P.122, P.123)
CD-SG 14.11

9. What prepares the way for drunkenness? _________________ ________________________________ (P.123) CD-SG 14.12

10. What wonderful experience will gluttons never be able to enjoy? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________ (P.126) CD-SG 14.13

11. “Many spoil their ________________by ____________ improperly. We should be just as careful to learn the lessons of ______________________________ as we are to have our studies ______________ prepared; for the ______________ that we adopt in this direction are helping to form our _______________ for the ____________________.” (P.126) CD-SG 14.14

12. Those who after seeing their mistakes, have the courage to change their dietary habits for the better, will find two things are required. List them.
a. ________________________________________________
b. _________________________________________ (P.127)
CD-SG 15.1

13. “We need to learn that _______________________________ is the greatest hindrance to _________________ improvement and ______________________________________.” (P.127) CD-SG 15.2

14. Taking too much food (overeating) results in three evils. These are:
a. ________________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. __________________________________________ (P.131)
CD-SG 15.3

15. What is one great cause of forgetfulness and loss of memory? __________________________________________________ _____________ (P.138) CD-SG 15.4

16. “__________________ is especially harmful to those who are _____________________________ in temperament.” (P.138) CD-SG 15.5

17. What is caused by a disordered stomach?
a. _________________
b. _________________
c. _________________ (P.139)
CD-SG 15.6

18. “By intemperance in eating, you _______________ yourselves for seeing clearly the difference between ______________ and ________________ fire.” (P.140) CD-SG 15.7

19. “Shall we not draw near to the Lord, that He may save us from all ____________________ in _______________________ and _________________, from all ______________, __________ _______ passions, all ________________________?” (P.140) CD-SG 15.8

C. Thought and Discussion Questions CD-SG 15.9

1. What are the social results of uncontrolled appetite?

CD-SG 15.10

2. How do we compare in vigor and health with original man?

CD-SG 15.11

3. How does improper diet cause death?

CD-SG 15.12

4. When can even healthful foods be harmful?

CD-SG 15.13