EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)



Eagle - Eating


Eagle, battling with a tempest MYP 102-3; SD 323

of Alps, seeking sunlight above clouds Ed 118-9

stirring up nest, illustration of 8T 150

See also Bird


Eagles, of Rome, gospel penetrated to GC 41; SR 321

Ear, Ears

Ear, Ears, be faithful sentinel over your 2T 561

harsh tone of voice grates upon CG 282

hearing of, heart can be perverted by 4T 108

human, most gracious words ever to fall on 4T 46

keep your, from hearing evil AH 404; CG 465; 1T 707

leaden, truths of God spoken to 5T 318

listening, hear God’s voice in nature SC 85; MH 251; 3T 333

obedient, receive reproof with humility SD 166

people’s, do not cut off 3T 426

sanctified, need of AH 177; 1T 707

use of AH 401-5; SL 92; 6T 298



lest evil stain purity of thoughts and acts OHC 337:4

to all that is forbidden in God’s Word OHC 334:4

consecrated to God UL 237:3

God finds, when we find heart and voice to pray TDG 194:5

sanctified, servant of God has OHC 334:3

use talent of, to hear the Lord’s voice TMK 328:2

Early rain

received now LDE 188

See Rain

Early Writings of Ellen G. White

Early Writings of Ellen G. White, charges made against 1SM 59, 66

contains Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White and Supplement EW 11-127

contains Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1 (as pages 131-304)

contents of, passed under EGW’s eye 1SM 61

first vision of EGW in 1SM 65

publication of cheaper edition of PM 208:2

republished in 1882 1SM 60

shows that EGW did not believe soul is immortal 1SM 65

statement in, re time of second advent 1SM 75

woman won to truth by Ev 448-9


Earnest, be MYP 123

deadly in, you must be Ev 123

God desires each believer to be decidedly in 1SM 98

terribly in, God’s people must now be 8T 36

too much in, you cannot be 6T 16

Earnest effort

Earnest effort, message of salvation must be given with GW 144

need of 9T 44-8

reward of 9T 285-8


Earnestness, Christ addressed people in need with CT 262

cultivate, in preaching Ev 296

do with, whatever you do for Christ ChS 144

dreadful lack of, in God’s cause 1T 260-1

essential in presenting Bible truth 2SM 59

greater: needed among God’s people GW 143

needed in all lines of gospel work 7T 12

needed in Christ’s cause Ev 697

needed now than in apostles’ days 5T 132

in good cause is praiseworthy 2T 282

intense, needed in gospel work Ev 150

should take possession of God’s people 9T 44

let, come into your life MM 214

men filled with, church needs AA 507

manifest more 6T 65

minister must be man of GW 143-4

minister should show, in his voice Ev 298

needed in studying Scriptures Ev 703

pray with GW 178

work with, to draw souls to Christ 7T 19

See also Ardor; Enthusiasm; Fervor; Zeal


importance of; end is near PM 175:2

lack of, in faith and experience TDG 95:4

need for, as exemplified by Jacob TDG 298:4

needed because the end is near UL 79

now is time for OHC 8:3

power of God works in proportion to UL 116:6

seen in Spirit-filled life OHC 330:2

servants of God increase in, as wickedness increases TDG 22:5

speaking with VSS 259

time in which we live calls for OHC 295:5

victorious ones have, walking in heaven’s light TMK 239:5

world led to investigate our goal by seeing our TDG 344:5

See also Commitment; Consecration; Enthusiasm; Sincerity; Zeal


Earnings, before consuming any part of, take out and present to God His portion 4T 477

give of, if you cannot personally do miss. work 5T 732

See also Income; Wages


Earrings, golden, Aaron made golden calf out of PP 317

Methodist woman who wore 2SG 13; 1T 20

Israelites gave, for building sanctuary PP 344; 4aSG 5; SR 151-2

for making golden calf PP 317

Jacob buried his family’s, under oak at Shechem PP 205-6


“Earth,” meaning of, in signs recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke EW 41


1. Creation of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Creation of PP 44-51; 3SG 33-5; SR 20-3; 7T 87; 8T 256

accomplished in: six days Ed 128-9; PP 47

six days of 24 hours each TM 136

six literal days PP 111-2; 3SG 90-3; TM 136

See also Chronology

agency of personal God manifest in 8T 264

all of heaven took joyful interest in 1BC 1081; SD 7

anticipation of SR 13-4

Bible alone contains authentic account of CT 13; FE 84; ML 107; 5T 25

Creator and all heavenly beings rejoiced over DA 769; Ed 161

each successive day of, consisted of evening and morning Ed 129; PP 112

effected by: divine fiat 8T 258-9

God’s word COL 80; Ed 126; MH 414-5

God not indebted to pre-existing matter in MH 414; 8T 258-9

God rested after six days’ work in 4T 247

God’s perfect work of, sin marred DA 20

God’s purpose in Ed 174; PK 500

will be fulfilled AH 540; GC 674; PP 67, 342

God’s word alone gives an authentic account of CT 13; FE 536

history of, Adam learned from Creator PP 83

how God accomplished, is not revealed PP 113; 3SG 93

human philosophy says that indefinite period of time was taken in TM 135-6

indefinite period not required in Ed 128-9; PP 112-3; 3SG 91-2; TM 135-6

is not result of natural causes PP 113; 3SG 94-5

man is crowning work of MH 415

millions of years not required for Ed 128-9; PP 112-3; 3SG 91-2; TM 135-6

Mosaic record of, geology and Ed 128; PP 112; 3SG 91-2

reliability of Ed 128-9; PP 111-6; 3SG 90-6; TM 135-6

occurred after Satan was cast from heaven SR 19

One infinite in power effected 8T 256

peace brooded over world at DA 281

planned before Satan’s fall 3SG 33-4, 36; SR 20

record of, preserved in purity through ages CT 13; FE 536

Sabbath as memorial of See Sabbath

Satan’s falsehood re TM 135-6

science of man cannot explain MH 414; PP 111-3; 3SG 91-5; 8T 258

Spirit took part in Ed 134

work of, has been completed Ed 130; PP 47, 115

2. Miscellaneous

Adam’s dominion over, Satan usurped PP 67 See also Dominion

affairs of, God still guides PK 536

age of, according to infidel geologists Ed 128; PP 112; 3SG 91-2

alien province DA 37

all heaven interested in gospel work going on in 5T 573

and everything in it, yours in so far as it can do you good MB 110

appearance of: after Flood PP 108

curse did not suddenly change 3SG 61

when created Ed 20-22; PP 44-51; 3SG 33-5; SR 20-22; 2T 258; 4T 247; 6T 358; 7T 87

as planet, God is perpetually at work guiding MH 416

atom of 1BC 1095; CT 66; TM 324

in God’s vast dominions COL 190; TM 324

battlefield of greatest conflict universe has ever witnessed SD 242

beauty of, sin has marred MH 411

beauty that clothes, is token of God’s love PP 48

becoming: sink of corruption GC 655

vast field of strife GC 655

before Flood, clad in almost Edenic beauty 3SG 68

watered by mist or dew PP 96-7

belongs to Christ 4T 83

betrayed by man into Satan’s hands AH 540

blessings of, for those persons having courage and will and perseverance to till it FE 326-7

man must work together with God in order to enjoy Ed 214

blighted by sin’s curse Ed 26; PP 63

bounties of, not produced by inherent power CT 185; Ed 99; MB 74-5; PP 115; 8T 260

produced by God’s power 6BC 1062; CT 185; MB 74-5

called forth in beauty out of chaos Ed 215

carpeted with color most restful CT 185; SD 75

changed condition of, by sin’s curse Ed 214

Christ created DA 422, 649; ML 299; MYP 300; PK 693; PP 36; 1SM 247; SR 20; TM 177

Christ filled, with beauty DA 20

Christ has made, His battlefield 4BC 1163

Christ’s hands sustain, in space AA 472

Christ’s purchased possession GW 28

clad in garments of living green, refreshes weary spirit SD 75

clothed with living green by God CT 185

communication between heaven and, broken off by sin ML 260

condition of, “in the beginning” GC 658

convulsions of, just prior to and at second advent EW 34, 272, 285; GC 637, 644; PP 109-10; 3SG 81-3

created by: divine fiat 8T 258-9

word of God COL 80

created for man 2T 258

created to be abode of holy and happy beings AH 540; PP 67

creative energy brought, into existence CT 185; Ed 126

crust of, re-formed after Flood Ed 129

curse upon: animals affected by 4aSG 146

decaying leaf is evidence of 4aSG 155

felt more decidedly every year 1BC 1085

made soil more difficult to cultivate 4aSG 155

cursed because of man’s sin 1BC 1084; COL 289; FE 314, 513; PP 61, 90; 3SG 45, 61; 4aSG 120-2; SR 40, 52, 54

cursed for man’s sake, because of sin PP 59-60; SC 9

defiled under its inhabitants 5T 144

depths (bowels) of: God’s arsenal at time of Flood PP 109; 3SG 87

reveal God’s treasures MH 412; ML 175

weapons for destruction of the wicked are concealed in 3BC 1142; 7BC 946; GC 672; 3SG 82; SR 428

desolate, Satan’s banishment to GC 658

desolation of, during millennium EW 289-91; GC 653-61; PP 100; 3SG 83

did not slowly evolve from chaos PP 112

distribution of races and nations of, God’s purpose in Ed 174

double curse on, in Noah’s time PP 90

elements of nature in, God controls 3SG 80

kept within bounds by God’s mighty power PK 134

emptied of inhabitants at second advent GC 657

encircled by atmosphere of grace 9T 40

established and sustained by God’s compassionate love 9T 50

every good thing of, God’s love for man expressed by 4T 472

evolution of, Bible does not support theory of Ed 129-30; PP 111-6; TM 135-6

Satan’s falsehood re TM 135-6

fallen: more precious than 99 unfallen worlds TM 324

most precious in God’s sight TM 324

represented by lost sheep in parable COL 190; DA 693; FE 283; 6T 124

filled with things useful to man when created 4T 247

fitting-up place for heaven 1T 706; 2T 187, 430

flat, theory of GW 314

Flood’s effects upon Ed 129; PP 105, 108-9, 112-3; 3SG 76-80

formed for man’s happiness 5T 312

freed from curse of sin, promised to Abraham PP 170

shown to Moses PP 477

full of truth, is man’s teacher COL 107

given originally to man as his kingdom AH 540; GC 674

God brought, into existence CG 54-5

God called, into being CT 185

God does not explain how He created, in six literal days 3SG 93

God forbade, to carry out His original purpose for it 1BC 1085

God has filled, with beauty CT 185; 4T 247

God made, to enlarge heaven 1BC 1081

God owns COL 147, 301; DA 129; 1T 536; 5T 311; 7T 212; TM 197, 218

by redemption no less than by creation COL 301

God sees, filled with iniquity and vice PK 275

God the Father and Christ created DA 769; SR 20; 2T 209

God’s arm moves 2T 610-1

God’s design that, should be populated by human beings SD 7

God’s handiwork is seen in MH 419

God’s original purpose for, gain knowledge of Ed 190

will be fulfilled GC 674

God’s people must be tested and proved in 3T 80

God’s providence presides over TM 432

God’s restraining power being withdrawn from 8T 49-50

God’s word is creative energy that called, into existence Ed 126

green, speaks of God’s love to man CS 17; SD 17

green carpet of: air would be filled with dust without SD 75

calls to remembrance God’s power CG 55

God has spread CT 185

tells of God’s care for His creatures MH 411

groans under burden of accumulated guilt 1T 362

habitable, God’s messengers bidden to go to farthest part of 8T 17

history of, men are nearing end of 1T 618; 6T 292

holds rich treasures for faithful worker to garner MH 200; 6T 178

in its decay is very beautiful FE 320

inhabitants of, bear Christ’s image EW 40

have almost filled up measure of their iniquity 7T 141

is but a jot in God’s creation 3BC 1154

is lesson book Ed 100; MM 10

of universe DA 19; PP 154

is theater 8T 27

kingdom of Israel was to embrace COL 290; PK 19

laws obeyed by, reveal that it is under God’s control CT 395; FE 375

made fair because God delights in man’s happiness CT 188

made vast burying ground as result of Flood PP 106-7, 112; 3SG 77-9

make, give forth its strength FE 326

marred and defiled by sin COL 18; Ed 17

men of science allege, cannot be destroyed by fire PP 103

mountains on, before Flood PP 44, 100, 108; 3SG 33, 77-8; SR 20

new See New earth

no blight of decay on, when created SC 9

no taint of sin or shadow of death marred, when created Ed 22; PP 47

not Christian’s heaven 2T 187

not given into hands of men 8T 27

not niggardly 6T 178

not parade ground, but battlefield Ed 295

not without ruler 5T 753

now in usurper’s hands COL 301

one dark blot in God’s glorious creation DA 26

origin of, men need authentic history of MM 89

owner of, God is 7BC 903

peopled as result of dispersion from Tower of Babel PP 120

person who is truest, most noble, and most honorable upon 5T 235

plan of redemption affects more than PP 68

plan of redemption brings, back to God’s favor AH 540; PP 342

plan of redemption restores PP 67

to its Eden beauty PP 137

productions of, are God’s gifts to men CS 65

purified by fire, at last day 7BC 986; GC 673-4; GW 126; PP 89, 100, 339-40

at end of millennium EW 52, 54, 295; GC 673; 3SG 87-8; SR 428-30

reeling of, at second advent 5BC 1110; EW 285-7; GC 636-7, 644

remote parts of, representatives of present truth needed in 6T 24

revolution of, around sun is not caused by inherent power CT 185; Ed 99; MB 74-5; MH 416; PP 115; 8T 260

revolves around sun by God’s power 6BC 1062; CT 185; Ed 99; MB 74-5; MH 416; PP 115; 8T 260

rightful and permanent ruler of, Satan claims to be 1SM 286

rivers on, before Flood PP 44, 96-7, 99; 3SG 33, 69; SR 20, 66

rocky framework of, when created PP 44; 3SG 33; SR 20

rotates by God’s power 6BC 1062; MH 416; 8T 260

Satan claims sovereignty over DA 114

seared and marred by sin’s curse 1BC 1085; 1SM 291; 4T 563; 6T 124

yet reveals God’s goodness 6T 358

second curse on, after Cain slew Abel PP 90; 3SG 61-2; 4aSG 121-2; SR 54

SDA must not cease miss. efforts until they encircle LS 379

shaking of, by God’s voice EW 41

sin brought, under Satan’s power PP 67

sin separated, from continent of heaven 1BC 1085, 1095; DA 113; ML 260; SD 244

solid, witnesses that God’s law is changeless and eternal DA 308

soon God will terribly shake EW 141, 272; GW 265; 7T 141

speck of 5BC 1127; 6T 124

heavenly universe greatly interested in COL 176; DA 356; SD 37

still beautiful after man sinned PP 90, 98; 3SG 62

sun’s genial rays warm DA 206

surface of: broken up at Flood Ed 129

changed entirely by Flood PP 107-8; 3SG 76

not a monotonous plain 5T 312

will become seething lake of fire GC 672-3; SR 428

third curse on, as result of Flood PP 107; 3SG 76; 4aSG 121-2; SR 72

this little 3BC 1154; COL 190; CT 66; DA 26; PP 68; SL 77; TM 324

treasures buried in, by Flood PP 108

treasures concealed in, for persons who till soil FE 326; LS 355; 6T 178

under God’s control PP 269

under God’s masterly power CT 395; FE 375

uninhabited countries of, before Flood PP 108

valuable and beautiful things of, placed in men’s hands to test them 5T 736

value of one soul in comparison with that of 5T 614

vast hospital 3T 562

vast lazar house CT 466

was to be peopled with beings little lower than angels PP 60

waxing old like garment MH 200

whole: Christ’s purchased possession DA 827

glory of God’s truth will lighten 6T 24

one soul is of more value than 2T 541

under God’s command SR 117

why God did not carpet, with brown or gray 5BC 1087; SD 75

wicked will receive recompense in 3BC 1142

will be: honored above all other worlds DA 26

ransomed and exalted DA 26

redeemed from sin PP 342

with its riches and treasures, belongs to God CS 186

workshop of God where men are to be fitted for heaven 2T 187

would be depopulated if Christ should not come soon 1T 304

See also New earth; World


affections on things of, instead of on eternal life HP 307:3

attractions of,

fade with attention on heaven TDG 212:5

seem of little worth beside Christ 1MCP 68:3

seen in reality when Christ is first HP 310:5

battle of, (last) after the sealing of God’s people Mar 63:5

battle scene on,

between good and evil TDG 308:3

between powers of darkness and of light HP 11:3

beautiful at creation FLB 37:2

beauty of,

but more glory in heaven FLB 364:2

in Eden TMK 13:4

bound to heaven through Christ TMK 82:5

broken cisterns of, seeking to supply want at RC 254:4

child of, may also be an heir of immortality by grace HP 195:5


agreed to come to, seeing Satan’s deceptive power 1MCP 184:4

came to, to make way of strength through prayer TMK 258:4

Christians (professed) keep too near RC 20:4

closing scenes of, living in Mar 106:4

conflict of, rest promised from Mar 283:7

corruption in, increasing; stormy times ahead TDG 91:2

creation of, God not dependent on pre-existing matter for 3SM 312:1

crust of, rent by elements within; treasures swept away Mar 283:4; 3SM 391:6

cultivation of, from beginning but harder after the fall TDG 12:5

cursed because,

Adam sinned Con 16:2

humans let Satan sow evil seeds in heart TDG 12:5

dark places of, followers of Jesus bring light to TDG 92:3

dens of, saints come from, at end free from the wicked 3SM 430:1

diversity in surface of, reveals wisdom and power of God OHC 253:3

dwelling on things of, loss sustained by OHC 339:3

evening in history of; dead hidden for a little moment TDG 34:3


clothes, with beauty, providing for human comfort TDG 162:6

lavished, with the useful and beautiful, although sinful TDG 241:3; UL 327:3

character of, judged by adornments of 3SM 309:2

heaven is open to the inhabitants of; angels sent FW 72:0

highest powers of, law of God to be honored before TDG 114:5

history of, faith needed in this period of TMK 229:3

inhabitants of, punished by seven angels with trumpets Mar 284:6

inheritance of Christ AG 27:5

interest in things of, Satan wants us to give priority to FW 92:2

interest of universe centered on, because of Jesus’ death HP 359:3

joined to universe of heaven as a province TDG 84:2

landscape of, See Gorges

love for things of, more than things of heaven TDG 87:4

loveliness of, compared with world before sin TMK 145:3

mind concentrated on, is debased and belittled 1MCP 69:4

New, See New Earth; World, future

origin of, authentic history of, in the Bible 2MCP 742:3

overcomers are not attracted by UL 32:2

ownership of, See Earth, proprietorship of

peace on, would have resulted from heavenly principles RC 51:5

perfection of, at creation FLB 37:2

powers of,

broken for citizens of heavenly Kingdom HP 85:2

in revolt against God TDG 308:3

preserved by Holy Spirit and those accepting His influence HP 311:4

properties given to, for growing food HP 157:2

proprietorship of, temporarily given to Satan UL 39:4


by fire from within and from above OHC 252:4

by fire, more beautiful Mar 355:3

from deeds of transgressors HP 361:4

justice, honor, love and truth in TDG 350:5

melted over and made without sin FW 79:0

purposes of God in leaving humans on TMK 358:4

raised from lowlands of; affections on heaven TDG 94:3

riches of, created by God; His power develops them FW 20:2

Sabbath made for a round; circumstances determine obedience 3SM 317:2


came to, determined to work against Christ TDG 256:4

continued his rebellion and self-seeking on RC 51:4

(demon) is the central power of TDG 28:3

knew prophecies foretelling heavenly kingdom to be on Con 30:2

separation of, from heaven by sin as island TMK 82

shaking of, at Christ’s coming UL 261:4

sin is so deep in, that God will arise to shake it TDG 96:2

sin-darkened, walking in light of heaven in HP 366:4

stage for horrors by Satanic agencies TMK 211:4

strangers of, encourage TMK 274:3

surface of, flatness avoided in HP 9:4

things of,

are empty UL 335:5

close inlets for heavenly light TDG 87:4

eclipse glory of world to come OHC 200:3

eye that views, needs to be elevated TMK 117:2

insignificant in the light of heaven AG 251:4; TMK 222:4

look above; numbers are not evidence of success 1MCP 352:2

resist, with “It is written” OHC 88:5

subordinate to the heavenly OHC 285:2; TDG 17:5

tendrils must be severed from HP 169:3

See also Worldliness

thoughts of, not to exclude heavenly thoughts OHC 339:3

treasures of,

come through angel ministry UL 130:7

outweighed by eternal weight of glory OHC 351:7

trembling of, when Christ comes; heavens rolled together FW 116:5

unattractive if you had seen the celestial city FLB 364:2

war stirs, from one end to the other in time of trouble TDG 69:5

war will rage in the last scenes of Mar 174:6

warfare on, heavenly intelligences watched TMK 19:3

work on,

corresponds to that in heaven UL 344:2

interests heaven RC 297:3

wrath of God seen in, as faint indications of future 3SM 391:4

See also World


Earthliness, low, evidence of indwelling Saviour seen in growing away from 5T 597

of God’s people must be consumed GC 621

separates men from God 5T 254

Earthly things

Earthly things, not enduring, though they cost much 2T 336

Earthquake, Earthquakes

Earthquake, Earthquakes, angels cause ML 20

at Christ’s death 5BC 1108; DA 756, 771, 780; EW 177-80; GC 667; 1SM 303-4; 2T 209, 211

graves of many righteous dead opened by DA 786; EW 184

at Christ’s resurrection 5BC 1110; DA 780; EW 181, 184

dreadful, yet to be felt PP 110

four angels hold back TM 444

effects of: cause great destruction of human life 7BC 946

cities and villages destroyed Ev 27; PP 108-9; 3SG 80

hotels destroyed 9T 92

desolation spread everywhere 3SG 83; 4T 53

pleasure resorts and wealthy homes destroyed 9T 92-3

France shaken as if by, during French Revolution GC 286

frequent, God’s purpose may be read in PK 277

great loss of life and property caused by 8T 252

God permits calamities in 2SM 315-6

God uses: to punish cities and nations 1SM 269

to warn earth’s inhabitants 9T 97

to warn men of His soon approach LS 412

God will preserve His people amid GC 654; 3SG 83

God’s purposes in 8T 252

great, Christians charged with causing GC 40

felt along California coast in 1906 Te 26

Israel redeemed from Egypt with COL 287

John beheld earth moved by TM 445-6

in divers places ML 342

only the beginning of what shall be TM 444

judgments of God seen in LS 413; 5T 136; 9T 97

follow in quick succession 5T 234

upon wicked world PK 278

last mighty, at end of world EW 16, 272, 285, 287, 290; GC 637, 657; 1T 60, 184, 354

men try to account for, by supposed science CT 440; FE 409

mighty, at resurrection of righteous dead at second advent EW 16, 285, 287; GC 334; LS 66, 293; 2SG 33; 1T 60

there will be 7BC 946

under seventh plague GC 637

natural causes of PP 108-9; 3SG 79-80

of Lisbon in 1755, pervaded area of 4,000,000 square miles GC 304

sign of second advent GC 304-5

of Philippi AA 215-8, 426; Ed 66; EW 204-5; SR 312

of San Francisco, Calif., in 1906 LS 414; 9T 94-5

effects of Te 26

false report that EGW predicted LS 411

shown to EGW in vision on April 16, 1906 9T 92-3

statement of EGW on LS 411

EGW saw effects of LS 410; 1SM 24

Satan exercises destroying power through GC 590

significance of 8T 49

signs of times DA 636; PP 108-9; 3SG 79-81; 4T 53

stirring up of the nations by ML 308

voice of God erroneously supposed to be EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

will come LS 409

more frequent and terrible before second advent PP 108-9

more numerous and terrible 3SG 80

where least expected TM 421

will increase more and more ChS 155; LS 411

world is being visited by, in its perversity FE 356

See also Volcanic eruptions


Christ’s suffering/death accompanied by LHU 153:3, 235:5

literature on signs of times effective after PM 312

mansions soon to be shaken down by HP 354:5

Satan exercises power in HP 342:3

terrible, coming; palaces will become ruins 3SM 391:5

See also Earth, shaking of


Ease, attention must not be diverted by, in Christian warfare AA 311

carriages of, path too steep and rugged for 2SM 166

children who selfishly seek their 3T 232

citadel of soul is left unguarded by PP 459

condition of outward, Israel led into sin by PP 459

course of, Israel chose PP 544

David committed his great sin while living in PP 718

desire for, Paul’s zeal and industry rebukes AA 355

selfish, some people successful in struggle against GW 135

do not expect, in Christ’s service 2T 516

do not seek your own 5T 182

few men of unswerving fidelity who do not study 5T 456

God does not promise, to people in His service 5T 42

how God keeps His workers from settling down at GW 270

life of, do not desire AH 96

many people ruined by desire for 5T 70

life of selfish, cross of Christ puts to shame CS 21

idol of many people SC 44; 5T 83

love of: among Israelites in King Saul’s time PP 616

among ministers is condemned 4T 411

ancient Israel manifested 8T 119

Christ’s character falsified by course in 5T 188

God’s work retarded by 3T 407

increasing among SDA 5T 160

is form of idolatry AA 317

is no excuse for not working 5T 180

men may deny Christ in life by 1T 304

many people make their life miserable by MYP 202

many poor men waste time in 3T 400

overcome 2T 195

overcome in proportion as Christ’s love fills heart 3T 382

unfits man to be minister GW 106

way prepared for sin by AA 316

lover of, minister who was 3T 559-60

man who loved his 2T 255, 411

men may deny Christ by loving 3T 332

minister must not consult 2T 705

minister’s wife who loved 1T 627

must be subject to Christ’s ever-paramount claims 4T 317

of persons who have earthly comforts and attractive homes, allurement of 8T 55

parents too fond of CG 94

pursuit of, is not great aim of life FE 65

sacrifice of, for Christ’s sake 3T 481

Satan would have gospel workers settle down at PK 172

selfish, rest of grace not obtained in 7BC 928

selfish love of: ministers warned against 2T 499-500

souls perishing while God’s people cling to 5T 464

warning not to cling to 9T 27

servers of mammon sacrifice God’s goods to 5T 205

temptations of, many people led astray by 2BC 1014

too much, makes weaklings of men 3T 495

ways of, Christ’s followers are not found in DA 508


desire for, changed at conversion UL 330:5

life of, denied to save us from self-sufficiency RC 353:5

love of,

not fulfilling commission of Christ PM 47:2

prevents learning in school of Christ TMK 93:3

lovers of, represented by foolish virgins TMK 215:2

settling into OHC 282:4

working untiringly for God instead of seeking OHC 287:5

See also Idleness; Laziness; Pleasure

Ease-loving person, Ease-loving persons

Ease-loving person, Ease-loving persons, danger of sitting down with 1SM 318

God’s blessing will not be placed on 4T 537

will be engulfed in general ruin 5T 80


East, Macedonian call from 5T 86

riches of, flocks and herds were PP 127

Eastern question

Eastern question, Uriah Smith preached on LS 225; 4T 279

See also Armageddon

Eastern States of United States of America

See United States of America

Easygoing religion

Easygoing religion, many people deceived by living 1SM 382

Easy religion

Easy religion, popular doctrine resulting from desire for GC 472


Eat, children should be taught: importance of when, how, and what they should ML 146

to eat to live and not to live to CH 113; 3T 567; Te 181

men need to know how to, so as to preserve health CH 24

people are composed of what they 2T 61

with thanksgiving CD 87


Eater, imprudent, disqualified for giving wise counsel CD 53; CH 578


Eating CD 15-498; CH 107-61; MH 295-336; MM 273-90; 4aSG 120-6; 2SM 411-20

1. Between meals

2. Habits of (general)

3. Habits of (right)

4. Habits of (wrong)

5. Improper

6. Intemperance in

7. Irregular hours for

8. Proper

9. Regular hours for

10. Temperance in

11. Too often

12. Miscellaneous


1. Between meals

MM 282; 2T 373-4

avoid MH 303

at camp meeting 2T 602

children should not indulge in CD 229, 340; FE 150; 2T 400; 3T 136; 4T 502

children’s fretfulness caused by FE 150

digestive organs constantly taxed by 4aSG 132

digestive organs injured by CH 408

digestive organs overtaxed by 4T 416

dyspepsia caused by 2T 374

faintness resulting from CD 175

ill effects of 3BC 1165; CH 118; 2T 363-4, 413

laws of health violated by CD 175; 2SM 416

stomach deranged by FE 150

students given to CT 298; FE 147

travelers warned against MH 303

warning against MH 384

2. Habits of (general)

fashion’s baleful effects on CD 258

ignorance re relation of, to health 4aSG 134

knowledge and reason should control CD 162

make greater progress in reforming your 1T 618

personal, affect other persons 2T 365

preservation of physical, mental, and moral health should be secured by CD 165; CH 67; SL 28; Te 19

principle must control Christian in CD 161

reason and intellect should control CG 392

should accord with physical law 3T 138

should conform to laws of nature CG 392

show whether SDA are of world or separated from it 6T 372

significance of your Te 141

3. Habits of (right)

act wisely in regard to your CD 492

children should be trained in CD 391; CG 187, 392; SD 140

disease may be prevented by ML 226; WM 127

God’s people should not be ignorant re 1SM 380

great care needed to form ML 141

insist upon CT 126

ministers not always particular enough re GW 230

people should be educated re, in accordance with laws of health CD 408

sick people benefited by CD 303

sick people should be taught CH 221

4. Habits of (wrong)

begin at once to correct 1T 466

cause of unjust, oppressive, and even cruel measures MH 310

desire to eat frequently results from CD 175

difficult to overcome SD 141

disease caused by CD 281

errors in thoughts and actions result from CD 62; CH 67; SL 25; Te 18

frequent, cause of desire for 2SM 416

God’s property spoiled by CD 166

indulgence of, is weak, cowardly, debased Te 189

intellectual powers weakened by 2T 66

intemperance and crime caused by CH 389-90; MH 146

invalids should improve their 4aSG 145

laws of life and health violated by CH 66; SL 25

lie at foundation of liquor drinking Ev 265

man’s nature depraved by 2T 62

moral faculties enfeebled by 4T 28

need to be corrected MM 224

parents transmit, to children 3T 140

people groan under burden of infirmities because of SL 25

prepare eater for future suffering CD 169

reform in, cannot be made all at once CD 284

role of, in dull religious exercises of Sabbath CH 577

stomach debilitated by 2T 68

way for drunkenness prepared by MH 334

what strengthens propensity to 3T 563

world becomes more immoral by Ev 265

wretchedness caused by MH 146

5. Improper

baser passions strengthened by 2T 405

brain power benumbed by CD 53; CH 578

children made feeble, pale, and dwarfed by 4aSG 132

children made nervous, excitable, and irritable by 4aSG 132

Christ represents, as sin condemning our age 5T 361

counselor disqualified by 2T 357

dispositions spoiled by CD 126

disqualifying the mental powers, is aggravating sin Te 45

dyspepsia caused by 2T 364

easily excited, passionate, irritable, depressed spirit influenced by 2T 697

erroneous thinking and acting result from 9T 160

fever and ague brought on by 4T 502

God is dishonored by Te 63-4

health destroyed by CH 117; 2T 69

ill effects of 9T 156, 162

brought into council and board meetings 7T 257

indulgence in, cease MM 226; 6T 371

lustful, wars against health and peace CH 576

many generations of, ill effects of CH 49

mental powers enfeebled by GW 230; 3T 310

moral powers enfeebled by 3T 310

ruinous, self-indulgence in 2SM 282

senses made sluggish and sleepy by GW 230; 4T 417

talents abused by CH 578

6. Intemperance in

antediluvian PP 101

brain ill affected by Te 138

corrupt passions excited by 4aSG 131

council and board meetings affected by 7T 258

defined CG 398; Te 138

digestive organs’ healthy action destroyed by CG 398; Te 138

disease caused by CD 121, 446

eating too often is CG 398; Te 138

fashionable CD 446

grows with growth of children 3T 489

how to lessen train of evils resulting from 2T 399

human system clogged by 2T 362-3

indulgence of lower passions results from PP 378

invalidism caused by CD 58

is sin CG 398; 1T 618; Te 138

judgment perverted by CG 398; Te 138

keener and holier emotions blunted by Te 167

parents teach, to children 4aSG 132

physical energies wasted by 3T 486

prevents rational, calm, and healthy thinking CG 398; Te 138

result of custom 3T 178

sickness caused by MH 235; MM 15; MYP 218

suffering caused by CD 446

talking and acting irrationally result from CG 398; Te 138

7. Irregular hours for

brain forces sapped by CD 123, 395; SD 172

by animals is no criterion for human beings CD 182

children harmed by CD 181; 2SM 427

children made gourmands and dyspeptics by CG 388

children should not indulge in FE 150; ML 146; 2T 159; 3T 136

digestive organs enfeebled by CG 388

digestive organs’ healthful tone destroyed by MH 384; 4T 502

entire system injured by CD 182

every fiber of system affected by CD 132, 182

gloomy mind produced by GW 241

health and cheerfulness ill-affected by MH 384

health injured by 4T 501

irritability caused by CG 388

laws of health violated by CD 175; CH 565; SD 172; 2SM 416

mental breakdown caused by CD 122-3; SD 172

mental powers weakened by CG 388

nervousness caused by CG 388

pernicious effects of CD 181-2; CG 388; 2T 413; Te 159-60

pernicious practice CD 182

serious evil MH 305

stomach harmed by CD 179

warning against 2T 485

8. Proper

ministers should be examples in 3T 490-1

parents should set right example for children in CSW 51; 2T 62

sanitariums should teach people re CD 303

teachers should exert reformatory influence in CT 294

virtuous actions promoted by ML 141

9. Regular hours for 2SM 297

carefully observe MH 384

children should be taught to have ML 82

important Ed 205; MH 303; MM 230

for health CH 118; 2T 400

need of MM 79; 2T 413, 485; 5T 181

physicians should observe MM 292

recommended CD 169, 354

students need to observe FE 72

10. Temperance in

children should be taught principles of 3T 567

Christian will practice CH 432

Daniel strictly practiced 4T 570

essential 6T 374

to good health CD 444; 4aSG 146; 2T 68; 3T 487; Te 167

to preserve health Te 141

gospel workers should practice MH 309

invalids should practice 2T 530

practice 4T 515; Te 82

in order to be patient 2T 405

recovery from sickness helped by MH 240

stand on broad platform of CG 409

strict habits of, needed in 4T 214

11. Too often

blood made impure by 4aSG 133

brain affected by Te 138

children injured by 2SM 427

digestive organs overtaxed by 4aSG 133; 2SM 450

digestive organs’ healthy action destroyed by Te 138

disease caused by 4aSG 133

faintness is not argument in favor of CD 175

faintness produced by CH 118; 4aSG 129; 2SM 415-6

feverish state of system produced by 4aSG 133

ill effects of 3T 563

is intemperance CG 398; Te 136

is sin 1T 618

judgment perverted by Te 138

overworking digestive organs causes desire for 4aSG 129

12. Miscellaneous CG 378-93

adherence to right principles in, duty to God Ev 261

after much exhaustion, is serious evil MH 305

after violent or excessive exercise, is serious evil MH 305

aim higher than mere animal gratification in CG 392

as they please, men cannot afford CD 341

attention to right principles in, great reforms may be made by MH 308

avoid, while excited, anxious, or in a hurry CH 120; MH 306

board meetings affected by 7T 257-8

carelessness in, results of 9T 156-7

digestion hindered when: body is heavily taxed after 2T 413

mind is taxed heavily after 2T 413

do not bind yourself up with world in LS 351

drinking of hot water before, beneficial 2SM 297

erroneous ideas re, health reformers who hold 2T 367

errors in, result of conversion from CH 222

guide in, do not let inclination, fashion, and appetite be CD 161

hurried: avoid Ed 206; GW 241; SD 171

brain confused by CD 111

students warned against MM 80

intelligent, needed CD 56

irregularities in: children’s sickness caused by MH 385

heart corrupted by CD 62

mind depraved by CD 62

itself, no sin in AH 121

Jews regarded neglect of forms to be observed before, as heinous sin DA 395-6

just before sleeping hours, harmful practice 4aSG 130

pernicious habit CD 174; CH 118; MH 303; 2SM 414

life and strength should be preserved by, to do Christ’s will 3T 239

life influenced by 1T 682

manner of, correct your 2T 60

mental nature affected by CD 154

mind should not be heavily taxed just before MH 306

moral nature affected by CD 154

more sparingly, great help to many 4aSG 130

needs to be done slowly CD 107-8, 420

for restoration of health CD 275

so saliva can mix with food CD 420

with cheerfulness MH 306

nervous energies drawn upon immediately after MH 306; 2T 413

of late suppers, harmful practice MH 303

one person cannot be criterion in, for another CD 491

physical nature affected by CD 154

preparation for, at camp meeting is secondary matter 5T 164

principles of health reform in, practice MM 212

rapid: many persons given to CD 136; CH 577

must be overcome SD 171

stomach abused by CD 111

warning against CD 111

reform in, expense and labor saved by CH 159; 4aSG 132

religion influenced by CH 577

self-control needed in MM 225

self-denying course of, perseverance needed in CH 148

severe mental exertion after, avoid CD 103; GW 242; MH 240, 306; 2T 413

severe physical exertion after, avoid CD 103; MH 240; 2T 413

short walk after, beneficial CD 104; MH 240

simplicity in: in obedience to physical and moral laws 3T 51

preserve 3T 144; TM 179

result of disregarding light re CD 49

sparingly, need of CD 419

spiritual advancement affected by CD 57, 154; SD 174

study temperance in relation to 2T 362

system’s entire well-being affected by CD 251; MM 270

take time needed for CD 107

to sustain yourself physically, no sin in Te 283

violation of moral obligations in, prepares way to violate God’s claims in eternal interests 3T 63

violation of principle in, perceptive faculties blunted by CH 38

when, becomes too much a matter of thought CD 108-9

when overheated, serious evil MH 305

wisdom needed in FE 425

without working, degeneration and decay result from SC 81

world’s follies in, shun 4T 586

See also Diet; Food; Gluttony


flesh of Christ explained UL 246:3

frequent, taxing digestive organs brings disease TDG 210:5

glory of God not the object of, for many 3SM 275:1

habits of, guard carefully TDG 206:2

imprudent, disqualifies to give counsel and make plans 2MCP 391:4

inclination is not a sufficient guide for times of TDG 210:5

intemperate, destroys vital forces CC 35:3; TDG 340:6

irregularity in,

gloom covers mind as result of RC 152:5

saps the brain; temperance needed 2MCP 388:1

living is the purpose of; not eating to live TDG 123:6

marrying and, is safe only in the fear of God 1MCP 221:6

quantities to be sparing in, even when food is wholesome 2MCP 394:1

regular periods for; wrong eating prepares for suffering TDG 340:2

responsibility should control RC 138:3

rule that work is required for, same for spiritual food FW 49:2

rules for, simple: plain food, eat slowly, exercise 2MCP 393:0

schedule for, not to be made for others TDG 340:6

taste as only purpose of CC 35:6


and exercise usually better than rest for regaining health 1MCP 119:3

as a witness to unbelievers UL 342:2

thoughts too occupied by, when food precisely measured 2MCP 393:0

vigor lessened by, dishonors God HP 193:2

violating moral obligations in, risks eternal interests TMK 317:3

wrong choices in, server not to be blamed for TDG 340:3

See also Appetite; Diet; Indigestion; Meals