Medical Ministry


Medical Ministry, 1932

The promulgation of the health message was for fifty years a topic of major concern to Ellen White. She wrote more in the field of health than on any other single topic of counsel. Many of her manuscript documents, addressed to physicians, institutional managers, nurses, and sanitarium families embody counsels of vital importance. Copies of these were kept on file. Many of the counsels give direction to the medical work. Others, written at crucial times in the development of phases of our medical work, sound warnings. Some were messages written to save a worker faced with special peril. The instruction itself is timeless. MM x.1

This volume, Medical Ministry, is primarily a selection of these counsels addressed to medical personnel and others connected with Seventh-day Adventist medical institutions. The counsels have been drawn together and published so that others might benefit from them. The preface was written by A. G. Daniells, for many years president of the General Conference and one of the trustees chosen by Mrs. White to care for her writings. When the book was first published, Elder Daniells was also chairman of the board of the College of Medical Evangelists. MM x.2