EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)



Yard, Yards - Young woman, Young women

Yard, Yards

Yard, Yards, beautified with trees and shrubbery, care of AH 149; 2SM 463-4

uncleanness in, violent diseases caused by 2SM 461

See also Premises

Yazoo City, Miss.

Yazoo City, Miss. 7T 231

Year, Years

1. In new earth

2. Miscellaneous

1. In new earth

as they roll Ed 307; GC 678; SR 432

move on in gladness 7BC 988; ML 348; MH 506; 8T 42

2. Miscellaneous

end of, reviewing our record at OHC 369:2

Jewish, first month of DA 76; GC 399; PP 537

literal, one day in symbolic prophecy represents one DA 233; GC 324; PK 698

new: begin, with love for one another; end old year OHC 370:5

beginning of, believer’s duty at CM 46

believer’s duty re tithes and offerings during CS 89

carry treasures of past into; remember God’s goodness TDG 358:2

Christ’s presence and peace invited for OHC 7:7

commence, by earnestly seeking God for grace CG 69

commence, right 1T 663

lesson for all who have begun (about knowing God) TDG 82:3

manner of spending each day in OHC 7:2

old man to be put off before UL 367:2

plans for CM 17

progress of each, should exceed that of past year ML 156

resolution for, good TM 306, 308

See also New Year’s Day

1,000, of Revelation 20 See Millennium

1,260, of Dan. 7:25; 12:7; Rev. 11:2, 3; 12:6, 14; 13:5 See One thousand two hundred and sixty years

seventh month of, festivals observed in PP 533, 540

Oct. 22, 1844, was tenth day of GC 400

2,300, of Dan. 8:14 See Seventy weeks; Two thousand three hundred years

See also Chronology; Jubilee; Sabbatical year

Yearly gathering, Yearly gatherings

Yearly gathering, Yearly gatherings, attendance at: blessings of 2T 575, 600

God requires 2T 575, 600

strengthen God’s people for trial and duty 4T 106-7

Christ present at 2T 575, 600

come to, with freewill offerings 3T 510

do not appear empty-handed at 2T 598

See also Camp meeting


Yearning, Christ’s, over fallen human race GC 22

deeper, for souls is needed in med. miss. work MM 40

for salvation of the lost, nothing should chill MH 164


Yeast, hypocrisy compared to 5BC 1121

white bread raised with, for pregnant woman 2T 384

See also Leaven

Yeast germ, Yeast germs

Yeast germ, Yeast germs, bread should be so thoroughly baked as to kill MH 301

Yemen, Arabia

Yemen, Arabia GC 362


Yesterday, beyond our amendment or control 6T 149

today will be, tomorrow 6T 149


importance of, in small matters with other people TDG 225:4

kept from, by Christ’s atoning sacrifice TDG 74:4

See Will


1. Christ’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s DA 328-31; 4T 241

bearing of, is pleasure and joy MYP 138

Christian must wear in business HP 201:4

does not permit believers to pull apart from each other 9T 258

easy because He carries its weight SD 81

happiness found in bearing 3T 335-6; 4T 224

helps man in bearing his load and lightens it DA 331

invitation to bear 4T 241

makes life a pleasure and joy SD 245

man cannot follow Christ without wearing His SD 69

many people have refused to wear WM 223

must be accepted in order to be saved 3T 457

not a hindrance to Christian MYP 138

not galling to: neck 5BC 1091

true Christian 5T 220

peace found in bearing 3T 385

person who finds, easy SL 82

persons who will not wear, will not receive streams of God’s grace WM 307

rest and joy found in wearing TDG 200:4

rest found in bearing 3T 385; 4T 224

restraint and obedience are LHU 55:3

self-denial and sacrifice for others as 3T 384

submit your stubborn neck to 4T 105

wearing, humbly trusting in God and His Word is TMK 147:4

means to work as copartner with Him 5BC 1092

unites man with Him 5BC 1090

weight of, borne by Him on cross 6T 247

when a person wears SD 71

yoke of: obedience 5BC 1090; Ev 58; MB 101; 6T 214

restraint 5BC 1090; Ev 58; 6T 214, 476

service MB 101

2. Miscellaneous

binding and galling, debt is CS 275

blessings for those who willingly submit to OHC 326:2

burdensome, men look upon God’s law as COL 204

Christ, bears for every follower TMK 51:4

invites us to wear, of obedience TMK 293:4

Christ’s illustration of DA 329

cross and, symbols of same thing 5BC 1090

double, God permitted Israel to suffer under 4BC 1144

exchange, for Christ’s easy one TDG 158:4

framed by men for their own necks SD 69

galling: lack of meekness and lowliness makes 2T 567

marriage in majority of cases is AH 44

married life that becomes 2T 474

selfishness and covetousness as 3T 384-5

that you made for your neck MYP 327

galling to neck, Christ invites you to lay down 4T 241

is not Christ’s yoke 5BC 1091

God wants no, of human authority upon your neck 4BC 1152

God’s law as, binding men to service DA 329

God’s people have had unnecessary UL 56:3

grievous, God’s law represented by some people as GC 466

worn as result of rejecting Testimonies 2T 606

heavy, that carnal heart is willing to bear GC 568

heavy and galling, made for your neck by words of retaliation AH 439

instrument of service DA 329

iron: people held in ignorance and degradation by GC 195

subjection of nations to Babylon represented by PK 443-4

symbolized Israel’s servitude under Babylonian severity PK 443-4; 4T 172

Jeremiah used, as prophetic symbol PK 443-6; 4T 168-9

Jeremiah’s symbolic, broken by false prophet Hananiah PK 446

made by teachers, warning re FE 224

manufacturing, by impatience and retaliation TMK 139:4

depressed patient 2MCP 493:3

for self, troubles come by TDG 358:4

oppressive, instead of taking yoke of Christ TMK 293:3

our own UL 34:4

most galling, selfishness is 4T 627

of anxiety and worldly care, lay off PP 294

of bondage: continual worry as DA 330

God desires that men lay aside DA 330

God’s law becomes, to transgressor ML 250

God’s law is not 1SM 219

God’s law is not to be regarded as CSW 35

grievous to be borne in home AH 151-2

Jews made God’s law be DA 204

law of ceremonies referred to in Acts 10:15 as AA 194; SR 307

perfect law of liberty is falsely represented as TM 473

Satan reproaches God’s law as GC 504

of debt, God not pleased to see Gen. Conf. under CS 281

of duty, child should be taught to bear AH 286

of obedience: carnal mind that throws off 4T 13

Christ’s yoke is 5BC 1090; Ev 58; MB 101; 6T 214

God’s law imposes COL 276

of obedience to God’s law, some people will not wear Christ’s FE 462-3

of obligation, angels are under 4T 120

Christ was not under 4T 120

of restraint, Christ’s yoke is 5BC 1090; Ev 58; 6T 214

God’s law imposes COL 276

of service: borne by Christ in humanity DA 329

Christ’s yoke is MB 101

wear, for God’s glory and uplifting of humanity MB 16

of servitude worn by nations during 70 years of Babylonian rule 4T 169

of superstition and error, rescue souls from Satan’s FE 207

of your own creating, do not wear Ev 81

oppressor’s, Jews looked for Messiah to break PP 608

referred to in Acts 15:10, law of ceremonies is AA 194; SR 307

Ten Commandments are not AA 194; SR 307

Satan’s, persons who will wear 6BC 1098

self-imposed, no rest found in wearing 4T 224

symbolizes giving up will to God 5BC 1090

sympathy in helping others break TDG 224:3

understanding of TDG 274:3

what it means to bear or wear 5BC 1090-2; SC 71; SD 69; 1SM 110-1; 3T 384-5; 4T 603; 9T 124

wearing or bearing, with Christ, by laying hold of God’s help TMK 63:3

in buying eternal treasure TMK 83:3

makes limitless influence OHC 279:6

your Redeemer 3SM 326:3

wooden, symbolized Israel’s servitude under Babylon 4T 172

worn by oxen to aid in drawing load and to lighten burden DA 331

See also Burdens


Young, keep your heart and mind, by continuous exercise 2SM 222

Young believer, Young believers

Young believer, Young believers, miss. work by, blessings resulting from 4T 320

Young heart

Young heart, offering of, to God ML 160

quick to respond to touch of sympathy FE 58

Young man, Young men

1. Classes of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

able, God’s work needs Ev 686

should connect with experienced men in field 6T 415

appearing to be what they are not are many 5T 397

attending school, on whom angels look lovingly CT 98-9; 4T 432

attending school away from home, home influences needed by FE 51

bold and forward, demoralizing influence of 5T 111

brilliant, do not always make greatest success FE 193

corrupt to core like white sepulchers are many 5T 397

courting young woman without her parents’ knowledge is unworthy of her love FE 102

desiring to be colporteurs need mental training and special preparation for their calling 5T 390

doing gospel work for outcasts WM 253-4

drafted for military service, duty of 2SM 334-5

educated, should devote their abilities to God’s service 5T 85

engaged in gospel work: labors of 7T 282

not called to work among churches 3T 203; 6T 415

should labor in new places 3T 203

should learn other languages 3T 204

should strengthen outposts Ev 682

should turn defeats into victories 7T 282

engaged in tent work should avoid unnecessary expense 4T 299

entering gospel work: should labor in new fields 3T 203

should not labor among churches 3T 203

entering the ministry, Paul’s counsel for GW 104-5

should be familiar with every line of prophetic history GW 98

exposed to temptation, open your doors to 5T 599

failing to honor mother 3T 221

feeling called to preach, duties of AA 353-4

fund needed to help promising, train for God’s work 2SM 208

giving themselves to the ministry need training and education FE 216

having: literary qualifications are urgently needed in many fields MYP 22

practical knowledge of how to treat the sick should be sent out to do med. miss. work CH 538

uncorrupted hearts, God calls for MYP 21

having no real fitness for God’s work urge their way into it CT 538

healthy, needs stern and severe exercise ML 130

in northern Europe should be educated as missionaries to their own people Ev 419

judicious, can give truth at YMCA meetings 6T 75

largehearted and large-minded, God calls for whole armies of 6T 411

living in cities: called to support temperance cause CH 441

should unite as army against intemperance Te 235

making Bible his guide, need not mistake path of duty and safety FE 102

many SDA, should prepare for service in God’s cause 3T 159

should turn their attention to study of Scriptures 3T 159

mingling habitually in little groups at stores or on streets 4T 413

not holding diplomas may serve acceptably as med. missionaries CH 538

not respecting women is not possessed of right spirit 2T 311

overlooking home duties 3T 221

placing themselves in way of temptation to show their bravery become sport of fools 5T 397

planning to enter ministry: cannot spend number of years in obtaining education 5T 27

should not spend number of years solely in obtaining education 6T 135

preparing for the ministry: attending college greatly benefits 4T 406

many, succeed best by beginning in colporteur work 6T 415

should sell Christ’s Object Lessons 6T 471

regarding work as degrading are many Ed 215; 3T 158

responding to His call, God’s promises to 5T 87

serving as med. miss. workers: should labor with more experienced gospel workers CH 538

training that ministers should give CH 538

who will become successful evangelists CH 538

serving as ministers GW 104-7; AA 499-502

social relations of GW 129; 3T 241, 473-4

SDA, God expects much from MYP 199

some, in gospel work have no real sense of its exalted character 3T 256

starting in life Ed 137

strong, rooted and grounded in the faith are needed 5T 583

should enter higher colleges for advanced training 5T 583-4

strong and active in mind and body, God calls for CT 538

strong and brave, God calls for MYP 21

strong for God SD 204

taken from plow and sent forth to preach truth MM 305

talking about science and are wise above that which is written 4T 584

thinking it beneath him to do household chores 2T 308-9

today’s, God expects much from MYP 41

trained in med. miss. lines should work with older ministers CH 557-8

truehearted, can do great work for Christ MYP 24

uneducated and untrained and unrefined, are not prepared for gospel work 5T 390

unsuccessful in life’s temporal duties will be unprepared to engage in higher duties 4T 444

without sound and virtuous character will be no honor to the truth GW 80

zealous, needed to extend God’s work in cities, villages, and towns as yet unentered and unwarned LS 205; 3T 204

2. Miscellaneous

accountable to God for: improvement of their time CT 337; 3T 222

light He has given them 3T 363

adapt themselves more readily to: new climates 5T 393

new society 5T 393

affections of, God calls for 3T 364-5

aged gospel workers unable to bear burdens that, can and should carry AA 573

amusements of, that are dangerous 3T 222-3

as missionaries 5T 390-5

associate, with ministers in city evangelism 9T 119

best education can be obtained by, in colporteur work CM 32

can do house-to-house miss. work ML 220

can endure inconveniences and hardships better than older men 5T 393

cannot afford to sacrifice eternal interests for school studies 3T 224

cheerful obedience and devotion of, God calls for 3T 364-5

Christ calls, to volunteer to carry truth to world CM 19

colleges should prepare, for gospel work 5T 11

to preach for Christ 5T 12

colporteur work fits, for the ministry GW 96

courtship of See Courtship

dangers and duties of 3T 221-7

death of, from hunger as result of malnutrition 2T 384

desiring to become ministers need mental training and special preparation for their calling 5T 390

do not deter, from entering the ministry CH 558; 6T 411

do not divert, from the ministry to med. work CH 558

economy of time can benefit CT 508; LS 204

educate, for gospel work 5T 582-3; 6T 416

in med. miss. lines 8T 158

to help youth 6T 115

educate and encourage, to think and act TM 303

education needed by, in spiritual things 4T 113

education of, for the ministry is not given due attention 5T 22

is of primary importance 6T 135

encourage, to enter gospel work Ev 686

to prepare for ministerial work Ev 547

engagement of, with girls of cheap character CT 344-5

experienced gospel workers should train 6T 74

fit, for gospel work 5T 585

folly of some 5T 397

girls as theme of conversation with 2T 460

given message and work which older men would not undertake TM 413

God calls: in their vigor and strength to share with Him self-denial, sacrifice, and suffering 5T 87

to enter colporteur work ChS 153; CM 19-20, 23-4, 105

to miss. fields 5T 393

to work in His vineyard 4T 113

God can sustain, in battles for Him 2SM 228

God claims, as His helping hand CT 488

God has not called, to work among churches 6T 415

God’s call to 5T 87

gospel work among abandoned classes endangers WM 254

great injury done to, by permitting them to preach without sufficient knowledge of Scriptures CT 539

heavy burdens formerly borne by men of long experience are falling upon TM 488

home training that should be given to MYP 330

how: can be prepared to meet crisis GW 106-7

can develop equally powers of mind and body 4T 114

can learn foreign languages best 5T 392

can repress his evil propensities GW 127-8

may gain solidity of character 5T 321

may go out as true missionaries CM 105

how many, will enter God’s service to serve? 6T 412

hundred times more, needed in God’s work 5T 35

hundreds of, should prepare for gospel work 5T 391

inconstancy and vacillation in, danger of 5T 115

integrity and wisdom may be obtained by, from study of Bible 5T 322

invited by evil on every hand 5T 599

John links experience of fathers with that of 5T 585

little disposition among, to enter God’s service 3T 94-5

lottery business lures CS 241

manifest confidence in 5T 393

may triumph over lusts of flesh CD 32; CH 66; ML 75; SL 23

means is needed to train, in SDA schools 5T 156

mental training needed by, to work as ministers or colporteurs 5T 390

ministers should educate, for the ministry AA 368

ministers should teach, how to labor for Christ GW 76

ministry in its various lines should be kept before CH 558

ministry means training, as Elijah trained Elisha PK 222

mistake of permitting, to grow up without learning trade CG 355-9

more favorably situated for gospel work than men who have large families 5T 393

murmurings and reproaches of, will stand against them in day of God 3T 321

must answer their own prayer as far as possible by resisting temptation 3T 378

must render exact account for improvement of their abilities 3T 222

must soon bear burdens that older ones have borne 5T 582

need: broad ideas and wise plans MYP 24

help 6T 348

need(s) or ought to: accomplish what they might in advancing God’s work 3T 202-3

answer God’s call to the ministry CM 28; 6T 411-2

bear burdens of passing pioneer SDA TM 488

bear burdens older men have borne 5T 582-3

become acquainted with weak as well as strong points in their character 3T 322

become as intelligent in spiritual knowledge as in temporal things 3T 159

become familiar with other languages CT 508; LS 204; 3T 204

come to front and lift burdens and responsibilities 5T 585

cultivate their intellectual faculties 5T 403

cultivate watchfulness and humility 3T 321

devote much time to study 4T 114

do med. miss. work CH 538-9

engage in Bible work CM 28

fill vacancies made by death of old standard-bearers GW 61-2, 104

follow on to know God 6T 416

grasp and bear aloft standard falling from older men SD 204

guard against being pompous and independent 4T 443

help bear home burdens 2T 310

identify themselves as laborers together with Christ MYP 25

keep free from all contamination by sensuality MYP 24

labor with ministers as med. missionaries CH 538

learn lesson of self-denial 1T 177

learn meaning of self-denial 2SG 250

learn to take up duties and bear home responsibilities 3T 221

link up with aged standard-bearers GW 103

make marked improvement continually 4T 443

ponder ways of their feet FE 193

qualify themselves for miss. work by learning other languages 3T 204

search Scriptures for jewels of truth SD 204

search Scriptures for themselves TM 109

seek constantly to improve 6T 416

seek counsel of parents 2T 308

set their faces as flint against all falsehoods and flatteries 5T 398

share father’s burdens 3T 221

shoulder every responsibility they can 2SM 228

take up colporteur work ChS 153; CM 19-20, 23-4, 28, 105

unite physical labor with mental efforts 4T 114

work with experienced gospel workers 6T 74; 9T 120

needed in mission fields 5T 393

needed to: labor as ministers and physicians 2SM 199

take truth into new places LS 204-5

never pet or flatter Ev 494-5

not best that, should do gospel work for the depraved WM 254-5

nothing suits, better than sharp discussion CW 77

old standard-bearers should educate 5T 585

older gospel workers should train, in evangelism 9T 119

ought not to: commence to preach when they have not sufficient knowledge of Scripture 4T 405

court young woman unbeknown to her parents FE 101-2

do same domestic work in school as do young women FE 322

give themselves exclusively to rescuing the fallen and degraded 8T 158

neglect essential branches of education 4T 113

neglect study of religion 4T 113

Paul educated, for gospel ministry GW 102

Paul exhorts, to be sober-minded FE 192

Paul’s counsel to Timothy is greatly needed by 5T 593

preferable that, be qualified for foreign missionary service 5T 392

preparation needed by, for conflict against principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness CT 538

prepare, to take places left vacant by falling standard-bearers GW 104

primary object of SDA college is to afford, opportunity to study for ministry 5T 60

prudent, God can make MYP 122

responsible for all privileges they have enjoyed 3T 222

Satan ensnares, by means of poor marriages 5T 114

by unwise attachments 5T 114

select, in every church to bear responsibilities 9T 139

to help in miss. work Ev 470

select and train, for gospel work 7T 15

SDA colleges should train, for foreign missionary work 5T 392-3

short course of study needed for, in SDA school 5T 156

should be pioneers in enterprises involving toil and sacrifice 5T 393

some, may need to learn foreign languages 5T 392

spiritual weakness of many, is deplorable 3T 379

teach: how to cook economically CT 313

to do gospel work in cities Ev 444

to do house-to-house work in evangelism Ev 444

temptation to sensuality is dangerous and fatal to 1BC 1097

theme of conversation of many young women is 2T 460

tobacco’s effects upon 5T 440

too many, diverted from preparation for the ministry to become science teachers 5T 85

trades should be taught to, in school 3T 156

train: by association with men of experience in gospel work 5T 393

for the gospel ministry 3T 160; 6T 135

in actual labor with older gospel workers PK 223

in colleges for foreign miss. work 5T 392-3

to be thinkers TM 303

to do manual labor CT 273

train and educate, and then places will be found for them in God’s work TM 396

training needed by, for efficient work in the ministry 5T 156

training of: as preachers cannot be gained by merely listening to preaching CT 538

failure of Battle Creek college re 5T 60

for ministry has been given too little attention 6T 135-6

for ministry in God’s cause PK 222-4

for the ministry is of primary importance in SDA colleges 6T 135

true Christian courtesy should be practiced by ML 121

undue familiarity with, woman reproved for 2T 249

unwise marriage is one of Satan’s most successful ways of ensnaring 5T 114-5

what Bible can do for, as his guide CT 449

where are, qualifying themselves to answer calls for service? 5T 203

whole armies of, God calls for CH 558; 6T 411

why many, educate themselves to be teachers, clerks, merchants, lawyers, etc. 3T 158

make a failure MYP 31

why there are not 100, where now there is one in gospel work 5T 34-5

wise and highly blest, who respects his parents or guardians 2T 308

worst sign that can be found in 2T 312

zealous, church is languishing for help of MYP 25

See also Boy; Youth

Young Men’s Christian Association

Young Men’s Christian Association 6T 75

Young minds

Young minds, dealing with, nicest work ever assumed by men and women 3T 131

Satan seeks to control 2T 360

Young people

Young people See Youth

Young people’s missionary meetings

Young people’s missionary meetings, long sermons in, are not best GW 210; 6T 436

make it dull and tedious GW 211

reports needed in GW 210-1

Young, Simon

Young, Simon 2SM 269

Young woman, Young women

1. Classes of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

averse to housework 1T 686

away from home need interest and care FE 51

becoming invalids for life after receiving education 3T 150

bold and forward, demoralizing influence of 5T 111

breaking away from slavery of fashion will be ornaments to society MYP 353

connected with SDA institutions should keep strict guard over themselves MM 218

consecrated and earnest, needed in God’s work CT 537-8

engaged in gospel work should learn other languages 3T 204

failing to realize that other eyes are upon them GW 129

fashionably dressed, who are only useless ornaments 4T 644

forward, neither need nor deserve favors MM 146

warnings re MM 145

given to corrupt conversations should be dismissed from SDA institutions CH 295

injuring influence of young ministers GW 129

invalid MM 106-7

letting her mind dwell too much on boys 2T 324

marrying unprepared for duties of wife and mother MH 302

neglecting education more essential for practical life than study of books 3T 150

not one in 20 SDA, heed Bible teachings 1T 498

not swayed by circumstances, need of CT 537

preserving delicate paleness of hands and faces 3T 151

professing to be Christians but are practically ignorant of Christ’s will MYP 356

regarding housework as degrading are many Ed 215; 3T 158

serving as gospel workers, wonderful mission of Ev 467

some, are merely useless creatures 1T 394

strong and active, God needs CT 538

thinking they are invalids, duty of MM 106-7

thinking they are too feeble to do housework 3T 151

transgressing fifth commandment are not Christians 3T 151

truly converted, lose longings for frivolous excitement FE 455

unconsecrated, should not be teachers of children and youth FE 266, 269

unconverted, among SDA are many GW 207

very sociable, young ministers’ duty to GW 129

working in SDA restaurants: need shepherd 7T 118

should be under care of judicious and godly matron 7T 119

working in SDA sanitariums, conduct of MM 218

2. Miscellaneous

accountable to God for light received 3T 363

alarming frivolity of 1T 496

best methods of training 9T 76

can reach class of people that ministers cannot 1T 513

chaste simplicity in dress helps to protect Ed 248

conversation of, boys as theme of 2T 460

courtship of See Courtship

dangers of, in association with san. patients 8T 223-4

daydreaming does not bring happiness to 3T 329-38

debility in, idling long hours in bed causes WM 146-7

dress of, should be simple, plain, and unpretending 3T 376 See also Clothing

educate, to be gospel workers in their own neighborhoods 9T 118-20

education for practical life is more essential to, than book knowledge 3T 150

feebleness of, lack of exercising muscles causes 3T 151

forwardness of, ministers should rebuke and repulse GW 129; 1T 381

God calls, to enter colporteur work CM 23-4, 28

God needs, to win souls 1T 513

God wants affections, obedience, and devotion of 3T 364-5

gospel work among abandoned classes endangers WM 254

have part to do in God’s work WM 157

health of, injured by remaining too much indoors 3T 150

immodest advances of, boys and young men take liberties because of 2T 483

John exhorted, because they are strong 1T 498

knowledge that is essential for Ed 216

life forces of, inaction and delicate idleness saps WM 146

may act part in closing work of God for this time Ev 468

mission of, is wonderful WM 157

modesty of demeanor helps to protect Ed 248

need of, for translating work LS 204; 3T 204

need (ought) to: appreciate opportunities to become well disciplined and intelligent FE 216

attend SDA schools for training FE 216, 545

become familiar with other languages LS 204; 3T 204

combine household labor and open-air exercise with studies 3T 150

consecrate their abilities to God FE 216

engage in ministry, Bible work, and colporteur work CM 23-4, 28

learn art of dressmaking 3T 156

prepare themselves as translators 3T 204

read literature giving true knowledge 7T 64

regard character as most valuable 4T 656

regard rules of propriety strictly GW 129

understand mechanism of human body FE 75

need to be: educated for usefulness 2T 459-60

guarded in deportment CH 590-1

instructed in mysteries of kitchen FE 74

reserved and modest CH 295

taught cooking at school CT 312-3; 1T 682-4; 3T 156

taught to act with reserve and modesty 2T 459

trained as physicians and nurses Ev 518; MM 57

not best that, work for the depraved WM 254-5

novel reading by, effects of MYP 281

problems met in training, in art of cooking 1T 685

Satan knows, can do much good 1T 511

select, for training for med. miss. work CH 506-7

select, in every church to bear responsibilities 9T 139

should be taught to: cut, make, and mend their clothes FE 74

prepare food in wholesome and palatable manner FE 74

prepare healthful food 2T 369

spiritual weakness of many, is deplorable 3T 379

talking to men should be kind and courteous but never free CH 591; MM 218

time wasted by, in bed WM 146-7

train, for God’s service FE 489

training needed by, to preside as queen in her own domain FE 75

training schools for, larger SDA churches need GW 75

valuable exercise for, household duties that are FE 74-5

warned against passion and lust 2T 459

warning to, re dangers in courtship AH 57 See also Courtship

why many, train themselves to become teachers or clerks 3T 158

young man should not court, unbeknown to her parents FE 101-2; MYP 445

young ministers’ usefulness often destroyed by attachment shown them by GW 129; 1T 381

See also Girl; Youth