EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Tennessee, U.S.A. - Testimonies given through Ellen G. White

Tennessee, U.S.A.

Tennessee, U.S.A. LS 240; 4T 305

Tenney, Samuel

Tenney, Samuel, quoted GC 308


Tennis CT 350

Tenny, Elizabeth

Tenny, Elizabeth, JW’s sister LS 155; 2SG 193

Tenny, G. C.

Tenny, G. C. 2SM 235

Tent, Tents

Tent, Tents, Abraham dwelt in PP 126, 128, 132-3, 138, 499

booths or, Abel dwelt in PP 81

Seth’s descendants dwelt in PP 81

camp meeting Ev 47-8

care of 6T 35

Canaanites dwelt in, in Abraham’s time PP 128

Christ pitched His, beside tents of men DA 23

cleanliness needed within and without MH 279

evangelistic efforts in Ev 76; 1T 148-9

Jacob dwelt in PP 204, 213, 499

Lot dwelt in PP 132-3

of congregation, earthly sanctuary called 2T 611

pilgrims housed in, during Passover PP 539

pitching, nearer to Egypt than to Canaan TMK 307:2

Tent effort, Tent efforts

Tent effort, Tent efforts See Tent meeting

Tenth commandment

Tenth commandment See Ten Commandments


Tentmaker, Aquila as FE 97; PP 593

Paul as AA 347, 349-51; 6BC 1062-3; COL 78; CS 165; CT 279; Ed 217; FE 97; GC 68; PP 593; 4T 409


higher branches of, learned by Paul TDG 214:2

in Paul’s time, did not bring quick returns 6BC 1063

schools should teach 6T 176

Tent meeting, Tent meetings

Tent meeting, Tent meetings, do not hold, repeatedly in same place 1T 148

failures in expensive, unnecessary 6T 72

God impresses people to attend Ev 207

good speakers needed in Ev 70

in large cities, strong ministerial force needed in 6T 46

mammoth, pro temperance LS 221; 4T 275

more success in fewer, with stronger force of workers 1T 148

need of 8T 185

in different towns Ev 61

in Europe Ev 412

in great tourist resorts Ev 585-6

in many places CH 555

in New England Ev 390

Negro men should be trained to hold, among Negroes 9T 207

two or three, needed in conference at same time Ev 47-8

why some people attend Ev 207

See also Camp meeting

Ten truly converted persons

Ten truly converted persons, more can be done in miss. field by, than by 100 without love for souls 4T 602

Ten virgins

Ten virgins, parable of See Parable


Terah, Abraham’s father 1BC 1092; PP 125, 127, 130


Terms, God’s, everything depends on how we accept 1SM 118

Terrace, Terraces

Terrace, Terraces, God would not have people crowded into MH 365; 7T 87 See also Tenement

Terrible scene, Terrible scenes

Terrible scene, Terrible scenes, before us 9T 101 See also Terror

Territorial line, Territorial lines

Territorial line, Territorial lines, Christ abolishes all DA 823; MB 42

in Christ there are no 6T 294

in Christ’s work there were no 7T 240

in God’s kingdom there are no AA 20


Territory, danger of spreading over more, than can be properly attended to 5T 567

God does not apportion special, to one man to work alone GW 481

new, what will lead church to enter SD 33


annex more; establish churches TDG 242:4

controversy over, not to stop canvassing PM 298:1

truth spread to new, blessed by converts and more giving RC 202:2

See also Boundaries


Terror, great, soon to come 7BC 911; CG 555; 8T 28

indescribable, vision of WM 137

of the wicked at second advent GC 636-44; PK 725-7

Reign of See Reign of Terror

that should seize hypocrites 2T 446


Tertullian, quoted GC 41-2, 240


Tertullus 6BC 1066; AA 419-20

Test, Tests

Test, Tests, Abraham’s faith subjected to PP 125, 128, 135, 145-55; SR 80-3

antediluvians’ faith subjected to, by preaching of Noah PP 95

assumption of responsibility of creating, warning against 2BC 1015

Baal worship subjected to, on Mt. Carmel PK 143-54; 3T 273-86

Cain and Abel subjected to PP 70-9; 3SG 47-50; SR 52-6

Christ endured greater, than men shall ever be called to endure DA 131

Christ suffered severest, that humanity could endure DA 149

church members will be subjected to, individually and proved 5T 463

coming upon world, who only will stand 6T 331

daily, mind should be trained by 4T 561

decisive, for amusements PP 707

definite time as, brought to Millerite Adventists GC 353, 373-4, 405-8; LS 58-9; 2SG 28-30; 1T 52-4 See also Time setting

distinguishing between false and true religion WM 37

do not seize isolated ideas and use them as CD 464; CH 451

Eli and sons proven unworthy by PP 579

Elisha’s faith subjected to, when called into God’s service PK 220

failure to endure great, as result of failing to endure in little things MH 490

false: must not be brought into church Ev 215

Satan will lead men to manufacture Ev 212

some people have brought in 2SM 318

used by Satan to divert minds Ev 213

false sabbath as, will be urged upon God’s people 7BC 976; PK 188-9

fearful, await God’s people 2SM 55; 9T 17

fiery furnace as, for three Hebrew worthies PK 503-13; SL 34-41

final, prepared by God for minister’s wife 3T 230-1

given by God to show what we are 3T 272

God brings some people over same ground again and again as 4T 214; 5T 623

God designs that our opinions shall be put to CW 36

God’s people’s, will be to fight His battles when champions are few 5T 136

God’s searching, few people can bear 4T 194

God’s work brought closer and closer as, to prove every believer 2SG 225; 1T 187

gospel worker whose consecration was subjected to 4T 217

grand, comes when decree goes forth re image of beast and his mark 4T 251

grand and solemn, are to be presented by SDA Ev 601

heart is subjected to, at every advanced point 2SG 225; 1T 187

Hezekiah’s gratitude and devotion subjected to, by visit of ambassadors PK 346

how man is trained by, to fill more important positions 3T 22

individual, everyone has his 4BC 1182; 3T 541

individuals subjected to, to see whether they have living faith 1T 167

influence and means given to men by God as 4T 106

Isa. 8:20 as: of every doctrine GW 301

of purported new light GW 301

whereby men may know what is truth 7BC 951

Israelites subjected to, near Kadesh PP 413

issue of daily, determines your victory or defeat in life’s great crisis DA 382

“It is written” as, must be brought home to everyone Ev 601

Job’s integrity submitted to Ed 155-6

Joseph’s character bore, of adversity and prosperity PP 222

Joseph’s faith and integrity subjected to, by fiery trials PP 217

King Saul’s faith subjected to PP 618, 627

last, soon to come upon all world 9T 149

soon will come to all GW 34

limited amount of, human nature can endure but 5BC 1103

little, sometimes make shipwreck of ministers 7BC 958

little things as, result of failure to endure MH 490

man-made: are of no value 6BC 1064

for ascertaining knowledge of God’s will 2SM 28

in making decisions 2SM 327-8

may God keep us from CD 210

warning against Ev 212-3; 2SM 14-5

many believers fail to bear, in temporal things 4T 309

Matt. 7:15-20 as, for persons claiming gift of prophecy 5T 671-2

to be applied to work of EGW 4T 232

means entrusted to men by God is, of their love for Him 2T 198

minds will invent, that are no tests at all 6BC 1064

moral power must bear severe, and not be marred 3T 47

more than one, is sometimes given to individuals by God 3T 272

Moses subjected to, by God’s proposal to make great nation of him PP 318-9

Noah’s faith subjected to, during seven days before Flood came PP 98-9; SR 64

not founded in Bible, do not present Ev 601; GW 309; 8T 300

of church fellowship: magnifying matters of little importance into 2SM 318

raising hops is not 2SM 338

raising swine is not 2SM 338

raising tobacco is not 2SM 338

use of flesh food is not CD 401, 462; Ev 664; MM 279; 9T 159

use of swine’s flesh was not, in 1858 1T 206-7

warning against false Ev 215

of daily life, act on principle in MH 490

of discipleship SC 57-65

bring, to bear more closely on baptismal candidates 6T 95

not brought as closely as it should be upon baptismal candidates TM 128

obedience is MB 146

use of intoxicating liquor or tobacco is Te 166

of every man’s profession GC 472

of experience may be applied to Bible ML 26

of faith, miracles are not 2SM 52

of faith and patience, cheerfully accept DA 306

of faith of God’s servants PK 164

of genuine Christian as given in God’s word FE 125

of God’s searching questions, each must bear MYP 17

of investigation, pillars of SDA faith must stand CW 44

of man’s stewardship, God uses blessings as 4T 484

of obedience, inhabitants of all worlds must be subjected to PP 332

of sincerity is in deeds and not in words COL 272

of sincerity of your profession of love 6BC 1059

of true Christianity 4T 188

one of God’s, of character 3T 511

period of, given to every nation Ed 177

principles of everyone will be put to 5T 602

question of diet not to be made, for God’s people CD 205; MM 288

quibbling about matters that God has not given as, results of 7BC 958

riches given by God to some people as 3T 403

Sabbath question as great, for this time Ev 213; 6T 60

Sabbath will be great, of loyalty GC 605

searching, that will come to every soul GC 594

simple, Gideon’s army subjected to PP 549

to be applied by person who thinks he has new light 3T 444

simplest means often used as, of character PP 549

small duties as, of one’s ability 2T 249-50

something will arise as, for everyone 1T 251

temptation’s fiery, professed Christians who faint beneath COL 47

that God’s people must have before they are sealed 7BC 976

that spoil man’s religious experience 2SM 327

time is not, since 1844 EW 75 See also Time setting

time is not far distant when, will come to every soul PK 188

time of: God has offered to help to prepare us for ML 311

is just upon us 7BC 984; 1SM 363

persons who will accept erroneous theories in 2SM 47

tree of knowledge as, of man’s obedience, faith, and love PP 48-9, 53, 60; 3SG 35, 42-4; SR 37

trial and, bring experience CT 153

trials as, of Christian character 5T 344-5

true, doing of Christ’s words is 1SM 379

of faith in Christ SC 61

use of chance methods in making, re duty 2SM 325-8

used by Christ to distinguish between true religion and false MM 251

various, used by God to prove men 5T 261

when Christianity professed by many is put to, its falsity is too evident 3T 377

when final, shall be brought to bear upon men GC 605

whereby: every soul is proved COL 283

false teachers may be distinguished from the true MB 145

men prove their loyalty or disloyalty to God COL 283

true teacher may be distinguished from deceiver DA 456

you may know what is truth 2SM 99

which God has not ordained, do not make for others Ev 374

why heart rebels under 5T 176

will come to every soul 5T 81

you may stand every, abiding in God’s love PK 175

See also Testing; Trial


Adam’s failure in not bearing slight, brought retribution TMK 313:2

Butler, G. I. passed, as did Job and Moses RY 117:3


acknowledges those who can bear TDG 100:5

as your support when brought alone to OHC 356:3

has endured severest, for us TMK 240:2

closer, given to reveal motives OHC 162:2

commandments of God and faith of Jesus are, for eternity 3SM 253:0

deliverance from UL 283:4

distraction from, which decide eternal destiny 3SM 252:4

enduring, becoming strong in Christ by TMK 282:3

everyone faces, UL 149:6

of loyalty or disloyalty TMK 211:5

failure in day of, if affections are divided TDG 13:4

final, believers standing firm in; many from eleventh hour 3SM 390:3

followers of truth receive, and some fail TMK 254:4

furnace of, watched by God RC 349:2

God brings,

in talents; of unselfishness TDG 137:3

to all who know the truth TDG 13:4

to each one UL 253:6

to see how we will use His blessings RC 204:2

to young and old OHC 162:5

God has various ways of bringing UL 170:6

God’s gifts are AG 66:4

grace needed because all will have LHU 273:3

knowledge and faith to endure, through prayer HP 75:3

life period of, may end so be earnest TDG 117:4

Master’s image reflected if patient under UL 298:7

met faithfully, proves servant worthy of responsibility OHC 316:2

mind prepared to stand, from without or within OHC 332:5

necessities seen more clearly through HP 89:3

need of, for forming characters for heaven TDG 263:2

neglecting little things unfits to endure severe HP 226:4

people of God brought to final Mar 209

preparation for severe, requires attending to little tests TDG 144:2

property stewardship as RY 98:1

purpose of, to perfect not destroy OHC 167:4

response to, admittance to God’s family determined by AG 60:3

retaining idols under, left to control of evil angels OHC 162:3


is God’s, for us HP 150:2

is the issue in the final 3SM 423:2

sharp, ahead HP 347:4

standing in time of, by experience gained in time of peace OHC 356:4

time of, righteousness distinguished from wickedness in TDG 163:2

truth will stand every TMK 210:4

universe witnesses our; mistakes not to be repeated 2MCP 728:2

way to heaven has, all along HP 266:3

withstanding, in order to be accepted as Christ is TMK 32:4

See also Faithfulness, tests for; Temptation; Trials

Testamentary bequests

Testamentary bequests, risks involved in giving means to God by, at death 5T 155 See also Will


Testator, will of, close study should be given to 4T 483

Testimonies for the Church

Testimonies for the Church, by EGW: not wise to have only one set of, in a church 4T 390

Nos. 1 to 10, reprinted in 1864 4bSG, preface (“Remarks”)

written between 1855 and 1865 and 1864 4bSG, preface (“Remarks”)

No. 4, found mostly in Spiritual Gifts, vol. 2 4bSG, preface (“Remarks”)

No. 11: extreme view taken by some ministers re 1T 687-8

premature releasing of, mistake made in 1T 563

prepared in 1867 LS 174; 1T 562-4, 574, 576-7

No. 12, prepared in 1867 LS 175; 1T 575-6

No. 13, introduction to 1T 569-70

No. 14, prepared in 1868 LS 185; 2T 9-10, 18

No. 15, introduction to 2T 9

many requests for written testimonies prior to publication of 5T 657

No. 16, prepared as pamphlet in 1868 2T 112

No. 28, vision that was basis of 4T 271, 302

No. 31, important point set forth in 5T 684-5

published in 1882 1SM 26

old vols. 1 to 4 (Nos. 1 to 22), circulating in 1878 4T 304

vol. 1, shows that EGW did not believe soul is immortal 1SM 65; 1T 38-40

volumes of: library of every family should have 4T 390; 5T 681

read again and again 4T 390; 5T 681

Sabbathkeeping family needs 4T 390; 5T 681

should be introduced into Sabbath-keeping families 4T 390-5; 5T 681

should not be sold at too low a figure 4T 390; 5T 681

urge believers to read 4T 390; 5T 681

vols. 6 and 7, EGW felt movings of Spirit in writing LS 433

vols. 7 and 8, danger signal raised in 1SM 199


editorial improvements in 3SM 96

Ellen White reviewed, before publication 3SM 98

selection of general principles for 3SM 98:4

vol. 6, writing of, planned 3SM 117:3

Testimonies given through Ellen G. White

1. Acceptance of

2. Admonitions to follow

3. Bearing of

4. Circulate and read

5. Counsel re study and use of

6. Doubting of

7. Evaluation of

8. Last-day attitudes to

9. Misuse of

10. Object of

11. Of reproof

12. Opposition to

13. Personal

14. Rejection of

15. Relationship of, to Bible

16. Results of rejecting

17. Source of

18. Unfavorable attitudes toward

19. Writing and preparing for publication of

20. Miscellaneous

1. Acceptance of

accept, because they reprove your sins 5T 675

acceptance of, leads to reformation 4T 32

light given in, losses and trials averted by following LS 200; 5T 666

many SDA greatly helped by 1SM 42

persons heeding, open hearts for Christ to come in 3T 257

persons receiving, helped and blessed thereby TM 42

persons sincerely accepting, precious blessings for 5T 695-6

persons who believe God has communicated light and comfort through, duty of 4T 245-6

question to ask yourself re 4T 32

regard that is due 5T 654

2. Admonitions to follow

need of following 5T 666

parents should take bold stand and believe 5T 52

parents who fail to study 5T 61

warning against neglect of LS 199-200

warnings given in: heed 2T 483-4

what excuse can be given for disregarding? 8T 298

3. Bearing of

not one of, too plainly expressed 5T 19

plain and cutting, EGW’s distress in giving LS 90

plain and straight, must live in church 3T 269; 5T 676

presentation of, time and manner of 1SM 51-2

presented in form of periodical articles, did not express merely EGW’s own ideas 5T 67

relate things shown to EGW in vision 5T 67

straight and pointed, EGW’s duty to bear 1T 248-9

EGW faithfully delivered 5T 677-8

EGW told to bear, whether men hear or forbear 5T 74

EGW’s work of giving, made doubly hard by misrepresentations 4T 232

4. Circulate and read

circulate, in foreign lands FE 549

contents of, not many SDA really know 2T 605; 5T 665

duty of God’s people to read 4T 391

every SDA family should read and reread 4T 390

let your neighbors read 4T 390

of warning, read often and with prayerful heart 3T 362

read aloud to entire family SD 178

unread and unappreciated 5T 217

youth need to read 3T 362

5. Counsel re study and use of

do not feel it your duty to drive home 6T 122

do not interpose yourself between, and people 5T 691

do not seek to misinterpret, twist, or pervert TM 60

do not study, merely to strengthen your own assertions LS 326

do not take out force, point, and power from, by criticizing them 5T 691

do not use, as proof for SDA faith in work among unbelievers 1T 119-20; 5T 669

so as to discourage and dishearten church 5T 669-70

extracts from: must be read in original connection 1SM 58

twisted to support error TM 42

writers who make improper use of CW 153; 1SM 58

false constructions placed upon, warning against 4T 513-4; 5T 673

false interpretation placed on 2SM 45

improper use of 5T 62-4

Satan will confuse many people by 1SM 52; 5T 62-3

warning against CW 152-3

indiscriminate use of, by writers was not sanctioned by EGW CW 153; 1SM 58

injudicious use of, ministers cautioned against 5T 669

warning against 5T 669

mistake of unduly urging, upon other people 5T 668

part they most need in, men are least inclined to receive 5T 98, 674

persons quoting, warning to 1SM 43-5

placing your own construction upon, warning against 5T 695

reading into, things that are not there 1SM 51-2

reading of, do not mix your filling of words with 6T 122-3

should always have setting in framework of truth TM 42-3

some expressions in, taken in too strong a light 5T 623

study of LS 326; 1SM 57-8; TM 467

importance of, urge upon God’s people 1SM 56-7

sincere, results of 1SM 42

Spirit impresses minds in 1SM 42

time and place must be considered in 1SM 57

wrong conclusions reached in 2SM 45

taking extreme meaning of what has been revealed in, warning against 1T 166; 5T 669-70

themselves as key explaining messages given in them 1SM 42

unwarranted distinction re 5T 683-91

unwarranted use of, Loud Cry pamphlet made TM 32-6

to sustain untenable and false positions TM 32-3

what is said by, re men under certain circumstances cannot be said of them under others 3T 470; 5T 670

words of, wrong meaning placed upon 1SM 57

wrong use of 1T 382-4; 5T 668-70

6. Doubting of

doubt and disbelief re, ministers who preach self encourage 5T 217

doubt and infidelity re, results of harboring Satan’s suggestions of 5T 689-90

doubt and unbelief re, result of admitting 1SM 46

doubt re, results of cherishing 1SM 46; 5T 672-8

doubts of many re, will be swept away 1SM 42

doubt(s) re 5T 672-6

because of pride, ignorance, or love of sinful practices 1SM 46

danger in cherishing 5T 680

disobedience as cause of 5T 689-90

leavening SDA churches 5T 217

ministers should uproot 5T 374

persons perplexed by, warning to 1SM 31

prepares rejecter for complete deception 3T 328; 5T 672

Satan has ability to suggest 3T 255; 5T 675

warning not to fill minds of newcomers with 4T 513

warning to persons who sow 1SM 43

why some ministers cherish 1SM 46-7

doubted in order to justify carnal and ease-loving course 5T 674

persons desiring to doubt, will have plenty of room 3T 255; 5T 675

persons doubting, are on dangerous ground 5T 680

questioning and doubting re: danger in 5T 98

persons who fill minds of newcomers with 5T 673

why some SDA are given to 1SM 45-6

skepticism re, increasing continually 4T 437; 5T 672

warning against 5T 691

unbelief re: God does not remove all occasion for 3T 255; 5T 675

increasing steadily as God’s people backslide 5T 76

leavening SDA churches 5T 217

7. Evaluation of

bear: either God’s signet or Satan’s 5T 98

either God’s stamp or Satan’s 4T 230

belief in, God gives evidence for 3T 255; 4T 231-2; 5T 675

divine origin of, how to be assured of 3T 255; 5T 234, 674

judge, by their fruits 1T 328; 4T 230; 5T 671

reject, if they speak not according to God’s word 5T 691

sufficient evidence given re character of 5T 682

8. Last-day attitude to

clear understanding of, essential as end draws near 5T 654

faith of churches in, Satan will work to unsettle 1SM 48

safe instruction in, to follow in last days 1SM 41

Satan will work ingeniously to unsettle confidence in 1SM 48

Satan’s last deception will be to make, of none effect 1SM 48; 2SM 78

Satanic hatred will be kindled against 1SM 48

9. Misuse of

dissecting, warning against 1SM 42-3; 5T 691

do not carry, to front in evangelism Ev 256

misapplication of, to support erroneous theories 2SM 83; TM 42

misconstruing statements in, warning against 5T 695

misinterpreting and misapplying, warning against 1SM 43-4, 57

misquoted, instance of 1SM 65-6

misuse of: by Eli Curtis 1SM 60-1; TM 57

by false teachers TM 51-2, 56

by fanatics 2SM 65

by taking sentences from their proper connection 1SM 44

by teachers of error TM 42-3

to beguile souls 1SM 41

to encourage people to remain in cities 2SM 357

to endorse false prophets 2SM 90

to substantiate message of error TM 60

to support erroneous teachings 1SM 179

warnings against 1SM 43-5; TM 467

with spurious visions 2SM 86

mixing, with error TM 42

taking portions of, from their connection to support erroneous theories 2SM 83; TM 42

teachers of error place, in framework of error 2SM 83; TM 42, 52

treatment of, by persons who wish to misunderstand and pervert them 1SM 19

10. Object of

given as lesser light to lead men to Bible as greater light Ev 257

given by God to: awaken sinners to their duty 5T 667

benefit God’s people 5T 672-3

bring God’s people into unity 3T 360-1

bring men and women back to neglected word of God 2T 455; 5T 663

call attention to God’s word LS 199; 1SM 46; 2T 605-6; 4T 246, 323; 5T 665

call attention to Scriptures 5T 234, 674

exalt God’s word LS 199; 2T 606; 5T 665

fit people to stand in last days 1SM 41-2, 45

give clearer understanding of God’s word 4T 246; 5T 663

impress Bible truth upon minds LS 199; 2T 605; 5T 665

impress upon hearts truths already revealed 2T 660-1; 5T 665

instruct concerning His will 5T 661

instruct concerning course to take 5T 661

lead sinners to repent 2T 445

leave God’s people without excuse 5T 663

perfect holiness in God’s people 2T 452-3; 5T 662

point out defects of character 5T 234, 674

point out sins to be shunned 2T 605; 5T 662, 664-5

rebuke sins 5T 234, 674

safeguard God’s people against delusions GW 308; 1SM 31, 48; 8T 298

separate sin from God’s people 2T 452-3; 5T 662

separate wrongdoers from God’s people 3T 324; 5T 676

show backslider and sinner his true condition 2T 608; 5T 667-8

simplify great truths already given in God’s word LS 199; 2T 605; 5T 665

warn, counsel, reprove, comfort, and encourage His people LS 199; 2T 605-6; 5T 665; TM 42

have important part to act in establishment of truth Ev 257

matters in, not given for world at large TM 34

real object of, persons having little spirituality do not understand 5T 672

searching, used by God to separate wrongdoers from church 5T 676

11. Of reproof

check vanity and pride 3T 313; 5T 673

despised because they are not smooth words 4T 180

dream re, given Feb. 5, 1868 2T 10-1; 5T 657-8

duty of God’s people to accept 5T 682

early vision re EW 21; LS 90-1; 2SG 35-7; 1T 62-3, 73-4; 5T 655-6

how to react to 5T 134

must not be hushed because wrongdoers resent them 3T 358-9

no pets in giving of 2T 566

nothing in, taken back 5T 19-20, 677

opposition to 5T 678-80

persons to whom, were trying 2T 20

reactions to 3T 314-5

results of rejecting 5T 678-80

sharp, warning not to lessen force of 5T 677

some people never fully submit to 5T 673

some people rebelled against 1T 631

some recipients concealed 1T 233-4

stubborn resistance to 4T 228-9

temptation to seek human sympathy because of 9T 182

thankfully received by some people 1T 630

treated with indifference by some people 1T 630-1

vision re publishing of, given June 12, 1868 2T 112-3; 5T 659-60

warning not to reject 3T 258-9

EGW admonished to give, whether recipients hear or forbear 5T 74

EGW did not regret having given 5T 19, 677

EGW distressed when she had to give LS 90-1, 177; 1T 62-5; 3T 314; 4T 14; 5T 19-20, 67, 655-6

EGW exhorted to faithfulness in giving LS 90-1; 1T 62-5; 5T 655-7

EGW strengthened by God in work of giving 4T 14

EGW wrote, with eyes blinded by tears 5T 77

EGW’s duty to give, without fear 2T 604-9; 5T 664-8

EGW’s experiences in giving 2T 14-20

why God has given 4T 13

will continue 4T 180

woman who resented 2T 14-7

work of giving, meddlesome sympathizers hindered 3T 359; 4T 180, 228

12. Opposition to

attacks against, by ministers of other denominations Ev 259-60

creating prejudice against, warning re 4T 232

efforts of the rebellious to shake faith in 5T 19

faithful warnings in, opposition to 4T 227-46

false teachers place, in framework of error TM 42, 52

fanatics opposed to 2SM 65

feeling and prejudice against, warning not to create 5T 679-80

light given in: despised by some people 5T 666

made textbook by ministers of popular churches 1SM 69

neglected by some believers 2T 606; 5T 666

opposition to, is opposition against God 1SM 40; 3T 260

people who seek to lessen faith in, fight against God 5T 234

persons working secretly against 5T 673

questioning and quibbling re 3T 255; 5T 675

rebellion against 4aSG 36-7

Satan uses men in position of responsibility to undermine faith in 5T 670

Satan works to cast doubt upon, and stigmatize them as false utterances 2SM 91

some SDA will hold up, to ridicule 1SM 42

truth of, efforts will be made to discount and pervert 1SM 41

warning against opposing 4aSG 36-7

why many people doubt that, are from God 5T 234

why some people despise 5T 689

13. Personal

given to private individuals, all the guilty are addressed in 5T 660

not proper to publish some 1T 631

object of EGW in publishing 2SG 293-4; 2T 112-3

published for correction and reproof of other people 1T 630-2; 2T 112-3, 447, 686-8; 4T 13; 5T 658-60

repeated several times to some individuals LS 200; 2T 606

reproving secret sins, private nature of LS 177

Satan’s plan to weaken faith in 1SM 48; 2SM 78; 4T 211; 5T 300, 672

varied reactions to, by persons reproved 1T 630-1; 2T 20

vision re publication of 2T 112

14. Rejection of

Bold rejection of, by some SDA counselors TM 341-2

burned by some people to whom they were sent 4T 180; 5T 678

confidence in, lessened when church leaders reject them 5T 66

despised and rejected: because darling sins are reproved 5T 49

because self-complacency is disturbed 5T 49

because they reprove sin 4T 32, 245; 5T 679

despised because they do not coincide with men’s plans 5T 689

despisers of: God will deal with 4T 232

EGW slandered by 4T 14

detached paragraphs or sentences from, misuse of 1SM 179

man who would give up, rather than his tobacco 4T 245

men who reject: not safe counselors 5T 412

not safe shepherds of flock 5T 412

not safe to place in offices of leadership 5T 412

persons who condemn, do it because it gives feeling of security in sinful course 1SM 45-6

plain and pointed, disregarded by some believers 5T 46

regarded as idle tales LS 199-200; 2T 606; 5T 666

rejection of: because some sinful habit is condemned by them 4T 32

because they specify sins of which rejecters are guilty 1SM 47

by false prophet 2SM 81

by some leaders of church TM 341-2

certain ruin brought upon offender by 5T 678

dangerous sophistry that leads to 5T 690

God is slighted and insulted by 5T 234-5

God is rejected by 5T 623, 688

lack of moral courage causes 5T 675

Spirit is insulted by 5T 64

untrue excuses offered by some people for 4T 32; 5T 675

rejecters of, God rejects 5T 72

some SDA will deny truth of 1SM 41

trampled underfoot by some believers in Battle Creek 4T 517

warning to persons rejecting LS 324-5; TM 466

why some ministers reject 1SM 46-7

young ministers who despise 5T 61

15. Relationship of, to Bible Ev 256-7; LS 198-9; 1SM 46; 2T 605-7, 660-1; 4T 246; 5T 234, 663-8, 674; 6T 393; TM 402

Bible seen surrounded (walled in) by, in dream LS 197-200; 2T 605-6; 5T 664

call attention to light already given in God’s word 2T 660-1

harmonize with God’s word TM 402

lesser light given to lead to the greater light CM 125

never put, ahead of Bible Ev 256

not given to: be addition to God’s word 4T 246; 5T 663

belittle God’s word LS 199; 2T 606; 5T 665

give new light LS 198-9; 2T 605, 660-1; 5T 665

take place of Bible 5T 663-8

take place of God’s word Ev 256

16. Results of rejecting

agony during time of trouble of souls who have neglected 1SM 40

blindness and fearful deception results from hatred for 3T 255, 266

cannot be rejected or lightly treated without peril of infinite loss LS 324-5

efforts to lessen force of, must be met in judgment 5T 19, 677

God will remove, if His people reject them LS 201; 2T 607

God’s blessing withdrawn when, are not heeded 5T 719

instruction given in, results of failure to follow 1SM 41

result of rejecting 2T 447

lack of faith in, backsliding as result of 5T 675

lack of purity and devotion among SDA as result of disregarding 5T 217

loss of confidence in, drifting away from Bible truth as result of 5T 98, 674

loss of faith in, leads to doubt re Scriptures 4T 211

leads to skepticism re vital points of SDA faith 4T 211

ministers deceived re, will deceive others 1SM 51-2

neglect of, felt in time of trouble 1SM 40

results of 1SM 40-1, 47-8; 2T 604-6; 5T 680-1

openly rejecting, is dangerous 5T 680

peril of not heeding 5T 436

peril of not receiving, in right spirit 5T 622

persons rejecting, cannot see or hear aright 4aSG 37

persons who regard, as merely EGW’s opinions 1SM 27

rejection of: results of 4T 53-4; 5T 678-80

shuts out light of heaven 5T 660

shuts out Spirit from soul 1SM 46

slighting, Christ is rejected by 5T 688

some persons have died prematurely as result of 1SM 47-8

spirit of criticism toward, results of 1SM 42-3

those who despise, left in blindness 3T 257-60; 5T 682

unbelief re, shuts away light from God’s people 3T 255; 5T 674

warnings in: blindness and self-deception result from rejection of 5T 682

influences working indirectly to make of no effect 5T 719

what will happen to rejecters of 5T 682

17. Source of

accredited to human wisdom by some people LS 324-5

allegation that: other persons influenced EGW in writing 1T 235

parts of, are merely EGW’s opinion 5T 688

EGW put her own words in 1T 234

JW’s spirit and judgment molded 1SM 26; 5T 63-4

angel spoke to EGW things contained in 3T 314

do not express merely EGW’s own judgment or personal opinions 1SM 27; 5T 64, 67, 683, 687-8

inspiration of 1SM 24-32, 50-2

claims that were never made by SDA pioneers re 1SM 24

claims that were never made by EGW re 1SM 24

erroneous ideas re 1SM 23

letters of: God gave messages in 5T 67

Spirit prompted 5T 67

light given in, by God 4T 391; 5T 67, 68, 217, 681, 691

manner in which, were given 5T 654

not based on information gathered by EGW from human sources 5T 683

not influenced by hearsay in any way 2T 566

origin of, no need of perplexity re 1SM 49-50

no need of uncertainty and doubt re 4T 232

source of: either of Spirit or of devil 4T 230; 5T 98, 671

false statements re 5T 683

God is 2T 93

human wisdom is not TM 466

no halfway work in matter of 4T 230; 5T 671

questions re 3T 314-5

Spirit is 7BC 952; 3T 257; 4T 148, 209, 334-5, 437, 513; 5T 61, 67, 134, 217, 221, 234, 672-3, 681, 691; TM 466

Spirit indited 5T 221

EGW not influenced by church members to write 5T 65-6

“Who told Sister White these things?” 3T 314

18. Unfavorable attitudes toward

acceptance of some parts of, while rejecting others 1T 234; 5T 98, 683-91; 9T 154; TM 42

attitude(s) toward, that insults Spirit 1SM 27

benefits of, prejudice keeps many people from receiving 5T 695

church leaders reproved for not heeding 8T 97-8

church members who doubt, how to deal with 1T 328-9

who should not be deprived of church benefits and privileges 5T 668

church members who oppose, how to deal with 1T 328-9, 382-3; 5T 668-9

church members who refuse to accept, how to deal with 1T 382

criticizing this and that in 4T 443; 5T 672-3

deceivers reject God’s will revealed in 7BC 952

deceptive representations re 1SM 29-30

disbelief in, church discipline and 1T 328-9, 382-3; 5T 668-9

disposition to discard, some ministers have developed 1SM 51

some physicians have developed 1SM 51

disregard for: excuses given re 5T 63

ministers warned against 1T 369

results of 1SM 40

failure to appreciate 1T 119

false prophet who rejected 2SM 80-1

gospel worker who became skeptical re 1SM 38

hatred for, because sins are reproved 3T 266, 313-4

how certain doubts have arisen re light in 5T 670

human sophistry re, warning against 5T 691

indifferent attitude toward, warning against LS 199-200

interpretations of, Satan has prepared 1SM 57

interpretations will be placed on, tending to change truth into lie 1SM 52

light in, followed indifferently by some believers 5T 666

man who lightly treated, when they spoke contrary to his ideas 1SM 43

man who mingled his own ideas with 1SM 43-4

men who question what to do re 1SM 45

many people profess to accept, while they exert no influence on their life or character 1SM 47

many people think it a mark of intelligence to question 3T 255; 5T 675

ministers who are last to apply, to themselves 2T 620

not understood by heart filled with prejudice 5T 695-6

objections to, Satan has ability to devise 5T 675

opinion that, are not reliable 3T 312-3

opposition to: by J. M. Stephenson and D. P. Hall in 1854 1T 116-7

passing judgment on 4T 443; 5T 672-3

people who say most against, usually have not read them 1SM 45

person who has once believed, but has doubted and given them up 4T 210-1; 5T 672

persons criticizing, will criticize brethren 1SM 48

persons ridiculing and caviling at, warning to LS 325; TM 466

persons slighting, pub. houses should not employ 4T 209

warning to 1SM 26-9; 5T 62-84

persons to whom, are yoke of bondage 2T 111

persons who misinterpret and misapply, to deceive TM 42

persons who talk flippantly of 4T 443; 5T 672-3

persons who weigh, by their own standard 1SM 49

physicians deceived re, will deceive others 1SM 51-2

plain, people who never see need for 3T 361

watchmen who fail to present warnings of 2T 440

portions of, rejected because they condemn rejecters’ favorite indulgences 9T 154

prejudiced minds reading, will not rightly understand them 5T 695

questions re, that insult Spirit 3T 314-5

questioned and opposed 1SM 19, 26-31, 36-53, 73-5

Satan specially tempts men to cast reflections upon 3T 470; 5T 670

searched by some people to find something to encourage unbelief and disobedience 1SM 48

self-exaltation lessens faith in 5T 134, 681

slighted 5T 62-84

slighting and disregarding 5T 217, 680

some conf. presidents question and doubt 5T 379-80

some ministers of mature experience despise 5T 61

some SDA will misinterpret, in accord with their spiritual blindness 1SM 41

some SDA will yield their faith in, and denounce them as falsehoods 1SM 41

spirit of faultfinding and murmuring against 3T 312-4

spirit of, people who know little of Spirit cannot appreciate 5T 672-3

steps leading to rejection of 5T 672

unwillingness to be corrected by 5T 74

views expressed that, cannot be reliable 3T 313

warning not to encourage unbelief in 5T 290

EGW censured by some people for giving LS 177

why some believers refuse to heed 5T 234

work that leads to unbelief in TM 51-2

wrong attitude toward 1T 233

young ministers who do not know 5T 61

19. Writing and preparing for publication of

all matter in, carefully studied after its first writing 1SM 57

prepared carefully before publication 1SM 57

present what God had presented to EGW 1SM 29

Spirit aided EGW in writing 1SM 50

EGW aided by assistants in copying and preparing, for publication 1SM 50

EGW shown in vision that she should write out LS 90

EGW’s assistants not permitted to add matter to or to change meaning of 1SM 50

JW as EGW’s counselor and helper in sending out 1SM 50

work of EGW’s helpers in preparation of, for publication 1SM 54-5

writing and sending out 1SM 49-58; 1T 631; 5T 657-60

EGW did not choose work of 5T 62

writing of, in 1868 2T 10, 14-6

20. Miscellaneous

additional truth not brought out in LS 199; 2T 605; 5T 665

apparently contradictory statements in, explanation of 5T 696-7

character and integrity of 1SM 26-9, 41, 50, 57

character of: God has not given to men work of measuring, classifying, and defining 1SM 49

sufficient evidence given re 5T 682

EGW’s many books are living witness to 1SM 50

clear and pointed, unity of God’s people depends on 3T 361

compilation, publication of 1SM 58

deal with life’s minutiae 2T 608; 5T 667

conditions that would cause God to remove, from His people LS 201; 2T 607

confusion re, E. P. Butler’s 1SM 53

Josiah Hart’s 1SM 53

early, Eli Curtis garbled 1SM 60-1

explanation of some statements in 1SM 59-76

expressions in, taken in too strong a light 5T 623

give light re family duties 4T 390-1

given chiefly for believers TM 34-5

God has shaped, to meet cases needing help 2T 607-8; 5T 667

God is testing His people by means of 5T 72

God seeks by simple and direct, to reach His people because of their neglect of His Inspired Book 2T 605; 5T 665

God speaks to His people through GW 308; 3T 257; 4T 12-3, 148; 5T 67; 8T 298

God uses other means than, to point out errors in church 2SM 81

God’s love, mercy, and care for His people shown in giving 2T 483; 5T 662

God’s purpose in giving LS 198-200; 2T 605-7; 4T 14-5; 5T 661-3

have no weight with people who know nothing of their spirit 5T 669

immortalized 1SM 57

instructions in: for all God’s people SD 178

for backslider and sinner 2T 608

for meeting almost every case and circumstance 4T 390-1

knowledge given in 4T 391; 5T 681

letters, written at midnight, crossed continent to save God’s cause in crisis 5T 65, 671

linked providentially with work of third angel’s message from its rise 5T 654

man cannot overthrow, if their work is of God 4T 238

messages from God are given in 1SM 32

nature and influence of 5T 654-91

need of clearly understanding 5T 654

neglected nor secular books 5T 681

no more light given through, till practical use is made of light already given LS 199; 2T 606

persons unacquainted with, how to deal with 1T 328-9

persons undecided re, manifest long patience and brotherly love toward 5T 668

plain, cultivate love for 2T 15

pointed, does what peaceful testimony will not 1T 248

powerful means of reaching souls LS 201; 2T 607

rebuke every vestige of selfishness TM 291

relationship of, to SDA doctrines Ev 257; GW 307-8; 1SM 41-2, 48, 162, 206-8; 5T 654; 8T 297-8; TM 24-6

rumored, do not eagerly catch up 5T 696

Satan stands by to present, in false light to prejudiced reader 5T 695

special, given to awaken men to duty LS 200-1; 2T 606

spirit and power and force of, youth ignorant of 5T 672

Spirit’s, God speaks in these days by 4T 147-8; 5T 661

subject of, presentation of Ev 255-60

success of, lies in their simplicity 2T 608; 5T 667

teachings of Living Temple are not supported by 1SM 203

truth in, established through years of suffering and self-sacrifice 1SM 41

truthfulness of, unbelief does not affect 5T 234, 674

unauthenticated, do not give credence to 5T 696

use of, in controversy over “daily” 1SM 164

value of, persons having little spirituality do not understand 4T 440; 5T 672

various attitudes toward 1SM 41-2; 5T 668-9

wall God’s people in with reproofs, counsel, warnings, and encouragements LS 199; 2T 606

EGW did not think in 1915 that she would have more, for God’s people FE 548

EGW’s closing work of giving FE 548-9

EGW’s use of, in meeting opposition from ministers of other denominations Ev 259-60

JW received LS 242; 5T 20, 678

why God gave, to erring SDA 2T 452; 5T 661-2

why God’s people are continually charged by, with backsliding and sin 2T 452-3; 3T 254; 5T 661-2

why some things in, have been repeated several times 5T 666; 6T 393

withheld from Battle Creek church 5T 62

would not have been needed if God’s people had faithfully studied and obeyed His word LS 198, 200-1; 2T 605, 607; 5T 665, 667

zeal for, persons who cut and slash to show 2T 20

See also Prophecy, Spirit of; Vision


acceptance of, not felt an obligation 3SM 86:0

application of specific, made too general 3SM 288:1

barrier against falling to enemy TSB 169:2

belief in, claimed until changes in life called for 3SM 80:3

charges against, have to be met 3SM 349:2

churches to study 3SM 358:2

circumstances affect general application of 3SM 285:4

confidence/faith in,

lost: first sign of apostasy PM 360:1

needed UL 369:5

of SDAs, enemy’s efforts to unsettle 3SM 83:3

own ideas supported with does not increase 3SM 29:3

unsettled by false visions FLB 296:6

conscience insensible to, by admitting false ones LHU 371:2

contradictions so-called in, published 3SM 349:2

disregard of, brought judgments on Battle Creek PM 172:5

doubting, from hearing they were not original 3SM 64:3

editorial revision of 3SM 96

Ellen White,

determined to continue; victory gained TSB 155:2

stayed in Battle Creek to write 3SM 178:1

encouragement and reproof in, 3SM 71:1, 78:1

and warning TDG 76:2

errors result from preparing people to disregard 3SM 83:4

evidence that God has visited His people TSB 166:2

fighting: lifting hand against God 3SM 302:0

first issue of (1855) 3SM 94:2

forbearance needed by those zealous to misuse 3SM 287:0

given to bring confused minds to God’s Word 3SM 29:2

God gave, which Ellen White presented 3SM 84:1

influence on, hearsay did not cause 3SM 64


for, from God substantiated by asking people 3SM 65

from others may prompt, but God gives standards 3SM 65

inspiration of,

considered only partial 3SM 81:3

evil angels choose for those determining 3SM 70:3

interpretation of,

common sense needed in 3SM 217

led some to a strange work 3SM 376:1

judge, by reading and comparing with the Bible 3SM 359:4

lawsuit threatened over, but was only duty of Ellen White 3SM 301

light from God in, not opinions of Ellen White 3SM 70:1

misuse of,

although important to publish 3SM 286:3

on health reform 3SM 285:1

neglected, then despised, then assailed; (warnings) PM 70:0

open rejection better than concealed disbelief in UL 115:5

own ideas looked for in; truth not seen lived 3SM 82:3

personal, not publicized unless necessary 3SM 66:2

portions of, rejected which condemn individuals 3SM 80:5

possessed by too few of our people (1907) 3SM 359:0

purpose of, not new revelation but to clarify Scripture 3SM 31:3

quoted out of context to suit own opinions 3SM 82:3

reading of, would answer questions sent to Ellen White 3SM 359:1

rejection of, by considering them partly inspired 3SM 69

said to be judgment of Ellen White by one who knew better TSB 153:1

SDAs choosing Satan will first give up faith in 3SM 84:3

source of, not from other people 3SM 64


God’s light in 3SM 360:1

personally to know that they are truth TDG 292:2

subjects of Christ’s righteousness and sacrifice in, before (1888) 3SM 172:1

time traveling spent in writing 3SM 281:2

true; warnings needed against false theories RY 21:1


(not pantheism) to be vindicated by 3SM 73:3

of Scriptures unprotected when faith lost in 3SM 83:3

Word of God never contradicted by; study them 3SM 32:3

words from, applied to suit own ideas 1MCP 43:3

workers reproved through His Word and; rejection PM 70:0

wrong use of; safety in foundation in Word of God 3SM 359

See also God, dealings of; God, messages from; Instruction given; Messenger; Warnings