Selected Messages Book 3


Personal Study Would Answer Questions

We receive many letters from our brethren and sisters, asking for advice on a great variety of subjects. If they would study the published Testimonies for themselves, they would find the enlightenment they need. Let us urge our people to study these books, and circulate them. Let their teachings strengthen our faith. 3SM 359.1

Let us study more diligently the Word of God. The Bible is so plain and clear that all who will may understand. Let us thank the Lord for His precious Word, and for the messages of His Spirit that give so much light. I am instructed that the more we study the Old and New Testaments, the more we shall have impressed on our mind the fact that each sustains a very close relation to the other, and the more evidence we shall receive of their divine inspiration. We shall see clearly that they have but one Author. The study of these precious volumes will teach us how to form characters that will reveal the attributes of Christ.—Manuscript 81, 1908. 3SM 359.2