EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Repose - Responsible man (men)


Repose, calm, privilege of maintaining MH 253

craving for, time and money vainly spent to satisfy 4T 226

See also Peace; Rest


Representation, false, in small matter is dishonesty CG 154



remembers He is our HP 284:3

stands on highest ground as our HP 250:3

Representative, Representatives

Representative, Representatives, in legislature, men of strict temperance needed as MH 345


evil tendencies in children should have, by parents 1MCP 145:0

parents to use, with children wanting own way 1MCP 169:2

Reprimand, Reprimands

Reprimand, Reprimands, restless and mischievous students are not benefited by CSW 180


Reprimanding, forbear 4T 62


Reproach, against a brother, result of listening to 5T 58

awaits souls: endowed with power for action 1T 407

imbued with Christ’s Spirit MB 29

bear, without retaliation or spirit of revenge 5T 17

choose, rather than defile soul with sin 5T 147

Christ would not sell His principles to avoid ML 74

Christian must be deaf to MB 16

Christians sometimes separated from earthly friends by AA 85

class who will violate Ten Commandments to avoid CD 49

do not disguise your faith through dread of DA 712

for Christ’s sake, scarcely known today 1T 405

giving vent to, lasting scar left upon soul by 4T 139

momentary relief given to burdened heart by 4T 139

God will not suffer His people to become 7T 242

God’s means of provoking inquiry about truth 5T 453

God’s people cannot escape 1SM 124

God’s servants have exposed themselves to, in all ages AA 575; SD 260

hearts hardened against conviction by PP 519-20

how to be deaf to 2T 567

let there be no 2T 52

means of awakening minds MB 33

neglect of duty to avoid 2T 630

no soul ever reclaimed from wrong by MB 129; MH 166; PP 519

not pleasant to human nature to endure 3T 380

of disciple’s sin, cast on Christ DA 811

people driven further from right path by PP 519-20

people who do God’s work can expect ChS 173-4

people who live to shun, do not follow Christ’s example 2T 493

persons injured by SD 90

persons who faithfully endure, experience of SL 83

persons who suffer PK 437

recompense of people who stand for truth is 1SM 73

to SDA faith, give unbelievers no occasion for 1T 420


bearing, with uncomplaining dignity OHC 70:4

believers will bear, and walk in path of self-denial PM 47:2

cease giving; show pity for the lost and straying UL 117:5


accepted by some who had been unable to face Mar 204:4

is object of, when it is cast on believers 3SM 420:4

receives, that falls on the believer TMK 275:3


follower not dismayed by, from false Christians OHC 359:6

perfect character did not shield Him from OHC 361:2

David’s heart broken by TSB 174:4

defects of some bring, on all loyal and true TSB 83:1

duty followed in spite of TDG 316:4

God to be served regardless of RC 379:6

love for Christ not turned from duty by RC 368:4

possible wherever you are HP 246:3

protection of sinning leader from, hurt him TSB 189:3

reacts on one’s own soul RC 283:2

Sabbath violation to avoid 3SM 401:4

subject to, yet prizes God’s approbation OHC 9:4

suffered by those walking as Jesus walked OHC 361:2

unwillingness to share, with Christ TDG 155:5

welcome, for Christ sake UL 376:5

words of, react on own soul; train the tongue 2MCP 575:4

See also Reproof; Scolding

Reproof, Reproofs

Reproof, Reproofs 5T 114-32

attitude to take toward 3T 314

becoming weary of, leads to apostasy 4T 332; 5T 680

children are given, too frequently 4T 66

Christ gave, with pity 4T 66

Christ was faithful in giving Ed 79

Christian’s duty to accept 3BC 1163-4

church’s duty in giving, to church members connected with liquor business Te 231

concealing of 1T 233-4

counteracting, by unwise sympathy 4T 66

dangers in giving 4T 66

David bore, with patience and fortitude PP 737

David humbly accepted, with repentance PP 720-6; 4aSG 86-9

despised and rejected PP 625

despisers of 3T 358-62

duty of God’s servants to give 5T 676-8

exaggerated language should not be used in giving Ed 294

faithful, necessary 4T 186-213

few persons accept, with humility 4T 253

give, with sorrow blended with love CSW 172

given in special cases that many may be corrected 2T 112-3

given to God’s people, evidence that they are His children 1T 632

giving of, unpleasant duty 3T 314

God cannot uphold and guard people who reject PK 426

God has given, to church in all ages 5T 689

God seeks to enlighten darkened understanding by PK 435

God sends, in mercy to save the erring 2BC 1016

God’s mercy administers DA 394

God’s messages of: make church better or decidedly worse 5T 72

reactions to 4T 180

show how much He loves erring men 4T 15; 5T 661

God’s messengers of, sinners’ indignation against 5T 678

God’s people will receive, until the end 4T 180

great care needed in giving 4T 66

heart often hardens under DA 350-1; MH 106

how to give COL 337; MH 166; 2T 52-3

to children FE 67-8

to youth MM 180

how to receive SD 166

human nature always hurt by 3T 329

in harsh and angry tones, parents should not give FE 67-8

in Testimonies, some people never fully submit to 5T 673

instances when, is necessary 3T 359; 7T 155

Judas Iscariot rejected DA 295

King Saul’s stubborn reaction to PP 618-22, 625; 4aSG 69-70, 76

merited, self-love smarts under 4T 180

messages of, always meet opposition 3T 261

mildest and tenderest, sometimes has no good effect 2T 53

mingling of love and compassion needed in giving 3T 269-70

minister’s duty in giving Ev 368-9; 3T 93-4, 196

murmuring against, insubordination as fruit of 4T 199

natural feelings stirred up in unsanctified hearts by 3T 314

needed, your ears should be quick to catch 1T 707-8

needed at times 3T 359; 7T 155

nine cases out of ten deserving, results of unwise sympathy manifested in 3T 359; 5T 679

not pleasing to human nature 5T 682

obedient ear receives, with humility patience, and teachableness SD 166

of sin, reaction against 3T 358

spirit of hatred and resistance aroused by GC 500

of sin and error, opposition excited by GC 458

persons dealing with youth must give FE 456-7

person needing, principle should be brought to bear on 3T 359

persons given, Satan seeks to create sympathy for 9T 182

persons giving, may meet defiance and opposition SD 117

persons too vain and self-righteous to accept DA 392

persons who become weary of 4T 332; 5T 680

persons who reject counsel and despise 3BC 1163-4; PP 625

pitying tenderness should be shown in giving, not harshness or severity 3T 93

pray for angels’ help in giving 2T 53

pride hurt by 3T 314

prize, more than flattery 2T 338

rejection of, result of 2BC 1034; PK 426; 5T 66, 72

Satan seeks to make, of none effect 3T 329

severe, Christ sometimes gave 4T 66

needed in some cases 4T 66

sharp and severe speech in giving, avoid COL 337; GW 120

speak, in love under all circumstances COL 337; GW 120

spirit of opposition to, exists today PK 437

stern, kindness needed in giving CT 212

success of, depends greatly on spirit in which it is given 2T 53

sympathy for persons deserving, warning against 3T 359; 5T 679

tenderness and love needed in voice when giving Ev 174

testimony of, despised by many 5T 678

too severe, avoid 3T 93, 508

true object of, indication of attainment of Ed 291

unpleasant duty of giving, God’s blessing on men who faithfully perform 3T 359

unwise sympathy for persons deserving of, results of 3T 329; 4T 180

warnings and 2T 93-111

without love is wrong 1T 164

EGW warned against withholding 1T 71-4

EGW’s duty to give 3T 314

why the need of, among God’s people 3T 359

wrong attitude of many people toward 2BC 1014-5

See also Rebuke


acceptance of,

as from God enables one to correct errors TMK 239:5

tested; vexed by plain statements TSB 154:1

age of hatred of UL 115:4

allows enjoyment of God’s love and blessing TMK 332:3

angels minister, through Christ TMK 328:4

credit for good resulting from, not to be taken to self TDG 105:4

cutting words of, by one knowing the theory of truth 3SM 146:2

David received, by influence and reasoning of Abigail RC 333:4

difficult for Ellen White to deliver in 1888 3SM 176:0

doing your best without being troubled by OHC 240:2

duty of healing required of those responsible for giving TDG 21:6

exaggerated, refrain from UL 59:2

God to be considered the source of LYL 9:5

gratitude for, few express RC 333:5

hatred of, satanic influences will be stirred by 3SM 416:3

Holy Spirit does not inspire UL 270:2

inappropriate from one separated from Christ by sin TDG 157:4

judgment different from UL 366:2

kindness even in OHC 169:3

like hail to those who sense their errors OHC 295:4

lost sheep is not given, when brought back LHU 206:2

messenger instead of God thought responsible for 3SM 70:1

misinterpretation and self-justification under 3SM 82:1

need for, not felt by some claiming God’s leading TDG 291:2

needed by one overtaken in a fault OHC 177:3

patience under, thought praiseworthy, but gratitude rare RC 333:5

people of God stand in last days as AG 333:2

playful, avoided in marriage HP 204:2; LYL 15:1

positions of trust given those who will accept PM 79:1

prayer before giving, then angels may work on hearts TDG 105:4

preach prayer and service in addition to giving VSS 347:1

precious, of Jer. 9:23, 24 TMK 126:2

purity of Christ gave force to His TMK 207:4

reasoned away PM 158:1

receive, from God’s messengers even if not educated people TDG 167:4

refuse to hear words of; be a peace-maker 2MCP 439:3

refused, feeling Ellen White was influenced 3SM 78:3

regarded as idle tales; discernment lacking TDG 228:3

resisting temptation to, is self-denial HP 223:3

retaliation aroused by HP 182:4

sign of God’s love TDG 21:4

sparks symbolize; do not blow on them UL 363:5

speaking the Word of God faithfully differs from UL 366:2

submission to, necessary for salvation UL 134:4

success of, depends greatly on how it is given TDG 105:4

sympathy after TSB 241:2

test of accepting God’s, comes through affliction RC 349:5

undeserved UL 300:4

willingness to accept PM 79

Word of God presents, which are not relished by some TMK 118:2

wounded souls cut by; not influenced for right TDG 21:3

writing on Jeremiah important for 3SM 107:5

writings of Ellen White thought partly her opinion; reproof disliked 3SM 68

wrongdoers may need sharp, and counsel 2MCP 579:2

youth should not be offended by RY 44:2

See also Accusations; Instruction; Warnings

Reptile, Reptiles

Reptile, Reptiles, stings of, charcoal poultices in treating 2SM 295

venomous, Israel protected from PP 429

Republican government

Republican government, USA will repudiate principles of 5T 451


Republicanism, fundamental principle of USA GC 441

Republicanism and Protestantism

are horns of Rev. 13 Mar 193:3

Repulse, Repulses

Repulse, Repulses, hard to bear and humiliating to human pride CSW 120

laborers together with God are willing to meet with CSW 120



did not have, and neither should we HP 66:3

never shows UL 74:4

Reputation, Reputations

Reputation, Reputations, affected by choice of associates CT 221

another person’s, do not venture to be-little 4T 607

God’s law forbids doing of injury to PP 309

blasted by Satan’s healers 5T 198

bond of union with Christ cannot be formed by 5T 48-9

brethren’s superior, rejoice in 5T 242

care of your, leave to God the 3BC 1161

do not live to guard your MH 485

do not live to save your CH 560

for straightforward honesty, persons respected for ML 330

for thoroughness and exactitude CT 477-8

habit of blackening, compared to cannibalism Ed 235

is not character CG 161; ML 267

Joseph’s, God guarded SR 102-3

men of, will counsel against God’s people PK 605

must he subject to Christ’s ever-paramount claims 4T 317

of fellow workers, duty to guard CH 298

of God’s appointed physicians, duty to guard MM 138

of SDA institutions, duty to guard CH 296; MM 138

other people’s, should be guarded sacredly ML 235

parents’, children’s duty to guard PP 308

persons anxious to protect their 3BC 1161

slander may blacken, but cannot stain character MB 32

worshiped by certain class SC 44; 5T 83

See also Fame; Name


behavior with girlfriend enough to destroy LYL 70:5

Christians to care about each other’s OHC 237:4

company of young men injures girl’s 1MCP 301:4

death is better than reproach on; case of familiarity TSB 183:0

destruction of TMK 184:3

following of, to new location TSB 221:4

good, God wants to help us have TDG 23:6

guard, of fellow laborers; God chose erring mortals LHU 225:6

leave, with God HP 197:4; OHC 237:2

minds stayed on Jesus though others mishandle our OHC 360:2

moral, depends on associates OHC 256:3

Paul protected, by supporting himself TDG 214:4

untarnished, may be maintained UL 137:4

See also Name

Request, Requests

Request, Requests, live your 6T 471; 8T 53

produce better results than do commands Ed 290


continue making, and you will receive abundantly HP 71:4

denial of, by leader does not mean he is neglecting duty 2MCP 633:3

God answers, presented in faith TDG 22:2

God would have us make, to receive TDG 22:2


for anything when walking in truth FW 47:2

for forgiveness when believing; little mistakes TSB 50:0

when walking in truth by God’s will NL 34:2

made, believing HP 80:3; UL 68:3

making, to receive (Matt. 7:8) is law of God’s government HP 336:5

required for receiving RC 207:5

See also Petitions; Prayers

Requirement, Requirements

discernment promised to understand TMK 242:5

God makes no, without providing for its fulfillment COL 301

God’s: come first 4T 477

comply unhesitatingly with least of 4T 253

doubting and arguing re, causes many to overcome GC 532

founded in infinite love and mercy 5T 365

have lost none of their force 5T 240

little variation from, evil results of 4T 311

must be sacredly obeyed SL 20

there is no if about FE 341

Research, Researches

Research, Researches, Biblical, early Adventist GC 411

class to whose, grand themes of redemption will open COL 129

extensive, mysteries which cannot be explained by 1SM 217-8

greatest intellects bewildered in, if not guided by God’s word FE 84

habit disqualifying mind for CT 135

in nature and revelation, vast fields open for Ed 17

in science of Bible, blessings of MYP 257

little of modern, helps in successful labor for souls MH 442-3

long lifetime of, will leave much unexplored and unexplained 5T 301

men engaged in, who often arrive at erroneous conclusions 9T 67-8

much of modern, wearies the mind MH 442-3

mysteries that overpower the mind in its, for Bible truth Ed 170; SC 107; 5T 700

of other minds, teachers should not be satisfied with product of CSW 33

on matters on which God has been silent, avoid GW 314

reading that disqualifies the mind for MYP 280

scientific, fresh evidence of God’s wisdom and power presented by CT 426; PP 599 See also Scientific research

seeks in vain to penetrate far-distant past Ed 173; PP 596

Solomon’s 1SM 249

resulted in vanity and nothingness 1BC 1083

Spirit enlightens and guides the mind in 7BC 989

that all men may begin now MYP 255

that can be pursued only at peril of soul MH 427

thousand years of, would not exhaust Bible’s treasure FE 444

Researches and Missionary Labors

Researches and Missionary Labors, by Joseph Wolff, quoted GC 359-60


Resentment, Abner was led by, to oppose David PP 700

do not let: come into your heart 2T 566

fester and break out in poisoned words 7T 261

ripen into malice GW 499; 7T 261

indulgence of, warning against DA 310; 2T 52

is spirit of Satan 4T 243

spirit of, as opposite to Spirit as east to west 3T 536

what to do when inclined to 4T 243


Christ did not have,

and neither should we HP 66:3

at His trial TMK 139:2

David resisted TSB 174:4

God did not express, toward children of Israel UL 298:2

trials will not bring, if we have mind of Christ TMK 104:4


Reserve CG 143-5

barriers of, should exist between men and women CH 363

becoming, women urged to cherish 2T 459

cold and chilling, repels 4T 64

cold and stiff, come out of 4T 104

needs to be subdued and softened by divine love 3T 530-1

cowardly and silent, before evil associates makes you one with them 3BC 1155

God has men in, prepared to meet demands of His cause SD 213

making of, that opens door of temptation to Satan MB 92

retired and dignified, wife who should come out of 2T 415

teen-age girls whose lack of, makes them proverb in mouth of unbelievers 2T 460

there should be no departure from CH 295; MM 143

women warned to maintain AH 331-2


social, in society of young men LYL 53:2

See also Modesty

Reserve fund, Reserve funds

Reserve fund, Reserve funds, need of, to meet emergencies in God’s work Ev 89-90


Reservoir, large, leaking of GW 458


Residence, place of, parents’ solemn responsibility in choosing FE 421


Resignation, grateful, rarely seen among Christians PP 712


Resistance, against sin, make LS 254

Christ came into world to bring, into subjection to Himself 2T 135

power of, repetition of sin lessens PP 268

strong power of, firmly and constantly cherished CH 295; MM 143

to temptation: must be firm and steadfast to be successful 3T 483

put your will on God’s side by SD 36

to truth, sinner is confirmed in iniquity by 6BC 1112


danger in, to God’s leading TMK 243:3

fear to take steps of, against the Holy Spirit TDG 257:3

Holy Spirit’s work nullified by TDG 52:3

learned by practice OHC 160:3

need for, by one having been in satanic atmosphere VSS 343:1

Paul battled appetites and passions with firm TDG 277:3

success by firm and constant OHC 95:4

weakened by repeating sin of devoting powers to pride OHC 160:2


Resolute, be MYP 123

Resolution, Resolutions

Resolution, Resolutions, God calls for men who have GW 469

good: danger of failing to fulfill 2BC 1004

how to carry out 2T 262

made in your own strength avails nothing MH 179

result of failure to fulfill SD 154

useless without God’s help 2T 262

is required for work of preparation 1BC 1096

like ropes of sand MH 175; SC 47

made in your own strength SD 346

making of 3T 542-3

meeting and conquering all difficulties calls for 3T 81

men who pass, re matters of which they have no experimental knowledge TM 260

never acted on, do not be content with simply making ChS 218

passing of, that do not accord with God’s will TM 288

persons whose, can carry no weight TM 466

strong, withstanding temptation calls for PK 490

Zedekiah lacked, to stand boldly for right PK 458


avoid, that would limit individual responsibility 3SM 396:4

failure of,

made in own strength TSB 66:1

prevents better health RC 163:4

fewer and carefully chosen (1889 and 1899) 3SM 337

follow through on; talk not enough; health will improve 2MCP 801:3

proper but do not produce forgiveness FW 25:1

strength comes from expressing, in fear of God OHC 33:2

talk is all that some, amount to FLB 316:4

valid through cooperation with Christ HP 19:4

See also Determination

Resolve, Resolves

Resolve, Resolves, few, are not sufficient to blot out men’s transgressions from books of heaven TM 430

Resort, Resorts

Resort, Resorts, fashionable, supply women with popular drinks that intoxicate MH 338

health See Health resort

Resource, Resources

Resource, Resources, church’s, God’s promise to multiply PK 243

pray for God’s blessings upon PK 243

denominational, carefully husband MM 309

should be requisitioned for gospel work 9T 123

earnest Christians could multiply their, a thousandfold MH 206

emergencies which cannot be met by our 6T 415

energy and trust in God develop PK 243; 6T 467

from which God will supply us in time of need MYP 106

furnished to God’s people by Providence, should be requisitioned 5T 454

God has, of power of which we as yet know nothing MYP 106

God has great and grand, for His people to lay hold of 7T 159

God has infinite TM 217

at His command MH 49

God is infinite in 2SM 364

God is rich in COL 147; MH 200; PP 424; 7T 212; WM 272

God supplies, to men for advancement of His work 6T 448

God’s, are infinite 4BC 1170

are limitless PK 202

God’s hand can multiply His people’s, hundredfold PK 241-3

heaven’s: are at command of people seeking to save souls COL 197

Christ employs the vast, in doing His people good TM 519

contained in measureless gift of Spirit COL 419

with Christ were given CH 222

heaven’s limitless, at command of God’s people 1SM 394

how to multiply the church’s CS 37; 1SM 82

a hundredfold 9T 38

how to obtain, when outward appearances appear unpromising 6T 467

man’s, belong to God 2SM 137

scanty, lamentation re MH 206-7

sign that will bring in, for advancement of gospel WM 281

table can be spread in wilderness by God from His PK 242-3

use all, for enlarging God’s kingdom 7T 14

visible, make best use of 6T 467

waste no time in deploring scantiness of PK 243; 6T 467


divine, See Christ, resources of

God is full of; lack of faith brings shadows TMK 273:3

gospel work granted, as workers show unselfishness CME 22:3


Respect, Abigail showed to David PP 666

business managers should show, to youthful employees MM 182

Christ treated with, persons who had fallen lowest MH 165

due to God from Israelites PK 573-4

encourages striving after excellence MH 361

for children, parents should manifest CG 98

for dignity of man as man, true courtesy teaches Ed 240

for God or man, children who soon lose PP 579

for minister, children should show Ed 244

for one another, lacking in many families AH 83

show SC 121

for parents: begin early to teach children CG 82

children should show Ed 244

children who soon lose all PP 579

children’s lack of MYP 332

should be required of children CG 98

for persons in authority, teach children to manifest 7T 186

for rights of others, families should cultivate CG 205

for teachers, children should show Ed 244

parents should require children to manifest CG 98

for the aged, God enjoins tender Ed 244

hypocritical display of MH 87

show, to struggling human soul FE 281

shown to His representatives, God is honored by PK 237

spirit of, how to instill in children a CG 97-100

youth who manifest, in schoolroom CG 148-9

See also Self-respect


children lose, for ministers if parents are critical TDG 167:6

Daniel and his companions showed HP 261:3

gained by kind words and pleasant looks OHC 238:2

honest dealing gains, despite unpleasant appearance RC 272:7

institutions (publishing houses) to be considered with PM 43:2

lack of,

alert to construe anything as a OHC 240:2

by one refusing to admit adultery TSB 154:2

for God’s workers, by those teaching own ideas TDG 172:2

lost for General Conference when sacred mixed with business PM 143:0

other workers are to be shown, as one would want himself 2MCP 424:0

reliance upon God gains, and exerts influence for good TDG 178:4

shown others preserves own self-respect and dignity RC 300:5

through self-forgetfulness and making others happy RC 305:5

whole person to be treated with, according to God’s Word TDG 91:3

wife to maintain family’s TSB 531:1

win, by being respectful and courteous HP 296:3


Respecter of persons, God is not GW 330-6


Respiration, See Breathing

Respiratory organs

Respiratory organs, healthy action of, benefits of Ed 198-9

health depends on 2SM 473

should be unrestricted in breathing Ed 199


Respite, in increasing perplexities, will not be for long TM 200

moment of, given by God to His people TM 364

no period of, after God’s wrath begins to fall TM 182

pray for, for God’s people to work 5T 714

Response, Responses

Response, Responses, fervent, from congregation during preaching 5T 318

light which brings no, loses its preciousness TMK 87:2

Responsible beings

Responsible beings, God deals with men as 5T 725

Responsibility, Responsibilities

1. Persons in positions of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Persons in positions of 3BC 1131; LS 245-6; 8T 234; 9T 282-3; TM 477-84

connection with God must be preserved by 7T 190

counsels of, more prayer needed in 8T 238

discrimination needed in 7T 154

do not look to, for strength TM 380

essential qualifications needed in CT 508; 4T 413, 548; 5T 549; 8T 137; 9T 264; Te 168

fearful perils before Ev 65

God is above LS 321

grounds for dismissing 9T 282

high, do not look for strength to TM 380

not called to work of ruling 9T 270

tempted by evil one FE 233

warning to TM 361

humility of Christ must be learned by FE 511

important decisions have to be made by 7T 199

in danger of being crushed by heavy burdens 7T 297

in schools, solemn lesson for FE 508-9

message to FE 504-11

must not: lord it over others TM 477-8

seek to exalt themselves TM 279

take to themselves glory due to God PP 421

need to: be foremost in God’s work 6BC 1104

be praying and thinking men 5T 549

be strictly temperate PP 362

be sure they follow their Leader TM 211

be trained for work 5T 549

counsel and pray together in unity 7T 236-7

credit others with some sense TM 302

exalt law of Christ’s kingdom by obeying it FE 511

make best use of men and means CT 524

meet together often to counsel CD 188; TM 499

pray together for wisdom from God TM 499

realize their amenability to God’s law FE 511

remember that Spirit is to mold and direct 9T 135

steadily progress in holiness and moral dignity 5T 549

steadily progress in understanding of work 5T 549

often have to think rapidly 7T 199

question to be asked of FE 517-8

remember, in family prayer CG 548

Satan spares no pains to corrupt 4T 210-1

selection of, principle that should be followed in 5T 619

some, guilty of neglect 4T 211

sometimes overcome by temptation PP 238

Spirit promised to TM 375

Spirit’s aid needed by MH 511-2

time must be taken by, for devotional thought and prayer LS 245-6

warned against abuse of authority TM 491-2

warned against petty jealousies 8T 138-9

why God cannot reveal Himself through some TM 285

women trained for WM 158

younger men in TM 497

See also Leader; Position; Responsible man; Responsible position

2. Miscellaneous

assumption of, that are not committed to you 2BC 1015; PP 712-3

author’s personal, pub. house’s relationship to 7T 177-80

avoiding, makes weaklings of men 3T 495

basis of man’s, to God TM 422-3

before them, what will qualify God’s people to meet ML 104

belonging to God, how men take upon themselves MB 100

burdens of, should be borne by more than one man 3T 501-2

true Christian will not shun 1SM 376

children should be taught to bear, as their age permits CT 124, 146

children who will be prepared to fill places of AH 16-7

Christ did not shirk DA 73

Christian who shuns, is object of pity 1SM 376

clinging to, which you are incapable of learning PP 713

cultivate thoughtful, to God ML 161

denominational: division of 8T 231-5

in Battle Creek, should be distributed to many places 8T 133

inconsistency of centering in Battle Creek so many TM 319

should be centered in many places 8T 60

too many, centered in Battle Creek 8T 59-60, 133, 216

disagreeable, man who shunned 2T 76

discharge your, faithfully 5T 34

do not place upon others, of your duty DA 668

do not refuse to bear, because you feel weak and inefficient CSW 70

double, persons of means have CS 56

evading, for fear of failures makes man inefficient MH 500; 3T 495

many people become inefficient by MH 500

faithfulness in smaller, prepares men for higher trusts 3T 555-6

for advancement of God’s cause, every Christian is to share 1T 179

for success of gospel work belongs to Christ DA 822

for success of His work, God has not left finite beings to carry PK 176

freedom from, is idol of many SC 44; 5T 83

God will reward those who bear, in His cause 2SG 280

gospel worker unwilling to assume 3T 495

grave, resting upon youth MYP 41, 199

greater: faithfulness in little things is evidence of fitness for Ed 61; PK 218

greater endowment of means and opportunities brings MYP 234

greater ruin follows unfaithfulness in 1T 678

how God would prepare people for bearing 2T 249-50

persons to whom God entrusts MYP 301

high, persons who are not safe stewards of 7T 202

higher, persons who think themselves capable of bearing MH 472-3

important, God fits persons He calls to bear GW 418

in both public and private life, all SDA youth should be fitted for places of CG 332

in God’s work, should not be borne by one man 6BC 1056

increased, bring increased accountability TM 282

individual Ev 383; TM 485-505

circumstances under which God’s servants should take 3T 14-5

every man is given TM 236

for use of talents God has given TM 374

gospel work requires MH 147

men have before God an TM 503

men need to daily feel 1T 99

needed in God’s work 4T 186

of each Christian to advance Christ’s work MH 148

Paul had no strained ideas of AA 200

proportionate to light received 4T 416

proportionate to opportunities and privileges COL 265; 4T 416

when ministers should take LS 194

is in accordance with light, graces, and gifts bestowed 5T 277

large, inexperienced hands should not be given Ev 98

large measure of, God can trust few with PP 553-4

larger, faithful performance of small duties prepared a person for COL 356; MYP 143

should be linked with smaller 4T 522

leading men should place, upon others TM 302

let no man trifle with his CS 48

little, be faithful in discharge of 6T 171

man gains power and efficiency by accepting PP 255

man who gathers upon himself too many 8T 190

many people who carry heavy, should be converted 8T 149

men must of necessity bear PK 31

ministers should not seek freedom from 3T 504

ministers who fail to bear, as they should LS 194

no other man so weighed with, as was Christ MH 51

of church leadership, distribution of AA 88-9

of leadership of SDA Church, needs to be distributed among large number of competent men 8T 236

of persons blessed with knowledge of God’s word AA 69

one man is not authorized to gather too many, upon himself 8T 190

one man should not assume many 6T 245

people who shun, will meet with loss 1T 272

personal: gospel work needs far more TM 498

gospel workers warned against shifting, upon organizations DA 370

in dealing with men God recognizes principle of MH 242; 7T 176

in seeking salvation of others Ev 354

measured by powers originally bestowed and possibilities for improvement 5T 459

what others have done or may do does not lessen your 2T 396

preparation of persons to bear 9T 221-2

sense of, to God that takes hold of heard DA 493

shifting of 1T 528-31

shirking, does not make strong men 3T 559

shunning: how gospel workers are affected by 3T 493-5

idle musing which is fruit of 2T 429

tends to weakness in gospel workers 3T 493

spiritual, neglected because of busy activity in temporal matters 4T 386

too much, given to a few men in Battle Creek TM 320-1

transfer of, dangers to guard against in TM 488

unfaithfulness in small tasks incapacitates a person for bearing weightier 4T 186

vivid sense of, cultivate TM 260

weighty, persons upon whom God lays 2T 284

should not rest wholly on older gospel workers 5T 723

young men’s duty to shoulder 2SM 228

your, greater than that of your ancestors GC 164

youth are not naturally inclined to feel much MYP 368

youth brought up to feel, to Creator MYP 234

youth should be trained to bear FE 191

youth’s 2T 235-7


ability to be proved before giving PM 79:1


for Christ by those who love Him RC 183:8, 368:3

while avoiding reliance on self AG 260:2

all have CC 188:8

appointed you for the closing scenes TDG 69:2

aversion to, health depends on conquering 2MCP 604:2

awake to, not criticizing but preaching gospel TDG 229:2

bear only, given by God trusting Him for purity RC 292:9

carrying load of, which God forbids UL 157:7

children first given small, then larger TMK 149:2


adds His sufficiency for, carried humbly HP 23:5

did not shirk, as professed followers do TMK 155:4

to be understood better by those with UL 266:6

church members to realize RC 213:2

church to arise to sense of TDG 364:2

concentration of work of God represses PM 157:1

danger in giving, to one with sins of the past TSB 231:2

divide, in direction of canvassing work PM 257:3

divine light qualifies us for, as we advance AG 311:5

each has, before God, for salvation OHC 303:2

Ellen White accepted, but burdened for those in blindness TDG 198:6

encouragement needed for those carrying 2MCP 633:2

evil influence carries TMK 137:4

excessive, on publishing house superintendent PM 135:2

excusing self from, not realizing all is God’s OHC 199:4


could trust Cornelius with greater TDG 342:7

would have us bear TMK 193:3

God’s work never cheapened by, which He gives UL 371:4

great, directed James and Ellen White to God and effort TDG 187:5


humble work prepares for OHC 298:3

requires greater care in words and acts TDG 332:4

unfaithfulness in small would be same for TMK 331:3

help of God needed in meeting TMK 90:2

importance of Christ to those carrying UL 266:5

increasing, in God’s work; reveal His will TDG 78:4


but consider opinions and feebleness CET 203:1

even when associated in groups OHC 303:4

given to everyone; work out salvation 2MCP 427:3

not to be given to another UL 291:3

of preaching Christ HP 70:5

influence is, for self and others 2MCP 433:4

judgment of, entrusted to Christ FW 18:0

large, given SDAs as they walk in the light CET 204:2

leading others to Calvary is, which no one can take away PM 69:2


given the highest, by affections on eternal OHC 286:4

is a sacred TMK 93:2

lift, for Master not for applause or policy HP 223:3


given determines HP 153:2

increased for LHU 176:4

limited, advised for older worker RY 72:2

moral, destroyed by claiming freedom from law Con 75:2

neglected by wasting time OHC 224:5

obedience expected of those with TDG 40:2

parable of two sons to be studied by those with UL 112:2

people of God have not opened to, to give message TDG 282:3

plans for excessive, to consolidate publishing PM 151:4

pledged to fulfill, as Christians 3SM 202:4

position of, reasons for not recommending one for TSB 155

positions accepted without sensing HP 228:4

preparation for, hurt by impractical studies 1MCP 195:1

proportional to talents TMK 324:2

reason for lack of RC 208:6


for retiring couple RY 77:0

needed by worn workers RY 76:2

resolutions should not limit individual 3SM 396:4

secular and sacred, consecrated HP 58:5

sharing, to advance the work PM 103:3, 104:1


discipleship dishonored by PM 259:4

endangers the cause and the individual OHC 302:3

spiritual, publishing workers are to learn PM 259:3

story about seeking, in a coachman RC 52:5

strengthened by bearing TDG 20:5

talent improvement is personal TDG 286:3

to God since life is from Him RC 138:5

unfaithfulness in bearing UL 131:3

vary with abilities; one not criterion for another 2MCP 423:3

wisdom and strength for trial while bearing OHC 125:3

work with sense of, to God in humble work TMK 329:4

worthiness of, proved by faithfulness in trial OHC 316:2

See also Business; Duty; Leadership; Obligations; Requirements; Tasks

Responsible man (men)

Responsible man (men), arbitrary use of authority by TM 357-8

association of wise counselors needed by TM 341

dependence on, erroneous idea of TM 374

domineering spirit in, warning against TM 357-8

first duty of, is to understand God’s work in regeneration of soul TM 371

harsh words used by TM 357-8

mistakes of, how to deal with TM 304

must not try to force others to follow their prescriptions TM 363

need to fear and tremble for themselves TM 212

other men need to be associated with, in God’s work TM 304

responsibilities should be laid upon others by TM 302

self-importance and self-exaltation in, warning against TM 357-8

self-righteousness in, warning against TM 357-8

Testimonies rejected by some TM 342

unwise plans sometimes made by TM 304

who follow in track of Romanism TM 362

who should keep hands off ark of God TM 294

See also Leader