Medical Ministry


Gentleness in Discipline

Into your discipline bring not a particle of harshness. Lay no rigid injunctions on the youth. It is these ironclad rules and commands that sometimes lead them to feel that they must and will do the thing they are charged not to do. When giving caution or reproof to the youth, do it as one who has a special interest in them. Let them see that you have an earnest desire for them to make a good record in the books of heaven.... MM 180.1

By the words and works of this life is decided the eternal destiny of everyone; be very careful, therefore, not to drive a tempted soul onto the enemy's battleground. Provoke not the youth to wrath. Stir not up in them, by unjust charges and harsh treatment, the impulse to act rashly. Often those who ought to know how to deal with the youth drive them away from God by injudicious words and actions. God records such treatment of the youth as a sin against Himself. Treat the tempted ones in a way that will draw them to you as a friend who will not misjudge or hurt them. MM 180.2

The admonitions God has given in His word are infinitely better than any words of reproof you can speak. Lead the youth to see that it is for their eternal good to follow the path the Lord has marked out for them. Tell them they must not sin, because it grieves the heart of the Redeemer. Tell them to fear to sin, because the wages of sin is death. In gentleness and love try to inspire in them an earnest purpose to do their whole duty to God and to their fellowmen. Remember that the future experience of these youth will bear the stamp of the teaching you have given them. MM 180.3

As you thus strive to educate the youth in your care you are educating yourselves, preparing yourselves to do better work for the Master. There is brought about in your character a reformation that makes you a safe example for the tempted and tried. In disciplining others you are disciplining and training yourselves.... MM 180.4

Strive to Exemplify Christ

Let those who are placed in responsible positions beware lest, by defective characters and un-Christlike tempers, they work against God's plan. The glory of God and the good of human beings should lead every man to strive to be an example of what man may become through the grace of Christ. He is to rely wholly on the merits of the One who gave Himself as an offering that He might stand between God and man. The efforts of every one in whose heart the work of grace is daily done, will be a savor of life unto life to all who are under his watchcare. He will be successful in laboring for the saving of souls ready to perish. He will bring them to the Chief Shepherd, who alone can save to the uttermost all who come to Him. MM 181.1

The men who guide and instruct those who are ignorant and out of the way, need much of the patience and love of Christ. Many times their patience will be tried; those for whom they work will seem to be dull of understanding; it will be hard to lead them to act on correct principles. The truth must be brought to bear upon them to soften and subdue their hearts. Those who try to help them must have ability to lead them on step by step, realizing that they are to beseech sinners, not drive them, to be reconciled to God. MM 181.2

Christ says, My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me away from the byways of sin. As Christ worked, so you are to work. In tenderness and love seek to lead the erring to the right way. This will call for great patience and forbearance, and for the constant manifestation of the forgiving love of Christ. Daily the Saviour's compassion must be revealed. The example He has left must be followed. He took upon His sinless nature our sinful nature, that He might know how to succor those that are tempted. MM 181.3

He who does this work must put into it his whole heart; for it is a work that requires all there is of a man. He who does it as a work that is done for wages, will make an utter failure.... MM 181.4

It is not necessary to bring everything that needs to be corrected before the manager. When you see a worker in error, go to him, and talk with him kindly and tenderly, showing a sincere desire for his welfare. In nine cases out of ten your efforts will be successful. You will save a soul from death, and hide a multitude of sins.—Letter 67, 1902. MM 181.5