EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Persecutor, Persecutors - Pharisee, Pharisees

Persecutor, Persecutors

Persecutor, Persecutors, be courteous to GW 123

Christ was courteous to GW 123; MH 489

hearts of, susceptible sometimes to divine impression 9T 238

King Saul as, defeated in his purpose PP 654

many among God’s people will become their worst 6BC 1065

means used by, may increase usefulness of the persecuted 4T 179

of God’s people: just recompense awaits deeds of GC 48

must answer to Him for their cruelty COL 178-9

variously pictured in Revelation TM 118

Paul and Silas harbored no malice against AA 216

Paul as, susceptible to divine impressions 9T 238

Paul as example of AA 101-3, 112-6; MM 256; SR 266-9 See also Paul

rage of, faith of martyrs equaled GC 240

God’s ability to restrain DA 457

susceptible of divine impressions sometimes MM 256; 9T 238

will perceive that God is working for His people 2SM 372

See also Enemy; Opponent


Perseverance, active virtue essential to success MH 497; 4T 439

child training requires CG 506

Christians can do nothing without MH 196

cultivate, earnestly CT 226; 4T 656

developed by inconveniences 5T 312

double, child training calls for AH 173-4

follow example of pioneers in 6T 419

God requires that Christians have 2T 130

gospel work calls for DA 679; 2T 635

gospel work for youth requires much DA 812

habits of, training needed in MH 194

important in character building MYP 45

minister should follow Christ’s example in 2T 635

ministers need GW 39

Moses’, God tested 3SG 276

need of 5T 302-9

proportionate to value of object pursued 8T 315

needed to fill responsible calling Ed 267

positive trait of character 5T 404

securing by art and cunning what should be won by 2SM 169

steady, cultivate 5T 535

stepping out on unpopular side calls for Ev 240

success in God’s work depends on PK 263

teachers and students should manifest, in studying God’s word CSW 94

untiring, success calls for PP 602

victory over sin calls for 2T 101

you can do nothing without MH 196

See also Constancy; Persistence; Steadfastness


account to give for, in judgment RC 168:3

channel, for higher than worldly objects TMK 91:2


cherishes acts of, in His followers LHU 318:5

had undeviating, and tender compassion TDG 279:3

escaping Satan’s snare with LYL 72:2

eternal life requires OHC 94:6; TMK 248:5

evil resisted by Moses with UL 111:2

importance of, in character building TDG 190:6

missionary work requires CME 22:2

Moses’ life characterized by UL 111:2

need for energetic 2MCP 801:3

physical, temperance increases, in youth OHC 269:3

provided by the Holy Spirit UL 104:2

seen in Spirit-filled life OHC 330:2

unfitted for, by indulging unnatural appetites TMK 315:3

victory is obtained by; waste no time 1MCP 99:1

work with, until victories are gained RC 299:7

See also Diligence; Effort; Patience; Prayer, perseverance in


Persia, Daniel’s experience as statesman in PK 546

king of, Gabriel sent to influence SL 51

when devil controlled 4BC 1173

Mordecai a light for God in MB 41

Wolff (Joseph) visited GC 360

See also Artaxerxes I; Cyrus; Daniel; Esther; Mordecai; Haman; Darius Hystaspes; Medo-Persia; Xerxes I


Persians, Medes and, Babylon was taken by army of PK 531


Persistence, Elijah’s unyielding PK 158

See also Constancy; Patience; Perseverance; Steadfastness

Person, Persons

Person, Persons, every, has his peculiar sphere and vocation FE 48

persons not clean in, God’s law cannot be written on hearts of SD 173

we seldom find two, exactly alike SD 286

See Being; Humanity; People; Soul, Souls

Personal effort

Personal effort See Effort

Personal experience

Personal experience See Experience

Personal interests

Personal interests See Interest

Personality, Personalities

Personality, Personalities, do not deal in, in meeting opposition 9T 241; TM 249

gospel workers not to seek to maintain 9T 187

stand in your God-given MH 499

See also Character; Individuality


attacking, in debate UL 270:4

differences in,

feelings and acceptance by God TSB 257:3

give no reason to draw apart TDG 262:2

each has distinct; conversion is personal 2MCP 423:2

See also Obstinacy; Temperament

Personal ministry

Personal ministry See Ministry

Personal responsibility

Personal responsibility See Responsibility

Personal work

Personal work, how to do 6T 68

many ways in which all can do, for God 6T 433

ministers must do, for people 6T 68

See also Missionary work


Personation See Dead person; Devil; Spirit; Spiritualism


Perspiration See Sweat


Persuasion, Christ’s tenderness in, cultivate CSW 95

evil associates’, be not easily swayed by MYP 23

fervor of, sermons need earnestness and Ev 134

King Ferdinand tried art of, on Reformers GC 201

more appropriate than force CD 177

power of, colporteur work needs CM 108

gospel work needs MH 143-4

sermons need GW 173

reservoir of, gospel workers who will have TM 120

work with all possible, to win wealthy men to Christ 9T 115


gift of, important in winning souls VSS 60:1

See also Appeals

Persuasive arguments

Persuasive arguments, present doctrines by Ev 399

Satan can use 2T 287

Persuasive eloquence

Persuasive eloquence, Paul’s, before Herod Agrippa II MH 489

Persuasive entreaties

Persuasive entreaties, positiveness needed with Ev 296

Persuasive manner

Persuasive manner, approach people in Ev 444; WM 87

Persuasive power

Persuasive power, voice is given, by Christ’s peace in heart MH 512; 6T 47

Persuasive tone

Persuasive tone, of voice, cultivate AH 435


Perverseness, many of God’s people will fall through 5T 601

Perverse person, Perverse persons

Perverse person, Perverse persons, God bears patiently with MH 493


Perversity, blindness of, God pities men struggling in PK 435

children inherit, from parents AH 174

Christ bears with the erring through all their Ed 294

human race’s, God has borne long with 7BC 910

let not man’s, move you from firm faith in God 8T 129

man’s, God pities 4T 178

God in great mercy bears with 5T 139

much, to be met 6T 420

world’s, God refuses to be wearied out with CT 416

See Rebellion


Perverters, of faith, whom we must firmly withstand AA 387

Pest, Pests

Pest, Pests, to society, Christians charged with being GC 40 See also Insect pest


Pesthouse, atmosphere of world like that of 6T 10

Pestilence, Pestilences

Pestilence, Pestilences, air would be filled with, without God’s special providence CS 17; SD 17

angel smote Israel with, in David’s time 3BC 1127; PP 748; 4aSG 92-3

angels commissioned to guard God’s children from AA 153

angels have been sent to cleanse away SD 37

Christian(s) accused of causing GC 40

Christian’s duty while hundreds starve from 8T 51

during time of trouble EW 33-4, 56; LS 102

God’s people will pass unharmed through GC 654

earth’s inhabitants appointed to 1T 363

God uses, to destroy wicked cities and nations 1SM 269

John was shown, in vision 7BC 982; TM 445-6

loosing of four winds followed by 7BC 968

moral, before Flood Te 245-6

144,000 will see earth wasted by GC 649

powers of earth will be shaken by EW 41

prayer to be kept from 7BC 938-9

Satan causes thousands to perish by GC 589-90

Satan imparts deadly taint to air to cause GC 590

scientific attempts to account for CT 440; FE 409

sign of times TM 444

thousands of Israelites destroyed by, in Vale of Shittim PP 455

thousands perished from, in destruction of Jerusalem GC 32

want and bloodshed causing, vision of 1T 268

wicked will die from, during seven last plagues GC 629

See also Disease; Epidemic; Plague; Sickness

Pestilential regions

Pestilential regions, men venture into, to acquire scientific knowledge CS 56; PK 173


Pet, child who throws itself upon floor in CG 283

See also Peevishness; Tantrum

Pet, Pets

Pet, Pets, children as, of overfond parents CT 264; Ed 279; 5T 319

household, some youth who become 5T 88-9

ministers should not become 2T 550

EGW had no, in giving counsel 2T 566

See also Petted; Petting

Petaluma, Calif.

Petaluma, Calif. Ev 404; LS 267

Pet animal, Pet animals

Pet animal, Pet animals, childless couples who lavish affection on AH 168-9; MH 203

Petavel, E.

Petavel, E., quoted GC 549


“Peter,” signifies loose stone 5BC 1095

rolling stone DA 413


1. Biographical data

2. Characteristics of (before conversion)

3. Characteristics of (after conversion)

4. Denial of Christ by

5. Ecclesiastical authority and office of

6. Gospel labors of

7. Miscellaneous


1. Biographical data AA 514-38; Ed 88-91

fisherman DA 244, 249; Ed 85; MH 29; SR 276

humble and unlearned DA 249

man of poverty DA 273

Bethsaida the city of DA 292

home of, near Capernaum DA 259, 267; MH 29-30

John the Baptist’s preaching heard by DA 139

Andrew brought, to Christ DA 139, 141; Ed 87

third disciple chosen by Christ DA 139

miraculous draft of fish by DA 244-6, 249; MB 6-7

called by the sea DA 249, 273; Ed 232; GW 113; MH 480

Christ sought rest in home of DA 259

mother-in-law of, Christ healed DA 259-60; MH 29

Christ taught in house of DA 267

paralytic healed in home of DA 267-71; MH 75

ordained by Christ DA 291-7; MB 2-5

question asked of Christ by DA 344; MH 60

saw Christ raise Jairus’s daughter DA 343

sent forth as evangelist DA 349-58

walked on stormy sea COL 387; DA 381-2, 673-4; Ed 88-9; 2SM 235; 2T 273; 4T 558; TM 93

faith of disciples expressed by DA 393

confessed Christ to be Son of God DA 393, 411-4

rebuked by Christ AA 525; 5BC 1095; DA 415-6; Ed 88; 2SM 353

Christ transfigured before DA 419-25

asked by collector of temple revenue if Christ paid tribute DA 432

fish with coin in mouth caught by DA 432-4

asked Christ how often he should forgive his brother COL 243

reaction of, to Christ’s words re rich man COL 395

Christ washed feet of DA 645-6

loyalty affirmed to Christ by DA 673; EW 166

denial of Christ by, foretold DA 673

with Christ in Gethsemane DA 686

ear of high priest’s servant cut off by DA 696; EW 168

rebuked for using sword DA 696

proposed that disciples flee from Gethsemane DA 697

followed Christ to trial by Sanhedrin DA 710-12

Christ denied by AA 62, 537-8; 5BC 1152; COL 152-4; DA 413, 508, 710-6, 760, 811-2; Ed 89; EW 169-70, 193, 260; SR 250-1; 2T 204-5; 3T 416; 5T 427-8, 557; TM 267

first denial DA 710-12

second denial DA 712

third denial DA 712

sifted by enemy DA 713, 812; SD 91; 4T 246

reproved by look of Christ DA 713; EW 194; TM 268

repented of having denied Christ AA 538; 5BC 1151; COL 152-4; DA 139, 713, 793, 812; Ed 89-90; EW 169-70, 224-5; SR 316; 3T 416; 4T 488; TM 268

self-judged, fell upon Rock 5BC 1152

converted AA 63; 5BC 1151; EW 193; SR 251; 3T 416; 5T 334; TM 268

after Christ’s death EW 169-70

after denying Christ TM 268

Christ remembered, after His resurrection COL 156; DA 793; Ed 90; 4T 488

hurried to sepulcher on morning of resurrection DA 789; Ed 90; SL 53

returned from Christ’s tomb to Jerusalem DA 789

fishing after Christ’s resurrection DA 810

forgiven and restored to discipleship AA 515, 537; 5BC 1151-2; 6BC 1061; COL 154-6, 160; DA 811-2, 817; 4T 488

tested three times 5BC 1151-2; COL 154; DA 811-5; Ed 90

charge given by Christ to CSW 76; DA 811-5; Ed 90; Ev 345-6; GW 182-3, 207

curiosity of, to know John’s future DA 816

sermon of, on Day of Pentecost AA 41-4; 6BC 1055; DA 770; GC 9, 546; SR 244-6; TM 66

John and: lame man healed at temple by AA 57-9; EW 192; SR 248-9

imprisoned by Jewish leaders AA 61; EW 192-3; SR 250

tried before Sanhedrin AA 62-9; EW 193; SR 250-3

first defense of, before Sanhedrin AA 62-4; DA 354; EW 193-4; SR 251-3

brethren prayed for AA 67

threatened and released by Sanhedrin AA 66-7; EW 194; SR 253

experience of, after release AA 67-8

Ananias and Sapphira rebuked by AA 70-6

miracles wrought by AA 77-8; SR 254

John and, accused of murdering Ananias and Sapphira AA 80; SR 255

second imprisonment of AA 78-9; EW 194; SL 62; SR 255; TM 68, 268

released from prison by angel AA 79-80; EW 194-5; SL 62; SR 255-6; 5T 713; TM 69, 268

third arrest of AA 81; EW 195; SR 256

second arraignment before Sanhedrin AA 77-86; EW 193-4; 1SM 391; SR 256-8; TM 268

beaten and released by Sanhedrin AA 83; SR 258

Simon Magus rebuked by SR 315

preached in Samaria DA 194

Paul’s first meeting with AA 128-9; 6BC 1059; SR 276, 278

ministered at Lydda AA 131; SR 281

Aeneas healed of palsy AA 131; SR 281

ministered at Joppa AA 131-2

Dorcas restored to life AA 131-2; SR 281-2

ministered to Cornelius and family AA 132-41; 6BC 1059-61; Ev 558; GC 328; MH 209, 473; SR 282-90; 6T 79

reproved at Jerusalem for visiting Cornelius AA 141-2; SR 290-1

imprisoned and sentenced to death by Herod Agrippa I AA 143-8; 6BC 1061; EW 186; GC 512; SR 292-7; 5T 748

at Passover time AA 144-5

in reign of Claudius AA 143

church fasted and prayed for AA 144-5, 148-9; SR 293, 296-7

angels’ watchcare over AA 145; SR 293

slept the sleep of innocence and trust in God SR 294-5

rescued from prison by angel AA 146-7, 152; Ed 255-6; Ev 581; GC 512; SR 294-6; 5T 713, 748

who slew Herod Agrippa I SR 299-300

reported to brethren AA 148

at general church council in Jerusalem AA 193-4; SR 306-7

visited Antioch in Syria AA 197-9; 6BC 1108

Paul rebuked AA 198; 6BC 1065

Simon Magus opposed, in Rome 6BC 1056-7; SR 315

witnessed for Christ in Rome 6BC 1056; SR 315

Nero imprisoned, in Rome AA 537; 6BC 1056-7; SR 315

about time of Paul’s second arrest AA 537; 6BC 1056-7; SR 315

for exposing Simon Magus SR 315

closed his ministry in Rome AA 537

martyrdom of AA 537-8; Ed 90-1

by crucifixion AA 597; DA 139, 669; Ed 90-1

Christ foretold AA 537; 6BC 1061; DA 815-6

in Rome 6BC 1056; SR 315-6

with head downward AA 537-8; 5BC 1152; DA 816; Ed 91; SR 316; 4T 342

future of: at Christ’s final coronation SR 424

in resurrection of righteous GC 667

partaker in Christ’s glory COL 154

2. Characteristics of (before conversion)

aggressive Ed 88

ambitious DA 139

appeared to have greater disadvantage than Judas MH 493

ardent Ev 72; EW 224; GC 667; SR 424; 2T 204

boastful AA 63; 5BC 1152; COL 154; DA 812; TM 268

bold Ed 88; Ev 73; EW 225; 4T 488

careless of spirit DA 673

coward before finger of scorn DA 712

dictatorial 5T 334

did not desire to see cross in Christ’s work AA 525; DA 415-6

did not know himself DA 673

forgiving Ed 88

forward DA 812; 5T 334

generous DA 296; Ed 88

had Pharisee spirit COL 152

hasty MH 493

heedless in entering into temptation DA 673

impetuous AA 539; DA 812; Ed 88; MH 493; SL 53; 5T 334-5

in Judas Iscariot’s eyes DA 717

impulsive AA 63; DA 296, 812; Ed 85; SR 251; 4T 486

by nature DA 139

in temperament Ev 72

inclined to act independently DA 816

needed to: distrust himself DA 673

learn to follow before he could be leader DA 816

often erred and often received reproof Ed 88

passionate 4T 486

peculiar traits of character of, strikingly developed 5T 334

prompt: in action Ev 73; 4T 488

in retaliation Ed 88

proud AA 63; 3T 416

quick to perceive and forward to act Ed 88

rash 5T 334-5

ready always to: correct others DA 812; 5T 334

speak DA 344

ready always to express his mind DA 812; 5T 334

before he had clear comprehension of himself 5T 334

restless 5BC 1152; COL 154

retained much of old love for boats and fishing DA 810

self-assurance in Ed 88

self-confidence led, to believe he was saved COL 155

self-confident AA 63; 5BC 1152; COL 152, 154; DA 139, 812; Ed 88; MH 493; SD 91; SR 251; 5T 335; TM 267-8

self-exalted DA 381-2, 812; 5T 335

self-pitying Ed 88

self-sufficient 5BC 1102, 1123; COL 155; DA 688-9; Ed 85

shrank from fellowship with Christ in suffering DA 416; Ed 88

spoke unadvisedly DA 812; 5T 334

from impulse of moment DA 812; 5T 334

sympathetic DA 139

thought himself strong COL 152; SD 91

too confident ML 316

uncompromising Ev 73; 4T 488

unsanctified in temper DA 673

usually talkative AA 147

vacillating 1SM 379

warmhearted Ed 85

weak where he thought himself strong DA 382

would often wound Ev 73

zealous EW 73, 224-5; 4T 488

3. Characteristics of (after conversion)

bold 6BC 1061; EW 194

bowed with burden of years and labors AA 525; DA 416

braved danger unflinchingly 6BC 1061

calm, self-possessed, and teachable DA 812-3; 5T 335

courageous 6BC 1061; SR 251

different man DA 812; 5T 334-5; TM 268; SR 251

distrustful of self AA 63; SR 251

filled with Spirit, became firm as rock SR 251

fitted to strengthen his brethren 3T 416

humble DA 812; 3T 416

modest AA 63; SR 251

never forgot: his denial of Christ 5BC 1151; 4T 342

his fearful experience of humiliation COL 160; 4T 342

painful scene of his humiliation 5BC 1151

no longer impetuous, self-confident, and self-exalted DA 812

no longer proud boaster SR 251

pride and self-will surrendered by DA 646

ready to pity the tempted 3T 416

retained former fervor 5T 335

subdued and contrite 5BC 1152; COL 154

sympathetic with the weak and erring 3T 416

zeal of, Christ’s grace regulated DA 812; 5T 335

4. Denial of Christ by DA 710-3

being policy man led to 5T 427-8

Christ foresaw DA 139

evil that led to, ruining thousands today COL 154

failure to know his own frailties led to SD 91

gradual and not instantaneous COL 155

lessons from COL 155-6

neglect of prayer led to DA 713-4; SD 91; TM 267

object of, was to conceal his true feelings DA 712

self-confidence led to 5BC 1102; DA 673-4; SD 91

self-love led to DA 673-4

self-sufficiency led to COL 155

sinned against light, knowledge, and great and exalted privileges SD 91

Spirit has laid bare 4T 12

swept away disciples’ self-sufficiency Ed 94

5. Ecclesiastical authority and office of

charge Christ gave to, spoken also to rest of apostles DA 414

chief of apostles SR 276

Christ’s words to, in Matt. 16:19 applied also directly to church DA 414

content to remain on equality with brethren AA 194-5

erring and fallible SR 287

erroneous doctrine of Roman Church re AA 194-5; SR 287

God foresaw AA 198-9

fallibility of, Bible proof of AA 198-9

gates of hell prevailed against DA 413

honored greatly with divine light and power COL 160

influence of, in church was great DA 817

leadership of, some in early church recognized only AA 279-80

not appointed head of church DA 414

not elevated above brethren AA 194-5

not elevated as vicegerent of God AA 194-5

not given supremacy over brethren DA 414, 817

not honored as head of church DA 817

not rock on which church was founded 5BC 1095; DA 413

one of three leading apostles 6BC 1108

refused to let Cornelius worship him SR 287

so-called successors of, claim exalted prerogatives belonging to God alone AA 198-9

errors of SR 287

stood in no way above level of other apostles AA 198-9

6. Gospel labors of

active in building up Christ’s church COL 160

Acts of the Apostles says little re later work of AA 514

boldness and energy of, valuable in gospel work EW 225

champion of faith 1SM 379

countenance of, Spirit illuminated SR 251

divested of prejudices against Gentiles SR 285

double responsibility of AA 514

especially for Jews AA 517; 6BC 1056; SR 302-3, 315

during Jewish festivals AA 165, 514

faith of, considered old-fashioned and insufferable today 5T 79

faithful minister of Christ COL 160

faithful undershepherd AA 514-28

gospel work not committed to, individually DA 414

influence of, as educator AA 516-7

John and, as team of gospel workers Ev 72; EW 224-5; TM 329

counterbalanced each other EW 224-5

unlike in disposition and manner of labor Ev 72-3

knew believers’ need of dependence upon Christ AA 515

OT Scriptures used by, in labor for Jews AA 221

opportunity given, to redeem his cowardice AA 62; EW 193; SR 250-1

pioneered in teaching heathen world Ed 86

powerful appeals of, Jewish leaders feared AA 144

prejudiced against Gentiles by Jewish training AA 136

talents of, proved of untold value to church AA 514

taught respect for authority vested in church AA 200

testimony of, to power of God’s grace MH 493

weakness of, revealed in Antioch AA 198; 6BC 1108

witnessed for Christ in many lands AA 517

work of reform by, after Christ’s ascension 4T 488

zeal of, Christ’s cause needed EW 225

7. Miscellaneous

believed Christ to be Messiah DA 411

boldness of, in preaching in Jerusalem EW 194

Christ’s manner of dealing with, lesson from DA 815

Christ’s training of, for gospel work GW 414

deportment of, Christ sought to smooth the rugged in 4T 488

experience of, encouragement to repentant sinner COL 155-6

lesson for all in Ed 88

failures of, lessons from AA 199; 6BC 1108

had to learn constantly while working with Christ 5T 557

heart of, broken by Christ’s compassion COL 154; DA 645

history of, Christ’s method of training illustrated Ed 88

lesson from COL 152-4

honored representative of whole body of believers DA 413

how God taught, world-wide extent of divine plan AA 135-6

how God trained, in school of trial AA 525

Judas Iscariot and, represent two classes in church 4T 488

learned and profited by Christ’s lessons 4T 488

lessons Christ sought to teach to 4T 486

lessons learned by, carried throughout life DA 817

from trial AA 515; 3T 416

love of Christ for, lessons from DA 815

never faltered AA 516

loved Christ as God DA 816

not perfect, but improved opportunities to learn 5T 557

one of Christ’s best-loved disciples DA 760

one of Christ’s sternest rebukes given to DA 415-6

one of disciples most closely connected with Christ AA 539; DA 292; Ed 87

partaker of Christ’s sufferings COL 154

patience of Christ in training, for service Ed 88

repentance of, Christ foresaw DA 139

reproved by Christ more than was Judas MH 493

temper of, Christ sought to soften the harsh in 4T 488

warmhearted loyalty and devotion of, to Christ Ed 88

watchcare of Christ for, cause of his restoration SD 91

why Christ chose, as disciple 4T 488

witnessed boldly for Christ SR 251


chosen to inherit promises if he would correct faults TMK 177:3


asked, to feed sheep soon after denial TMK 177:3

loved, even when he erred UL 212:4


lifting, an example for helping others HP 295:2

prayer for faith of, is for every Christian TMK 286:2

church is God’s organization although some in it are like 3SM 17:3

climbing ladder described by, gives entrance to heaven RC 295:6

denial of, Jesus’ love not withdrawn because of TMK 285:4; TSB 258:2

fall of, TDG 259

gradual Mar 236:2

honored when Jesus used his boat UL 288:2

hope not gone for, after fall; Satan did not have his way TDG 260:6

instructions from Christ for members who are like TDG 172:5

ladder of addition of, discussed OHC 68

lesson in self-sufficiency of FLB 138:3

question of (Matt. 18:21, 22), prompted by Christ’s lessons UL 43:3

reach for hand of Christ as did TDG 212:3

Satan’s intrusion to be studied in the case of CC 312:2

saved when Christ took his hand; we may be, too RC 356:6

self-confidence of,

minister who neglected reform had TSB 173:4

proved his ruin; he tempted Satan OHC 307:2

sin of,

revealed weakness preparing him to feed the lambs LHU 225:7

was great but the Master did not cast him off TMK 180:3

trustworthy after he had obtained an experience with God TMK 177:3

warning to,

of approaching danger; tested FLB 138:3

resented OHC 307:2

wisdom of, in sequence of graces (in 2 Peter 1) OHC 70:3

Peter, First Epistle of

Peter, First Epistle of, AA 517-28

Peter wrote: by inspiration of Spirit DA 817

long after Sermon on Mount was given MB 148

when church was soon to undergo terrible persecution AA 528

when he was aged and in later years of his ministry AA 517

special significance of, for people living near the end AA 518

written for believers of every age AA 518

written to believers enduring trial and affliction AA 517, 528

Peter, Second Epistle of

Peter, Second Epistle of AA 529-37

Peter wrote, in prison cell in Rome AA 536-7

not long before his martyrdom AA 533

under illumination of Spirit DA 464

Peter II

Peter II, king of Arragon, oath extracted by Innocent III from GC 580-1

Peter’s ladder

Peter’s ladder See Ladder

Peter’s mother-in-law

Peter’s mother-in-law, Christ healed DA 259; MH 29

Pet idea, Pet ideas

Pet idea, Pet ideas, cease haggling over 1SM 343

Petition, Petitions


because laid on Christ’s righteousness FW 24:2

without delay and answer given at best time HP 125:3


encourages our, with censer of His merits HP 77:4

gladly hears HP 124:2

presents, as expression of penitence TMK 77:3

God accepts, of humblest saint with Christ’s grace RC 285:4

Lord’s prayer is example of perfect HP 93:5

send, through dark clouds; fulfilled when best HP 125:3

sincere, reach God HP 71:2

Petitions to God

Petitions to God, present your, when God’s work seems improperly managed 9T 249

press your, to God’s throne EW 73

reach higher than erring man TM 484

See also Prayer



no longer intercedes as, but as conqueror TMK 74:4

took the attitude of HP 50:2

sanctified to perform the most difficult duties HP 67:4

Petosky, Mich.

Petosky, Mich. 8T 133; TM 142

Petri, Laurentius

Petri, Laurentius, was learned, thoughtful, and calm GC 242-3

Petri, Olaf

Petri, Olaf GC 242-3

NT Scriptures translated into Swedish language by GC 244

Petrified trees

Petrified trees 3SG 79, 92-3

Petrified wood

Petrified wood, among fossils 3SG 92-3

Petted children

Petted children, among college students FE 53

as untamed youth FE 53

Petted girls

Petted girls, pride fostered in 2T 460

Petted wife

Petted wife 2T 433-4


Petting, by women: gospel workers warned against 5T 595-6

men should not accept Ev 495

ministers warned against Ev 680

injures young minister 4T 376

men endangered by too much 5T 127

of children: by fond mother 2SG 254-6

dangerous to them 2T 173-4

evil results of 1T 685; 3T 46

fosters pride 2T 460

harmful 3T 46

makes them vain, pert, and saucy 2T 558

mistake of 4T 91

ruins them CG 239

spoils them for practical life CG 141, 184; 3T 143

tends to make them vain, bold, and conceited CG 178

warning against CG 178, 477; FE 53; 1T 685; 2T 471; 4T 201, 313

of children’s faults, is not laying ax to root of evil 4T 92

proves ruin of thousands 4T 92

of ministers, warning against 3T 308

of self, warning against 4T 341, 349

of spoiled youth MM 179

praise and, do not be sustained by influence of MYP 64

what is like, a viper FE 53

women should not bestow, upon men Ev 494-5

See also Pet; Courtship


evil of seeking, after confessing adultery TSB 165:0

See also Body, handling


Pettishness, allow no, in children CG 17

home needed without 5T 568

Pettish word

Pettish word, teachers should keep back the CT 195; FE 263

Petty differences

Petty differences, what would cause God’s people to forget their FE 207


Petulance, Elijah’s, how God silenced PK 169

guard against 2T 314

in sickroom, may do harm MH 219

moment of, mars one’s reputation 5T 335

may close door to hearts 5T 335

may result in loss of friends and influence GW 121

not conducive to true happiness 4T 367

See also Attitudes, petulant; Fretfulness; Peevishness

Pew, Pews

Pew, Pews, SDA churches should not rent 6T 101


Phaenomena, by Greek poet Aratus, Paul quoted AA 238-9; SR 312

Phantom, Phantoms

Phantom, Phantoms, mistaking of, for realities CS 218; COL 366; Ev 593; FE 469; MM 98; SD 247

when apostles thought Christ was DA 381


“Pharaoh,” name of, nearly all Egyptian kings were called by 3SG 189

Pharaoh, Pharaohs

Pharaoh, Pharaohs, Abraham deported from Egypt by PP 130-1

blessed by Jacob PP 233; 3SG 169

by his crimes, forfeited God’s mercy 3SG 239

counterfeit miracles deceived 5T 697

counterfeit miracles emboldened, in rebellion 5T 697

daughter of, Moses adopted as son of PP 243-4; 3SG 180-3; SR 106-8

Solomon’s marriage to PK 53

death of, with his army in Red Sea 1BC 1101-2; COL 85; PP 287-90; 3SG 234-6, 247; SR 124-5; 1T 265-6; 4T 25; 5T 120

defiant toward God GC 269; PP 260, 333

desire of, to justify his stubbornness 5T 697

devotions of, to the Nile PP 265; 4aSG 54-5

did not dare harm Moses PP 272

dreams of, Joseph interpreted PP 220-1; 3SG 148-50

efforts of, to destroy male children of Israel PP 242

Egyptian laws required, to become members of priestly caste PP 245

Egyptian priests encouraged, to persecute Israelites PP 332-3

Egyptians worshiped, as representative of their god PP 271

enraged because he could not intimidate Moses 3SG 222

exploits of, contemplation and glorifying of MYP 256

first-born son of, plague slew COL 85; PP 273, 280; 3SG 246; SR 118-9; 4T 21; 5T 119-20

Gezer given to Solomon’s wife by PK 53

given sufficient evidence to believe 1T 292-3

God’s purpose in Israel’s deliverance from power of 8T 197-8

hardening of heart of 1BC 1099-1101; COL 84-5; PP 264, 268-9, 333; 1T 265; 5T 119-20

against messengers of God 1T 265

continual resistance to God’s power caused 3SG 194

doubt caused 5T 274

persistent rebellion caused PP 267

Satan used magicians to cause 1T 292

supernatural power did not cause PP 268

warning to men today 5T 120

heart of, became unimpressible 2SM 147

seared and hardened 1T 266

household of, afflicted in Abraham’s time PP 130

Israelites oppressed by, because of Sabbath observance PK 180-1; PP 257-9

Israelites pursued by, to Red Sea 1BC 1101; PP 283-4; 3SG 231; SR 121-3; 4T 21-4; 5T 119-20

Jacob and family not taxed by 3SG 178

Joseph’s father and five brothers presented to PP 233; 3SG 169-70

Joseph’s industry appreciated by 5T 180

last two, before Exodus were tyrannical 3SG 240; SR 113

miracles wrought by Moses and Aaron before PP 263-72; 3SG 204-22, 242; SR 115-8; 1T 264-5, 291-3; 5T 696-7

Moses sent with message from God to FE 287; PP 251-3, 257, 263, 333; 3SG 197-8; 1T 291

new, Israelites reduced to slavery by PP 241-2; 3SG 178-9; SR 105

ruled Egypt at time of the Exodus 3SG 189

obstinacy sowed and reaped by 1BC 1100; COL 84-5

palace of, described PP 246, 263

plan of, to make Moses ruler of Egypt SR 108

proud heir of kingly line MB 62

repentance of, not genuine GC 620-1; SC 24

sin confessed by, to escape further punishment 5T 637

sorcery enlisted by, to counteract God’s work PP 438-9

stooped to crave Jacob’s blessing MB 62

throne of, God’s purpose in placing Moses beside PP 369

tyrannical spirit of, God overruled events to reveal fully PP 260; SR 113

warned of final judgment on Egyptians DA 77


army of, Moses had great popularity as general of TMK 22:4

evidence given to CC 89:3

hardening of heart of; how it happened CC 89:2

heart of, hardened by resisting evidence of divine power OHC 16:3


could have brought repentance of, if not refused OHC 160:3

sent to, but he resisted; stubbornness increased 2MCP 724:4

people of God despised by, but God said “Let them go” SW 14:3

stubbornness of, called for greater power of God CC 89:4

Pharaoh Necho

Pharaoh Necho, Josiah’s presumption in attacking 2BC 1039


Pharisaical, fanatics cause Sabbathkeepers to be designated as MM 269

Pharisaical exactitude

Pharisaical exactitude, danger of TM 195

Pharisaical hardness

Pharisaical hardness, warning against manifesting, toward the erring COL 250

Pharisaical piety

Pharisaical piety, grieves away Spirit 9T 125

Pharisaical pride

Pharisaical pride among God’s people 5T 72

Pharisaical religion

Pharisaical religion is not of Christ 1T 556

Pharisaical spirit

Pharisaical spirit COL 152

critical 5T 342

do not run into 4T 63

harsh, will grow if cherished 3T 452

Pharisaical tradition

Pharisaical tradition, decaying bottles of DA 279

Pharisaical zeal

Pharisaical zeal, to stone others less guilty, condemned 5T 59

Pharisaic custom, Pharisaic customs

Pharisaic custom, Pharisaic customs, that Christ set at nought AA 19; DA 193; MH 26

Pharisaism, Phariseeism

Pharisaism, Phariseeism, cold and critical, unforgiving spirit characterizes MB 126

cold and hardhearted, professed believers possessed by TM 352

condemned by God for, in condemning others TSB 265:2

do not stand up in, to offer prayer 3BC 1130; 2SM 314

fallen ones treated with TSB 242:2

forms of, principles of Christ’s teachings could not be united with DA 278

is abundant 6T 84

Jewish people made most bigoted and exclusive of all peoples by DA 819-20

no time for, to control God’s work 5T 462

periodical articles savoring of CW 66

robe of, Simon of Bethany had religion that was DA 567

SS teacher disqualified by CSW 116-7

self-righteous, is always snare 8T 86

Jewish nation’s sin was 1SM 386

spirit of: needs to be broken up in home 6T 119

offerings given in, God does not accept 6BC 1118

prayers offered in 2SM 314

SDA should not cherish CW 44; CSW 85; TM 107

spirit of human nature is MB 79

warning against CW 34

what will break up CG 475

system of, Christ’s arraignment of DA 397

very essence of, Hosea pointed out MB 54

Pharisee and publican

prayers of HP 69:4

Pharisee, Pharisees

1. Characteristics of

2. Christ and (miscellaneous)

3. Miscellaneous

1. Characteristics of

bigoted and hypocritical, as a class DA 603

bigoted zeal and blind prejudice of AA 438

boasts of, belied by their way of life DA 309

boastful pride of COL 117

chafed under exaction of tribute by Romans DA 601

desired to make God’s gifts a local and national benefit MH 25

did not practice what they taught DA 612

did not seek truth, but how to evade it DA 456

diligent in washings, fastings, and long prayers DA 603

efforts of, to earn God’s favor MB 79

enmity of, against Christ DA 86

exact in: outward ceremonies DA 603

tithing garden herbs DA 617

exalted idea of, re their own piety and holiness 1SM 31

exclusiveness of MH 25

felt no need of Saviour 5T 219

flattery and admiration of people sought by MB 80

formal prayers rehearsed in loud voice by GW 175; MB 83

haughty, exalted themselves 5BC 1088

holiness of, wanting when tested COL 278

hoped to have dominion over Romans MB 5

hypocritical, prayed and fasted 2T 143

tried to appear righteous in eyes of others 2T 87

judged his own character by character of other men COL 151

judged men by wealth or by honors received from others 1T 540

judged others by: their own attainments MB 123

themselves COL 151

kept aloof from the sick and needy DA 267

knew not their spiritual destitution DA 280

lack of feeling manifested by, toward the unfortunate and oppressed 3T 88

legal religion satisfied DA 279

like salt without savor MB 53

long prayers offered in public by DA 614

men of poisonous principles and corrupt practices 5T 225

nationalistic spirit of 9T 190

oppressive, exacting, and proud 5BC 1086

ostentation of charities of, desire for distinction prompted MH 32

ostentation of worship and charities sought by DA 261

ostentatious in almsgiving DA 603

praise of men sought by 5T 133

preached in monotonous and spiritless voice CT 239-40

prided themselves on: their holiness COL 278

their obedience to God’s law DA 307

regarded themselves as favorites of heaven COL 189

rigid adherents to tradition DA 603

robes of self-dignity worn by MB 123

schemed to secure first place at feast DA 613

self-centered judges and petty spies MB 123

self-esteem and self-importance filled 5BC 1086

self-exaltation sought by, in rigorous observance of forms DA 278

self-importance and self-righteousness filled COL 369

self-praise filled COL 150

self-satisfaction the secret of COL 151

show of piety was constant aim of DA 612

spiritual pride filled MB 123

strict in outward observance of forms and customs 5BC 1077

thought himself righteous COL 150

thought it great condescension to accept truth 5T 226

thought themselves: the world’s greatest religionists DA 309

too righteous to need salvation DA 279

too wise to need instruction DA 279

trusted in good works and self-righteousness 4T 42

wedded to forms and ceremonies 1SM 386

wraps himself about with robe of his own self-constituted dignity 6T 398

2. Christ and (miscellaneous)

character of, Christ fully exposed DA 612

Christ accused by, of blasphemy DA 269

Christ and disciples accused by, of disregarding rabbinical observances MB 53

Christ censured by, for mingling with publicans and sinners COL 368

Christ hurled burning denunciations against 5T 144

Christ offended, by departing from their rigid rules DA 86

Christ rejected by MB 55; SL 14

Christ reproved, at Matthew’s feast DA 280

Christ requested by, to silence children singing His praise 5T 462

Christ’s acts and words misinterpreted by 1SM 30

Christ’s denunciation of, continued DA 616-20

Christ’s disciples taunted by, because He did not fulfill their expectation 1T 57-8

Christ’s method of teaching different from that of MB 47

Christ’s miracles attributed by, to satanic agencies DA 321

Christ’s teachings accepted by some DA 603

Christ’s teachings heard by many COL 76

Christ’s way of life rebuked DA 86

Christ’s works of mercy offended DA 406-7

condemnation felt by, in Christ’s presence COL 186

covetousness of, Christ rebuked 1T 539

defective lives of, Christ portrayed 4T 487

dishonest practices of, Christ rebuked MM 122

efforts of, to bring Christ into disrepute COL 369

to make Christ conform to their regulations DA 86

to prove Christ a deceiver 1SM 70

enmity of, against Christ for healing on Sabbath DA 203-4

feast of, Christ as guest at COL 219

hollow profession of piety by, Christ condemned DA 538

hypocritical pretensions of, Christ exposed DA 538

indignant when Christ called publican to be disciple DA 273

meaning of parable of sower perceived by COL 35

Messianic hopes of MB 5

murmured because Christ received publicans and sinners LS 187; 2T 21

opposition of, against Christ MB 47

ostentation of, Christ rebuked MB 80

piety prevalent among, Christ disapproved SL 9

placed in dilemma DA 473

prayers of, Christ rebuked MB 83-4

precepts and example of, Christ’s teaching at variance with DA 305

pretentious piety of, Christ rebuked DA 150

reaction of, to Christ’s miracles CH 527

rejecting Christ, found it too humiliating to accept Him later DA 322

rich and cultivated, Christ labored for WM 257

Christ sought acquaintance of MH 24

self-righteous, Christ’s warnings rejected by 5T 689

simplicity of Christ despised by DA 192

simplicity of Christ’s language criticized by FE 242

spirit and methods of, not those of Christ MB 79

woes pronounced by Christ upon DA 610-4

3. Miscellaneous

acts of charity paraded by MB 79

afflicted persons regarded by, as suffering because of their sins 3T 88

as suffering divine displeasure DA 267

attitude of, toward paralytic at Capernaum MH 73

attitude of converted, to converted Gentiles AA 188-9; SR 305

believed in resurrection of the dead DA 209, 538, 603

brother of prodigal son represented COL 209

Cain was prototype of COL 152

concern of, for Jewish ceremonies AA 78

confused views of, re future state DA 603-4

constant aim of, to make show of piety was DA 612

converts from among, controversy caused by AA 188-200; SR 305

deceptive methods used by, will be employed against God’s people today 1SM 30-1

distinction sought by, in scrupulous ceremonialism DA 261; MH 32

false shepherds DA 478

fasting among 5BC 1086; DA 276

in pride and self-righteousness 5BC 1088

fear of, that Christianity would undermine Jewish ceremonies SR 254

few, openly joined Christ’s followers DA 557

first four commandments exalted by, as greater than other six DA 606

God’s estimation of 1T 540

God’s law made void by, in teaching for doctrines commandments of men DA 603

God’s tender appeal to, in parable of prodigal son COL 209

great sin of 1SM 143

hatred against Romans fostered by DA 405

healed blind man confuted DA 472, 474

heart of, barren and profitless soil DA 312

Herodians and: bitter enemies DA 601

united to destroy Christ 1SM 71

united to oppose Christ DA 601

Herodians hated by 1SM 71

hypocrisy of, re God’s law 4T 487

self-seeking produced DA 409

striking example of DA 408

John the Baptist declared by, to be possessed of devil DA 276

John the Baptist heard by 2SM 148

John the Baptist reproved 2SM 149

John the Baptist’s message to 5T 225-6

John the Baptist’s mission rejected by DA 275

learned, Gamaliel was SR 257

leper cursed by DA 263

long and tedious ceremonies and prayers enforced upon people by 2T 580

minds of, absorbed with questions of no moment 1SM 171

minds of men occupied with trifling distinctions by DA 617

modern, spiritual destitution of DA 280

more hope for the open sinner than for 5T 144

more numerous than Sadducees DA 604

more popular than Sadducees DA 604

motives of, in religious service MB 79

mounted judgment seat to criticize and condemn MB 123

multitude of regulations enjoined by DA 612

Nicodemus was DA 171

not to control God’s work 5T 462

opposition of: to apostles’ work AA 78

to apostolic church SR 254

to Christ’s teachings 5BC 1120

orthodoxy of, hard and rigid MB 53

pagan idea of prayer adopted by MB 86

Paul as, before conversion AA 119; 6BC 1059; COL 394; SR 277

Paul as penitent AA 120

Paul defended by, against Sadducees AA 412

people were required by, to strain water DA 617

persons of genuine piety among DA 603

philosophy of, threadbare and hoary with age DA 326

poor people despised by WM 171

position and works of, lawyer who was not satisfied with COL 377

prayer(s) of GW 175; MB 83

represented feelings of their class MB 6

prejudice of, rooted in perversity of heart DA 387

principles cherished by, characteristic of humanity in all ages MB 79

proved zeal for religion by making it theme of discussion DA 261

publican and, parable of See Parable

publicans denounced and cursed by, as infidels DA 595

publicans despised by 5BC 1088

regulations founded in tradition were enjoined by DA 612

religion having to do only with outward life satisfied COL 151

religion of: ceremonies and injunctions of men formed DA 279

does not touch soul COL 151

exactions, ceremonies, and traditions formed 5BC 1086

salt without savor represented MB 37

religious authority similar to that of Moses was claimed by DA 612

repentant, received baptism of John the Baptist DA 595

reputation for sanctity sought by MB 79

reward awaiting MB 80

righteousness of, worthless MB 53

Sadducees and: at swords’ points re tradition DA 705

in constant contention DA 387, 393

points of difference between DA 387, 603

two sects at bitter enmity DA 405, 603

united against Christ DA 405, 539

united in opposing apostles AA 60-1

Samaritans cursed by COL 380

self-deceived, thought they served God 5T 690-1

self-righteous, found pleasure in recounting their good deeds 4T 575

John the Baptist spoke plainly to DA 218

prayer of 1T 331

professed Christians who are like 1T 416

self-righteousness of LS 187

haughty, worldly, and hypocritical 5BC 1077

regarded as all-sufficient DA 279

Simon the leper was DA 557

spirit of, beware of manifesting 6T 398

stated hours for prayer among GW 175; MB 83

suffering regarded by, as punishment for sin 3T 88

teachings of, contrary to Scriptures DA 612

tombs of prophets embellished by DA 618

weak and suffering censured by 5T 360

why Christ spoke in parables to 3T 426

widows and orphans robbed by 4T 487

widows induced by, to devote property to religious purposes DA 614

unpardonable sin committed by 5BC 1092

woes pronounced on DA 610-20

worldly honor and prosperity regarded by, as reward of virtue MB 79

worship of God by, self-interest prompted COL 150

worship of God regarded by, as act of merit COL 150


and Sadducees, baptism desired by, for wrong motive TDG 197:2

Christ tempted by, to swerve from His allegiance UL 195:4

disciples exerted influence not interpreted by FW 65:0

evidence of healing of paralytic did not convert FW 68:1

hypocrites distort facts against the faithful as did OHC 359:4

messengers of, Christ’s presence charmed HP 250:3

parable of good shepherd about, but they did not know LHU 197:4

placed themselves beyond reach of salvation CC 284:5

prayer of, avoided in simple prayer as Christ gave TMK 261:4

religious teachers today are as, ignorant of Scriptures TDG 164:2

Sabbath observance unlike teachings of 3SM 259:1

spirit of, at 1888 meetings 3SM 175:0