EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Pharisee spirit - Physical well-being

Pharisee spirit

Pharisee spirit See Pharisaical spirit


Pharmacy See Medical dispensary

Pharpar River

Pharpar River PK 249; 2T 309-10


Phebe, hospitality of 6T 344


Phenice AA 155


Philadelphia, church of, symbolic AA 585; GC 430

Philadelphia, Penn.

Philadelphia, Penn. Ev 34, 394, 401; GC 360

third angel’s message should be proclaimed with power in 9T 99


Philanthropists, Christian, need of CH 320


Philanthropy, union with Christ cannot be formed by 5T 48-9


piety not replaced by; constantly depend on God TDG 80:4


Philemon, Christian in Colosse AA 456-60

Philemon, Epistle to

Philemon, Epistle to AA 456-60

Paul wrote, at Rome AA 456

Onesimus was bearer of AA 456


Philip, apostle 5BC 1141; DA 139-41, 292-3, 296, 365, 663; Ed 86; Ev 446; FE 365; MH 45; SC 78; 1SM 414-5; 6T 37-8, 428


unbelief of, grieved Christ RC 354:2


Philip, deacon and evangelist AA 106-9, 397; 6BC 1057; MH 179, 473; 8T 58-9


angel assigned work to; Ethiopian responded HP 103:4

conformity to God’s will learned by HP 103:5

Philip II

Philip II, Holland under, martyrdom of Christians under GC 240

Philippi (in Macedonia)

Philippi (in Macedonia), Paul, Silas, and Luke went from Troas to AA 211; COL 78

labors of Paul and Silas at AA 211-20; COL 78; EW 203-5; GC 512, 516

Paul and Silas imprisoned at AA 213-4, 500; Ed 66; EW 204-5; GC 512, 627; MB 35; ML 20; SR 312; 3T 406

Luke labored with Paul at CH 498

Paul and Silas left, for Thessalonica AA 221

Luke left by Paul to labor at Ev 544; MH 141

Luke labored several years at Ev 544; MH 141

Paul met by Timothy at AA 323

Paul tarried to keep Passover at AA 390

Paul and Luke went from, to Troas AA 391

Paul wrote Second Epistle to Corinthians at AA 323-4; 6BC 1107


apostles viewed labors in, as not in vain RC 343:5

gifts from brethren at, to Paul HP 306:4

Philippian church

Philippian church, contributed to Paul’s support in ministry AA 348, 350

gifts sent by, to Paul at Rome AA 479; 6BC 1059

membership of, increased steadily AA 218

most liberal of churches in supplying Paul’s wants AA 479

most loving and truehearted of Paul’s converts AA 390-1

persecution suffered by AA 218-9; MB 35

Philippian jailer

Philippian jailer, conversion of AA 216-8, 426; Ed 66-7; EW 204-5, 234; SR 312

Philippians, Epistle to

Philippians, Epistle to AA 479-84

Epaphroditus was bearer of AA 479

Paul wrote AA 218-9

at Rome AA 463-4, 479-80, 484; MB 34-5

Philips, Bro.

Philips, Bro. 2SG 147


Philistia, pride of, would not acknowledge Israel’s God PP 588

sojourn of David and his men in PP 672-3

tribute paid to Jehoshaphat by PK 192

why Israel was not led through, from Egypt to Canaan PP 282; 3SG 231; SR 120-1

Philistine, Philistines

Philistine, Philistines, ark of covenant captured by PK 415-6; PP 514, 583-8, 591, 622; 4aSG 105-8; SR 185-7; 4T 200, 516

ark of covenant regarded by, as god of Israel PP 583; SR 187

ark of covenant returned to Israel by MH 436; PP 588, 706; 4aSG 109-10; SR 190; 8T 283-4

ark of covenant seven months among PP 586; SR 188

ark of covenant used by God to punish PP 585

David a refugee among, until King Saul’s death PP 672-3; 4aSG 83

David defeated PP 703-4

David’s war against, for hand of King Saul’s daughter PP 652

God used, to punish Israel PP 585, 590

God’s long-suffering toward PP 587

God’s name dishonored by PP 682

gods of, Dagon the most popular of 4aSG 107; SR 188

victory over Samson ascribed to PP 566

hill fortresses in Israel held by, in King Saul’s time PP 616

idols of, people southwest of Israel worshiped PP 557

in Samson’s time, well acquainted with God’s law 2BC 1007

in Samuel’s time, did not have knowledge of God’s law PP 706

Israel cowed by, when King Saul began to reign PP 617; 4aSG 68-9

Israel did not dispossess, in Joshua’s time PP 511

Israel oppressed by, in days of early judges PP 545, 557-9

Israel routed, when David slew Goliath PP 644-8; 4aSG 79-82

Israel subjected by, in Eli’s time PP 583-91; 4aSG 105-6; SR 185-7

20 years PP 590; SR 191

Jonathan routed, at Michmash 2BC 1015; PP 616-7, 622-4; 4aSG 70-2

in second year of King Saul’s reign PP 616

Judah not opposed by, in making David king PP 698

Keilah delivered from, by David 2BC 1021; PP 660

King Saul defeated and slain by PP 675, 681-2, 695-6, 713; 4aSG 83-4

plagues of Egypt remembered by PP 586

Samson’s experiences with 2BC 1006-7; PP 457, 560-7

Shiloh ruined by PP 514

strongholds taken from Israel surrendered by PP 591

terrible storm at Mizpeh routed PP 590-1, 616

territory of PP 511, 557

divided into provinces PP 565

why Exodus route was not through PP 282; 3SG 231; SR 121

Timnath a town of PP 562

Zorah was near PP 562

Philistine lords

Philistine lords, superstition of PP 587

Philistine oppression

Philistine oppression, early years of, Samson born in PP 560

Philistine priests

Philistine priests, in Samuel’s time, influence of Exodus upon PP 369

Phillips, Anna

Phillips, Anna, visions of 2SM 85-95


work of, without endorsement of heaven TSB 109:1

Philosopher, Philosophers

Philosopher, Philosophers, ambition that leads people to become acquainted with MH 442; 8T 307

ancient, boasted of their wisdom 1SM 249

prided themselves on their superior knowledge 6BC 1068; 1SM 295

Athenian, Paul’s meeting with AA 235-6; MH 214

clinging to his earthly idols AA 273

Epicurean and Stoic, Paul’s meeting with AA 235-6

god of many, little better than Baal GC 583

heathen, early church influenced by teachings of GC 58; SR 333

in all ages, presented theories to satisfy soul’s need DA 478

Scriptures more valuable as educating power than writings of CT 428; FE 542

in difficulty, try to satisfy their minds without appealing to God CT 440; FE 409

in Noah’s day, said world could not be destroyed by flood PP 103

learned, revelations given beyond imagination of TDG 350:4

Moses without peer as PP 246

mysterious entrance of animals into ark could not be explained by PP 98

mystery of Hebrew economy studied by DA 33

opinions of, trusted more than are testimonies of Spirit 5T 79

trusted more than is Bible truth PK 178; 5T 79

proud, God expects repentance unto salvation from AA 239

ranging through universe, and fails to behold God GW 18; 4T 526

scientific, Paul did not come to churches as 6BC 1084

so-called, result of following opinions of a few PK 178; 5T 79

turns from light of salvation because it puts his theories to shame AA 273

unmindful of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem GC 314

who dies without hope GW 18; 4T 526

wise men from East were DA 59; GC 315

wisest, humblest forms of life present problem that cannot be explained by SC 106

See also Book

Philosophical error, Philosophical errors

Philosophical error, Philosophical errors, religious error combined with 5T 390

Philosophical idol

Philosophical idol, adored in place of God 5T 174

enthroned in place of God GC 583

Philosophical necessity

Philosophical necessity, entrenched in heart’s corruptions 1T 441

Philosophical problems

Philosophical problems, difficulties met in studying Scriptures cannot be mastered by methods used for GC 599

Philosophical reasoning

Philosophical reasoning, Satan meets educated people with GC 600

Philosophical speculation, Philosophical speculations

Philosophical speculation, Philosophical speculations, cold, injury caused by CT 423-4

dangerous, physicians warned against 1SM 197

skeptics made by MH 439

youth made skeptics by 8T 305

Philosophical theory, Philosophical theories

Philosophical theory, Philosophical theories, heart cannot be satisfied by COL 40

Philosophy, Philosophies

1. Kinds of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Kinds of

apart from Christ, is foolishness MM 97

blind, class who cast God’s word behind them to follow their 3SG 94

boasted, antediluvians misled by PP 103-4

Christ’s, study MH 459-60

deceptive, in last days SR 60-1

men will be led by, to rebel against God PP 89

men will carry out 3SG 59

deepest, mysteries that cannot be explained by 1SM 218

divine, foundation of Daniel’s education FE 194

ensnaring, which pleases carnal heart 6BC 1069

false, net spread by Satan to catch unwary souls TM 282

SDA children should receive instruction free from errors of TM 27

falsely called, students’ minds too often occupied with COL 25

genuine, truth for this time is 8T 211

God’s, rule of Christian’s life ML 73; 8T 193

great men’s, ventilated in regard to heavens and earth FE 409

Greek, Christ taught truth to people not educated in Ev 55-6

human: as idle fables DA 620

attempts to explain incomprehensible mysteries GC 522

Bible study more valuable than GC 94; GW 100; PP 599

class who fall prey to specious errors in 6BC 1069

has not discovered more than God knows AH 306

in place of divine revelation in education in Christ’s time Ed 74

natural pride of opinion leads men to cling to 7BC 906

Satan would put, where divine philosophy should be MH 243; MM 111

Spirit’s workings cannot be explained by AA 284

studied under training of Satan CW 109

moral, should be combined with studies usually taken in school 5T 522

most profound, God’s word contains FE 432

Scriptures contain Ed 125

narrow, danger lurks in MH 129

natural, treasury from which men may draw 3BC 1144; SD 75

of health: important study for children 2SM 443

inform yourself re CH 37

need of understanding CT 138

safeguard against many evils CT 138; 7T 63

of Him who is truth, study 8T 319

of history, Bible reveals the true Ed 173

what constitutes understanding of Ed 175; PK 502

of human nature, leading to shame and confusion 7BC 906; MH 465; 8T 322

of man’s conjectures, do not study MH 459-60; 8T 319

of phrenology and animal magnetism, perils attending study of 1T 297-8

thousands driven into infidelity by 1T 297

of science of mind cure, masterpiece of satanic deception 2SM 349

of worldly-wise men, may God deliver us from 4T 541

pagan: doctrine of natural immortality was borrowed from GC 58, 551

early church accepted doctrines of GC 58; SR 333

SDA schools should give pure education unmixed with CT 390; FE 388

what distinguishes believer in Bible from believer in MM 89

Pharisees’, threadbare and hoary with age DA 326

rationalistic, of schoolmen opposed by Luther (Martin) with word of God GC 193

scholastic, SDA are not to institute schools of 8T 305

scientific and fanciful, how God would keep us from spirit of MM 168

leads men astray 2SM 160

sound, given to SDA on health reform by God 3T 162

that all are bound by sacred obligations to heed CH 21

specious, warning not to listen to 1SM 198

speculative, Wycliffe (John) studied GC 80

true, cross of Calvary is SD 231

danger of accepting superstition and error mingled with FE 171

God’s word is CT 433; Ev 474

vain: men charmed with their 3SG 40-1; SR 34

of Egyptians PP 266; SR 116

puffs men up COL 104

representing path to hell as a path of safety Ev 609

Satan uses, to ensnare souls 1SM 270

spiritualism as 1T 300

valued more than God’s word by some men 7BC 950

teachings of, class puffed up by 4T 586

worldly-wise men’s, may God deliver us from 4T 541

2. Miscellaneous

arguments of proud, Paul put to silence AA 462

bewildering mazes of, many of Isaiah’s time led away by PK 373

bloom and verdure of, thorns of skepticism concealed by FE 541-2

books of: not equal to Bible as textbook in SDA schools CT 422

searching of, cannot do for mind and morals what Bible can do FE 130

that SDA schools should not use CT 187

thorns of skepticism partly concealed in CT 187

controlling men, Luther (Martin) opposed GC 126

erroneous idea re COL 110

erroneous theories of, re man’s origin 7BC 906

faith in Scriptures destroyed by AA 474

garments of, thorns of error, skepticism, and infidelity covered by 7BC 906

God’s ways and works cannot be determined by 6BC 1079

halls of, can give no course of study equal to Christ’s teachings CT 511

intellectual strength gained from Bible study cannot be imparted by MYP 254

is important study FE 192

Lord’s, is rule of Christian life 8T 193

mazes of, many souls wander in PP 432

Paul matched philosophy with, at Athens AA 236, 244; 6BC 1084; Ed 67; MH 214; SR 312

plan of redemption cannot be explained by DA 494

rationalistic, Luther (Martin) used God’s word in meeting GC 193

reasoning of, fear of God’s judgments banished by PP 104

study of, Greeks attached importance to AA 244

system of, Scriptures contain simple and complete CT 422; FE 129

system of intellectual, which SDA must shun 1SM 204

vain deceit and 1T 290-302

why some cannot harmonize Scriptures with their ideas of 1SM 42


confusion from, when without God UL 156:3

error and skepticism disguised by UL 156:5

false, schools were needed to protect children from CET 197:1

foolishness apart from Christ TDG 324:3


plainly outlined in His Word TDG 355:2

revealed in experience of Israel UL 341:6

halls of, Christ’s training of disciples superior to TMK 189:3

increase of vain, drifting from landmarks Con 69:0

infidel, See Authors, infidel

mind, science of godliness to be studied with 2MCP 783:2

pride of opinion leads to clinging to HP 349:3

scientific spiritualistic UL 251:3

shame from, when God has not been recognized 3SM 310:3

study, from God’s word not from many other books TMK 201:3


brings intimate relation with God UL 276:4

from nature UL 167:6

vain, makes Scripture knowledge important OHC 37:3

valued, more than the Word of God TMK 206:3

Word of God contains simple and complete system of LHU 130:5

See also Christ, religion of; Religion; Theories


Phinehas, Eleazar’s son, priest PP 455-6, 518-20

Phinehas (son of Eli)

Phinehas (son of Eli), wife of, died in childbirth PP 585; 4aSG 106; SR 187

feared God PP 585

See also Hophni and Phinehas


Phoenicia AA 19; DA 399-403; GC 583; MB 4; PK 56, 63

Baal the sun-god of GC 583

king of, aided in building Solomon’s temple PK 63; 2SM 175


Phoenicians, Jews among, in Christ’s time DA 399-400

Phoenician woman

Phoenician woman, widow of Zarephath (Sarepta) was 6T 345-6 See also Zarephath


Phonography, sermon reported by 1T 579

Photograph, Photographs

Photograph, Photographs, making of MYP 316-9

that is species of idolatry CS 295; MYP 316; 2SM 317

money unwisely spent for CS 295; MYP 316, 318; 2SM 317; 1T 500

of every man’s character, God has perfect 5BC 1085; ML 291

of God, Christ is only perfect 7BC 906

of nude females, sale of 2T 410

youth like to see their 1T 500

See also Picture

Photographic plate

Photographic plate, countenance stamped on CT 143

men’s lives as accurately recorded in heaven as if on 7BC 987; TM 429-30

polished, artist reproducing face on 7BC 972


life record compared to Mar 340


Phrases bordering on profanity, God condemns Ed 236

Phrenological lectures

Phrenological lectures, used to ensnare God’s people 1T 551


Phrenology, lectures on, seductive influence of 1T 551

science of, Satan exploits MYP 57; 2SM 351-2; 1T 290-1, 296-7


preach the word instead of, as last message to world TDG 119:3


Phrygia AA 207, 281


Phthisic, prayer for healing from 2T 349 See also Consumption; Tuberculosis


Phurah, Gideon’s attendant PP 550


Phygellus, Paul’s friend AA 490

Phylactery, Phylacteries

Phylactery, Phylacteries, Jews wore DA 612-3 See also Parchment strip


See Needs, physical

Physical ailment

Physical ailment See Ailment; Disease; Sickness

Physical breakdown

Physical breakdown, minister who was on verge of 4T 271-3

premature, constant and excessive labor causes 1T 517-8

office workers warned against 1T 519

sudden, mental anxiety that prepares way for 4T 272

treatment of persons who have suffered 1T 555-6

Physical culture

Physical culture, correct posture and stance in, aim at Ed 198

essential part of all right methods of education FE 425

importance of FE 425-8

interruption of school routine by, is not a real hindrance Ed 213

students need to see importance of Ed 198-9

teachers and students profit by Ed 213

teaching of Ed 198-9

voice training has important place in Ed 199

Physical development

Physical development, correct model for MH 292

Physical exertion

Physical exertion, persons broken down by, treatment of 1T 556

Physical feebleness

Physical feebleness See Feebleness

Physical habit

Physical habit See Habit

Physical health

Physical health See Health

Physical influence

Physical influence See Influence

Physical labor

Physical labor See Work

Physical law

Physical law See Law

Physical life

Physical life See Life

Physical organs

Physical organs, do not leave, to rust from inaction 4T 408

strength of, invent plans to help children develop 2SM 321

Physical organism

Physical organism See Organism

Physical power, Physical powers

Physical power, Physical powers, arouse, for gospel work 5T 381

Christ used His, healthfully and not recklessly DA 72

cultivate, to reach highest efficiency SD 314

devotion of, to amusements FE 229

do not neglect 4T 561

do not waste or misapply 6T 441

efficiency of, depends largely on health MYP 235

exercise of, necessary to their full and proper development 4T 410

failure to strengthen, children ruined for life by 3T 137

habitual use of flesh food depreciates 2T 64

improvement of, men are accountable to God for 4T 654

inactive, overtaxed brain accompanied by 3T 149-50

inactivity of, invalids kept feeble by 4T 95

indulgence that weakens, is forbidden 4T 33

lessening of, mental feebleness follows FE 427

love to God should bring, into service FE 314

men are depreciating in ML 97

men are responsible for use made of 5T 179

men of good, should educate themselves both to think and act 3T 158

mental and, use proportionately FE 543; SD 171; 5T 522

misuse of: by disregarding nature’s laws MYP 235

life is shortened by MYP 235

unfits man for service MYP 235

moral and, great sympathy exists between 3T 51

must not rust by inaction 5T 179

need to be trained, disciplined, and developed 5T 522

new endowment of, gospel worker may constantly receive GW 112

persons who constantly receive DA 827

overtaxed, treatment of persons of MH 238-9

present generation is feeble in 4T 30

preserve, in best condition possible PP 362; 5T 193

relation of the mental to, parents should study MH 380

Satan seeks to enfeeble and degrade man’s MH 130; PK 488

Spirit endows men with 6T 306

wine injures PK 482

youth should be taught how to preserve and use FE 425

Physical prostration

Physical prostration See Prostration

Physical sensibility, Physical sensibilities

Physical sensibility, Physical sensibilities, wrong habits of life lessen 1T 470

Physical strength

Physical strength See Strength

Physical system

Physical system, health of, mental condition has much to do with 4T 60

law established by God to govern 6T 136

Physical taxation

Physical taxation, combine, with mental effort TM 241-2

Physical training

Physical training, begin, with little child in home FE 425

begun at home, should be continued in school FE 426

child should be carefully trained in CT 108

conducted properly, prepares man for mental taxation TM 241

easier to give, than spiritual training CT 108

importance of FE 71-6

important place should be occupied by, in education FE 59

needed for developing body CT 108

neglect of, results of FE 426

students need time for CG 342; FE 146

students should not be permitted to neglect CG 342; FE 146

See also Manual training

Physical vigor

Physical vigor See Vigor

Physical well-being

Physical well-being, God has given His people instruction necessary for their 5T 542