EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Perfectionism - Persecution


Perfectionism, so-called, warning against EW 101-2

Perfect overcomer

Perfect overcomer, privilege and duty to be 3T 107

Perfect righteousness

Perfect righteousness, condition of eternal life under grace is MB 76

Perfect whole

Perfect whole, God’s work is, because it is perfect in every part MYP 144


wrong, lessons taught by Con 68:1


Perfume, bottle of, religion should not be preserved as 4T 555

God’s love and grace should pervade family circle as AH 17

holy, of Christ’s character TM 357

let gratitude as sweet, ascend to heaven MH 253

of good deeds and truthful acts, makes God’s people of good repute 4T 356

sacred, love expressed by Christ is as 5BC 1137

sweet, life that brings COL 102

little things that breathe AH 427

See also Incense


Perga, Paul and Barnabas in AA 169-70

Peril, Perils

Peril, Perils, attending God’s people at every step, none of us realize 3T 560

by land and sea, judgments of God seen in 5T 136

Christ directs men to Source of strength during 2T 205

Christ would not put Himself in, to please Satan SD 211

church needs leaders who can be depended on during 2T 637-8

do not needlessly place yourself in 3T 482

fearful, before workers bearing responsibility in God’s work 2SM 391

gospel will be carried forward in midst of DA 678

great, God’s people are in 5T 277-8

greater, before us 1T 260

greater now than in pioneer days 5T 162

greatest, God will not fail church during PK 538

is when men receive praise of one another 5T 133

lie in path which Satan invites souls to travel 3T 456

men whom God cannot use during PK 142

of last days, God’s people live amid LS 429; 2SM 392; 2T 468; 5T 429

upon God’s people CT 327; 1SM 87; 2SM 47; 1T 269; TM 118

youth’s only safety in SD 136

paths of life beset with 3BC 1143

persons weak in faith will not stand test during 5T 273

security in, how to have 3T 572

signs of approaching, people who walk in light will see 5T 209

spiritual condition that is one of ML 92

stand firmly for right during PK 142

surrounding church today, warnings re AA 474

surrounding God’s people MM 326

threatening great cities of America CH 556

time of, God’s people live in 5T 232, 278

just before second advent COL 411; SD 54

man who cannot be trusted in PP 549

time of great, for God’s people 2SM 79

time of unusual, learn to stand alone in TM 490

unseen, God delivers men from DA 348

See also Danger


God saves from, through trials UL 65

God sees OHC 314:4

opinions changed in time of, by many professed believers TDG 314:3

time of,

deep experience needed for OHC 351:6

not answering God’s call in UL 66:5

See also Danger

Perilous times

Perilous times 1T 268-70

before us CH 504; GW 308; 8T 298

Christ our only refuge in 4T 210

Christian’s solemn responsibility in these 2T 126

for church, Peter foretold AA 524

God’s people have fallen upon 2T 478

God’s people live in AH 341; Ev 297; MYP 347; 2SM 71

lot of God’s people is cast in 5T 525

parents should be awake in CG 474

upon us FE 530; 9T 270

we live in CW 35


Period, of overwhelming interest to all living, soon to open before them 5T 753

Periodical, Periodicals

1. Secular

2. Seventh-day Adventist

3. Seventh-day Adventist (articles in)

4. Miscellaneous

1. Secular

arouse passion by publishing exciting stories AH 406

articles in, that are injurious to children and youth AH 415; Ed 189-90

Christian families who read MYP 279

educate people in vice and crime 3T 471-2

keep the base and vile before people AH 406; PP 459

large share of, are like frogs of Egypt Ed 189-90

most, destroy relish for useful and instructive reading CW 133-4

influence of, tends to make God’s word distasteful CW 133-4

objectionable features of CW 134

running continued stories, objections to CT 132; FE 162; MYP 279

SDA doctrines should be given publicity in CW 141

SDA parents who subscribe to AH 415

that are unclean and degrading Ed 189-90

2. Seventh-day Adventist

affirmative side of Bible truth should appear in CW 105

aid in miss. work CW 112

appeals in, need of plain, simple, and earnest CW 20

are one and must remain one CW 78

Bible studies needed in CW 20

circulation of, increased to hundreds of thousands of copies LS 195; 1T 105

communications needed in, from gospel workers in all parts of world 7T 157

condemnatory speeches must not appear in CW 65

constant reference to worldly authors by, caution against CW 117

contents of CW 19-20

contributors to CW 98-9

should be controlled by Spirit CW 122

definite and far-reaching work to be done by CW 14

do not devote, to praise of men CW 98-9

do not mix the common with the sacred in 7T 153

doctrines of present truth needed in CW 94

encouraging experiences that should be reported in CW 174

evangelizing ministry of, world is to receive light of truth through ChS 146; CM 145; 9T 61

fragments of, should be regarded as of value CM 151

God’s name should be glorified in all that appears in CW 117

gospel message needed in, that will save souls CW 93

hard expressions should not appear in CW 65

health: all Sabbathkeepers should circulate CH 462

circulate, among neighbors ChS 219; CH 462

read and study Ev 50

Sabbathkeepers should study and practice instruction in ChS 219; CH 462

sale of, by colporteurs CH 462-3

should occupy field at same time that others do CH 447

ideas of education held by world’s wise men should not be advocated by CW 117

illustrations used in CW 167-76

that are imposition on public CW 171

instruction that should be repeated often in CW 24

leaders in transgression of God’s law should not be extolled by CW 100

let God be honored in all CW 117

lives of men should not be published by CW 117

living and earnest matter needed in 7T 155

load, with vital truth for people 7T 150

long accounts of war should not be repeated in CW 20

making pictures for, grows into unsanctified ambition CW 169

minds should be drawn to words of eternal life by CW 148

must prepare people to stand in day of God CW 78-9

never print in, anything that lowers God’s standard for His people CW 175

no room should be given in, to repeating of erroneous theories CW 94

no rough or uncouth presentation should find place in CW 18

no sharp thrusts, bitter criticisms, or cutting sarcasm should appear in 7T 155

offering of gifts and premiums with, has no permanent influence for good 5T 401

parents who think they cannot pay for AH 415

people at camp meetings should be taught how to use, in miss. work 9T 82-3

personal thrusts should not be given in CW 66-7

phases of solemn truth should not be presented by, in light manner CW 22

pictures used in season and out by some CW 172

prices of 7T 159-60

low 5T 401

too much reduction in, caution against 7T 159-60

productions in, that reveal blindness of spiritual discernment CW 101

publication of: means needed for 4T 118

plans for, perfect agreement should exist in 9T 70

should be kept on paying basis 7T 159-60

publish in, simple and true miss. experiences from all parts of world CW 148

publish truth in, and not error CW 93-4

put truth into, against personal hints, references, or insults 7T 156

readers of: need something more than commonplace sermons CW 85-6

reports of gospel work in many places bless CW 18

want instruction CW 25

religious life should not be presented in, as romance CW 21

repetition of Satan’s falsehoods should be kept out of CW 93

reproof should not be given in CW 66-7

sale of: Haskell (S. N.) and wife gave training in Ev 470

many believers can help in CH 435; 9T 63

money for mission work can be secured by CH 435

opens way for Bible studies Ev 470

SDA should be instructed re FE 521

scathing remarks re Roman Catholics should not appear in CW 64-5

selections found in other papers and books need not be repeated in CW 20

sell, on merits of paper itself 5T 401

SDA parents should subscribe to AH 415-6

should breathe same spirit CW 78

should not carry so many notices of unessential books CW 148

should not dwell on spiritualistic theories CW 93

should work together as one in God’s service CW 78

sinfulness of exalting in, such men as Shakespeare CW 173

space in, matter of real worth should occupy 7T 157

too precious for articles that are not best CW 19

special subject in, perpetuity of God’s law should be CW 97

stories cheap and worthless should find no place in our CW 17

subjects that should be kept out of CW 94

subjects weighty with eternal interests should be presented by CW 19; 7T 157

subscribers for: ministers should obtain 2T 628

obtain 4T 391

SDA women can work efficiently in obtaining ChS 28, 151

subscriptions to 5T 399

do not solicit, for only a few weeks 5T 399

persons who obtain 5T 399

yearly, are recommended 5T 399

two leading, at variance with each other CW 78

two subjects that should be especially dwelt upon in 7T 157-8

use of, in restaurant work 7T 123

variance between, should not be seen CW 78

warning message must be kept before people by CW 174

wheat pure and thoroughly winnowed is needed in 7T 153

wise use of, preach God’s word by CM 145; 9T 62

third angel’s message should be preached by ChS 146-7; 9T 62

wonders of redemption should be dwelt on more in CW 80

word of bitterness found in, Satan rejoices over one CW 65

work and characters of men in positions of influence should not be exalted in FE 480

world is to receive light of truth through 9T 61

writer for See Periodical writer; Writer

3. Seventh-day Adventist (articles in) 7T 155

best, space is too precious for anything but CW 19

character of CW 17-27

should be such as will arouse people to sense their peril CW 21

Christless, that are like Cain’s offering CW 80

coarse in any way, editors should reject CW 18

controversial matters should not crowd living experiences out of CW 25

free and heartfelt, are needed CW 87

free from all chaff and stubble, need of CW 19

full of practical, elevating, ennobling thoughts are needed CW 19

harsh and cutting words should be kept out of Ev 304; 9T 244

higher purpose must be served by, than to fill up space CW 25

indiscriminate class of, do not publish CW 17

instructing and encouraging God’s people, need of CW 87

interesting and spiritual, needed from SDA ministers CW 86-7

living religious experiences should be reported in form of CW 20; 7T 157

lofty words reaching to third heavens should not be used in CW 87

long and wordy, injure truth 2T 671

material for: Christian Education by EGW contains rich supply of CW 25

discrimination needed in choice of CW 17, 113

that can be found for CW 17

EGW’s writings contain CW 25

mediocre, bad effects of CW 86

no drop of gall should appear in CW 65-6; 6T 123

no human beings should be lauded in CW 19, 117-8

of fiction, no space should be given to CW 17

of romance, no space should be given to CW 17-8, 21, 23; 7T 157

of some SDA pioneers, reprint CW 26

on practical subjects: needed as well as those on doctrinal subjects 4T 599

needed to help people deal with life’s problems CW 18

on second advent of Christ, need of more CW 81-2

one drop of gall in, poisons reader CW 65-6; 6T 123

people should be helped by, to battle with life’s stern realities CW 87

pointed and well-written, needed on health CD 461-2

pure provender needed in, that is thoroughly winnowed CW 18

saving truths for this time should be presented in CW 14

savoring of pharisaism CW 66

short: experiences from SDA ministers are needed in form of CW 18

report real experiences in simple words in form of CW 18; 7T 157

truth should be presented in clear and distinct lines in CW 97

EGW’s reply to request for CW 25

short and interesting, need of 4T 599

short and spiritual, need of CW 85

short sentences make, more interesting CW 128

should help, teach, and strengthen readers CW 19

should not be: long CW 84-5

prosy CW 128-9

should not consist of: long discussions 4T 599

long doctrinal arguments 4T 599

should show purity, elevation, and holiness on part of writers CW 18

spicy with fragrance of pure truth, need of CW 129

spirituality needed in CW 85

strongly antagonistic, cautions against CW 66

that could not benefit readers CW 17

tone of, that savors of pharisaism CW 66

truth should be presented by, in Bible style CW 23

in such manner that it will carry weight with readers CW 22

truth should not be presented in, in style of romance CW 21, 23

vital godliness needed in CW 25

when evangelists should not write Ev 656

EGW’s, that should be reprinted CW 145-6

JW wrote, on dinner-box cover 1T 91

written by men under Spirit’s influence, need of CW 19, 117-8, 122

written by some persons to attract attention to themselves 5T 159

written with Christlike simplicity, need of CW 19

4. Miscellaneous

containing error, travel all over country 4T 391; 5T 681

edited by Eli Curtis 1SM 60-1

editors of, wrong to print certain report TSB 181:4

See also Paper; Publication

Periodical editor

Periodical editor See Editor

Periodical writer, Periodical writers

Periodical writer, Periodical writers CW 85; 7T 157

lofty words reaching to third heavens should not be used by CW 87

need to be controlled by Spirit CW 117-8, 122

should dwell little on objections or arguments of opponents 7T 156

should preserve unity among themselves 7T 156

Sunday can be used by, for writing 9T 233

tastes of some, need to be educated and refined CW 17

unkind thrusts and allusions should not be made by 9T 240-1

who give counsel and rules for other ministers 5T 517-8

who might do better at some other work CW 19


working for, in this time of respite Mar 174:5, 266:5


Perjurers, Ananias and Sapphira were AA 75-6


Perjury, Peter reflected with horror upon his DA 713-4

priests willing to commit, to secure Christ’s death DA 726

spirit of, among church members 5T 94-5

veiled by technical evasion of law, Jews did not shrink from MB 66


Permanency, in what God does 5T 647


excessive love for, ruins thousands OHC 79:4


Permission, God’s, nothing can happen without ML 291

nothing can touch the faithful except by MH 489


danger in, for children 3SM 225:4


Perplexed, when, flee to Christ 2T 81

Perplexing problems

Perplexing problems, solution to your MB 101

Perplexity, Perplexities

Perplexity, Perplexities, bring your, to Christ 5T 200-1

children may bring their, to Christ MYP 123

children naturally consult mother in little matters of 2SM 439

children’s, mothers’ duty re AH 197

Christ honored when men bring to Him their 8T 177

Christ’s lesson of rebuke to SC 124

Christ’s promise to His people in SD 27

Christian beset with 1T 544

Christians who meet GW 269

Christians will have, even when they do their best 4T 555

Christians would become self-sufficient if they had no 2SM 157

confusion and, days fast approaching when there will be 5T 80

significance of reports of 8T 49

criticisms and complaint do not bring relief to brethren in 6T 455

daily, Christ lifts soul above MB 12

Daniel always turned to God in time of PK 493

distress and, dream re God’s people thrown into 2T 596

distressing, youth to be brought into 1T 269

do not let, fret your mind and cloud your brow AH 430; ML 195

do not pour your, into minds of others 5T 725

each day has its SC 121-2

encourage one another in time of 3T 439; 9T 8

everyday life brings 3T 81

expect new, in coming conflict SC 125

faithless heart’s, Christ’s rebuke to CS 227

father should not bring home his 2SM 439

firmness that develops power is needed in MH 500

God a friend in SD 16

God invites men to present to Him their COL 172

God knows every 4T 237

God sees man’s TM 484

God’s promise to strengthen and guide His children in SD 152

gospel can make plain many a MH 363

gospel workers meeting PK 595

great, closing gospel work will meet with Ev 65; 8T 254

heavy burdens of, lay aside your 3T 384

hold still if you are in 5T 572

home and family circle too sacred to be marred by ML 198

how God’s people are to meet SD 215

how men become entangled in MH 249

how to make, vanish DA 330; MH 481

how to meet 4BC 1160

in God’s providence here, made plain hereafter 9T 286

in land, EGW was shown 1T 260

increasing, God’s work will experience 9T 8

little respite can be expected during TM 200

irritating AH 217

lack of faith and trust brings 2T 140

lay your, at Christ’s feet and leave them there MH 249; 4T 432

at God’s feet TM 519

learn to carry your, to God TM 478

life’s, must be met SD 89

made plain in world to come Ed 305

light from heaven illuminates darkness of souls who go forward in 4T 147

mind distressed by, effects of beams of Sun of righteousness on 1SM 184

mothers should come to Christ with their MH 42

moving from impulse leads to 2T 433

moving from principle saves much 2T 433

nervous diseases caused by 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

never allow, to lead to neglect of prayer 1T 151

to make you fretful and impatient 8T 191

not too difficult for God to unravel SC 100

numerous, gospel workers must wrestle with 7T 54

of all parts of world, should not be sent to Gen. Conf. TM 326-7

Paul beset by AA 325

persons who can save themselves much 1T 509

prayer by souls almost overwhelmed with PK 631

prayer for time of 2SM 391

privilege of taking, to God in prayer MM 16; 2SM 238

providence of God leads men through PK 577-8

remember in, that God has His angels still LS 285

riches cause many 2T 652

safe rule to follow amid all PK 83

Satan uses, to divert minds from Christ SC 71

scarcely dreamed of, before God’s people 9T 43

scenes of, in every soul’s experience AA 521; 5T 578

Scriptures a friend and guide in CT 138; 1T 242

seek counsel from God when in 2SM 272

seek to throw off your 2T 319

souls that rush on in their own wisdom until confused with 2T 606

Spirit our guide in ML 290

take your, to Christ 2T 118-9

to God ChS 261; SC 100

terrible, souls finally victorious will have seasons of MYP 63

there will be, on every hand SD 354

time(s) of, lift your soul to God in songs of thanksgiving during 7T 237

soul that Christ will keep in DA 369

upon God’s people Ev 18

trust in God needed in MH 500; 3T 494

unbelieving world will soon experience 1T 268

unwarranted cause of 5T 702

useful experience gained by 2T 282

vital forces often sapped by 3BC 1146; LS 270-1

what to do when beset by MH 250, 512; MYP 107-8

whatever their, Christians have a sure Counselor COL 173; GW 263; MH 248-9

whole world will be involved in CH 504

why God permits His children to be beset by MH 470-2

why ministers should not be discouraged in 2T 509

why some people are confused by LS 200

will increase LS 437; SC 96-7; SD 215; 2SM 406

to very close of time TM 200

world’s, many aching hearts have accepted MH 481

young men meeting GW 106-7

zeal and warm affections developed in true believers by SL 12


advancement toward a holy standard despite 1MCP 105:0

assurance in the Lord’s willingness to help you in TDG 82:3

business, absorb time leaving none for Christ 1MCP 128:1


is helper in, for those who love and obey TDG 142:3

sympathizes in our TMK 341:3

to be shown to those with, for strength TDG 168:5

was weighed with, as humans are today TDG 166:2

with you in; talk to Him as to a friend OHC 124:5

Christian and sinner both endure OHC 201:2

Christ’s blood makes ones with, into God’s children 3SM 325:3

committing, to Christ TMK 190:3

deliverance from, worked out by God UL 46:6

discouragement from dwelling on TMK 179:2

draw near to God in TDG 284:3

dwelling on, brings discouragement OHC 246:2

Ellen White experienced, in not knowing what to do 2MCP 492:4; TDG 191:3


honored by bringing Him our HP 77:2

plans for men to meet UL 116:5

health of one counseled endangered by 2MCP 402:3

heart lifted to God in every; a habit HP 189:2

Jacob knew his, were caused by his sins TDG 323:2

learn to bring, to Jesus UL 320:4

lifting the heart to God in TMK 296:4

Moses wanted to feel divine presence in HP 241:3

new, in coming conflict, but God will help us TDG 58:3

old age should be as free as possible from RY 111:2; TSB 32:2

prayer over, realizing God’s ownership TMK 251:3

preparation to face 1MCP 365:2

take, to the Lord, not to friend or minister 1MCP 262:2

teach Christ’s will and way UL 235:6

true service to God brings UL 35:4

vanish by talk of love and power of Christ TDG 372:3

will, own, followed brings TMK 249:5

See also Burdens; Trials; Worry

Persecuted persons

Persecuted persons, angels have pleaded cause of, in council halls and courts of justice Ed 305

USA as asylum for GC 441

Persecuting power

Persecuting power, beast with lamblike horns represents TM 117


1. Beneficial results of

2. Future (against God’s people)

3. Jewish (against Christians)

4. Pagan (against Christians)

5. Papal (against Christians)

6. Spirit of

7. Time of

8. Miscellaneous


1. Beneficial results of

Christians brought nearer to their rest and reward GC 41

Christians drawn nearer to Christ and to each other GC 42

compliment to God’s faithful sentinels MM 257

deeper piety of church members 9T 228

faithful Christians distinguished from the halfhearted and hypocritical GC 602

God permits, as greatest blessing to His children MB 117

God’s glory revealed in His people AA 576; MB 31

God’s people scattered widely to proclaim truth 6T 478

gospel work given impetus AA 105; GC 252

halfhearted and hypocritical driven from church GC 602

light spread abroad DA 354

purification of church 9T 228

questionable elements purged from church 2SM 368

truth spread abroad AA 103, 105-6, 113, 155; DA 233; GC 196, 219; MB 33; 6T 330

way to freedom opened GC 291

witnesses to truth increased GC 240

work together for good of God’s people MH 489; ML 185

2. Future (against God’s people) AA 431; COL 414-5; PK 512-3, 717

because of: obedience to God’s law DA 763

refusal to accept mark of beast 5T 213

refusal to worship the beast 5T 213

Sabbath observance 7BC 975; EW 33-4; GC 613-6; 9T 229-30

Sabbath truth 7BC 975; EW 33-4; 9T 229-30

See also Sabbath observance

celestial glory will be blended with 9T 16

coming soon to people who proclaim truth 9T 227

coming storm of 6T 401

backsliders will return to Christ during ChS 166

true sheep will hear True Shepherd’s voice during ChS 166

self-denying efforts put forth to save the lost during ChS 166

effect of, upon God’s people GC 602

faith of God’s servants will be tried during GC 608

in massive Roman Catholic structures GC 581; 5T 449-50

in New World, by Protestantism GC 615-6

in Old World, by Romanism GC 615-6

in time of trouble EW 15, 33-4, 282-5; GC 615-6, 618-9, 626-7, 631, 634-6; LS 102; PK 512-3

in USA GC 605; SR 381-2

foretold GC 442

See also United States of America

people true to God will meet GW 264

people who believe and obey God’s word can expect GC 581

Protestant churches will wage GC 592; SR 381-2

rekindling of fires of: revival of early church’s faith and power will be followed by GC 48; SR 325

timeserving concessions of Protestant world will bring 7BC 975; 2SM 368

when popery or its principles are legislated into power 5T 712

remnant church will suffer PK 605-6; 5T 472-3; 9T 231

in near future GC 581; 5T 473; 9T 231

similar to that of Esther’s time PK 605

repetition of past 9T 16

Satan plans to bring 2SM 375; 5T 449-54

Satan will excite AA 431; GC 615

Satan will instigate, against Christ’s followers AA 84-5

3. Jewish (against Christians) AA 102-3; DA 629; GC 615

after Christ’s ascension AA 70; DA 820

in Antioch of Pisidia AA 176

in Iconium AA 177-9

in Jerusalem in A.D. 34 AA 103; GC 328; SR 301

scattered church abroad AA 103, 105-6, 113, 155; DA 233

spread gospel beyond limits of Palestine AA 155

See also Stephen

in Lystra AA 183-4

in reign of Herod Agrippa I AA 143; SR 292

Paul’s participation in AA 102-3, 112-5; 6BC 1057; Ed 65; EW 199-201; SR 267

4. Pagan (against Christians) AA 595; EW 226-7; GC 39, 49; SR 320-1, 326

began under Nero AA 487; GC 40, 78

British churches suffered, in early centuries GC 62

cause of GC 46

cessation of SR 322

changes in Christianity after EW 227; GC 49

perils faced by church after EW 226-7; GC 42

Christ foretold GC 393

1 Peter written when church was soon to undergo AA 528

in first centuries EW 210; GC 39-48, 438

in John’s time AA 581; SL 70

when John was aged 7BC 947

John banished to Isle of Patmos by 7BC 955

John’s, as means of grace 7BC 955

John’s witness for Christ during AA 568

more than half century after organization of church AA 568

sought to destroy gospel GC 240

5. Papal (against Christians) COL 74; DA 631-2; EW 211, 214; GC 54, 591; SR 331-2

captivity of church during long period of PK 714

Christ foretold GC 393

Daniel foretold AA 266

Daniel was shown GC 325

during Dark Ages AA 85

during 1260 years, cut short GC 266-7

sun darkened at close of DA 632; GC 306

See also Prophetic time period

ended prior to 1798 GC 267

future repetition of, in Roman Catholic buildings GC 581; 5T 449-50

in Bohemia GC 97-8, 101, 119

United Brethren suffered GC 119

in France GC 215, 224-9, 271-2

results of GC 278-9

spread light of truth GC 219

under Louis XIV GC 272

in Germany GC 181, 196, 211

in Holland GC 238

in Switzerland GC 211-2

millions of martyrs mangled by GC 59, 631; EW 211

papacy has never renounced claim to the right to wage GC 564

papacy’s determined effort to re-establish GC 565-6

Paul foretold AA 266

pictures of, that should be kept out of SDA books CW 172

priests and popes stirred up EW 221-2

records of, destroyed by papacy GC 61-2

Reformers suffered GC 609; PK 627

Satan instigated TM 473

1,000 years of, such as world had never known DA 631

Waldenses suffered GC 65, 76-8, 577; 1T 371-2

Wycliffe’s followers suffered GC 94-5

6. Spirit of

class against whom, will not be excited MM 256

manifest in all ages PP 77

opposition that leads to, exists today PK 437

Satan inspires AA 431; DA 487

still working AA 85

when truth awakens EW 274

will be revived GC 48

will become more determined 7BC 950

works still in children of disobedience AA 85

7. Time of

angels minister to God’s children during LS 290

be prudent and cautious during 9T 236

broad shield of Omnipotence over God’s people during 2SM 373

Christ’s example during, for Christians to follow 1SM 70

Christians fled from Europe to America during GC 296

Christian’s duty during 2SM 369-70

church was pure during EW 222; GC 44

class who lose courage and faith during ChS 91

country is more favorable place than city during 2SM 359

do not faint during MB 32

do not hide banner during 9T 230

duty of God’s people during 9T 230, 239-44

fervent prayer needed during 2SM 372

God would not have Christians carelessly sacrifice their lives during 9T 236

God’s provision for His church during TM 404-5

great reward awaits faithful who witness for Christ during MB 34

how God turns tide of battle during 5T 137

many souls will give up truth during GC 602; Ev 360-1; 2SM 268; 4T 89

miss. zeal of early Christians during AA 106

Reformers’ faithfulness during PK 627

religion should not fail Christian during 5T 135

Satan failed to crush out truth by GC 298; SR 354

stand firm for God during 9T 230

sufferings and loyalty of Christians during GC 41

true Christians stand firm as rock during GC 602

8. Miscellaneous

absence of, how church is affected by Ev 360; 2SM 368

advocates of truth will suffer, as long as sin and sinners remain GC 507

against God’s people, angels faithfully record EW 222

against His people, Christ put to open shame by TM 39

against John Huss, helped to spread gospel GC 101

against the faithful, by hypocrites PP 608

against the righteous by the wicked was foreshown SR 54

all imbued with Spirit of Christ can expect AA 576; MB 29

all who obey God’s word will suffer 7BC 976

among church members, most terrible thing TM 186

ancient witnesses for God endured AA 575

angels help the faithful to endure EW 226

apostles were to endure AA 21; PK 437

believers deprived of home by 2T 27

cannot separate soul from love of Christ AA 85

centuries of fierce, establishment of Christian church was followed by AA 597

character of, changes with times AA 576; MB 29

Christ did not hasten DA 451

Christ did not unnecessarily expose Himself to DA 355

Christ endured, and much more MM 257

Christ suffers, in person of His followers GC 271-2

Christ’s example under, as lesson for ministers 4T 379

Christ’s words for those who suffer 5BC 1084

Christians brought to poverty or driven from home by DA 637

Christians endowed with power for action can expect 1T 407

Christians sometimes separated from earthly friends by AA 85

church must meet 4T 594

class of people who dare not do right lest they suffer 2T 630

deceivers more dangerous than AA 473-4; Ev 359

do all possible to avoid 9T 230

do not disobey God’s command in order to escape 9T 230

do not expose yourself unnecessarily to DA 355

do not ignore God’s commandment in order to avoid 9T 230

do not sit in calm expectancy of 2SM 370

do not violate your conscience because of COL 172

do not withdraw from world to escape DA 306

duty of Christians suffering MB 32

early Adventists suffered, by unbelieving brethren GC 372

effects of, upon God’s people EW 225-6; GC 602

encouragement for Christian suffering MB 30-1

evidence to true Christians that they are Christ’s followers MB 30

faithful Jews suffered, during Babylonian exile DA 28

followers of Christ need not expect to escape 2T 495

for Christ’s sake: promises to Christians who suffer AA 85-6

rejoice to endure DA 440

scarcely known today 1T 405

for truth’s sake PK 437

in all ages God’s servants have exposed themselves to SD 260

force of, follows dragon’s steps Ev 236

forsaking God in order to escape, results of 9T 230

from which Christ’s disciples were not to flee DA 820

future centuries of, revealed to John in vision AA 588

God sustained His church through centuries of AA 11

God’s servants must not expose themselves unnecessarily to DA 355

hardest to bear, variance in home is DA 357

how Christ endured MB 32

how God turns, to furtherance of His cause AA 465

how to meet 1SM 70

in all ages: God’s commandments kept by the faithful during EW 216

godly people have suffered ML 69

gospel workers have had to meet AA 575

messengers of God have suffered 9T 227

Satan instigated AA 576; PP 77

in England, against Puritans GC 290

by Church of England against dissenters GC 443

Methodists suffered GC 259

Wesley (John) endured GC 258-9

in Europe, gospel workers may meet LS 285

in Massachusetts Bay Colony GC 293

intellectual culture is not safeguard against GC 227

is salary of people who serve Christ 2T 495

Israelites in Egypt suffered, because of Sabbath observance PP 258-9

Jeremiah endured PK 437

large measure of Spirit given to Christians who endured AA 49

Manasseh’s, against the faithful PK 381-2

meet, with rejoicing and not sorrow DA 306

never be discouraged by DA 355

never invite Ev 304; 9T 244

obey God even at cost of COL 60

Paul suffered, at Berea AA 232-3

at Ephesus AA 292-5

at Philippi AA 213-4, 218; 3T 406

people daring to resist Satan’s deceptions suffer GC 10

persevering faith that bravely withstands AA 264

persons witnessing, decide for or against Christ DA 630

principles of, same in all ages AA 576; MB 29

rage of a vanquished foe PP 77

Satan uses: to cause gospel worker to flee in discouragement PK 172

to turn souls from true faith AA 219

secret of all, since Abel’s time MB 127

secret of strength of Christians who faithfully endured AA 85

spread of gospel could not be stopped by GC 41

storms of, gospel worker often carries on work amid AA 574

suffered by His followers, Christ foresaw GC 39

Christ foretold SR 320

sufferer of, is in good company ML 69; MM 257

true Christians suffered, by the half converted GC 45

use of civil power by church inevitably results in GC 442

woman who suffered, by husband 2SG 150

weight of retribution accumulates with GC 226-7

what to do when in danger of DA 355

what to do when, is severe in one place 6T 478

what to remember when suffering DA 659

when gospel workers should flee from, to another field GW 410

why, seems to slumber GC 48; SR 324-5

why Christians should rejoice in MB 30

why God permits His people to suffer DA 224; GC 47-8; MB 117; 9T 228

why the wicked wage, against the righteous PP 74; SR 54

will exist as long as Satan exists GC 610

See also Martyr


absence of, much current Christianity is indebted to TMK 352:2

avoid cause for VSS 240:1

beast worship compelled by power of 3SM 424:1

blessing for LHU 37:3

caused by intolerance of religious views CC 251:3

caves of mountains prepared for UL 327:5

character of Paul attracted people to gospel through RC 358:6

Christ was courteous even to those causing HP 296:5

claim of, by leaders of nude meeting in prison NL 52:1

courage given martyrs for LDE 150

death is the limit of 3SM 421:1

disloyalty to God urged by HP 151:4

disobedience to escape, is wrong but try to avoid 3SM 400:2; UL 40:2

dragon followed by; Bible support lacking 3SM 384:2

endurance of, possible and certain Mar 194:2

escaped by changing opinion about truth TDG 314:3

evil angels and evil people cause UL 262:2

expectation of,

by righteous UL 87:4

Christ was mistreated UL 285:2

fainting under, preparation now to avoid TDG 114:4

faith not to be given up for, as was done to Christ TDG 371:2

faithful ones soon to experience Mar 213:2; UL 40:7

faithfulness during, characteristics of Mar 217:7

fear of, does not drive Christians from duty TDG 316:4

feeling of, when suffering from own corrupt actions TSB 176:3

firmness under LDE 150

fleeing to another city under determined Mar 177:6

God can humble those who bring, to faithful servants LHU 229:8

God places His hands above His children in UL 87:5

God’s servants receive bitter Mar 191:3

grace for, LHU 110:5

to arouse soul energies OHC 125:4

greater, when Protestantism and popery combined Mar 194:3

happiness in, because heaven is open to faithful TMK 183:4

help from God in time of LDE 152

influence for good brings 3SM 402:1

last days will be a time of Mar 195:4

love of Christ becomes a ruling power if we can bear TMK 275:3

more if we fully exemplified Christ’s life OHC 361:2

Moses knew helping the Hebrews would bring TMK 22:4

mountains and caves prepared for those having TDG 241:5

not feared, if obeying God and at peace with others OHC 323:3

obedient not shaken by UL 315:7

offset by conversions and God’s intervention RC 343:5

precedes final conflict; fleeing, imprisonment, death 3SM 397:4

professed sanctified ones causing; Satan’s work TDG 371:2

promises for those who suffer, repeated by Paul 2MCP 463:4

publicity given to, may increase it SW 74

rather than to forsake Christ TMK 275:2

readers of infidel writers lose foundation under TDG 217:3

reformers suffered, because faith not renounced 3SM 110:3

remnant in the time of Mar 213

righteousness with, better than disobedience with prosperity TMK 318:3


(false) more than rivals, of reformation 3SM 387:1

keepers will have; avoid certain resolutions 3SM 395:4

not to be broken to escape UL 40:2

saints in hands of Creator during; strength promised TDG 371:3

scattering of God’s people by LDE 151

separation from Christ not caused by TMK 275:2

since fall of Adam UL 40:3

strength for,

in fellowship with the Saviour FLB 330:6

promised if needed OHC 125:4

temptation in, not above what we can bear 3SM 397:4

time of protection from (Isa. 26:20, 21), near TDG 371:4

trust of those facing, described in Hebrews 11:33-37 HP 268:2

united Christians unwilling to join Satan in OHC 370:4

value of, ends when mediation ceases 3SM 399:2

withdrawing to escape from, wrong HP 311:3

worst from church members turned traitors Mar 197:2

See also Abuse; Christ, shame; Evil; Inconvenience; Perils; Suffering