EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Office, Offices - Opponent, Opponents

Office, Offices

Office, Offices, alone, does not indicate a man’s usefulness in God’s cause 2SM 186

election to, does not bring capability that was not possessed before 9T 277

establish SDA, away from cities 2SM 357

high and holy, basest of sins have been hidden under broidered garments of DA 613

of leadership in church, esteem men appointed to AA 163-4

public, women should not seek ChS 28; WM 165

Office holding

Office holding, profession of religion made a condition of, in American colonies GC 297

Officer, Officers

Officer, Officers, faithful, naturally look for faithfulness in others CH 410

law enforcement, many holidays increase work of FE 313


Officework, Christ’s, is in imposing such conditions as He pleases 6T 414

endeavor to save souls in ML 219

incessant and wearing, men given to 1T 515-6

unnecessary conversation in, time should not be lost by Ev 649

Office worker, Office workers

Office worker, Office workers 1T 515-6

air fresh and clean needed by 1T 588

confined closely to work, dangers for 1T 520

diet of, should be spare and healthful 1T 588

disease brought upon themselves by 1T 516

exercise out of doors needed by 1T 516-7

health of, caution re 1T 515-7, 590

healthy nerves and brains needed by 1T 516

laboring in overheated rooms, warning to 1T 588, 590

more physical exercise needed by 1T 588

premature physical breakdown of 1T 519

time for recreation needed by 1T 519

trips into field by, value of 1T 516

wages of 1T 520 See also Wages

who are in danger of congested brain 1T 588

Official authority

Official authority See Authority

Official life

Official life, few people in, go to church MH 210

many people in, feel need of something they do not have 6BC 1061; MH 210

Official position

Official position, younger men in TM 497

regard due to gospel workers of long experience by TM 497

Official trust

Official trust, men in, tempted by evil one FE 233

Offshoot, Offshoots

Offshoot, Offshoots, here and there, God is not leading a few TM 488

stray, do not give others the impression that SDA are Ev 68, 562

God is not leading TM 61


Og, king of Bashan PP 435-6, 485

was giant of giants PP 436

Ohio, U.S.A.

Ohio, U.S.A. LS 161; 2SG 265; 1T 234-9, 644; TM 301



1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

Christ supplies, to seven golden candlesticks 6BC 1118

for anointing, is oil of Christ’s grace 7BC 966

golden: capacity to hold, how to increase your 6T 117

flows freely into hearts united to God by faith COL 419

from two olive trees of Zechariah’s vision COL 407-8, 418-9; CW 114; 6T 117

ministers should be constantly supplied with TM 188

needed in vessels with our lamps ML 217

of goodness, patience, long suffering, gentleness, and love TM 511

represents God’s grace 4BC 1179

represents Spirit COL 408; TM 188

heavenly, advocates of truth need COL 337; GW 120

holy: Christ knows hearts that He can fill with 6T 419

imparted to Christians to impart to others 7BC 956

needed in gospel worker’s heart 6T 123

poured from Spirit’s messages 4BC 1180

in ten virgins’ lamps, represents Spirit’s power COL 408; GC 394

in your lamp, what it means to have GC 427

midnight, students warned against burning of CT 297; SD 114 See also Midnight oil

of Christ’s grace MYP 73

of grace: ask God for much of TM 104

cannot be lent by one to another TM 236

cannot be transferred to other people’s vessels TM 234

Christians must be supplied with 5T 413; TM 510

dip your words into 6BC 1086

foolish virgins needed 5T 220

gives men courage ChS 263

in parable of ten virgins SD 118

lamp of truth should be replenished by CT 418-9; 5T 538

let, be in your heart 3BC 1164; WM 164

makes lamp burn and give forth light TM 149

many fail to keep lamps supplied with FE 366

ministers should not be destitute of TM 149

motives for doing God’s work supplied by ChS 263

must be in vessels with our lamps CH 422; ML 217; 5T 276; TM 130

must be mingled with Christian’s endeavors ChS 263

needed in God’s work ML 196

needed in spirit, word, and action MM 328

needed when under provocation MYP 327

of joy, God’s promise to pour out on His people FE 197

of kindness, correction should be followed with drops of CT 212

of love: flows freely into hearts united to God by faith COL 419

soreness caused by wrongs is removed by GW 500; 7T 261

of Spirit, replenish soul’s lamp with 7BC 916; GW 104

symbol of Christ’s righteousness TM 234

symbol of Spirit 4BC 1179; COL 407; GC 394; TM 188

water and, principles that can unite no better than can 1T 615

spirits that cannot mingle any more than can 1T 243

wine and, guard every word and action lest they hurt 5T 614

2. Literal

boiling, John cast into caldron of AA 570

coal and, frequently burn beneath earth’s surface PP 108; 3SG 79-80

found generally where there are no burning mountains or fiery issues 3SG 80

olive See Olive oil

salads prepared with vinegar and, objections to CD 345

source of, coal in earth is 3SG 79

forests buried by Flood are Ed 129; PP 108; 3SG 87

wounds healed and refreshed by use of DA 503

See also Butter; Fat; Grease; Lard


emptied from olive branches into soul; influence of the Spirit TDG 359:5

extra, grace represented by Mar 55:2


human skill does not manufacture; it is unseen power TDG 98:5

needed by appointed ones TDG 98:3

needed in prepared vessels to communicate truth 2MCP 440:2

never be destitute of, to keep lamps burning TDG 22:2

lack of, symbolizes lack of character for crisis TMK 350:2

seek supply of, before entering church UL 38:4

See also Olive branches

Oil tree

Oil tree in new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69


Ointment, dead fly in 7BC 962

Mary’s alabaster box of, symbolizes giver’s heart DA 564; 4T 485

Old age

Old age, afflictions of, usually a result of improper living ML 142

children’s duty to help and comfort parents in PP 308

David prayed that God would not forsake him in 3BC 1148

effects of, on memory SD 78

in your, take no credit that belongs to another Ev 332

much of fatigue and labor of persons growing into, God has not laid on men ML 142

premature, wife experiencing 2SM 430

purity or impurity of youth is reflected upon SD 78

youth and, should rely on one another SD 161

See also Age


ability to help people increased in, but be concise TDG 29:3

assurance to faithful one in RY 144

burdens of James and Ellen White were too great in RY 161:2

childhood of, still Christ’s child in TDG 313:6

Christ revealed in strength of manhood, not in OHC 57:4

cooperation between youth and those of RY 49:4

Ellen White worked for God during UL 164:3

faithfulness in,

not to be taken for granted RY 182:2

of James and Ellen White UL 222:4

feeling of rejection in UL 121:2

fruitfulness in, by working brain in lifelong diligence 2MCP 399:3

gracefulness in RY 23

held by Christ in; He offers a haven of rest RY 112:0; TSB 32

influence and efficiency of persons in, not to decrease TDG 29:4

mellow in spirit and methods of labor in TDG 29:2

money given for missionary work by one in RY 96:2

obedience still required in TSB 179:2

people in, visited by Ellen White 3SM 264:2

place to live in RY 70

remarriage proper for lonely ones in RY 111:1

returning to God in CC 197:3

Solomon’s life warns those in RY 178:2

strength preserved in; Ellen White kept discourses short RY 123:2

time to soften up for heaven RY 127:0

union with Christ in gospel work makes time of, bright TDG 29:4

wisdom and experience of, cannot be given to the young UL 331:5

See also Parents, aged

“Old Countryman,”

“Old Countryman,” in Portland Evening Advertiser, quoted GC 334

Older persons

Older persons, what, are to live for 2T 330-1

See also Aged person



call to be, in customs, sermons and people TDG 370:4

Christians need to be, in many respects 2SM 479

Old-fashioned things

Old-fashioned things, that are needed today 2SM 19; 1T 461

Old gospel worker

Old gospel worker See Aged gospel worker; Gospel worker

Old hands

Old hands, help of, God’s cause needs 2SM 224

Old man

Old man

put off, before the old year closes UL 367:2

Old men

Old men, never pet and flatter Ev 494-5

old women and, not best to mix in homes for the aged WM 238

Old minister

Old minister See Minister

Old people

Old people, only safety of, watchfulness and prayer are PK 82

young people and, friendship that should exist between SD 161

See also Aged believer; Aged person

Old soldiers

Old soldiers, of cross, be careful not to discourage LS 428

Old standard-bearers

Old standard-bearers 2SM 223

not to be laid aside 2SM 223

respect and honor 2SM 226-7

See also Gospel worker; Minister

Old Testament

Old Testament

Christ reinforced; He fulfilled what was predicted 2MCP 565:1

dispensation of, connected with sanctuary TMK 101:2

events of, repeating themselves today; reproof 3SM 339:1


claimed by Satan to have lowered standard of FW 90:2

including, vs. Christianity of human tradition 3SM 386:0

lesser light after Jesus came but not to be despised TDG 246:3

lesson book of Israel UL 215:2

lessons of, teach importance of Word of God TDG 254:3

recorded for generations following TDG 254:5

relationship between New Testament and 3SM 359:2

study, in connection with the New Testament UL 163:2

veil over New Testament and, when believing law was abolished TDG 246:2

wisdom and life from New Testament and TDG 285:3

worship system of, originated by Christ OHC 47:3

See Scriptures

Old warriors

Old warriors, voices of, have become silent 2SM 224

Olive, Olives

Olive, Olives, harvested before Feast of Tabernacles DA 447

properly prepared, may be eaten with good results at every meal 7T 134

supply place of butter and flesh foods MH 298

EGW used CD 324

Olive branches

Olive branches

work of, represents impartation of Holy Spirit 1MCP 318:2

Olive leaf

Olive leaf, dove brought, to Noah PP 105; 3SG 72; SR 69

Olive oil

Olive oil, better than animal oil or fat MH 298; 7T 134

charcoal powder and, tend to cleanse and heal 2SM 298

constipation relieved by CD 360; MH 298; 7T 134

consumptives benefited by MH 298; 7T 134

continual offering of, for lamp of sanctuary 9T 248

kidney diseases relieved by CD 360

laxative MH 298

stomach inflamed and irritated is benefited by MH 298; 7T 134

stored in bottles prior to Feast of Tabernacles DA 447

substitute for butter 7T 134

when, is better than any drug 7T 134

Olives, Mt. of

Olives, Mt. of, Bethany was on sloping descent of DA 830

called Mount Olivet DA 578, 674, 829; MB 11; PP 735; 2T 508; 5T 72, 258

Christ ascended to heaven from DA 829-30; Ed 94; EW 110; GC 301-2, 662

Christ did not always visit, for prayer 2T 508

Christ spent night on, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 460

Christ’s favorite resort for prayer DA 460, 674, 829-30; 2T 508; 4T 528

Christ’s parting promise from GC 302

Christ’s triumphal entry from COL 302; DA 575-6, 578; 5T 72, 258; 8T 68

David’s flight over summit of MB 11; PP 735

east of Jerusalem DA 829

eastern slope of PP 736

garden of Gethsemane was at foot of DA 674, 830

groves and glens of, Christ prayed in DA 829-30

Jerusalem as seen from DA 575; GC 17-8

Lazarus lived on sloping descent of DA 830

Nicodemus had secret interview with Christ on DA 168, 176

opposite temple on Mount Moriah Ed 49; PK 57

outside of gate of Jerusalem DA 673

overshadowing trees on, Christ prayed amid 4T 528

part of, called “Mount of Offense” 2BC 1032-3, 1039; PK 405

Shekinah departed from first temple and stood on DA 829

signs of second advent foretold on COL 325; DA 628-32; GC 23-5, 371

Solomon set up idolatrous shrines on southern eminence of 2BC 1032-3, 1039; 3BC 1165; Ed 49; PK 57, 402-3

sunrise over DA 463-4

Titus and Roman army on ridge of GC 21, 32

wedding procession viewed from COL 405-6

will part asunder for New Jerusalem DA 830; EW 17-8, 51-3, 291; GC 662-3; 2SG 52; 3SG 83-4; 1T 67-8

wise men of East came over descent of DA 60

Olivet, Mt.

Olivet, Mt. See Olives, Mt. of

Olivetan, Pierre Robert

Olivetan, Pierre Robert, Calvin’s (John) cousin GC 220

Olive tree, Olive trees

Olive tree, Olive trees

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

natural branches broken off DA 620

noble, remnant in Israel as AA 377-8

two, Zechariah’s vision of 4BC 1179-80; COL 407-8, 418-9; CW 114; Ev 282; GC 287; MM 184; PK 594; 6T 11-2, 116-7, 123; 7T 148; TM 188, 337-40, 397-8, 509-11

wild, Gentiles as branches from AA 377-8

2. Literal

branches of, in Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem DA 570

groves of DA 698; PP 127-8, 133, 500

Christ communed with God in MH 86; SD 135

Solomon set up idols in 2BC 1039; PK 57

in Palestine DA 252; PP 156, 472

not expected to grow as high as palm Ed 267; Ev 99

plantations of, around Hebron PP 697

Olmstead, I. A.

Olmstead, I. A. 1T 604

“O Love That Will Not Let Me Go,”

“O Love That Will Not Let Me Go,” poem by George Matheson, quoted MH 179

Olsen, A. D.

Olsen, A. D. 2SM 247

Olsen, O. A.

Olsen, O. A. ChS 201; Ev 420

election of, as General Conference president in 1888 3SM 178:1

Olympic games

Olympic games, lessons drawn by Paul from 5T 552

training of contestants for CD 27-8; 5T 552


Omega, of danger, will be of most startling nature 1SM 197

of deadly heresies, class who will receive 1SM 200

of erroneous theories, will follow in a little while 1SM 203

of Revelation, Christ is 7BC 990


Omission, sin of See Sin


Omnipotence, deeds of, through Christ men can do GW 112-3


deeds of, look to Christ for power to do HP 252:4

faith looks beyond discouragement to TDG 131:4

prayer of contrition for salvation not resisted by HP 284:4

restrains His power UL 41:2

serves those who trust God; Christ’s righteousness FW 93:1

Omnipotent hand

Omnipotent hand, still trust SC 106


Omri, king of Israel PK 110, 114

Samaria founded by PK 114


Once, what men do, they more readily and naturally do again 4T 578 See also Habit


One, each, is part of great web of humanity 6T 362

One another

One another

Christ revealed in all dealings with UL 135:2

love for, commanded by Christ 2MCP 639:2

relationship to, for or against salvation 2MCP 432:1

Frequently indexed as Others



See One hundred and forty-four thousand

One church member

One church member, not, in 20 was prepared to close his earthly ministry in 1893 ChS 41

One fiftieth part

One fiftieth part, we are not doing, of what we might do as active missionaries CH 507

One hundred

One hundred, if you fail 99 times in, but succeed in saving one soul from ruin you have done noble deed for Christ’s cause 4T 132

not one in, among us does anything beyond engaging in common worldly enterprises 8T 148

One hundred and fifty years

One hundred and fifty years of Rev. 9:5, 10 GC 334-5

One hundred and forty-four thousand

One hundred and forty-four thousand GC 628-9; EW 15-6, 19, 37; LS 65-6; 2SG 32-4; 1T 59-61, 69

all sealed and perfectly united EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

erroneous view re LS 110; 2SG 98

experience of, in time of trouble GC 649

such as no other company ever had GC 649

faces of, illuminated with God’s glory EW 37; LS 117

first fruits unto God and Lamb GC 649; PK 591; 5T 476

friends resurrected from the dead recognized by EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 33; 1T 60

God’s announcement of day and hour of second advent heard by EW 15; LS 65; 1T 59

in number, living saints EW 15; LS 65; 1T 59

in perfect square on sea of glass EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 34; 1T 61

names of, engraved in letters of gold on tables of stone in new earth EW 19; 2SG 55; 1T 69

new song sung by GC 649; PK 591; 5T 476

before God’s throne GC 649; PK 591; 5T 476

song of deliverance GC 648-9

song of Moses and the Lamb GC 649

song of their experience GC 649

which no other can sing GC 649; PK 591; 5T 476

on sea of glass, before throne GC 648

only, enter temple on Mt. Zion in new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

promise that EGW with, if faithful, would visit worlds EW 40

question of who is to compose, there should be no controversy over 1SM 174

redeemed from among men GC 648; PK 591; 5T 476

redeemed from earth PK 591; 5T 476

sealing time of 3T 266

seen by John in vision 7BC 978

star containing Christ’s new name on foreheads of EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

sufferings of, during plagues GC 649

theories re identity of, warning against 7BC 978

translated from among the living GC 649

triumph of, in time of trouble EW 37; LS 117

will visit all worlds EW 40

without fault before God’s throne GC 649; PK 591; 3T 266

woman who will be with 2SM 263

words “God, New Jerusalem” written on foreheads of EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59


Ellen White had no light on 3SM 51:2

mouths of, without guile OHC 292:4

without guile; before the throne in white linen 3SM 424:2

See also Probation, close of

One hundred believers

One hundred believers, personal miss. work should be done by, where now there is one MM 249, 332

One hundred cases

One hundred cases, in 99 out of, wrong habits sap children’s brain and body of vital energy 4T 97

One hundred colporteurs

One hundred colporteurs, needed where there is now one 6T 315

One hundred conversions

One hundred conversions, if we would be kind and courteous and tender-hearted there would be, where there is now one 9T 189

One hundred families

One hundred families, not one in, is improved by residing in city AH 137

One hundredfold more

One hundredfold more, churches would realize, of Spirit’s workings if ministers would rightly educate God’s people TM 326

One hundred gospel workers

One hundred gospel workers, could be employed where now one Ev 60; 9T 249

how to have, where now one DA 251

needed in home and foreign fields, where now there is one FE 488; 8T 229

needed now where there is one CH 546; MM 242

One hundred half-converted

One hundred half-converted, one Christ-loving and devoted member does more in church than 5T 114

One hundred marriages

One hundred marriages, not one in, bears God’s sanction 4T 504

One hundred missionaries

One hundred missionaries, if we were vitalized by Spirit there would be, where there is now one CH 507

One hundred nurses

One hundred nurses needed in training where there is now one CH 503

One hundred persons

One hundred persons, home miss. work needs, where now one 9T 42

without love for souls, ten truly converted persons can do more in mission field than 4T 602

One hundredth part

One hundredth part, of blessing we should get from assembling to worship God, we do not obtain 6T 362

of existing corruptions, world is not cognizant of TM 457

required by God of them, church members have not done 6T 425

One hundred preachers

One hundred preachers, needed where now there is one 4T 389

One hundred times more

One hundred times more, accomplished when self-sacrifice of early days is manifested 6T 419

One hundred youth

One hundred youth, not one in, feels his God-given responsibility 5T 115

One-idea men

One-idea men, described 2SM 319

One individual

One individual, every action and purpose and word of each person is as distinctly marked as if there were only, in whole universe 5T 627

God’s watchcare extends to and encircles 5T 742

See also Individual

One in twenty

One in twenty, not, of church members prepared in 1893 to close earthly ministry ChS 41

not, SDA in good standing living self-sacrificing principles of word of God in 1868 1T 632

of youth See One youth

One minister

One minister, twenty should be added where there is now 6T 414

we would have twenty where we now have, if capabilities of men of ability were brought into use TM 195


Oneness, existing between Christ and Father SD 293

needed among gospel workers 1SM 175

of God’s people, carries powerful conviction that they have truth 1T 327

See also Unity

One person

One person, little that is stolen by, significance of CH 408-9

One-sided people

One-sided people, cultivation of one set of mental faculties to neglect of the others makes 3T 153


Onesimus, converted slave AA 456, 458


Onesiphorus, Ephesian Christian AA 490-1

One soul

One soul

1. Value (worth) of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Value (worth) of

all (whole) world sinks into insignificance in comparison with CW 126; 5T 614; WM 83

Calvary tells GW 184

earth’s wealth is insignificant when compared to 4T 261

estimate, by value of offering made on cross of Calvary FE 214

in light reflected from cross of Calvary FE 205

estimated in the light of cross alone AA 273

estimated only by: cross of Christ 2T 634-5

price paid to ransom it 3T 188

finite minds cannot fully estimate 5T 620; Te 135

go to Gethsemane to know COL 196

God would have us urge WM 144

He who paid price for its redemption knows PP 140

how to estimate MH 162-3; MM 210

in God’s sight GC 652; GW 465; 5T 572; 6T 21-2

is: infinite 3T 188, 194; 4T 261

of highest value CW 126

is more valuable than: all earthly riches LS 206

entire world 6BC 1105; 2T 541

world full of property, houses, lands, and money 6T 21-2

worlds Ev 329; 1T 513

may be estimated at foot of Christ’s cross COL 196

measure of, Christ’s death on cross is 8T 28-9

to estimate, look at cross of Christ MYP 115

true, Calvary will explain 3T 188

estimated only by cross of Calvary TM 185

won to Christ 1T 512

2. Miscellaneous

audience of, Christ’s regard for COL 229; DA 194-5; Ev 58, 443; MYP 203; 3T 322; 6T 115

minister who preached to GW 167

casting himself in simple trust on Christ, no power in whole satanic force can overcome COL 157

Christ would have died to save MH 135; 8T 73

Christ would have passed through agony of Calvary to save DA 483

conversion of, tax our resources to utmost for AA 370; GW 465; 6T 22

drawing nigh to God, Satan cannot abide near 7BC 937

God holds us accountable for even a word spoken in contempt of, for whom Christ laid down His life MB 57

God knows by name and cares for, as if there were not another on earth MH 229

gospel worker’s duty to DA 194-5; 3T 322

humble and trembling, Christ will never leave or forsake 1SM 108

if you fail 99 times in 100 but succeed in saving, from ruin you have done noble deed for Christ’s cause 4T 132

is: as fully known to Christ as if he were only one for whom He died DA 480

precious in Christ’s eyes DA 353

loss of, is terrible thing COL 340

only in eternity can we rightly estimate GC 640

may carry truth to thousands of others Ev 443

not, is to be left in darkness Ev 566

will need to have perished 1SM 96

purity and devotion of, will not offset lack of these qualities in another GC 490

redeemed is of surpassing worth SC 126

relations between God and, is as distinct and full as if not another on earth shared His watchcare SC 100

results of saving, from error MYP 23

salvation of, is salvation of many souls Te 188

will repay your efforts a thousand times WM 97

Satan would call legions of devils to oppose advance of, and wrest it from Christ’s hand if possible 1T 345

Satan’s efforts to keep MYP 53

saved will shine in kingdom of heaven throughout eternal ages 2T 336

surrendered to Christ is more precious to Him than whole world DA 483

truly converted, becoming missionary wins others to Christ 9T 58

trusting fully in God, whole satanic force cannot disable SD 91

will never be confounded 3T 457

won to Christ, will flash heaven’s light all around him 6T 22

wins others GW 195

wrenched from Satan’s grasp will repay your efforts a thousand times 2T 31

One student

One student, is thread which is to unite with others in composing fabric 6T 172

One thousand persons

One thousand persons, more than, will soon be converted in one day CM 151; CW 181; WM 101

One thousandth part

One thousandth part, not, is done in working cities that should be done WM 136

One thousand two hundred and sixty years

One thousand two hundred and sixty years, began in A.D. 538 GC 54-5, 266-7, 439; SR 330-1

beginning of, papacy was firmly established at GC 54; SR 330-1

papal supremacy began at GC 54-5, 266; SR 330-1

Bible prophesied in sackcloth (obscurity) during GC 267-9, 287-8

end of, papal supremacy terminated at GC 266-9, 287, 306, 356, 439

pope taken prisoner by French army at GC 266, 439

USA “coming up out of earth” at GC 439-41

ended in A.D. 1798 GC 266-9, 287, 306, 356, 439-41

God’s people persecuted during GC 54-5, 266-7, 271-3, 276-81, 439, 441

One twentieth part

One twentieth part, we are not doing: of good we might accomplish 4T 426; TM 195

of what God requires us to do 5T 11

of what we might do if we were awake 3T 407

of work we should do to save souls ChS 12; LS 211

One woman

One woman, 20 needed where there is now, in work of saving souls WM 146

One youth

One youth, not: in 100 feels his God-given responsibility 5T 115

in 20 has experienced separation from world that God requires 1T 510

in 20 knows what experimental religion is 1T 496, 504

in 20 professing present truth heeds Bible’s teachings 1T 498

Onion, Onions

Onion, Onions, of Egypt, Israel lusted for 1T 129; 4T 573

professed Christians long for 1T 131, 137


Ono, plain of, Nehemiah invited to village on PK 653-4

On the Schism of the Popes

On the Schism of the Popes, by John Wycliffe GC 86-7

On the Truth and Meaning of Scriptures

On the Truth and Meaning of Scriptures, by John Wycliffe GC 87

“Onward, higher,”

“Onward, higher,” as motto for Christians 3T 541

Onward and upward

Onward and upward MYP 95-8

Onyx stone, Onyx stones

Onyx stone, Onyx stones, David provided, for building of temple PP 750

two, on high priest’s ephod PP 351

Open-air meeting

Open-air meeting See Meeting



See also Honesty; Straight-forwardness


Opera, Satan uses, to lead people to sin PP 459-60

Operatic singing

Operatic singing, angels not pleased by Ev 510

Operating room

Operating room, surgical See Surgical operating room


Operation, joint, work of gaining salvation is AA 482

See also Co-operation; Work


Operation, surgical See Surgical operation


Ophir, gold of: good character more precious than 4T 607

possessions which, cannot buy CT 132; 5T 544

pure heart is more precious than ML 263

Solomon obtained PK 54; 7T 217

spotless character as precious as FE 87

upright character is worth more than PP 223

golden wedge of: meek and quiet spirit is more precious than 2T 593

persons whom God can make more precious than 4T 541

persons whom God regards as more precious than MB 81


Ophrah, Gideon at PP 547-8


Opiates, worldly, people drugged by 5T 172

Opinion, Opinions

Opinion, Opinions, cherished, persons who would never change their TM 30

warning not to stubbornly cling to CW 37-8

what to do when, do not harmonize with truth COL 112

conflicting SDA, should not be published in SDA papers CW 78; 5T 534-5

differences of: constantly arising in church 5T 688

must be yielded to judgment of church as whole 1T 324

must not be allowed to create disunion MM 269

SS is not place to manifest CSW 117

should not be barrier between brethren MM 269

diversity of, Satan seeks to create 5T 384

form your own, with God’s help GC 598

formed carelessly, may lead to disastrous results 2SM 93

God cannot be honored by erroneous, when Bible is within your reach GC 597

God designs that SDA, shall be put to test CW 36

human: amount to very little CT 433

bow down no longer to idol of TM 471

God does not consult 1BC 1083

men have long worshiped PK 186

ministers are not to preach GW 147

SDA should not measure themselves by 1T 406

should not be immortalized 3BC 1161

warning not to make idol of LS 330

learned men’s, should not be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith GC 595

long-cherished, should not be regarded as infallible CW 36-7

many people hold faith as MH 62

mothers cannot afford to be in bondage to, of others AH 253

natural pride of, leads to independence of judgment 7BC 906

new and conflicting, be careful how you open up CW 79

not clearly sustained by Scriptures, discard CW 37

of men of experience, respect 4T 380

of yourself, two extremes to be avoided in forming 3T 506

once expressed, men are often too proud to retract DA 323

one man’s, should not be urged against those of church 3T 428

should not settle disputed questions PP 516

other people’s, investigation of CW 44-5

should not be condemned without candid hearing CW 44

people co-operating with God have humble, of themselves TM 216

personal: be willing to change your, when it is erroneous TM 105

caution against placing too high an estimate on your TM 252

danger of exalting your, above judgment of brethren of mature experience 3T 450-1

disappointment of persons who think they will never have to change their 1SM 37

do not make your, a center around which truth is to revolve FE 308

do not search Scriptures for proof to sustain your Ed 189

do not think that no one should interfere with your CW 45; TM 110

do not think you will never have occasion to change your CW 37

do not try to mold others to your CH 244

Jews sought to vindicate their FE 469

keep out your, when presenting the gospel CD 209

lay open your, for investigation and criticism CW 37

lay your, on God’s altar TM 476

make your, fit God’s word MYP 260

man who regards his, as unalterable cannot be helped 3BC 1161

man who was stubborn in maintaining his, against judgment of others 3T 244

men deny Christ by loving their DA 357; 3T 332

many people interpret Scriptures to suit their CW 36

never think that your, are infallible TM 105

persons annoyed when their, are crossed CW 37-8

reason and fear of God should guide in forming your ML 71

religion of Christ does not make men tenacious of 3T 528

time should not be devoted to presenting your 4T 608

what to do when a person does not wholly conform to your DA 438

preaching and teaching, at variance with those of brethren 3T 447

preconceived: do not study Bible to sustain your TM 105

obey God’s word whether or not it agrees with your MM 255

often prevent right understanding of matters MB 68

persons who may find doctrines coinciding with their 3T 449

pride of: leads many people to reject light 1SM 72

led King Saul to persist in wrong course 4aSG 76

put away 5T 128

sin most nearly hopeless and incurable 7T 199-200

warning against 5T 728

priest or ruler has no right to forbid you to publicize your TM 70

repetition of frivolous, in Christ’s time CSW 109

test all, by God’s law GC 452

wavering in, when to shun least appearance of CW 95

world’s, do not be swayed by MM 256

worldly-wise men’s, no reason for trusting and exalting MH 449

your established, do not try to make Scriptures meet CW 36

See also Differences; Doctrine; Idea; View


adherence to own, by obstinate person TDG 351:3

associates tend to alter HP 171:3

change of,

but not the Bible UL 52:3

may be needed; persistence blocks unity CET 203:2

on righteousness was difficult 3SM 160:6

cherished as idols TMK 165:2

cherished, may need to be given up CET 203:2

Christ uttered no human UL 313:4

comprehensive with Scripture study HP 139:4

differences of,

exist; minds do not run alike 2MCP 504:1

may separate hearts OHC 178:5

not to be spoken of UL 265:5

not to be regarded as a virtue TDG 111:5

Satan delights in, to make controversy 1MCP 23:1

turning interest from messages 3SM 121:1

unity with brethren important despite TDG 35:4

See also Misunderstandings

discordant, those taught by God won’t have UL 322:5

doctrine accepted from men who are controlled by own TDG 314:4

Ellen White,

not dependent on, in writing on health 3SM 282

writings interpreted according to own 3SM 79:3

erroneous, health habits propagated by TDG 206:2

fear of expressing decided OHC 341:3


mixed with belief TDG 164:2

not safe RC 113:3

not to be trusted UL 156:2

preferred by ones not united to God LHU 61:3

quoted by scientists; Bible thought inferior 3SM 306:2

requested instead of studying the Bible TMK 297:3

safe only from those serving God LHU 61:4

unsafe to be guided by, and judge God LHU 106:2

Word of God rather than, HP 132:3; 3SM 308:2; TMK 210:3

is our guide FW 122:0; 3SM 204:2

many have no guide greater than, of finite humans TDG 188:3

narrow, minds allowed to take 1MCP 352:2

opposed to God’s Word OHC 207:3


following, or grasping truths point by point FW 66:3

not to be trusted; move in path Jesus trod LHU 291:2

popular, unity attempted by concession to OHC 329:3

preconceived, conscience warped by, not standard of right 1MCP 322:4

pride of,

leads to independent judgment and human ideas HP 349:3

to be sacrificed OHC 29:2

Satan directly opposed to God in HP 163:4


doubted when against personal 3SM 81:3

revealed light from God instead of own 3SM 70:1

troubled by others’, but God’s thoughts not changed OHC 174

weakness in depending on others for OHC 341

Word of God,

does not lead to diverse, in religion TDG 164:3

studied as brothers by those of varying 3SM 165:2

yield, unless matter of vital importance VSS 143:2

See also Ideas


Opinionated, men are naturally MH 157


Opium, cause of pain is not removed by 2SM 447

Christians cannot use 4aSG 139

dangerous drug 4aSG 138

dosing with, reduces chances of recovery 2SM 448

drug poison 4aSG 138-9; 2SM 447, 450

harmful effects of CD 421

helps to extinguish spark of vitality left in man CD 423

medicinal use of, terrible effects of 4aSG 138-9; 2SM 443-50

millions killed by 4aSG 139

narcotic CD 421; MM 222

only safe course re, is not to touch, taste, or handle 3T 488; Te 94

relief from pain by, temporary 2SM 447

slow poison, when taken in small quantities 4aSG 138

stimulant Te 74

See Drugs

Opium addict

Opium addict, may live to old age CD 422; Te 74

without drug, feels nervous and prostrated 4aSG 138-9

Opium habit

Opium habit, almost impossible to discontinue 4aSG 138-9

curse to society MH 127

harmful effects of SL 32

worship of God hindered by CD 426

Opium using

Opium using, civilized people forced, upon heathen nations MH 339

crime of, perverted knowledge originated Te 75

discontinue MM 222

diseases of every kind caused by CD 421

habit-forming CW 134

leads from one stage of debasement to another Te 274

must be given up CD 421

physical and mental degeneracy caused by CH 49; Te 174

ruinous to physical, mental, and moral powers MM 222

Opponent, Opponents

Opponent, Opponents, arguments of: do not give undue notice and publicity to 3T 37

publishing of GW 375; 3T 427

strengthened when repeated 9T 148

arouse to defend truth against 2T 650-1

as hopeless as Jews who would not see light 3T 213

attacks of, must be met with God’s word Ev 625

bitterest, among first-day Adventists 3T 36, 571

show respect and deference for 6T 122

can quote Scriptures readily 2T 343

Christ did not seek to humiliate His DA 594-5

Christ’s attitude toward His 1SM 70-1

Christ’s way is best way to meet 9T 148

condemnation of, follow other methods than 6T 121

deal with, in pitying tenderness 9T 242

dealing in slander and misrepresentation, how to handle GW 375

dealt with rightly, may be converted 9T 148

denouncing, drives them further from truth 6T 121

deride and ridicule sacred truths 3T 424

devices that will be employed by, to divert attention from truth SD 280

disbelieving smile of, minister’s duty re TM 248

dishonest, how to deal with GW 375

precious time should not be wasted on 3T 36

do not: bring railing accusation against 9T 240

employ harshness or severity toward 9T 240

neglect God’s work to deal with GW 376

rail against TM 222, 249

refer to what is said by 6T 400

repeat words of TM 249

take unlawful advantage of 1T 626

travel over track of TM 237

do not denounce 6T 120

do not meet, in your own strength GW 105

enter not into controversy with TM 249

erect no barriers between yourself and 6T 121

erroneous arguments of, do not give publicity to 3T 427

every point of truth will be assailed by Ev 178

false statements of, do not repeat 9T 148

few arguments may suffice to convince or silence GW 376; 3T 37

follow Christ’s example instead of seeking to combat COL 40

gospel workers’ lives may be endangered by GW 410

hard to meet, it is difficult to have patience with 3T 426

hating God’s law, futility of trying to convince 3T 213-4

how to: deal with TM 248-9

prepare to meet Ev 166

how to meet 3BC 1138; 9T 239-44

how to win bitter, to Christ 5T 174

hurl no charges against 6T 121

hurling all your arguments at, not best policy GW 376

Jewish, argument that Paul avoided in dealing with AA 409

make truth clear and plain before 2SG 284-5

manifest no hard spirit toward EW 102

manifest patience, meekness, and long-suffering toward 6T 120

men having Bible knowledge for meeting, may not be wise unto salvation FE 240

minister who rushed to meet, on Satan’s ground 1T 428

ministers meeting 3T 220

must not descend to the comical to create laugh over them 3T 220

must not play on their words 1T 649

must not speak sharp things 3T 212

must not use sarcasm 3T 212, 220

must not use sharp words 3T 220

need to be fortified with Bible arguments 2T 499

should not laugh and sneer TM 248

should not use theory of truth as whip 3T 215

ministers who prepare sharp things to irritate and provoke 3T 215

Nehemiah’s example in dealing with GW 376; 3T 574

objections of: gospel workers must be prepared to meet EW 102

how to meet EW 102

must be met with calmness and meekness EW 102

Satan would like to keep SDA busy answering 3T 38

objections or arguments of, periodical writers should dwell little on 7T 156

present sound arguments to silence 5T 708

present subjects in manner to awaken conviction in 5T 708

quibbles of: how to deal with GW 375

time and strength should not be wasted on 3T 36

when it is not wise to publish GW 375

ridicule will not attract, to truth 9T 242

salvation of, far more earnestness needed for 6T 397

Satan uses, to divert SDA from God’s work GW 376

Satan will stir up enough, to keep SDA pens constantly employed GW 376

skill shown by, in misstating others 3T 424

slanders by, do not neglect God’s work to answer 3T 571

some, will be won to truth 6T 122

will become valuable SDA helpers Ev 567

truth will be placed by, in false light before people 3T 424

violence of, early church almost overcome by AA 597

wheat and chaff handed out by 2T 706

when gospel’s bitterest, became its champions AA 48; 8T 20

when meeting, hold to assertions of living truth 9T 148

make great allowance for their ignorance 9T 240

whose mouths are closed today, will go over same ground tomorrow 3T 37

will pick at people who teach truth EW 102

wily: intelligent knowledge of truth is needed to meet SD 279

must be met frequently with pen 2T 650-1

SDA have had to meet 2T 650-1

See also Adversary; Enemy; Opposition