EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Nervous temperament - Nobleman, Noblemen

Nervous temperament

Nervous temperament, diet of child with, guard carefully CG 390

man of, need of 3T 516

parents possessing 1T 386

persons of, naturally quick to think and act ML 97

Nervous timidity

Nervous timidity, of the sick, how to overcome MM 192

Nervous woman (women)

Nervous woman (women) MH 293; 2T 99-100

married to godless younger man 2T 99-100

why so many 2SM 434


Nest, how God stirs up 1T 83

Net, Nets

Net, Nets, cast your, on right side of ship 7T 213

casting of, preaching of gospel is COL 122

devils devise and lay, to ensnare souls Ev 157

entangled in, of one’s own weaving 2SM 169

fish, parable of See Parable

gospel: gathers both good and bad COL 122; 5T 618

how to use 7T 267-8

teachers should learn to use 7T 267

See also Gospel net

Satan has many finely woven, for ensnaring God’s people 1T 551

Satan uses marriage relation as, to entangle souls AH 72

Satan’s: church members who walk unguarded into 2T 143

concealed to ensnare souls Ev 353, 593-4

debt as one of AH 392; CS 254

on every side SD 190

woven about men to keep them out of the ministry 4T 604

souls for whom Satan lays, in vain ML 105


iron, habits once formed are like; build for eternity 2MCP 596:2

made by rejecting inspiration of Ellen White 3SM 69:3


Netherlands See Holland


Nethinim PK 615

Nettle, Nettles

Nettle, Nettles, mortification of flesh by means of GC 568

See also Brier; Thorn

Neuchâtel, France

Neuchâtel, France GC 232


Neuralgia, dampness in sleeping rooms causes CH 58; 4aSG 144; 2SM 463

secret vice causes CG 444

Neutral ground

Neutral ground, conflict in which none can stand on SD 242; 2T 166

man connected with God’s work cannot remain on TM 403


Neutrality, in religious crisis, worst hostility against God is 3T 281


fails in a crisis; no one can serve two masters TDG 240:3

Neutralizing effect

Neutralizing effect of what God’s people have left undone CS 53

Neutral position

Neutral position, no one occupies 1T 485; 3T 328; 4T 16-7; TM 163

Nevada, Missouri

Nevada, Missouri Te 202


See also New things

desire to set up something, brings temptation 3SM 18:5

See also New things

New Bedford, Mass.

New Bedford, Mass. Ev 392-3; LS 95, 98-9; 2SG 68, 72-3, 82; 1T 76

New birth

New birth, bodies of the just will experience, at resurrection 6BC 1093

cannot be explained DA 172; SC 106

change of heart spoken of as SC 67

Christ discussed, with Nicodemus DA 168-74

Christ’s words re, should not be taken literally DA 171

colporteurs who have experienced, promise to 6T 316

creates in man new motives, tastes, and tendencies 6BC 1101

compared to germination of good seed SC 67

evidences and results of 6BC 1101; DA 172, 176, 189; ML 331; SC 78; 5T 220; 9T 156

experimental knowledge of, most important knowledge CSW 64-6

figure of, Nicodemus not wholly unfamiliar with DA 171

forbearance and unselfishness are evidence of ML 52; 7T 50

fruits of, in Christian life DA 189

God only can effect, in man SC 67

heart is brought: into accord with God’s law by GC 468

into harmony with God by GC 468

heart is purified by ML 46

holiness is result of 6BC 1117

how to experience, explained DA 174

life that experiences, will reveal it CT 251

man must be emptied of self in order to experience DA 280

men become children of God by SC 67

men cannot of themselves produce TM 456

means transformation AH 206

mind is renewed by ML 46

mistaken ideas re MYP 71

moral, cleansing from sin is DA 174

most powerful evidence of, love for brethren is SD 293

needed in order to enter God’s kingdom AA 386-7; COL 48-9, 112-3; DA 168, 171-2, 189; 9T 155-6

newness of life resulting from, seek GW 314; 1SM 173; 5T 122

persons carrying heavy responsibilities need 8T 149

principles of, OT teaches DA 174

provision made that men may have SD 299

rare experience today 6BC 1075

renewal of heart by divine grace is GC 467

receiving Christ as Word of God results in AA 520

revealed by honesty, uprightness, fidelity, and steadfast principles CT 251

Spirit only can effect, in soul DA 172, 175-6

Spirit’s working produces DA 172-3

spiritual life is begotten by God in heart by SC 67

state of mind resulting from DA 330-1

term used by Jews in reference to converts from heathenism DA 171

transformation of man’s nature is produced by DA 172-3

See also Birth; Childbirth; Regeneration



is a step in LHU 79:7

is a symbol of AG 150:4

canvassers and office workers to experience PM 297:4

changed into harmony with God and His law by Mar 231:2

Christ’s admonition about, practical today RC 22:3

eternal life for those with RC 218:2

evidence of, is not sermonizing TDG 99:4

needed by,

some who do not realize it UL 269:3

those who preach means of salvation FW 19:2

new tastes, motives, etc., in LHU 123:4

peace fills soul at 1MCP 15:0

received by light and cooperation FLB 137:4

required for entry into the kingdom of heaven FLB 96:4

work of, unknown to many RC 208:3

workers to testify of HP 182:3

See also Conversion

Newcastle, N.S.W.

Newcastle, N.S.W. CD 466; Ev 426; 1SM 109

New cloth

New cloth, new wine and, parable of See Parable

New earth

New earth Ed 301-9; EW 17-20, 295; GC 674-8; SR 430-3; 1T 67-70; 9T 285-8

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, and Daniel seen in vision of 1SM 64

Abraham’s everlasting possession PP 137

animals in Ed 304; EW 18; GC 675-6; ML 354; 2SG 53; 1T 68

atmosphere of, ever right and healthful ML 354

beauties of AH 545; CT 55

no artist can picture and no mortal tongue describe CT 55; ML 175

births in, erroneous doctrine re MM 99-100; 1SM 172-3; 2SM 25-6

children who will never enter MYP 331; 1T 497-8

conditions in 7BC 988-90; Ed 301-9; MH 506; PK 729-33; 9T 286-8

avoid speculation re GW 314

earthly reminders of ML 175

Eden school in Ed 301-2

establishment of the redeemed in, visions re 1SM 65

eternal home (abode) of the redeemed AH 540; EW 112; GC 674; PP 342

feet of the wicked will never desecrate EW 52

flowers in EW 18; ML 354; MM 234; 2SG 53-4; 1T 68

Garden of Eden in PP 62 See also Garden of Eden

glories of AH 542

Balaam given vision of PP 447

Moses given vision of PP 477

God’s law of love will be obeyed in MB 51

God’s original purpose for world will be fulfilled in GC 674; PP 342

grass in EW 18; ML 354; 2SG 53

green fields in AH 545

heavenly Canaan PK 715

hills in AH 542; GC 675

houses of redeemed in the EW 18; 1T 68

inheritance of the redeemed EW 54, 295

life in garden and field will be lived in PK 730

life of the redeemed in AA 590-2, 601-2; AH 546-50; CG 566-9; Ed 301-9; EW 17-20; GC 645-9, 674-8; LS 66-7; 2SG 33-4, 52-6; SR 430-3; 1T 60-1, 67-71; 8T 42; 9T 285-8

marriages in, erroneous doctrine re MM 99-100; 1SM 172-3

matchless charms of, beauty of nature leads us to think of 7T 76

Mt. Zion in EW 18-9; 2SG 53-4; 1T 68

mountains in AH 542; GC 675; 2SG 54; SR 431

music in See Music

nations of the saved find eternal home in PP 477

New Jerusalem will be metropolis of GC 676 See New Jerusalem

no broken hearts in MB 17; ML 349

no burial trains in MB 17; ML 349

no chilling winds in ML 354

no death in MB 17; ML 349, 355; PP 477; 7T 76

no disagreeable weather changes in ML 354

no disappointment in MB 17

no disease in ML 153; 7T 76

no more sea in 7BC 988

no mourning in MB 17; ML 349

no partings in MB 17

no place for rebellious, disobedient, ungrateful children 1T 497-8

no sickness in MB 17; ML 355

no sin in MB 17; ML 153; PP 477

no sorrow in MB 17; ML 355

no tempter in Ed 302; GC 677; SR 432

no tree of knowledge of good and evil in Ed 302

occupation and pleasures of the redeemed in Ed 303-4; GC 677; PK 730

pen pictures of AH 546-50

plains in AH 542; GC 675; SR 431

praise of God will fill Ev 149

promised to Abraham PP 170

promised to the meek MB 17

river in AH 545 See also River of life

seems too material to many people AH 541; GC 674-5; SR 430

shining city in AH 545

social life in, persons who wish to enjoy Ed 306; 2T 133

streams ever-flowing in AH 542; GC 675

tree of life in See Tree of life

trees in AH 545; EW 18; GC 675; ML 354; 2SG 53; 1T 68

truth re, many people tempted to spiritualize away AH 541; GC 674-5; SR 430

visions of 2SG 52-5; 1T 67-71

Abraham was given PP 137

Balaam was given PP 447

Moses was given PP 477

woods in EW 17-8; 2SG 53; 1T 68

See also Eternity; World


Achan forfeited inheritance in TDG 134:2

peace in Mar 355:4

saints make melody in Mar 355:5

song of praise in, loftier than here HP 288:5

title to be secured for home in TDG 117:4

New England Conference

New England Conference LS 237; 4T 296

camp meetings in 4T 277-9, 298-9

New Englanders

New Englanders 2SG 212-3

New England Sanitarium and Hospital

New England Sanitarium and Hospital CH 554-5; Ev 389-92

New England, U.S.A.

New England, U.S.A. CH 554-5; Ev 390; GC 296, 306-7; LS 237; 1T 77, 644; TM 301

New ground

New ground, farmers breaking SD 326

New Hampshire, U.S.A.

New Hampshire, U.S.A. Ev 600; LS 77-84; 2SG 46-8; SL 66; 2SM 26-7; 3T 18

New Haven, Vermont

New Haven, Vermont LS 150; 2SG 184

New Ipswich, N.H.

New Ipswich, N.H. 2SG 109-13

New Jersey, U.S.A.

New Jersey, U.S.A. GC 361

New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem, answer to inquiry re 7BC 920

arrival of Christ at, when He ascended on high DA 833

attributes men need to enter SD 148

Bridegroom’s house COL 414

brightness of God’s presence flows out from GC 665

capital of Christ’s kingdom GC 426-7

children in ML 357

Christ will open gates of, for the redeemed EW 17, 288; LS 67, 103; 2SG 34; 1T 61

Christ’s bride GC 426-7

Christ’s marriage to EW 251; GC 426-7

Christian’s place of rest 9T 287

conditions prevailing in GC 676-7; SR 431-2; 9T 287

descent of, at millennium’s close AA 591-2; EW 17-8, 51-3, 291-3; GC 662-3; 2SG 52-3; 3SG 83-4; 1T 67-8

through open space in Orion EW 41

described EW 17-9, 39-40, 291, 294; GC 646-9, 663, 676; LS 67; ML 357; 2SG 34-5, 52-3; SR 431-2; 1T 61, 68

Enoch the first man to enter GW 53-4; PP 87; 8T 331

Enoch’s home EW 40

entrance into, help children to understand terms of CT 109

eternal home of the redeemed EW 288-9

prophecy re PK 729

Fitch (Charles) and Stockman (Levi F.) seen in EW 17; 2SG 34-5; 1T 61

Garden of Eden is in GC 646; CT 63; 3SG 83

glory and beauty of, will astonish the redeemed 3SG 88-9

glory of, seen during seventh plague GC 639

gluttons will never enter 2T 70

God’s throne in EW 17, 289; LS 67; ML 357; 1T 61

golden city EW 35; SD 47; 2T 70

holy garments must be put on before entering SD 370

inward and outward purity needed by people who enter CH 103; ML 129

John was shown AA 591-2; EW 231

joy in contemplating EW 112

key to, knowledge of God that is 6T 97

light of sun, or moon, or candle not needed in CT 344; GC 676; SR 432

men are to enter, as conquerors CG 567

metropolis of new earth GC 676

Mount of Olives will part asunder for EW 17-8, 51-3, 291; GC 663; 2SG 52; 3SG 83-4; 1T 67-8

name of, on foreheads of 144,000 EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

needy people whom you cannot pass by if you would enter 5T 612

no sadness in 9T 287

no temple in, on earth GC 676; SR 432

nothing that defiles can enter MM 155

only enduring city PK 274

only persons whose names are in book of life will enter GC 481

order and harmony in, perfect EW 39

people who obey God’s commandments will be crowned in 5T 693

persons prepared to enter, when Christ comes ML 70

persons who will never enter SD 65; 2T 265, 396, 470, 477

portals of, no one can bar your way to 5T 333

preservation of, during destruction of the wicked 7BC 986; GC 673; 3SG 87-8

promised to victors over sin 8T 125; Te 150

redeemed taken to, at second advent EW 16-7, 35, 286-8; GC 645-6, 657-8; LS 66-7, 103; 2SG 33-4; 1T 60-1

redeemed will spend millennium in EW 51-3

righteous will abide safely in, during destruction of wicked EW 294-5; GC 673; SR 429

Satan is not in EW 92

Satan’s attempt to take, at millennium’s close EW 52-3, 293-4; GC 662-4; 3SG 83-6

shining city of world to come ML 175

streets of, paved with gold CT 63; ML 357

sunless glory of perpetual day in GC 676; SR 432

temple seen in EW 32

twelve foundations of EW 17-8, 291; 2SG 52; 1T 68

various colors of ML 357

stones in high priest’s breastplate corresponded to those of PP 351; 4aSG 101-2; SR 183

twelve gates of, angel at each of EW 17-8, 291; 1T 68

closed during destruction of the wicked EW 53, 293; GC 664

set with glorious pearls EW 17; LS 67; ML 357; 2SG 34; 2T 70; 1T 61

swing on hinges EW 17, 288; LS 67; ML 349; SD 47, 363; 2SG 34; 1T 61

three on each side EW 17-8, 291; 1T 68

way to, obedience clearly defined as PK 179

welcome awaits the redeemed on arrival at CS 350; 4T 328

what to do to enter ML 340

you should not enter, as culprit barely pardoned 8T 125


gates of, opened to believers having true holiness TDG 169:6

illustration of, not to be made TDG 103:2

Sabbath seen better at time of entering Mar 245:3; 3SM 261:0, 388:2

See also City of God

New moon

New moon, festival of, Israel celebrated PP 352, 654

redeemed will observe, in world to come 6T 368

See also Moon

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana Ev 34, 398-401

Newport, N.H.

Newport, N.H. 1T 661-2


News, presentation of the day’s, not work SDA are to do CW 21

News carriers

News carriers, curse to neighborhood and churches 466

See also Gossiper; Talebearer; Tongue

News items

News items, in Review and Herald CW 105

News, good

for one in despair: Jesus loves you TDG 38:2

sent to tell, after joyful blessing UL 344:3

Newspaper, Newspapers

Newspaper, Newspapers, do not neglect God’s word for 8T 193

long accounts of war from, SDA periodicals should not quote CW 20

matter in, that God’s people should not read AH 404, 411, 415; CT 132-3; FE 162; MYP 279; 2T 410; 5T 517

reports of wickedness and crime in MYP 26; 5T 523

which do not attract true gospel worker 2SM 155

See also Paper


Bible laid aside for cheap reading in OHC 275:2

indicate future conflict HP 342:2

sinful things uncovered in 3SM 211:1

Newspaper publicity

Newspaper publicity, camp-meeting sermons should be given 6T 37

SDA doctrines should be given CW 141; Ev 129

See also Advertising; Publicity; Public relations

New Testament

Christ again instructor in; both Testaments teach obedience TDG 254:5

reading, more causes it to be more instructive UL 54:2

requirements of God not relaxed in OHC 268:2

standard of righteousness in, not lowered from Old Testament FW 52:1

words of, like gems UL 54:2

See Scriptures

New thing, New things

New thing, New things, itching desire to originate, strange doctrines result from 2SM 38

startling, ministers should not seek to create excitement by means of 2SM 60

strange: churches endangered by 2SM 14

class ready to take up with 2SM 41

will continually arise among God’s people 2SM 17

Newton, John

Newton, John COL 236

Newton, Mich.

Newton, Mich. 1T 579

Newton, Sir Isaac

Newton, Sir Isaac Ed 133

Newtown, Tasmania

Newtown, Tasmania 8T 153

New wine

New wine, new cloth and, parable of See Parable

See also Wine

New World Compared With the Old

New World Compared With the Old, by G. A. Townsend, quoted GC 440

New year

wishes for happy, putting away distrust TDG 9:2

wishes for happy, remembering only God’s love UL 15:2

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day, celebration of, by helping the helpless AH 482

plea to church members re CM 18

questions to ask yourself on 4T 521-2

record of, recording angel stands ready to write ML 5

remember God in special way on CS 296

thousands of dollars worse than thrown away on AH 480

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve AH 504

New York City

New York City LS 110; 2SG 97

and surrounding cities, unify SDA churches in Ev 388-9

Bible training school in Ev 111

businessmen in, message must be given to Ev 388

centers of influence needed in 9T 115

ask the wealthy to help establish 9T 115

could be center for miss. effort Ev 385-6

destruction of, warning against startling notices re Ev 387-8; LS 411-2

destruction of fireproof buildings in, seen in vision LS 413-4; 9T 12-3

educational work in Ev 111, 385-6; LS 385; MM 308

evangelistic center needed in Ev 388; 7T 37

evangelism in Ev 131, 136-7, 385-7, 402; LS 390-1; 7T 54-5

advertising of Ev 387-8; LS 411

by Haskell (S. N.) Ev 111

difficulties in Ev 36-7

God will raise up laborers for 7T 54-5

med. miss. work needed with Ev 387; 7T 37

securing of hall for Ev 388

foreign element in, evangelize ChS 199

God has many precious souls in 7T 38

gospel mission started in 7T 37

gospel work in Ev 36-7, 131, 136-7, 384-91; LS 385, 390-1; 7T 37-9, 54-5; 8T 34; 9T 137-52

God will raise up workers for 7T 55-6

med. miss. work should be part of Ev 387; 7T 37

money needed for Ev 34

openings will be found for 9T 137

vision re 7T 54

gospel work started in Ev 36

gospel worker of long experience in 9T 137-51

gospel workers in, need of small companies of LS 385

great and wicked city Ev 36, 388

great buildings of, destruction of Ev 388; LS 411-4; 9T 12-3

health work in LS 385

help of best gospel workers needed in 7T 37

home needed for mission workers in MM 308

little done to evangelize Ev 402

many souls ripe for harvest in Ev 387-8

med. miss. work in Ev 387; LS 385; 7T 37

miss. center in Ev 388

multitudes of people unwarned in Ev 34

not place for Review and Herald publishing house LS 391-2

place for giving simple treatments in MM 308

proclaim message in 8T 34

ready for gospel message 7T 55

sanitarium needed for Ev 388; MM 308

location of MM 308

school needed in vicinity of MM 308

self-supporting missionaries needed in LS 384-5

slums of, means and talents of God’s people should not be buried in 8T 183

small sanitarium needed outside of MM 308

there ought to be thousands of Sabbathkeepers in LS 385

third angel’s message must be proclaimed with power in Ev 394; 9T 99

thousands in, have not bowed to Baal Ev 387

training school needed for workers in Ev 386

treatment room in MM 308

truth will be given with power in 7T 55

EGW did not say that, would be destroyed by tidal waves Ev 388; LS 411-2

JW and EGW at, in 1848 LS 110; 2SG 97

Wolff (Joseph) in GC 360


message to be given in; buildings destroyed LDE 112

New York State, U.S.A.

New York State, U.S.A. LS 108, 110, 128, 228; 1T 85, 122-3, 164, 233, 270, 572-3, 644, 688; 2T 250; 3T 48-67; 8T 35

camp meetings in LS 228; 4T 283

cities of, evangelize 8T 35

conference held in, in 1848 LS 108-15; 2SG 93-103; 1T 85-6

in 1868 2T 250

God’s cause in 3T 48-67

deplorable condition of, in 1871 3T 48

indolent and inefficient ministers retarded 3T 49

problems in 1T 233

EGW was shown things in 1T 164

labors of JW and EGW in LS 108, 110, 128

Messenger party opposed truth in 1T 122-3

ministers needed to enter new fields in 3T 49

mysterious rappings in, in 1848 EW 43, 86 See also Rappings

no general meetings in, in 1867 1T 644

perfect Babylon and confusion among believers in, in 1861-2 1T 270

publishing house agent in, minister as 1T 688

wealthy believer from, propagated false reports re JW 1T 572-3

New Zealand

New Zealand, SDA work in CS 259; CW 25; Ev 427-8; FE 203-4, 208-9, 248; LS 338, 341-2; Te 264

Nhill, Victoria

Nhill, Victoria FE 212

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls 2T 233, 346


Nibbling, constant, while traveling is pernicious CD 182; CH 120; MH 303


Nicety, children should learn to do things with CG 110

Nichols, Henry

Nichols, Henry LS 98-9; 2SG 84

Nichols, Otis

Nichols, Otis LS 98-9, 107, 121; 2SG 68, 71, 75, 77-80, 84, 91, 106, 109; 1T 84


Nickel, persons who say, It is only a AH 384


Nicodemus, after conversion, became poor in this world’s goods AA 105; DA 177

Jewish friends scorned and persecuted DA 177

aided in burial of Christ AA 104; DA 560, 773-4; SR 227

arguments could not help TM 368

became a true believer in Christ TM 370

beginning of interest of, in Christ DA 167-8

came boldly to front after Christ’s ascension DA 177

Christ taught alphabet of conversion to 6T 154

Christ was acknowledged by, at first only as teacher sent from God DA 168

Christ’s death witnessed by 5BC 1107-8; DA 775

Christ’s first cleansing of temple witnessed by DA 168

Christ’s healing of the sick and suffering witnessed by DA 168

confessed Christ openly after His crucifixion DA 773-4

converted when Christ was crucified AA 104; DA 176-7

as result of night interview with Christ TM 369-70

convinced of Christ’s divinity DA 775-6

early church defended by, in time of persecution AA 105

educated in Jewish customs TM 367

faith of, fearlessly avowed in time of persecution AA 104

felt no need of humbling himself as sinner before God 5T 219

figure of new birth not wholly unfamiliar to DA 171

flattered himself that his life had been upright SC 28; 5T 219

gifts of love not offered by, to Christ in His life DA 560

high position of trust held by DA 167; TM 367

honorable position held by, in Israel FE 517

honored member of national council DA 167

honored rabbi Ed 231

interview with Christ by 5BC 1136; CSW 64-6; DA 167-77, 415; Ev 289; FE 459, 517; SC 57; TM 367-70

Christ’s words not fully understood in DA 172-3

lesson from, for responsible men FE 517; TM 369

on Mount of Olives AA 104; DA 168; Ed 231

plan of salvation unfolded in DA 176

results of 5BC 1136; DA 175; TM 369-70

John the Baptist’s preaching heard by DA 171

learned teacher in Israel Ev 289; FE 517; 6T 154

liberality of, in sustaining temple service DA 171

light from cross of Christ won DA 177

man among wise men Ev 289

man highly educated DA 167

man of wealth and influence DA 773

Messianic prophecies studied anxiously by DA 168

not summoned by Sanhedrin to try Christ DA 538-9, 699, 773

position held by, as ruler in Israel DA 171

pride of Pharisee in DA 171

prided himself on his good works DA 171

profanation of temple distressed DA 168

question of, that priests remembered DA 699

reflection of, while Christ lay in tomb DA 775

rich and honored man AA 104

rich, learned, and honored DA 167

Sanhedrin member AA 104; DA 176, 773; SR 227

Sanhedrin’s plans against Christ thwarted by AA 104; 5BC 1136; DA 167-8, 176, 460, 539; TM 370

Scriptures read by, with clouded mind DA 174

Scriptures studied diligently by 5BC 1107-8

secretly believed in Christ before His crucifixion AA 104; DA 773

spiritual ignorance of DA 173

story of, recorded for instruction of millions DA 177

story of interview with Christ by, related to John DA 177

strict Pharisee DA 171

surprised out of his self-possession DA 171

talents of, not of ordinary character DA 167; TM 367

theoretical knowledge not needed by, but spiritual regeneration DA 171

three years of apparently little fruit in DA 176

truth that God revealed to DA 189

thousands today need to learn DA 175

wealth and influence of, used to protect Christ’s disciples AA 104

wealth used by, to advance God’s cause AA 105

to sustain church at Jerusalem AA 105; DA 177


Christ’s words to, about rebirth, practical today RC 22:3

education of, considered great but of no value with God TDG 231:3

indignant and astonished when asked to be born again CC 292:2

Lazarus’ death would have been opposed by TDG 149:6

words to, are for all people LHU 79:7


Nicolaitans, doctrine and sin of 7BC 957


Niggard, lives for self COL 353; 2T 250

self-complacent person who despises 2T 250-1


Niggardliness, do not show, in handling means entrusted by God 7T 208

economy is not AH 378; Ed 239

responsibility for 2T 284; TM 243

soil falsely charged with TM 243


Niggardly, true generosity despises everything 2T 256

Niggardly acts

Niggardly acts, accountability to God for 2T 250-1

Niggardly practices

Niggardly practices, in giving to God’s cause, warning against CS 200, 287

Niggardly souls

Niggardly souls, too narrow-minded 2T 284


Night, blackness of eternal, portion of the lost 5T 73

changes of day and, speak of God’s love SD 17

Christians are stopping as only for, in strange country 4T 490

coldest hour of, just before dawn DA 710

darker the, more brilliantly God’s people will shine PK 189

eternal, settling down upon the wicked GC 632

follows day in regular succession by God’s power MB 75

God made 3BC 1154

God often chooses silence of, for instructing His servants 2BC 1026

God watches when His children lie down at SC 86

habit of turning, into day Ev 651

of trouble and anguish, too late to work for God in EW 48

sleepless, lessons learned by EGW during LS 266

staying up late at: foundation is laid for feebleness by CH 41; COL 346; MYP 235

not pleasing to God 3T 44

unhealthful habit that must be overcome SD 171

youth warned against Ev 651; ML 143; SD 114

stillness of, witnesses to Creator 6T 358

wakeful, Christian may be called to spend MYP 26


actions with girlfriend during, seen by Ellen White LYL 70:3; TSB 118:2

turning, to day; youth need good habits 2MCP 597:0

unmarried couple broke commandments during hours of 1MCP 231:3

Night air

Night air, erroneous idea that, is injurious to health 2T 527-8 See also Air

Night gatherings

Night gatherings, fashionable, majority of pleasure lovers attend ML 143

Nile River

Nile River, Egyptian plains enriched by, Abraham and Lot visited PP 133

Egyptian tables supplied with fish by 4aSG 54

lands of Egypt watered by 4aSG 54-5

Moses in little ark upon PP 243, 382; 3SG 180-1; SR 106-7

overflowing of, Egypt’s source of food and wealth PP 265

Pharaoh paid daily devotions to PP 265

Pharaoh’s superstitious devotion to 4aSG 54-5

plague of frogs from PP 265

turned to blood PP 265; 3SG 206-7, 242-3; 4aSG 55; SR 116; 4T 22

fish died in PP 265; 3SG 206-7; 4aSG 55

worshiped as god by Egyptians PP 265; 4aSG 54-5

Nimes, France

Nimes, France Ev 449-51


1. Figurative

2. Historical


1. Figurative

if God desires you to bear message to MH 473

2. Historical

Assyrian capital PK 265

became a desolation PK 364

destruction of, did not occur at time Jonah indicated PK 271; 1T 56-7

evildoers in, Nahum arraigned PK 363

fall of, occurred many years after Jonah’s preaching PK 271, 339

fate of, Zephaniah foretold PK 364-5

final apostasy of 2SM 149

after Jonah’s time PK 339, 363

40 years of probation given to, in Jonah’s time 2SM 149

founded soon after dispersion from tower of Babel PK 265

God’s purpose in sparing, Jonah disappointed by GC 403; LS 61-2, 78; PK 271-2; 1T 56-7

gods of, Assyrian rulers sought to make all nations acknowledge PK 363

in Jonah’s time, described PK 265

not wholly given to evil PK 265-6

in time of temporal prosperity, described PK 265

Jonah commissioned to warn PK 266-74

Jonah’s message set aside by, long before Hezekiah’s reign PK 339

Jonah’s message tested GC 406; LS 62; 1T 56-7

Jonah’s preaching in DA 406; LS 62; PK 273-4; 2SM 149

located on bank of Tigris PK 265

Nahum’s prophecy re PK 265

one of ancient world’s greatest cities PK 265

probation of, God extended LS 62

repentance of, example for men today 5T 77-8

repented under Jonah’s preaching DA 406; GC 406; PK 270, 273-4, 363

spared as result of Jonah’s message DA 406; LS 62; PP 97; PK 270-4, 363; 2SM 149


lesson in story of, for Southern field SW 79

message by Jonah to LDE 114

repentance of; appeal to one in adultery TSB 164:2


Ninevites, compared to ravenous lion PK 265

repentant, God’s amazing grace toward PK 271 See also Nineveh

Ninth commandment

Ninth commandment See Ten Commandments

Noachian world

Noachian world, inhabitants of, destroyed as result of perverted appetite 3T 162

See also Antediluvian


Noah PP 90-100; 3SG 60-77; SR 62-71

and family not alone in fearing and obeying God 3SG 65; SR 63

angel bade, to leave ark PP 105; 3SG 73; SR 69

angel revealed to, coming of Flood PP 92; 3SG 64; SR 62

clean animals sacrificed as burnt offerings by PP 105-6; 3SG 73; SR 69

converts of, backsliding of some 1BC 1088; FE 504

declared truth for his time DA 634

definite time set by, for Flood to come 4T 308

descendants of: apostasy and division among PP 118; 3SG 96; SR 72; 8T 213

dwelt for a time among mountains where ark rested PP 118

God’s purpose for PP 118-9; 8T 213

prophecy re PP 117-8

dove sent out from ark by PP 105; 3SG 72

effective reference made by, re Enoch’s message and translation 6T 392

every blow struck on ark by, was witness to people PP 95; 3SG 65; SR 63

faithful believers helped, to build ark SR 63

faithful carpenters of, died before Flood came 1BC 1088; FE 504; 3SG 65; SR 63

faithful preacher 3SG 65; SR 62-3

of righteousness PP 120; 3SG 71; SR 68; 4T 308

family of, earth repopulated by PP 117

numbered eight persons 3SG 75

first act of, after leaving ark PP 105-6; 3SG 73; SR 69

God did not forget, during Flood GC 626

God gave, exact dimensions of ark PP 92; 3SG 66; SR 63

God taught, how to build ark FE 504; PP 92; 3SG 65; 4aSG 154; SR 63

God’s law preserved by PP 363; SR 146

in ark SR 148

gospel message was given by COL 126

gospel was given to 1SM 230

gospel was understood by PP 366

had only one wife 3SG 100; SR 76

immense quantities of food stored in ark by 3SG 67; SR 64-5

in ark seven days before Flood began GC 491; PP 98-9; 3SG 68; SR 65

in new earth 1SM 64

invested in ark all that he possessed PP 95

last solemn appeal of, to people of his day PP 97

light for God in world PP 370

lived 350 years after Flood PP 120

master builder of ark PP 92; 3SG 66; SR 64

message of, few people appreciated 7T 36

Methuselah and sons helped, build ark PP 92; 3SG 59-60, 65; SR 63

Methuselah’s grandson 3SG 59, 65; SR 63

minister of righteousness GW 13

mocked and ridiculed by the wicked 1BC 1090; Ed 254; EW 284; GC 337-9; MB 33; PP 95-7; 3SG 65-7; SR 63-4, 68; 4T 308

most holy and pious man on earth in his day 3SG 65; SR 63

opposition met by, in his preaching TM 75

overcome by sin 4T 12

permission given to, to eat clean animals PP 107; 3SG 76; 4aSG 121

pleased God amid corruption of degenerate age 1SM 90

preached more than 100 years SR 62-3

preached 120 years before Flood 1BC 1088; FE 504; LS 208; PP 92, 96, 102; 4T 308; 7T 36

preached while building ark PP 92

preaching of PP 95-7; 3SG 65-7; SR 64; 3T 207

few people repented under 1BC 1088

Methuselah and sons listened to PP 92; 3SG 59

multitudes came from every direction to hear PP 95

preserved in ark by miracle of God 1BC 1091; 3SG 66, 71, 83, 296; 4aSG 149; SR 64

prophecy of, did not fix his sons’ character and destiny PP 118

rainbow as token of God’s covenant with 1BC 1091; ML 337; PP 106-7; 3SG 73-5; SR 70

raven sent out from ark by PP 105; 3SG 72

Sabbath was kept by GC 453

saved from Flood because he obeyed God DA 634

steadfast while surrounded by popular contempt and ridicule PP 96

stood faithful against men most debased in morals Ed 254

stood like rock amid tempest PP 96

taught Ten Commandments to his descendants PP 363; 3SG 296; SR 146

three sons of: characteristics of PP 117-8

founders of human race PP 117

prophecy re PP 117-8

righteous when saved in ark SR 76

three great races sprang from PP 117

time of, last days compared to 1BC 1090; CD 40; CH 23-4; COL 178-9; DA 633; EW 284; GC 491; PP 101-2, 104; 3T 163-4; 4T 308-9; 5T 10, 99-100, 134, 218, 365

trying ordeal of, in ark during Flood PP 105

warned more than 100 years beforehand re coming of Flood 3SG 64-5; SR 62; 4T 308; 7T 36

warned world by building ark 7T 94

was Christian 6T 392


antediluvians mocked at warning of HP 343:4

belief of, in just what God said RC 322:4

days of,

appetite and passion in Con 24:2

burden in seeing our day like CL 14:2

Christ spoke in, through human agency TDG 278:4

conditions the same in Ellen White’s day as in TDG 56:3

excess warned against in description about LHU 353:3

God’s law dishonored is why our days are like 2MCP 567:1

people of CC 35

wickedness too great in, but God pitied the race RC 321:3

world deluged with sin as in HP 362:4

world is as; young restaurant workers to value time CME 22:1

worldliness was marked feature of people in OHC 79:3

faith and works of, condemned the world; he acted sermons TDG 235:2

faithfulness of, we must have, in presenting truth RC 54:3

force was prevailing influence in the time of CC 36:2

generation of, not fully heathen—many knew about God RC 321:4

intellectuals urged to counteract message of RC 323:3

meekness of, contrasted with crimes of the world RC 322:4

message of,

lost no force or reality because of ridicule RC 323:4

reality to him RC 322:4

rejected and obedience of others dissuaded RC 321:4

scoffers of, flood not prevented by RC 54:3

opposition against words of, was great but not worldwide RC 323:2

rock amid the tempest; preacher of righteousness RC 322:3

scoffers of, convicted but resisted RC 322:4

second chance not in message for rejecters of RC 323:5

strength of, through connection with God RC 322:4

warning of, repeated by some but arguments provided excuse RC 323

world of,

chose evil UL 88:5

warned while they were doing evil RC 322:3


Nob PP 655-6, 659, 676; 4aSG 84

location of PP 655-6

sanctuary moved from Shiloh to PP 656


Nobility, highest type of, ever revealed in man DA 219

insignia of, that youth should wear ML 147; MYP 241-4

things that are ML 147; MYP 241

life of, in Christ’s strength men are to live 8T 289

man’s real, measured by his power to subdue his feelings CT 222; 4T 656

of soul: bartered away to gratify lust PK 275

cultivate ML 123

sense of dignity of work gives 4T 615

unite, with cultivated intellect 4T 562

self-control is highest evidence of, in Christian DA 301; ML 70; MYP 134

true Christian has 7BC 906

world’s true, examples of Ed 254


Christ brings OHC 327:4

evidence of, self-control is highest TMK 139:2

height of, through Christ has no limit TMK 135:4

self-control is highest evidence of, in a Christian RC 292:3

truth influences life for RC 111:4

Nobleman, Noblemen

Nobleman, Noblemen, Abraham as God’s ML 192

Christ healed son of See Miracle

England’s, truth will find its way to Ev 417

Jewish, Christ labored for WM 257

courtier DA 198

officer in king’s service DA 196-7

with his household, became Christians DA 200, 253

people who are God’s 5T 578