Conflict and Courage


An Affluent Society, January 29

In the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking ... and knew not until the flood came and took them all away. Matthew 24:38, 39. CC 35.1

The sin of the Noatic world was intemperance, and today the sin exhibited by intemperance in eating and drinking is so marked that God will not always tolerate it.... Man carries to excess that which is lawful, and his whole being suffers the result of the violation of the laws which the Lord has established. CC 35.2

Intemperance in eating and drinking is on the increase. Tables are spread with all kinds of food with which to satisfy the epicurean appetite. Suffering must follow this course of action. The vital force of the system cannot bear up under the tax placed on it, and it finally breaks down. CC 35.3

God ... will not work a miracle to counteract a perverse violation of the laws of health and life.... Man should estimate himself by the price which has been paid for him. When he places this value upon himself, he will not knowingly abuse one of his physical or mental faculties. It is an insult to the God of heaven for man to abuse his precious powers by placing himself under the control of Satanic agencies, and besotting himself by indulging in that which is ruinous to health, to piety, and to spirituality.57Letter 73a, 1896. CC 35.4

Though the wickedness of the world was so great, yet the Lord gave men one hundred and twenty years of probation, in which, if they would, they could repent. But notwithstanding the forbearance of a good and merciful God, the people did not improve their opportunities. For a little time they were awed, and afraid to go on as recklessly as they had done. Then, depraved habits prevailed over restraint. In proportion as the people resisted conviction, their discernment was clouded, and their desire to follow a course of ungodliness strengthened.58Manuscript 88, 1897. CC 35.5

It is necessary for us to eat and to drink that we may have physical strength to serve the Lord, but when we carry our eating to gluttony, without a thought of pleasing our heavenly Father, eating just that which is pleasing to our taste, we are doing just as they did in the days of Noah.59Manuscript 16, 1895. CC 35.6