EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Mother-in-law - Muscle, Muscles



financial help for TSB 72


Motherhood CH 79-80

essential qualifications for AH 255

practical training young women need for FE 75

responsibilities of, what a woman should do before assuming Ed 276

training for, woman’s need of Ed 276

Mothers’ meetings

Mothers’ meetings AH 246


Motion, is not necessarily life Ev 117

organs of, communications from brain govern 3T 69

taxing nerves of emotion while nerves of, are inactive 3T 490

See Movements

Motive, Motives

Motive, Motives, actions reveal 5T 103

actuating giver, offering’s value in God’s sight is determined by AA 342; GW 222

actuating men, weigh with God GW 267; 2T 510

actuating service to God, reward should not be COL 398

all, written in God’s book ChS 177

ambitious and selfish, teachers are too often controlled by CT 232

angels look upon men’s 4T 351

angels record men’s CH 412

are clear as light of sun to God’s eye 5T 147

are open for inspection by angels 4T 63

cannot be hidden from God 4T 469

character is given to acts by DA 615

Christian, demand that men work with steady purpose MH 164

church members should faithfully examine their 3T 512

close scrutiny of daily life under all circumstances helps Christian to know his 2T 512

covetous, do not serve Christ from 4T 458

Daniel’s purity of, God looked with pleasure on MYP 150

earthly and selfish, mind blinded by 2T 688

every, principle lying at foundation of 3T 84

recorded in books of heaven GC 481; LS 322; TM 463-4

every act is to be judged by, prompting it COL 316; 2T 512; 3T 507

every action derives its quality from, prompting it SD 171

examine your 2T 419; 5T 97

critically ML 92

faithfully 2T 517-8

prompting your actions 3T 507

eye of All-seeing One weighs men’s 5T 652

eye of God searches men’s 4T 599

God knows men’s every 5BC 1085; ML 291

in giving offerings 2SG 249

God reads men’s 2SM 153; 1T 529; 3T 293, 325; 4T 646; 5T 154

God scrutinizes all 5T 628

God sees your 2SM 205

God sifts all 3T 191

God tries every GC 605; 1T 529

God truly estimates all of men’s 2T 158

God weighs men’s 3BC 1160; 4T 583; 5T 62; TM 438

as all-seeing Judge 4T 334

in balances of sanctuary TM 438-40

God’s law reaches to 5BC 1085

grace and truth in heart inspire and purify 5T 648

grudging, do not serve Christ from 4T 458

habit of closely examining your, cultivate 2T 513

habit of misrepresenting, is as cannibalism Ed 235

honorable in, Christ requires that His followers be 4T 607

impelling men to do a thing, God reads every 2T 520

importance of, in Christian service CS 339

impulsive, put aside 7T 202

investigate your 2T 564

closely 2T 231

faithfully GW 276

life’s, must be in harmony with God’s law CG 558

love to God and fellow men should be your COL 399

men may misjudge 4T 66

men’s most secret, have weight in deciding their destiny GC 486-7

most powerful, call to your aid 3BC 1161

should be to honor God MYP 149

must conform to: great moral standard of righteousness FE 118

great standard of righteousness CT 505

new: children must have inspired CG 515

conversion implants COL 98

new heart brings MYP 72

of action supplied to Christ’s followers CT 20

of action, should spring from deep love for Christ GW 123; MH 490

of commandment keepers, worst construction will be put upon GC 592

of every heart: Christ reads DA 563

God clearly sees 3BC 1160; CW 111; 2SM 205

God’s eye discerns 3T 513

God is acquainted with TM 438

God knows SC 34

God reads PK 174; 2SM 170; 3T 404, 513

God understands 4T 534

opened to divine inspection PP 218

will be revealed in judgment CG 560

of fellow believers, Christians have enough to do without criticizing 1T 426

of God’s people, enemies will impugn AA 431

of His workers, God sees CW 111

of true and noble deeds, accusers misrepresent GC 519

of your words and deeds, must be accounted for AA 423

other people’s: Christlike love puts most favorable construction on AA 319; 5T 169

do not judge DA 314

love ever places most favorable construction upon AA 319; 5T 169

some are ever suspecting 3BC 1160

warning to persons who presume to judge MB 125-6

you have no right to impugn Ev 313

principle that should underlie every GW 128

principles which actuate your, how to know 2T 512

prompting action: determines whether it is right or wrong CG 201

reward will be given according to 2T 520

sin lies in wrong AH 482

prompting actions that seem wrong, ignorance re MH 494

prompting work for God should not be self-serving PK 65

prompting you to action, examine carefully and prayerfully 3BC 1149; 4T 493

prompting your movements, weigh MM 152

pure: good works should spring from 3T 528

labor with 6T 215

sanctifies act of benevolence SL 9

should inspire good works ML 217

purity of, characterizes all who wash their robes in Christ’s blood 7BC 965

God estimates men by their MH 477

question your 5T 610

real conversion changes 5T 82-3

ruling, gospel workers in whom self-interest is MH 499

Searcher of hearts inspects men’s 2T 512

secret, Christ reads men’s 4T 294

secret springs of, God discerns man’s Ed 146

selfish: colporteur should not act from TM 317-8

deeds highly applauded by men often spring from 2T 512

do not be influenced by 1SM 351

do not serve Christ from 4T 458

laid to charge of God’s servants 4T 234

self-seeking is, most often appealed to in education Ed 225

sordid, what will raise a person above GW 114; MH 480

spirit of love in heart would control AA 551-2

spirit of truth and good conscience suffice to inspire and regulate 2T 487

Spirit’s life-giving power renews man’s AA 284

strong, that should constrain men to love one another 2T 136

study carefully your WM 234

true, of service should be kept before old and young FE 543

true Christian’s, is drawn from deep love for Christ SD 288

try your 1T 204, 437

two antagonistic, every act of life reveals one or other of Ed 190

underlying action determines its worth 5T 279

unselfish: do all things as though governed by 2T 131-2

good works should spring from 3T 528

gospel workers should be actuated by 2SM 177

should inspire good works ML 217

work for good of others from 3T 522

weigh more than great results attained 2T 510-1

work of judging, God has not committed to men COL 71

wrong, many acts passing for good works are prompted by 2T 512

many deeds of benevolence are prompted by GW 275

you reveal your, in position where you serve MH 499

your, must be right 7T 249

sometimes difficult to discern 5T 420


Christ is ready to give, for the final struggle 3SM 426:1

Christian service by LDE 285

conformed to God’s will UL 251:5

desire to serve God should be strongest of LHU 366:2

devote, to God; intellect may be neglected LYL 41:3

drawn from Christ UL 98:4

dreary path is bright way if, are to honor Christ TMK 176:4

earthly, discarded as love for Christ increases UL 296:4

evil, revealed by God’s law RC 63:2

examination of,

by law of God OHC 139:5

helps us realize our inability RC 352:2


allows circumstances that reveal OHC 162:2

knows/comprehends/reads OHC 139:4; UL 53, 207:5

sees, clearly HP 156:3

understood, prompting request of Moses HP 241:4

weighs, as if destiny depended on only this HP 156

guidance needed by One who can judge TDG 184:2

hidden, revealed in the judgment Mar 340:4

Holy Spirit implants new TDG 186:2

John the Baptist saw, of Pharisees and Sadducees TDG 197:3

love of Christ to be seen as RC 368:3

move from high; make the most of your opportunities 1MCP 301:1

own, hard to see, and to admit sin; restoration needed TDG 316:2

Paul’s, were immortal future OHC 363:4

possibility of mistaken ideas about TDG 121:6

power of, derived from Christ TMK 87:5


and unselfish, youth build own monument by 1MCP 366:3

begin new year with OHC 7:4

religion extends to LYL 69:3

renewed by power from the Holy Spirit like sap in vine TDG 252:3

reward not to be, for doing God’s will Mar 342:3

seen by God UL 87:6

selfish, make one’s own way seem wise UL 310:6

study, to be made aware of deficiencies TMK 242:2

tested by Word of God FLB 18:3

tested in light of eternity UL 120:2

truth implants new HP 21:4

value of gifts and offerings determined by RC 268:2

victory requires more than worldly AG 271:2

weighed by God OHC 139:3

youth to examine, to see if they lead away from God FLB 323:4

Motive power, Motive powers

Motive power, Motive powers, God’s word should become your PP 278

new, converted soul is given 1SM 336

Paul’s, love for Christ was AA 246

soul’s great, are faith, hope, and love Ed 192

Motto, Mottos

Motto, Mottos, children at camp meeting should recite 6T 106-7

Christian’s: “Death before dishonor or the transgression of God’s law” 5T 147

“Fidelity to God” PK 148; 5T 528

“God and the right” 6BC 1081

“Looking unto Jesus” 7T 94

“Onward, higher” 3T 541

“Patient continuance in well-doing” 7T 235

Phil. 3:12-14 8T 18

“Watching, waiting, working” LS 345

for: character builders Ed 286

committee members 7T 258-9; TM 418

gospel workers in every department, “Holiness unto the Lord” 3BC 1129

not for Christians, “Religion is religion; business is business” 5T 555

some people’s, “Report, and we will report it” 3BC 1163; TM 505

stand for Jesus in spite of sacrifice to be, (of Edson) TDG 334:4

student’s, in Lk. 16:10 6T 171-2

temperance, for SDA GW 388

re intoxicating liquor, “Touch not, taste not” Te 289


Mount, Moses’ communion with God in GW 254

summit of, reached step by step ML 95


sermon on, See Blessing, mount of

Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives

idols seen above trees at the top of CC 200:2

resort for Christ after multitude left for night TMK 258:2

Mountain, Mountains

Mountain, Mountains, antediluvian: animals from, entered Noah’s ark PP 97

Flood’s effects on PP 100, 105, 107-8; 3SG 77-9

people fastened to powerful beasts sought refuge in, from Flood PP 100; 3SG 72

still lovely in Noah’s time 3SG 61-2

waters of Flood rose above highest PP 105

bulwarks of Midian’s, Moses shut in by PP 248-51

burning like furnace 7BC 946-7; PP 110; 2SG 80, 82-3

cities destroyed with PP 109; 3SG 80

lightnings will unite with fire in earth to cause PP 110

carried into sea, John was shown 7BC 982

Christ retired to, for communion with Father DA 260; MH 55; SD 136

Christ will gather some of His people from COL 179; GC 650

emblem of God’s immutable righteousness GC 66

Flood formed: above antediluvian treasures PP 108

by action of wind and water PP 108; 3SG 78

on antediluvian plains PP 108; 3SG 79

fountain in, drink of 1SM 413

girded with strength by God GC 66

God balances, in position 3BC 1144-5; 1SM 294

God holds, in position 1SM 294; 4T 533

grand old, rise to diversify landscape 5T 312

thrill of joy upon seeing 4T 297

group of, preserved by God during Flood PP 105

holy, not essential to communion with God DA 189

in new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

with lofty summits AH 542; GC 675; SR 431

living in, advantages of 2SM 356

lofty: declare God’s handiwork 5BC 1143

impress of Deity seen upon PP 599

speak of God FE 96; PP 592

theme for study 4T 581

mighty snow-capped, are God’s wonderful works AA 180

Moab’s, described DA 102

molehills of difficulty magnified into 6BC 1100; CH 297; SD 298; 5T 95; Te 71

never-failing assurance of God’s protecting care GC 66

Noah’s descendants dwelt in, where ark rested PP 118

of difficulty, will be removed and cast into sea PK 223; 9T 96

on earth when created PP 44; 3SG 33; SR 20

God’s name written on stones of Ed 21

Portugal’s, shaken by earthquake of 1755 GC 304-5

refuge for God’s people in time of trouble GC 626, 635; 5T 465

refuge of the persecuted and oppressed in all ages GC 65-6

Seth and his descendants dwelt in PP 81

shaken like reed, by seventh plague EW 34, 285; GC 637; LS 102; 1SM 75

solitude of, Christ passed entire nights in prayer in SD 136

what Moses learned in FE 342

tops of, seen by Noah when Flood subsided PP 105

towering, God’s hand made CT 185

Waldenses in secluded glens and rocky fastnesses of GC 64

wicked will pray for rocks of, to fall on them at second advent GC 642

will be rent from foundations GC 657

witness constantly to God’s creative power GC 66


blessing from, by drawing moisture from clouds OHC 253:4

blessings placed in, by Creator OHC 253:3

chance did not cause OHC 251:3

Christ child went alone to, to commune with God TMK 27:5

creation of, avoided the monotony of a level surface HP 9:4

destruction of wicked by flood confirmed by OHC 252:2

God molded UL 98:2

God presides over OHC 251:2

God’s greatness and majesty seen in OHC 253:2

health of Ellen White improved in UL 226:5

heaved up by the flood OHC 251:2

majesty of God not comprehended by those who do not like OHC 253:3

pass away when earth will be shaken RY 152:3

prepared for oppressed and persecuted children of God TDG 241:5

saints come from, at end of time free from the wicked 3SM 430:1

show wrath of God at flood; for broken law OHC 251:2


point the mind to God OHC 250:2

speak of One on throne of universe OHC 251:3

water sources in OHC 253:4

Mountain areas

Mountain areas, evangelistic work needed in Ev 50-1

Mountain caverns

Mountain caverns, voices crying to God from 5T 451

Mountain chains

Mountain chains, sinking of, under seventh plague GC 637

Mountain fastnesses

Mountain fastnesses, Israelites in, near Red Sea 4T 26

Mountain heights

Mountain heights, beauty and message of Ed 35; MH 251; SD 116; 3T 335

Mountain paths

Mountain paths, steep, Christ passed up and down SD 135

Mountain ranges

Mountain ranges, Israelites walled in by, near Red Sea 4T 21

plains gave place to, as result of Flood PP 108; 3SG 79

Mountain scenery

Mountain scenery, from Rephidim to Sinai PP 301-2

EGW admired, on overland route across USA 4T 296-7


Mountainside, Sermon on Mount was given on DA 298; MB 4

Mountain solitudes

Mountain solitudes, Moses amid solemn majesty of Ed 63

Mountain stream

Mountain stream, fed by unfailing springs COL 130


Mountaintop, Christ’s disciples not to stay alone with Him on DA 429

not reached by standing still SD 333

not reached in a bound CG 242


Christ is as much with us in the valley as on 2MCP 811:2

Mountain View, Calif.

Mountain View, Calif. LS 410; FE 493-5

move to CL 29:1

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Mt. Hope Cemetery, at Rochester, N.Y. LS 156; 2SG 194

Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Mount Pleasant, Iowa 1T 710

Mourner, Mourners

Mourner, Mourners, at Jewish funeral DA 318, 343, 529

band of: Christians are not to go to heaven as MH 251; SD 116

Christians are not to move along like 4BC 1150

God is not pleased to have His people a 4BC 1153

Christ’s sympathy for DA 319; WM 53

special grace for, God has MB 13

who shall be comforted 5T 475


Mournful, Christian should not be CG 146

Mournful experience

Mournful experience, child of God need not have Te 211


Mournfulness, that is fruit of unsanctified spirit 4BC 1182


Mourning, for the dead 5T 313

God’s people are not to clothe themselves with, in bereavement 2SM 269-70

heathen, for the dead 2SM 270

idle, true spirit of devotion is not manifest in DA 278

Israel’s 30 days of, at death of Moses PP 481

itself has no power to remove guilt of sin DA 300-1

leading to renunciation of sin DA 300-1

no, in world to come ML 349

no badges of, in world to come GC 676; 9T 286

of Christ’s disciples, for His death DA 772, 774-5, 788-94; EW 178, 180, 186-7

of Christ’s friends, for His death DA 776-7

of which Christ speaks, is not melancholy and lamentation DA 300

is true heart sorrow for sin MB 9

that shall be comforted MB 10

unrestrained is sinful 2SM 267-8

with world’s sorrow and for its sin MB 12


believe Word of God looking to Jesus instead of TDG 89:3

Ellen White in, finally resigned to God’s will for her life RY 165:1

for that which you cannot avoid HP 247:5

lack of practical experience of Christ’s presence causes OHC 30:4

over first decay more than now over death CC 22:3

people came to Christ in, and left rejoicing TDG 275:2

praise God when temptation of HP 116:4


for Christians UL 204:6

for those with hope TDG 34:3

useless for unavoidable trials; look heavenward 2MCP 579:1

See also Death; Grief

Mourning service, Mourning services

Mourning service, Mourning services, that do not attract angels 5T 314

Mouse, Mice

Mouse, Mice, Ekron plagued by PP 586-7

Mouth, Mouths

Mouth, Mouths, bad taste in: eating too much causes FE 425

no great privation in discontinuing use of things causing 2T 372

remedy for 2T 372

be careful re what is taken into MM 227

little, skin’s pores compared to 3T 70, 74

through which body breathes 2T 524

seeming always ready to utter angry word 2T 425

tobacco-polluted 4aSG 127

Mouthpiece, Mouthpieces

Mouthpiece, Mouthpieces, God’s, minister as Ev 665; GW 20

God will use messengers as, if we show meekness 2MCP 634:1

Movement, Movements

Movement, Movements, backward, make no MM 214

demoralizing, God’s people should be endowed with wisdom by Spirit to meet 6T 436

enemy’s, God’s people may have light to discern 6T 436

final, will be rapid ones 9T 11

for finishing God’s work, Satan will counterfeit GC 464

future results of every, God knows 1BC 1083

general, must begin with individual movements 6T 470

God observes everybody’s ML 292

great, for saving men are directed by Spirit GC 343

seen going forward in many places LS 425

hasty, SDA should make no TM 210-1

hurried and complicated, God never compels ML 81; 8T 189

meaningless, strength must not be wasted in 5T 535

mighty, such as SDA have not yet witnessed MM 331

modern religious, erroneous theories of sanctification in GC 469

persons slow of, duty of CG 125; Ev 480; SD 114

present, have parallel in past GC 343

rapid, made at critical moment often disarm Satan 3T 498

rash and ambitious, man’s only security against 8T 106

reckless, ill effects of one PK 348

religious: God’s word enables His people to distinguish between false and true GC 464

known by their fruits GC 465

rejecting testimony of Bible is not of God GC 464

some believers hold themselves aloof in every PK 639

that are not of Spirit GC 465

retrograde, result of starting 2BC 1017

SDA, should be made with judicious thoughtfulness and much prayer TM 210-1

spasmodic and fitful, God’s work is not to be conducted by ML 39

of people claiming to be Christians 9T 258; TM 489-90

wild and immature, unbalanced minds inclined to make Ev 611

warning against persons who would make TM 228

working to bring SDA to front Ev 69


bodily, peace of Christ not shown by FW 88:0

exaggerated, strange spirit of 3SM 403:1

hurried, complicated, never compelled by the Lord RC 292:9

religious, controlled by God LDE 29

strange, wrong for those speaking the Word TDG 359:4

Movement cure

Movement cure, helps some sick persons too feeble to exercise 3T 76

not best remedy for invalids 3T 78



counsel of Ellen White to a couple gave only principles about RY 70:1

effectiveness increased by TSB 222

God may see that work and character may be improved by HP 112:4

God’s leading in, from place to place HP 330:4

infatuous heart not changed by TSB 189:4

preparation for, to heavenly mansions OHC 368:3

recognize God as friend and dependence in HP 330:4

reputation made, advisable TSB 222:1


“Mr.,” use of title of, instead of “Brother” 1T 634


“Mrs.,” use of title of, instead of “Sister” 1T 634


Much, apostles expected, and attempted much AA 594

Christ expected, and attempted much FE 440

God wants us to receive, that we may impart much 7T 273


Muckrake, man with, in Bunyan’s allegory COL 253; 9T 217


Mud, man floundering about in 1SM 16


Muffled, truth must not be, now 9T 231

Müller, George

Müller, George, SDA are not to do same work as Ev 547


Multiplication, God works on plan of, in granting men gifts of Spirit SL 94-5

God’s plan of 6T 148

plan of, God works for men by AA 532; 6BC 1074; COL 360; MYP 116; 1SM 379; 4T 449


God works on plan of UL 267:6

Multitude, Multitudes

Multitude, Multitudes

gathered in at eleventh hour TDG 163:5

great, of Rev 19:6, humble workers for God among TMK 123:3

truth presented to, by Jesus’ responses to traps TDG 143:4

unwarned, sport of evil one UL 60:3

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Ellen White’s visit to TDG 180


Mummery, senseless, in Roman Catholic mass SR 334

Mummy, Mummies

Mummy, Mummies, persons who muffle up their heads and bodies till they look like 2T 523


Munsterites, fanatical, Menno Simon’s work hindered by GC 239

Münzer, Thomas

Münzer, Thomas, German fanatic GC 191-3

Murder, Murders

Murder, Murders, among antediluvians 1BC 1090

base and lustful passion leads to 2T 449

by poisoning, cups valued as safeguard against PP 229

by poisonous drugs 2SM 442

committed by physicians MM 139

committed in Bashan, in Christ’s time MB 56

countless, stained pathway of Herod the Great to throne DA 61

crime of, Cain led way in PP 81

punishment for, in Israel 2BC 999; PP 510, 515-6

David added, to adultery PP 719-20

deliberate, punished with death in Israel PP 310, 515-6

disregarding God’s law leads to SD 54

drinking intoxicating liquor causes Ev 529; Te 24, 30, 37, 277

envy entertained in heart leads to PP 651

first exists in mind DA 310

hatred leads to, when cherished 3BC 1159

in cities 2SM 356

every day brings record of MH 363

in last days 1BC 1090

increase of, every day testifies to MH 143; PK 275; 9T 89

sign of times DA 636; 9T 11, 89

intentional, punishment for PP 310, 515-6

men under influence of alcoholic drinks commit CD 436-7

modern age is time of 1SM 98

of Abel, by Cain PP 77, 81; 3SG 61-2; SR 54

significance of PP 77

of children, father almost guilty of 2SM 429-30

of Uriah the Hittite, by David and Joab PP 719-20

one vindictive feeling indulged may lead to 4T 578

order of day among unbelievers 2T 459

person guilty of, no atonement or ransom could rescue PP 515-6

prejudice that disposed people to commit DA 240

records of, press teems with PP 102

Satan prompts men to commit PP 337

Satan sows world with GC 508

seen on every hand MM 280

sin of, punished severely in Israel 2BC 999; PP 515-6

slow, by confinement within doors 4aSG 146

trial of person for, regulations re PP 515-6

wanton taking of life by GC 586

ways in which people commit DA 310; MB 55-8; PP 308

See also Self-murder; Suicide

Murderer, Murderers

Murderer, Murderers, Canaanites were PP 688

Cain as: first PP 82, 153; 3SG 51; SR 54-5

called to answer for his crime PP 77

God’s declaration to MH 340

why God spared life of GC 543; PP 78

Cain’s face expressed his guilt as DA 754

cities of refuge for, in Israel PP 515-6

Christ called Satan a DA 467

Christ’s, tried to prevent His resurrection DA 778

of slave, punished in Israel PP 310

parents who are, of child 2SM 428

path of, person giving hatred place in heart sets his feet in DA 310

popular churches filled with 4T 493

punishment of, devolved on nearest relative or heir of deceased PP 515

Satan revealed as PP 70

by instigating Christ’s death DA 761

Satan was, from beginning DA 467; PP 337

should not go unpunished 1BC 1091

spirit of, manifested by Moses in killing Egyptian FE 342

ways in which people become DA 310; MB 55-8; PP 308

willful, punishment of PP 310, 515-6

Murderous folly

Murderous folly, fashion’s, sacrifice to CD 226


Murmur, persons who educate themselves to DA 808

persons who will never MYP 98

remembrance that should check tendency to ChS 274-5; LS 254; 1T 112

Satan works to make you SD 298

when to, is easy DA 249

Murmur, Murmurs

Murmur, Murmurs, do hard labor without, if God has appointed it for you 4T 442

let no, come from your lips 7T 183

Murmurer, Murmurers

Murmurer, Murmurers 4T 461

against leaders of God’s people 3T 85

among SDA 3T 89

Cain was, against God PP 72; 3SG 47-8

fallen in wilderness, warning to God’s people today 1T 527

nature of, perversity of LS 218

not always persons of feeble influence 4T 594

parable given to 2SM 182

rebellious, Israel repeatedly afflicted with 4T 594

remedy for 4T 461

should remain at home 1T 527

Murmuring, Murmurings

Murmuring, Murmurings, Aaron and Miriam guilty of disloyalty by PP 384-5

Adam and Eve made God’s blessings occasion of, against Him PP 58

against God, warning against SC 116

against leaders of God’s people, warning against PP 386

against self-denial for Christ’s sake, never indulge in 3T 481

against work of ministers, women cautioned against 5T 131

among God’s people, Satan seeks to arouse PP 423

should cease 6T 368

among SDA, against JW 3T 85, 87, 89

warning re 2T 221; 3T 358

Babel builders’, against God PP 120

bear your cross without, whatever it be 4T 568

because of God’s goodness and liberality to others, persons are given to COL 400

because of your burdens, significance of COL 363

because of your trials, warning against SR 128

bitter cup made more bitter by EW 47; 2SG 290

cease your 1T 699; 2T 406

forever 1T 706

clouds and stains soul 2T 641

continued, separate believer from God 5T 309

disposition to, person who will rise above 5T 484

does not alleviate your sufferings 2T 640

easier than suggesting better course 2SG 282

experience that should still your MB 101

fiery serpents permitted to bite Israelites because of their PP 429; 4aSG 41

fretful, God’s work does not need 3T 525-6

God’s professed people should stop ML 170

ill effects of, upon Christian experience ChS 107

in church is disheartening 2T 673

instead of, remember blessings received 7BC 930

is not fruit of: good principles 4T 347

love to God in soul SD 193

Israel’s: after leaving Mt. Hor PP 427-8

against Aaron PP 303, 402

against diet of manna PP 378-9

against Moses PP 303, 402, 404; 3SG 250; 3T 85, 339, 342-3

because of difficulties SR 148

how God punished PP 298, 379

on hearing report of spies SR 159

on meeting difficulties SR 126-8

rebuked at Red Sea 3SG 234

second time of, at Kadesh PP 413-4

sin of 3T 302

unreasonable 4aSG 41

visitation of God’s wrath because of SR 152

warning to God’s people today 3SG 251; 1T 128-9; 3T 312, 358-9

warning to later generations PP 344

when deprived of flesh food PP 377-8; 3T 171-2

Israel’s error of, repeated PP 388

Israel’s frequent, during journey from Red Sea to Sinai PP 379

Israel’s rebellious, punished by God 4aSG 18

Israel’s seditious, God punished 4aSG 15-8

lay aside all Ev 113

many professed Christians guilty of 3T 386

miserable spirit of, bury 8T 45

Moses met, with patience PP 384

Moses not excused for his PP 380

of Christ’s disciples, when not permitted to make Him king DA 380

of young gospel workers, against the experienced 3T 320-1

offensive to God 6T 52

old habit of, Israel fell into PP 428

persons indulging in, wound their own souls 1T 705

progress on road to heaven is hindered by 4T 37

remember that angels hear your 7T 183

repeated, Israel punished for 4aSG 6

Satan is parent of 1BC 1087

separates soul from God 1SM 350; 5T 309

serve Christ faithfully and without 4T 456

spirit of: Cain cherished PP 71-2; 3SG 47

persons who expel COL 299-300

results of cherishing 3T 313; TM 441

warning against 1T 544

was curse of Israel PP 380

works like leaven 3T 313

spiritual disease caused by 5T 117

sunlight shut out by, from path of other people 2T 641

under trial and difficulty, warning against PP 419

unprofitable, many people waste time in MYP 202

warning against 2T 221

See also Complaining; Criticizing; Faultfinding; Fretting; Whining


David’s, unexcused CC 181:6

in trials and suffering OHC 323:4

religion of Christ misrepresented by FW 61:1

See also Complaining

Murmuring thought

Murmuring thought, memory of what Christ endured should silence MH 476

Murmuring voice

Murmuring voice, thought of Christ’s sacrifice should hush MYP 108; 3T 481


Murrain, Egyptian cattle plagued by PP 267; 3SG 212, 244; SR 117

Muscle, Muscles

Muscle, Muscles

1. Abdominal

2. Physical

3. Spiritual

1. Abdominal

action in public speaking should come upon 3T 311

designed to aid in breathing MH 273

exercise: in breathing CT 216, 239; 2T 67

in reading CT 297

in speaking CT 216; MH 264-5; 2T 616; 4T 404

full play should be given to, in breathing Ed 199; MH 273

heaviest part of work in speaking should be done by CT 297

right use of, correct delivery in reading and speaking ensured by Ed 199

in reading and speaking prolongs life CT 297

strain should come on, in reading and speaking Ed 199; FE 147

2. Physical

active, need of retaining blessings of 3T 310

baby’s, sufficient for its support 2SM 466

baby’s clothing should permit free use of 2SM 466

bathing properly makes, more flexible MH 276; 3T 70

belong to God MYP 69

best use of, make SD 171

brain and, need proportionate exercise for good health 6T 180

brain should not be constantly used without taxing FE 325

children’s flabby, secret vice causes 2T 402

children’s should be exercised by well-regulated labor 2T 349; 3T 151

construction and use of, mother should explain to children FE 425

do good by use of ML 118

do not allow your, to deteriorate by inaction CG 124

do not give up use of certain, because pain is felt when they are exercised 3T 78

each, has its distinctive office 3T 77, 310

has its work to do in living organism 3T 77, 310

eat enough food to give strength to MM 284

elasticity of, lack of exercise causes loss of FE 426; 1T 700

enervation of, dulls machinery through which intellect works Te 62

enfeebled: lack of exercise causes 2T 533; 3T 78, 151

useful employment benefits MM 107

why pain felt by use of 3T 78

exercise benefits CT 308; 3T 70

exercise needed by 3T 76, 487

exercise of, taste for practical duties is encouraged by 5T 90

exercise of one, does not strengthen others 3T 77-8

exercise strengthens 2T 528

exercise your, as well as mind Te 167

exercised to neglect of mind, results of 3T 157

feeble, lack of exercise produces 1T 557, 700

firm, good hard work makes CG 124

healed leper was given DA 263; MH 69

firmness of, lack of exercise causes loss of FE 426

flabby, lack of exercise produces 2T 533

girls need to exercise their CG 352; 2T 371

God designed, to be used 4T 411

God has written laws that govern Ed 196

God made, to be used CD 303

God’s law written upon COL 347-8; Ev 265-6

God’s power keeps, in order and activity MH 417; MM 8

harmonious action with other parts of body is needed by Te 74

healed crippled man’s, thrilled with new life DA 203; MH 84

healthful: free use of flesh food not best for FE 226

healthful food needed for CD 409; FE 227

soft and liquid foods not best for FE 226

healthful exercise in open air strengthens MM 81

healthy powers of, conflict with spiritual darkness needs CT 538

inaction causes, to decrease in size and strength 3T 76

invalids’, light and useful labor strengthens MH 240

judicious exercise strengthens CT 247

keep your, in best condition CH 592

in most healthful condition MYP 150

in health by exercise CG 124

pure SD 313; Te 142

lack of inclination to exercise 3T 490

lack of exercise ill affects 2T 533

lax, lack of exercise causes 1T 700

long-disused, pain caused by exercising 3T 78

made for use, and not to be inactive 3T 235

moderate exercise every day strengthens 2T 533

need strengthening by physical labor MM 108

nutrition needed by MH 295

outdoor work strengthens MM 296

parents need to become acquainted with 3T 136

people should know how to treat and use 2SM 289

physical exercise combined with labor strengthens ML 150; 4T 94

physical labor strengthens 6T 192

process by which blood supplies life and strength to MH 295

purposeful activity gives solidity and strength to 2SM 321

sanitarium patient who needed to exercise, in practical outside labor CD 293

shrunken, lack of exercise causes 3T 78

soft, lack of exercise causes FE 426

strength of: God claims your 4T 613

men with feeble intellects and 3T 157

wealthy children need something to do to increase FE 419

strong and supple, athletes need AA 309-10

students need employment to exercise their 3T 159

students should be trained in use of 2SM 323-4

students’, need exercise FE 72

should be taught to work CT 309-10

tilling soil develops FE 323

tone and strength given to, by exercise 1T 448, 687

train, to most diligent and persevering effort 5T 552

trained to strength and endurance, runners need AA 311

unused, blood does not sufficiently nourish FE 426

use your, to God’s glory 1SM 102

useful labor strengthens CH 199-200, 627; ML 150

useless, lack of exercise produces ChS 84

variety of exercise calls all, into use 3T 78

vigor of, lack of exercise causes loss of 3T 490

walking enables, to do better work 2T 529

walking exercises MH 240

weak, lack of exercise causes ChS 84; FE 426; 1T 700; 3T 149

weakened, students who have Ed 208

wear coming mostly upon one set of, results of 3T 310

why exertion of, seems irksome to some people 3T 490

words acting like deadly poison upon 1T 696

youth should learn to use AH 509

youth’s, gain tone and strength from labor 1T 395

See also Mental muscle; Sinew


exercise of all, to be balanced RC 147:3

inactivity of, like failure to exercise faith HP 104:4

strengthened by labor, RC 160:5

and circulation improved 1MCP 119:2

3. Spiritual

church members should be encouraged to use, in work of advancement 9T 139

ease and avoiding responsibility does not give 3T 495

exercise of Christian graces produces 5T 607

God’s work needs men of 3T 496

how to gain 3T 494

little, persons who do little for Christ gain 4T 75

ministers must be men of 4T 261-2

needed to work out right principles MM 60

nourished by bread of life CT 353

study of God’s word calls for 7BC 989

youth must stretch every MYP 164