EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Money box - Moses

Money box

Money box, children’s, to put money in for offerings AH 388


Money-changers, at temple in Christ’s time DA 155, 589

tables of, Christ overturned DA 158

Money changing

Money changing, disgraceful traffic of, in Christ’s time DA 155, 589

gave opportunity for fraud and extortion DA 155

source of revenue for priests DA 155

Moneyed men

Moneyed men, conversion of, God desires 9T 114

God desires, to help in reaching others 9T 114

See also Wealthy person

Money getting (money-making)

Money getting (money-making), absorbing devotion to, in America GC 309

all-absorbing passion with some people 5T 261

day of God will find men absorbed in GC 38

devotion to: begotten by desire for gain 4T 82

deadens spirituality of church 4T 82

evil results of CS 20

health shattered by Te 140

increasing 4T 82

removes God’s favor from church 4T 82

flattering speculative schemes for, some people will strike out into CS 234

life of devotion to, folly of Te 140

man in whom, was ruling passion of life 3T 544

men devoted to 3T 544

minds devoted to, God will work on MH 215-6

passion for: deadens high and noble considerations 3T 547

makes man indifferent to needs of others 3T 547

makes man nearly as unimpressible as piece of iron 3T 547

this age of Ed 137

turns mind from life’s true purpose MH 364; 9T 90

youth allured to sin by Ed 227

projects of, men are too absorbed in 5T 270

some believers tempted to bury their money in CS 314

terrible force of, engrosses body, mind, and soul Ed 260

terrifying picture of 2T 240

without regard to principle, warning against DA 635

Money lover, Money-lovers

Money lover, Money-lovers, children should not be molded into 2T 243

reprove 5T 258-9

will cry in anguish 3T 544-5

Money-loving man

Money-loving man, converted into man who loves to do good 2T 239

Money-loving person, Money-loving persons

Money-loving person, Money-loving persons, change needed in 2T 239

God can drop out CS 199

lives only to secure riches, honors, and pleasures of world COL 101

Money-loving propensity, Money-loving propensities

Money-loving propensity, Money-loving propensities, cultivation of, warning against 3T 545

danger of increasing 2T 240


Money-making See Money getting

Money matters

Money matters, of God’s people, devils seek to control in EW 267


Money-worshiper, ambition of, spirit of self-sacrifice rebukes CS 41 See also Mammon


Monitor, parents’ daily, God’s word is to be 5T 329

Monk, Monks

Monk, Monks, colporteur, sold Luther’s (Martin) works GC 194; LS 305

God does not mean that any man should be a SC 101

life of, evil influence of GC 82-4

Luther’s (Martin) experience as GC 82, 123-4; SR 341

marvelous tales told by GC 125

tried to obtain recantation from Wycliffe (John) GC 87-8

writings forged by, in eighth century GC 56

See also Friar; Monasticism


Monomania, cause of 3T 33-4


Monopolizing, of what belongs to all, there should be no GW 331

Monopoly, Monopolies

Monopoly, Monopolies, gigantic, will be formed 2SM 142

of truth, Jews sought to make DA 36

selfish and worldly, do not be influenced by 1SM 113

unrestrained power of the wealthy would become PP 534


formation of, coming; unions will bind for enemy CL 10:3

Monotonous hearing

Monotonous hearing, set uniformity that would produce 1SM 22


Monotony, life of, not conducive to spiritual growth 4BC 1160; GW 269

of religious work, needs to be broken up Ev 169-70; MH 149; 6T 417

wearisome, home duties often attended by AH 217


life of, spiritual growth difficult in HP 330:2


Monster, passion base and low compared to 2T 474

Satan not a hideous, with cloven feet and bat’s wings DA 129

Montcalm Co., Michigan

Montcalm Co., Michigan 1T 675; 2T 369-70

Monterey, Michigan

Monterey, Michigan LS 188-9; 2SG 210, 238-9, 250; 1T 154, 170, 579, 583, 600, 604; 2T 22-3; WM 323

Month, Months

Month, Months, first Jewish, Abib PP 537

corresponded to March and April DA 76; PP 537

42 See Prophetic period

seventh, Feast of Tabernacles in PK 37; PP 540

some people must learn in few, what others have been years learning EW 67

tree of life will yield fruit every GC 675

Montpelier, Vt.

Montpelier, Vt. LS 276

Monument, Monuments

Monument, Monuments, Absalom reared, for himself PP 744

Christ uplifted on cross as GW 315

for dead people, idolatry of building expensive DA 618 See also Tombstone

heathen worship’s costly 2BC 996

Israel erected, in Gilgal SR 177; 4aSG 60

of Christ’s love, souls saved will be CS 349; MM 135

of God’s mercy, souls saved will be CS 349; MM 135

of Satan’s efforts to rule world GC 50; SR 327

of stones, Israel erected on Mt. Ebal a PP 500

Israel’s crossing of Jordan commemorated by PP 484; 4T 158

of thankfulness, Samuel set 2BC 1012

Mood, Moods

Mood, Moods, changing, warnings re 1T 386

that teacher should resist Ed 277

See also Disposition; Inclination; Temperament


Moodiness, do not give way to 7T 45

Moody, D.

Moody, D. LS 110; 2SG 97, 103

Moody, Dwight L.

Moody, Dwight L., evangelist who acts as if he were GW 459

ministers cautioned against trying to be Ev 134


Moon, appointed to do its work 8T 311

bright on night when Christ ate His last Passover supper DA 674

Christ made 4BC 1145-6; MH 424; 8T 288

counsel and advice uttered by CT 189; 8T 326

darkened on May 19, 1780 DA 632; GC 306-8, 393

does not refuse to shine because it is not as brilliant as sun FE 48

Egyptians worshiped PP 272; 3SG 201; SR 112, 114

figure of, on black banner EW 211

fulfilling its mission, Christ as man beheld 5BC 1117

full at Passover time DA 685; PP 537

glories of, theme for study 4T 581

God made SD 241

God’s wonderful work AA 180

invites attention and meditation 3T 333

Israelites worshiped, in Egypt 3SG 241-2

lessons taught by, that all should heed CT 170

light of, as light of sun in world to come 7BC 988; MH 506; ML 348; 8T 42

Christ as DA 464

home where there will be no need of CT 344

Passover, broad and full DA 685

rising, disciples from Emmaus entered Jerusalem by light of DA 802

sacrifices offered to, in Baal worship PK 115; 3T 263

set in order in firmament by God MH 449

seven, vision of world with EW 40

shaking of, by God’s voice EW 41

shines by reflected light of sun DA 465; Ed 14; GW 50

shone over Christ in prayer 2T 202

speaks of God’s love 3BC 1144

splendor of, Christ as youth noted with joy the SD 135

standing still in time of trouble EW 34, 285; LS 102

stood still at Joshua’s command PP 508-9

useful and glorious in fulfilling its mission LS 87; ML 130

weird radiance of, speaks of God’s love CS 17; SD 17

will not pass away EW 41

with face turned from sun, apart from Christ men are like MB 40

with sun and stars, as powers of heaven EW 41

witnesses for Creator 6T 358

See also New moon

Moon goddess

Moon goddess, Ashtaroth as PP 487


Morals, corrupt habits taint 2T 322

debased at theaters 4T 653

gross articles of food endanger 4T 141

health has much to do with CG 187

improve in, constantly 4T 563

lesson most dangerous to 4T 496

love of dress endangers 4T 645

low, lead men to deal treacherously with fellow men Te 281

persons of loose, it is wrong to associate with 3T 125-6

polluted, intemperance results in 4T 31

spirituous liquors debase PP 362

standard of, true Christian must work to elevate 1SM 132

unhealthy stimulants degrade 4T 34

untainted, not one boy in 100 has 4T 96

vile mental images that corrupt 2T 410

weak, transmitted by user of intoxicating liquor to children 4T 30-1

transmitted by tobacco user to children 4T 30-1

world neglects, in devotion to dress 4T 142

youth of lax or questionable, children should not associate with CT 120

youth’s, wicked associations corrupt 4T 112

See also Morality

Moral affection

Moral affection, condition of, determines man’s worth 2T 305

Moral agents

Moral agents, all men are, entrusted with goods of heaven 2T 667

Moral and spiritual nature

Moral and spiritual nature, eating too much enfeebles 5T 135

Moral and spiritual power

Moral and spiritual power, union with Christ brings 5T 230

Moral atmosphere

Moral atmosphere, surrounding impure persons, danger in breathing 3T 125-6

Moral backbone

Moral backbone, men must have 5T 297

Moral change, Moral changes

Moral change, Moral changes, needed in their characters, men must know what are 5T 535

Moral corruption

Moral corruption, child training that would result in less 3T 567

Christians must possess saving qualities that preserve world from MB 35

universal in Christ’s time 5T 421

Moral courage

Moral courage, God requires that His people possess 2T 130

standing firm as rock to principle requires 6T 146

unfaltering, needed 4T 116

Moral darkness

Moral darkness, like funeral pall, covers earth 5T 158, 220

of ruined world, pleads to Christians to put forth individual efforts 3T 391

pall of, religious world covered with 3T 73

Moral defects

Moral defects, seen in countenances 2T 534

Moral degeneracy

Moral degeneracy, great cause of 3T 62

health reform will rescue many people from 6T 378

human race’s 4aSG 124

Moral degradation

Moral degradation, people deprived of the Bible suffer GC 281

Moral depravity

Moral depravity, association with vain, superficial, and skeptical persons results in 5T 111

large share of people in every community are affected by 5T 26

Moral destitution

Moral destitution, thousands of people suffer 2SM 216

Moral discipline

Moral discipline, essential in order to render highest service 5T 522

is essential training for usefulness PP 248; 4T 611

severest, gospel workers must train themselves by 5T 109

trial is part of LS 265-6

Moral disease

Moral disease, idolatry of dress as 6T 96

Moral excellence

Moral excellence, height of, how to attain 4T 294

person may rise to any 5T 32

not result of accident PP 223

Moral faculty, Moral faculties

Moral faculty, Moral faculties, beclouded by disease 1T 502

development of, unnatural stimulants cripple 4T 35

dissipation enfeebles 4T 28

do not let, become enfeebled 5T 532

luxurious food cripples 4T 35

wrong habits of eating and drinking enfeeble 4T 28

Moral feebleness

Moral feebleness, regard laws of life to avoid 6T 369

Moral fitness

Moral fitness, for any position, essentials to 4T 367

for heaven, now is time to obtain 4T 367

needed for society of holy angels 4T 118

Moral growth

Moral growth, cultivate, to high degree 4T 114

do not dwarf, in acquiring education 4T 114

Moral health

Moral health, how to improve 4T 214

injurious habits enfeeble 3T 71

Moral heros

Moral heros, God has His 5T 527

Moral improvement

Moral improvement, desire for, make all possible effort to encourage 5T 90

Moral impurity, Moral impurities

Moral impurity, Moral impurities, abounds everywhere 3T 564

Christ’s blood was spilled to cleanse man from 4T 122

Moral independence

Moral independence, stand in, in this degenerate age 5T 78

wholly in place when opposing world 6T 146

Moralist, Moralists

Moralist, Moralists, professed Christians who are mere COL 315


Morality, atmosphere of lax, tends to counteract parental influence PP 169

cannot be separated from religion MM 99

every step toward marriage alliance should be characterized by AH 50

heathenish conceptions of, youth should not be taught FE 98

people who pride themselves on their 1SM 82

purest standard of, found in Bible AH 423

standard of: erroneous teaching re GC 261

gospel workers must not lower 5T 595-6

gospel workers should seek to elevate 5T 595

is lowered GW 125

ministers must not lower Ev 680

must not be lowered to dust 1T 215

not exalted high enough among God’s people 5T 597

that is like Cain’s offering 1SM 382


above intellect, position or wealth TSB 191:4

deception of those with, about meaning of Christianity TDG 222:5

depends on physical health HP 193:4

enfeebled by debasing literature OHC 202:3

God displeased by low state of HP 197:2

God’s law, the highest standard of UL 294:3

home to preserve the purest 1MCP 163:1


endangered companionship of women TSB 127:3

tainted atmosphere surrounds one with OHC 256:2

pride in, gives confidence to professed Christians TDG 57:6

resolve to constantly advance in HP 197:6

standard of, trailing in the dust HP 196:4

teaching, while showing skills in agriculture and construction SW 81:3

understanding of, clouded; pray to remember reality TSB 157:1

weakness in,

among supposed commandment keepers HP 199:6

means loss of spiritual discernment TSB 183:2

passed on from parents TSB 114:1

world’s, seek to improve TMK 305:4

See also Danger, moral; Depravity; Excellence, moral; Morals; Power, moral; Purity; Value, moral

Moral law

Moral law See Law

Moral looking glass

Moral looking glass See Looking glass; Mirror

Moral machinery

Moral machinery, heart’s, become acquainted with 4T 85

Moral magnet

Moral magnet, of truth and holiness, attracts together the pure metal 5T 101

repels the base and counterfeit metal 5T 101

Moral nature

Moral nature, brace your, with constant watchfulness and prayer 4T 522, 575

physical and, close sympathy exists between CD 165; SL 25

Moral obligation

Moral obligation, restraints of, youth can be trained to be subject to 5T 89

Moral organs

Moral organs, children born with weak 2T 478

diseased, wrong habits contracted in youth cause 1T 502

Moral perception

Moral perception See Perception

Moral perfection

Moral perfection, promised to all through Christ AA 478

required by God of all COL 330

true standard of, God’s law is only SL 80

See also Perfection

Moral pollution

Moral pollution 2T 346-53, 449-60

disease causes 2T 391

has done more to degenerate man than has any other evil 2T 391

Moral power, Moral powers

Moral power, Moral powers, able to withstand wrong influences, persons who will have 3T 303

cultivate 2T 410

decrease when animal propensities increase 2T 63

do not waste or misapply 6T 441

does not constitute character 4T 606

giants in, how men may become 3T 493-4

given by God 4T 656

gluttony perverts 3T 486

habitual use of flesh foods depreciates 2T 64

how animal passions are aroused to control 4T 140-1

how to obtain, for warfare against Satan 4T 36

improper eating enfeebles 3T 310

indulgence of animal propensities weakens 5T 218

indulgence of appetite enfeebles 3T 164, 491

intemperance in eating and drinking wastes 3T 486

is talent to be used in forming right character 4T 606

keen and sensitive, needed 3T 47

like Joseph’s, needed now 5T 596

liquor-drinking men’s, weakened 4T 30

little, in professed Christian world 3T 51

loss of, violation of conscience causes 4T 234

men are depreciating in ML 97

men of, ease and avoiding responsibility do not make 3T 495

need to be trained, disciplined, and developed 5T 522

new accessions of, must be made continually 6T 419

persons not consecrated to God are weak in 5T 478

persons weak in, need company of those firm in 5T 602

physical and, great sympathy exists between 3T 51

present generation is feeble in 4T 30

self-abuse weakens and benumbs 2T 409

soul’s great, are faith, hope, and love 3T 187

stimulants lessen 4T 28

strong, cannot be had if physical habits not right 3T 51

victory over sin calls for 4T 92

weakened for want of nourishment 5T 117

whatever injures health weakens MH 128

Moral principle

Moral principle, strictly carried out, soul’s only safeguard 2T 352

Moral renovation

Moral renovation, complete, must be wrought by Spirit 5T 105

going on constantly, in true believer TM 160

humanity needs 6T 21

Moral resources

Moral resources, falling off in, there must be no 6T 419

Moral responsibility, Moral responsibilities

Moral responsibility, Moral responsibilities, not safe to trifle with 4T 618

Moral sensibility, Moral sensibilities

Moral sensibility, Moral sensibilities, benumbed, man who had 2T 351

familiarity with sin blunts 3T 427

flesh foods blunt 2T 64

lustful appetite stupefies 1T 486

vice benumbs 2T 347

wrong habits cloud 6T 374

yielding to sin perverts 5T 682

Moral sinew

Moral sinew, men of, difficulties, conflicts, and rebuffs make 3T 495

Moral stamina

Moral stamina, children should be taught to have, to resist evil MH 334-5

Zedekiah’s lack of 4T 184

Moral standard, Moral standards

Moral standard, Moral standards AH 326-39

elevate, by correcting physical habits CH 505

great, God’s law as 5T 329

Moral strength

Moral strength, habits lowering standard of physical health enfeeble 3T 51

how to have 4T 63

involved in principle that love is power 2T 135

Moral taste

Moral taste of worshipers in church should be elevated, refined, sanctified 5T 496

Moral values

Moral values See Moral worth

Moral vigor

Moral vigor, how to preserve 3T 491

man must exercise his spiritual powers in order to have FE 280

Moral well-being

Moral well-being, God has given instruction necessary for 5T 542

Moral wilderness

Moral wilderness, some places are 6T 24

Moral worth

Moral worth, angels weigh 1T 237, 242

children need, to resist pollutions of last days 3T 567

Christ weighs 1T 237

estimated by words, acts, and deeds 4T 98

God notices 2T 174

God values DA 219; 1T 538

happiness given by 2T 305

man rises in, as he practices virtue and cherishes uprightness 4T 562

men of sterling, light of truth calls for 4T 488

person having virtuous character may be of 5T 123

possession of money does not increase a person’s FE 314

real, virtuous character is essential to 5T 123

scale of, frivolous minds low in 5T 128

smart speakers who lack 1T 438

Moral wretchedness

Moral wretchedness, inefficient child training causes much 4T 202

Morat, Switz.

Morat, Switz. GC 232


Moravia GC 119


Moravians GC 254-6

Moravian preacher

Moravian preacher, Wesley (John) taught by GC 255

Moravian Society

Moravian Society, in London GC 256

Morbid condition

Morbid condition, of system, overeating produces 2T 413


Mordecai 4BC 1177; Ed 263; MB 41; PK 600-6, 614; 4T 223; 5T 321, 450

Esther’s near relative PK 601

Protestant world sees in Sabbathkeepers a, in gate 5T 450


light shown from HP 316:2

More, Hannah

More, Hannah 1T 632, 666-80; 2T 140-5, 332; 3T 407-8


Moreen, skirts made of 1T 523


Moreh, oaks of PP 127-8

Morer, Thomas H.

Morer, Thomas H., quoted GC 575-7

Moriah, Mt.

Moriah, Mt., Abraham offered Isaac on DA 112; GC 18; PK 37; PP 151-2; SR 82; 3T 406

Canaanites held fortified position on PP 703

David offered sacrifices on PK 37; PP 748-9

God renewed covenant to Abraham on PP 153

Mount of Olives stood opposite to PK 57

outside of Jerusalem in David’s time PP 748

temple site on 2BC 1027, 1039; DA 829; PK 35, 37, 57, 63, 402; PP 748-9; 2SM 175

threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite was on PP 748

Morin, Jean

Morin, Jean, French detective GC 225


Mormons Ev 410; 2SG 4


Mormonism 2SG 4


Morning, consecrate yourself to God each SC 70; 7T 44

early, spent by Christ in meditation, Bible study, and prayer DA 90

earnest prayer should ascend to God each 4T 615-6

fresh glories of each new, should awaken praise for God’s loving care 5T 312

freshness of, redeemed will ever feel GC 676

God watches when you rise in SC 86

of endless day, for the righteous GC 632

questions to ask yourself when you rise in 3T 363

take time each, to begin your work with prayer 7T 194

what to do when you open your eyes in MH 253

youth warned against sleeping late in ML 143


Christ welcomed, with singing TMK 27:4

light of, like Christian experience UL 245:3

prayer in, gather household for RC 207:3

thank God when eyes open in RC 285:3

Morning sacrifice

Morning sacrifice See Sacrifice

Morning worship

Morning worship See Family worship


Morocco, village near, Lisbon earthquake swallowed GC 304


Morose, persons who naturally seem to be 2SM 430


Moroseness, diet that produces 2SM 437

Morose spirit

Morose spirit, must be overcome 3T 421


Morphine, stimulant and narcotic, ill effects of CD 63; CH 68; SL 28

Morphine habit

Morphine habit, drugs that prepare way for MH 127


Morrow See Tomorrow

Morse, Washington

Morse, Washington LS 77-8

Mortal, Mortals

Mortal, Mortals, folly of, who are worms of dust SL 73

God desires men to remember that they are Ev 660; MM 293

man is only 1SM 298; 4T 336

Mortal feelings

Mortal feelings, frailties of, God’s people have to contend with 3T 292


Mortality, caused by eating flesh foods, is not discerned CD 391; MM 278

existing today, too little thought given to causes of MH 380

present rate of, reason for 4aSG 131

present state of, in world 2SM 417

vast amount of premature, could be prevented 4aSG 133

world’s, reason enough for CD 18

See also Death


humans retain, unless Jesus is accepted FLB 174:2

humans with, Christlikeness may be attained by TMK 160:2

Mortality rate

Mortality rate, among children, great 3T 141

increased to fearful extent 3T 140


Mortar, untempered, God does not gloss over wrongdoing with coat of 1SM 175

Mortgage, Mortgages

Mortgage, Mortgages, church building under, church members’ duty re case of CS 260

foreclosure of, on land bought on credit FE 317-8

on lands of the poor, oppression by taking PK 648

Mortification, Mortifications

Mortification, Mortifications, of body, Bible religion does not consist in DA 86

of flesh that are of no value Ev 192

Morton, Wm.

Morton, Wm. LS 237-8; 4T 300

Mosaic law

Mosaic law See Law


Moses Ed 61-4, 68-9; PP 241-481; 3SG 180-304; 4aSG 5-58; SR 106-74; 3T 293-304

1. From birth to flight to Midian

2. In Midian

3. During Exodus

4. After his death

5. As prophet

6. Characteristics of

7. Literary labors of

8. Miscellaneous


1. From birth to flight to Midian Ed 61-2; PP 241-8; 3SG 180-6; SR 106-10

birth of PP 242-3; 3SG 180; SR 106

three years younger than Aaron PP 254; 3SG 196

mother of, was exile and slave Ed 61; PP 244 See also Jochebed

parents of, devout Levites PP 242

Egypt in time of, most powerful and highly civilized nation Ed 62

concealed three months after birth PP 243

placed in ark of bulrushes on Nile PP 243, 382; 3SG 180; SR 106

angels watched over, when hidden among bulrushes PP 243; 3SG 180; SR 106

found and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter PP 243; 3SG 181; SR 107

reared in lowly cabin home in Goshen Ed 62; FE 96; PP 244, 592

training of, by his mother Ed 61; MH 372; PP 243-4; 3SG 181-2; SR 107-8

taken to Pharaoh’s palace at age of 12 Ed 61-2; PP 244; 3SG 182; SR 108

Pharaoh’s adopted grandson CT 406; Ed 63; FE 342; MH 474; PP 245; 3SG 183-4, 186-7; SR 108, 110

prospective king of Egypt Ed 62, 68; GW 332; MH 474; PP 245, 471; 3SG 183-4; SR 108; 1T 657; 3T 89-90, 406

foster mother loved and cherished as son Ed 62-3; PP 248

love of, for foster mother PP 248; 3SG 183; SR 109

God’s overruling providence in placing, in royal family PP 369; SR 108

education of 1BC 1098-9; CT 406-9, 417; Ed 62, 65; FE 342, 346; MH 474; PP 245, 248, 328; 3SG 183, 186; SR 109-10

for service of Egypt MH 474

highest civil training as part of Ed 62; MH 474; PP 245

in all wisdom and learning of Egypt CT 59; FE 360, 393; MH 474; PP 245; 3SG 183; SR 108; 4T 343

in best schools of Egypt CT 407; FE 342

military training as part of 1BC 1099; CT 407; Ed 62, 65; FE 342; MH 474; PP 245, 328; 3SG 183; SR 108; 4T 533

much learned in, that he must unlearn PP 248

wisdom and knowledge that were more valuable to him than 4T 343

ardent and untiring student PP 245

as statesman PP 328

studied laws of God’s government 1BC 1098

favorite with: armies of Egypt PP 245; 3SG 183-4; SR 108

king and nation MH 474

general of Egyptian armies 1BC 1099; CT 407; Ed 62; FE 342; MH 474; PP 245-6, 338; 3SG 183; SR 108; 1T 650; TM 262

warfare conducted by, with skill and wisdom 3SG 183

pride of Egypt Ed 62; 3SG 183

accustomed to praise and flattery CT 407; MH 474

did not conceal his parentage SR 109

initiated into mysteries of Egyptian religion Ed 62; PP 245

reasoned with Egyptian priests and idolatrous worshipers PP 245; 3SG 184

arguments of, Egyptian priests could not refute PP 245

refused to participate in worship of Egyptian gods Ed 62; PP 245; 3SG 184

preserved by God from corrupting influences SR 109

angels instructed, that he was to deliver Israel PP 245; 3SG 183; SR 108

renounced prospective kingdom to serve Christ Ed 62, 68; PP 245-6, 471; 3SG 184; 1T 656-7; 3T 89-90; 4T 345

chose rather to suffer affliction with God’s people Ed 68-9; PP 246; 1T 78; 2T 101; 3T 89-90

hoped to deliver Israel by force of arms Ed 62; FE 342; MH 474; PP 245-7; 3SG 183, 189-90; SR 109

slew Egyptian and fled to Midian 1BC 1099; CT 407; FE 342-4; PP 246-7; 3SG 185-6; SR 109-10

when 40 years old PP 246; 3SG 185; SR 109

2. In Midian PP 247-57; 3SG 186-97; SR 110-1

40 years in Midian CT 417; Ed 62, 64-5; FE 360, 423; GW 333; MH 474, 508; PP 247-8, 255, 333, 471; 3SG 186; SR 110

married to Zipporah, Jethro’s daughter PP 247, 383; SR 110

education and experience of, as shepherd for Jethro 1BC 1099; CT 406-8, 417; DA 102; Ed 62-5, 100; FE 342-3, 360; MH 474-5; PP 247-51, 402, 471, 480; 3SG 187; SR 110; 3T 342; 4T 343, 442, 533, 611; TM 262-3

God of nature taught, highest wisdom CT 406

angels instructed PP 251; 3SG 187

prayed for Israel day and night PP 251

Christ appeared to, in burning bush 1BC 1099, 1103; 7BC 904-5; DA 23-4; MH 212, 436, 508; PK 49; PP 251-2, 350; 3SG 187-8; 4aSG 61; 6T 9; 8T 284

self-distrustful, slow of speech, and timid 1BC 1099; MH 475; PP 255

backwardness of, proceeded from humility 3SG 193

commissioned by God with message to Pharaoh FE 287; PP 252, 257, 333; 3SG 190-1; SR 111; 1T 291

hand of, turned leprous and was healed PP 253-4; 3SG 192

had lost proficiency in use of Egyptian tongue PP 254; 3SG 192

reluctance of, to undertake mission to Egypt PP 252-5; MH 475; 3SG 188-94; 4T 611

asked for sign from heaven PK 342

visited Jethro PP 255; 3SG 194; SR 111

strengthened by God for his mission PP 255; 3SG 194-5; SR 111

journey of, from Midian to Egypt PP 255-6; 3SG 194-5

Aaron met, near Horeb PP 257; 3SG 196-7

angel threatened, for failure to circumcise youngest son PP 255-6; 3SG 195-6

family of, remained in Midian while he was in Egypt PP 255-6, 383; 3SG 259

3. During Exodus PP 257-481; 3SG 197-304; 4aSG 5-58; SR 111-74; 3T 293-304

met with and instructed elders of Israel PP 257; 3SG 197

discussions of, with Pharaoh re God’s plans for Israel PP 257-63; 3SG 197-205; SR 114-6

miracles wrought before Pharaoh by 6BC 1064; EW 59-60; PP 263-5; 3SG 205-6; SR 116; 1T 264-5, 291-3; 5T 696-8

Pharaoh dared not harm PP 272

plagues brought upon Egypt at direction of PP 265-74, 279-80; 3SG 206-23, 228-9; SR 116-9; 1T 265

Passover first observed by Israel under direction of DA 76-7; PP 273-80; 3SG 222-8; SR 117-8

Israel led to Red Sea by PP 281-7; 3SG 228-33; SR 119-22; 4T 21-4

Israel led through Red Sea by PP 287-90; 3SG 233-6; SR 122-5; 1T 265-6; 4T 24-6

Israel led in thanksgiving by, after crossing Red Sea PP 288-90; 3SG 236-8; SR 125

Israel led by, from Red Sea to Marah and Elim PP 291-2; SR 126

Israel instructed by, re quails and manna PP 292-7, 378; 3SG 248-55; SR 126-31

water brought from smitten rock at Rephidim by PP 297-8; 3SG 255-7; SR 131-3

Aaron and Hur supported, in battle with Amalekites PP 299; 3SG 257-8; 1T 527; 2T 108; 4T 531; 5T 162

Jethro visited, at Rephidim PP 300; 3SG 259-60; SR 134

wife and two sons joined, at Rephidim PP 300, 384

Jethro counseled, re government of Israel AA 92-4; PP 300-1, 383-4; 3SG 260-1; 4aSG 19; SR 135-6; 9T 262-3; TM 340-1

government of Israel reorganized by PP 301; 3SG 261; SR 135-6

70 elders aided, in government of Israel PP 312, 380-1; 4aSG 16-7, 19

Israel journeyed under, from Rephidim to Mt. Sinai PP 301-2; 3SG 261; SR 137

mediation of, in making covenant and giving of Decalogue at Mt. Sinai PP 303-14; 3SG 261-73; SR 137-50; 3T 296-7, 339-40; TM 99

statutes and judgments given to, for Israel PP 310-2; 3SG 268-70; SR 144

40 days with God on Mt. Sinai PP 313; 3SG 272

went up into mount on Sabbath day PP 313

more statutes and judgments given to PK 293; PP 313-4, 364; 3SG 272-4; SR 148-50; TM 99

tables of Decalogue given to PP 314, 319; 3SG 272-3, 278-9; SR 148; 3T 298, 341

miniature model of heavenly sanctuary shown to 4aSG 5; SR 151

instructions given to, for building sanctuary AA 564; 2BC 1030; 6BC 1063; CT 59-60; Ed 35, 258; GW 254; PP 313-4, 343-58; 3SG 273; 4aSG 5-11, 154; SR 151-7

tables of Decalogue broken by 1BC 1109; EW 163; PP 320-3; 3SG 279; 3T 298, 300-1, 341; TM 100-1

Israel reproved by, for worshiping golden calf MH 508; PP 315-30; 3SG 273-88; 3T 297-304, 339-42

intercession of, for Israel EW 162-3; PP 318-9, 326-8; PK 312-3; 3SG 276-8, 284-6; 3T 297-8, 303-4, 340-1; 4T 531-2

40 days with God again on Mt. Sinai PP 329

Decalogue given again on tables of stone to PP 329; 3SG 289-90; 3T 354

shown God’s glory (character) AA 363; COL 162, 285-6; CT 30; FE 178, 337; GW 417; MB 26, 46; MH 464, 508; PK 312; PP 328-9; SC 10; 3SG 289; 3T 354-5; 4T 532-3; 5T 652-3; 6T 221

experience of, that was greater than all learning of Egypt PP 328

face of: shone with divine glory 1BC 1109-10; EW 15, 34, 286; GC 640; GW 143; LS 65, 102, 245; PP 329-30, 340, 476; SD 225; 2SG 32; 3SG 295; 1SM 231-2, 237; SR 168; 1T 59; 3T 354-5; 4T 342-3, 533; 5T 223

shone with glory of Christ 1SM 231-2

shone with glory of God’s law 6BC 1053

shone with holy radiance while in vision PP 476

sanctuary built under direction of CS 203; PP 349, 357, 374; WM 291-2

sanctuary set up and dedicated by PP 349-50, 374

priests and Levites dedicated to sanctuary service by PP 350-1, 374

Israel’s march under, from Mt. Sinai to Kadesh PP 374-86

intercession of, for murmurers at Taberah PP 377-82; 4aSG 15-8

Miriam and Aaron reproved at Hazeroth for murmuring against PP 382-6, 426; 4aSG 19-21

12 spies sent by, to investigate Canaan PP 387-94; 4aSG 21-7; SR 158-62; 4T 148-56

bitter disappointment suffered by PP 392

rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram against PP 395-405; 4aSG 27-38; 3T 339-58; 5T 66

Israel’s wanderings under, for 38 years PP 406-10; SR 162-3

sister of (Miriam), taken by death PP 410

sinned at Meribah in Kadesh 1BC 1115-6; DA 421; EW 163, 258; FE 508-9; PK 174; PP 417-21, 425-6, 462, 470, 472, 478-9; 4aSG 38-40, 53, 57-8; 1SM 269; SR 164-9, 173; 3T 301-2, 319; 4T 12, 369-71; Te 13-4

Israel’s journey under, around Edom PP 422-32

Aaron died in arms of, on Mt. Hor PP 427

Aaron buried by, on Mt. Hor PP 427; 4aSG 40; SR 168-9; 3T 293

Aaron’s death reminded, that his end was near PP 427

brazen serpent uplifted by 1BC 1116; DA 174-5; PP 429-32; 4aSG 40-3; 1SM 352; TM 93

Bashan and Gilead occupied by Israel under PP 433-7

labors of, when Balaam led Israel into apostasy PP 438-62; 4aSG 43-52

prayer of, for Israel’s welfare after his death PP 462

Joshua set apart as leader by, by laying on of hands PP 462-3; 4aSG 56

charge given to Joshua by PP 469-70

last warnings and admonitions of, for Israel PP 463-8

recapitulation by, of Ten Commandments PP 463; 4aSG 52; SR 170

literary labors of, close of PP 466; 4aSG 52-5; SR 170-2

history of Exodus rehearsed by PP 463-6; 4aSG 52-3; SR 170-1; 3T 319; 7T 210

thrilling address of, before Israel PP 466-7; PK 394-6; 4aSG 55-6; SR 172; 4T 370-1

warned Israel of results from departure from statutes of God PK 295

last time that, stood in assembly of Israel PP 471

final blessing of Israel by PP 471; 4aSG 55-6; SR 172

knew that he was to die alone PP 470

vision seen by, on Mt. Nebo PP 471-7

physical condition of, at time of his death PP 463; 1T 659

no earthly friend permitted to minister to, in his last hours PP 470

death of PP 477; 4aSG 57; SR 173

as tired warrior lying down to sleep PP 477; 4aSG 57; SR 173

Israel mourned, 30 days PP 481

on top of Pisgah MH 508; PP 471, 477; 4aSG 56-7; SR 172-3

overtaken by sleep of death 4aSG 57; SR 173

buried by angels PP 478; 4aSG 58; SR 173; 1T 659

burial place of, concealed by God AH 477; PP 477-8; 4aSG 57; SR 173

in valley PP 477; 4aSG 57; SR 173

4. After his death

Satan contended with Christ for body of DA 421; EW 164; MB 57; PP 478-9; 4aSG 58; SR 173; 1T 626; 9T 239

resurrection of AH 477; DA 135, 421; EW 164; MB 57; PK 227; PP 478-9; 4aSG 58; SR 173-4; 1T 626, 659; 9T 239; TM 249

by Christ (Michael) DA 421; EW 164; MB 57; PP 478-9; 4aSG 58; SR 173-4; 1T 626, 659; 9T 239; TM 249

before John the Baptist preached DA 135

glorified PP 479

Jews expected DA 135

Jews in Christ’s time did not know that, had already occurred DA 135

short time after his burial PP 478; 4aSG 58; SR 173-4

to immortal life PP 479

first man raised from grave PP 478

called to glorious inheritance PP 479

taken to heaven AH 477; DA 421-2; PK 227; PP 479; 4aSG 58; SR 173-4; 1T 659

title of, to immortal life was held in Christ’s name PP 479

appeared at Christ’s transfiguration 5BC 1096; DA 421-2, 487, 686; Ed 69; EW 162; PK 227; PP 479; 4aSG 58; SR 173-4

opened everlasting gates for Christ at His ascension PP 476

now with Christ in heavenly courts Ed 69

type of righteous dead to be raised at second advent DA 421-2; EW 164; PK 227

witness to Christ’s victory over sin and death DA 421

5. As prophet PP 270, 328

foretold: captivity of Israel among heathen PK 295-6

Christ’s coming as Prophet AA 222; DA 193, 377; PK 684

Christ’s first advent AA 222; DA 34; PK 684

events of Israel’s future PK 393-4

Israel’s final overthrow as nation PP 467

Israel’s final triumph ML 288; PK 313

siege of Jerusalem by Titus PP 467

God communicated to church in wilderness by 7BC 927

Jews referred to, as “that prophet” DA 135

panoramic vision given to 1BC 1110; DA 421; PP 471-7; MH 508; 4aSG 57; SR 173; 1T 659

prophetic address by PK 394-6; PP 466-7; 4aSG 55-6; SR 172; 4T 370-1

shown plan of salvation PP 330, 366

shown that Christ’s cleansing blood purifies sinner 4T 342

significance of types and shadows pointing to Christ was shown to 6BC 1096

view of heavenly sanctuary was given to PP 343

6. Characteristics of

acknowledged God in every detail of life Ed 63; 5T 652

acted as seeing the Invisible FE 346

addressed his people with stirring eloquence 4aSG 57

aim of, set high in life MYP 124

became great because he used his talents for God 4T 612

believed God ruled in his life in particular Ed 63; 5T 652

calm and firm in battle at Edrei PP 435-6

could not be influenced to swerve from integrity 4T 345

countenance of: evidenced firmness and nobility of purpose PP 425

evidenced great intellectual power PP 425

evidenced strong affections PP 425

desired to make his God-given work thoroughly successful Ed 63-4; 5T 652

did not merely think of God, but saw Him Ed 63; 5T 652

did not show simply passive resistance to evil but perseverance in right 5T 651

endowed with remarkable instinct 1BC 1113

endured without retaliation when misunderstood 5T 651

example of results of true plan of living MH 285; 9T 165

faith, meekness, and long-suffering of Ed 73

faith of: greater than that of any other man 4aSG 57

led him to look at things unseen which are eternal 4T 345

puts to shame unbelief of many people today FE 345

faith was not guesswork to Ed 63; 5T 652

faithful shepherd over Israel PP 319; 3SG 278

faithful steward of God SD 279

fearless before Pharaoh’s threatening 3SG 221-2

full of: confidence in God because he had appropriating faith 5T 651-2

zeal to do God’s work DA 208

God was real to 5T 651

greater than any person who lived before him EW 162

greatest leader of God’s people 1BC 1113

had clear mind and understanding heart SR 108

had deep sense of: God’s personal presence 5T 651

his unworthiness and unfitness for God’s work 4T 532

head of, white with snows of sixscore winters PP 425, 463

humble man 1BC 1113

humility and long-suffering manifest by PP 384

humility of GC 470

implicit faith in God made, what he was FE 344

indiscretion of honest zeal in, God pardoned 3T 342

influence of, did not die with him PP 481

integrity of, was of purest character ML 320

intellectual greatness of, distinguishes him above great men of all ages PP 246

Israel’s welfare was dearer to, than prosperity, honor, or life PP 323

knew God as personal God MH 475

knew that God was his Friend PP 427

leaned on God for support in time of danger 3SG 222

man of: cultivated mind and princely bearing Ed 62

great personal attraction Ed 62

influence FE 120

intelligence 1BC 1099

noble form and stature Ed 62

prayer CT 408; FE 343; ML 20

meek man 5T 396; Te 13-4

meekest man on earth 1BC 1113; MB 14; ML 20; PP 251, 384, 396; 4aSG 20, 40; SR 168; 3T 297, 319, 341-2; 4T 369

meekness of, his brightest trait of character 4T 368

minister of righteousness GW 13

much time spent in prayer by ML 20

naturally impatient 4aSG 39; SR 168

naturally impetuous MH 474

never lost: pious impressions received in his youth SR 108

sight of God’s face 5T 652

not afraid to be alone with God 4T 533

patient and suffering leader of Israel SR 160

patient shepherd to Israel PP 399

physical appearance of Ed 62

pious, humble, and forbearing 4aSG 57

qualifications of, for leadership of God’s people 4T 343

remarkable forbearance of, with stubbornness of Israel SR 167

representative man FE 344

self-sacrificing patience of 3T 346

student 4T 343

tender father to Israel PP 399

thoughts of, God was ever present in 5T 651

true friend of God and people 3T 303

vision of God was constantly before Ed 63; 5T 652

voice of, one of love and entreaty to Israel PP 329

wiser than all sovereigns and statesmen 1BC 1113

without peer as historian, poet, philosopher, general, and legislator PP 246

world’s wisest legislator Ed 51

wove into his experience belief that God cared for him 5T 652

younger than Aaron PP 254; 3SG 193, 196

three years 3SG 196

zeal of, greater than that of any other man 4aSG 57

7. Literary labors of

alpha of Bible history was written by DA 796

book of, placed in side of ark of covenant PP 466; 4aSG 55; SR 171-2

book of covenant written by, at Mt. Sinai PP 312; 3SG 270-1; SR 144-5

forms part of Deuteronomy PK 392-3

ceremonial law written by, in book PP 365

Deuteronomy written by 1BC 1117; CW 145; PK 392-3; PP 463-6, 500-3; SR 170-1; 6T 12

after giving its contents in series of discourses PP 503

more than 1,400 years before Christ’s time DA 121

near close of his work AA 222

directions for building earthly sanctuary were written by, in book PP 343; 4aSG 5; SR 151

first historian CD 117

Genesis written by, in Midian 3BC 1140; PP 251

historian of creation and the law GC 5

history of Israel written by 4aSG 53; SR 170-1

influence of, on Israel’s history PK 392-406, 465-6

Job written by, in Midian 3BC 1140; Ed 159

judgments and statutes written by, in book FE 393; PP 364, 466, 500; 3SG 270, 299-300; 4aSG 53, 55; SR 148-9, 170-1

laws recorded by, were most noble, pure, and just FE 393-4

Levitical law written by PP 364-5

observance of statutes recorded by, Hezekiah’s reign made prosperous by PK 392

penned history of creation 1,600 years before John wrote GC 5

Pentateuch written by GC 434

preparation of Scriptures began with GC 5

promises in, God’s willingness to fulfill His PK 464

regulations re sacrificial offerings were written by, in book PP 466; 4aSG 55; SR 171-2

Samaritans rejected all Scriptures except DA 193

song by, historical and prophetic PP 467-8

statutes recorded by, King Manasseh set aside PK 392-3

Ten Commandments not written by SR 144

truth presented to Israel in song by Ev 496-7

various uses of, in Israel PK 464-6

without peer as historian, poet, philosopher, and legislator PP 246

writings of, taught to Israel by Joshua PK 465

written under: inspiration of Spirit MB 14

Spirit’s guidance PP 114

8. Miscellaneous

accusations and murmurings against PP 258-9, 284, 292, 297-8, 303, 377, 380, 388-9, 395-403, 414-7, 426, 428-9; 4aSG 30; SR 128, 167; 1T 527, 652; 2T 107, 656; 3T 85, 89-90, 300, 319, 339, 342, 345, 347-9, 351, 355-7; 4T 21-2, 25-6, 149-50

administered Israel’s laws in God’s name PP 374

admitted into secret councils of God 1BC 1103

advantage of practical education to FE 344

afflicted by Israel’s continual rebellion 3T 339

aim of, set high MYP 124

appealed to God when unjustly accused 4aSG 30-1

as God’s representative, administered His laws in His name Ed 37

as mediator, often stood between Israel and God’s wrath EW 162; PP 326

as representative of his people, received God’s law MH 508

atoning sacrifice presented before 4T 342

believed Christ’s merits would be imputed to him 5T 652

boundary lines fixed by, for division of Canaan for Israel PP 511

brought almost directly into God’s presence 3T 354

burdens of leadership of, too heavy for one man to bear AA 92-4

by obeying God became: eloquent, hopeful, and self-possessed in God’s service MH 475; PP 255

eloquent, patient, self-reliant, and competent 4T 612-3

called to minister to ignorant, undisciplined, and rebellious people DA 641

Christ gave instruction to, for Israel 1BC 1117; CG 355; MM 49

Christ gave laws to PP 516

Christ instructed, re building of sanctuary 6BC 1063

Christ instructed Israel by mouth of 2BC 994

Christ proclaimed God’s character to TM 362

Christ spoke through COL 288; 8T 198

to Israel DA 70, 213; MM 21; PP 373; 8T 209-10; TM 405

Christ spoke with, among mountains of Midian DA 290-1

Christ stood by, when he smote rock PP 298; 3SG 256; SR 132

Christ was prefigured by PP 264-5

Christ was teacher of, in school of nature FE 342

Christ was with Te 13

Christ’s representative PP 426; 4T 370

colaborer with Christ DA 422

cursed by rebellious Israel PP 389; 5T 377

dared not resign because of Israel’s rebellion 3T 343

declared truth for his time DA 634

dependent on strength from God 2T 108

devotion of, to God’s people 4T 531-2

did not forget lessons his mother taught him PP 244

divine mission of, doubted and denied by Israelites DA 385

Egyptians regarded, as remarkable character 3SG 183; SR 108

with awe PP 272

enacted laws for world instead of giving laws to Egypt Ed 69

experience of, shows that it is unsafe to sin in word or thought or deed 4T 370

faith of, when Satan sought to stagger 1T 292

fasted 40 days on Mt. Sinai 1BC 1109; 5BC 1079; GW 143; PP 313, 329, 335; 1SM 269; 3T 296

fitted for greatest work ever given to man MH 475; PP 255

40 years of Israel’s wandering and unbelief wearied PK 174

foundation of greatness of, laid in his first 12 years of life Ed 61

full directions given to, re sacrificial offerings in sanctuary services PP 364-5

given greatest work ever entrusted to mortal man 4T 612-3

God established, as chief governor over Israel 4aSG 28; 3T 344

God’s commandments embodied in sacred song by SD 43

God’s dealings with, exemplified His justice and love PP 479

God’s dealings with Israel recorded in song by 6T 364-5

God’s presence with Israel was not dependent on 3T 340

God’s purposes revealed to, in vision CT 59

gospel was given to 1SM 230

gospel was understood by PP 366

greater than prophet PP 396; 4aSG 27

heavy burdens of, no excuse for his sin PP 421

Hobab was brother-in-law of PP 628

honored: highly by God 1BC 1113; SR 167

above every other man on earth PP 420

implored pardon for his sin, in Christ’s name PP 472

instruction given to, studied in schools of prophets Ed 47; FE 97

study 1BC 1103

Israel tempted to attribute to, power of God 1BC 1115

Israel’s perversity provoked, to sin PP 470

Jews honored, as giver of manna DA 385-6

Jews later believed that, would be raised from dead DA 135

Joshua served as minister to PP 313, 481-2

judgments and statutes given to, for Israel SR 144

kept before Israel God’s plan to send Christ as Redeemer PK 684

knew special work had been assigned him by God 5T 652

labors and experiences of, with Aaron in God’s service PP 425

let light shine PP 370

Levitical law received by, from Christ DA 708-9

life experiences of, study Ed 151-2

life of: endurance and patience characterize 5T 651

lesson from, for gospel workers 5T 549

lessons from 4T 368

study MH 366

supreme love for God marked 4aSG 57

light for God in world PP 370

lived 15 centuries before Christ’s death DA 421

looked down through ages for Christ to come in flesh 5T 651

love of, for disobedient Israel EW 163

many people today have far greater privileges of obtaining knowledge of God than did FE 345

marched in front of ark of covenant PP 375-6; 1T 651

marriage of, Miriam displeased by PP 383

mediator between God and Israel EW 162-3; PP 330; 3SG 265; 1SM 238

messenger of covenant GW 20

mighty statesman in Egypt TM 262

more than 1,000,000 people led out of Egypt by FE 343, 345

more than 2,000,000 souls led out of Egypt by PP 334

mother showed, folly and sin of idolatry PP 243-4

mother taught, to pray PP 244; 3SG 182

to trust in God in any emergency PP 244; 3SG 182

no effort made by, at self-vindication PP 399

not excused for murmuring PP 380

not tried in same way as others are 4BC 1182

ordained by God to lead Israel to Canaan 1T 527

overcame his impatience by God’s grace 4aSG 39-40

panoramic vision given to PP 471-7

pastor of vast congregation 3T 342

plan of salvation was revealed to PP 330; 1SM 231-2

plot of Israelites to slay PP 402; 3T 355

prayer(s) and intercessory plea(s) of DA 421-2

Aaron’s life spared by PP 323

for divine guidance GW 417

for Israel’s future welfare PP 462

for salvation of Israel DA 422; PK 312-3; PP 251, 318-9, 324, 326-8, 379-80, 390, 398, 402, 470; 3SG 276-7; 4aSG 34; SR 160-1; 3T 297, 303-4, 354, 357-8; 4T 151-2, 532; 5T 377-8

illustrates Christ’s love 3SG 285

that was almost a complaint PP 380

that was answered after his death PP 479

that was answered in a measure DA 421

that was not answered DA 421; PP 479

preached much on temperance Te 150

precepts delivered privately to, for Israel FE 506

prepared to meet unbelief and murmuring with patience PP 384

rashness and zeal of, God pardoned 3T 341

received all his directions from Christ PP 396

recognized leader and magistrate of Israel PP 300-1

religion and institutions given through, Christ said nothing to unsettle faith in DA 307; MB 47

religion in time of, same as religion today 2BC 994

righteous indignation of, defined TM 101

ritual law delivered to, by Christ PP 373

rod of CT 408; DA 219-20; FE 343; MH 475; PP 251, 253, 287, 299, 396, 478; 3SG 188, 192; 2T 107-8, 291-3; 3T 343; 5T 696-8

sacrifices made by, really were not sacrifices 4T 345

saw: Christ accompanying Israel in their travels Ed 63; 5T 651

Christ as his Saviour 5T 652

God’s majesty 4T 342

shepherd of God’s people FE 343-4

sin of, Satan’s exultation over EW 164

sorely tried 3T 541

special providence of God qualified, to lead Israel 1T 650

special responsibilities placed upon, by God 3T 339

special tokens of God’s favor enjoyed by PP 472

Spirit spoke through DA 193

Spirit was placed upon, by God PP 384

spoke by inspiration of Spirit DA 386

stood faithfully at post of duty when Israel rebelled 3T 357

talked face to face with God as to friend CT 408; DA 421; EW 162; FE 343; PP 385, 396, 478; 4aSG 58; 2SM 316; 4T 532

taught by God to temper his passions 4T 343

tested by God re his perseverance, faithfulness, and love 3SG 276

trials of, were great PP 472

true significance of sacrificial offerings was discerned by 1SM 232

type of Christ PP 330, 480; 1T 291; 3T 358; 4T 370

types and shadows pointing to Christ were understood by 1SM 237

unselfish interest of, rewarded with jealousy, suspicion, and calumny 3T 342

visible leader of Israel PP 463

by God’s appointment PP 374

walked rough and perilous path 4T 345

when, showed unbelief and criminal despondency 3SG 193

why, frequently reminded Israel of their transgressions and rebellions 3T 320

wife of, not a black woman 1BC 1113; 4aSG 19

with his meekness and wisdom, was enlisted in God’s service COL 301

withdrew into wilderness of Sinai to commune with Christ DA 360

witnessed for God in Egypt COL 286

work of, can never perish Ed 69

years of toil and heart-burdening care of, wilderness grave was goal of DA 421


admitted into secret councils of God UL 341:6

blamed for bringing children of Israel out to die of thirst RC 353:3

body of, Christ spoke in holiness and humility over UL 270:3

called into mount to meet God: new relationship for Israel TDG 237:3

called to deliver downtrodden Hebrews; some were faithful SW 41:2

character of God,

revealed to FLB 84:2

to be represented as did TMK 370:4


directed, to set up the brazen serpent FW 69:3

seen by UL 111:3

commission given to, at burning bush SW 24:0

connected with Christ; God showed him His glory TDG 95:3

consecration to God like that of, means as verily guided TDG 252:2

crown laid down by, for the burdens of his people TMK 22:4

endurance and patience characterized life of UL 111:2

failed when wearied and faith let go HP 256:2

freeing of Hebrews considered by, though feeling unqualified TMK 22:3

geology agrees with writings of, if a correct theory LHU 60:3; 3SM 307:2


seen by, enabling him to value reproach of Christ OHC 339:2

was real to UL 111:3


glory (His character) revealed to RC 214:4

words to, at burning bush UL 364:3

goodness of God passed before; Moses was to represent it FW 61:3

humility of,

God honored, by showing him His glory HP 241:5

learned UL 227:3

inefficiency sensed by; then grace revealed SW 23:2

insufficiency of Christian contrasted with Christ as did TMK 125:2

kept the Lord before him UL 111:2

light sent to Pharaoh by, but resistance resulted 2MCP 724:4

mind of, heathen lore removed slowly from; Jethro helped TDG 321:4

pattern shown to, followed exactly HP 147:2

perseverance of, through Christ UL 111:3

prayer of, to see God’s glory, AG 322:2

was not presumptuous UL 193:5

was not prompted by curiosity HP 241:3

resurrection of, enraged Satan who accused Christ Con 26:2

rod of, symbolized God’s power SW 24:1

Satan triumphed in power over, to mar his character Con 26:1; 3SM 147:0

self-renunciation taught by, today 3SM 339:1

service like, God will also honor HP 241:5

shepherd for forty years to understand and purify himself TDG 321:2

sin of, serious UL 299:2

sinlessness not claimed by people like 3SM 353:2

stirred to lift his brethren from slavery TMK 22:2

strength of, insufficient for God’s work; drawn to God HP 241:3

talked with God UL 341:6

temperance preached by; appetite kept people from promised land CME 40:5

trained in a long process to fit as a leader for Israel TDG 321:2

unlearning required of, in being self-trained TDG 321:4

work of, prefigured Christ’s first advent to free captives TMK 22:5