EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Messenger, Messengers - Mince pie, Mince pies

Messenger, Messengers

Messenger, Messengers, Christ’s, must declare faithfully whole counsel of God GW 288; LS 329; TM 470

God’s: assured of His protecting care in performing their mission PK 105

be careful how you speak one word to lessen influence of 5T 285

elevating reverence needed by, for truth 7T 54

how grievous it is to refuse DA 489

how long will you hate and despise? TM 96-7

murmuring against 6T 133

must be clothed with power 7T 54

must never cease striving for greater light and power GW 151

must stand unflinchingly for the right PK 105

never to fear man’s face PK 105

not sent to please and flatter sinners 4T 178

scroll should be unrolled to world through GW 470; 6T 133

true, seek no honor for themselves DA 179

EGW was instructed that she was 1SM 32, 34

work and responsibilities of EW 61-4

See also Gospel worker; Minister

God’s chosen, Spirit is insulted by refusal to hear PP 635; TM 54

God’s plan is not to send, who please and flatter sinners PK 435

heavenly: dispatched to every part of earth to carry forward work of redemption 5T 731

few people work in unison with CT 507; LS 203

tireless vigilance of 5T 754

unceasing employment of, in ministry with human beings 5T 754

See also Angel

must be holy DA 100

of cross, must arm themselves with watchfulness and prayer GW 264

move forward in faith and courage GW 264-5

of truth, SDA publications as 4T 389

sent by God bear divine credentials 2SM 69

silent, only preacher that many people have is EW 96

SDA papers as LS 126

silent and voiceless, SDA publications as 1T 590

to reject His, is to reject Christ Himself DA 489


acceptance of message and, called for, by the seventy TDG 113:6

distrust in, blocks communication from God LHU 361:2

Ellen White,

asked to be UL 160:5

was, to communicate spiritual truths TDG 24:2

evil, influenced Brother N; not messenger of heaven UL 121:2

faithfulness as, pleading to be kept by God’s power 3SM 154:3

inspired, witness of the things heard from AG 260:3

living, warning to go places inaccessible to 3SM 413:3

recognizing the Lord’s, requires living experience 3SM 186:1

Messenger of Truth

Messenger of Truth, Messenger party’s paper LS 155, 159; 2SG 192-3, 204; 1T 95-6, 100

Messenger party

Messenger party 2SG 134, 184, 192-3, 195, 217; 1T 95-6, 117, 122-3, 229, 251, 714

began at Jackson, Mich., in 1853 LS 149; 2SG 181-2

soon scattered LS 159; 2SG 204

vision re 2SG 193; 1T 96


“Messiah,” signifies “the Anointed One” DA 233; GC 327, 347; PK 699


Messiah, birthplace of, Micah foretold AA 223-4

Christ announced Himself as, when He cleansed temple DA 154, 161, 196, 231, 591; MB 2

Christ declared Himself to be DA 465

Christ did not attempt to prove His claim as DA 465

Christ’s birth as, announcements of DA 64

Christ’s character as, prophecy foretold DA 43

Christ’s ministry as, began in A.D. 27 DA 233; GC 325-8, 346-7; PK 699

Christ’s works declared Him to be DA 217; MH 36

coming of: all nations were to be blessed in PK 15

announcements of DA 231-3

Jews desired DA 29

Jewish ignorance re, in Christ’s time GC 378

John the Baptist proclaimed DA 104-5, 136-8, 154, 231

priest’s duty to pray for DA 99

did not come as Jews predicted He would 5T 728

faith in, how Jews acknowledged 1SM 232

faith in Christ as, should not rest on evidences of sight 7BC 904

false, appeared between Christ’s death and Jerusalem’s destruction DA 628

will appear in this age DA 628

few of Christ’s hearers acknowledged Him as COL 76

Gentile expectations re DA 33, 59-64

how true concept of, was revealed DA 414-5

Jews did not look for, as Saviour from sin MB 2

Jews expected: as great prince who would subdue all nations MB 2

as mighty prince DA 34

to break power of Romans DA 30

to come as conqueror DA 65-6; PK 709

to come as Lion of tribe of Judah MB 2

to reign as mighty world king EW 159

would make Judea an earthly paradise DA 377

Jews failed to recognize Christ as PK 710

Jews given abundant evidence that Christ was COL 105

Jews were looking for, when Christ came 5T 728

who had not been promised DA 218

Jewish hopes re: answered in parable of sower COL 35

for more than 1,000 years DA 27; PK 710

in Christ’s time GC 345

of many of Christ’s disciples DA 411, 414-5

of poor peasants and fishermen DA 299

of scribes and Pharisees DA 299

when Christ was born 4aSG 115-7

kind of, that Jews expected 4BC 1147

kingdom of, John the Baptist at first did not fully understand nature of DA 103

Mary hoped Christ would reveal Himself as DA 147

mission and work of: Christ’s description of DA 237

Christ’s disciples had erroneous concept of DA 414-5; GC 345-9

Jews had erroneous concept of COL 35, 76-7; DA 29-30, 44, 52-6, 65-6, 138, 154, 212, 236, 385, 458, 799; MB 1-2; PK 709; PP 608; 1SM 408

not to come as temporal king AA 227

patriarchs and prophets witnessed to Christ as DA 425

popular concept of, Christ did not meet DA 457

when Christ began His public ministry MB 1-2

proof that Jesus of Nazareth was AA 222; SL 63

prophecies re AA 223-8; DA 31, 43, 103, 193, 233-4, 236, 579; GC 325-8, 345, 347, 410; MB 2; MH 35; PK 681-702; PP 572

brought hope and comfort to sad and weary hearts PK 623

Christ fulfilled DA 385

Christ’s explanation of DA 231-5

importance of understanding DA 799

Jews of Christ’s day misunderstood GC 345

John the Baptist studied DA 103, 136

pointing to Christ AA 451

repeated often in synagogue DA 597

used by Paul in preaching to Jews AA 221-2, 247

rabbis’ views re, not sustained by prophecy DA 80

referred to as Son of David in prophecy DA 608-9

reign of, Mary looked forward to DA 56

rejected stone as DA 597-8

sacrificial offerings typified 1SM 238

Samaritan expectations re DA 192-3

Satan exploited erroneous hopes of Jews re DA 457; PK 709-10

was: Lord’s Anointed PP 572

to appear from among Jews DA 189

was to be of: lineage of Abraham and David AA 247; DA 44

royal line AA 223; DA 44

what would have happened, if John the Baptist had announced himself as DA 178

why Jews rejected Christ as PK 710-2; 5T 728

Wolff (Joseph) received instruction re GC 357-9

world’s need of, when Christ was born DA 34-6

See also Christ


agitation concerning, when Christ came LHU 197:3

prophets understood work of, but He clarified it LHU 153:2

Satan destroys faith in Christ as, in many minds 1MCP 21:4

Wise Men surprised by lack of interest in LHU 30:7

See also Christ, appellations of, Messiah


Messiahship, evidence of Christ’s, given in miracles He wrought 3T 213; 4T 233

Jewish leaders rejected GC 595; 5T 728

Messianic promise

Messianic promise, covenant of blessing to Abraham included PK 37

glorious, in covenant of blessing GC 18


Metal, base, great proportion of believers now appearing genuine and true will prove to be 5T 136

only God can distinguish between pure and 5T 101

precious, character compared to 4T 85-6

true, fire kindled by Satan cannot destroy or hurt 1T 309

Meteor, Meteors

Meteor, Meteors, flashing, sensational revivalists compared to 4T 74

spasmodic zeal like 8T 150; TM 255

Meteoric shower

Meteoric shower, on Nov. 13, 1833 GC 333-4 See also Star

Method, Methods

1. Christ’s

2. Paul’s

3. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s

alone, gives true success in reaching people MH 143

follow, in gospel work in foreign fields GW 468-70

gospel workers who follow, will win souls GW 468

in work to save souls MH 23-4

ministers should learn, of gospel work AA 365

of labor should become that of physicians CH 338

of teaching 6T 69

gives force and directness to teacher’s communications and prayers FE 456

teachers today should follow CT 261

of teaching His disciples 6T 88, 248

true miss. work is that which most closely follows 6T 230

valuable lessons may be learned from CH 387

See also Christ (36. Methods used in gospel work by)

2. Paul’s

of gospel work AA 208-9

among Gentiles AA 208-9; GW 118-9

among Jews AA 372-82; GW 117-8

at Athens AA 233-42

at Corinth AA 244

prejudices against, some leaders of church at Jerusalem cherished AA 401

some gospel workers severely criticized AA 401

See also Paul

3. Miscellaneous

best, college needs workers using 5T 721

by which certain ends are reached are not always the same GW 468

Christ used, peculiarly His own in helping people in sorrow and affliction MH 23

consider carefully all, to be followed in miss. work TM 216

criticism of, do not block the way by 7T 25

defective, used in ministerial work GW 381-3

devise, for reaching people who do not know truth MM 318

devise plans and, to reach people where they are Ev 122-3

different: are essential in sowing seeds of truth and gathering in harvest TM 251

needed to meet needs of people in foreign fields GW 468

should be used in gospel work Ev 106

different from those of the past are needed in gospel work Ev 105

do not learn Satan’s, of warfare TM 248

educational See Educational method

followed by apostles to Gentiles, some gospel workers severely criticized AA 401

God would have us try new and untried, in gospel work Ev 125

God’s: are sensible and right CS 114

of treating disease will open doors for present truth 7T 59

should be followed in His work 9T 141

gospel workers leave God out of, too much TM 214

gospel workers need clear minds to devise, for reaching people Ev 129

institutions should not adopt any, binding mind or talent under control of human judgment TM 360

let Christ’s, be followed in dealing with students who make mistakes CT 266

man’s, danger of trusting to DA 362

more direct, in gospel work accomplishes greater good GW 192

most unpromising, succeed when divinely appointed PP 554

need of practiced, in producing effective work SD 117

needed in raising fruits and vegetables FE 322

Nehemiah’s, of meeting opposition PK 637-45

new: devise, for church members to work TM 204

needed in gospel work Ev 70, 105

try, of gospel work Ev 129-30

will spring from new circumstances 6T 476

no undeviating line of, can be laid out for everyone to follow CM 42

of defending truth Ev 173-4

of doing God’s work must be after His order FE 208

of evangelism See Evangelism

of gospel work: for Jews AA 379-82

in cities 9T 109-24

that close doors GW 118-9

See also Gospel work

of meeting opposition See Opposition

of presenting truth to others GW 118-9

of teaching See Teaching

of temperance work See Temperance work

our actions and plans and, must correspond to the importance of our message 9T 143

past, used in gospel work may have to be abandoned Ev 129-30

physicians needed who will make reforms in, of treating the sick MM 122

practices not open as day belong to, of prince of evil TM 366

precise, of some capable gospel workers are of little value 7T 271

preconceived notions re, ministers who cling to 4T 261

put new life into old, of gospel work Ev 105

running too fast in devising, danger in TM 314

same, not all minds can be reached by 6T 116

Satan’s, some SDA practice TM 366

some youth have no, in doing work SD 117

study ways and, to reach people with truth Ev 297

tact and, needed in God’s work FE 316

unusual, needed in gospel work Ev 122-3

used: by Christ as teacher, illustrated Ed 84-96

by individual workers may be of God’s appointing 9T 259

in God’s work will be different from those used in the past 7T 25


enemy’s, stop using UL 79:4

evil, avoided in dealing with wicked people TDG 99:2

gospel of Christ is not clever OHC 109:3

misleading, Christ’s life stands out in contrast with TDG 324:3

southern field required different 3SM 56:0


Methodism, modern, spirituality waning in GC 386


Methodists 2SG 123

early, persecution suffered by GC 259

how followers of Whitefield and Wesleys came to be called GC 256-7

Wesley’s (John) reply to accusers and persecutors of GC 259-60

Methodist camp meeting

Methodist camp meeting LS 22-4; 2SG 12; 1T 16

Methodist Church

Methodist Church, Harmon family active members of 1T 40

Harmon family disfellowshiped from EW 13; LS 50-3; 2SG 23-5, 163; 1T 42-3

Harmon (Robert, Jr.) again joined 2SG 163

Harmon (Robert, Jr.) left, shortly before his death 2SG 163-4

Harmon (Robert, Sr.) a pillar in LS 50; 1T 40

jewelry worn by member of 2SG 13; 1T 20

love feast observed in LS 53; 2SG 25; 1T 43

many members of, believed in second advent LS 53; 2SG 25; 1T 43

sanctification as taught in LS 28-9, 46; 2SG 22-3; 1T 22-3, 37, 335

EGW attended, while a girl 2SG 12

EGW baptized by immersion into LS 25; 2SG 13; 1T 19-20

EGW joined EW 11; LS 25; 2SG 13; 1T 19-20

EGW’s parents were members of LS 17; 1T 9

Methodist church, Methodist churches

Methodist church, Methodist churches, SDA meeting in 2T 16

EGW spoke twice in LS 231; 4T 290

Methodist class meeting, Methodist class meetings

Methodist class meeting, Methodist class meetings EW 13; LS 43-7, 52; 2SG 21-2; 1T 35-8, 43

Methodist Connection

Methodist Connection, Wesley (John) first organized his followers under name of GC 257

Methodist fanatic

Methodist fanatic 2SG 123

Method of Grace

Method of Grace, by John Flavel, thousands helped by GC 253


Methuselah, died before Flood came 3SG 65; SR 63

Enoch’s message and translation cited by 6T 392

gospel message given by COL 126

lived to year of Flood 3SG 65; SR 63

Noah aided by, in building ark PP 92; 3SG 59-60, 65; SR 63

in warning antediluvians 1BC 1088; PP 92

Noah’s grandfather 3SG 59, 65; SR 63

Noah’s preaching heard by 3SG 59

revelations of God’s will preserved through PK 682-3


1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

deadly spiritual, shun people charged with FE 298

of neighbors’ neglects and shortcomings, persons who gather 4T 194

of tainted and corrupted atmosphere, you need not breathe SC 99

poisonous, breathing doubt and unbelief as 2SM 166-7

2. Literal

foul, air was originally untainted by PP 44

poisonous, arises where water settles around house CH 58-9; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

disease caused by MH 274

drying up of pools of water produces CH 59; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

fever and ague caused by CH 59; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

lung diseases caused by CH 59; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

of lowlands, home should be above MH 275

sore throat caused by CH 59; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

See also Breath; Effluvium; Exhalation


Micah, prophet PK 324-5, 418; PP 738

cited in defense of Jeremiah 4T 168

God’s love for sinner revealed by COL 186; PK 334, 377, 682

justification by faith taught by MB 54

prophesied in: reign of Ahaz PK 322, 324, 330

reign of Hezekiah PK 334; 4T 168


Micaiah, prophet, Imlah’s son 2BC 1036; PK 195-6


Mice See Mouse


Michael, Christ is DA 99, 421; PK 572; 4aSG 58; SL 51; SR 173

heaven’s Prince, Archangel SL 51

Moses raised from the dead by DA 421; EW 164; 4aSG 58

when Christ will stand up as EW 36; GC 613; LS 117

See also Christ


Michal, David’s wife and King Saul’s youngest daughter PP 652-3, 708-11; 4aSG 112-3

Michigan, U.S.A.

Michigan, U.S.A. LS 148-9, 153; 2SG 188, 197; 2SM 302; 1T 91, 94, 97-105, 570-1, 610; 5T 9, 184, 723; 8T 77; TM 301

camp meetings in Ev 448; 1T 104; 3T 504-5; 4T 283; 5T 9

SDA work in, beginning of LS 362

Michigan Conference

Michigan Conference, blow for temperance struck by LS 220-1

Michigan Tract Society

Michigan Tract Society, office of, should be moved out of Battle Creek 8T 76


Michmash PP 616-7, 622-4, 628

location of PP 622


Microscope, small blossoms seen under Ed 114

sweet cider seen under MH 332; 5T 356; Te 93-4

world of beauty seen through Ed 303

Middle-aged person, Middle-aged persons

Middle-aged person, Middle-aged persons, commandment binding upon 2T 80

many diseased, in Christ’s time CD 117-8

Middle Ages

Middle Ages, Waldenses kept light of truth burning in GC 66

See also Dark Ages

Middle class

Middle class, gospel work for Ev 564

no, in God’s service MB 94

Middle of the road

between spirituality and worldliness HP 277:5

Middletown, Conn.

Middletown, Conn. LS 107-8; 2SG 91, 93, 104; 1T 84

Present Truth first printed at LS 126; 1T 88

SDA publishing work began in 1849 at 2SG 115-6


Midian, Jethro was shepherd, priest, and prince of PP 247; 3SG 186; SR 110

mountains of, Moses among DA 102, 291

territory of PP 545, 553

wilds of, Moses spent 40 years in Ed 62; FE 423; PP 247; 3SG 186; SR 110

women of, Israel enticed to sin by PP 451, 454-61; 4aSG 49


Midianites, Balaam aided, against Israel PP 438-61; 4aSG 49-50

descendant of Abraham PP 383

Israel nearly destroyed, in Moses’ time PP 451, 456, 485, 492, 545; 4aSG 49-50

power of, Gideon broke GC 117; PP 545-6, 550-4, 675

relationship of, to Moabites PP 438

Zipporah was PP 383

Midianite merchantmen

Midianite merchantmen, Joseph sold as slave to caravan of PP 211; 3SG 141-2

were Ishmaelites from beyond Jordan who were going to Egypt with spices and other merchandise PP 211


Midnight, God will interpose at, to deliver His people EW 285; GC 636

heathenism’s, experiment that God permitted men to try during FE 196-7

when sun will appear shining at EW 285; GC 636

world’s, passing of GC 79; SR 336

world’s moral, noontide of papacy was GC 60; SR 334


thief at, represents the coming of the Son of man Mar 264:2

Midnight cry (of 1844)

Midnight cry (of 1844) GC 396-408, 426-7; SR 369-74

angels moved upon men to give EW 238

ended in seventh month of 1844 EW 42-3

given in summer of 1844 GC 398, 426-7; LS 59; SR 368-9; 1T 53

near close of second angel’s message EW 238

God’s children separated from popular churches by EW 249-50; GC 402; 1T 53

God’s people called out of Babylon by EW 242-3

heralded by thousands of believers GC 400

mighty work accomplished by EW 238

not carried so much by argument SR 370

outpouring of Spirit during SR 371

persons rejecting first angel’s message could not be benefited by EW 260

power given to second angel’s message by EW 238

proclaimed far and wide GC 400; 1T 54

proclaimed with second angel’s message 1T 53

proclamation of, effects of EW 238-43, 260; GC 398-408

Scripture proof for, clear and conclusive GC 402

symbolized by bright light EW 14; LS 64; 2SG 31; 1SM 62

tended to repress fanaticism and dissension GC 398

third angel’s message will close with power greater than that of EW 278

united with second angel’s message EW 277; GC 402

vision re EW 14; LS 64; 2SG 31; 1SM 62

was to prepare men to receive: third angel’s message EW 260-1

truth concerning heavenly sanctuary EW 260-1

went with impelling power GC 402

work of, free from extremes GC 400

Midnight darkness

Midnight darkness, heathen are no longer to be wrapped in COL 418; PK 719

Midnight dissipation

Midnight dissipation in courtship MYP 457-8

Midnight lamp

Midnight lamp, burning of, mental dyspeptic given to 4T 498

Midnight letter, Midnight letters

Midnight letter, Midnight letters, EGW’s, saved God’s cause from disaster and crisis 1SM 27; 5T 67

Midnight oil

Midnight oil, burned in courtship MYP 457

youth who burn CG 112; Ev 651


Midwives, Bible plan that women should act as, SDA should follow MM 61

Hebrew, disobeyed Pharaoh because they feared God 3SG 179-80

men physicians doing work of, out of harmony with instruction given at Sinai CH 365; 9T 176

SDA institutions should train women as MM 61

skillful, women should be educated as CH 365; 9T 176

women physicians should do work of CH 365; 9T 176

women should be attended by, at childbirth CH 365; 9T 176

work of, in ancient Israel CH 365; 9T 176


Migration, bird See Bird


Mildew, world’s, clouds perception and perverts intellect 4T 357


Mildness is fruit of tree of love 2T 134-5

Milepost, Mileposts

Milepost, Mileposts, make essential points of truth as distinct as, in preaching GW 168; 2T 544, 616

make every point as plain as, in giving Bible studies Ev 439

make vital points in sermons stand out as 2T 670


Miletus AA 352, 392-6; 5T 141

located about 30 miles from Ephesus AA 392

Military campaign

Military campaign, law of Israel re persons honorably connected with PP 694

Military career

Military career, why Napoleon Bonaparte chose CG 196

Military commander

Military commander, great, who conquers nations and dies in disappointment in exile 4T 526

who dies without hope GW 18

Military escort

Military escort, provided for Nehemiah’s journey to Jerusalem ChS 172; PK 633, 635

Military leader, Military leaders

Military leader, Military leaders, famed, in resurrection of the wicked GC 664

Moses had ability as PP 245

Moses was renowned as Ed 62

Moses was trained as PP 245, 328; 3SG 183

See also General

Military officer, Military officers

Military officer, Military officers, census of Israel made for David by PP 747

Military resource, Military resources

Military resource, Military resources, why Israel was not to increase her PP 747

Military rules

Military rules, Jonathan and armor-bearer made venture contrary to all 2BC 1015

Military school

Military school See School

Military science

Military science, Moses’ attainments in 4T 533

Military service

Military service 4aSG 49-52; 1T 356-62

conscription (draft) for: duty of God’s people re 2SM 334-5; 1T 357, 717

efforts made by some men to escape 5T 458

law of Israel re PP 548-9

persons who talk decidedly about refusing to obey 1T 357

JW’s anxiety for men liable to 1T 518

young men’s duty re 2SM 334-5

David required, from men of proper age PP 747-8

during Civil War in USA 1T 361

SDA young men in, prayer for 2SM 335

See also Army; General; Soldier; War; Warrior

Military training

Military training, Moses received highest, in schools of Egypt Ed 62; PP 245 See also Moses


1. Discarding

2. Sugar and

3. Miscellaneous


1. Discarding

doctrine of, should not be taught now CD 204; MM 287

entire: poor people should not be taught CD 206, 353, 358; MH 320; MM 288

time for, God will reveal CD 206, 353, 359, 367

time has not come for CD 203-4, 330, 352, 356, 358, 359, 367, 402; MM 274, 287; 3T 19-20; 7T 135

time will come for CD 330, 356-7, 359, 384, 411; CH 495

time will come when, may be necessary CD 206, 210, 358; MM 289; 9T 162

wait until circumstances demand 9T 162

wait until God prepares way for 9T 162

warning against extreme view re 3T 19-20

great care required in CD 205

health reform and 3T 21

Health Reformer unwisely advocated 3T 19

injudicious, health reform brought into disrepute by 9T 162

question of, carefully handle CD 358

will work out its own problem CD 206, 353, 359, 367

2. Sugar and

ill effects of: brain injured 2T 370

digestive organs irritated 2T 370

fermentation in stomach CH 154

impurities imparted to system 2T 369

system clogged 2T 370

large quantities of: ill effects of 2T 370

injurious 2T 369

more harmful than flesh foods 2T 369

on mush is harmful CH 154

moderate amount of, recommended for pregnant woman 2T 384

only nourishment in cup of coffee or tea CD 425

with eggs, as chief ingredients in custards and puddings is harmful MH 301-2

3. Miscellaneous

as a part of healthful, nourishing diet approved by God CH 115

bean broth made with 2T 603

boiled, homemade coffee and CD 432

bread and, diet of families who largely use CD 358; 7T 135

bread made with MH 301

cooking with, do not forbid CD 203, 358, 367

corn (dried) cooked with CD 491

diet calls for CD 204; CH 115

digestive organs not irritated by Ev 370

do not class, with flesh foods CD 402; MM 274; 7T 135

free use of, injures health 3T 21

God’s people will soon exclude, from diet CD 411

graham gems made with CD 319-20

hot graham gruel and, for breakfast 2T 603

moderate amount of, from healthy cows is not objectionable CD 357

EGW never denounced use of CD 330, 356

EGW used CD 330, 356, 488-9; 2SG 89

persons with feeble blood-making organs may need MH 320

preparation of food with, recommended CH 115

rolls made with CD 108, 320

sanitarium patients should be served CD 203, 290; MM 285

some people cannot use, while others thrive on it CH 154; MH 320

soon there will be no safety in using MH 320; 7T 135

sources of, not always healthy 2T 359

unsafe as disease in animals increases CD 330, 350, 356; MH 320

stereotyped breakfast with CD 259

sterilize thoroughly CD 203, 210, 358, 367; MH 302

to prevent contracting of disease MH 302

substitute for, health-food business should provide CD 350

provision will be made in all parts of world to supply CD 359

sweet cake with, as dessert is objectionable CD 335

teach people how to prepare food without MH 320-1; 7T 135

time will come when, cannot be used as freely as now CD 204, 358, 367; MM 287

toast and, EGW could not eat CD 494

use good, instead of flesh food CD 394; CH 450

vegetables cooked with CD 357

vegetables should be made palatable with, or its equivalent CD 205, 358; MM 288; 9T 162

EGW used, as substitute for lard 4aSG 154

See also Lactation


sours in the stomach; some Ellen White workers could not drink it 3SM 294:3

Milk cow, Milk cows

Milk cow, Milk cows, may be diseased 2T 369

should be healthy CD 203, 210, 357-8, 367; MH 320

EGW owned CD 357, 488, 490

Milk gravy

Milk gravy CD 494

Milk toast

Milk toast CD 494


Mill, hand, corn bread made from corn ground by WM 336

kept running continually, illustration of CD 181; CG 388

large, story of owner of GW 197-8

Millennial glory

Millennial glory, world presents no flattering signs of DA 633


Millennium EW 51-4, 289-95; GC 657-77; SR 421-30

1. Beginning of

2. During

3. Close of

4. Temporal

5. Miscellaneous


1. Beginning of

events that mark EW 289-90; GC 657-9; 3SG 83

follows second advent EW 286-90; GC 658; 3SG 83

2. During

devils are judged EW 291; GC 661

earth is desolate EW 289-91; GC 657-61; 3SG 83

judgment of the wicked takes place EW 52-4, 291; GC 660-1

redeemed will be in New Jerusalem EW 51-3

redeemed will reign as kings and priests EW 51, 290-1; GC 661

Satan and his angels confined to earth EW 51-3, 290; GC 485, 658-62

Satan suffers intensely EW 290; GC 660

Satan’s access to other worlds cut off EW 290; GC 659

Satan’s deceptive work suspended EW 290; GC 659

3. Close of

atmosphere purified by fire at EW 54

Christ and angels and redeemed descend to earth at EW 51-3, 291-2; GC 662-3; 3SG 83

coronation of Christ at 4BC 1157; GC 665-9; SR 421-6; 8T 131; 9T 287

destruction of the wicked by fire at EW 52, 54, 294-5; GC 661-74; 3SG 86-7; SR 427-30

earth purified by fire at EW 54, 295; GC 674; 3SG 87-8; SR 430

events that mark EW 51-3, 291-5; GC 662-73; 3SG 83-7

executive judgment at 7BC 986-7; EW 52, 54, 290-1; GC 666-72; 3SG 86-7

Mount of Olives parted asunder at EW 51-3, 291; GC 662-3; 3SG 83-4

New Jerusalem descends to earth at EW 51-3, 291-3; GC 663; 3SG 83-4

resurrection of wicked dead at EW 52-3, 89, 263, 292-3; GC 661-2; 3SG 84-5

Satan is loosed at EW 53, 292-3; GC 663-4; 3SG 85-6

Satan tries to capture New Jerusalem at EW 53, 293-9; GC 663-4; 3SG 85-6

Satan works wonders to deceive the wicked at EW 293; GC 663; 3SG 85

4. Temporal

before end of world, God’s word does not teach doctrine of GC 321, 379; PP 103

long-expected, threefold union appearing to usher in GC 588-9

Methodists looked for LS 20-1, 44; 1T 36

not pictured in Matt. 24:37-39 DA 633

popular doctrine of, does not harmonize with Christ’s teachings PP 103

SDA do not have, in which to warn world FE 357; 2T 707

5. Miscellaneous

erroneous teaching that, is past LS 110-1; 2SG 98

true, is between first and second resurrections GC 660


ideas of, compared to Jews’ hope for Messiah’s reign Mar 11:7

miracles claimed as evidence of 3SM 428:1

temporal, wicked claim to be in when saints reject Sunday law Mar 209:3

world’s conversion and prosperity expected during Mar 11:7

Miller, Bro.

Miller, Bro. 2T 16

Miller, Wm.

1. Biographical data

2. Miscellaneous

1. Biographical data

American reformer EW 229-35; GC 317-42; LS 20-1, 26-7, 57-63; 2SG 12, 14-5; SR 356-65; 1T 14, 21-2, 51-8

described GC 317-8, 335; LS 27; 1T 21-2

father of GC 317

mother of GC 318

early life of GC 317

farmer EW 229; GC 317, 331-2; SR 356

who had not believed Bible SR 356

father of large family GC 332

deist 12 years GC 318

converted at age of 34 GC 318

deism abandoned by GC 318-9

two years of Bible study by, began in 1816 GC 329

convictions of, in 1818 GC 329

nine years of waiting by, with burden to preach his convictions GC 330-1

began to preach advent doctrine in 1831 GC 331, 333

50 years old when he began to preach advent doctrines GC 331

licensed to preach by Baptist Church in 1833 GC 332

financed his own religious work for several years GC 332

fall of stars on Nov. 13, 1833, aroused interest in lectures of GC 333

lectured in Portland, Me., in 1840 (1839) LS 20-1; 2SG 12; 1T 14

in 1842 (1841) EW 11; LS 26-7; 2SG 14; 1T 21

two disappointments suffered by, in 1844 GC 407

perplexity of, after disappointment of 1844 EW 257

third angel’s message rejected by EW 257-8

erred when he was soon to enter heavenly Canaan EW 258

grave of, angels watch over EW 258

will come forth at sound of last trump EW 258

2. Miscellaneous

angel moved, to study prophecies SR 356-7

angel sent to move on heart of EW 229

angels accompanied, in his mission EW 232

angels protected, from angry mob EW 234

angels repeatedly visited EW 229; SR 357

Bible study by, prior to 1818 GC 318-29

Bible study of, aids used in GC 320

bitter opposition met by GC 335-7

chronological periods according to, extended to second advent GC 324

computation of 2300-year period by, declared correct by scholars 1T 53

congregations of, usually quiet and attentive 1T 21

convinced of nearness of second advent GC 323

Daniel 8:14 misunderstood by GC 324-5, 328, 352, 423-9; LS 57-63; SR 362-3, 369, 375-6; 1T 51-8

did not fully comprehend import of his message GC 351-2

did not intend to found new denomination GC 375

did not try to found new church SR 365

discovered truth re second advent GC 322-3

dream of, to which EGW referred EW 48, 81-3

early preaching of, response to GC 331-2

efforts to kill EW 234

experience of, should be kept before God’s people CW 145

first angel’s message preached by EW 232; SR 356-7

God used, to arouse men to prepare for judgment GC 375

great light given to, on book of Revelation EW 231

had no sympathy with fanatical influences GC 396-7

held that every spirit should be tested by God’s word GC 396-7

invited to preach in Protestant churches GC 331-2

labored principally in New England and middle states of USA GC 332

learned that one day in symbolic prophecy represents one year GC 324

lectures of, EGW attended EW 11; LS 20, 26; 2SG 12, 14; 1T 14, 21-2

member of Baptist Church GC 332

men of learning and position united with, in preaching advent doctrine GC 335

opposed by popular ministers EW 234; SR 360

possessed strong mental powers GC 335

preacher of second advent EW 230

preaching of, attended by convincing power 1T 21

professed people of God scoffed at GC 339

prophetic periods that were studied by GC 323-4

sacrificed to preach advent doctrine GC 332

sanctuary doctrine as generally held in time of GC 324-5

second angel’s message overlooked by GC 353

Spirit impressed heart of GC 318

tested all theories and doctrines by God’s word GC 335

third angel’s message overlooked by GC 353

thousands embraced truth preached by EW 233

writings of, carried to distant lands GC 368


Millerites See Adventist

Mill Grove, N.Y.

Mill Grove, N.Y., visited by JW and EGW in 1853 LS 148; 2SG 179-80


Milliner, more visits made to, than to church 4T 643

toils long to learn her business GW 92


Millionaire, poor man may cling as closely to his little as, to his treasures 1T 691


Millions, countless, in resurrection of the wicked EW 293

lured by Satan into rebellion GC 672

God miraculously feeds, from harvest fields Ed 108

God permitted thousands to suffer in order to save PP 325-6

have never heard of Christ’s love MH 104

Israelite worship was designed to reveal Christ to TM 123

living within shadow of impending doom Ev 25

making their decision now for eternal life or eternal death 6T 406

needing healing reject Christ’s offer of mercy 1SM 352

of all ages have been martyred for their faith GC 665

of Christ’s faithful witnesses were to be slain DA 631

of people bound down under false religions DA 478

pass into eternity unwarned and unsaved every year COL 373

perishing without Christ DA 825

unwarned, of cities Ev 570

why, are robbed of gospel of Christ by church CS 54

Milman, Henry Hart

Milman, Henry Hart, quoted GC 29-30, 33-5


Mimicry, grotesque, students engaged in CT 350

Mince pie, Mince pies

Mince pie, Mince pies, blood-making organs cannot convert, into good blood 2T 383

blood of miserable quality produced by 2T 368

discard, from principle 2T 367

positive testimony against, borne by JW and EGW in their work in presenting the health message 3T 21

pregnant woman who is given 2T 382

should never enter stomach 2T 368