EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Mental prostration - Message, Messages

Mental prostration

Mental prostration, stimulants cause Te 78

JW suffered LS 225; 4T 277

Mental quality, Mental qualities

Mental quality, Mental qualities, fine, not result of accident MYP 147-8; PK 486; PP 223; 5T 321

highest, mind and heart purified by exercise of 6T 340

Mental sensibility, Mental sensibilities

Mental sensibility, Mental sensibilities, wrong habits lessen 1T 470

Mental sickness

Mental sickness, dissatisfied feelings and discontented repinings cause 1T 566

many more people suffer from, than we imagine 3T 184

outdoor life beneficial to sufferers of MM 232

tender sympathy heals some 3T 184

See also Mental disease

Mental soundness

Mental soundness, abstinence from flesh foods favors CD 488

Mental state, Mental states

Mental state, Mental states, diversity of, among sanitarium patients 4T 554

See also Mental condition

Mental strength

Mental strength, communion with God gives MH 58

habit of racing through exciting stories cripples CT 135; FE 163; MYP 280

habit that weakens, never indulge CG 364

habits lowering physical health enfeeble 3T 51

how to acquire FE 432

loss of, lack of physical exercise results in CT 295

use of tobacco results in Te 64

practice that weakens, unfits man for God’s service GC 473

self-discipline is essential to DA 101

Mental stupor

Mental stupor, Christ’s time was characterized by Ed 75

Mental suffering

Mental suffering, alleviation of, nurses should learn to work for MM 192

physicians should learn to work for MM 192

harsh tone of voice causes CG 282

paralytic at Capernaum sought relief from DA 267

Mental superiority

Mental superiority, right physical habits promote CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; Te 156

Mental susceptibility

Mental susceptibility, lessened when electric current in nervous system is hindered Ed 209

Mental taste, Mental tastes

Mental taste, Mental tastes, discipline and educate your CT 136

reading sensational stories perverts CT 134

Mental taxation

Mental taxation, little danger from, while heeding laws of health Ed 205

made irksome by sin of impurity FE 228

physical labor should be combined with CG 343; CT 309; FE 229; 4T 269; 5T 23; TM 244; WM 184

proper physical training fits people for TM 241

Mental training

Mental training, children’s 3T 26

highest education is to be found in ML 109

importance of, teachers should understand FE 58-9

ministers without, will certainly fail 2T 500-1

proper use of muscles should be combined with TM 239

Mental trouble, Mental troubles

Mental trouble, Mental troubles, how physicians should handle 3T 184

paralyzing influence of, on digestive organs 3T 184

that require tender sympathy MH 244

Mental value

Mental value of Bible study Ed 124

Mental vigor

Mental vigor, abstemiousness in diet promotes MH 308; 3T 491

blessing of, obedience to laws of health results in 4T 35

depends in great degree on physical strength and activity Ed 195

failing, person of means who experiences 2T 675-6

how people lose their 1T 478

how to preserve 3T 487, 491

marrying too early in life impairs MYP 453

of antediluvians PP 83, 90

temperate habits and proper exercise ensure MH 238

things that give 3T 491

Mental weakness

Mental weakness, failure to study God’s word is a great cause of COL 41; CT 441

feeding on writings of uninspired men is great cause of COL 41

people suffering greatly from bodily infirmities also suffer 1T 489

Mental weariness

Mental weariness, overstrain of study causes 8T 163

Mental well-being

Mental well-being, God has given instruction needed for 5T 542

Mental worker, Mental workers

Mental worker, Mental workers, diet of Ed 205; MH 310

only two or three kinds of simple foods should be eaten at a meal by MH 310

physical exercise needed daily by MH 310

self-control needed by MH 310

Mental wrecks

Mental wrecks, thousands of people have passed to their graves as 3T 562


Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son PP 713


Merarites PP 375, 705

Mercantile enterprises

Mercantile enterprises, human and divine agencies should be united in CT 277 See also Merchant

Mercantile labor, Mercantile labors

Mercantile labor, Mercantile labors, divine and human agencies should be combined in COL 349-50

Mercenary spirit

Mercenary spirit, grasping, Christ’s disciples not wholly free from COL 390

small, that is contagious 2T 547


Merchandise, sale of: at conf. meetings 1T 469

ministers should not engage in 1T 470-1, 585, 687

publishing house workers not to engage in 1T 585-6

with SDA publications 1T 687

Satan’s, talk that is CT 340

when, becomes idol 2BC 1012; CS 123


has God’s house been made a place of? TDG 162:4

Merchandise store, Merchandise stores

Merchandise store, Merchandise stores, modern, need cleansing MM 123

Merchant, Merchants

Merchant, Merchants, American believers needed in Australia as, to work as missionaries FE 212

are educated for their line of work GW 92; 4T 67; 5T 528

can be true Christian and preserve his integrity 2T 71

Christian, Christ may be represented by WM 111

church member’s indebtedness to 4T 476

dickering with, to get things as cheaply as possible displeases God 2T 238-9

efficiency of Christ needed to make, successful for God ML 111

failure of, during Australian financial depression FE 318

lost in sin, Christian’s duty to COL 230

maxims for, and his employees Ed 135

more grace needed to work for God as, than as missionary CG 358; CT 279

Nehemiah forbade, to do business on Sabbath PK 671-3

not fitted to minister to the sick 5T 184

responsibility of Christian, to advance God’s cause by personal effort 4T 469

to work for Christ MH 148; PK 222

sacrifices and hardships of, in circulating Scriptures in Piedmont valleys CS 303-4

some, will take stand for truth 6BC 1060

Waldensian missionaries worked as GC 71

why many young men wish to become Ed 215; 3T 158

why some, join church GC 386

See also Business; Integrity; Mercantile enterprise


Christ as, sells gold, white clothes and eyesalve FW 84:1

pearls of, Heaven sees those who accept Christ as OHC 13:2

truth will be obeyed by some, as Cornelius did 3SM 421:2


Merciful, blessed are the MB 21-4

persons who are MB 22

Merciful purpose

Merciful purpose, God’s, in His judgments PK 292; 9T 97

Mercurial preparations

Mercurial preparations, medicinal, ill effects of 2SM 447


Mercury, in medicine, ill effects of 4aSG 139


Mercury, Paul mistaken for AA 181-2

Mercy, Mercies

1. Divine

2. Miscellaneous


1. Divine

abused continually 5T 139

act of, destruction of sinners as GC 543

another door of, opened in 1844 GC 429-30

Balaam’s presumption upon PP 448

bears long with transgressor PP 162

blends with God’s holiness, justice, and power AA 589

brought into active service because of sin 7T 264

can never be repaid 5T 87

Christ is ever showing AA 541

Christ’s, as terrible power to punish sin 7BC 935

is not weakness 7BC 935

clouds of, hang over you MYP 409; SD 340

conditions for obtaining, simple and reasonable AA 552

simple, just, and reasonable SC 37; 5T 635

covenant of, called everlasting covenant 7BC 934

cup of, Christ presents to men 2T 73

danger of trifling with DA 587

debtor pleading for, who had no true sense of greatness of his debt COL 245

deceive not yourselves to think that God in, will save rejecters of His grace SC 31

displayed to idolatrous Israel at Mt. Sinai PP 324-6

does not set aside God’s justice DA 762

door of: forever shut when probation closes CT 414; DA 636

mistake of Millerite Adventists re closing of GC 429

shut at close of investigative judgment GC 428

shut for rejecters of truth in days of Noah, Abraham, and Christ 1SM 63

shut for rejecters of truth in 1844 1SM 63

erroneous view re PP 162

eternal testimony to, exaltation of the redeemed will be DA 26

faith is hand by which the soul takes hold of PP 431

Felix slighted AA 427

God delights in GC 632; PP 423

God in, made Moses’ rod instrument in delivering Israel PP 298

God longed to show, to Israel PK 298

God works through people who discern, in misery 7T 272

God would show, to faithful exiles of Babylonian captivity PK 461

God’s forbearance will cease when iniquity has reached stated boundary of 5T 524

God’s gift of, as unconfined as air, light, or rain 9T 190

God’s heart of, touched by man’s lost condition 9T 97

God’s judgments mingled with, prior to close of probation GC 629

God’s justice does not eclipse His LS 29-30; 1T 23-4

God’s people kept in prosperity only by PK 426

God’s promise of, Jacob pleaded PP 201

God’s thoughts are thoughts of, toward sinners SC 53

God’s wrath unmixed with, poured out after probation closes GC 629

great, toward God’s erring creatures PP 161

great mass of world will reject PP 167

hope of, Bible history stays fainting heart with 4T 15

implies imperfection of object to which it is shown 7T 264

in cutting short evil course of sinners PP 326

invitation(s) of, addressed to all men PP 162-5

danger of trifling with SC 33

extended to Nero AA 496

invitation to accept PK 319

Jacob cast himself upon, in night of wrestling PP 201-2

last call of 2T 225

last invitation of, give to world GC 609

last message of, sounding now COL 237; 5T 236

last resource of, transgressor who spurns PP 405

limit to, beyond which men will not go on in sin PP 162-5

limits of, men have almost exceeded COL 177-8

people of Sodom and Gomorrah passed PP 139

long-suffering, toward His erring people PP 558

man is ever in need of 4T 12

men are constant recipients of SC 103

manifest to David after he sinned PP 720

manifested in Christ 1SM 156

misinterpreted and misrepresented by Satan PK 296; PP 39

mission of, Christ steadfastly pursued His GC 20

mixture of judgment and, used to bring sinners to repentance 2T 423

monuments of, many Israelites will stand before world as PK 300

Moses’ plea for Israel was based on PK 312-3

multiplies God’s demands for His people’s means 9T 255

multitude of, daily bestowed on man by God 3T 373

need of, men have little sense of 5T 246

no more, for sinners after close of probation GC 613-4

offers of, withdrawn when limits in sin have been reached by sinners PP 162-3

one door of, closed in 1844 GC 429-30

pardoning, men depend every day and hour upon 5T 170

permitted thousands to suffer in order to save millions PP 325-6

person who confesses and forsakes his sin shall have 5T 635

persons slighting, appeal to PP 165

Pharaoh forfeited, by his crimes PP 267-8

pleadings of, ceased for antediluvians when Noah entered ark PP 98

warning against resisting GC 36

prayer for, spirit of love is needed in SC 97

presuming upon, sin of 5T 540

presumption of sinners upon 3BC 1166

proffered, Herod Agrippa II put aside AA 438

promise of, to the humble and penitent 2T 448; 5T 190

promised by God with pronounced warnings and judgments 5T 661

purpose of, fulfilled through disappointment of Christ’s disciples GC 348

reaches to deepest depths Ed 151; PP 754

rebels slighted, in Moses’ time 3T 355-8

rejected by world GC 36

rejecters of, reap what they have sown DA 764; GC 36

Satan will be given full control of PP 98; GC 614

reward of all who come to Christ for pardon 7BC 931

Satan’s purpose to divorce, from truth and justice DA 762

shown in God’s long forbearance 9T 97

shown to man is measured by his mercy to others 5T 170

signals of, continually exhibited DA 37

slighted and rejected for years DA 587

source of all, God is MB 21-2

speak more often re PK 347

still extended to sinner 5T 177

surrounds you every moment MYP 409; SD 340

tender, is unmeasured SD 53

revealed in Israel’s history PK 97

time comes when, makes its last plea DA 587

time will come when voice of, will be heard no more 1T 153

token of, pillar of fire as AA 589

voice of, will be heard only a little longer GW 34; 9T 146

waves of, beaten back by stubborn pride return in stronger tide DA 655; GC 20

will not always wait TM 182

Zoar spared in, for Lot’s sake PP 161

See also Forbearance; Rainbow

2. Miscellaneous

acts of, are in perfect harmony with intent of Sabbath DA 207

God is honored by your WM 85

that Christ regards as done to Him 3T 512-3

better to err on side of, than on side of severity Ed 294

Christ taught men CT 29-30

deeds of, lose no opportunity for doing PK 327

divine grace never leads away from 2SM 159

every deed of, makes music in heaven DA 639

firmness is sister of 4T 420

justice and: are twin sisters 3BC 1149; CG 262; 4T 209, 363, 420

Christ’s object was to reconcile prerogatives of 7BC 935-6

do not separate CG 262

drawn together by cross of Christ SD 243

merciful person shall find DA 302; MB 21-4

ministers loving, who lack wisdom to deal justly 3T 269

person who disregards, for the poor 6T 262

persons who dare to deal without, warning to WM 242

preferable to intolerance 4T 65

revealed by Christ, treat fellow beings with 5T 612

show, to persons who make mistakes 5T 279

spirit of, manifested through Spirit’s influence MB 21-2

works of, should not be limited by time or place ML 231



acts of,

freely bestowed; we may look to God TDG 241:5

marked Christ’s path as verdure marks stream TDG 283:3

always remember TMK 353:2

angel of,

departs leaving Satan to cause destruction TMK 355:2

preparing to leave world to control of Satan TDG 308:2

awaits our demand TMK 87:2


with forgiveness, justice and power in God’s love TDG 176:3

with justice seen in divine character at cross RC 284:5

calls today but the day of vengeance is coming Mar 55:4

ceased at the time of the flood TDG 235:4


addresses rejecters of UL 301:4

came to this world to wear TDG 268:6

had, holding court in His breast UL 229:4

presented HP 18:2


intercession not to lead to presuming on RC 76:4

mission of, Satan contested every inch of RC 58:6

offering of Himself brings streams of TDG 38:4

cloud of, over J. N. Andrews in time of grief TDG 348:3

Daniel sought, to bring his people to see their sin TMK 238:4

death for those who reject FLB 338:6

door of, open to those just learning truth but closed to rejecters TDG 163:6

doubting, should be removed by Christ’s sacrifice TMK 224:5

encouraged by laying up treasure in heaven OHC 195:2

end of, when ark door was closed RC 321:3

experiments of, Christ delights to make OHC 172:2

falsely declared to make punishment impossible RC 323:5

footstool of, place of sure refuge TMK 77:3

for those who show it to others HP 290:3

gladness and heart melody from dwelling on OHC 63:4


has not shut up; lift the soul daily to catch light TDG 364:4

shows, to those merciful to others OHC 184:6

thinks of, in dealing with us OHC 27:4

treats transgressors with tender HP 345:4

visits humanity with acts if, every hour OHC 314:5

gratitude for, insufficient HP 101:3

greater than that of earthly parents HP 18:2

heaven reached by UL 43:6

imperfect object implied by; thus activated for humanity HP 12:2; TMK 46:4

in granting what we need UL 369:2

infinite, converts discern, in Christ TMK 216:2


by, to enter the city while justice accords privilege Mar 326:4

of God heeded while, still lingers TMK 356:4

of, resisted because of ridicule RC 322:4

justice not changed by, in new covenant TMK 299:3

law of heaven always shows FLB 84:4

lingering, seek approbation of heaven in this time of RC 57:5

listening to voice of; the Lord invites TSB 63:2

love of God is born of, because we are undeserving TMK 46:3

message of,


accountability for work of proclaiming OHC 197:3

call to hear UL 323:6

cities to receive HP 340:2

cooperate with government when proclaiming TDG 250:4

efforts of Satan increase with TDG 309:3

entrusted to SDAs HP 314:2

heard despite neglect of God’s people FLB 288:2

proclaimed boldly RC 347:3

proclaimed throughout the earth HP 314:5

proclaimed although Satan diverts attention UL 261:2

scorned by those walking in counsel of ungodly TMK 319:3

through Christ, for all TMK 98:2

See also Warning

new covenant grounded on TMK 299:2

originates from Infinite Wisdom OHC 170:3

Paul acknowledged God’s, in forgiving his sin TMK 239:2

perversity of professed followers veils Christ’s TMK 345:4

plan of, is for afflicted soul to trust in love of God TDG 313:4

plan of redemption has, to soften hearts to be courteous 3SM 238:5

praise is increased by dwelling on love and TMK 273:2

presuming on, RC 52:6

feeling at liberty to sin TDG 319:2

in carelessness and self-indulgence FW 107:3

prevailed in warfare on earth TMK 19:3

probation’s close ends voice of HP 312:3

provisions of,

abundant HP 140:3

assure acceptance with the Father 2MCP 462:1

raindrops of, on parched earth TDG 348:3

received because you have shown it to others AG 65:6

receiving, and letting it flow out to others TMK 218:5

recognition of, LHU 252:2

morning, noon and night OHC 266:5

recounting God’s acts of, allays anxiety (unbelief) TDG 58:4

rejected by millions but not one who trusts is forsaken TMK 112:4

rejecters of,

condemned according to their background TMK 359:4

realize loss in dreadful death FLB 338:6

repentant ones love to dwell on UL 297:3


by placing eyes on heaven HP 368:2

in Christ FLB 98:3

in everything God has imparted TMK 365:5

sensed when truth appreciated TMK 273:2

shines toward His heritage TDG 123:4

shown by God’s forgiveness TMK 239:2


brought, into service HP 12:2

pardoned through UL 49:5

souls saved in heaven will be monuments of Mar 317:4

speaking of, TMK 138:4; UL 132:5

and love UL 132:5


in Christ’s merits is requirement for TMK 299:4

in God’s love has been plan of 2MCP 672:4

truth has met, in Christ TMK 117:5

turn fully to God for AG 319:6

uncertainty about; God freely pardons when we repent TMK 180:2

unworthiness the reason for AG 10:2

unworthy self to be thrown upon, of Jesus 3SM 145:1

view of restriction of, dishonors God OHC 245:3

voice of, invites (couple addressed in letter) to come TDG 264:6

waves of, beaten back returned in stronger tides of love HP 234:2

wholly undeserved RC 78:3

withdrawal of, at the close of probation Mar 264:2

without justice, would make government of God unstable Mar 326:3

See also Christ, mercy of


acts of,

counted as though done to Jesus TMK 335:4

Father in heaven sees and numbers those doing TMK 335:3

attribute humans may share with God HP 238:2

cherish, that led Christ to make infinite sacrifice HP 238:4

Christ revealed by deeds of UL 126:3

consider, when dealing with others TMK 181:2

err on the side of TSB 242:4

express, to those you help to break the yoke TDG 224:3

for a bereaved person HP 272:3

harshness and ruggedness smoothed by scheme of OHC 72:3

kind and pitiful HP 238:3

lack of, to others who have fallen under censure TDG 178:2

music in heaven in response to acts of TMK 335:3

need for,

by many HP 238:3

greater today than ever RC 227:2

others affected when we have; we have nothing to boast of TDG 83:5

poor require constant RC 227:4

refuge in Christ for those who show, in hour of their need HP 238:6

service of, given us to perform for others HP 238:2

sharing the attribute of, with God TMK 46:2


because of mercy from Christ 2MCP 533:3

having found it in Christ HP 110:2

only by those who walk with Christ TMK 46:6

required for receiving it from God TMK 46:5

souls restored in HP 290:3

work of God to show UL 169:4

Mercy seat

1. In earthly sanctuary

2. In heavenly sanctuary


1. In earthly sanctuary

above tables of God’s law GC 420; PP 349, 356; 4aSG 8-9; SR 153-4

atonement made by high priest before PP 352

blood sprinkled upon: by high priest TM 92

on Day of Atonement GC 419-20; PP 355-6

represented merits of Christ 4T 124

cherubim above See Cherub

cherubim on either side of 4BC 1140

Christ’s glory dwelt above 4BC 1139; COL 288; PK 18

cloud of glory above, God communicated with Moses from PP 364

covered ark of covenant CW 172; GC 412; PP 348-9; 4aSG 8; SR 153-4

glory above, veiled by incense MH 437; PP 353; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154-5; 8T 284-5

glory of the Holiest dwelt above Ed 36; MH 437; 8T 284

God conversed with high priest before PP 349; 4aSG 10; SR 156

God’s glory rested upon 5BC 1109; DA 576; FE 252; GC 412; PP 353; SD 228; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154-5; 8T 284

God’s presence revealed above GC 19; PP 349

light rested over DA 464

no, in second temple GC 24; PK 597

no man might look upon glory above, and live MH 437

prayer addressed by priest toward 4aSG 9; SR 155

priest looked by faith toward PP 353

Shekinah was above COL 288; PK 18; PP 349; 6T 221

token of Divine Presence abode upon 4aSG 101; SR 183

why cover of ark of covenant was called SD 66

2. In heavenly sanctuary 1BC 1107; 4BC 1140

above tables of God’s law 1BC 1109; EW 32, 255; GC 415; LS 95-6; 1T 76

bright light seen resting upon EW 32, 256

Christ administers before 4aSG 9; SR 155

Christ is man’s Advocate before 6T 364

Christ placed Himself between, and vast number of heartless worshipers SD 266

Christ pleads before, for sinners GC 415

Christ presents His blood each moment before CSW 111

Christ’s intercession before 1BC 1109; CSW 111; EW 32, 252, 256; 4aSG 9; SR 155; 2SM 141; 8T 42

Christ’s righteousness ascends as incense before 6BC 1078

come to, for clear intuition and heavenly wisdom GW 455

covers ark of covenant 1BC 1109; GC 415; LS 95; 2SG 82; 4aSG 8; 1T 76

flee to 5T 714

fragrance of Christ’s righteousness ascends to 1SM 344

glory above, appearing like throne of God EW 252

go unto, to receive wisdom TM 210

God desires all to become acquainted with CH 501; MM 326; 9T 167

God dispenses pardon from 6T 364

how man is qualified to approach SD 30

lodge your faith upon MYP 198

no man ever seeks, in vain TM 216

petitions pressed at GC 373

prayers of God’s people directed to 4aSG 9; SR 155

way to, always open CH 423

Satan seeks continually to obstruct SC 95

when Christ leaves 5T 207-8


come reverently before, remembering promises HP 125:4

repentance is seeking 3SM 346:2


See Consolidation


Meribah DA 421; PP 298, 417-21; 4aSG 39-40, 53; SR 164-9; 3T 301-2

Merit, Merits

1. Christ’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s

Abel depended on PP 73

Adam repented and trusted in GC 647-8

all-sufficient GW 166

believer is clothed with robe of righteousness by Ev 186

Cain would not trust in PP 74

faith in, man could be saved by SR 49

man is to be saved by SR 47

forgiveness can be had only through LS 326; TM 468

fragrance given to prayer by 6BC 1078; CT 241; SD 22; 8T 178; TM 92-3 See also Incense

God accepts men through, alone 5BC 1122

God the Father receives men through AA 333

hang your helpless soul upon SL 8; TM 247

human effort is worthless without Ev 192

justification comes through 6BC 1071

look to TM 419

instead of your own EW 73

makes up man’s deficiency ML 250; 1SM 382

man approaches God through 8T 178

man can be restored to harmony with God through GC 467

man has access to God’s throne through GC 477

man is brought into favor with God through 3SG 52; SR 56

man may overcome on his own account through SD 24; Te 264-5

man must rely on, for salvation PP 431-2; 1SM 351

man must trust only in, to be accepted of God PP 524

man must trust wholly to 1SM 353-4

man receives pardon for sin by relying on MYP 74

man’s only hope is in, alone 6BC 1116; GC 471

man’s part is to lay hold on, by faith FE 430

man’s unworthiness must be united to GC 623; 4T 16

men become children of God by virtue of 8T 177

must be mingled with men’s prayers and efforts ChS 263

no man who trusts in, will be left to perish PP 432

nothing but, can atone for men’s transgressions GC 461

offered by Him in behalf of His people CT 110

only work sanctified by, will stand test of judgment ChS 263

pardon should be sought through SL 83

peace and joy found by relying upon 5T 200

perfection of character is attained through 5T 744

power to resist Satan comes through MYP 248

prefigured by His atoning sacrifice PP 353

rely on MM 115

for salvation PP 432

remedy provided by, for sin 6BC 1073

rest upon, by living faith TM 225

salvation can be had only through TM 97

Samuel will be saved by AH 536

sin can be pardoned only through PP 73

sinner must rest in Ev 185

sinner must trust in, by simple faith GW 156-7

Spirit is to do wonderful work in and through TM 402

transgressions blotted out by Ev 186

true faith in, is not fancy CG 69

what persons should do who seek salvation through SL 87

your eyes need to be directed to TM 92

See also Righteousness

2. Miscellaneous

all boasting of, in self is out of place COL 401

believer is justified without, of his own 1SM 398

Cain ventured to depend upon his own PP 73

man has no, apart from Christ 1SM 333

in himself WM 316

man’s: will not recommend him to favor of God 1SM 351

will not save him PP 431; 1SM 351

would never commend him to God’s favor SC 95

man’s works in and of themselves have no 5BC 1122

no reward is due to men from God on ground of their own WM 316

of Christ’s blood, what to do to be saved by PP 279

receive truth upon its own TM 106

repentance has in it nothing of nature of 1SM 365

reward will be given as if it were your own WM 316

work of, faithfulness in stewardship is not 5T 736

your only, is your great need CH 590


blessings as God’s gift, not because of our FW 28:0

Christ sees, of His lowly disciples AG 67:3

Christ’s, spiritual blessings received through HP 7:5

creature, discussions of, in striving for supremacy FW 23:2


admission into the presence of God not granted on OHC 78:2

no claim based on UL 22:3

life has no, when considered before the throne 3SM 148:1

nothing we have deserves, from God TDG 367:3

personal, feeling that God expects, to grant His favor 3SM 149:3

work cannot produce, for the pardoning love of God FW 23:0

Merle d’Aubigné, J. H.

Merle d’Aubigné, J. H., quoted AA 68; GC 63, 84, 87-8, 92, 108, 122-69, 174-214, 218-34, 245-6, 277


Merodach-baladan, king of Babylon PK 344-6

Merom Lake

Merom Lake PP 510


Meroz, cursed men of 2T 166, 247, 284, 395-6, 427, 550, 626; 4T 386; 5T 76-7, 381; 8T 246


Merriment, boisterous, unbecoming to Christian SC 120-1

bribe of general, do not obtain freewill offerings by CS 203

tempting bribes of, gospel is not to be sustained by WM 291

worldly, youth who would serve God cannot engage in SD 174


Merrymaking, world absorbed in PP 104

Meshach (Mishael)

Meshach (Mishael) Daniel’s companion See Daniel’s companions

Mesmeric influence

Mesmeric influence, associated with spurious sanctification LS 81-3

fanatics attempted to exert, on EGW LS 81, 134; 2SG 62-3

fanatics exerted LS 133-4

mistaken for Spirit’s influence EW 44; LS 83

no evidence of, seen in EGW’s visions LS 98

spiritualism’s 1T 429


Mesmerism, do not tamper with MM 110

false shepherds use EW 123

fanatics attempted to practice, on EGW LS 81, 134; 2SG 62-3

fanatics practiced LS 81-3, 133-4; 2SG 48, 62-3

fate of persons who continue to practice EW 21

from the devil EW 21

gospel workers wrongly accused of practicing EW 108-9

influence of, foul and soul-damning EW 21; 1T 71

men will attribute Christ’s miracles to EW 59, 87

modern magicians and EW 59, 87

phrenology and, much exalted, good in their place 1T 296; 2SM 351-2

physician’s attempt to use, on EGW EW 21

professed Adventists used EW 44; LS 83

regarded erroneously as Spirit’s work EW 44; LS 83

Satan’s agents use, to counterfeit Spirit’s work EW 44

science of: Satan deceives through 2SM 351-2; 1T 290-1, 296-7

Satan pleased by spread of 1T 290

Satan will use, near close of probation MYP 57; 2SM 351-2

Satan’s mighty working through 2SM 351-2; 1T 290, 296-7

thousands of minds poisoned by 2SM 351; 1T 290

spiritual magnetism similar to 2SG 46; LS 79

EGW’s visions falsely attributed to EW 21-3; LS 88-9; 2SG 57-8; 1T 71

See also Clairvoyant; Electric physician; Hypnosis; Hypnotism; Magnetic healer; Magnetism, animal; Mind; Mind cure; “Sympathetic remedies”


Mesmerizer, physician noted as EW 21


Mesopotamia, Abraham in, God was revealed through PP 368

idolatrous influences surrounded PP 141-2

Abraham’s departure from MB 43; PP 127

Abraham’s kindred in, idolatry among PP 171

Balaam was inhabitant of PP 438-9

climatic conditions in PP 190

Eliezer sent to, by Abraham PP 171-3

Israel oppressed by PP 545

eight years 2BC 1002

Jacob’s journey to PP 183-8; 4T 465

Jacob’s return to Canaan from PP 192-4

Message, Messages

Message, Messages, all American cities should hear, to obey God’s law 9T 25

army of SDA youth as workers could soon proclaim Ed 271

based on time, there will never again be 1SM 188

cheering, of Hab. 2:3, 4 should ever be held in remembrance PK 388

Christ is ever sending, to people listening for His voice 4T 542

Christ’s disciples were given, based on Daniel 9 GC 345

contradicting special points of SDA faith, do not receive CW 32; 1SM 161

decided, SDA must bear 8T 9

denouncing SDA church as Babylon, warning against TM 32-62

do not seek to cover up our GW 288; LS 329; TM 470

every conceivable, is coming to counterfeit God’s work 2SM 92

extolling any human being, God has not asked us to bear CW 19

first angel’s See First angel’s message

for last days will be received with unbelief and mockery 8T 330

for people in our age, SDA have Ev 200

for this time: advocates of, must not conceal its origin and purpose GW 288; LS 329; TM 470

do not present, in long and labored discourses 6T 55-6

furtherance of, mightiest conflicts are involved in LS 329; TM 470

God will raise up men to give TM 107

how to present, in sermons 6T 55-6

in Rev. 18:2-5 PK 188

is third angel’s message TM 89

more distinctive features of, people of world will try to have SDA suppress CW 94-5

must be borne so plainly as to startle hearers 9T 109

must be given with clear, decided, stirring utterances 8T 16

must not be hung on time 1SM 188

present, in short talks right to point 6T 56

SDA need not cringe in declaring GW 288; LS 329; TM 470

warnings of special, not all equally appropriate at camp meetings 6T 55

when we shall see, go forth with power CS 302

will be given out of usual order 9T 137

from God, warning re persons claiming to have TM 22

giving rest and peace in Christ, the weary and heavy-laden are longing for 9T 60

God always has men to whom He entrusts His 5T 299

God delivers no, of peace to lull unsanctified persons into carnal security PK 435

God has had special, for people in every age COL 127; Ev 200

God will have fitting, to meet His people in their varied conditions 3T 279

God will raise up men to bear, that will not be silenced PK 187

God’s: additional force given to, to meet opposition AA 601

failure to proclaim, may prove our ruin 9T 63

for earth’s inhabitants today is that of Matt. 24:44 PK 278

humble men used to proclaim 5T 253

often dimly comprehended because of some error or neglect on man’s part GC 345

will come to people CW 38

will triumph over every obstacle AA 601

gospel See Gospel; Gospel message

health reform See Health reform message

importance of our, our actions and methods and plans must correspond to 9T 143

Isaiah’s comforting and encouraging, to the penitent PK 321

Laodicean See Laodicean message

last: as token of God’s long-suffering and compassion 2T 225

is being given to world GW 151

Rev. 14:9-12 is, there are no more to follow 5T 206-7

Rev. 18:1-6 is, that will ever be given to world GC 390

time of close of, not revealed 7BC 989-90

to world will be revelation of God’s character of love COL 415-6

last great, men whom God used to prepare way for His AA 598

last merciful: declares our duty to obey God’s law 1BC 1104

is entrusted to God’s servants of this time 1T 375

our time should be given to proclaiming, to guilty world 8T 36

plan wisely so people may have opportunity of hearing 6T 32

SDA carry, to perishing world TM 313

world is now being presented 6T 19

let, coming from your lips be charged with Spirit’s power LS 438

let not false, be borne CD 210

life-and-death, SDA are to give to world CW 170

SDA have Ev 230; 6T 61

love of Christ is force and power of every, for God that ever fell from human lips GW 288

meaning of their, Christ’s disciples mistook GC 349

meaning so much to dwellers on earth will be heard and understood 9T 96

message of Rev. 14 is, SDA are to bear to world 8T 27

Millerite Adventists did not fully comprehend import of, they bore GC 351-2

most solemn: ever committed to mortals has been entrusted to us 2T 450

SDA have, ever borne to world 4T 446

sin of rejecting light of, of mercy to world 3T 380

most solemn and important, ever given to mortals 2T 114

most startling, will be borne by men of Gods appointment 9T 137

most testing, given to mortals 2T 555

must be: carried to foreign lands 9T 60

given to towns and cities of our own country 9T 60

must not be presented in tame and lifeless manner 5T 723

new, proclaim no, until they have borne careful scrutiny in every jot and tittle TM 229

no change in, that God has sent in past MM 304

no discouraging, for church 7BC 967

not bearing Bible test, is not true TM 119

of Christ’s glory: talk it, pray it, sing it MB 44

of God’s truth, talk and pray and sing 9T 30

of hope and mercy must be carried to ends of earth PK 719

of Revelation 18, relation of third angel’s message to GC 390

of Rev. 18:1-6, proclamation of EW 277-9; GC 603-12

of salvation, has been preached in all ages GC 356

is communicated to men through human agencies DA 36

of second advent, must be sounded throughout world 9T 24

of strength and hope and courage, many workers send out into world Ed 306

of truth, beautiful consistency in Ev 68

must be proclaimed with sanctified ability CW 23

must go to all nations, tongues, and peoples 4T 79; 5T 383

proclaim, with pen and voice GW 288; LS 329; TM 470

origin and purpose of our, do not seek to cover up GW 288; LS 329; TM 470

peace-and-safety, enlighten world instead of bearing CW 102

people of world will try to induce SDA to soften our CW 94-5

presented to God’s people, test 1SM 416

proclaim no, until they have been carefully scrutinized TM 229

publications of, should be printed in many different languages and scattered like leaves of autumn 4T 79

re observance of Sabbath, some places have not yet received 9T 25

sealing See Sealing message

second angel’s See Second angel’s message

SDA have, to bear to world 2SM 88

SDA have solemn and testing, for world Ev 20

SDA have special, for people in this age Ev 200

SDA must bear, as direct as that of John the Baptist GW 55; 8T 332

special, must be borne to pierce spiritual darkness and convict and convert souls 8T 36

Spirit is insulted by refusal to hear, of God’s word from lips of His messengers TM 54

spiritual experience that SDA need in order to give GW 55; 8T 333

startling them from lethargy enchaining their senses, people must be given 7T 155

strange and new, do not seek Ev 365; TM 61

third angel’s See Third angel’s message

three angels’ See Three angels’ messages

threefold, brought to view in Revelation 14 GC 311

to teachers in SDA schools FE 516-9

warning: Christ will not come to punish transgressors of God’s law without first sending CH 21

is to go to all countries, tongues, and peoples TM 202

must be carried to all parts of the world CM 120

must be given clear and distinct TM 230

must be given line on line and precept on precept 9T 126

must be given quickly 9T 126

must be proclaimed in most difficult fields and most sinful cities 7T 54

of Rev. 18:2-4 must ring out clearly and distinctly 9T 149

sent to the wicked before visitation of God’s judgments PP 166

world would have heard, if every Christian soldier had done his duty 9T 29

warning against persons who proclaim, on their own responsibility TM 51

warning against proclaiming falsehood as, from God TM 44

when God gives a man a, He gives with it something to show its origin 2SM 71

will be given out of usual order 9T 137

wonderful and definite, God’s remnant people have 9T 154

world-wide, Christ has given us a 3T 388

SDA have CD 209; CS 39; CW 79; Ev 179; 7T 35-6, 51; 8T 169


ability in proclaiming; call for sanctified hearts TDG 282:2

advancement of, responsibilities and temptations increase with TDG 78:4

affirmative UL 58:5

Christ will continue to send, until universe is at rest TDG 91:5

Christ’s mission and life to be the burden of our TMK 339:2

church members young and old to proclaim UL 91:5

closeness of the kingdom of God was, of the seventy TDG 113:5

compassion for souls who have never heard TDG 80:2

consistency of, appealing; avoid demonstrations 3SM 374:4

deceived by, from many who will claim inspiration 3SM 404:4

decided, needed about spiritual condition of God’s people TDG 15:3

direct, needed now like that of John the Baptist UL 308:4

disagreeable, needed; people need to be warned VSS 345:3

distinct, praise God for 3SM 319:2

early, commandments of God and faith of Jesus CET 192:2

earnestness in, HP 338:4; UL 76:2; VSS 335:2

1843 and 1844, to be preached (1907 statement) UL 199:2

1888, lost beneath formality; involves cross lifting 3SM 189:3

Ellen White given, for God’s people 3SM 267:2

end time, given through prophets in last books of Old Testament 3SM 419:5

faithfulness in presenting, despite scoffing RC 54:3

false, Satan leading toward fanaticism by, in 1908 1MCP 42:0


Bible truth proclaimed in LHU 123:6

given with true hearts, ignoring false teachers 3SM 412:2

(last day) not to be mixed with worldly opinions UL 318:4

righteousness seen in those with LHU 309:4

See also Mercy, message of

from heaven, truth means nothing when, is heard and refused TDG 267:6


quickly before people are forced to a decision UL 351:7

to those in darkness; we have been given truth CET 204:2

to those who do not know truth CME 7:2

giving, Ellen White saw, as offering fruit 3SM 44:4


has had, for every age; avoid telling all at once VSS 328:0

raised people with (1888), but work hurt by differences 3SM 167:3

God’s work of sharing, to be done in different ways TDG 221:3


disciples held, in trust UL 100:4

ordination not required to carry HP 323:5

those with Christ’s love sacrifice to give TDG 272:4

health reform not to be made the burden of 3SM 285:3

heard when gift of speech is consecrated UL 129:4

honest ones receive, in last days replacing others 3SM 422:1

humility for receiving, angels sang to men who had TDG 319:5

leaves nowhere else to go TDG 172:4

listeners to, differ; evil angels as humans criticize 3SM 410

many waiting to hear certain sound of TDG 282:2

minister interposes between people and, by oratory VSS 284:2

money needed to carry UL 360:4

need for, about Christ and His righteousness 3SM 177:2

neglect of preaching, occupied with fine drawn theories 1MCP 43:2

one kind of, breaks down evil and turns to God UL 273:5

partial error among, blamed on Ellen White 3SM 404:3

past, to be revived, as new theories will be preached UL 199:6

people cautioned against true, by those not knowing Christ 3SM 186:1


and blessing for those proclaiming TDG 282:4

in; kingdom of heaven taken by force RC 217:5

needed for UL 287:3

seen with, as Ellen White traveled after 1888 meeting 3SM 160:5

preaching, while denying it in life 3SM 247:4

presentation/proclamation of,

diligently UL 60:3

great work in; cooperate with powers that be TDG 250:4

positive, simple, with confidence AG 353:4

preparing for Christ’s coming RC 201:4

to be clear as a solemn warning TDG 282:3

prophetic, reasons for, concealed from Ellen White UL 339:4

responsibilities of those who have received TMK 316:3

SDA, See Seventh-day Adventists, beliefs of

sent to establish Christianity 3SM 407:1

seriousness of, to be shown VSS 329:1

smooth, majority prefer hearing TDG 55:2

solemn (most), ever given to world is entrusted to us OHC 265:3

solemnity of, (realizing) would reduce sin TMK 140:2

strengthened and enlarged UL 352:3

talk, as you hear it; give the invitation to come TDG 223:5

test, before they are presented to flock of God 3SM 403:1

testing; unity needed but not with those apostatizing 3SM 412:2

third angel’s, See Third angel’s message

triumph of, without those refusing 3SM 390:1

unchanged UL 168:6


and proclaimed in the Spirit will lighten earth TDG 314:2

when call for laborers is obeyed TDG 195:6

unity in, prepares people to stand LHU 309:6


cities worked with; preaching not enough VSS 328:2

counteracted by health-destroying indulgences OHC 266:3

Daniel 12:4 to be fulfilled in giving UL 37:2

last, to churches UL 171:5

power needed in, but it will be opposed VSS 231:1

time of respite granted to sound Mar 266:6

to be sounded UL 76:5

ways opened to carry, to important men 3SM 389:2

weakened by proclaimers who are suspicious of brethren VSS 57:1

workers dependent on powers that be in giving, worldwide TDG 250:4

See also Mercy, messages of