EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Medical missionary worker, Medical missionary workers - Meekness

Medical missionary worker, Medical missionary workers

Medical missionary worker, Medical missionary workers, angels cooperate with WM 132

Christ’s life of unselfish service should be kept in view by 8T 210

church and the ministry must not be disparaged by 8T 161

church’s full sanction and co-operation needed by 8T 72

commended for doing work long neglected at Battle Creek 8T 71

commonness and cheapness in work should be shunned by CT 477

confidence in ministers must not be undermined by 8T 161

education of, not complete unless educated to work with church 8T 161

faithful, assured of co-operation of angels 8T 72

God calls youth to become CT 469-70

gospel workers and, should be bound together by indissoluble ties 8T 46

heights to be reached by, through living and working faith MM 23

higher classes strangely neglected by 7T 112

in danger of physical breakdown MM 292

in foreign countries, should learn language as they work MH 155; 8T 205

mental and physical powers must be guarded by MM 292

ministry cannot be ignored by, without ignoring God 8T 160-1

must not: accept theories which God has not given to anyone MM 93

make display such as worldlings make CH 320

stand aloof from church organization or church discipline 8T 161

try to appear wealthy 6T 251

necessity of self-denial in appetite should be seen by 6T 267

need to: follow Christ’s prescription for obtaining rest CH 370

follow their Leader MM 21-2

go from house to house to help people CH 497

labor for health of body and saving of soul 6T 225

labor in churches everywhere 8T 72

labor unitedly with the ministry 6T 292

live and teach for Christ CT 523

work in unity with other departmental workers 9T 169-70

need to be: acquainted with Bible history CT 483; 8T 156

associated with ministers in gospel work CT 468

cleansed and refined WM 254-5

converted 8T 203

learners CT 477

on guard against pretentious sophistries 1SM 196

purified and elevated WM 254-5

purified, sanctified, and ennobled 8T 168

skilled in ministering to soul as well as body CH 507

needed in cities Ev 393

people should be taught by, how to regain health and avoid disease 9T 172

prejudice can be broken down by Ev 539

purest example of unselfishness should be shown by CH 497, 538

responsibilities of 6T 243-53

special duty of, to practice God’s word in daily life MM 254

Spirit’s guidance needed by 8T 206

succeed by living in connection with Christ MM 161

tempted to: exalt themselves MM 161

put on appearance for sake of effect MM 161

EGW called to be 1SM 33

why Christ acknowledges MM 129

young, should have part in camp meetings CH 557

whose scientific work will have greater soundness CH 370

See also Medical evangelist; Medical missionary; Medical missionary evangelist; Medical worker

Medical nostrum, Medical nostrums

Medical nostrum, Medical nostrums MH 126-7

Latin names given to 2SM 290

Medical patient, Medical patients

Medical patient, Medical patients, are benefited by care amid beautiful scenes of nature MH 262-4

attendance at theaters is not good for 1T 490, 554

attendants of, duties of MH 221-2

should be cheerful, calm, and self-possessed MH 221

broken down from indoor labor, treatment of 1T 568

card playing is not good for 1T 490, 554

charity, do not allow health institution’s means to be drained by 4T 99

Christian nurse should point mind of, to Christ as healer of soul as well as body MH 223-4

Christian physician should point, to Soul Healer MM 147-8

class of, benefited by light physical labor 1T 568

clearer knowledge of Christ is needed by many MH 247

confidence and love of, how physician can win 4T 98-9

dancing is not good for 1T 490, 554

dealing with, is nice work 3T 184

diet of, nurse’s duty re MH 221

diseased in body and mind, talking in censuring manner seldom does any good to 3T 181-2

do-nothing system in treating, physicians warned against 1T 568

do-nothing system is dangerous for 4T 94

encourage, to die praising God 1SM 85

exciting amusements are harmful to 4T 577-9

exercise and fresh air are important for 2T 525-7

exercise in open air is beneficial to MH 265

exercise that is better than medicine for, in many cases MH 240

feeble, outdoor exercise is beneficial to 1T 640

frankness in dealing with, inspires confidence and is important aid to recovery MH 245

frivolous and exciting indulgences have been curse of MH 246-7

God cannot bless, who continues willful violation of laws of heaven MH 224

healing of, two lines of ministry that are essential to MH 224

importance of teaching, how to live to give nature a chance to remove and resist disease 1T 643

institutions for care of, should be located outside of cities MH 262-4; 7T 78-9

instruct, how to prevent disease by right living CH 470

light employment in useful labor is beneficial to MH 240

light work is more beneficial to, than are amusements 1T 567

mentally sick, great wisdom needed in dealing with MH 244 See also Mental disease; Mind; Mind cure

minds of, how to occupy 4T 94

nurse should teach, to cease transgressing God’s law MH 224

nurse’s duty as med. missionary to 6T 229-34

older nurses should call attention of, to Christ MH 223-4

opportune moment for physician to point, to Christ MM 149-50

outdoor exercise is beneficial to 4T 579-80; 7T 78

outdoor labor improves feeble vitality and depressed circulation of 1T 562

overtaxed from labor, in nine cases out of ten inactivity injures 1T 568

physical labor is better for, than certain amusements 4T 94

physician who attends, in cold and indifferent way MH 244

physician who offends his, so that they hate him 3T 181-2

physician who was too reticent in speaking to, re God MM 147-8

physician’s duty as med. missionary to 6T 229-34

physician’s duty to instruct, re need of healthful living MH 113-4; 4T 569; 7T 74-5

physician’s spirit and demeanor vitally affects 3T 182-3

physician’s spiritual influence affects 4T 101

physicians should listen to what is said by 4T 99-100

physicians should point, to Great Healer MH 244

physicians should speak words of sympathy and encouragement to 4T 99-100

physicians who conceal from, nature and cause of his disease MH 245

plans should be devised to keep, out of doors MH 264-5

room of: care of CH 55-9; MH 219-24

sunlight in, importance of MH 220

ventilation and temperature of CH 55-9; MH 220-1

sanitarium See Sanitarium patient

should not remain inactive and idle in most cases 1T 567-8

souls as well as lives of, are at stake 4T 566

suitable exercise and fresh air are important for 2T 526-7

suitable physical labor is beneficial to 1T 555-8

sunlight is one of nature’s most healing agents for 2T 527; 7T 61

sunlight of God’s love greatly benefits MH 247

sympathy and tact usually benefits, more than skillful treatment given in cold and indifferent way MH 244

teach, to co-operate with God in work of restoration MH 113

time of, how to occupy 4T 94

treatment of, power of will is not valued as it should be in MH 246

truth is not to be spoken at all times to 3T 182

what, pay physician to do 4T 99

EGW’s address to, at Goguac Lake 4T 272

women, women nurses and physicians should treat diseases of 9T 176

worldly or theatrical entertainments are not essential to 4T 577-8

See also Sanitarium patient; Sick person

Medical practice

Medical practice, as reformers SDA are to reform MM 125

needs to be reformed by education toward light MM 125

of physicians, SDA sanitariums established to reform MM 27

physician should not leave, to enter ministry CH 503-4

reforms needed in MM 122-3, 125

successful, religious principles lie at foundation of 5T 448

truth should be paramount in MM 126

world’s method of, do not follow 9T 176

Medical practitioner, Medical practitioners

Medical practitioner, Medical practitioners, every, may have remedy for sin-sick soul MM 188; 6T 229

God-fearing, Christ at side of MH 111

laws governing, SDA attitude to MM 84

needs to study carefully God’s word CH 366

privilege of, to minister to people physically and spiritually sick MM 50

religious principles of, should be kept clear and untarnished MM 126

responsible for patients’ souls as well as bodies MM 31

righteous judgment among, God calls for MM 122

well-trained, SDA need 2SM 280

women should be educated and thoroughly qualified as, in women’s diseases CH 364

See also Physician

Medicinal preparation, Medicinal preparations

Medicinal preparation, Medicinal preparations, mercurial, ill effects of 2SM 447

poisonous: in vegetable and mineral kingdoms 4aSG 140; 2SM 281

liver and lungs ill affected by 4aSG 140; 2SM 281

parents’ offspring ill affected by 4aSG 140

system generally deranged by 4aSG 140; 2SM 281

terrible effects of 4aSG 139

poisonous mineral, system generally deranged by 4aSG 140; 2SM 281

poisonous vegetable, system generally deranged by 4aSG 140; 2SM 281

See also Drug

Medical prescription, Medical prescriptions

Medical prescription, Medical prescriptions, duty to refuse certain 2SM 283

labor as 1T 640

one wrong, physician may sacrifice patient’s life by MH 117

Medical profession

Medical profession, Christ is true head of MH 111

dangers in CH 364-5

delusions supported under cover of CH 456; 5T 194

general, unjust exaction in MM 170

iniquities practiced under cover of CH 456; 5T 194

members of, things that should be expelled from practice of MM 121

skeptics and atheists in CT 478

traditions and customs interwoven with belief of MM 119

Medical qualifications

Medical qualifications, limited, persons who have MH 116

Medical remedial agency, Medical remedial agencies

Medical remedial agency, Medical remedial agencies, cheerfulness as 2SM 298

God would have SDA use, in recovery of health LS 170

God’s word sanctions use of MH 232

nature’s, that are powerful in efficiency 2SM 287-8

prayer for healing while using 2SM 298

sunshine as 2SM 298

used in healing Hezekiah’s sickness MH 232

EGW used 2SM 292-303

why natural, are going out of date 2SM 287

See also Medical remedy; Remedy

Medical remedial agent

Medical remedial agent, physical exercise as, for invalids MH 239

Medical school, Medical schools

1. Of world

2. Seventh-day Adventist

1. Of world

danger in sending youth to CT 374, 479; 2SM 324; 5T 447

SDA are not now to compete with 9T 175-6

SDA need not qualify physicians to compete with those of 9T 175

SDA should not have to send youth to CT 374, 480-1; MM 57-8

students studying in, warning to CT 479

2. Seventh-day Adventist

candidates for, need physical examinations by competent physicians CT 473

for educating women physicians, need of CH 366

instruction that is to be given at CD 450

men with deeper knowledge of Scriptures are needed in CH 370

not to compete with those of world 9T 175-6

of highest order MM 57

needed at Loma Linda, Calif. LS 406

unbelievers should be given chance to study in 8T 156

when, might better close its doors CT 482

women physicians should be employed by, to train women 9T 176

work of, maintain simplicity in 9T 175

See also Loma Linda University; Medical student

Medical secretary

Medical secretary, conference, needed Ev 522

qualifications of Ev 522

Medical student, Medical students

Medical student, Medical students CT 474-91; MM 55-85; 5T 446-9; 8T 162-5; 9T 173-8

admission of non-SDA, to SDA med. school 8T 156

advanced med. training for, best teaching talent needed in CT 479

SDA schools should provide CT 479

advisors of 8T 163-5

best class of instructors needed by MM 58

Bible classes for, faithful teachers needed in charge of CT 483

Bible study by, benefits of CT 483; FE 390

importance of CT 483-4

Bible study must not be neglected by, for study of misleading theories CT 483

Christ’s example must be closely followed by 9T 177-8

clear knowledge of SDA faith needed by 8T 161

conduct of, should be modest and dignified MM 76

conscience of, Spirit must control 8T 164

Daniel as example for CT 478; 5T 448

deficient, duty of teachers to CT 481

desiring to honor God in closing scenes of history, duty of CT 488

disparagement of church and ministry by, warning against 8T 161

do not educate, in use of drugs MM 228; 2SM 293

do not overload, with studies MM 79, 82-4

do not teach, to stand aloof from church organization or church discipline 8T 161

duty of, to teachers CT 481-2

educate, from standpoint of conscience 9T 175

to work in connection with church 8T 161

education of: as missionaries CH 535

should continue throughout life CT 475

not complete unless obtained in connection with church and ministry 6T 291

objectives to keep in view in CT 474-7, 485-6

seek highest possible development in CT 474

essential qualifications of MM 76

excessive study by, violates laws of nature MM 79

fearful mistake of, neglect to study God’s word is CT 483

God desires, to be true gospel med. missionaries CT 490-1, 520

habits of living among, re eating, sleeping, working, and studying MM 79-81, 217

haughty spirit in, do not encourage CT 481

having limited physical endurance, should spend vacations working in open air MM 83-4

health and life of, excessive study imperils MM 79, 82-4

health of, need of safeguarding MM 80-1; 5T 447-8

highest aim of, looking after spiritual welfare of patients should be CT 482

individual responsibility and accountability essential in CT 475

infidel, danger in associating with CT 479; 2SM 324

instruction given to, develop highest motives in CT 520

integrity of soul must be preserved by CT 474

irregularity in conduct of, repress MM 76-7

kind of, that SDA need 5T 446-7

labor of, should not be chiefly for outcasts and the degraded 8T 163

learn to reflect as well as study CT 475

lessons given by Christ should be studied by CT 483-4

making mistakes, teachers should not discourage CT 481

medical college at Loma Linda, Calif., should be enlarged so as not to turn away MM 56

mind of, must be kept free of rubbish of world CT 484

must not be satisfied with ordinary attainments CT 474

need(s) to: aim to reach high standard CT 476; MM 78-9

attain highest development of their powers CT 474

become increasingly capable as soul winners CT 474

behold and trust Christ CT 488-9

gain all knowledge they can in every department CT 475, 481

keep close to Christ MM 217

learn to offer fervent prayers daily CT 482

learn to point the suffering to Christ CT 482

learn to repeat promises of God’s word CT 482

maintain conscientious regard for truth and righteousness CT 474

place himself where he can draw from Source of spiritual and intellectual power 8T 164

place himself under God’s control CT 489

preserve their God-given dignity CT 485

receive counsel from God 8T 164

respect just rules of authority MM 76-7

stand firm under banner of third angel’s message CT 488

stand true to God 5T 447-8

study God’s word diligently CT 483; 8T 156

study under faithful Bible teachers CT 483

need(s) to be: close and critical thinkers CT 474

faithful in maintaining Christian principles CT 474

modest and dignified in all associations MM 76-7

strictly temperate CT 489

true to himself CT 485

new, need thorough physical examination by competent physicians CT 473; MM 83

no graduating place for, this side of heaven CT 477

not amenable only to leaders of med. work 8T 164

not safe for, to be occasional Christians CT 487

one careless, evil influence of CT 482

only one power can make, what he ought to be CT 477

only security of, against falling into sin CT 488

outdoor work needed by MM 83-4

pale and weak, is continual reproach to health reform MM 79

physical exercise should not be neglected by CT 475

pledge that, must not make 8T 164

policy principle must be shunned by CT 485-6

practical education needed by 9T 175

preparatory course for, best teaching talent needed in CT 479; FE 490-1

SDA schools should provide CT 479-80; FE 490-1

prepare, to pass examinations or tests required by state laws CT 479-80; FE 490

privilege of: to grow in grace and knowledge of truth CT 474, 477

to increase in med. knowledge CT 474-5, 477

to stand firm for principle CT 478

ready to question rules and order in school, give no place to CT 482

rebellious, dismiss MM 76-7

religion should be dominating influence in life of CT 489

require, to explain Bible texts CT 483

right kind of, SDA need more of 5T 446

Sabbath observance by CT 479; 5T 447-8

school rules should not be infringed by CT 482; MM 76-7

scientific preparation of, is not all-important thing CT 486; 5T 448

selection of, care needed in 5T 447

should not circulate health books alone 8T 162

slow to learn, teachers should not be discouraged by CT 481

some, ought to prepare for ministry 6T 411

should prepare to proclaim third angel’s message 8T 163

spirit of rebellion in, give no place to CT 482

spiritual dangers met by all 5T 447-8

spiritual experience of, what should be CT 477

spiritual growth of CT 485-91

spiritual needs of 8T 164

studies given to, conceal no principle of Bible truth in 8T 156

studies of, should not continue on Sabbath CT 479; 5T 447-8

studying in non-SDA med. schools CT 478-80; MM 62, 75; 2SM 293-4, 324; 5T 447-8

superficial work by, caution against CT 476

taxing study of Bible needed by CT 483

teach, to represent health reform principles aright 9T 177

teachers should train, to be self-reliant, competent, careful, and painstaking CT 481

temptations of 5T 447

theories in which SDA, should not be educated MM 87

time must be given to, to talk with God 8T 164

too much time spent in med. studies by, caution against 8T 163

training of: at Loma Linda University MM 56-7; 9T 174-8 See also Loma Linda University

depend less on worldly methods of education in 9T 175

instruction that should be given in CT 519-20

necessary things not given sufficient attention in 8T 163

warning against deception of, by devil CT 478

JW and EGW gave financial aid to 2SM 208

who will become pompous and self-sufficient CT 477

women, should specialize in women’s diseases MM 61; 9T 176

work of, study of God’s word should be combined with 8T 163

young, has access to Daniel’s God CT 486; 5T 448

young men who should not be accepted as CH 590-1

youth who is disqualified as MM 217

See also Medical missionary student

Medical study, Medical studies

Medical study, Medical studies, persons engaged in CT 465-91

Medical superintendent, Medical superintendents

Medical superintendent, Medical superintendents, and associates, need to work harmoniously in Christ’s spirit 4T 221

duty of, to live and labor to be recognized as men trusting in God MM 190

of Battle Creek Sanitarium 8T 123-5

of large sanitarium 8T 153-7

of Loma Linda Sanitarium, wages of 2SM 198-9

sanitarium, need not draw large salary 2SM 198

See also Sanitarium medical superintendent

Medical tent

Medical tent, provide, at camp meetings 6T 112

Medical training

Medical training, broad, essential MM 61

consecrated women should be given, for gospel service MM 60-1

gospel workers who do not have CH 529

persons who take, spend time on much that is worthless CH 369

thorough, women as well as men should be given MM 60-1

under unbelievers, SDA youth should not be required to seek MM 58

young men encouraged to connect with hospitals to get CH 538

See also Medical course; Medical education

Medical treatment, Medical treatments

Medical treatment, Medical treatments, careful, diligent study should be united with MM 57

Christ’s methods of, prepare med. workers who will follow MM 75

combined with prayer and instruction in right living, benefit of 1T 561

mother should know how to give MH 385

ordinary, should not be given on Sabbath if they can be postponed 7T 106

parents should know how to give MH 385

physician should trace effects back to true cause in prescribing MM 225

physician who commits murder in giving MM 139

physician who gives, without nature’s aid MM 139

physician who is ready to prescribe drug medication in MM 222

prescription of drugs as, produces two evils in place of removing one MM 225

SDA should be intelligent in giving, without aid of poisonous drugs MM 57

simple: all gospel workers should know how to give CH 389; MH 146

colporteurs should be able to give CH 463-4; CM 89

ministers should learn how to give 9T 172

simple methods of: God will bless use of His 9T 164

obtain education in use of MM 57

should take place of use of poisonous drugs CH 389; MH 146

thousands need and would gladly receive instruction re CH 389; MH 146

students should learn how to give Ed 218

EGW gave, to man with broken skull 2T 18

JW and EGW received, at Dansville, N.Y. LS 169-70

work to educate God’s people re MM 63

See also Cure; Drug; Remedy; Water treatment

Medical work

Medical work, centralization of, warning against 7T 99-103

combined with ministerial, should not be limited to poorer classes Ev 546

council meetings re, EGW given vision of CS 281

dangers in, for physicians CH 364

do not leave, to struggle in poverty 1T 638

in cities, show that God leads and defends CS 276

in southern California LS 403-5

innovations that remove God’s blessings from MM 163

is branch of God’s great work 1T 635

is miss. work of highest order TM 27

Kellogg (Dr. J. H.) was leading physician in, for many years 8T 237

leader high in, erroneous doctrines advocated by 1SM 204

leaders of 7T 99-102; 8T 231-5

at Battle Creek, endeavored to control med. institutions 8T 231

med. students should not regard themselves amenable only to 8T 164

must help prepare people for second advent 1T 635

must not be: sustained at expense of other wants of God’s cause 1T 559-60

under one controlling center 8T 231

needs to stand at its highest among SDA CH 366; 9T 176

not everything is flawless in 8T 168

other branches of God’s work should not be robbed to promote 1T 560

persons engaged in, qualifications needed by 3T 168

persons giving means to sustain 1T 559-60

persons unfit for, should choose other work MH 116

poor brethren sacrificing to promote 1T 560

private, operation of MM 153

raising funds for 1T 638-9

related to gospel ministry as hand to body 8T 163

SDA duty to uphold 8T 166-71

SDA physicians should not unite with unbelievers in MM 45

wonderful results will be accomplished by, in giving third angel’s message CH 540-1

Medical worker, Medical workers

Medical worker, Medical workers, deeper intuition and wider perception needed by FE 524

demanding exorbitant prices for services 2SM 195

judging their worth from money point of view 2SM 195

need to: be cheerful MM 34

keep hold of God’s arm CT 485

remember that God Omnipotent reigns 9T 178

one man cannot be conscience for all 8T 232

periods of rest needed by CD 203-4

presentation of third angel’s message by MM 248

should not think appearance of being wealthy is essential 6T 251

should work together harmoniously in Christ’s spirit 4T 221

young: should act part in work of camp meetings 6T 48-9

should speak on points of present truth at camp meetings 6T 49

work with older ministers helps 6T 49

See also Medical evangelist; Medical missionary; Medical missionary evangelist; Medical missionary worker; Nurse; Physician

Medicinal property, Medicinal properties

Medicinal property, Medicinal properties, several kinds of trees have 2SM 301

Medicinal resource, Medicinal resources

Medicinal resource, Medicinal resources, nature’s great, influence of life-giving properties of SD 170; 7T 86; MM 231

utilize MM 231-2

Medicine, Medicines

Medicine, Medicines, best, for diseased bodies and minds CH 628; ML 150; 1T 502; 3T 172

that you can give to church Ev 356

bottles of, costing twelve cents and selling for $1.00 2SG 126

calomel as See Calomel

change of, why sick people seek 4aSG 136

consciousness of rightdoing is one of best, for disease MH 257

considered harmless, enter no controversy over 2SM 279

curative, physicians generally dwell much on CD 448

different, sick people who continually try out MH 126

endless variety of, on market 4aSG 139; 2SM 454

exercise is better than, in many cases MH 240

fasting that would be more beneficial than 4aSG 131

for diseased minds SD 97

service that is GW 270

for invalids, outdoor life as 7T 77

for severe vomiting, tea as CD 490

for sick stomach, weak tea as 2SM 301

generally hinder nature’s efforts to heal 4aSG 136

great demand for 4aSG 136

harmless 2SM 279

have no power to cure 4aSG 136; 2SM 452-3

hot drinks as CD 106, 432

injurious to system, do not administer 2SM 281

intricate names given to, to cover up facts MM 228; 2SM 294

invalids should dispense with, of every description 4aSG 145

kind and cheerful and encouraging words more effective than 1T 306-7

kind husband better for wife than spending money for 1T 695

leaving injurious effects, do not administer 4aSG 140; 2SM 454

many sick people might recover without one grain of MM 259; 2SM 281

by obedience to laws of health CH 261

mercury in, warning re 4aSG 139; 2SM 447

names of, dictionary needed to find out meaning of 2SM 294

not so essential as natural remedies CD 419

nux vomica in See Nux vomica

open air as God’s, for restoring health 7T 85

opium in See Opium

patent MH 127

poisonous: babies are given 2SM 468

do not treat the sick with 2SM 280

nature’s fine machinery deranged by 2SM 448

warning against MH 235

preventive, physicians generally neglect CD 448

sick people’s insistence that they must have Te 83

Spirit’s influence is best, for disease CH 28

strychnine as See Strychnine

various, why sick people take 4aSG 140

walking that is better than 2T 529

words of kindness and sympathy do good as GW 163

See also Cure; Drug; Medical concoction; Medical nostrum; Remedy; Treatment


best, consciousness of right doing FLB 229:5; 2MCP 407:4; RC 161:2

service is, to diseased minds HP 229:3

water (soft) is God’s 3SM 280:2


satisfaction not to be in TMK 41:5


Meditate, day and night on God’s character MH 514

man who did not, on things of heaven 2T 290

themes on which God would have men COL 60


Meditation, abstract, essential to formation of Christian character 5T 113

not enough 5T 113

alone will not satisfy world’s need GW 143

angels as man’s companions in, on themes in God’s word Ed 127

blessings of, on heavenly things 2T 317

Christ sought, in early morning in secluded place MH 52

Christ turned from His labors for, in quiet valley MH 52

Christ was given to, amid scenes of nature DA 90

Christian ladies and gentlemen developed by, on holy things FE 132

continual, Christian life is not made up of ChS 249; ML 133

earnest, obedience to God is subject for 2T 80-1

faith is strengthened by, on Christ’s words DA 431

fields of, broad and exalted CT 139

food for, varied interests of God’s cause furnish 4T 459

godly women’s, on themes strengthening purity of life 2T 456

growth in grace requires 2T 187

heart’s, must be clean ML 83; SD 107

must be spiritual 4T 354

hour of, educate mind to love 2T 268

John’s, on Isle of Patmos AA 571-2

love for, cultivate 3BC 1157; SD 109

man was to find happiness in 1BC 1082

mind is elevated and refined by, on holy things FE 132

mind should be trained to delight in, on things of God 2T 265

moments spent in, many people seem to begrudge SD 109

most profound, God’s incomparable love as theme of 4T 80

neglect of, blessing lost by DA 83

result of, on sacred instruction given by God FE 132

neglected for bustle and show 4T 535

on God elevates soul and quickens affections 2T 505

on God’s goodness closes soul’s avenues to Satan’s suggestions 4T 222

one hour each day in, strength received from 1T 433

periods for, take ML 214

prayer and: Christ often spent entire night in DA 260

declension of spiritual interests results from neglect of 2T 505-6

Enoch spent much time in PP 85

following Christ requires effort and 2T 637

needed to keep men aroused to resist Satan 1T 295

preserve men from critical position 4T 45

walk to Assos provided Paul opportunity for AA 391-2

youth should give themselves to 1T 503-4

prayerful, sacred themes for daily SL 92

privilege of, on themes angels desire to look into Ed 127

results of, on God’s goodness, mercy, and love 8T 322

study and, Paul had opportunity for in Arabia AA 125-8

theme(s) for: Christ’s perfections as SC 88-9

Christ’s sacrifice as 5T 316

ministers should make God’s truth 4T 526

plan of redemption as 5T 600

sacred, to which some time each day should be devoted MYP 114

subjects that should be SD 109

suggested, opening treasures never dreamed of Ed 252

time for: difficult for some people to find because work is urgent CH 368; 4T 539

essential to sincere piety and religious fervor CW 125

gospel workers must take DA 362; Ed 260-1

physician must not fail to take CH 368; 4T 539

sabbatical year provided more PP 532

spend more AH 23

sufficient, persons who failed to take 4T 104

take 3T 336

time occupied in, not lost 3BC 1157

time set apart for, need of MH 509

time should be devoted daily to MYP 114; 5T 112

too little, among God’s people 2T 187

would keep men from rushing unbidden into danger DA 126

youth should give themselves to 1T 503

See also Contemplation; Reflection


action without, means faithful efforts like untrained vine TDG 66:4

Christ’s love, mission, and work for us in OHC 18:2

divine, growth in grace proportional to TMK 193:2

elevated themes to be subjects of HP 170:6

habit of, on divine things brings spiritual growth AG 303:2

idle, faculties not to be wasted in TDG 33:2

John the Baptist not distracted from, in wilderness CC 270:4

ministers to spend more time in prayer and sacred VSS 219:1

nature invites FLB 25:4; TMK 144:4

on God’s ideal lifts you into His presence HP 161:6

on Word of God displaces craving for what you have not HP 161:5

sensing God’s presence is higher, than produced by fiction 1MCP 94:5

temple in heaven understood by study and prayer and TMK 273:4

time not to be spent only in OHC 221:4

truths that demand, to build faith HP 16:5

Word of God should be our constant TDG 292:2

See also Imagination; Thoughts

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea, west of Palestine, called Great Sea PP 471

Medium, Mediums

Medium, Mediums, of communication, devils using men as DA 338

of witchcraft, do not seek help from CH 458

priests of Baal-zebub as PK 208

Satan uses bitter opposers of truth as 2T 172

Satan’s, Gadarene demoniacs as MH 98-9

serpent used by Satan as, in tempting man GC 531; PP 53-4, 58; 3SG 39; SR 33, 40

spiritualist See Spiritualist medium


Medo-Persia PK 530-1, 539-678; SL 42-52

blasphemy and corruption in 4BC 1168; PK 502

crown removed from Israel passed in succession to Ed 179

Daniel as prime minister of 4BC 1171; PK 539-48; SL 42

downfall of, causes of 4BC 1168; PK 502

lesson from PK 548

God’s wrath visited upon, because His law was trampled under foot 4BC 1168; PK 502

Jews in, warned to return to their own land PK 614

kingdom of, trampled on God’s law 4BC 1168

one of world’s great empires PK 535

provinces of, hundreds of thousands of Jews scattered throughout PK 598

provincial officers of, at Jerusalem PK 578

rise and fall of, presented in prophecy Ed 177; PK 530-1, 535

Satan strove to influence highest powers in PK 571

Meekest man

Meekest man, Moses was 1BC 1113; PP 384, 396; 3T 297, 319, 341-2; 4T 368


Meekness, acquired by experience of years MH 454; 8T 314

adorns soul SL 16

all-important lesson of, women need to learn Ev 471; WM 149

always thankful 3T 335

among first qualifications for Christ’s kingdom MB 14

another person’s, censure does not help 3T 185

characterizes people who obey God’s law 5BC 1090

child’s, must be encouraged 5T 130

Christ united, with His divine majesty MB 14

Christ’s: at all times manifest MM 213

carry, in all your labors 4T 348

diffuses gentleness that is felt by all MB 16

girl who had long been above 2T 562-3

gives back no angry answer MB 16

God tenderly regards persons who reveal DA 301

is Christian’s power 4T 559

learn, in school of God’s providence GC 623

let, appear in all that is said and done 9T 147

makes home happy MB 16

manifest, in our life and character SD 81

Peter and Judas Iscariot needed to acquire 4T 486

provokes no quarrels MB 16

should be accompanied with diligence in doing good GW 144

soothes irritated temper MB 16

why men need to learn SD 82

Christ’s example of, few people willing to follow 5T 176

Christ’s life characterized by SL 14

Christian, persons deceived as to what constitutes 4T 549

Christian life is more than 5T 404

Christian life should be expression of Ev 630

Christian must manifest, in order to be light to world AH 429

conduct yourself with, to persons in error 6T 121

conversation should be expressive of 4T 331

cultivate 1SM 168; 5T 339

daily example of, importance of 5T 706

defend principles of truth in 6T 397

does not retaliate 3T 335

does not satisfy self-esteem and pride GC 542

effect or fruit of faith 5T 438

effects of, upon soul SL 14-5

Elisha’s, was that of one who would serve 2BC 1035; SD 93

enables possessor to control rash and impetuous temper SL 15

essential grace MH 497; 5T 404

essential to: growth in grace AA 544

peace and prosperity 5T 168

spiritual success 6T 397

exemplify Christ’s character in 5T 239

follow, in God’s work 2SM 200-1

fruit of Christian tree TM 180

God’s means of calling, into action WM 306

God’s servant should seek by, rightly to represent SDA faith 4T 547

grace of, results of cherishing SL 15

true dignity of character not lessened by ML 123; 3T 377

grace of genuine, Daniel had FE 78; SL 20

grace wrought by Spirit SL 15

great value of, in God’s work 9T 218-9

help brethren to retain 3T 185

hiding in Christ, difficulties lessened by DA 301

importance of, in children of God SD 68

is inward adorning more excellent than gold SL 16

is of great value in God’s work 9T 218-9

labors to be happy under all circumstances 3T 335

lack of, makes yoke galling 2T 567; 4T 101

leads men to desire counsel TM 501

learned in: school of affliction MB 14

school of Christ DA 330; MB 14; SL 15; 6T 117

learned when heavenly anointing comes SD 69

learning of Christ leads to 5T 647

lessons of, teachers need to learn from Christ 4T 527

well learned, will transform whole life 2T 188

let, take place of haughty self-esteem 2T 484

makes its own songs of happiness 3T 335

makes your efforts a blessing to church 5T 118

man noted for, can be trusted 1BC 1113

manifest, to people in error 6T 121

meet opponent’s objections with EW 102

manifested in home, makes it happy MB 16

minister who lacked 2T 557

ministers should be patterns of EW 103

ministers should manifest godly authority with Ev 640

ministers who preach, should exemplify it in life 5T 160

more precious than anything genius can create or wealth buy 4T 559

more valuable than gold, pearls, or costly array SL 16

morose temper is opposite of 3T 335

Moses’, in midst of murmuring 4T 368

needed to rightly represent truth 4T 259

not silent and sulky 3T 335

of heart, cherish CSW 72

learn FE 347

learned in Christ’s school SD 76

of spirit, needed more in gospel work LS 323

of wisdom, need of 4T 240-1

you cannot be happy without 4T 240

one condition of: strength and victory 5T 475

success and victory PK 590

one of Christian graces SL 14

one of marked fruits of Spirit SC 58-9; SL 15

ornament of God’s own choice SL 16

parents need, in dealing with children AH 174

parents should learn, in dealing with families CG 267-8

part of Christian’s practical life Ev 354

passive virtue MH 497; 5T 404

patient 3T 335

peculiarity distinguishing God’s people 4T 226

precious grace MB 14; 3T 335

rarely seen in youth ML 56

restore the erring with 2T 52

reveal, under loss, suffering, and even death DA 354

sanctification’s most precious fruit SL 14

schoolgirl’s definition of WM 153

show, in dignified way LS 86

spirit of: cultivate 3T 65

needed to do God’s work acceptably 4T 608

needed to restore the erring 5T 613

pervading life has power to soften and subdue hard hearts 5T 174

spirit of discontent is not 3T 334-5

truth should be advocated with 4T 258

words spoken in, value of 4T 348

spiritual success comes only to persons having 6T 397

temper your natural impetuosity with MH 491

true: blessings of 2T 567

brings thoughts into obedience to Christ SL 15

difficulties much lessened by DA 301

enables man to rise above slights, rebuffs, and annoyances DA 301

gives mind fitness for God’s word SL 15

is strength giving victory to Christ’s followers DA 301

opens heart to God’s word SL 15

softens and subdues heart SL 15

truth should be presented in Ev 432

uncomplaining, Hannah met trial with PP 569

under provocation, is evidence of in-dwelling Saviour 5T 597

significance of COL 403

under trial, wins souls to Christ AA 465

valuable ornament 3T 536

will suffer disappointment and wrong 3T 335

willing to endure trials and suffer silently 3T 335

woman who regarded, as servility 3T 536

See also Humility; Lowliness


absence of, watched by heaven HP 236:3

acquired by experience of years HP 159:6

aim of discipline OHC 317:2

always show; God stands by His messengers 2MCP 634:1

assurance in, from knowing God’s will HP 28:6

attribute of Christian HP 236:2

bearing all things with TMK 139:4

blessings for, lost by self-supremacy TDG 125:4

change to, opposed by natural inclination FLB 137:4

children of God kept in UL 280:5

chosen through love for Jesus UL 85:4


comes only in, inviting us to follow OHC 288:4

had, united with other qualities RC 35:5

who has greatest influence had 3SM 429:1

Christian characterized by OHC 170:3

Christ’s spirit to shine forth in OHC 102:5

connection with God shown by RC 306:3

Daniel and his companions possessed HP 261:3

earthly treasure of little value compared to, of Christ OHC 271:4

erring restored in spirit of UL 122:5

following Christ in, without complaint RC 350:3

forgiveness of sins causes, when truly Christ’s TMK 163:3

future calls for walking in HP 30:2

God regards those having; He notes their self-denial TMK 123:3

growth in, by crucifying selfish practices TMK 118:5

important if we would possess Christ’s spirit FLB 138:5

indulging in passionate temper while seeking UL 22:4

knowing Christ requires 2MCP 541:0

knowing God’s character is shown by TMK 122:3


from Christ; His peace is of great value RC 368:5

neglected at peril to the soul Mar 275:2

or miss knowing Jesus HP 107:4

to speak in TDG 75:5

lessons of, learned at cross TMK 65:2

more than traits like, are needed TMK 155:2


in prayer for healing UL 375:7

to honor Christ TDG 73:2


Christlike, under insults TDG 235:2

contrasted with crimes of the world RC 322:4

obedience accompanied by TMK 120:3

old person to cultivate, obtaining fitness for heaven TDG 29:5

peace from OHC 98:6

power of Holy Spirit revealed by RC 130:3

preach with; God’s Word is what is to reach hearts VSS 220:3

proportional to faith UL 123:6

protects against irritation UL 34:4

providence is the school for learning Mar 275:2

required for eternal life UL 329:3

safety in daily learning of Christ’s 1MCP 40:2

serve God in UL 275:2

shows we have been with Jesus OHC 238:4

soft answers to rough questions TSB 51:0

speak in,

at all times; be patient when provoked VSS 67:1

when going to one you feel is at fault TDG 105:2

spirit and character of Christ shown by TDG 157:5

strengthened for battle by UL 46:5

sufferings of Christ partaken of by lessons of HP 220:2

teaches how to pity those who speak hastily OHC 274:4

truth accepted produces UL 62:3

unity with Christ requires TDG 150:7

wisdom to build up people of God given to one with 2MCP 636:1

working in, to give light to those around TDG 211:5

world does not see value of TMK 310:4