Counsels on Health


Unwise Confidence

Many are unwilling to put forth the needed effort to obtain a knowledge of the laws of life and the simple means to be employed for the restoration of health. They do not place themselves in right relation to life. When sickness is the result of their transgression of natural law, they do not seek to correct their errors and then ask the blessing of God, but they resort to the physicians. If they recover health, they give to drugs and doctors all the honor. They are ever ready to idolize human power and wisdom, seeming to know no other god than the creature—dust and ashes. CH 456.1

It is not safe to trust to physicians who have not the fear of God before them. Without the influence of divine grace, the hearts of men are “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.” Jeremiah 17:9. Self-aggrandizement is their aim. Under cover of the medical profession, what iniquities have been practiced, what delusions supported! The physician may claim to possess great wisdom and marvelous skill, while at the same time his character is abandoned, and his practice contrary to the laws of health. The Lord our God assures us that He is waiting to be gracious; He invites us to call upon Him in the day of trouble. CH 456.2

Furthermore, the teaching of these physicians is continually leading away from the principles God has given us in regard to health, especially on the diet question. They say we are not living as we ought and prescribe changes that are contrary to the light God has sent. Brethren, how can the Lord let His blessing rest upon us when we are going right upon the enemy's ground? CH 456.3