EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Life, Lives (Part 1 of 3)

Life, Lives

1. Eternal (everlasting)

2. Future

3. Physical

4. Spiritual (Christian)

5. Miscellaneous

1. Eternal (everlasting)

accept, on God’s simple condition of obedience 4T 156

Adam and Eve forfeited, when they sinned PP 60

be determined to make sure of 8T 131

beginning of, reception of Spirit into heart by faith is DA 388

beyond grave, many people in Christ’s time thirsted for assurance of DA 32

bread from heaven nourishes soul unto DA 388

Christ brought, to men DA 388

Christ causes seed of truth to bear fruit unto COL 86

Christ offers, as reward to the obedient 3T 365

Christian’s race for, discipline that should characterize AA 311-5

condition(s) of: before Adam sinned COL 391; PK 178

obedience is COL 391; 4T 156

perfect obedience to God’s law is SC 62

conditions of inheriting, as stated by Christ 3T 524

daughter of Jairus was not raised to DA 786

dead son of widow of Nain was not raised to DA 786

defined 2SM 38-9

education that endures unto COL 330

enterprise of, all is at stake in 1T 407

enterprise of obtaining, is above every other consideration 3T 557

exclusively God’s property 5BC 1130

feeling of persons who shall have lost, forever GC 655

fountain of, Christ opened DA 454, 484; MH 449; 8T 310

free gift from Christ 5BC 1130

God’s free gift through Christ 1SM 297

God’s word gives, to soul that receives it DA 320

God’s word is DA 320

great themes which concern, study COL 42

hope of, centered in Christ 2SM 60

indifference to, reproved 1T 407

insurance policy that insures for ML 339

is for people who will: comply with conditions ML 307

obey God’s law 7BC 931

is not in mere outward knowledge of Scriptures DA 212

Lazarus was not raised from grave to DA 786

life sacrificed for Christ will be kept unto DA 623-4

lifework here is preparation for MH 466

man cannot earn 1SM 296-7

man does not possess, while separated from God MB 61

men wasting their opportunities in self-pleasing cut themselves off from COL 260

means of obtaining, God’s law given to man in beginning as PK 178

mistake of considering, as of little value 2T 290

narrow way that leads to MB 138-44

object of your pursuit should be 5T 98

obtained through Christ by faith 1SM 300

persons accounted worthy of, must obtain moral fitness for it 1T 705

persons have, who receive Christ into heart DA 388

persons willing to make any sacrifice for it will have 1T 126

pledge of, to the obedient God’s law is Ed 77

preparation for, God’s word appropriated is TM 395

promised on condition of: fidelity to God’s law PP 370

saving faith in Christ FE 187

righteous dead who came forth from grave at Christ’s resurrection were raised to DA 786

road to, described 1T 127

scientific research that leads youth from COL 40

securing, costs effort 3T 324

seeds of, Christ planted in minds MH 42

should engage deepest interest of every Christian 2T 232

study to lay hold on 1T 706

those who receive Christ into heart have DA 388

under grace condition(s) of: are what they were in Eden MB 76

is harmony with God MB 76

is perfect conformity to principles of God’s law MB 76

is perfect righteousness MB 76

way to, let nothing obstruct progress in 2T 48

weave thought of, into all you do CT 58

well of water springing up unto, Christ in His followers is DA 454

well-grounded assurance of, God’s messengers offer COL 317

will cost all you have 3T 255

worth everything 4T 218

worth persevering and untiring effort 2T 49; 5T 570

you cannot afford to lose 1T 698

See also Immortal life

2. Future

association with angels in, the redeemed will enjoy 4T 72

assurance of DA 211

attainments of this life will be taken into CT 513

believers have different spheres assigned them in TM 428-9

beyond the present, Christ testified to DA 605

Bible tells how to secure CT 53

college student who is ruined for COL 108-9

conditions of, must not be measured by those of this life GW 314; MM 100; 1SM 173

doctrine of, Sadducees rejected DA 603

Eden life will be lived in Ed 303-4

education begun here will continue in Ed 301-9; GC 677-8; MH 466; PP 602; SR 432-3

education in worldly business will not be of advantage in 5T 276

education of the redeemed in, will never be completed 8T 328

education that will be continued in Ed 19

education that youth need for COL 41-2

eternity of bliss 8T 131

every passing hour of the present is shaping your TM 429

every power of the redeemed will be developed in Ed 307

every provision made for happiness in, but these provisions not revealed MM 100; 1SM 173

folly of deferring preparation for, until death is near 4T 480

gifts of, are absolute and eternal Ed 302

glory of, cannot be described 7BC 920

grandest enterprises will be carried forward in Ed 307

great truths re, Hebrew youth were taught FE 95; PP 592

happiness of the redeemed in GC 677; SR 432-3

higher education in its completeness will be gained in 7BC 988

higher work and unshadowed joy of SC 83

in Eden home of world to come AH 539-45

joys and glories of 5T 467, 475

joys and privileges that await the redeemed in 9T 285-8

keep always in view Te 270

loftiest ambitions will be reached in Ed 307; GC 677; SR 432

loves and sympathies will find truest and sweetest exercise in Ed 306; GC 677

man’s happiness in, God has made every provision for GW 314; MM 100; 1SM 173

men subordinate claims of, to affairs of the present COL 366

new glories will unfold in, throughout ceaseless ages 8T 131

no marriages or births in DA 605; MM 99-100; 1SM 172-3; 2SM 25-6

not a blissful and do-nothing state AH 287

of the redeemed, described AA 590-2, 601-2; AH 546-50; CG 566-9; Ed 301-9; EW 18-20; GC 645-9, 674-8; LS 66-7; 2SG 33-4, 52-6; SR 430-3; 1T 60-1, 67-71; 8T 42; 9T 286-8

persons to whom Christ will bequeath most in COL 330

Pharisees and Sadducees disputed re DA 387

plan of redemption will progressively unfold to redeemed in MH 466

power of, Christ will make your testimony powerful in COL 149

preparation for, present life is man’s time of AA 424; MYP 17; 8T 200

privileges and blessings enjoyed by the redeemed in Ed 303-5

redeemed shall know as they are known in Ed 306

redeemed will ever increase in knowledge during CT 55; Ed 301-9; GC 677-8; SR 432-3

redeemed will recognize each other in 6T 311

right knowledge of God is essential preparation for MH 409

Sadducean doctrine re, Christ’s teachings contradicted DA 604

school of Ed 301-9

not all conditions of first Eden school will be found in Ed 302

song and music that the redeemed will enjoy in Ed 307

Thessalonian believers’ mistaken ideas re AA 258-9

veil lifted from, by Christ DA 605

will last as long as God shall live 5T 353-4

See also New earth; New Jerusalem; Redeemed; World to come

3. Physical

all, proceeds from God Ed 99; 6T 236

all created beings are dependent recipients of, of God DA 785; SD 237

all created beings have, by God’s will and power DA 785

always shows itself in action 6T 443

animal, dependent on sunlight SD 281

animals can live only by, which God imparts SC 67

associated with light SD 281

Author of, is unseen AA 284

breath of, breathed into man by God at creation 8T 264

or spirit returns to God at death 6BC 1093

brittle thread of, person to whom it seems easy to break GC 539

children have, through God’s creative power AH 280

Christ imparts MH 111

to the sick CT 466

Christ is giver of MM 150

Christ possessed, that is not inherent in man 5BC 1130; 1SM 296

Christ’s, is original, unborrowed, and underived DA 530; MM 7

current of, blood is MH 271

definite and unvarying laws control Ed 195

derived from God alone CD 56

do not follow Satan’s suggestions in order to save your DA 121

do not treat, in haphazard manner 6T 372

each person receives 1SM 296

every tree and shrub and leaf pours forth element of, essential to man and animal DA 20

expense of, children who obtain education at 3T 149-50

flowering plant’s, depends on light SD 281

flows from Creator GC 678

fountain of: Christ is MM 7, 233-4

God is MB 61

streamlet from, in man MM 7

from God, causes seed to germinate DA 367

flows into man’s life SC 98

fruit of tree of life has power to perpetuate PP 47, 60; 3SG 45-6; SR 40-1

God alone can give PP 68, 264, 516; 5T 697; TM 444-5

God alone can produce COL 63; Ed 105

God gives, to trees and vines 1BC 1081; MM 8

God implants, in seed Ed 104

God is, of everything that lives Ed 197

God is originator of all Ed 197

God supplies breath which keeps, in man’s body CS 224

God’s people are not required to unnecessarily expose their 4T 627

God’s word gives, to seed Ed 108

grain of wheat that preserves its own, can produce no fruit DA 623

great loss of, disasters by land and sea cause PK 277

hidden by God in rough brown bulb of lily unfolds at His call in rain and sunshine MB 97

how aged persons shorten their 1T 423

human: brutal and fiendish destruction of MH 142-3; PK 275

is something that Giver takes back again to Himself MM 7

must be guarded 2BC 1014

must be sacredly guarded PP 516

natural laws govern Ed 99

sacrifice of, through mismanagement is dreadful 2T 386

same great laws that guide star and atom control Ed 99

sustained by receiving life of God Ed 99

humblest forms of, present problem wisest philosophers cannot explain SC 106

image that had no, in Swiss tower Ev 117

imparted and sustained by God’s word Ed 126

implanted in seed, by Creator COL 63

God alone can call forth COL 63; Ed 104

in grains and vegetables passes into eater MH 313

in natural world depends on light SD 281

increase and growth where there is 6T 448

is: gift from God CH 41

in living, vital current of blood 7BC 925

mysterious and sacred MH 397

not eternal or immortal 5BC 1130; 1SM 296

something that men receive MM 7

sustained by food DA 390

itself would be cheap price for privilege of becoming sons of God 4T 357

laid down by Christ in humanity He took up again DA 787

law governing heart’s action regulates flow of current of, to body Ed 99

laws that control, all need to become acquainted with COL 348

lay down your, if need be for Christ’s sake CS 289

liquor drinking destroys 5T 441

loss of, be willing to suffer CS 44

do not let prospect of, induce you to be untrue to God in the least PK 512

prospect of, before God’s people 5T 712

lost through sin, restored through Christ DA 786

man and animal minister to, of tree and shrub and leaf DA 20

man cannot have, apart from God MB 61

man depends continually on God for 5BC 1143; Ed 99; MH 112-3, 417; PP 115; 8T 260; TM 308

man derives his, from God TM 422-3

man has no control over his 1SM 296

man obtains, from God only MM 275

man owes, to Christ’s death DA 660

man whose, was sacrificed unnecessarily to bad cooking 2T 370

was spared through Christ’s pleading 2T 421

man’s: is derived from Christ MM 7

is not eternal or immortal 5BC 1130; 1SM 296

is something that Giver takes back again to Himself MM 7

man’s wisdom and skill cannot produce, in smallest object of nature SC 67

men living nearest to God sacrifice, rather than commit wrong act COL 160

millions of, will be sacrificed in coming tempest MYP 89

motion is not necessarily Ev 116-7

must be: carefully preserved and developed COL 348

exercised in harmony with God’s will Ed 99-100

mysterious: brings bud to blossom and flower to fruit Ed 99

lives in insect atom floating in summer breeze Ed 99

pervades all nature Ed 99

sustains unnumbered worlds throughout immensity Ed 99

mystery of, science cannot explain MH 414; 8T 258

natural: not sustained by direct miracle AA 284

preserved moment by moment by divine power AA 284

sustained by use of blessings placed within your reach AA 284

new, seed dies to spring forth into COL 87

new lease of, how to obtain CH 222

no man is assured of, for any given time 2SM 117

no stagnation where there is TM 338

of Christ, all men dependent on 5BC 1113

of God: Adam was made partaker of 1BC 1082

all created beings are dependent recipients of DA 785

is given to world in His word GW 250

men exist moment by moment by Ed 198

men have been severed from, by sin MH 84

nature would die without 1BC 1081; MM 8

received in sunlight, air, and food Ed 197-8

of grain, preserved through process of death DA 623

of man and beast, depends on element supplied by trees, shrubs, and leaves DA 20

of no living thing should be taken to sustain Christian’s life CD 412

one pulse of, from heart of God thrills all created things MB 96

only, can beget life CT 31; DA 250; Ed 84

only by yielding up His, could Christ impart life to humanity DA 623

only power that can produce, is from God Ed 105

patient’s, is in hands of physician MH 117

peril of, Christian must be willing to walk in light of Christ’s example even at 4T 624

peril of rejecting means given by God to promote 5T 193

persons who regard, as their own 5T 351

physician may sacrifice patient’s, by careless diagnosis, wrong prescription, or one unskillful movement in operation MH 117

physician should express thankfulness to God for having spared his patient’s MH 119; 6T 232

physician should point patient to One on whom he is dependent for MH 119

physician’s need of Christ in effort to prolong patient’s MH 117-8

physicians seek to preserve MH 111

plant grows by receiving what God provides to sustain its Ed 106

plant’s, is enfolded in seed COL 38

plants can live only by, which God imparts SC 67

practical knowledge of, needed to glorify God in human body CH 38

preserved moment by moment by divine power AA 284

regard must be shown for, in doing God’s work 5T 567

risk of loss of, before God’s people defending His law 7BC 975; 5T 712

sacrifice, rather than disobey God 4T 147

sacrificed for Christ will be kept unto eternal life COL 87; DA 623-4

Satan does not have power to create or to give PP 264; 5T 697

shortening of, as result of wrong living 3T 138-9

shortness of, heart that lapses into perilous unconsciousness of DA 490

source (fountain) of: all created beings are replenished with life from DA 785; ML 295

Christ is AA 478; 5BC 1113; 7BC 989; MM 7; SC 71; 9T 147

God is CH 563; DA 764; GW 239; MB 61; MH 397; MM 10; SC 77

God the Father is SC 9

spared, express thankfulness to God for MH 119; 6T 232

sunlight awakens things of nature to, causing them to flourish and bear fruit COL 351

sustained by: receiving life of God Ed 99

use of blessings within reach AA 284

thousands sacrifice, rather than wage war against their perverted appetites CH 68

to take your, instantly is no greater sin than to do it gradually CG 444-5

utter extinction of, at death GC 533

vine’s, is life of branch DA 675

we are amenable to God as deriving, from Him TM 422-3

wicked people forfeit, by rebellion GC 668

willingness to sacrifice, for God’s cause is required 3T 468

you have no, apart from Christ SC 69

4. Spiritual (Christian)

advancement in, why many honest persons make no SD 89

all that is written re, is for you DA 389-90

alphabet of what constitutes, man professing to be sanctified who needs to learn SL 16

assimilated to Christ’s life, how to live 7T 270

bears witness to fact that heart has been renewed by Spirit SC 57

beauty of, difficult to portray ML 156

beginning of, germination of seed represents Ed 105

believers who refuse to live, in accordance with Christ’s will 8T 210

Bible religion must pervade whole, as if dipped in unfading dye DA 312

Christians are to be perfect in their, as Christ was in His life DA 311

Christlike, is accessible to every child of God DA 311

church members’, should bear witness to verity of messages we proclaim TM 458

conscience must be quickened by constant contact with God’s word in order to live 7T 195

consecrated: is characterized by purity, tact, simplicity, and usefulness PP 667

is controlled by unselfish love that sanctifies its influence PP 667

is ever shedding light, comfort, and peace PP 667

is full of Christ and leaves track of light wherever its possessor may go PP 667

consistent: alone can command respect CH 559-60

in Christ is great miracle DA 407

is power in world DA 142

most conclusive argument is MH 494

consistent and humble, best way to recommend truth is by 3T 334

courage, force, energy, and perseverance needed in 5T 404

daily: circumstances of, are used by God to prepare us to act our part on wider stage His providence has appointed us DA 382

determines destiny AH 16

exemplifying Christ’s character in, is one of most effective ways of winning souls to Him DA 141-2

good words are powerless if contradicted by 5T 160

light shining from Communion service makes sacred the provisions for DA 660

purity and benevolence of, Joseph and Daniel represented God by Ed 56-7

divided heart makes, difficult 2T 234

does not consist wholly in gentleness, patience, meekness, and kindliness MH 497; 5T 404

dwarfed and sickly, of believer having no earnest interest in salvation of souls CS 156

each soul is to receive from God’s word for himself DA 390

evidence of, things that are not Ev 116-7

exertion to do others good must characterize 3T 381

expression of grateful love shows that, is begun in soul DA 191

false representation of, Christians who gather up gloom and sadness to their souls give SC 116

Christians who murmur and complain give SC 116

fashion your, after Christ’s MYP 63

folly of trying to maintain, by doing nothing for Christ SC 80-1

foundations of, should be laid broad and deep PK 409

fruition of God’s word in, wait with patience for COL 61

give your soul food that will nourish and stimulate 8T 316

God can impart, only when man surrenders his will to Him MB 61

godly, is argument in favor of Bible which few can resist 5T 706

gospel religion is Christ in COL 384

human philosophy cannot explain method by which, is imparted AA 284

illustration of, from brown lily bulb MB 97

illustration of how Spirit sustains AA 284

impartation of Spirit is impartation of, of Christ DA 805

in Christ is life of restfulness SC 70

influence of true and godly, cannot be measured 4T 143

is: a power in world DA 142

battle and march MB 141; MH 453; 8T 313

constant battle and march 3T 253

constant warfare 5T 183

constantly an onward march 1T 340

continual conflict in stormy world 3T 453

derived from Christ 1SM 137

divested of all pretense 5T 50

earnest, true, sublime 5T 50

free from all affectation, artifice, and falsehood 5T 50

governed by new principle 4T 294

more than many take it to be MH 497

not modification or improvement of the old DA 172

radiant with life of indwelling Saviour 5T 50

strengthened through conflict COL 61

sustained by God’s word DA 390

transformation of nature DA 172

warfare MYP 55; 5T 222

is not: all smooth 6BC 1111

haphazard and emotional life FE 483; GW 395

modification or improvement of old DA 172

it is easy living after we are dead 1T 131

Jews lost, from their ceremonies and clung to dead forms DA 29

let men read in your, what it means to be Christian 7T 229

life of Christ that gives, to world is in His word DA 390

living, is great and sacred thing 1T 454

lost by dwelling in atmosphere of doubt and gloom SD 281

made up of Christian duties and privileges 1SM 114

make, attractive AH 323

man can have, only by communion with God MB 61

man can no more live a holy, than impotent man was capable of walking DA 203; MH 84

materials to be used in building PK 409-10

may be perfect at every stage of development Ed 106

means given by God to promote, peril of rejecting 5T 193

must be: bound up with life of Christ COL 129

one of constant and living faith MYP 112

revived daily 8T 27

must be like Christ’s, between mountain and multitude SC 101

must take on vigorous and stalwart forms 5T 264

need of courage, force, energy, and perseverance in MH 497; 5T 404

new, is produced in soul by Spirit through faith DA 176

new lease of, how to obtain CH 222

new principle of, implanted in man by gospel DA 678

no, without light SD 281

no advancement can be made in, without continual effort and constant activity 8T 313

no cheap chapters of experience should be woven into TM 120

no man need say he cannot live 5T 215

noble, how to live 5T 514-5

object of, fruit bearing is COL 67

of God in soul is man’s only hope MH 115

of holiness, is received by receiving Christ’s word and doing it DA 660

of holy endeavor and firm adherence to the right, God’s people are to seal their destiny by 8T 314

of silent prayer and earnest work, we must live MH 512; 4T 459

of strict self-denial is evidence that we have truth of God’s word 9T 70

of thought and action, we must live MH 512; 4T 459

of unselfish service, blessings of SC 77-83

on earth, is beginning of life in heaven Ed 307

only those who live, of Christ are His co-workers DA 313

passive, is unsuccessful SC 80-1

professedly, that are deception and fraud 5T 673

pure and forceful, how to maintain MH 136; 7T 194

pure and noble, is possible to all who unite their will with God’s will MH 176

quiet and consistent, eloquence of MH 469

received from God through self-surrender MB 61

reception of God’s word by faith is reception of His COL 38

relationship of physical organism to, is important branch of education COL 348

renewal of, God calls for 8T 297

sacrifices to do others good must characterize 3T 381

self-denial marks AA 523

self-denying and humble, why it is so hard to lead 1T 131

self-esteem and self-sufficiency kill 5T 538

self-sacrifice marks AA 523

should be: in marked contrast to that of worldling 5T 40

one of faith, victory, and joy GC 477

series of uninterrupted victories 6T 307

speak words to help and encourage one another in COL 338

Spirit is breath of, in soul DA 805

Spirit is regenerating power that begets new, in soul SC 57

Spirit revives and strengthens 7T 229

steadfastness of purpose in, Peter exhorts believers to AA 533

success in, depends on appropriation of light God gives TM 518

things which lie at foundation of 3T 123

successful, qualities positively necessary to 3T 44

sustained by: communion with Christ in His word 2SM 125

use of means supplied by God AA 284

that which will bless humanity is 4T 520

there is no, without growth Ed 105-6

tone of, lowered by robbing Bible of its power COL 40

true: eloquence of MH 469

is ever onward 2T 521

is one continuous round of service 9T 220

no nonessentials in MYP 148

true believer’s, reveals indwelling Saviour 7T 67

true fruit of, actual benevolence and good works are 4T 80

twofold, that we must live MH 512; 4T 459

unselfish and godly, carries almost irresistible influence COL 340

victorious Christians have seasons of terrible perplexity and trial in MYP 63

well-ordered, san. workers should draw souls to Christ by 7T 70

what to do when you make mistakes in 1SM 337

why many people are easily discouraged in MH 470

why many people find, so deplorably hard 5BC 1144; 5T 231

without light from Sun of Righteousness there can be no SD 281

5. Miscellaneous

absence of Christ makes, pilgrimage of sighs COL 162

activity is law of COL 364

activity is very condition of SC 80

actual discipline of, little things supply MYP 202

aim in See Aim

aimless, is living death CH 51; 4T 417

all God’s gifts tend to, except as they are perverted by sin Ed 198

all relations of, are of transitory nature AH 121

artificial, Christian parents should not devote so much time to 3T 144

artificial in present age Ed 211

average length of, has been decreasing since antediluvian times CH 19

be simple, straightforward, and true in PK 252

beginning in morning of, Christian moves steadily onward and upward MYP 95

best possible relation to, all should place themselves in COL 348

best things of: are as free to the ignorant as to the educated 7T 27

are simplicity, honesty, truthfulness, purity, and unsullied integrity 7T 27

cannot be bought or sold MH 198; 7T 27

list of MH 198

better, country offers possibilities for MH 192

biographies of, as presented in Bible Ed 146-58

bitterness and sorrow of, neglect of little things that makes up sum of 3T 540

blameless, persons who think themselves dependent on place, fortune, or prosperity to live DA 72

book of See Book of life

bread of See Bread

centered in God, is life of completeness Ed 41

changed, is sign of new heart MYP 72

Christ is 6T 230

Christ lived simple, in His childhood DA 74

Christ received, by continual communion with God DA 363

from God that He might impart life to world DA 363

Christ’s, is greatest of all miracles DA 407

Christian must live higher, in lower life of this world MM 217

Christian must live twofold, of silent prayer and earnest work MH 512; 4T 459

of thought and action 4T 459; MH 512

common needs of, assurance of Christ’s tender care for us in MH 47-8

complications of your, God is wise enough to manage 5T 348

conflict of, carefulness essential to success in MH 128

constant advancement needed in, to fulfill God’s purpose for us Ed 106

constrained and artificial, is wearisome and exhausting to the sick MH 262

covetousness cuts soul off from COL 259

crown of, seek earnestly for 8T 131

won only by overcoming as Christ did 8T 315

crowning glory of, results from connection with Christ FE 191

daily: grand principles of God’s word must be brought into COL 100-1

lowly duties of, practical religion must be carried into COL 359

temperance is essential in CH 121

testifies whether conversion is genuine or not 5BC 1152

testimony that should be given by SC 83

darkened by many sorrows, God’s provision for light to brighten 9T 57

decided changes in, must follow acceptance of Christ 5T 172

must follow confession of sin SC 39

definite object in, thousands live as if they had no COL 331

delicate, is feebleness and decay 3T 158

details of, too often looked upon as unimportant AA 313; MH 129

development of child’s, illustrated by growth of seed COL 82-3; CT 142-3; Ed 106-7

devoted to God should not be life of ignorance FE 47

distinct from all others, each person has MH 100

do not suppose you can live, of selfishness and enter joy of Lord COL 364-5

do not treat, as romance but as reality WM 153

does not consist wholly of pleasant pastures and cooling streams ML 12

each day of, freighted with responsibilities you must bear PK 348

each individual has, distinct from all others DA 347

each person must put features of beauty into his 5T 345

each step in, may bring you closer to Christ SC 125

earthly, to Christ’s death we owe our DA 660

elixir of See Elixir

empty and barren, idleness results in Ed 215-6

ends to be attained in CH 107

entire change in, how to experience 5T 514

may be made by right exercise of will MH 176

“Escape for thy,” as warning from God PP 167

events of, are means of divine teaching Ed 103

every, either brightens and cheers pathway of others or exerts dark and desolating influence tending to despair and ruin PK 94

God has work and purpose for 3T 541

every act of: is revelation of character Ed 61

weave faithfulness and loyalty into COL 358

will be judged by motives prompting it 2T 512

every bird and animal ministers to some other DA 20

every duty of, is important MYP 148

every event of, is great for good or for evil 4T 561

every moment of, is gift of God’s love MB 75

is precious ML 89

every small act of, has bearing for good or for evil PP 158

every stage of development of, may be perfect Ed 106

everyday, people need religious principle and righteousness in 3T 237

everything in nature secures its own, by ministering to others Ed 103

evidence that truth has wrought change in CH 101-2

experiences of, are one of God’s lesson books Ed 77; MH 400

Christ drew lessons from COL 21

one of Christ’s sources of education was Ed 77; MH 400

false and artificial, in Christ’s time Ed 74-5

family See Family life

far more solemn than death FE 300

finds its center in Christ Ed 297

first great object of, is kingdom of heaven 1T 502

is righteousness of Christ 1T 502

first years of, more important than any other period 5T 543

fruit borne in, testifies to condition of heart and excellence of character DA 314

game of See Game of life

given freely in service to God and man, will be preserved Ed 110

given to man for wise improvement of his talents CG 351

God desires that whole, should be life of praise COL 299

God will not withhold from His people that which is necessary to sustain MH 199

God’s plan of: as appointed in the beginning Ed 33-4

follow more closely Ed 267

results of following more closely MH 262

gospel is to be presented as living force to change DA 826

grace and natural beauty of, Christ would not deprive men of 3T 375

grace of God works like leaven to transform COL 97

great beauty and success of, conscientious attention to little things produces 4T 543

great crisis of, issue of daily test determines our victory or defeat in DA 382

Jacob turned aside to pray in MB 144

great end and aim of, mother should decide what is her AH 267

great essentials of, Christ’s life demonstrated worthlessness of things men regarded as Ed 77

great good or evil is brought into, oftenest through little things MH 490

great harvest of, character is MB 90

great lesson(s) of, is that of unselfish service Ed 30

often hard to learn CT 51; FE 544

great object of, defined Ed 15-6

is to bring man back to perfection of creation PP 595

great principle which is law of, for universe DA 21

great rule of, Sermon on Mount sets forth DA 314

great struggle of, physical energy is important to success in Ed 196

great work of, character building is PP 596

guide of, law of God is given as Ed 16

habits of: God’s word comes into collision with COL 60

ministers should review actions of each day to become acquainted with their 2T 512

happiness of: does not consist in any amount of earthly possessions SD 264; 3T 402

is bound up with faithfulness in common duties Ed 216

thoughtful courtesies that help to make up sum of 3T 540

hard and reckless, man who lived 2T 421

harvest of, character is COL 84; Ed 109

heaviest burdens of, God’s tender pity for people called to bear MH 199

higher and nobler, man is born for MYP 256

home See Home life

how all movements of, are simplified TM 161

how you lose capacity and desire for, of usefulness COL 54-5

idol of some people is, of selfish ease and freedom from responsibility SC 44

immortal See Immortal life

imparting blessings of, result of Ed 110

in Matt. 6:25, refers to “better life” 2T 496

in open air is: God’s medicine for restoration of health MM 233

good for body and mind MM 233

in this world, should be what life in heaven will be MM 130

individual, redeemed will learn history of divine interposition in Ed 305